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The Waiting Game

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“You’re on your way home, Sir? Now?”

“I am.”

Hal bit his bottom lip. Shoot, shoot, shoot. He hadn’t planned anything for dinner. “How long until you get here?”

Mac drove one-handed down their street, other hand holding his cell. “Actually, I’m about to pull in the drive.”

Hal ran a hand through his hair, mind whirling. A sudden flash of lights in the driveway caught his attention and he glanced out the dining room window. Sure enough, there sat Mac’s car.

Well, there went defrosting anything. And oh God, he was dressed! He was not supposed to be dressed when they were at home, and Mac just pulled up and there was nothing ready for dinner and just…

“Shit.” Hal winced. “Aw, man. Sir, I didn’t mean to say that, it’s just—”

“I know you didn’t, boy. You’ve done very well cleaning up your language, but that’s still one.”

Hal bit his lip again. That was one strike with the leather belt, and Mac wasn’t even in the door yet. He was tempted to argue that Sir had surprised him arriving home early, thus the cuss word had slipped out. Since he was surprised, he really hadn’t earned that demerit. He also knew arguing would only earn him another one, so he kept his mouth shut.

“Sir, I-I didn’t cook dinner.” He hadn’t seen the need when it was just him. “I thought… But yesterday you weren’t coming come until… Oh, God, I’m dressed too and—”

“Calm down, Hal. I know you weren’t expecting me. Things wrapped up early and I wanted to surprise you. Don’t worry about not having dinner ready for me or about being dressed. I wasn’t home so you don’t have to be nude. You’re not going to be punished, so stop biting that lip. ”

Hal immediately stopped. “How did you know I—”

Mac laughed softly. “Because, boy, you always do that when you’re nervous.”

“Damn, I do?” Hal’s eyes widened.

“Yes, so stop. If I want your lips sore and puffy, I’ll make them that way. And Hal?”

That sounded like fun. Maybe Mac would let him suck him off first. There was nothing he liked more than giving his Sir head. “Y-yes?”

Mac sighed. “That’s two. Language, Hal.”

Hal’s mouth fell open. Not another one! Why was he suddenly having trouble controlling his tongue? “Crap. Jeez, I didn’t mean… Arrrgh!”

“Boy, you really need to calm down. You know how you’re supposed to behave. Now, take a breath and get yourself under control. Stop and think before you act.”

Hal took a deep breath. His Sir was right. He needed to get a hold of himself. “Yes, Sir. I’m trying. I’m also sorry about dinner.”

“Don’t worry about it. Not having dinner ready isn’t the end of the world, especially when you weren’t expecting me home. Besides, we can eat out or order in… later.”

Hal’s stomach tightened. “Later?”

“Yes, later.” Mac turned off the vehicle and opened the driver’s door. “Do you remember what we talked about? What I said I wanted as my coming home gift?”

Hal blushed down to his knees. Oh yes, he did indeed. “Yes, Sir.”

“You have thirty minutes.” Mac hung up and walked to the back patio.

Hal shut his cell and hurried upstairs to accomplish the tasks they’d talked about last night. The first thing he did was take note of the time. Mac had given him thirty minutes, which meant he didn’t have time to mess around.

He turned the table lamp on low, then unmade the bed. As he smoothed the white satin sheet back, his eyes fell on his wrists. A slight smile crossed his face as he stared. His two-inch wide cuffs were black Latigo leather embossed with thorns. The steel O-rings were etched with an ivy motif. He touched the matching collar around his neck and shivered.

Both the collar and the cuff were handmade and beautifully detailed. Mac had designed them especially for him. No one else would ever have a pair exactly like what his Sir had made for him. Mac had given them to him on his twenty-fifth birthday. In the five years since, Hal wore them proudly, wanting everyone to know he belonged to Mac.

He stripped, folded his clothes, and left them on the chair in their bedroom. Opening the toy chest, he moved things around until he found the black leather blindfold. This one had an elastic band. He slipped it around his neck, for now. Next, he grabbed the black ball gag Mac had mentioned, and then hunted for the vibrating plug he was supposed to use.

He set it on low, lubed it up, and eased it into his ass. He grunted as the widest part stretched his ring before sliding inside. He should’ve taken the time to loosen his hole, but time wasn’t something he had much of at present.

