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My Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

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It was the fall of 2001. Some of my girlfriends and I had decided to go to a local professional wrestling event. The main event that night was between somebody named Buff Bagwell and this massive guy named Onyx. If anyone reads this and remembers that card, you’ll remember me. It was not this match that got to me. Actually it was a match much earlier in the show. It featured a guy named The Big Voodoo Daddy. He wrestled some guy, if memory serves me right, named “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey. Well, “Loverboy” was not anything like his nickname.

He looked like a big, burly trucker guy. Maybe he was a good looking man in his younger days but when I saw him, I thought that he should’ve been retired.

The Big Voodoo Daddy was something different all together. After seeing “Loverboy”, I figured it was another old timer. I laughed when I first heard his theme music, it was a Dr. John song and for the love of me I can not remember the title. I expected a hokey comic book character. Uh, no. He was anything but. He stood at 6’4″ and was very well proportioned. Definitely a body builder-type. He wore beads, giving them out to the ladies at ringside. His gimmick was a bizarre marriage between a voodoo doctor and a stripper. Very Mardi Gras.

We started hooting and hollering, as most of the women did. Gyrating his hips, posing, and dancing on his way to the ring, the Voodoo Daddy was certainly living up to his name so far. I remember telling my friend, Hannah, that he could be my daddy anytime. He looked in my direction, smiled, and pointed at me. As he walked over to where we sat, I figured it was for some a much younger girl. When he reached for me and put the beads around my neck, he leaned in and gave me a kiss, all to the delight of the crowd.

The match was very one sided. “Loverboy” performed what they call a dropkick. In my “Daddy’s” abdomen. There were other various tactics pulled. The Voodoo Daddy fell for every one of them early on, but quickly turned the tide. I remember screaming hard, seriously flirting with him, every time he looked my way or came outside of the ring to where I sat. He smiled and winked before heading back into the ring in one instance. He delivered his finisher, something the fans chanted as the Fleur Di Lis. After the match, he came over to where I was sitting and we spoke briefly.

He asked my name, which I readily gave. He further asked me what I was doing tonight after the matches, to which I had no answer. He informed me to stick around until the end of the show in order to take me to dinner. I gladly accepted and all my girlfriends began to gush over me like the quarterback had asked me out after a huge homecoming victory. Now you can understand why I was barely interested in the other matches.

I stayed after the show was over, patiently sitting for a good ten minutes, before I saw him emerge from what I assumed was the locker room. Jp Stephens was his real name. He was simply delicious. He wore faded Calvin Klein jeans and a very form fitting, ribbed Perry Ellis t-shirt.

Jp was a perfect gentleman. He opened the door for me, bought me dinner at Chris Ruth’s, and we finished up dinner with a stroll on the boardwalk. He was much more than a handsome man. He graduated from the University of Tennessee-Martin and was a stripper during college to pay his way through school. I remarked at how well it seemed to pay off for him. He was getting out of the wrestling business because of the time spent on the road, no insurance, and the abuse his body had already taken. He was interested in architecture and structural design. Definitely did not see that coming. Usually guys like him major in Physical Education or get a trophy degree. I also found out that his girlfriend of about eight years had cheated on him while he was on a road trip. He had come home early because of a broken kneecap and found his fiance in bed with his best friend. He was devastated and this helped to finalize his career choice.

I told him about my life, my divorce and my recent return to college to get my degree. It was easy to talk to him, easy to listen, and engage him in intelligent conversation.

We sat on a bench discussing all of this and more, when he leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I was welcomely surprised, having wanted to possess those lips and body from the moment he came into my line of sight for his match. He explained that he had been wanting to do that since dinner and asked if he was being too forward. I joked, telling him that he was not being forward enough. He had a hearty laugh, full of life and indicative of his nature.

As we walked back to his car, he wrapped his arm around me. I didn’t object. Opening the door for me, I slid in and wondered how I could bed this massive hunk. The insides of my thighs were hot and wet. It was definitely his looks. He smelled like a man should, too. My pheromones were in overdrive!

Add to that our lively conversations and his politeness and I feel that it was easy to understand why I was so hot for him.

He got into the car, turned it on, and asked me where he could drop me off.

I looked at him and asked him where he was staying. A Ramada Inn. That wouldn’t do. I gave him the directions for my place, which was another twenty minutes away. I don’t know if he had gotten the idea yet. If he did, Jp was not letting on.

We pulled up to my apartment and he got out, opened my door and walked me to the stairs leading to the front door of my building.

