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Keith’s Surprise

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“Can I give you head?”

My consciousness snapped back to the here and now immediately.

It was about 2 in the morning. I was sitting watching late night television, and my friend Keith, just discharged from the Army after 4 years, was sitting on the couch, looking at some extremely raunchy hard core pictures. All women, sucking dick, their faces, tits, hair, all splattered with cum, some licking it off the cock of the lucky guys they had just sucked off.

My response was just a brief snort. I thought he was joking. Until I saw the look on his face.

“What did you say?” I asked, half with apprehension, half with hope. I had been in love with Keith for years.

He and I had met some years earlier. He was 19, I was 27. He worked the midnight shift at the convenience store around the corner from my house, and we had struck up a friendship, as I stopped each evening to pick up smokes or a coke. He was delicate, very lean, a boyish face, with fine black hair and piercing blue eyes that made me want to melt every time I looked into them. I was absolutely convinced that he was gay.

As for me, I’m a big guy. 6’1″ tall, 275 pounds. I had been “passing” for years. I had married a woman in an attempt to hide the fact that I had, for as long as I could remember, been attracted to men. I stayed in the closet, and denied myself happiness for a lot of years because my family was a bunch of right-wing religious zealots that would have been more than happy to disown me completely if they became aware of my “sin”. It wouldn’t have mattered that I was still virgin to another man, just the thought that I might enjoy sex worth another man would have been enough.

Keith was very much of a free bird. A seriously philosophical soul, he was always ready with some tidbit of wisdom whenever he would see me down, which was happening more and more lately. It had gotten to the point where I was barely able to pretend with my wife anymore. I was genuinely fond of my wife, and hated the fact that I had used her to hide my own inadequacies, but I had little to no sexual interest in her at all. It had become a serious point of contention with us over the past year, and I almost hated going home, as it would usually start again.

A couple months after I met Keith, my wife had decided she had had enough, and filed for divorce. Rather than force her to relocate, I went out and got my own place. Keith had a pickup truck, and offered to help me move my stuff.

After getting everything moved, Keith and I kicked back and rested a bit, sharing a fifth of Jack Daniel’s finest. I got drunker and drunker, and talked and talked and talked, about everything except the fact that I was gay. I poured my heart out to him in my drunken state, and he listened compassionately, knowing that what I needed most was to talk.

I guess I had talked myself out. He came and sat beside me, and with true caring, said “I think you need this.” With that, he put his arms around me and held me tight. “It’s not that I’m gay or anything, but I know how much a hug can help when you’re hurting.”

I was thankful for his compassion (my mind at the same time thinking DAMN) and thanked him. “What are friends for?” he asked.

Eventually he let go, stood up, and said “Christ, I have to piss.” With that, he headed to the restroom and without closing the door, he took his dick out and began to empty his bladder. From where I was sitting, I had a perfect view.

He was MASSIVE!! even in its soft state, it had to be a good seven inches, about 3 inches around, with a huge head. My own modestly sized cock instantly noticed, and began coming to attention. I’d never seen one like it, even with 4 years of high school gym class, and 4 years of college football. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finished. Thankfully, he had not been looking in my direction, hadn’t notice my lustful gaze locked on his magnificent dick. I managed to turn away before he had a chance to notice.

“Well, dude, I’m gonna head home…see you later”.

“You bet, bud. Thanks. For everything.” And off he went.

That night, I beat my own six-incher off several times, cumming in a way I hadn’t in years, all the while wondering what it would be like to take his monster down my throat, and what his cum would taste like.

We saw each other frequently over the next few months, and became very good friends. A year after he helped me move he decided to join the Army, in order to get the GI bill and go to college.

Several years passed. I remained deeply and safely hidden in the closet. Every leave he would come home to visit his mother, and he would always make time to see me. The army life was good to him. He filled out a little, lost some of the boyishness in his face (but not all of it). He looked hotter and hotter every time I saw him. Damn it.

Finally, about 4 years later, he was back home, working at the convenience store, enrolled as a freshman at the University, studying (what else?) philosophy.

He didn’t have a lot of money for expenses. He took a heavy load at school, and the books were dear. He still worked full time, but only got minimum wage. I let him move into my extra bedroom to help him save money. I no longer had any designs on him, having accepted the fact that he was straight, but he was my friend, and it was a pleasure to help him out. I valued his friendship so much that I was willing to allow my love for him to go unrequited, rather than fuck it up by telling him what my feelings for him really were.

And now, here he was, asking point blank if I would allow him to make my dreams come true.

“I said, `would you let me give you head’,” he repeated with emphasis.

“Are you serious??” I asked. As delighted as I was that he had made the request, I was also shocked.

“Yeah,” he said. “Those four years I was away, I saw all those men naked in the barracks, and I used to get unbelievably turned on. I was constantly wondering what it would be like to suck one of them off. Of course, in that situation, I couldn’t.”

