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The Wild Times..A True Story

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The time was the early sixties and the sexual revolution was in full swing. This is the true story of one of the original swinging couples as it was told to me. Only the names have been changed to keep me from being sued….

How It All Began

“My wife and I were introduced to the world of group sex by two close friends. We had known Barry and Edie for a few years and got together fairly often as the four of us got along beautifully.

One day when he and I were alone, having coffee in a diner, he asked me if I would like to fuck his wife as he would love to fuck Terry. I told him that, as far as I’m concerned, I would love it but I didn’t think my wife would go along with it at all. He smiled a knowing smile and suggested the following. Next time they come over to my place, he was going to bring over a few sex films for the four of us to watch. While watching the film, he would start making out with his wife and I should do the same with Terry. No switching wives or anything like that, Just sex between husbands and wives in front of each other. I was a little skeptical whether Terry would go along with the action but agreed to give it a try.

Saturday took forever to arrive and I was a little apprehensive about how my wife would react but decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot especially since it might lead to me having sex with Edie soon. She was a big, good looking girl, not fat but very busty with a great ass and legs. Slightly overweight but with a true hour glass figure that would be very comfortable. Finally they arrived and after some small talk, Barry mentioned that he got hold of some x-rated films that are supposed to be great and why don’t I put them in the projector so we can see them.

After setting everything up and turning on the machine, I sat down on the love seat with Terry while Barry & Edie were sitting across the way on the couch. After a while, I noticed Barry squeezing Edie’s massive breasts as they watched the action, which happened to be very good and was drawing remarks from Terry about how good looking and well built the couple in the film were. Then, Edie opened her husband’s fly, reached in and withdrew his thick member and full balls and started playing with it. I watched for Terry’s reaction and she was just staring at Barry’s thick, hard organ and watching Edie play with it. Then she took my hand and put it on her breast and followed Edie’s lead by taking my equipment out also and playing with it while we watched the movie and each other.

Then Barry got up and helped his wife out of her clothes as he stripped also and the two got back on the couch and started fucking slowly and sensuously as they watched the film. Terry had leaned over and was licking my organ before taking the head in her mouth and I started to remove her clothes while she sucked me. Then I stripped also and sat back down on the seat as my wife sucked deeply on my thick organ and, when she had enough to eat, she got up and sat down on my erection so that her cunt was full of meat and went back to watching both the film and them. Barry was stroking in and out of Edie and she was moaning in passion as she watched Terry ride my cock.

Then Edie cried out that her orgasm was approaching and she tightened her arms around her husband’s waist and pushed her cunt against his ramrod as she wet him with her juices. Terry was watching her cum and got so excited that she went into orgasm and her pussy milked my organ as she deposited her juices on my shaft. I heard Barry groan and saw him stroke deeply in his wife’s pussy as he began shooting his load into her. My wife’s talented pussy was doing a magnificent job of milking me and finally I felt the rush as my orgasm hit and I flooded her pussy with jet after jet of hot cum which caused her to squeal in delight as each spurt splashed against her cervix.

As I remember, we got dressed and spent whatever was left of the evening in pleasant conversation until it was time for them to leave. When we got into bed that night, I remember Terry reaching for my cock and then telling me that tonight was the most exciting sex she ever had and she was still very horny just thinking about it. I cuddled up to her and fit the head of my fully erect organ to her warm, wet hole and fed it inside as I held her close and told her that it was very exciting for me also and I couldn’t wait until the four of us got together again next week.

The following Saturday night took a few months to arrive and Terry and I had quite a few good sex sessions during the week reliving the events of that night. Barry & Edie arrived at the appointed hour and, since he called me during the week and told me he was bringing more films, I was ready. Soon after they arrived, I put it in the projector and, as previously planned with Barry, he was going to sit on the couch with Terry and I would be on the love seat with Edie. The film was very horny and I couldn’t resist cupping my hand under Edie’s large breast and squeezing it while running my finger over the nipple which was becoming more and more erect through the fabric as I teased it. She relaxed up against me and reached down and cupped my crotch in her hand as I played with her breast and we watched the movie. I looked over and saw Barry sucking on my wife’s nipple as she played with his exposed cock and balls.

I had to undress Edie and lose myself in her sexy body so I got up and removed my clothes and helped her out of hers and then had her lay back and relax as I wanted to get to know her very well. I kneeled before her and licked and sucked her breasts and nipples before licking my way down her stomach to her close cropped pubic hair and down her clit, between her labia then her pink opening all the way down to her puckered asshole which I teased and licked before moving up to her wet and delicious slit. She was going wild as my tongue and lips investigated every part of her crotch and was moaning and telling me not to stop what I was doing to her as she loved it. I was facing away from my wife and had my head buried between Edie’s thighs but I heard my wife groan out that Barry’s cock felt so good inside her and I could visualize that sexy scene as I pulled on Edie’s labia with my lips and let them snap back and then ran my tongue up and down her wet slit teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue.

She was totally lost in pleasure and had her head thrown back in wild abandon as she fed me her cunt to worship. (It wasn’t until later that evening that she told me that Barry doesn’t go down on her often enough and she was in heaven when I was eating her and didn’t want me to stop.) I fastened my lips to her rigid clit and sucked it like it was a miniature penis while I slid two fingers inside her hot vagina. I heard a whimper as she grabbed my head in her hands and pushed her cunt against my mouth and experienced a mind blowing orgasm, wetting my entire face with her tasty juices. I sat down next to her and she grasped my thick erection in her hand as we watched my wife sit on Barry’s cock, facing us so we could see the expressions on their faces as they fucked. Barry was pulling on Terry’s nipples as he met her every thrust with one of his own. Edie slipped down to the floor and got on her knees between my legs and started licking my balls as she fingered my hard penis.

I watched the sexy scene before me as Edie started working on my shaft and her warm, wet mouth enclosed my cockhead and shaft and her tongue danced over the underside and around every part of the thick shaft. My wife was in the throes of passion and was humping Barry’s large organ and taking it as deep as possible and then lifting up until just the tip of the head was inside and sinking back down on it with a gasp as his meat filled her hole with joy. Then she cried out and sank down on his organ as her orgasm overwhelmed her and her pussy contracted around the thick pole inside her as she came and came and came. Barry suddenly cried out that he was cumming also and his penis began spurting hot cum inside her as she was still in the clutches of pleasure which prolonged her orgasm even more. I pulled Edie down to the carpet and had her lay back as I fit the head of my cock to her wet and waiting pussy.

