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Teacher’s Pet

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Moving and having to transfer during your senior year of high school is quite difficult to do. I had to leave all of my friends behind and start in a new school which would be difficult for anyone but when you are pretty much just an average guy ( not an athlete or anything like that ) you pretty much just blend into the surroundings. I did have one advantage, I was a good student in a private school which made me an excellent public school student. I was getting straight A’s without much effort but unfortunately in high school this makes you more popular with the teachers than with other students. Did I say unfortunately?

In 1984 when I was graduating there were not many scandals involving teachers being fired for sleeping with students, especially women teachers. This is not to say it wasn’t happening as much as it does now, it just means that it was not front page news. In fact, with movies such as My Tutor and Private School, a younger man sleeping with a female teacher was more of a special rite of passage instead of a woman taking advantage of a naive young. boy. This story does not involve an adult and a minor but it does revolve around an older teacher and an 18 year student. That 18 year old student was me and as I look back now, I would trade anyones “bitchin” senior year for that incredible week I spent after school with Mrs. Garrity, my high school English teacher.

Freshman English was not a requirement in my old school but since it was at CHS where I was to graduate from I had to take that class as a senior. I was skating through the year easily in this class and Mrs. Garrity was cool in that she didn’t make me talk to much as she understood I kind of stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the 14 year freshman struggling to diagram sentences and punctuate properly. I worked a full time job in addition to going to school as I wanted to save up money to move back to Ohio as soon as I left high school. This didn’t hamper my school work much but after a particularly long night on Thursday night I convinced my parents I was sick and stayed home to get some much needed sleep time. Unfortunately I had forgotten a big English midterm. (Mrs. Garrity was putting her foot down about some of the freshman’s absence issues on test days so a makeup test was not an option) I was back at school Friday and Mrs. Garrity asked to speak to me after class. I wasn’t terribly concerned as I figured even with a zero on that test I could still pull a C average in the class which is enough to pass. After my last class I headed to see Mrs. Garrity and I walked into her classroom to find my English teacher fighting back tears as she sat at her desk. Little did I know then, what would transpire over the next week would change me and my life forever


“What’s wrong Mrs. Garrity?” was how our conversation started. I sounded sympathetic, which I was. Mrs. Garrity was in her mid thirties, about 7 months pregnant and in the middle of a divorce after her husband slept with a 20 something coworker of his. Mrs. Garrity tried to fight through the tears and start our meeting but she was visibly upset when I finally convinced her to talk to me about it, maybe she would feel better. Once I got her to open up, everything just flowed out as she was away from her family and didn’t have any close friends so she had no one to talk to. She signed the divorce papers last week and she handled that OK but last night she saw her ex with another younger woman at a restaurant and they were very “touchy feely”, something he never was with her. It wasn’t even the woman he cheated on her with, it was someone else, someone “young, pretty and not a fat pregnant whale.” was how she put it. Well, she talked and I listened for about a half an hour or so. I tried to be understanding and reassuring, complimenting her more than once as I tried to restore some of her self confidence. It was not hard to be convincing as Mrs. Garrity was an attractive woman and for me, her being pregnant enhanced her beauty, it didn’t take it away from her. She probably thought I was just being nice at the time but in a few short days she would know I was serious about how amazing I thought she was and I would find out that on that Friday afternoon, Mrs. Garrity started to see me in a whole new light.

I had a note to stop by on Monday to see Mrs. Garrity before my first class, we never got to the reason for our meeting as I had to get to work late Friday afternoon. Mrs. Garrity said she could not change that zero on the test that I missed but she did not want me to miss out on a chance for an A in her class just because she had to be firm on the no makeup test provision she had set down. She said if I agreed to help her after school that week then she would give me enough extra credit to pull my grade up. I didn’t care that much about the grade but as she talked to me about college and scholarships I saw a different Mrs. Garrity standing before me. I am not sure if her self confidence was boosted from our Friday talk or if I was looking at her in a new light but either way, the thought of spending some time with her after school every day seemed like an attractive option. Mrs. Garrity was not just attractive to me now, she was downright sexy so I accepted her offer for extra credit. The thing I didn’t know at the time, I don’t think even she realized it, but she looked at me differently now to. I was no longer one of her students, I was the man who listened to her, comforted her and built her back up in a time of need. I was her friend.

