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Telling a Domme Too Many Secrets

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We hadn’t talked in a couple days and even though we were just meeting for a drink I was a bit nervous. We’d met on alt life a dating site geared towards BDSM and found that we shared many of the same fetishes. A few emails quickly turned into many and it seemed like an alright time to get together face to face.

Feeling my phone buzz I looked down and saw the text. I made my way to a small booth in the back of the bar and found her waiting.

She looked so unassuming, innocent, and beautiful. 5’10 red hair currently pulled back with a few curly strands hanging off to the side and light freckled skin; I already felt a bit weak in the knees and her beautiful face and smile disarmed me even further. My heart raced and I knew my breathing had quickened. Telling myself it was just an introduction and that there was nothing to be nervous about didn’t seem to change my physiological response though.


“Tom?” she said as she looked up at me.

“Nice to meet you,” I said as I awkwardly extended my as she rose up and hugged me instead.

“I think we know each other well enough for a hug” she whispered her warm breath going into my ear, “don’t you?”

“Of course,” I stammered, overcome with the sweet smell of her perfume and body pressed close and her warm breath in my ear nothing else seemed to matter during that moment.

Ending the hug she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the booth. It was cozy and private and I couldn’t help but think she’d chosen the perfect spot.

“Here,” she pushed the drink over to me, “this is for you” she said. After giving me a smile and an eyebrow raise she took a drink of her own.

I took a sip. Though i don’t drink often she knew Crown and Coke was my favorite and a welcomed distraction. Seemed like it tasted a little off but that didn’t stop me from downing the majority of it in an attempt to calm my nerves.

“It’s very good,” I said “Thank you. I’m not going to lie…I’m a little nervous”

“And what do you think now?” She asked playfully smiling as she tilted her head maintaining eye contact the entire time as she began to slowly and methodically twist her free hair around her finger slowly but repeatedly.

“I think I’m very glad I took the chance and that I’m most certainly not disappointed.” It was hard not to blurt out that I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen but somehow I managed to play it cool. Still she twisted her hair again and again.

“Good!” She said grinning back at me.

“Have any big plans this weekend?”

“No…not that I know of. Should be a pretty quiet weekend. How about you?”

“I’m not sure yet,” she said “but I have to ask…did you tell your friends or anyone about us meeting up today?”

“No…this isn’t really something I talk to anyone about,” I said nervously “I never come to this bar either so I figured it’d be pretty unlikely to see anyone I knew. My dating life isn’t really a hot topic anyway so I it didn’t really come up in any conversations.”

“Ya, I’m the same way. It’s been a little while since I had a slave but it looks like that will change soon.” Her implication and the way she stared intently into my eyes sent shivers of arousal and fear through me as I finally broke eye contact by looking down.

“When you say salve…you mean sub right?” I peered up meekly, ” I’m not so sure I’m really ready to be a slave…” I knew it was a huge life commitment and wasn’t really sure that was the path I was looking to go down. Sure she was beautiful and pretty much my image of a perfect woman but I enjoyed the other aspects of my life too much to just step into something like that.

“Yes, of course, that’s what I meant to say Tommy…a sub,” slowly and deliberately her hand made its way onto my leg but showed no signs of stopping “You’d like to be my little sub wouldn’t you Tommy?” As she began kneading my crotch with her hand she never broke eye contact.

Nervous someone might see and feeling helplessly aroused I answered quickly. “Yes …I…I think so. Maybe after we talk a bit more I’ll know for sure.” I tried to move her hand but a quick forceful squeeze made it clear that wasn’t happening unless I wanted to get hurt.

She shifted her body a bit closer and with one hand pulled the waist band of my pants and quickly snaked her hand down my pants and grabbed a hold of my cock.

“Wait! What are you doing?!” I was talking in a hushed and nervous voice worried that someone might see us. “Vickie you can’t…”

Before I could say any more she leaned over to whisper in my ear, “I can and have. I have to get a feel for my new cock before I take it home with me,” As the words came from her mouth and her hand held fast my brain had trouble processing what was going on. “Don’t look now Tommy but the waitress is coming over. You wouldn’t want her to find out what a submissive little slut you are would you?” As she gave me another squeeze I knew there was no way to remove her hand without being seen. Quickly pulling my coat over my lap I concealed what was going on just in time.

“Would you like to order sir?” The waitress asked but my brain to mouth connection was delayed at best.

“I don’t think we’ll be ordering,” Vickie quickly stated as she gave me an extra squeeze to ensure I stayed quiet. “Could we have the bill though when you have a moment?”