He really didn’t want to start the night off with a spanking because he hadn’t obeyed orders. Playful spanking was one thing—punishment spanking was quite another. The bright flare of pain passed finally and he moved on to the next thing on his ‘to do’ list. He picked up the cock ring and slid it on his dick.

“Oh, shit.” Hal closed his eyes and fought the urge to come. Good thing he was alone or that would be number three.

Just the thought of what tonight would bring had his balls churning. Once he had his body under control, he opened his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he picked up the nipple chain. The ends were rubber tipped, and a chain ran from one clamp to the other. Hand shaking, he squeezed his left nipple and attached the clamp. His breath, hissing out as pleasurable pain, shot straight to his cock. He clenched his teeth as pleasure finally battled back pain. Fuck, that hurt so good.

He loved having his nipples played with until they were puffy and sore… until he screamed. A shudder shook his frame and he quickly clamped his other nub. Now was not the time to get lost in his head. But Jesus, they ached… throbbed, begging for attention. Unable to help himself, Hal flicked the chain. The sweet bit of pain raced through him. He cried out as the sharp little tingles settled in his cock.

Oh, God.

Taking a deep breath, he fought his trembling body. Want, need, desire, pain… all tangled in his head. He needed so badly. A soft whimper escaped, the tiny sound inflaming him more. The urge to stroke his cock was a living thing. Need pressed against him, a sensual flame that licked across his skin, tempting him.

“No,” he whispered. The sound of his voice steadied him, brought his rampaging desire under control. This was a gift and he refused to allow his body to spin out of control.

That was his Sir’s job. Mac would enjoy seeing his nubs clamped, waiting to be tortured. The chain from his clamped nipples swung as he moved. Hal swallowed a moan, his cock jerking against his belly, the head damp with excitement. His breath caught and he froze, need threatening to swamp him. When it finally passed, he slumped. He fervently hoped Mac was in a generous mood, or there was a good chance he’d come without permission tonight. He needed that badly.

He checked the time again. He didn’t have long. He focused on the headboard. It had three posts while the footboard only had two, but they all had O-rings. Hal tied two short ropes to the middle ring, leaving both on the bed. He’d need those shortly. The frame had more O-rings along the sides. He picked up the rope they kept under the bed, his hands trembling harder. They always left the rope threaded through the rings. It was the perfect set-up to tie his legs open.

He slowly positioned himself on the bed. Hal sat with his knees pointing up to the ceiling and tied the rope around one knee. He finished the knots holding him hostage and tested the give. There wasn’t much. Perfect. He secured his other leg. There would be no closing his legs now, no matter how much he struggled. His cock throbbed harder at the thought.


Panting slightly, he reached over to the night table where the gag set. Hal stared at it, then slipped the ball into his mouth and buckled it around his head. The firm, black ball rested on his tongue—his ability to speak taken from him.

Spikes of pleasure flowed from his head to his toes, and he still wasn’t done with all he needed to do. His cock throbbed, drops of precome rolling down a shaft that was an angry red. He knew better than to touch. His cock was no longer his; it belonged to his Sir. But he wanted.

Hal lay back on the bed. If he touched himself he knew he’d come, and that was not how he wanted the evening to end. He pulled the blindfold that rested around his neck over his eyes. Darkness surrounded him. His excited whimpers sounded against the gag, fighting for release. His dick screamed with need.

Fear and pleasure crashed through him, sending him into overdrive. He lay there, struggling to calm his body. When he could breathe without sobbing out his need, he reached blindly above his head for the rope tied to the center post. Carefully, he tied it to one cuff.

Now, for the other cuff. This was the tricky part, since he couldn’t see.

He felt around at the top of the bed for the other rope, taking his time until his fingers brushed across it. Okay, he found it, now to tie the rope to his other cuff. There was only one thing left to do. Could he do it? Could he purposely bind himself—make himself helpless. Wait until his Sir came inside and released him? Heart pounding, he fumbled around until he managed to tied the rope to the other cuff.