I fed the head inside and then moved it back and forth until we were both nice and wet at which time, I fed her my organ inch by inch and looked into her eyes and saw the pleasure reflected there as I moved deeper inside her. When my cock tip brushed against her cervix, she squealed in delight and wrapped her legs around my body to keep me from pulling out. Her talented cunt was milking my shaft as she contracted her muscles and I was close to orgasm. She moved her hips sensuously as her pussy grasped my shaft and wouldn’t let go. I suddenly started shooting ropes of hot cum inside her and she responded with a fabulous orgasm of her own which added more juices to the mix.

After that evening was over and we were in bed, we talked about the experience and both of us decided that it was great and we couldn’t wait to get together again. We got together with them for sex at least once a week either at their place or ours and then a month or so later, Barry had a newspaper with him loaded with personals of men, women and couples who were interested in getting together for sex. He suggested that we contact a couple and have them join us one night. We went through all the ads and decided on contacting one of the couples. We planned to set up a meeting at a coffee shop near my place so that if we all concurred, we’d be nearby.

Barry answered the ad and called us a few days later telling us that he arranged a meeting for Saturday evening at 7 pm in the coffee shop around the corner. (You have to realize that, in those days, we had absolutely nothing to worry about sexually. Anything that you remotely might catch was cured with three shots of penicillin and most all the gals used diaphragms so we basically screwed bareback, wherever and whenever we wished. It was sexual heaven.)

The four of us got to the coffee shop early and got a large booth and sure enough, right on time a very attractive blonde couple entered the shop both wearing black leather jackets which was what they told Barry they’d be wearing. We motioned them over to the booth and everyone introduced themselves and they sat down to join us. Bob and Syl were very personable and we all fit right in with each other. I asked them how long they had been in the group sex scene and they said that they were still virgin since they only decided to try it a week or so ago and we were the first couples they ever met. After one cup of coffee, I was definitely in favor of bringing them back to my place and catching my wife’s, Barry’s and Edie’s eye, I suggested that we pay the check and go back to my place where we would be much more comfortable.

When we were all comfortably seated in the living room, with either drinks or smokes, I turned on the projector and we watched sex films while kidding around and more or less getting ourselves in a sexy mood. The movie seemed to work once again as Barry moved over next to Syl and Bob leaned over and kissed my wife on the neck while cupping her breast in his hand. I motioned to Edie to join me on the love seat and she came over and asked if I would please suck her pussy like last time and the two of us stripped off our clothes and she sat down and spread her gorgeous thighs wide as she offered me her delicious pussy to suck while watching the action in front of her. Before the evening was over each of the gals had been well sucked and fucked and so were we. We parted with a promise to get together again soon with Rob & Syl and told them to keep their eyes open for more attractive couples as we were looking to expand our circle of sex.

The Home Parties

The coming months were exciting as we met many couples through recommendations from other friends as well as answering ads and wound up in bed with them less than an hour after meeting them. We would usually meet for a cup of coffee or a drink somewhere in our neighborhood around 6 pm and Terry and I would glance at each other after about a half hour of conversation with them and know whether we both agreed to invite them back to our place or not. I would say that we had sex with about 25% of the couples we met through ads and 90% from friend’s recommendations and, since we were meeting couples about three times a week, our group started to grow quite large.

Then some friends of ours introduced us to Dick & Denise and our contacts multiplied by the hundreds as they had an address book of well over five hundred couples and were famous, in certain circles, for throwing large orgies at their loft for anywhere from 25 to 50 couples. Dick was a tall, average looking guy and had a cock that my wife raved about after our initial meeting. Denise was a knockout with a body to match. I thought she was Asian the first time we met but then realized it was because of her sloe eyes and the fact that she played on this by sometimes wearing a jewel on her forehead to accent the Asian look.

She had small but beautifully shaped breasts capped by large nipples and a gorgeous body which she really knew how to use to satisfy her lovers. She was also bisexual and I watched her in play with 2 other gals and she got as much of a kick out of it as she did with cock. We got together with D&D quite often, either alone with them or in groups, and met some very interesting people through them.

Although we got together with Barry & Edie quite often, since we usually either hosted or went to a party every Saturday night, we were either meeting new couples and some choice singles also, or having a couple over for an evening of pure pleasure one on one. The funny thing about it is that, after a party or after a couple left, Terry and I would be so horny for each other that we would have to fuck before going to sleep and, believe me, when my head finally hit the pillow I was out like a light. I remember vividly, one night in particular as it was a milestone in my development. We had invited a couple we knew over for a night of sex and when they accepted the invitation, they requested that they be allowed to bring along a single male friend as he would be terrific company and was a great lover. We agreed and when they walked in, they introduced us to Ralph, who was a tall good looking and well built guy.

Tony & Tina mentioned that they were close friends of Ralph and that he usually joined them at sex parties. Once we were all settled in the living room with either drinks or grass, the conversation turned sexy and Tony asked Tina to strip to get things going. Once she revealed her gorgeous and sexy body, everyone was in the mood and I motioned her over to me as Tony started to undress my wife while Ralph ran his hands up and down her body. By the time Tina got over to me, I was already naked and my erection stood out before me. She dropped to her knees in front of me and started licking and kissing my full ball sack while lightly stroking my thick shaft. I held her head to my balls as I backed up and sat down on the sofa so I could relax and let her do me at her leisure. Meanwhile Terry was on the carpet on her back with Ralph fucking her and Tony feeding her his organ to suck.

I asked Tina to trade places with me after some time, and busied myself between her thighs licking and sucking her crotch while listening to her moans as well as those of my wife’s as Ralph pumped in and out of her wet cunt. I was totally lost in sucking Tina’s pussy when I felt a warm mouth around my cock. I figured Terry had worked her way over and was sucking me and it felt so good that I was lost in pleasure and buried my face in the sweet cunt before me. It wasn’t until much later that evening, when everyone had gone home, that Terry told me that it was Ralph who had sucked me off and that she had an orgasm watching me pump my cum down his throat. I told her that I thought it was her blowing me because it was a fantastic sucking. Just reliving it got us both horny and we fucked ourselves to sleep.

About ten days passed before Terry asked me to invite Ralph over for a threesome and I was surprised to find my cock growing hard when I thought about his talented mouth. I called Tony and asked if it was OK for Ralph to join us for a threesome and he immediately agreed saying that we won’t be sorry as we would have a great time. He passed the phone to Ralph and I asked if he could come over tomorrow night to which he agreed. Our bell rang at the appointed hour and we greeted Ralph and sat down in the living room to talk. After a few minutes, Terry excused herself and said that she would be right back as she had something to do. I asked Ralph how long he knew Tony & Tina and he told me that they had met at a party a few years ago and enjoyed each other so much that he had moved in with them. As we were talking, my wife entered the room and both of us gasped as we looked at the sexy beauty walking towards us.