The waitress said that would be fine and we were once again alone. In my mind I knew I had planned on this just being an introduction but she knew how I felt about being forced, grabbed and I began to realize how easy it was going to be for her to get me to comply.

“Isn’t this so much fun? I’ll bet you can’t wait for me to sit on your face…” She whispered into my ear as she gave my balls a squeeze to show who was in charge.

“How about we continue this conversation at my place Tommy. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

“Yes…I…I guess we could do that. Just to talk though right?” I stammered.

“Good boy. Lets go.” She gave me one more tug for good measure, I left some cash on the table, and followed her out the back door. She’d removed her hand but my head was still swimming and I followed her in a daze. Her body so close and she smelled good my brain still seemed to be in a fog. In the back of my mind I knew I was losing the security of a public place but the voice screaming no had been turned down so low I could barely hear it. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to hear it at that point. Her flowing red hair, gorgeous figure, and the short skirt she was wearing fully captivated my attention and the way she looked back and saw me staring proved she knew she was having the effect on me she had hoped for.

“We’ll take my car and pick yours up later Tommy.” As she opened the door for me I got in the passenger seat of a sleek black sports car. Her windows were tinted so much you couldn’t even see inside. When she closed the door the automatic seatbelt came down. It felt a bit tight but I didn’t think twice about it as she slipped into the drivers seat and locked the doors.

“I just wanted to ask you a few more questions in private Tommy,” head still spinning she wasted no time gaining the upper hand yet again, ” and if you’re still not sure about the arrangement then we’ll part ways so that we can each find what we truly need. Will that work for you Tommy?” Staring deep into my eyes without blinking she sat there waiting for my response.

“Yes,” I managed though barely as I was still a bit overwhelmed from how forward she had been in the bar.

“Good boy Tommy. Now lets get a bit more relaxed so we can talk about some important issues. I’m going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer honestly. I realize we’ve talked about some of these things already but I need to see how you react in person. From now on you will refer to me as Mistress though. Is that understood Tommy?”

“Yes Mistress, I understand.”

“Very good Tommy. Lets begin. So who knows about your desire to be dominated?”

“Only a few people I’ve talked with online Mistress. No one in my immediate circle of friends or anyone close to me.”

“How about your parents or other family Tommy? Are they a part of your life?”

“I have little contact with them Mistress. They don’t live in the state and I only talk to them occasionally.” As the twinkle in her eyes got bigger as did her grin I knew she was hearing what she wanted to.

“And you’re sure you just want to be a sub and not my slave Tommy?” Leaning forward and pressing her breasts together I couldn’t help but stare into her cleavage.

“I…I…” I began to piece words together with great difficulty.

“Shhh don’t worry about that now Tommy, we’ll figure that out shortly. Making your own decisions can be hard sometimes”, an extra squeeze made me remember ” I just have a few more questions for you. First off I need you to close your eyes for a second. Can you do that for me Tommy?”

“Yes Mistress” I said closing my eyes and wondering what she had in mind. Feeling her reach over me she quickly buckled two more belts which I found secured my wrists to the seat. With my chest immobilized both hands secured I realized I was pretty helpless.

“What’s going on here?! Why am I strapped down?”

“So your ego doesn’t get in the way of what you need Tommy. Trust me it’s better for you in the long run. We’re going to head to my place now so just relax.” She quickly unzipped my pants and freed my hard on and began firmly stroking me. There was nothing I could do to stop her but that hardly seemed important any more. When she took her hand away momentarily I my head began to clear a bit but as I saw her removing her hand from under her dress she then began wiping her fingers on my nose and lips and shoved them into my mouth instantly enveloping me with her powerful scent and taste almost causing me to cum right then. Every breath filled with her essence as she returned to stroking me as I could think of nothing but her smell, taste and wanting to cum.

Keeping me in a state of extreme arousal the whole time she drove I had no idea where we were when we pulled into the garage. All I knew was that it felt great and I really didn’t want her to stop. She hopped out of the car and as the blood returned to my brain I started to realize things had gone further than I had originally planned. She was incredibly beautiful and dominant but I knew I wanted something more casual than what she appeared to have in mind and some of her views on control were a little bit frightening.

Vickie had learned early on in life the effect her sight, smell, and taste could have on men and reveled in the control it gave her. In how powerful it made her. She knew if she got a hold of the right man she would be able to satisfy herself and turn him into her little sex slave. Addicted to pleasing her and all the tastes, smells, and sights that made her who she was. She would be his goddess and his drug and he…he would worship her and become so addicted to her that he wouldn’t be able to leave even if he wanted to. She had learned from the last one how important conditioning would be and how to keep him horny all the time so she could get him hooked early on.