Once again he whimpered against the gag, fear battling to overcome excitement. He’d done it! And oh God, he was tied open, helpless, clamped, gagged, blindfolded, and plugged. The cock ring tightened even more. He might be afraid, but his cock was hard as a brick. The low-level buzzing from the plug buried deep within his ass had precome leaking from his dick.

Now… he waited.

* * * *

Mac relaxed on the back patio, checking his watch. There were still ten minutes to go. He rubbed his hand over his stiff cock, imagining what was taking place upstairs. He tried to focus on the gentle waves and soft light from the in-ground pool in front of him, but couldn’t.

He grinned. The day before he left, he had chained Hal to the handrail in the shallow end of the pool and teased him unmercifully for several hours before fucking him. That end of the pool was shaded, so he hadn’t had to worry about Hal’s fair skin burning.

He checked his watch once more. Thirty minutes had finally passed. Standing, he strode across the flagstone patio, unlocked the backdoor, and entered the kitchen. After five days at a work-related conference, they were both ready for him to get home. And he’d told Hal, his submissive, just what exactly he wanted to come home to.

Of course, if Hal ever tied himself up like this without him there to protect him, Mac would beat his ass until he couldn’t sit for a week. Which was why he sat on the back porch while Hal got ready. Never would he let his sub take such a risk. Anything could happen—while tied, Hal was helpless.

Mac looked up the stairs, his grin decidedly wicked. His sub was up there… bound and waiting. Mac let himself inside and slowly climbed the steps leading to the bedroom. Silently, he stood in the door. Nothing got his blood pumping like seeing Hal restrained.

He stopped near the bed and cleared his throat. He knew Hal heard him enter the room from the way his body tensed, but he wanted to make sure. He hadn’t taken Hal’s ability to hear during their scenes, at least not yet. Hal was still new enough to the lifestyle he tended to panic if he couldn’t relate to his environment in some way.

Mac trailed his finger up Hal’s cock. “Excellent job, my sweet sub. I’m very proud of you.”

Hal’s body twitched in pleasure from Mac’s words, a bead of precome leaking from his cock. A muffled groan worked its way from under the gag in Hal’s mouth.

“Excited, aren’t you?” Mac rubbed the bead of precome around the top of Hal’s cock, watching it jump from his light touch. “Five days is a long time, I know. I’ve missed you too. I ache to feel you twitching around my dick as I fill you. Hand jobs just aren’t the same.”

Hal’s hands fisted in the cuffs.

Mac licked the precome off his fingers, making enough noise Hal could hear him, and sat on the bed between Hal’s spread legs. “The plug was a little big, wasn’t it? Did it burn as you inserted it? Bet it did, since I didn’t give you much time to prepare. But that burn faded, yes? To be replaced with another kind of burn… a burning need for the real thing.”

Mac admired the view of the plug nestled in Hal’s ass. He tapped the plug gently, slowly fucking Hal with it. His sub’s toes curled into the bedding and the muscles in his legs tightened as more precome slid down Hal’s dick.

“Oh yes, very excited. I wonder if you’ll be able to wait for permission to come? Will I have to spank that gorgeous ass of yours tonight? I do so love to see your skin redden under my hand.” Mac bent and licked the length of Hal’s dick.

A sharp whine sounded from the man tied to the bed.

“Or, maybe I should use the paddle. After all, if you come without permission that is breaking a rule.”

Mac closed his mouth over Hal’s dick, taking him to the root. His nose brushed against Hal’s hairless groin. Frantic sounds broke from around the gag in Hal’s mouth, and after several minutes, Mac lifted his head, removing the source of torment.

“It wouldn’t take much for you to lose control, would it, my desperate little sub?”

Mac tweaked the clamped nipples. Truth be known, he was as needy as Hal. Five fucking days—God, that was too long, and he needed Hal as much as Hal needed him. Mac brushed his lips across the inside of Hal’s knee. The soft skin roughened with chill bumps. Hal was normally very sensitive, but tonight, he was too sensitive.

Mac rested his head against Hal’s knee. “I think we’re both too close to losing control. We need to take the edge off, boy, or this night isn’t going to be much fun for either of us.” He felt the tension drain out of Hal.

“I’m going to jack you off. You may come when you need.” He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out of his underwear. He saw Hal jerk at the sound of his zipper going down. “That’s right, I’m jacking off too. I’ll last a long time when I’m fucking you.”