At about 3:00 PM I walked into Mrs. Garrity’s class ready for my assignment. When I walked in, she was at the board erasing notes from her last class. I have not yet described Mrs. Garrity and as I stared at her while I stood in the doorway, now is as good a time as any. Mrs. Garrity stands about 5’3, has short black hair with a wavy style to it which looked incredible on her. She had a very pretty face with a sweet smile. She definitely was pregnant but that made her even sexier to me, her breasts were larger than normal, her belly pouch was perfectly rounded and her ass was getting wider but was still incredible as she wiggled it slightly while erasing the board. She had short but very shapely legs and she had tiny perfect feet, well manicured with fire engine red toe nail polish. She was wearing a purple maternity blouse with some black stretch slacks. She had given lots of notes that day so when she turned around and saw me I couldn’t help but smile as she had chalk dust up and down her blouse and hands.

“Why are you smiling so big mister?” She asked.

“No reason, need help pounding the erasers?” I said with a slight laugh.

She looked down at the chalky mess on her blouse and rolled her eyes at me, “It isn’t easy for a shorty like me to erase the board you know.” I laughed again and she rolled her eyes again, motioning me towards her. “These are the midterm tests from all of my classes, I was hoping you would grade the multiple choice and short answers for me while I graded the essays.”

“Okay, sounds easy enough, but my union rep says I don’t have to erase the chalk board so..” I said smiling hoping for a third adorable eye roll.

” Yeah, yeah make the short pregnant lady do the manual labor. Good thing I look magnificent in white.” she replied with a laugh and yes, there is was, that third adorable eye roll I was hoping for.

The rest of the time was uneventful as I graded papers and tried to steal glances at the lovely Mrs. Garrity but she stayed behind her desk grading away in silence. OK, maybe I was reading to much into the eye rolls and the joking around we did when I arrived. Maybe it meant nothing or maybe Mrs. Garrity was trying just a bit to hard to grade in silence.

Tuesday’s school day came and went fairly quickly. I looked forward to my after school time with Mrs. Garrity but I was starting to come to my senses. Sure we got along pretty well but she was a teacher and I was a student, nothing more. I arrived a little later on Tuesday, she was already behind her desk when I came in. We exchanged smiles and hellos as I headed to a desk a little off to the side of her. I figured I still could enjoy looking at her and this was a better vantage point as she sat behind her desk. Tuesday she was wearing a long purple maternity dress with matching purple nylons and heels. She looked amazing and any chance I could i would steal a glance at those legs which were easier to see at this angle. Everything was going as usual when Mrs. Garrity stood up from her chair and walked across the room. I couldn’t help but stare as her heels were left behind under the desk and her fire engine red toes stood out beautifully against the contrast of her sheer purple nylons. She grabbed her step stool and brought it over by her desk, leaned back in her chair with a few tests on her lap and put her tiny feet up on the stool. I couldn’t believe it, those gorgeous tiny feet were not just up on the stool but up on the stool on the side of the desk I was on which gave me a clear view of her amazingly sexy feet. Surely she didn’t do this on purpose, how could she know how much I love sexy feet. I am sure those heels were just hard on those delicious feet so she wanted to put them up and relax. The question was how would I relax, I had a hard time grading as my eyes wandered to those sweet feet several times. Mrs. Garrity was so focused on her papers she didn’t seem to take notice of my new obsession, time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go. I got up, put the papers I had finished back on her desk when she finally looked up at with a big smile.

“Same time tomorrow Dalton.”

“Yes, Mrs. Garrity, same time.” I replied as I smiled back sheepishly, almost embarrassed of my new obsession.

“Do me a favor, after school I am Carolyn. During school hours its still Mrs. Garrity but after, its Carolyn. OK?” she asked still smiling with a bit of a twinkle in her eye.

“Sure… um… Carolyn, I will see you tomorrow. ”

I turned around to leave and you know that feeling that eyes are staring at you even if you can’t see them. Well, it felt like that as I walked away but surely she was back to grading papers, right?

Wednesday came and it ended up being the day that changed everything for us.Why was that the pivotal day you ask? Well, the thing about an obsession, sometimes you kind of zone out because of it and the thing I didn’t realize until Wednesday was that more than once Carolyn felt my eyes upon her propped up feet, even catching me out of the corner of her eye staring at them once or twice Carolyn realized my new obsession with her feet and she couldn’t believe the way it made her feel. She loved it and on Wednesday she was prepared to explore this new obsession of mine a little bit further.