She opened my door and reclined my chair all the way back when I felt her slip something constricting around my exposed member.

“Vickie,” I began to protest, “I’m not sure this is what I’m looking…I really wasn’t ready for anything like this yet” part of me wanted this but another part knew I was getting in over my head.

“Oh poor Tommy you’re all out of options. You gave up your ability to choose the moment you got into my car. Well the moment you let me get my hand down your pants actually. Your poor little cock was in desperate need of an owner and I was in the market. Your family doesn’t know you’re here or that you met me. None of your friends know I exist or where you are. No one’s expecting you over the next few days so…I’m just going to have to enslave you mind, body and soul. By the end of the weekend and a bit of reprogramming your only purpose in life will be to serve me.”

“You can’t do that though I won’t…” my words stopped as her hand squeezed my balls painfully tight.

“I know what I can and can’t do. I know what turns you on and by the time I’m done with you, you’ll love being my slave. I taste great Tommy and before long you’ll be begging to taste me on a regular basis. The upside is that you won’t have to pay rent any more since you’ll be living here. Then again that won’t be much of a concern as I’ll be managing our finances from now on.”

“I can’t do this…I won’t let you…”

“Shhh…I know you’re hesitant but we’re about to take care of that. You’ll still have your job and some time for recreation, but I will control and direct all your desires and you certainly won’t be cumming without permission. Trust me…you’ll love it.” Leaning into my ear she began to whisper “You love redheads, you’re obsessed with ass worship and face sitting and you’ve dreamed about being owned. You’ve told me your secrets Tommy and I’m going to use them to make you mine. Plain and simple.” Her grin disappeared shortly thereafter, “Now, tell me the password to your phone…Now!”

“7620” I said as she squeezed tightly again.

“What was that slave?!”

“7620 Mistress!”

“Mmmmm that’s better now you sit tight while I download all your information.We’ll text them later so that they know you’ll be gone for a while.”

“But Mistress…I…I thought this was just an introduction…what if we aren’t really as compatible as we think?” My mind raced at what she might have in store for me.

“It’s true…that was the initial plan but I could plainly see early on that you would be very easy to control, you didn’t have anyone that would come looking for you, and you became very docile and complacent as soon as I grabbed your cock…well it’s my cock now but that’s beside the point…the bottom line is that you were weak and unowned and I’m strong and now you’re mine.” She said it all as if it made perfect sense.

“You just sit tight and I’ll be back in just a moment.” She took a picture of me strapped down half naked with a raging erection. Definitely something that would be more than hard to explain.

She returned in a few minutes and to my surprise she began to loosen the straps.

“Now even though I’m taking these off of you don’t think you actually have a chance to escape,” She said giving me a stern look as she removed the straps. “Not only do I have a timer set for 30 minutes that will send that picture and a pretty explicit message to everyone on your list but that ring around your cock will deliver a vicious shock if you get out of range or I push a button. Do you understand slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” part of me wanted to run but I knew she wasn’t lying. Maybe there would be a chance later if I were smart about it. I could get my phone and and some how make an escape.

“Good boy, now strip.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said and began to remove my clothes. She then secured a ring around my cock which fit very snugly just below the shocking one.. Once I’d finished stripping she hooked a lead onto the ring she already had placed on my cock and led me out of the garage and down the hall. Shortly thereafter we were in her bedroom.

“Now slave for the first little bit we’re going to have to have you wear this straight jacket unless you can prove to me very shortly that you’re going to do exactly as you’re told. Is that understood slave?”

“Yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress! I’ll be good.”

“Mmmmm that’s better slave” she said then grabbed the back of my hair pulling my head back and forcing me to my knees. “Now open your mouth,” leaning down she kissed me deeply shoving her tongue into my mouth aggressively I couldn’t help but be aroused by her forcefullness. “Very nice slave,” with her hands she held my mouth open and then spit into it “don’t forget though that you’re mine and I’ll do whatever vile and twisted thing I desire with you slave is that understood?!” I was in shock at what she had just done but somehow couldn’t convince my body that what she was doing was wrong.

“Yes Mistress,” I said feeling ashamed at my reaction, “thank you Mistress.”

“I want to hear you say it slave tell me you’re worthless and that you’re nothing more than Mistress Vickies fuck toy.”

“I am worthless and nothing more than Mistress Vickies fuck toy.”

“Mmmm…very true slave but I will take care of you. Don’t worry. Your mouth will be put to good use around here. I’ll have you trained in no time.”

When we reached her bed she secured both my hands to padded cuffs and then strapped my feet in. Spread eagle, bound and naked I knew short of screaming for help there was no way I was going to get away. When she leaned over and tied a blindfold around my head I felt even more helpless.