Mac reached for the lube Hal had left on the night table.

Hal moaned.

Mac stoked Hal while jacking his own shaft, working them towards orgasm. The grunts coming from Hal told Mac it wouldn’t be long. Seeing his sub twist on the bed, hips thrusting, was enough to make his balls tighten, a familiar churning in his gut warning him.

“I’m close, boy. Want you to… Want you to… Shit! Come with me… now.”

A sharp scream pushed through the gag in Hal’s mouth as his seed covered Mac’s hand. Mac followed shortly, making sure to come on Hal’s groin. The fact it hadn’t taken long for both of them to come told him he’d done the right thing. Now they could enjoy the slow build-up of their night together.

Mac patted Hal on the leg as he stood. As he did, he glanced down. Hal lay on the bed, the rapid rise and fall of his chest slowing as he basked in the afterglow. This was much better. Now the tension could come from what he did to Hal, not Hal fighting his own body.

“Yes, much better now. Think we need to give those tender nipples a break before we start again, Hal.”

That was the only warning Hal received before Mac removed the clamps and rubbed the susceptible little nubs. Hal arched on the bed and cried out against the gag.

“Easy. I know it hurts. It’ll stop in a second.”

From having his own nipples clamped, Mac knew that little ripples of pleasurable pain arrowed straight to Hal’s dick… a dick still soft, but interested. Mac slipped the cock ring off and went to the bathroom for a towel. Once he cleaned Hal, he tossed the towel in the laundry basket, and switched on the TV.

“Thirty minutes to recuperate, then we start again. Is the plug still vibrating?”

Hal nodded his head.

Mac grinned. “Good.”

* * * *

Hal lay on the bed, pleasure ruling his body. Wave after wave washed through him as the ropes held him close. When Mac first bound him, he’d been worried he’d feel restricted—and the ropes did do that—but they also brought about a feeling of security. He could let go and trust Mac to take care of him, trust the ropes to hold him. As they experimented, Hal found he didn’t care much for the S & M side of BDSM. Some pain was okay, and he even enjoyed it. Most times he could use the pleasure to get past the pain. Hardcore scenes with extreme pain… yeah, those were not his thing. He was no masochist.

“Time to start.”

Hal shivered on the bed as Mac replaced the nipple clamps and cock ring. As soon as Mac spoke, Hal’s cock hardened completely. Cocking his head, he listened to Mac moving around the room, but couldn’t see, thanks to the blindfold. What was Mac doing?

The whistle of something cutting through the air warned what was coming. A sharp sting on the inside of his thighs spread quickly. He swallowed. The pain was by no means bad, more startling. There was edge, a bite to it, a warning of what could come next. It headed straight for his cock, but the sting felt different. His mind scrambled. What was Mac wielding? A flogger? No, that couldn’t be right. It didn’t feel like a flogger.

Without sight, he couldn’t figure out what Mac used. It also didn’t feel like a crop. Several more hits landed, one to his stomach, another on his pec. Then three quick hits right above his groin. A rush of burning pleasure spread through his lower body. Jesus, that was close to his pride and joy.

What was Mac using? Another hit landed and… Wait. Okay, that felt like plastic. What did they own that felt like…? Hal moaned softly as a light bulb went off in his mind. Oh, God, yes, knew exactly what Mac held. He had felt that before. Mac had swatted his leg last week at the pool… with a flyswatter. He’d reacted to the hit by getting hard.

The pain wasn’t bad, but it was sharp and swift. And of course Mac had commented on his reaction. He’d even gone on to say he had a flyswatter he used strictly for play. Hal’s cock jumped against his belly as nervousness and excitement flowed through him. Hal grunted as the muscles in his legs tightened for the next hit.

“Figured out what that was, boy?”

Several more blows rained down—some were on the inside of his thighs, but a few hits were on the outside of his legs, his calves. Hal twisted in the ropes, moaning wantonly. Bits of pain mixed with the pleasure. He needed… Oh, oh, yes! His body arched as another hit landed. The sweet sting circulated through him, heightening his need, before focusing on his aching cock.

“You like that, don’t you?”