When I waked into 3rd period Freshman English on Wednesday I have to admit to being a bit disappointed. It isn’t that Carolyn didn’t look cute in her red maternity top and purple stretch pants but when my eyes got to her lovely feet all I could see were the comfortable shoes and socks that she wore that day. No sandals or heels or open toed shoes of any kind and socks? That is now two layers between those sexy little feet and my wandering eyes. It looks like after school won’t be as interesting as yesterday was. Oh well, I can’t blame her for wanting the comfort but damn, I was so looking forward to another after school foot show.

3 PM came around and I was a little slow getting to her classroom. She had already erased the board except for a paragraph near the top I figured was there for class tomorrow morning. She sat behind the desk and exchanged good afternoons with me without even looking up. There was a stack of papers already on my desk for grading so I sat down and got started. I glanced up and saw her step stool beside her desk again, great now I will be tormented as her beautiful feet will be up relaxing and all I will see will be those black comfortable shoes.

It is amazing how many papers you can grade when there is no sexy distraction at the front of the room. I was actually nearing the bottom of the stack about 20 minutes in when I noticed her kind of shifting herself towards her step stool. I didn’t even want to look for fear of her noticing the disappointment on my face but she sighed loudly as she put her feet up and stretched them out in front of me. Wait a minute, I couldn’t believe it, no socks , no shoes; up on the stool were two beautiful bare feet from my pregnant princess. I couldn’t help myself from staring at first, which she noticed with a little smile. “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind but my feet are just killing me today.”

Mind? Me?Are you kidding? There were many things running through my 18 year old brain at that moment but I tried to play it cool. “I don’t mind.” was my response as I tried to control my excitement. Those feet are amazing and I was in the perfect position to see them in all of their glory so I didn’t want to blow it. I could easily glance up at any time and stare at those pretty toes without her even knowing what I was doing which is what I did as the show started. Her feet started out crossed like yesterday, those curvy delicious soles in plain view when she uncrossed them and put her right foot flat on top of her left one, slowly rubbing the top of her left foot. My dick started to grow as I shifted in my seat watching her fire engine red toes rubbing together. I tried to get back into the papers but it seemed every time I looked back after looking away she would be doing something different as next she stretched out with her feet side by side, sort of flexing them, first backwards then pointing her toes directly at me. Next she crossed them again, wiggling her delectable little toes as if she was waving at me with them, and my dick was standing at attention wanting to wave back. She started to shift again as she pulled her feet from the stool and got up from her chair. She turned around and headed to the blackboard which allowed me to stare easily with her back to me. That large round ass was shimmying a bit as she grabbed an eraser to finish off the last paragraph she had left on the board. The blackboard was a bit higher than she could reach flat footed so she stood on her tippy toes, erasing away as I lusted after the wrinkled soles of her feet in my view as her bare heel was well off the ground. She looked so amazing in this position but she was nearly finished erasing when the eraser slipped out of her left hand dropping directly on top of her left foot. A puff of chalk came up from the eraser which left a chalk mark on her pretty foot.

“I am all thumbs today” she said with a laugh. She didn’t wipe it off, she just headed back to her seat as I followed that chalk mark on her foot all the way back to under her desk when she asked, “Are you finished?”

I snapped back to reality as she asked that, wondering if she meant my staring at her feet. What she was actually referring to was my paper grading as the last paper was in my hands. I panicked a bit, feeling as if I was caught red handed staring at her so I nervously said, “Yes, I am finished.”

What the hell was I thinking? If I am finished I probably will be told to leave so I tried to say something else but before I could she said “OK then, same time tomorrow?”

“Yes Mrs. Garrity, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said with a hint of disappointment in my voice. I stood up and slowly walked towards the door when I heard.

“Dalton.” I turned around in my tracks, hopeful for another assignment, anything so I could get another glance at those cute little piggies of hers. “Its Carolyn after school, remember.” I nodded my head as she smiled sweetly at me. I turned again and walked out. I can’t believe I was out the door. Those beautiful bare feet on full display and I cut it short.

“Idiot,idiot,idiot..” was all I could say to myself as I headed to my car, wondering if I would ever see those tiny bare feet ever again.

Thursday came and I was extremely anxious going into 3rd period English. She was standing behind her desk so all I could see was that she appeared to have a black dress on. That was an encouraging sign until she stepped from behind the desk and revealed a long black dress with buttons all the way down the front, no cleavage, nylons and closed toe heels. This was by far the most conservatively she had dressed all week. She either knew I was fixated on her and wanted to end the show or she had no idea at all and it was just bad luck as she was so covered up. Either way it appeared my after school fun was over before it ever really got started.