Once there, I inserted the key and unlocked the door. I looked back at him, longingly, and asked him if he wanted to come in.

He did not refuse.

We entered together and walked up the stairs to my apartment. He stayed a step behind me and I wondered how delightful his hands would feel as I slammed him into the wall and kissed him mercilessly.

With my apartment ahead, I told him we were here, and told him thank you for a marvelous evening.

I unlocked my door and opened it. I asked him if he wanted to come in. He looked at me curiously. Surely he had to know what was on my mind. Didn’t he?

Fuck it, I thought.

I flung myself into him, standing on the tips of my toes to wrap my arms around him and pull him to me so that I could gain better access.

The kiss started softly, a whisper of promise to things yet to come. I hoped to encourage him with this. When his mouth opened in response to my bold act, I took advantage and dipped my tongue in. My brain went into overdrive, conjuring lust filled thoughts as I slowly made love to his mouth, leisurely slipping my tongue around his in a blatant mimicry of sex. I caught his lip between my teeth, and gently sucked on it as I watched his eyes languorously open.

I pulled away from his lips, drawing my lower one in, suckling on it as I thought how delicious he would be.

“Will you make love to me?” I asked. He nodded, His deeply set blue eyes looking dazed.

A growl of victory sounded deep in my throat, “Good.”

This time, when I came up to kiss him, Jp was ready for me. As his lips claimed mine, I opened beneath him like a flower. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck when he slipped his tongue between my lips. Lust ripped tough his body at the sound of my arousal, the evidence of this was a hard poke in his lower body against me. He broke away from the kiss, tightly closed his eyes, and I thought that he fought to rein in himself before he made the mistake of tearing without thought into me. I wondered why he had stopped. After a few moments, the desire better restrained, he opened his eyes and looked at me.

The look of exalted triumph made my body hum. Sex would do that to me. I wanted to make him want me so that it hurt him to control it. It made me feel powerful. It made me want to make him thoroughly lose that control. I pulled myself out from my seat, and into his arms. Without letting him think about it, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him. Pouring my soul into it, the kiss turned carnal. We nipped at each other, fighting with tongues and teeth and lips, each of us working to get the upper hand. Determined to get that upper hand, I pressed against him, molding my small soft body against the hard planes of his muscled one.

He caught me in his arms, and pulled my long legs around his hips. I cried out in delight when he fitted his hard arousal against my apex of pleasure. My God, I thought, how big was he? Pushing me up against the side of the wall, he grinded himself against me in circles. Roughly, he tore at the straps of my top, desperate to feel my generous breasts in his hands. Before he could get it undone, however, I pulled him off me.

Smiling sensuously, I slid a few feet away from him. When he tried to follow, I held up a hand, and said, “No touching. I want you to watch.”

Obediently, he sat down opposite from me, and watched.

I stood with my back to him, coquettishly looking over my shoulder at him as I slipped the buckle of my bra undone. I pulled the top off, and held it to the side with one hand, while I covered my breasts with the other. Flinging it in the direction of my shift, I turned to face him, covering myself with both arms in feigned shyness.

“Do you want to look at me?” I softly inquired.

“Yes.” His breath was ragged and fast. A thrill swept through me as I saw the craving building in his eyes.

“Do you want to touch me?”

He nodded, his mouth dry. My little strip tease had definitely teased him, straight to the edge of reason.

I slid up to him, and smiled at him. “Well, you can’t. Not yet,” I looked at him sternly, “Promise me.”

His mouth opened to protest, but when my arm slipped slightly, tantalizing him with the barest glimpse of me, he nodded his promise.


I moved my arms, and my breasts bounced free from their confinement. As I moved closer, I could see myself in the mirror behind the couch. My ivory skin there was flawlessly smooth, my small rosy nipples erect in anticipation. His hands balled into fists to keep him from touching me, as I slithered into his lap.

“Christ,” he groaned, fighting to keep his promise as my hands wandered across the planes of his chest. I wanted him naked so I could lick every inch of his delicious frame.

“Sorry,” I purred, my hands dipping to follow the trail of black hair till I met the barrier of his shorts. “He’s not here. You’ll have to make do with me.”

My lips skimmed seductively across his. When he opened his mouth, to taste more of me, I backed away, shaking my head. Resuming his passive role, he allowed me to whisper soft kisses over his lips, and down the line of his jaw to his ear. I sucked the soft skin of his lobe into my mouth, and he shivered as I rolled my tongue around it.