Hal quickly nodded his head. He knew to respond when asked a direct question, even if all he could do was bob his head.

“Love how your skin reddens for me.” Mac bent down and kissed a mark. “How hard your cock is. You make me proud, boy. So sexy in your submission.”

Hal’s hips thrust, his cock weeping his desire on his belly. Frantic for relief, fighting for something and desperately fucking the air, Hal whined. He needed, oh God, he needed.

Mac stroked Hal’s cock. “Beautiful, just beautiful. So flushed and hard for me… wanting.”

Hal whimpered into the gag, and finally his body went limp against the restraints. Fighting for what he wanted wasn’t going to work. Only when he completely submitted would he be allowed to come—although begging for what he needed never hurt. Sir liked to hear him plead.

Mac stripped off his clothes. He knew that sound—Hal had finally stopped fighting him for control. He eased the plug out and gently blew against Hal’s hole, watching as it twitched, begging to be filled with him, not plastic. He spread the lube on himself and added a bit more to Hal. There wouldn’t be pain involved… unless he wanted there to be.

Mac pulled off the blindfold, and Hal blinked several times before focusing. Quickly, Mac released the gag and the ropes holding Hal’s legs. He did not, however, undo the rope holding Hal’s wrists hostage. Mac positioned himself between Hal’s legs, bent over him, and kissed his lover. Their tongues dueled, lashing together, enforcing the bond between them.

“I love you, Hal. You are mine—my one and only. My heart. Let me see your pleasure, hear it from your lips. Give it all to me.” And with that he hooked Hal’s legs over his arms and slammed inside.

“Oh! Oh…” Hal threw his head back and yelled. “Yes, yes, fuck me, Sir!” Hal tightened his legs around Mac’s hips, pulling Mac closer, urging him in farther. “Oh, fuck. Yes, right here. Harder, please!”

Mac rode Hal hard, hips snapping as he pounded his lover, their eyes locked on one another. Moans, and startled screams, filled the air as Mac made love to the other half of his soul.

“Can I… Aw God, c-c-c-can I come?” Hal gasped, his voice shaking as Mac repeatedly thrust inside. “Please, Sir.”

“Say… my… name,” Mac growled above Hal. His body gleamed with sweat, his hair falling in his eyes. “Say it.”

“Mac,” Hal whispered, obeying the need he heard in Mac’s voice.

“Oh, fuck.” Mac threw his head back, lights dancing behind his closed eyes. “Come!”

Bodies moving, writhing and sliding against each other as pleasure rushed forth, claiming them—both men came together in a wild kaleidoscope of sounds. Mac was the first to recover. Easing his body down next to Hal, he petted and stroked the trembling muscles, mumbling soft, meaningless words of comfort. Tired, but happy, whimpers reached his ears as Hal lay quietly next to him.

“Sir, release me, please? I want to touch you.”

Mac untied the ropes. He immediately rubbed Hal’s arms, easing the aches. Mac ran his hands over Hal, smoothing over abs, through Hal’s sweat-soaked hair, over his face. Rising, he stepped into the master bath to wet a washcloth. Returning to bed, he gently cleaned his boy. Then he washed himself and threw the cloth in the dirty clothes. He stopped in the door, staring at Hal sprawled out on the bed. How lovely. He slipped under the covers.

“Missed you.” Hal snuggled up to Mac. His head rested on Mac’s chest, his other hand petting any skin he could reach.

“Missed you too. And thank you. That was worth the price of being gone.” Mac held his boy close, his eyes traveling over Hal. The red marks left by the fly swatter were already fading. “I love you so much.”

Hal snuggled in closer. “Love you too. Always.”

“Always,” Mac agreed as he turned out the lights.

* * * *

The next morning, Mac woke alone in the bed. He ran his hand over the cool, empty pillow. Now where had his sub gotten off to? That’s what he got for not securing Hal to the bed last night. Amused by his thoughts, Mac sat up and stretched. After using the restroom and brushing his teeth, Mac slipped on a pair of night pants. The smell of maple drifted into the bedroom. Ahhh. Someone was up and busy this morning.

