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Demure Asian Unleashed

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I had to leave home to get to the south coast for some business meetings. I was not in a hurry and it was a great day. I hate all the crush at the stations, so I decided to get on the final carriage of the train, before first class. I was delighted it turned out the way it did.

The carriage was not full and there were no frontward facing seats until near the back.

I thought I would take a good window seat and then I saw her. Striking, Asian, demure, fine boned, slender and sitting opposite an empty seat. I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose and sat down.

As I sat down, I noticed her checking me out and I was flattered. I am 40 years old and work out on a regular basis so still have a waist and some definition to my arms. 6’3” and well built, I don’t set out to pick up girls regularly but things can always turn up.

I settled into the journey and got out the newspaper. I couldn’t concentrate on the news because I was thinking of this lady in the seat across the aisle. I glanced at her and she looked up. I smiled and she gave me a shy smile and quickly looked away. I have a weakness for Asian ladies and this one was exquisite. About 5’7”, she was dressed for work with a black skirt and a dark shirt. Nothing too flashy but it was her legs that got my attention. Clad in sheer, polka dot tights, they gracefully ended in some red, court shoes with a slight heel. I was captivated, so when I noticed her look at me about five minutes later, I looked up at her and smiled widely.

She returned the smile so I tapped the seat next to me and beckoned her over with one eyebrow raised. She looked down and blushed, shaking her head and then looked up at me, obviously quite shy. I thought I might have to take this one a little bit slowly, so I smiled reassuring and held my hands up as if to say I wouldn’t bite.

She looked around and saw that the two others in the carriage were paying no attention so came over swiftly and sat down next to me. I was enthralled and noticed that she had a Japanese book in her lap and picked it up.

Without saying a word, I pointed to it and looked confused. She laughed and threw her graceful neck back. I leant in as if to whisper something in her ear and, instead, gently blew. She giggled and shivered, but didn’t move away. By this time I was getting extremely excited and my hard on was making things a little uncomfortable. I shifted in my seat and saw her gaze drop to my trousers.

We hadn’t said a word but, since she was reading a Japanese book and not offering any chat, I decided to carry on in silence. As she glanced at the bulge below my belt, I moved in my seat so that my hard on became more apparent. She gasped a little and looked furiously into her own lap with her hands clasped there. I admire the fact she kept her back straight and was not about to let her good posture abandon her.

I gently poked her in the side and she hurriedly looked up at me with a slightly shocked, slightly smiling expression. I raised an eyebrow and looked into her eyes. They widened slightly and her lips parted gently.

She looked about as adorable and proper as you can only imagine a beautiful Asian girl to look so I leaned in, as if to kiss her. She didn’t move but her eyes widened in surprise. I gently moved past her mouth without touching it and went slowly for her earlobe, which I gave a slight nip with my teeth. She closed her eyes as I pulled back and leaned her head into mine. I decided to play a little bit harder to catch so pulled back fully.

She looked slightly disappointed and I noticed that the train was slowing down before coming into a station. I looked out of the window and leaned my shoulder against her. She pressed into my shoulder as she watched the station arrive, people get on and off and then we pulled out.

By this time I was rock hard in my trousers and knew that I had to sort out something before the next, and last station.

I looked at her and took her hand in mine. I concentrated on tracing the contours of her delicate hand and she was watching my fingers as they took their path. As this was happening I gently lowered her hand towards my leg and placed it, palm down, on my upper thigh. I gave it a little squeeze and then continued to play with it, all the while now looking deep into her eyes. She was wide eyed, pupils dilated and breathing shallowly.

So I lifted her hand and softly placed it on my trousers where my hard on was standing firmly upright. She tried initially to pull it away but I raised my eyebrows like a scolding teacher and kept it there, slowly exploring my hard on with her hand. She looked around, then back at me, then down at her hand and continued to gently rub my hard on. It felt like sweet torture.

I was stroking her side with my free hand close to her and moved it up to play with her hair on the back of her neck. She shuddered, sighed and continued to gently stroke my cock up and down. This was killing me so I knew that something had to change.

I took her hand off my cock, looked at her shocked expression as if she had done something wrong, and held it on my leg. Then I looked out of the window as if I was bored of her and wanted to look at the fields.

This went on for a while and she was looking despondent down in her lap and we still hadn’t spoken.

As we pulled into the train station I looked into her now hopeful eyes and leant in to place a soft kiss on her button of a nose. Her big, brown eyes looked into mine and I smiled.

We both had to get off the train as it was the end of the line so I let her stand up first. She kept on looking at me and I busied myself getting my papers and standing up. She walked down the aisle to the exit, my eyes following her graceful legs. I followed and joined her at the door, doing my best to keep my papers in front of my still quite stiff cock.

As we left the train, she reached into her pocket and got out a piece of paper which she showed me. It had the name of quite a fancy hotel on it and she motioned that she was going there and, with her eyes, enquired whether I was headed in the same direction.

I hailed a cab, told him the directions and we reached there quickly, all the while with the beautiful Asian staring at her lap. I was captivated.

I helped her check in and walked her up to her room. We reached the door and she fumbled with the pass. I took it from her, she blushed and I pushed the door open and motioned for her to go in. She obviously was a lady of some means because this was definitely one of the finer rooms. There was a sitting area, a desk and some fruit, as well as a seriously large bed. I placed her bag on the stand next to the cupboard as she turned to face me. I took her coat and threw it over the back of a chair, all the while looking into her eyes.