She was only wearing a black garter belt, black silk stockings and black high heeled shoes and her gorgeous nipples were fully erect as she stood in front of us. Ralph reached out and ran his fingers over her short cropped pussy hair and then down her slit as he leaned forward and took her nipple in his mouth. I got up and removed my clothes and noted Ralph’s eyes locked on my erection as it swayed in front of me. Then he stood up and got undressed and, as soon as he was naked, Terry took both of us by our fully erect organs and led us into the bedroom where she lay back on the bed and held out her arms to us. Ralph made himself comfortable lying between her outstretched thighs and began worshipping her pussy with his lips and tongue while I straddled her head and fed her my cock while watching Ralph busy at work. She had her head thrown back so that she could get my organ deep down her throat and was doing a wonderful job on my cock while moaning and moving her cunt over his face.

He lifted her legs back and started probing her rosebud asshole with his tongue and then moved to her wet slit and dipped his tongue deep inside her hole and tasted her delicious juices as they flowed down. When he moved up to her rigid clitoris and took it between his lips, she went into orgasm and was lost in a sea of pleasure through spasm after spasm of fantastic pleasure. When she finally calmed down. she let my cock slip from her lips for a moment to catch her breath and without missing a beat Ralph covered the head of my organ with his lips and started nursing on the head while playing with my balls. Terry scooted out from underneath me and lay back on the pillows to watch him suck me while she fingered her pussy and tweaked her nipples. He had me right where he wanted me and I was totally lost in his beautiful sucking when I started to get the urge to suck his cock also and asked him to lay down so I could get at him too.

I rested my head on his thigh and looked at his gorgeous cock and full, tight balls before I leaned forward and flicked my tongue over his cockhead to capture a drop of precum forming at his slit. When I took his crown in my mouth and began sucking him, I realized that I loved sucking his cock and worked my head up and down his thick shaft just as he was doing mine. I listened to my wife’s moans and groans as she watched and fingered her cunt and told us how beautiful and sexy it was to see us sucking each other. We both came at the same time and I was surprised to find that I liked the taste of his cum and I swallowed every load he fed me as he did mine until our last spasms passed and we rested our heads on our thighs as we kept sucking each other even though our organs were beginning to shrink.

Then we looked up when we heard Terry cry out and saw her fucking herself with four fingers in her cunt as she had her orgasm. We spent the rest of the evening pleasuring my wife and double fucking her at least twice. When Ralph left, Terry told me how exciting it had been to watch me suck another guy and asked if I enjoyed it. When I told her how much I enjoyed it she was happy and told me that it really turned her on. Although we met many, many couples and singles in those years, very few of the guys were bisexual or, at least, didn’t own up to it while their wives or girlfriends were around. My wife had planned the whole thing and was overjoyed at my reaction. A new bi had been born!

The Away Games

We were planning a vacation to Hawaii and asked D&D if they had any contacts in the Islands. Dick came up with a guy named Jerry and his girlfriend Pat who were supposed to be the biggest swingers in Hawaii and as soon as we arrived at the hotel, I called the number that Dick had given me. Jerry asked if we were free that night and told us they could come over to our hotel for a drink at the bar about 7 and we could take things from there. He gave me a quick description of themselves and we were seated at a booth in the cocktail lounge when a very attractive couple fitting their description walked into the bar and from one quick glance at each other we knew that we wanted them and hoped that they would feel the same way. Jerry was a tall, good looking dark haired guy with an athlete’s body and Pat was a gorgeous natural blonde with a great body and a wholesome farm girl look.

Turns out that Jerry stayed in Hawaii after being discharged from the Navy and owns a home in Kaneohe which was on the other side of the island from Waikiki where we were staying. Pat lived in a condo not far from our hotel and spent weekends at Jerry’s house since the commute over the Pali from Kaneohe was horrible during the week and she worked in downtown Honolulu. After about half an hour of conversation, I asked them if they would like to go up to our room and get comfortable and they agreed.

As soon as I closed the door of our room, Pat walked over to me and put her arms around me as she pressed her ample breasts against me and grasped my crotch in her hand. I soul kissed her while holding her gorgeous ass in my hands and, out of the corner of my eye, saw Jerry and my wife embracing and running their hands over each other’s bodies. It wasn’t long before we were all naked and in bed and I had my head buried in Pat’s cunt while Jerry was busy eating Terry. Pat was a wild woman in bed and loved to describe the sensations she was feeling while having sex so she was moaning and grinding her pussy to my mouth as she held my head in her hands and told me how good it felt. I continued sucking her for some time as she hadn’t cum as yet and was still thrashing around in passion when I felt a mouth enclose my throbbing organ and glanced down to see Jerry sucking my cock while my wife had his enormous penis in her mouth and was happily munching on it while her eyes were riveted to his mouth working on my cock.

Later when we were relaxing and having cold drinks, I couldn’t take my eyes off Jerry’s penis. It was half hard, nice and thick and looked so suckable I couldn’t resist it so I moved over between his thighs and started licking it from the base up to his irresistible crown which was smooth and sloped and had a deep ridge all around. His organ started to grow and I became lost in its thickness and length and took him in my mouth as I cupped his full balls in my hand. Pat saw how excited Terry was from watching me suck Jerry’s penis and told her to lay back on the pillows and enjoy the show while she investigated my wife’s pussy with her tongue and lips. As I sucked his beautiful organ, I saw Terry watching me with eyes glazed over as Pat treated her to wonderful sensations. I was in heaven with that gorgeous cock in my mouth and redoubled my efforts to make him cum so that I could taste his juices.

I moved my mouth up and down his thick shaft while stroking it until finally his penis jerked and he groaned as it shot a jet of hot cum into my hungry mouth only to be followed by spasm after spasm which I gulped down as each load spurted into my mouth. When his last spasm passed, I grasped his slowly receding organ in my hand and squeezed up from the base and got his last delicious load of cum before I let his penis slip from my mouth. My wife had been thrashing around on the bed with Pat’s mouth glued to her organ and as I got the last drop out of Jerry, she went into a wild orgasm and covered Pat’s face in her juices as she came. After a few minutes, Jerry asked me if I would like to fuck him as he loved being fucked and when I agreed, Terry got down and made sure my cock was good and wet while Jerry got on all fours and presented his asshole to me.