“Of course”, I repeated. This was before the days of don’t ask, don’t tell. Even becoming sexually excited at the sight of another man was enough for the witch hunt to begin.

I sat there, totally silent. I could not believe what I was hearing. He was totally in earnest, and asking me as though he was asking me to pass the milk. I had no clue how to react.

But my cock did. It began expanding immediately.

I kept staring at him, expecting him to dissolve before my eyes, as he had in my most erotic dreams as I awoke so many times. But he just sat there, looking at me with those dewy, piercing eyes of his, and suddenly I knew…he wasn’t going anywhere this time.

I slowly got up, never taking my eyes off my beautiful roommate, and walked to my bedroom door. He rose eagerly, and followed me in, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. By the time I got to the side of my bed, he was kicking his pants off, and as he lowered his briefs, his magnificent prick in all its erect glory, popped out and stood, straight and proud. My mouth dropped open as I took in its beauty. Its flaccid appearance was nothing in comparison.

10 inches at least, it throbbed, bouncing visibly up and down in time with his heartbeat. Its large mushroom shaped head was round and red, and glistening with fresh prick lube, indicating his level of excitement. I felt myself licking my lips, my breathing coming shallow and uneven, my knees barely able to support my weight. I had never been so horny in my entire life.

Only wearing my pants, I simply unbuttoned the clasp and allowed them to fall to the floor. My circumcised dick was also fully erect, but it didn’t hold a candle to the massive penis attached to my friend.

“Lay down, ” he finally told me. I did so immediately, sliding myself up and propping my head on a couple pillows so I could watch the sweet act that was about to be committed upon me. I spread my legs as he crawled between them. Then, without ceremony, he stuck out his tongue and began slowly licking the head of my dick, then took it into his mouth.

Heaven! Finally, after 31 years of self-punishment, denying myself for security and acceptance, I had finally made sexual contact with another man. And not just any man, but with a man I had come to love.

His saliva and my precum mixed to create a very slick medium against which my rock hard throbbing cock slid easily inside his silken mouth. As he stroked his lips up and down, his tongue continued swirling around the sensitive glans of my penis, sending enormous waves of pleasure through me. With one hand he began gently rubbing my ball sack, and began caressing my side with the other, slowly rubbing me up and down.

Soon I felt my orgasm beginning to build. From my toes it started to build, as I felt the familiar yet this time different flush pass through my body. It had never been like this before, NEVER. Keith must have sensed it as well, as his strokes became longer and firmer, and his rubbing of me became more pronounced.

Up, up, my impending orgasm came. I fought it off, trying to delay it, wanting to get all the pleasure I could before I peaked. I looked down, and was astounded by the sight of my cock sliding through his sweet lips as he pumped, the look of absolute contentment on his face as he took my manhood deep into his mouth. My hips began to thrust ever so slightly as his head bobbed ever faster and faster. I began to moan softly, my breaths coming in pants.

Then, panic. For a moment, he stopped, removing my ready to burst cock from his mouth. NO, I screamed silently, NOT NOW!! As I again looked down, he was plunging one of his fingers into his mouth, then removed it and quickly replaced it with my throbbing prick, giving it even more urgent attention than he had been.

Only seconds away from blowing my wad now, I felt Keith’s weight shift, and suddenly that finger he had lubed up was probing at my asshole. With a combination of agony and ecstasy, I felt his digit slide into my bottom.

That’s all it took.

With a scream, I exploded, both physically and emotionally. My cock pumped furiously, once, twice, more. Keith took the first 2 shots in his mouth, then pulled back, allowing the rest to spray over his face and chest as my balls continued to empty themselves I don’t know how many times I shot, but I lost track at 7. In my life, I had never gone beyond 4 or 5.

He crawled up next to me, my cum still coating his torso and face, and snuggled up against me. I put my arm around him and pulled him close, and heard him ask, “How was it?”

I looked over at his sweet face, still covered with my hot jism, and still barely able to catch my breath, answered “Wonderful.”

We snuggled together for a moment more, and I asked him, “What it what you expected it to be?”

No,” he answered. “It was much better.” He snuggled in even closer to me, and I could feel his monster rod rubbing up against my thigh. I reached down with my free hand and slowly caressed it, with just a feather touch. I felt his body stiffen up just a moment, and then he relaxed as I wrapped my hand around it and began slowly stroking it from tip to root, using his precum as a lubricant. It was firm and hot and throbbing to my touch, as I stroked, he sighed with contentment.

“So much bigger than mine, ” I murmured as I stroked, still amazed that I finally had this gorgeous hunk of manmeat in my hand. I don’t think I had ever touched anything like it in my entire life. I felt my own comparatively small prick begin to stir again, and again, I was amazed. I had never recovered so quickly from an orgasm.

I gazed again into his pool-like eyes, and there I saw a question…almost a begging…and yet, mixed with it, I saw a deep apprehension. He wanted to ask me to suck him off as well, but wasn’t sure if I was willing, and didn’t know how I would react to being asked. I smiled at him, looked down at my hand wrapped around his cock, and said “Well, I guess it’s my turn now.”