Mac wandered into the kitchen, then paused. Hal stood at the stove. His long, black hair lay loosely against his broad shoulders. The morning sun brightened the kitchen, a shaft of light angling toward Hal. A small smile crossed Mac’s lips. Hal was dressed in an apron—which was fine since Hal was cooking—and nothing else. Well, outside of the black leather cuffs.

“Well now, isn’t this a lovely sight to wake up to in the morning.”

Hal turned, holding a spatula and wearing a grin. “Hey! Good morning, Sir. Ready for some breakfast? I’m cooking all our favorite things.”

Mac stalked to Hal, a smirk playing around his lips. He pulled Hal in his arms, palming a nice, firm ass. “My favorite thing is right here.”

Hal snorted, but a pleased look flitted across his face. “Still, you need to eat. And I like to cook.”

Mac released his hold, then wrapped one of his hands around Hal’s throat, tugging his submissive closer so he could stare into Hal’s beautiful bright blue eyes. “Good thing since you’re the top chief at La Mystique.”

“I’ll say. But I’ve heard…” Hal closed the gap between them and nipped Mac’s lips. He feathered his fingers across Mac’s groin. “I’ve heard the owner is a real hard ass. Into bondage and discipline—all kinds of kinky stuff.”

Mac raised an eyebrow. “Heard that, have you?”

“Ohhh yeah. Real intimidating guy, they say. Has all these rules and doesn’t take any crap, especially from his employees. Everyone knows he’s a real ball buster. It’s funny, though. There are people hip deep wanting to work for him. He’s hard, but very fair. They say he’s real picky about who he hires. Not just anyone can get on there.” Hal stepped back and checked the butterscotch sticky buns in the stove. “Guess it’s a good thing I’m married to the owner, huh?”

“I’ll say it’s the other way around. I’m lucky to have such a great chef.” Mac patted Hal’s ass. “You’re in a mood, aren’t you? Might want to remember I owe you two already from yesterday. Forget how much you dislike that leather strap?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten.” Hal sighed, checking on the ricotta pancakes. “I swear, I hate that thing. You must’ve been in a real evil frame of mind when you made it. And no, I’m not in a mood, Sir, just happy you’re home. I really did miss you.”

“I missed you too, but attending these conferences are good for my business. I sold every leather article of clothing I brought and even got a few special requests for bondage gear. I’m hoping the exposure will increase my on-line sales. But, overall, I’d say the trip was a success. Maybe next time you can go with me. You can be my model.”

Hal snorted as he finished the scrambled eggs that had caramelized onions, pickled jalapeños, and cheese in them. There was also fresh fruit to nibble on and maple bacon. He plated the food while he waited for Mac to sit. “I’d love to go next time. Not so sure about the whole modeling idea, though. You’re the one that looks like a Greek god.”

Mac just shook his head and sat, enjoying the delicious smells that greeted him. As always, the food Hal prepared looked awesome. He knew it would taste just as good. He sipped his frosty berry banana Smoothie and glanced at Hal. His sub had removed the apron and stood patiently by his side completely nude, hands clasped behind his back, head slightly bowed, waiting.

“Your pillow is in the den. Go get it, fix another plate for yourself, then kneel.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mac enjoyed watching Hal’s ass flex as he walked away. And that reminded him, there was the two hits with the leather belt he owed Hal for cussing last night. He really should’ve taken care of that but they’d both fallen asleep.

“Here you go.” Hal set his plate next to Mac and settled on his knees, ass resting on his heels, back straight, hands palms down on the top of his thighs. “We’re about out of straws too, Sir. At some point today, I need to go grocery shopping.”

Mac glanced at the berry banana Smoothie with a straw next to him. Picking up the glass, he held it down to Hal. “How about we go together?”

Hal sipped the drink then looked up at Mac. “Are you sure? You know how long it takes me.”

Mac held out a sliced strawberry. “Tell you what, if I start to complain, you can reprimand me. How’s that?”

Hal chewed the berry, one eyebrow hiked nearly up to his hairline. “Ohhh, really? Can I tie you over the spanking bench, Sir?”

Mac snorted as he fed Hal some of the eggs he cooked. “I was thinking more along the lines of telling me to hush.”

Hal laughed as he finished the eggs. “Of course, what was I thinking?” Then he frowned. “Damn, that needed a bit more salt. How did I miss that?”