I was horny as hell from sucking his cock and my penis was rock hard as I smeared a dab of KY on his asshole and also my cock and fit the head to his waiting anus. The head slipped inside smoothly and he pushed back to capture more cock while sighing in pleasure as he felt my penis working its way deep inside him. Terry was groaning in ecstacy as she watched my cock disappear inside his ass and then reappear only to plunge in again. His ass felt wonderful and was gripping my cock tightly as I stroked back and forth and I knew that my orgasm was rapidly approaching but I wanted to satisfy him and reached around and grasped his hard organ and stroked it as I fucked his ass.

I held out as long as possible and then my cock erupted in a series of spasms which pumped my hot cum into his ass. As the first hot jet shot into him, I felt his penis swell and he started pumping cum on the bed while grinding back on my cock as it filled his ass with my hot juices.

When I started to come down from my high, I saw Pat and Terry playing with each other’s pussies with their eyes glazed over from watching us and moaning as they gave themselves up to their sensations. Jerry and I rested at the foot of the bed and watched both our women pleasure each other until they both reached climax at about the same time. We saw quite a bit of Pat & Jerry during that vacation because Jerry suggested that we check out of the hotel and stay with him since he had plenty of room in his house. I told the hotel clerk that we had a change of plans and Jerry picked us up in his car and drove us over the Pali to his place. He told us that because Pat liked us so much, she was coming over also and would suffer the horrible commute each day just to come home to the three of us for some hard earned relaxation after a day at work.

The way it worked out, after Pat was late to work the very next morning because of the heavy traffic, she took her remaining sick days and stayed home with us. They were great and not only provided constant and beautiful sex but also drove us everywhere on Oahu showing us the sights. It was one of the most wonderful vacations we ever had and will never be forgotten. Afterwards, we made sure to visit with them at least once a year and occasionally saw them when Jerry came to the mainland on business.

The Orgies

It was a few months after we got back from Hawaii that we got a call from Barry who told us he met a wonderful couple through a personal ad who had a large estate in the suburbs and were going to have a weekend orgy for about 100 couples and singles in a couple of weeks. He told me they were very attractive and very good in bed and that the party would consist of most of their personal friends as well as some newcomers like us since Barry had already asked permission to bring us along. About a week later, a fancy engraved invitation arrived in the mail inviting us to a weekend party at their estate. We were to arrive around noon on Saturday and stay until around 6pm Sunday when the party would end. Complete directions to their home was included along with an RSVP card which we filled out and mailed. We called Barry & Edie and found out that they received their invitation also.

When the day arrived, Barry drove by and picked us up as it was silly to take two cars and we headed for an interesting weekend to say the least. When we arrived at the entrance to the estate a large iron gate was partially closed and a uniformed guard came out of the guardhouse and asked to see our invitations, telling us to follow the road until we came to the main house and opened the gate so we could pass. We must have driven about 15 minutes through heavily wooded forest before we came to a huge circular driveway and the large mansion right behind it. The massive front door opened and a butler came out to greet us wearing a tuxedo with no crotch so that his cock and balls were fully in view. We smiled at the humor and then noticed when he bent over to pick up our bags, his butt cheeks were also visible. He led us into the house and told us that even though the house had 10 bedrooms there were too many guests coming and we would have to enter a lottery to see who got a bedroom.

Those that lost the lottery would have to bed down wherever they found a comfortable spot and the winners would have to share their beds and baths with others. He led us to a large bowl with colored pieces of paper in it and both Barry and I reached in and picked a ticket. He looked at the numbers on the tickets and consulted a large chart on the wall which had the ten winning numbers listed. Barry had picked a winning number and the butler led us up a huge circular stairway to the second floor showing us to a large, sunny bedroom with private bath and told us it would be proper to meet the host and hostess fully naked as soon as we got settled. We unpacked the few things we brought and stripped naked to meet our hosts. It felt strange to walk out of a room in a strange house with absolutely no clothes on. We walked downstairs and saw John and Mary totally nude and greeting guests who were also naked. John caught sight of Barry and he and his wife walked over to greet us.

They were a very attractive couple in their 50’s and very nicely built. John had a very thick organ which was pretty large soft so I could imagine what it looked like hard and I saw my wife and Edie appraising it as they approached. Mary was full breasted with long nipples and had close cropped auburn pussy hair to match her head. Barry introduced us and after shaking each of our hands, John reached down and played with our genitals for just a moment. When he placed his hand on Terry’s pussy, she grasped his thick organ in her hand and squeezed it to his delight. Then Mary greeted us and shook not only our hands but also our crotches. We noticed that there were a number of people arriving now and there were more and more naked guests walking around.

John told us to go into the living room and meet the guests while he and Mary stayed to greet new arrivals. My cock was already fully erect, not only from John and Mary’s hands, but also the amount and variety of gorgeous naked people all around us. Jerry was also hard and we walked into the room with 2 massive poles standing out like battering rams in front of us.

We stepped into the room and had not taken more than a few paces when a smooth hand grasped my hard penis and I looked down to see an attractive brunette smiling up at me and asking whether she could taste my beautiful cock. Her male companion reached over and took my balls in his hand and the two of them guided me in front of them as they sat on a couch. Terry walked over and rested her arm on my shoulder as she watched the two of them playing with my equipment. Then the gal leaned forward and licked the head of my cock for a moment before taking the crown between her lips and sucking it as she ran her talented tongue all around it.

Her companion played with my balls and slipped a wet finger into my anus as she sucked me and then she passed my cock to him and he started sucking me the same way. As they were busy passing my penis back and forth between them, a young girl of about 19 took my wife’s hand and led her to the couch next to them and asked her to lay back and relax. I watched as she started licking and kissing Terry’s legs from the ankles up and, by the time she reached my wife’s sweet pussy, Terry was horny as hell and spread her legs wide as she took the girl’s head in her hands and guided it to her most sensitive areas.

The brunette and her friend were driving me up the wall and I just had to slide my cock into a nice warm hole so I asked the brunette to lay back as I wanted to fuck her and as she got into position, I fit the head of my throbbing organ to her well lubricated cunt hole and pushed it inside as she gasped and put her hands around my waist pulling me closer. As I stroked in and out of her comfortable pussy, her companion got up and got behind me. He smeared some KY on my asshole and then I felt his organ at the entrance to my anus as he fed his cockhead inside me. I was in heaven as my penis was being milked by her hot pussy while his thick cock was stroking in and out of my ass. I looked over and saw a big, burly guy with a huge, hard penis straddle my wife’s body and feed her his massive organ to suck as the young girl was completely lost in sucking her crotch from her anus to her clit.