Small hands slipped over the lines of muscles of his stomach, reaching for the hem of his shirt, lifting it up and over his chest and shoulders. He moved just enough to accommodate me. My hands returned to his chest, slowly reblazing a trail down his stomach and when they dipped a shy inch beneath his pants, he sucked in a breath of agony. I saw him silently pleading me to explore, to touch. Emboldened by his wordless urging, I slid my hand down until I brushed against hot, hardened steel. My eyes widened and my mouth popped in a small “o” as I tried, unsuccessfully, to wrap my hand around his width.

I tried to slide down his length, but he fit the available space of his pants exceptionally well. There was no way I could take all that man inside me. He is too much man, I thought, but I wanted to try and see if I could. He broke our agreement, slanting his lips across mine and plunged his tongue into my mouth. When he kissed me, my hands tightened around him instinctively. Then, though I was being thoroughly distracted by heart branding kisses, I slowly began moving my hands to unbutton his pants and free his cock to me.

When I had accomplished that act, he helped me to pull them down and over his legs. He must have had a lot of experience doing this, because the movements were seamless. I closed into him, when he was free of clothes, my hands slowly rubbing up and down on his length. It was soft and hard, ridges and curves, and as I massaged him, a wonderful tingling intensified in the pit of my stomach, steadily growing as I watched his reactions to my pleasuring of him.

His chest rose and fell with each short breath he took he took through his slightly opened lips. Sensations rolled through his body, building in intensity with each stroke of my hand. When I pressed my body against his, rubbing those breasts against him, he nearly exploded. I was so sensual, but didn’t even know it. Everything I did, everywhere I touched, every time I kissed him; I was provoking something deep within him. I could see the struggle within himself. I wanted him to ravage me. Make hot, sweaty, passionate love to me.

“Touch me, Jp,” I moaned in his ear. “Make love to me.”

A breath rushed out of him at the desperation in my pleading. He grabbed me roughly, pulled me against him, and sucked my soul from my lips, and claimed it for his own. He kneaded my breast with one hand, the other he thrust into my hair, holding my head in the best position to plunder the treasures in my mouth. His mouth trailed a wet path of sensations as it slipped down my neck.

I arched my back, allowing more access. He ran his hot tongue in the valley between my breasts, then up and over one. I jolted at the feeling of him sucking on me, rolling my sensitive nipple between his teeth. He pulled the two together, and laved his tongue across both areolas, wringing soft, panting cries from me.

Jp kissed my lips as he ran his hands over my trim waist, then where it flared out at my hips. The only thing I had on, my short shorts , felt alien against the silky smoothness of my skin. So he pulled them slowly off, kissing me with a tender gentleness that I doubt he ever knew existed within him. He ran his hands back up the inside of my thighs, parted them, and without warning, slipped a finger into the warmth of my body.

I cried out with a sudden orgasm, and he felt like a god of magic. Then he found my nodule with his thumb, and began rubbing it in slow, erotic circles as he stroked me from inside. I pulled him closer and arched my back, and he took the breast that I offered into his mouth, sucking and nibbling until I began crying out:

“Ohmygod, ohmygod,” My body writhed beneath his expert hands and mouth. He was doing too much to me, too many sensations were burning through my body. That first orgasm, which surprised me by its suddenness, left me wanting to melt into a puddle, but he kept on touching and kissing me, driving me up again. And then another blinding flash of light lit my world. “JP!”

His every touch seared through my very being, and I knew that this was not going to be another ho-hum experience.

“Now,” I begged. I would do anything to have everything he could give her. “I need you, now!”

Without breaking our kiss, Jp slipped his body between my legs, already wide open in welcome.

“Look at me, Angelica,” he commanded, and my eyes focused onto him. A hoarse cry erupted from him as he thrust himself into my body, my succulent heat enveloping him. For a moment, he stayed there not moving, just enjoying the feeling of being inside me. I welcome the act, because it gave me a chance to adjust to his size. I had never had a foot long before, but the pain of his entry was dulled by the sensations that he had created thus far. Then he started to move, in and out, over and over. I cried out a sigh rhythmically in time with each thrust.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I lifted my body from the couch, allowing him to delve deep into me. I felt lost in the fullness of this man inside my body. Every nerve cried out in delight. The fire that had flared in that first orgasm had been rekindled, and was growing hotter with each of his thrusts.

I wanted Jp to draw out our pleasure. He fought the impulse to give in to his own fire, but when my muscles closed involuntarily around his staff, it suddenly blazed out of his control. Cradling my firm behind with both of his hands, he pulled me towards him as he pushed into me, moving faster and harder as a sudden desperation raced through him. He plunged deep into me one last time, and then his desire poured from in, onto the very curve of my womb. The fire finally enveloped me, and I muffled my shout in his shoulder as my body convulsed.