When I felt her hands wrap around my member and begin stroking me my body’s reaction was completely involuntary but instantly I was hard again. I then felt her remove the ring she had on me and replace it with one a bit tighter.

“Mmmmm now we can do a bit of reprogramming without having to worry about you losing your concentration.” I then heard her squirt something and then return to stroking me this time with lube. “Doesn’t this feel good slave? Don’t you like it when I make you feel good slave?”

“Yes Mistress…but,” I was quickly cut off as she squeezed my balls so hard I wanted to cry out in pain.

“Shhhhh…just answer my questions slave and listen. Repeat after me slave ‘Mistress Vickie owns me, I am nothing without Mistress Vickie.'”

“Mistress Vickie owns me, I am nothing without Mistress Vickie.”

“Mmmmm…good boy just keep repeating that phrase to yourself until I tell you to stop,” she said as she continued to stroke me.

She began to time strokes to the words she was saying, “Each time I stroke you, you will become more and more relaxed and will only hear my words and feel my touch. Everything else will melt away. Say it slave ‘Mistress Vickie owns me, I am nothing without Mistress Vickie.'” I felt her put headphones on me and I could make out words occasionally like ‘submit, relax, slave’ repeating again and again. I then felt her put some lube on my nipples as well and she would play with them while stroking me; overloading my senses and increasing my need for her even more.

Again and again I repeated the phrase as she kept me teetering on the brink of orgasm the whole time. Eventually the words felt like they had lost all meaning, that I was on auto pilot. I almost felt like my mind was floating outside my body. I’m not sure how long it went on for but after a while I knew I would do almost anything to cum.

“That’s enough talk for tonight slave and as much as I’d love to cum on your face right now I just need to ensure you realize there’s no way out of this.” Pulling her skirt up I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties as she began straddling me I realized she was facing the wrong way for me to eat her out. Based upon our conversations prior though I could tell she was going to exploit my obsession with ass worship.

“Be a good little slave and give my ass a kiss. That’s right slave each cheek…mummm hummm…OK now wrap your lips around it…yes…and go ahead and slide your tongue in there…yes…mmm…that’s your tongues new home slave. Push it deeper in there and wiggle it around. Oh FUCK that feels good!”

It was as if I didn’t need to think and my tongue and mouth just did whatever she told me to. Licking, sucking, poking, all at her command.

“MMmmm…that’s a good slave…keep wiggling that tongue around,” she bucked thrusting her ass hard into my waiting tongue, “fuuuuuuck! Suck my fucking asshole while you’re tonguing it you little slut!” She yelled at me as I kept sucking and forcing my tongue as deep as I could I started to get so deep I could feel her muscles grab on and start to pull me in. “Just a little deeper slave and you’ll be there,” as I went just a bit deeper I felt my tongue start to hurt from the stretching I was putting it through. Not only that but I could feel even more of her muscles latching on to pull at my tongue and I realized they were not longer just squeezing but were actually actively pulling me deeper. Thinking if I just stopped sucking as hard I would gain a bit of control was short lived as a quick squeeze to my balls and further constriction of her muscles pulled me so deep I wondered if I’d ever be able to get my tongue out.

“What a good boy with your filthy tongue shoved up your Mistress’s ass. I’m going to give you one chance to get away slave. If you’re able to pull your tongue out of my ass and not cum while I play with my new cock I’ll let you go. Otherwise…you’ll be mine until I’m done with you…Do we have a deal?” I did my best to nod my head and mumble yes as most of what I heard was that I would be allowed to cum. I began pulling on my tongue with all my might but it felt like her ass was just pulling me deeper and deeper the rest of her ass pressing over my face as she went from lightly sitting on my tongue to enveloping all I could see taste or smell with her beautiful ass. When she finally did allow my tongue to slide out “tongue my ass slut, that’s where your tongue belongs,” brought my tongue right back to work wiggling it’s way deep inside her.

“Keep going slave, you’re going to wiggle that tongue nice and deep one more time and I’ll cement your slavery by teaching you that the only time you’ll be allowed to cum is when you’re tongues so deep in me that you can’t pull it out unless you want to,” I began to suck and work it back to where she told me knowing the hand providing me pleasure could easily create pain if it desired. When she started to pull me in again and I felt the ring come off my cock I knew I would cum any second. As she pressed her ass down and I found myself unable to breathe I could hear her saying “You’re my ass licking slave and you’ll never escape” again and again. Tongue deep within her ass, unable to breathe, she finally let me cum and the last thing that went through my mind before passing out was “Mistress Vickie owns me, I am nothing without Mistress Vickie.”

To be continued…

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