Suddenly the brunette cried out that she was cumming and held me tight against her body as she went into orgasm and I felt her cunt contract around my thick shaft as she wet it with her juices. I kept stroking into her as I felt that my orgasm was not far away and, as soon as I felt the cock inside me swell and start pumping hot jets of cum into my anus, my orgasm struck and my penis began shooting hot cum into the brunette’s pussy. She grabbed my hips and pulled me into her again as she reached another orgasmic peak when she felt my hot cum splash against her cervix.

The three of us didn’t move for a while as we came down from our high and I watched Terry thrashing around on the couch as she reached climax and fed the young girl her juices while she voraciously sucked the massive penis that was fucking her face. Then I heard him growl and watched as he forced his huge tool down Terry’s throat and started shaking and shuddering as he shot load after load of cum down her throat and she gulped each load down quickly just to keep from gagging.

When we all disengaged, Terry and I went over to the buffet table and filled our plates with the delicious looking food and sat at the dining room table eating as we were both half starved after all the action. After we finished eating, we went back inside the living room and I sat down between Terry and the brunette just to relax a moment and noticed that Barry and Edie were lying on the carpet in front of us on their backs as two mature guys worshipped their crotches and two mature ladies fucked their faces. Every once in a while the four of them would switch positions in a clockwise direction so that there was plenty of variety for them as well as Barry and Edie. We watched as one of the gals, who was built beautifully, by the way, sat down on Barry’s cock facing us and kept him deep inside her as she watched one of her male companions fit the head of his cock to Edie’s sopping wet vagina and feed it inside in one steady stroke.

The other two were feeding Barry and Edie their crotches to suck and it was one hell of a turn on to watch all of them as they were so obviously enjoying themselves. Then the young girl who had just sucked Terry off, and had been sitting on the floor between her legs, saw the swollen labia and enormous clit of the woman sitting on Barry’s cock and made a beeline for her. She lay down on her stomach between Barry’s spread thighs and started to lick, nibble and suck the beautiful pussy on display. She licked Barry’s shaft as the woman exposed it on an upstroke and paid particular attention to the huge clit which was peeking out of its hood and just begging to be sucked. When she clamped her lips around the pulsating clitoris and began to suck it, the woman threw her head back and sank down hard on Barry’s throbbing penis as she came. When she returned to Earth, she wearily lifted herself off Barry’s enormous, throbbing organ and the gentleman who had been feeding Barry his cock took her place.

He lowered his ass and fit Barry’s wet cock to his anus as he sank down on it with a sigh. While he was doing this, the gentleman fucking Edie suddenly groaned and his body stiffened as he went deep inside her and started to fill her cunt with his cum juices in spurt after pleasurable spurt. Edie clamped her legs around his waist and forced her cunt into his cock as she wet him with her orgiastic juices and quivered in spasm after spasm of pleasure. Then, as soon as he got up, I saw a young lady in a very sexy abbreviation of a French maid’s uniform get down on her knees and start sucking the cum out of Edie’s cunt. I brought Terry’s attention to that and the brunette told us that there were a number of servants, both male and female, whose sole job is to clean out cunts and assholes of cum juices with their tongues and then wash them and dry them thoroughly. She told us that they are really guests like us but this is their bag and they are having a ball doing it.

I took Terry’s hand and we said our goodbyes to everyone as we continued walking further into the room. After all, originally we hadn’t gone more than a few feet into the room when we were so nicely waylaid, so we looked forward to seeing what else was going on in this absolutely huge chamber. Every chair, couch and love seat was taken by naked bodies having sex in one form or another. There were couples on the carpet fucking and sucking and, no matter where you looked, there was action of some kind. As we stood there looking around at the exciting and very stimulating sight, I felt a hand grasp my ankle and looked down to see a very good looking guy ask me to please feed him my cock. He was being sucked by a beautiful blonde gal who looked up at me with smiling eyes as she sucked his very thick penis.

I asked my wife to wait a moment and straddled his chest with my knees alongside his head and rubbed my cocked all over his face as he tried to capture it in his mouth. Then I fed him some precum and he went wild and squeezed my organ from the base up trying to get more. I put the tip of my cock against his lips and fed it inside as he opened his mouth and sucked my thick penis. As I fucked his face, I looked around and saw that my wife was underneath the blonde with her head busy in her crotch. The guy sucking me moaned as he clamped his mouth down on my organ and started shooting ropes of hot cum into the blonde’s hungry mouth which she swallowed with obvious glee.

When I heard her squeal in orgasm as she wet my wife’s face with her juices, I withdrew my cock from his mouth and, after thanking him for a nice suck motioned to Terry and we got up and moved further into the room. Although I had been far from cumming when he was sucking me, my cock had been hard as a rock and now, hung down in a semi-erect state and swung from side to side as I walked. I heard my name being called and looked around to see our hosts, John and Mary heading towards us. Some people look good in clothes but not so good when naked, but John and Mary looked great naked and I assumed would look the same when dressed but that remained to be seen.

They asked if we would like to join them in their room where it was more comfortable and led us upstairs into a huge bedroom with a double king sized bed. Mary lay back on the pillows with a flourish and I followed her down and pressed my body against hers as I kissed her lips and slid my tongue inside. I put my cock between her thighs as we soul kissed and she sucked my tongue. I told her that I couldn’t wait to taste her and moved down to her full breasts and wrapped my lips around her fully erect nipples and sucked each of them before continuing down to her mound which was covered with neat, close cropped hair. As I approached her crotch, I could see her petal-like labia and the pink flesh of her hole and then I noticed an absolutely huge clitoris hiding in its hood and flicked my tongue over it.

I heard Mary gasp and I took her clithood between my lips and gently sucked it as I felt her organ rising and coming out of its hiding place. She was going wild as I sucked her clit like it was a tiny penis and cried out as she grabbed my head in orgasm and forced that delicious little cock into my mouth even further. I kept my face in her crotch until she asked me to please fuck her as she needs a good cock inside her. I needed no prodding as my penis was throbbing from sucking her and I moved up as she grasped my organ and guided it to her waiting vagina. As soon as my crown was inside her, I knew that she was going to be great as waves of pleasure washed over me while my organ went deeper and deeper. I stroked slowly and sensuously and my thick cock filled her cunt on the downstroke and then pulled out so that only the crown was being held tight by her cuntlips before it plunged deep again accompanied by her gasps and sighs of contentment.