“Angelica!” he bellowed, his voice rough from our lovemaking.

I cradled his head in my arms as he finally came down. He mumbled something in my ear that was barely discernible and French.

Finally he looked into my eyes, before he took my mouth, gently this time, silently begging forgiveness if he inadvertently harmed me with the force of his need.

“Come, Jp,” I stood and took his hands, trying to stand him up and get him somewhere else.

“Where are we going?” He spoke as he stood next to me.

Too close. I could smell his very masculine scent and it was possessing my soul again.

I smiled, and pulled him close to me. “To my room, where I can take my time making sweet slow love to you.”


My heart melted as he took my mouth again, softly, lovingly. His hands moved up my back, his fingers softly caressing my skin.

I eagerly led him to my bedroom where we eyed each other warily for a moment, then launched into each other’s arms. Our mouths fused, and our tongues battled; slipping dexterously around nipping teeth.

His hands were now feverish and impatient. He twisted my nipple between those lovely, clever fingers; pinching and rubbing until I was hot for the feel of his mouth on me. I push him back against the edge of the bed, attacked his mouth briefly before pulling his head down to my breast. I sighed as his lips closed over my nipple, moaned as he began to lick it with the tip of his tongue, then cried out in dark delight as he bit down on it.

“Oh god! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I chanted it over and over, until he replied in a low growl, “Soon.”

A thrill raced through my body. He would fuck me. Hard and fast. But first…

I dropped to my knees, crawling on the ground before him, and I inserted his massive dick into my mouth. I had wanted to taste him. Taste it since I first touched it on the couch. It was more heavenly than I had imagined. My tongue swirled over the length of his staff. After making my way up, I worked the small groove at the tip with my tongue while I stroked him with my hands. I tasted us as my tongue teased his head.

I saw him look down at me from the corner of mt eyes, watching me lick his cock. It made me want to pump him faster and faster. My small hands moved over the inside of his legs to cup his balls, he just about came. His breath was ragged and uneven, and his hands were delved into my short crop of curls. For a second, he pushed his dick further into my mouth. He felt it slide down my throat and my lips washed over him. Then he pushed me back, not wanting to waste the time he had with me.

A little breathless, I looked up at him. Satisfied, I saw him struggle for control. I loved watching him think and fight his himself. I knew that there was a darker, more erotic side to him that I hoped I would get to experience.

Jp hauled me to my feet, his need barely restrained, and crushed his lips against mine in a bruising kiss. He plundered deep in my mouth with his tongue, branding my soul with his searing passion. My arms wrapped instinctively around his neck. When he picked me up, my legs wrapped around him so that he was tied up in my long limbs. I could feel his length of steel pressed hard against me.

Unable to go far, he merely turned and slammed me against mattress, knocking my breath from me. I was lost in the urgency of his mouth, in his rough hands that seemed to touch everywhere. When he began to grind his hardness against me, my mind filled with a dull roar as the heat built.

He started to tug at my lips, desperate to feel more. One of my breasts was very near his head and he savaged it with his mouth; yanking and tugging on it with his lips and teeth hard enough to make me cry out in painful pleasure. I shifted myself and offered my other breast to him. He feasted on me, laving my tender breasts with his sinful tongue; giving both equal attention. His lips trailed down between my aching peaks, and he carefully put me down so that he could run open-mouthed kisses further down.

“Smooth,” he mumbled, rubbing his cheek against my flat stomach. That tender caress sparked something wild in me, and, with an impatient moan, I pushed him down. He lifted my leg over his shoulder, and, starting at my knee, ran a line of kisses up the inside of my leg. I could feel the ball of heat in my stomach burning for more; to touch me more; to make me feel more.

And then he was there, running that delicious tongue between the lips of my femininity, to find the little nub that demanded his attention. When he took it between his lips, I screamed. When Jp began to suck on it, I felt like I was going to die from the sensations that were battering me.

Delving into my heat with his mouth; sucking and pulling on me until I was thrusting my hips in an unmistakable rhythm that demanded more from him. As he worked my throbbing clit between his teeth and tongue, Jp thrust a finger into my moist pussy.

One of my hands was clenched painfully in his hair, the other fondled a breast. Jp watched as I rubbed myself with a palm, and when I took my nipple between my fingers to pinch and twist, he closed his eyes, groaning.