I took her chin in my hand with my right hand and slipped my left hand round to squeeze her behind and bring her closer to me. She gasped, but never stopped looking at me. I ran my hand around her skirt to the zip I had noticed earlier. As I lowered it, her eyes widened more but she didn’t pull away. As the skirt was free, I bent down to help her out of it and it joined the coat.

She was now standing before me in a dark shirt, lace underpants, delicate, polka dotted tights that were hold ups (my favourite) and those red shoes. She was still looking at me and her hands were down by her sides.

I hurriedly took off my shirt, trying to keep her gaze but she looked at my body so I carried on, taking off my shoes, socks, trousers and boxers. I was naked and hard as I could be.

She was staring at my cock so I lifted her head softly, looked into her eyes and placed a hand on my shoulder and gently started to push down. She got the hint and slowly fell to her knees in front of me and still looking into my eyes. I held her chin and slowly brought it forward until it was next to my cock. She opened her mouth slightly and took the tip of my cock between her lips. Her gaze dropped and she started to open up further and took my swollen glans fully into her mouth. Heaven cannot descibe the delicious sensations. I was still holding her head so I softly rocked it back and forth, fucking her mouth as gently as I could. She was game and carried on, slightly gagging as I got deep into her, but not quitting, seeming to blink back what might have been tears from smarting.

She was getting into the swing of this and I was loving it but had different plans so I pulled her head off and reached down to help her to her feet. As she got up, I dropped down and was faced by her lacy underwear. I pulled them down, over her hold ups and saw a gorgeous, neat bush before my very eyes. I helped her out of the pants and tossed them aside.

I reached up with my finger and stroked the top of her slit. I saw the slight hint of moisture between the lips and heard her breathing deepening. I leaned in and slowly licked the front of her labia. I leant in with my fingers and started to stroke her lips, all the while tonguing the front in a circular motion. I then moved my fingers to the front, exposed her clit and touched it with the tip of my tongue. She shuddered and placed her hands on my head with a bit of pressure.

So I dove in. Tonguing as deep and as far along her slit as I could, I lapped away at one of the loveliest pussies I could dream of. I slid one finger in past the second knuckle and was delighted to find out how tight she was, all the while tonguing her clitoris. This was followed by a second and I felt her build above me. She was starting to buck and moaning softly. I put the forefinger from my other hand in for a little bit, then reached around and started to play with her puckered hole at the back. She stiffened a bit at this but I kept up the pressure on the clitoris and pretty soon, she was bucking again. As I felt her about to crest I pushed the finger into her rear and played it along the other side of the walls of her pussy. This was too much and she came hard on my hand and my mouth.

I felt her almost collapse so I pulled away, got to my feet, and held her against her waist, as she leant, seemingly exhausted against me. I let her rest there, rocking for a few seconds until I reached down and started to unbutton her shirt. She was wearing a delicate bra, the same form of lace as the knickers so I leant down and kissed the upper parts of her petite breasts. The shirt came off and I loosened the bra. As that came off, she almost seemed to want to cover up but I leant down and started to flick the ends of her nipples with my tongue. She threw her head back and started to breathe heavily again, helped by my finger back in her pussy, with the heel of my hand against her mound, grinding her clitoris.

As I pulled her in, I reached in and started to explore her backside again, before centering in on her hole, which I quickly entered. With my front hand, I pulled her towards me and left her nipples, standing up. My cock was pushing into her belly now and I just wanted to be inside her.

I looked behind her and saw the end of the sofa so I turned her around, all the while keeping my finger buried in her back hole, and gently pushed her until she was bent over the sofa. I could see the delicious slit, moist and ready, next to gorgeous legs cased in such pure, polka dot tights that I knew I had to violate her. I pulled my finger and stroked my cock along her pussy lips, before leaning into her.

She was incredibly tight but pushed back against me so it took a bit of effort but soon I was buried deep inside her and started to move back and forth. She started to push back against me and made those delicate moaning noises. I held her shoulders and started to really up the pace. She wasn’t pulling away so I was pounding away pretty quickly. I could feel her building and I wasn’t far away so I pulled her standing upright quickly, grabbed her mound from around her hip and drove into her. She bucked, moaned and came all over my cock. I could feel the vibrations throughout as she shook and shuddered away and it took all I had not to come myself.

Pretty soon she started to sag, so I let her collapse onto the sofa. I slid out of her and stroked my cock up and down her slit whist stroking her ring with my thumb. She looked over her shoulder with a worried look but I offered my cock up to her ring and started to press. She tensed, so I stroked her back whilst reaching around to caress her clitoris. She started to relax so I pushed further and I managed to get the end of my cock in. She gasped, stiffened up and threw her head back but I wasn’t moving. Slowly she calmed and I managed to ease the rest of my cock in.

Now I started to move back and forth and I noticed that she had dropped her head and was pushing back, starting to moan again. I started to pick up the pace and was really going for it. She was concentrating on keeping the position but moaning louder and louder, which was setting me off. I felt it start to build, pulled her hips to mine as hard as I could and with an explosive grunt, started to unload gush upon gush inside her. She starting to come at the same time and was moaning and shoving back as hard as she could. I was hanging on whilst one of the most intense orgasms rocked my body and I thought it would never end.

As the sensations subsided for us both, I plopped out and she collapsed against the side of the sofa, sitting on the floor, looking up at me through the most steamy eyes I had ever seen.

I knew I wanted more, but since she and I had not even said a word, I didn’t know how to plan where and when. We would have to see.

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