Her pussy was very talented and I felt her vagina contract around my thick shaft every time I fed it in deep and it was like being masturbated as I fucked her. She was looking into my eyes as she milked my cock and must have seen the glazed expression on my face as I was totally lost in the pleasures she was giving me. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was begging me to cum just from the expression on her face and before I knew it, my penis started jerking and pumping my hot cum deep inside her pussy as she milked it of every drop in spasm after spasm of Nirvana. I reluctantly withdrew my penis from her comfortable vagina and lay down along side her and put my arm around her as we watched John and Terry in a 69 with Terry on top rubbing her cunt all over John’s face as she sucked deeply on his thick tool.

I found his cock irresistible and moved down alongside my wife and asked her to please pass me his cock so that I can taste him also. She took her mouth off his cockhead and passed it over to me. I covered his beautiful, thick crown with my lips and teased his slit with the tip of my tongue as I nursed on his delicious penis and tugged on his balls. We passed his gorgeous cock back and forth between us for some time when suddenly he shuddered and his penis shot a load of hot cum on my tongue. I savored his flavor and passed his jerking organ to my wife who greedily took it in her mouth and drank his juices with gusto. We shared his tasty cum until there was no more and as his beautiful penis relaxed, we rested our heads on his thighs.

Since it was getting late and we had another day of sex ahead of us, we all decided that it was best to grab some sleep and that we did as the next thing I knew it was morning and the sun was shining through the bay window. I lifted my head and saw everyone just beginning to stir. Terry’s ass was pressed up against my stomach and my cock was between her thighs so I moved it slightly and felt the head enter her opening as she pushed back with her ass to get more of my cock inside her. I saw that John was doing the same thing to Mary and we smiled at each other and fucked them in the same rhythm as both women moaned in pleasure. I was digging deeply into my wife’s fabulous cunt and she was meeting my every thrust when suddenly she cried out in passion and pushed back hard as she went into orgasm and her cunt felt like it was alive as it milked my penis.

I couldn’t hold out any longer and my penis jerked in orgasm as it splashed hot cum inside her in wave after wave of total pleasure. I lay there holding her, with my cock still inside her, as we watched John cum into his wife and, as soon as the first hot jet shot into her, she came with him and it was a pleasure to watch them as they both experienced orgasm at the same time. We went into the shower and cleaned up so that we could go down to breakfast as we were starved. It was about nine o’clock and not too many people were up and about yet. We all had ham and eggs as we were starved and the coffee tasted great. Barry and Edie joined us just as we started eating and told us that Edie had taken on 5 guys last night and that each one had cum in at least two of her holes giving her 10 beautiful orgasms as she came whenever they did. Barry told us that the cleanup servants had a ball sucking her holes clean after each orgasm and were kept busy all night.

After eating, Mary suggested that we go out to the pool and relax in the lounge chairs. The pool was huge and kidney shaped and had a row of about 10 cabanas in the back corner. The lounge chairs were all double width to accommodate 2 people and were very comfortably padded. We settled down under a large umbrella to avoid sunburn as there were areas of our bodies that were never exposed to the sun and we wanted to be able to enjoy the sex right up until the last moment rather than suffer sunburns. Terry and I were sitting next to John and Mary and Barry and Edie were opposite us. I asked Barry if he would like to change places with me and, as we passed each other we grasped each other’s organs in a quick squeeze and when Terry saw this, she begged us to put on a show for them as it would turn her on like crazy. She got up and offered us the lounge chair as she went over and sat with Edie.

John and Mary had to leave earlier to take care of some business or other and promised they would be back as soon as possible to join us. Barry lowered the back of the chair so that it was flat and lay down on his side facing me as I got down and rested my head on his thigh and gazed at his beautiful, thick cock with that totally irresistible head and couldn’t help but cover his entire crown with my lips and start nursing on his delicious penis. It felt so good in my mouth. Like it belonged there. And then his lips covered my cockhead and we lost ourselves in the pleasures we were giving one another. I vaguely heard my wife moan in orgasm but holding his thick cock deep down my throat while he did the same to me was heaven and we both sucked deeply on each other’s organs and were totally oblivious to everything else.

Then I felt hands squeezing my ass cheeks and a finger sliding into my anus while my balls were being cupped. It felt so good and I was close to orgasm as he expertly sucked my penis and I hungrily sucked his gorgeous tool. Then I was overcome in waves of pleasure as my cock began spurting hot cum into his greedy mouth just as he started pumping his hot cum into mine and both of us drank the nectar of the gods together. When we came down from our highs, we saw that John and Mary as well as our wives were kneeling all around us and had been poking and playing with us all through our sweet 69. Terry told me that she had fucked my toes while she watched us suck each other and had gotten off.

I told her that I was in another world at the time and had no idea of what was going on around me since all that mattered was the beautiful penis down my throat. She told me that she and Edie ate each other to orgasm and then came over as they had to touch us as we sucked each other and then John and Mary came back and joined in the touching with them.

John suggested that we all go up to their bedroom and enjoy the rest of the day until we have to leave to avoid the heavy weekend traffic going into the city. We spent the rest of the day in beautiful, relaxed suck circles during which we changed positions fairly often so that everyone had an opportunity to suck everyone else as well as be sucked by everyone else. Then we switched to fucking during which all the guys got to fuck each other as well as the gals and before we turned around it was time to get ready to leave. We showered and dressed and said our goodbyes to John and Mary, who made us promise to come up some weekend soon.

On the way back, in the car, we talked about the exciting events of the past couple of days and got horny all over again. I’m sure Barry and Edie felt the same and were heading home to do the same thing we were going to do as soon as they dropped us off. We got to our building and said our goodnights and were in bed fucking five minutes later while we talked about the weekend. Her orgasm triggered mine and after emptying my balls into her as she flooded my cock with her juices, we fell off to sleep with my cock still buried deep inside her and still hard…………

The Parties

Now, you have to understand that my recollections are mostly of the sexual successes, like the ones I just told you about, and not about the failures which were much more frequent. For every couple we met through an ad, that we really liked, there were many more that we just met for coffee and made some excuse just to get away. We started to depend more and more on personal recommendations which usually worked out much better. A case in point was Juan and Anna who had heard of our group from a friend in town and had come up from Rio de Janeiro to join us in partying for a weekend.

We got a call yesterday from a couple we know that some friends of theirs from Rio were in town and wanted to join one of our weekend affairs since they would be going back Sunday night. Carlos assured me that we would really like them so I invited the four of them to come to a gathering I was having at my place Saturday night. With four more coming that would make about 10 couples which is fairly tight for our place.