As I panted harder and harder from his relentless assault on my senses, I could feel his desire mounting, yet he held it still in check. I laughed deliriously at his endurance. He pounded his fingers deeper into me instead.

I screamed as orgasm hit, and he could feel my body clench around his fingers as my body shuddered. I sagged against the bed, drained of the painful heat that he stirred in me.

Instead of letting me relax, he held me up. He slipped his tongue delicately around my very sensitive nub, careful not to touch it. My moans began again as his hands slipped in erotic, mindless trails up and down my long, slender legs, and up to my tight ass where he squeezed it gently. Using his hands and his mouth, Jared slowly worked me again into a frenzy. When my hands began to clench impatiently into his shoulder muscles, he pushed my leg down and glared up at my flushed face.

“Do you want more?” he asked.

I nodded.

He demanded, “What do you want.”

My hips moved slightly, showing him what I wanted, but he ignored it. “I want you,” I stated, pushing herself off the mattress, “inside of me. Everywhere. Hard and fast. Now.”

His growl sent shivers up my spine. Hard and fast. Now.

I asked, and by the look on his face, I was going to get exactly what I wanted. Slowly, he stood, his large cock jutting out at a proud, arrogant angle.

He glanced at my bed. His intense gaze went to the head of it. The headboard. Jp grabbed me roughly by the arm, and turned me to face the wall.

He took my hands and placed them on the wall. “Do not move them, or I’ll stop. Understand?” When I nodded, he maneuvered my body to suit him: bent over far enough to have my bare ass thrusting eagerly out to him. With a foot, he spread my legs wide. “Ready?”

I hoped my sweet ass shone in the poor lighting, beckoning for him to push himself between the lovely curves. The position, and what he would do to me was purposefully demeaning. It excited me to be taken advantage of.

With my eyes fastened on the wall in front of me , he took his dick in his hand, stroking it as I had done earlier.

Jp could tell I knew what he was doing. My hips and ass moved as if to enchant him closer; sexy little moans escape my throat, begging for him. He moved in behind me, placing the tip of his thick head in the middle of my wet folds, rubbing its honey all over him as he continued to pump. I was becoming desperate, he had to be able to notice by the rigid way my shoulders were set that kept me from turning around.

For a moment, the thought of teasing me a little longer must have crossed Jp’s mind, but then, with a quick and brutal thrust, he pushed his way in. My warmth enveloped him, then suddenly, clenched tightly around his dick as an orgasm ripped through my body.

Riding the waves of my pleasure, he began to drive ruthlessly into my soft body. His hands gripped my hips, and he pulled me back to meet each thrust with a resounding smack! Harder and faster he rode me, I loved the way his balls bounced off the back of my thighs.

“Yes, yes! Harder,” I screamed, “Harder!”

Again and again he pummeled his cock deep in my body; knowing that he was hurting me, and also knowing that I wanted it. Knowing that I desired to have her luscious back end bruised by his need. Then suddenly he staggered, beaten down under the weight of his release. He felt my body tighten around his again, and he exploded as my wet heat milked him. He jerked as my aftershocks pushed him over the edge again, pleasure surging through his body and into mine.

Jp laid his head against my back as I leaned against the wall. We were both dripping with sweat and his cum, and little shivers swept though me as my body remembered the breathtakingly sinful act we had just committed.

His hand tightened on my hips for a moment, then dropped. But he still didn’t move, and I was completely happy to have the wall hold us up.

Then I spoke, “You are a great fuck!”.

When I laughed, he groaned from the tightening of my muscles. “What now,” he asked.

His voice, low and harsh, sent my nerves into a new tumult of desire. I grinded my ass against his body, and delighted as I felt his softening cock instantly harden. “We should take advantage of the tonight and the time we have left.” I whispered in his ear. I flicked my tongue out, running it along the curve of his ear.

Jp shuddered as I sucked his lobe in my mouth and teased it with my teeth. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me closer, “I like that.”

He arched my back and slid back into my body, both of us working back into what was now a familiar frenzy of passion. I think about what his cock was doing to me and how hard it is. How wet and sensitive I am.

Oh my God. I sit here fingering myself as I think about Jp and that night. His massive cock brought me endless waves of pleasure well into the wee hours of the morning. What he lacked in style, his body and cock made up for. This encounter was all about getting laid, though. We have hooked up several times since then, but have not seen each other for a good four years. Thanks to MySpace we have recently gotten back in touch and who knows, if our paths cross again, I would love to have that massive cock inside me again.

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