I again was slow getting to her classroom as I walked in with the board completely bare and her seated behind the desk working. She barely looked up as we exchanged our “good afternoons”. I sat down at my seat with only a few papers in front of me and quickly noticed her step stool was in the corner, put away for the evening so any thought I had to at least see nylon covered feet was put to rest very quickly. I started on the papers and finished quickly as there was only a few.

“Where are the rest of the papers to grade?” I asked.

Carolyn started looking through the stacks on her desk, fumbling through them before saying.”Wow, I guess we got them all. You have been a real big help Dalton, I guess that will do it.”

“There are still today and Friday left this week, I want to make sure I earn that extra credit.” I responded.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “You help me greatly so the extra credit is in the bag.

I decided I wasn’t going to go without a fight today so I asked, “Are you sure there isn’t anything else I can help you with? I will do anything.” I waited for an answer with that offer of doing anything still intact but she seemed focused on what she was doing so I started to get up from my desk.

“No, I can’t think of anything….. unless you are interested in giving an old fat pregnant woman a foot massage.” she said with a little laugh.

Was she serious or was that just a joke. I wasn’t sure but ever since I first saw those sexy bare feet I have been thinking with my dick so I replied the only way my dick would let me, ” I don’t see any old fat women here but if the lovely mother to be sitting at her desk needed a little pampering I would be happy to oblige.”

Those words kind of stayed out there for a minute as she seemed to be forming an answer in her head, was she considering it? ” Really Dalton? because my feet are really sore so teasing me about this could be viewed as cruel and unusual punishment.”

Now was the time, that little opening was all I was probably going to get so if I was going to seize the day I had to be aggressive. I walked towards her step stool in the corner and grabbed it, then headed back towards her desk and sat down beside her. I patted my knee twice and replied, “Lucky for you I am a foot massage expert. Give me those aching feet.”

She looked up from her papers and gave me a sheepish grin, hesitated but then turned towards me, slid her chair out from her desk and faced me. My eyes lit up once again as she lifted her right foot onto my knees. The nylons and the shoes were already off and I now had her beautiful right foot resting in my lap. I was in heaven as I softly took her foot in between my hands and gingerly started to rub her instep and heel as she leaned back in her chair and smiled.

I was a little nervous as even though I had done this 1000 times in my head, I had not ever given a foot massage before. I decided to go by feel and just enjoy myself. I started by rubbing her silky smooth sole with both hands, alternating from her curvy instep to her soft heel. She kind of moaned as she leaned back in her chair so I continued up her foot and started massaging her toes, giving each one my undivided attention as her moans continued. I had been massaging her foot for several minutes when she nudged me with her left foot. “This one is getting jealous.” I set the right foot on my left thigh and started in on her left sole, this one was just as smooth, just as perfect. I noticed she had yet to move her right foot from my leg, in fact she was softly rubbing it along my inner thigh. My cock was now as hard as a rock and I had made the decision, if she started in on my cock I would make my move. I continued on each delectable toe of her left foot when Carolyn decided the next move would be hers.

Carolyn’s right foot lifted off my thigh and while she stared deep into my eyes she raised it to my face and softly tweaked my nose between her big toe and its neighbor toe saying, ” You weren’t kidding when you said expert. I am not sure this could get much better.”

“That sounds like a challenge.” I replied and as her right foot went back to my lap I lifted the left to my lips and started to guide my tongue over every curve of her sexy foot. She moaned loudly in approval and I slowly licked every inch of her sole before moving up and taking her big toe entirely in my mouth. I softly kissed and sucked each of her sweet little toes, and then licked in between each toe as well. I followed suit on her right foot and this time she lowered her left foot directly on my crotch, rubbing my cock through my pants. I licked every inch of those sweet soles and started on each toe, savoring the taste of my beautiful teacher’s curvy feet.

Carolyn continued working my cock with her talented toes.”It looks like someone is enjoying this as much as I am.” Carolyn said between soft moans of pleasure.

“I don’t think I have ever tasted anything as sweet and delicious as your toes.” I responded still guiding my tongue all around her toes.

“That sounds like a challenge for me this time.” Carolyn said as she reluctantly pulled both of her feet from my lap and swung them around onto the floor beside me. My mind raced at where this was headed when she told me, “Make sure that door is locked sweetie.”