At any rate, the interesting thing about this party was Juan. I was on our king sized bed with my cock buried deep inside a very sexy lady that I had recently met, when I happened to turn my head and, not 6 inches from my eyes, I saw an absolutely monstrous penis just starting to enter my wife’s cunt and all I could think of, was that it was going to break her in half if he thrust it in. Sure enough he got just past the head and she cried “uncle” so he backed off and just fucked her with the head and rubbed it across her clit every once in a while until she came. Later, I was talking with Juan as we refreshed ourselves at the bar and he told me that his wife Anna can’t take more than half his organ and he has a lot of difficulty in finding women who can handle him fully so that he can really enjoy himself.

He said that he finds it hard to get off from fucking and usually cums from jerking and sucking in which his wife is an expert. Something clicked in my mind as he was telling me this, and I remembered a gal named Janis that was able to accept the biggest cocks around from what I heard and might be a perfect match for Juan. I looked up her number and called her. Luckily, I caught her as she was leaving the house and told her that I had a friend with me who had just arrived from Brazil who was hung like a horse and wanted to know whether she would like to come over Saturday night and try him on for size. She jumped at the chance and told me that she and Sam would definitely be there. I hung up and Juan looked at me with a smile and asked if she was good looking and I told him that he had nothing to worry about because she was attractive, maybe slightly overweight but nice and loved to fuck cocks. The bigger, the better….so we’ll see.

Everyone had showed up on time and Janis and Juan had hit it off as soon as they met. After a while I suggested that it was about time for the show to begin so Juan led Janice into one of the bedrooms and everyone crowded in to watch as they undressed and got into bed. Janice was totally captivated by Juan’s organ which was slowly beginning to get hard and she leaned forward and took it in her hands and marveled over its thickness and length before she took the head into her mouth and started nursing on it until it was fully erect. When she looked at the monster she had created, she looked a little uneasy but lay back on the bed and guided his huge penis to her wet opening. As he started to feed it in, she was whimpering in passion and lifted her hips to get more of him until he was about ¾ inside her and then she held him back as she could take no more.

Everyone’s disappointment showed on their faces as she stopped him from feeding any more cock in as we were all hoping that he finally would be able to fuck a woman all the way in. Juan started stroking in and out of her as it felt great to be in as far as he was and he felt his orgasm approaching as her pussy grasped most of his enormous organ and held it tight as he stroked back and forth while she thrashed her head from side to side with total abandon as his huge penis stretched her cunt to its limits and made her feel completely filled up with cock like she never had been before. So our experiment had failed but both parties were enjoying themselves as never before and Janis was cumming every few minutes. She was constantly shuddering in orgasm and wetting his cock with her juices until he suddenly cried out in passion and started shooting hot jets of cum deep inside her.

As soon as she felt the first spurt splash inside her, she screamed in pleasure and had another orgasm while he pumped her full of his cum juices. By that time everyone watching was either naked or partially dressed as they had been playing with or sucking someone else as they looked at the sexy scene before them. As soon as the show was over, the bed filled up with bodies and some of the others headed inside to the other bedroom while others wound up having sex in the living room.

The Cruises

We were at a party in the city one weekend and met a very good looking, mature gentleman, with a much younger wife, and we immediately took a liking to both of them. Mike and Pat were their names and they lived on Long Island. Mike was tall, manly looking with a full head of gray hair and an athletic body. Pat was a tall, attractive brunette with nice breasts and a curvy body. We spent a good part of the evening with them and got to know them quite well, at least physically. Mike was bi-curious and had never had a man before but was thinking seriously about trying it and Pat chimed in with the fact that she would probably never stop cumming if she watched him with another guy. At the time we were talking, we were lying naked on a bed after I had just finished fucking Pat and Mike had enjoyed a beautiful orgasm with Terry.

I asked Mike if he minded, as I grasped his semi erect penis in my fist, and he told me to go right ahead. I played with his organ and watched it grow as my fingers ran up and down his beautiful pole. I grasped his gorgeous, sloping crown by the deep ridge around it and twirled it with my fingers just before leaning forward and licking a drop of precum off the slit in the tip and then covering his thick cockhead with my mouth as I nursed on his penis and enjoyed his taste and manly aroma. I played with his full, tight balls as I sucked him and I heard his wife moaning in excitement as she watched me suck her husband as she played with her pussy. I was about to deep throat him when he asked me to move around so that he could have my cock also. I swung around and gave him a good look at my thick, throbbing erection and full balls.

He ran his fingers over my shaft and crown and remarked how beautiful it looked and then took the head in his lips and sucked it as he looked between my thighs and watched his wife looking at us as Terry sucked her pussy. I was the first to cum and I emptied my balls in his mouth and heard him gulping down my juices just as his penis expanded and shot one load after another onto my tongue which I tasted before swallowing and found delicious. We spent the rest of the party with them and had other couples join us from time to time and before we knew it, it was early morning and time to head home as we had plans for the next day.

Mike and Pat invited us out for the day on Saturday as they wanted to take us sailing on their new boat and we gladly accepted as a day sailing on Long Island Sound sounded perfect.

Saturday finally came around and Terry and I followed the directions Mike had given us to get to his marina in Northport and, after parking our car, we followed his directions and found ourselves standing in front of a gorgeous yawl which had to be at least 70 ft. long. I called out just to make sure it was his boat and Pat poked her head out of the cockpit and smilingly invited us aboard. Mike was sitting at the dining table looking at some charts and arose as we came down the ladder. After greeting us, he showed us to our cabin so we could change into bathing suits and stow our clothes. When we came out, he got the engine started and asked me to help Pat untie the boat so we could head out into the Sound.

The boat was absolutely gorgeous with teakwood decks and mahogany finishes and looked almost new. Mike told us it was actually 20 years old and had been sailed across the Atlantic by its previous owner all alone as he had electrified the fore mast and spinnaker so that all he had to do was push a button and the fore sails were deployed automatically. As soon as we got clear of the harbor, he let out the sails and the wind caught and we were moving silently about 12 knots speed which was about all it could make considering its size.

When we got out into the middle of the Sound, there were no boats anywhere near us and Pat immediately whipped off her bathing suit and lay down on a blanket on the main deck motioning Terry and I to join her. As soon as I lay back on the deck, she rolled over between my legs and started licking my slowly rising shaft. Not to be outdone, my wife rolled over between her legs and started licking her crotch. The three of us were losing ourselves in passion when Mike hollered out that, as the Captain of this boat, he demanded some attention also so Terry got up and settled herself between his thighs as he steered the boat and began sucking on the head of his gorgeous cock. We passed a few boats on the way but they couldn’t see us as we were below the railings and Terry was covered by the cockpit sides. All they could see was Mike sitting at the helm with no clue that he was being sucked by Terry.