With a quivering in his voice, he looked me in the eye and said, “I didn’t do this just to get you to do me. I was just curious as to whether I would really enjoy it or not. You don’t owe me anything.”

I laughed, and pulled him closer to me. Leaning down, I placed my face just inches from his, and said, “Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited to have you in this position? I don’t get my turn over my dead body.”

I saw the apprehension in his face turn briefly to confusion, and then to realization. He never suspected. Then he brought his face up to mine, and our lips met, for the first time. My lips parted, and I licked his sweet soft lips, to which he immediately responded. His tongue met mine, and we ground our mouths into each other in a long, passionate, sloppy exchange of spit and heat. I finally pulled away, and began kissing my way down his body. I stopped at his round, stiff nipple and flicked my tongue across it. I saw it stiffen even more, the few hairs around it standing at attention. I took it into my mouth and sucked hungrily upon it.

Down I continued, stopping only momentarily at his belly button, sticking my tongue into it, eliciting another little shiver from him. Finally moving the rest of the way down, my goal was only inches from my mouth.

I gazed at Keith’s gorgeous cock for a moment. This was the closest I had ever seen another man’s dick in real life. I marveled at its size, at the well defined veins puffed around its outside. I saw the glistening tip, wet with glistening precum I wanted to memorize every inch of it, for posterity.

Mostly, though, I wanted to taste it.

I wrapped my hand around the base. I have large hands, and I wasn’t even half covering this huge shaft before me. I stroked upward, and was delighted to see another few drops of slippery man lube ooze out of the slit. Finally, agonizingly, I flicked out my tongue and licked the fluid off the head of his dick.

It was delicious!

I began lapping at the head like a puppy, and licked the shaft up and down, coating it with my spit. I licked his ball sack, and took each one briefly into my mouth, swirling it with my tongue. Keith was letting out gaspy little moans, so I assumed I was doing alright, for a first time. I raised myself back up, opened my mouth, and for the first time took another man’s cock into it. It was both soft and hard, both hot and cool. I could feel the blood coursing through it under the tender skin.

I held it in my mouth, and lapped ar the sensitive underside with my tongue. Then I lowered my head, allowing his beautiful prick to slide into my hungry mouth. Ever so slowly, I took him in, wanting to get it all in me before starting back up. I wanted to give him the same awesome pleasure he had given me just minutes before.

I had him about half-way in when I felt the head touch my tonsils. I gagged for just a moment, then pulled out just slightly. Remembering something I had read somewhere, I threw my head back and tried again. And again, I gagged.

Disappointed but not discouraged, the thought crossed my mind that even a very experienced cocksucker would have a hard time getting this monster down their throat, so instead of trying further, I began bobbing my head slowly, sucking my way up the shaft to just below the head, then back down again, licking the tender underside as I went.

Keith’s moans were coming more frequently now, his breathing becoming more shallow and labored. I felt his hands on my head, not pushing, just resting there, curling his fingers around in my hair. His hips started to thrust in time with my sucking, and his cock slid in and out of my mouth faster and faster.

I took one of my fingers and began exploring his sweet, tight asshole with it, wetting it with some of the saliva-precum mixture that had dribbled down his shaft. Slowly, I pushed my finger into his ass. It slid in and out easily, and his body was shuddering with the intensity of the pleasure I was giving him.

With his ever sweeter cock sliding in and out of my mouth, and my finger giving his ass attention, I heard him pull in a long, drawn out breath, and felt his body stiffen up under me. “Oh god,” he moaned. “I’m gonna cummmm….mmmm…MMMM!!!”

His hips made one final thrust, .and locked into place. His hands clenched into my hair, and with a final muffled groan, I felt the first shot of his hot cum fill my mouth. Then another. And then another. I tried to swallow it all, but there was just too much, coming too fast, at too high a volume, and it began flowing out of my mouth. And STILL he kept firing.

Then, from the sheer pleasure of sucking this wonderful member to climax, I reached my second orgasm of the evening. I continued swallowing Keith’s big load, then proceeded to lick up all that had dribbled out of my lips, and felt Keith cleaning up the mess I had just made by licking me clean.

I turned around, giving Keith a soft tender kiss, than took him in my arms and held him tightly. We lay there cuddling for a while, and then I herd Keith say, “How long?”

“Huh?”, I asked

“How long have you been wanting to get me into this position?”

I laughed briefly. “Oh. Only since the first day I met you,” I replied.

“Five years ago.”


“And you never said anything”.

I gave him another soft, brief kiss, then said, “I valued your friendship so much that I didn’t want to risk it by making a move on you”.

He was quiet for a moment, then broke out in a devilish grin. “Well,” he said, “looks like we’ve got a lot of lost time to make up for.”

But that’s another story.

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