I made a beeline to the door (even though we both knew it was locked) and checked it before turning back around. I was in absolute awe as she undid the last button on her dress and let it slide off onto the ground. I walked towards her as she undid her bra and then stepped out of her panties, all the while staring at me with a seductive smile on her face. “My God, you are so beautiful Carolyn.” I stammered, stopping about 3 feet in front of her just to garner another long gaze at her gorgeous naked body.

Carolyn slowly lowered herself to the carpeted floor, using her dress as a cushion when she leaned against the desk, Carolyn spread her legs far apart and I knew what treat I had in store for me now. I dropped to my knees on the floor, kissed up each of her soft, shapely legs before settling in between her cream colored thighs. I licked all around this inner thigh paradise before burying my tongue in her wet pussy. Carolyn was breathing heavily and moaned even louder as I continued to feast on her tasty muff. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet juices but after a couple of body quivering, toe curling orgasms her clit was extra sensitive and she grabbed my hair begging me to take a break. I reluctantly pulled away licking my lips and savoring the taste of her sweet pussy while I soaked in her beautiful naked body with my eyes.

“Wow, great for the pussy baby but tough on the back. ” Carolyn said still sitting on the floor. I got up quickly and helped her into her chair then knelt beside her.

“You are absolutely amazing Carolyn.” I said, still admiring her naked figure while she tried to catch her breath from the activities on the floor.

“You are so sweet, considering……” Carolyn started to reply before I cut her off.

“Stop it, no more putting yourself down. You are the sexiest woman I have ever met period, end of story. ”

“Not to mention the most talented.” She said smiling at me.

“Talented is right.” I responded.

“and you haven’t seen anything yet sweetheart,” she said back . “Take off your clothes, and I will show you what skill really is. ”

I was out of my clothes in just a few seconds as she got up and offered me the chair. I declined at first but she insisted as quickly figured out what she had in mind. She folded her dress twice before placing it at my feet so she could kneel down in front of me. My cock was still hard as a steel rod and she guided open my legs then slowly took my cock into her mouth. She hungrily sucked my cock , bobbing up and down in my lap before slowly pulling her mouth from my soon to be exploding dick. I figured she was trying to avoid the cum shot but then she made her way a bit lower, sucking on one ball sack and then the other. She nibbled on my balls, licked up my shaft and all around the rim before again engulfing my cock with her sweet red lips.

“You might want to…uh…get up, I mean stop… I am getting ready to explode.” I stammered as she sucked on my dick with even more veracity. ” I am going to cum, Carolyn, I can’t hold out much longer…ohhhh….I am gonna cum.”

She pulled her lips from my throbbing dick long enough to say “I certainly hope so sweetheart, or I am doing it wrong.” She then went back to the task at hand, sucking me into oblivion when at last, I released. I shot the first load in her mouth, then the second followed by a third. By the forth shot of my warm spunk she pulled up to the tip of my dick and some of my cum overflowed down her lips to her chin. I continued to shoot out cum like a volcano, soaking my cock, my pubic hair and even my thigh. She swallowed what she had in her mouth, then as if she was starving for my juices, she lapped up all the cum I had shot. The puddle on my thigh, my soaked pubic hair and balls and even the few drops that dripped onto the chair. I again was in awe at how sexy my English teacher was. She was the perfect woman, a sweet and sexy cum swallowing sex goddess and at that very moment she was my sweet and sexy cum swallowing sex goddess.

I finally got all my wits about me after such a mind blowing experience and stood up, taking her hand and led her to her chair. I asked if she was ok and she smiled wide. “I have never been this OK in my life Dalton sweetie.”

“Me too Carolyn, you are absolutely perfect.” I replied as I handed her the dress to wrap around her before kneeling next to her, my head resting on her bare leg.

We sat there for about 20 minutes, her stroking my hair while I played with her sexy bare foot. We talked about our lives; her and her ex, the plans for the baby and my tough times in school due to moving across the country right before my senior year. I had never felt this close to someone, this intimate. It was the greatest afternoon of my life.

“We better get going, we have been here awhile my sweet man.” Carolyn whispered to me.

“I know, it is just hard to leave, I mean this has been the best day of my life.” I replied.

“You are a sweetheart.” she said as she stroked my face, ” but the best day of your life?

“Are you kidding, everything about it has been perfect. You are amazing.” I said with conviction.

“It has been great my dear Dalton but I must admit I do have one regret.” Carolyn said in a seemingly serious tone.

“Regret? I know all of the obstacles but I hate that you have regret.” I said as I looked into eyes with a serious look on my face.

“Obstacles?” she asked.