Pat and I swung around and 69’d each other and then Mike called out and asked me if I had any sailing experience. When I told him that I was brought up on sailing, he told me to take the helm so that he could lay down and fuck Terry for awhile and we traded places as Pat made herself comfortable and started nursing on the head of my cock as I took the helm. The fabulous feeling of holding that boat on course under full sail made my cock even harder and Pat started moaning as she gobbled all the meat she could fit in her mouth. I glanced over every once in a while to see Mike stroking in and out of my wife’s wet pussy and had the urge to walk over and put my cock in his ass as he fucked her but realized that I couldn’t leave the helm so I steered with one hand while running my hand through Pat’s hair with the other.

She had me deep down her throat and was milking my organ each time she swallowed around it and I was having trouble keeping the boat on course. We passed a few boats and I waved back at the other boatmen as she deep throated me. I was waving at a power boat passing on our starboard when my orgasm hit and my cock started jerking and spurting jet after jet of cum down Pat’s hungry throat. The other boat had no idea that I was waving in ecstasy as I fed her my juices.

When she sucked every drop from my balls and licked my cockhead clean, she moved over to Terry and sat on her face as her husband stroked in and out and was completely lost in passion. Then Mike cried out that he was cumming and he shoved as much of his cock inside my wife as she could take and pumped load after load of hot cum inside her. Pat was feeding every part of her crotch to Terry’s voracious mouth and suddenly moaned in passion as she came and her body shuddered in orgasm. After the three of them rested a moment, Mike came over and relieved me at the helm and I decided to get down between his legs and suck his soft penis as I love feeling a thick cock get hard in my mouth. Mike was all for it and spread his legs wide to give me access as I took his soft meat in my mouth and began lovingly sucking it while I cupped his big balls in my hand.

He told me not to stop what I was doing as it felt wonderful and then started giving me information as to where we were and where we were heading between moans and gasps of pleasure. I had his organ hard in no time and was losing myself in sucking his thick shaft while listening to his moans and scenic descriptions. Pat and Terry were eating each other lying on their sides so that no one could see them and Mike was giving me a blow by blow description of what they were doing and how great it looked.

After a while, Mike asked if I would like to take the helm as he was thirsty and he gave me the heading just before giving me head. I loved sitting there steering the boat while he sucked my cock and my balls and I warned him that I might run the boat onto dry land as his mouth was fabulous. We spent all afternoon taking turns at the helm and each other until Mike suggested that we get into our clothes since we were approaching port and would be stopping for dinner. I was fucking my wife at the time and Terry was sucking Mike and we all reluctantly stopped what we were doing and went below to change. When I got dressed, I went up and relieved Mike at the helm so that he could get dressed also and when he came back up, we dropped the sails and headed into port.

After tying up at the dock, we sat on the deck and had pre-dinner drinks before going into the seafood restaurant in the marina.

After a fabulous dinner, during which Mike cautioned us not to eat too much as it would affect our sexual performance later, we went back to the boat. I saw Pat pulling all the curtains closed and dimming the lights in the main cabin as soon as we got back and then she stripped off her clothing and told us to do the same.

As I removed my clothes and turned to face them, she walked over and grasped my soft organ in her hand and led me over to the couch telling me to sit down and relax as she wanted to prepare me for a very special job. As she licked my penis and played with my balls, she told me that she wanted to watch me fuck her husband and asked Terry to start working on him and get him ready for my cock. My wife sat down between his legs and began running her tongue from his crown to his asshole as she diligently got him ready. When Pat had my organ fully erect, she asked Mike to get on all fours and present his anus to me as I moved behind him and rubbed some of my precum over his anal opening before pushing the crown inside. He gasped as my cockhead popped inside and started moaning as I slowly and sensuously worked my thick organ in and out of his ass until he started pushing back to get more.

His ass was tight and was grasping my penis as I fucked him and I glanced over to see Pat and Terry watching us with glazed eyes as they played with each other’s pussies and nipples. I decided to give them a good show and pulled my cock out to the very tip before plunging deep inside and continuing this as Mike groaned and cried out about how good it felt. I was getting close to orgasm as his ass was gripping my pole tightly as it smoothly moved around inside him and suddenly my penis started pumping cum deep inside him as I gripped him by the hips and fed him every inch of my thickness. While I was cumming, I heard him cry out and reached around and grasped his jerking penis as he shot hot cum all over my hand. Then I heard Pat cry out and looked over as she lost herself in orgasm as my wife tweaked her clit. All she kept saying was, “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen” as she came.

We spent the rest of the night in their cabin which had a large king sized bed and tried out every conceivable sexual combination that we could think of before collapsing in deep sleep. I awoke in the morning to find that Terry and I were alone in the bed. I got up and looked out the porthole to see Mike in shorts and a tee shirt talking to a dockhand and heard Pat in the galley as she got breakfast ready. After showering and slipping on slacks and a shirt, we joined Pat who motioned us to sit at the dining table.

Mike came aboard a few minutes later and told us that we would be leaving shortly as the tide would be right for us in about an hour and we would be heading back to Northport. After breakfast, while the gals were cleaning up the galley, Mike and I went about getting the boat ready for departure and in about half an hour we were on our way. The way back was a repeat of the day before as Pat and Mike slipped out of their clothes as soon as we cleared the harbor and we did the same.

Mike asked me to take the helm and gave me the compass course to hold as he told me that he couldn’t wait to suck my cock and promptly got comfortable between my thighs and began nursing on my crown as Terry lay down with her head in his crotch and began sucking his organ as Pat buried her head between my wife’s thighs and licked her clitoris. Mike and I switched off at the helm every once in a while as Pat sucked me and Terry worked on her crotch. We had sex all the way back to port and didn’t stop until Mike warned us that we were getting close to the harbor entrance and better get dressed. By the time we got into the marina and tied up, it was late afternoon and Terry and I headed back to the city after promising them that we would come out again soon and spend the weekend.

Now this kind of sexual activity went on for 10-12 years for us before HIV reared its ugly head and effectively stopped such free wheeling sex in its tracks. Those wonderful years that we enjoyed in group sex will never come again, at least in our lifetimes, and we look back on them with a sense of extreme nostalgia.”

After hearing this fantastic true story, I found it hard to believe that such total and complete sexual freedom took place because of the restrictions placed on our society today with the advent of HIV and Herpes. Hopefully they can find a cure for these diseases and we can once again enjoy sex the way it was then.

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