“Yeah, you know the age difference, teacher and student, the baby.” I answered.

“No sweetie, those aren’t obstacles or regrets.” She said with a devilish smile on her face. “Those things will work themselves out, I am talking about a real honest to goodness regret despite how wonderful this has been so far.”

“Are you not going to tell me what it is?” I asked.

“I could tell you or maybe you can help me make sure that regret is gone.” she offered back with an even bigger mischievous grin .

I have to admit, I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about and she was having a ball teasing me about it. “You know I will help in any way I can. I want no regrets from either of us.”

“As a matter of fact, I kind of thought this may have been a regret of yours as well.” She teased, her smile getting bigger as the puzzled look grew on my face.

“Come on, tell me what it is we regret, maybe I can help.”

Carolyn turned towards me in her chair and planted her tiny foot in my chest and push me back a little. She started playing with my chest hair with her toes before saying, “I am not sure you are up to it.”

Finally getting a bit of a clue, I smiled saying,”You know I am up for anything.”

“Lets see, maybe if I help you then you can help me.” Carolyn whispered seductively, dropping her one foot to my cock, which was starting to grow again as her other foot slid onto it as well. My gorgeous teacher than cupped her silky soft feet around my dick and stroked it slowly, rubbing her feet on my balls and cock until I was rock hard once again. “That’s my sweetie, I knew you had it in you to help me out.” I moaned a little as she moved that pretty little foot to my chest again and guided me to my back on the carpet.”You see, my only regret my handsome prince…” Carolyn explained as she stood up, dropped her dress on the chair and straddled my naked body “… that I didn’t get to feel you inside of me.”

“We wouldn’t want any regrets at all, now would we?” I replied with anticipation.

The school turns down the A.C at night and the room was getting hotter and stickier which only added to the heat between us. Carolyn slowly lowered herself onto me, grabbing my throbbing dick with her hand and guiding it into her moist pussy. The feeling of pure ecstasy as her sweet pussy lips engulfed my cock was overwhelming and by the look on her face, it was overwhelming to us both. She started to ease back and forth a bit, slowly up and down as we started off slowly. She looked beautiful, bobbing up and down on top of me, her nipples were as hard as my cock on her huge round tits, sweat forming between them, The sweat then would trickle down to her protruding belly which rubbed in my pubic hair as she started to ride me a little harder. I grabbed her hips with my hands, helping to steady her as she was getting wilder and wilder, driving me deeper and deeper inside of her soaking wet pussy. We were both moaning loudly now as Carolyn was fucking me so hard, her feet curled up under my legs and clamped onto them in order to drive my rod even deeper inside her. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I wanted to cum inside her so much as she felt so good mounted on my cock, bouncing up and down, her tits bouncing, her belly slapping my pubic hair, her sweat dripping on me and her feet digging into my leg. I couldn’t believe I had another load in me but did I ever. I shot my cum deep inside her and she let out a half scream as she came at the same time, feeling my throbbing dick explode in her pussy.

We were both out of breath, sweating and absolutely spent so I helped guide her softly to the floor as she laid on her side with me wrapping my arms around her from behind. We just stayed there for about 5 minutes but what perfect minutes they were as her hands held mine, guiding me as I tenderly rubbed her stomach in an act of intimacy neither of us planned on even as our lust overwhelmed us earlier that afternoon. We didn’t say much as we slowly collected ourselves and got dressed. Before leaving the school, we shared one last hug followed by the tenderest most intense kiss of my life.

I watched her drive off standing by the side of the building so no one would see us leaving together. As I drove home, I had visions of our romantic get togethers on the weekends until the end of the school year followed by an open relationship after my graduation. I had it all planned out in my head but as I look back now, I think I knew in my heart those were just fantasies. The reason she said the obstacles would take care of themselves was that she already had resigned from school effective at the end of the school day. I would like to say I understood why she left to go live with her sister; she would have help raising the baby, she would be away from her ex and she wouldn’t be tempted to let me get even closer and be put in a situation a 18 year old wasn’t equipped to handle. I was high school kid though, so the next few months were hell as I tried to understand why this woman I “loved” would leave me with no explanation. I did get over it of course, once college started, but she would never be completely forgotten as she influenced the way I looked at and treated women the rest of my life. She was my first love, my first fuck, my first many things and the only thing I regretted at the time was that I would never see her again to thank her for all she had done for me. Thankfully though, I did see her again about 27 years later and she still looked amazing and…..well, that’s another wild wonderful story all together.

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