Mac brushed his hand over Hal’s long hair. “Always the chef, aren’t you? I thought the eggs were fine, but you’re the boss in this area. And that’s three.”

“Aw, sh… crap. I swear, I’m never going to break this habit.” Hal looked at Mac. “Can I hop up for a minute? I’d really like to make some notes on the eggs before I forget. Please, Sir?”

“Go ahead.” Mac knew how important Hal’s cooking was to him. It was why he was such a superb chef.

“Thanks.” With a quick grin, Hal was up and hunting for paper.

Mac ate while Hal muttered, jotting down notes. “Hurry up, boy. Your food is getting cold.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mac knew Hal well enough to know when the creative juices got going, everything around ceased to exist for Hal. He’d lose whole chunks of time, wouldn’t eat, live on coffee, and go without sleep… sometimes for days. Then he’d crash. The first time he saw Hal go though one of his—Hal called them ‘episodes’—he’d been horrified.

The boy needed a keeper in the worst way, and he’d been more than happy to sign up for the job. It had been a problem for them in the beginning, trying to fit a D/s lifestyle in with Hal’s need to create. But they worked it out—even if sometimes they worked it out at the end of one of Mac’s floggers.

Hal finished and settled back on his cushion. Mac fed him some of the pancakes then offered him a drink. “Another strawberry?”

“Yes, please. You know those are my favorite.”

“I do.” Mac placed another berry in Hal’s mouth, his boy sucking gently on his fingers, his tongue searching for any lingering bit of juice. Mac shifted in his seat, his cock hardening. Hal loved strawberries, but Mac didn’t care for them. Really didn’t even like the way they smelled.

“And I know you don’t really like them.”

Mac laughed. “No, I really don’t, but you do, so I suffer through it.”

Hal just rolled his eyes.

Breakfast continued until Mac had cleaned both plates. Hal stood, retuned the cushion to the den, and cleaned the kitchen.

“I’m going to answer some emails in my office while you finish this. Why don’t you go take a shower after you’re done? When I finish, I’ll shower, then come find you. We’ll take care of those three demerits I owe you. After that, we’ll run by the store and let you grocery shop. Sound good?”

“Sounds good, Sir.”

Mac watched Hal for a few more minutes, a soft smile playing around his lips. He’d learned the hard way not to mess with anything in the kitchen. Hal might be submissive, but when it came to the kitchen—and everything in it—it was his domain. No one was welcome there, even when it was time to clean. The onetime he’d tried to help by wrapping up leftovers, Hal had thrown a full-fledged fit. Apparently, just wrapping food in Reynolds wrap was a heinous act of pure evilness.

But what really sent him over the edge was how Mac had tried to clean up some of the appliances Hal used while cooking. That action had reduced Hal to a stark raving lunatic that could out cuss a sailor. While Mac had been impressed with Hal’s command of the English language—he was reasonably certain Hal created a few new cuss words—he’d still tanned Hal’s ass for it then fucked him through a screaming orgasm.

Smirking, Mac left the kitchen and walked to his office. He was all for screaming orgasms.

He heard the shower upstairs come on while he finished his emails. He made a few phone calls, then placed a few supply orders for the business. The shower cut off. Twenty minutes later, he heard Hal return downstairs.

“I’m going to start a load of laundry. It’s just stuff that needs cold water, so you can still shower if you’re ready, Sir.”

Mac stood. “Okay. I’m heading up now. Meet me in the playroom in say… about thirty minutes.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mac showered, then decided to shave. Wiping the stream off the glass, he stared at his reflection. Hal had said he was the one that looked like a Greek god, which he found funny, considering how sexy Hal looked. All that black hair, pouty lips, toned body, hairless pale skin, and bright blue eyes… Yeah, Hal was the sexy one. He was the quintessential Mr. Tall, Not So Dark, and Handsome. Sexiness just oozed from his pores.

While he, on the other hand, had the average ‘boy next door’ look. Yes, he had natural blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Hal said his eyes were the color of the finest dark chocolate. And maybe he did have a strong, square jaw with that cute little dent in the chin.

Okay, he did have a sexy little mole by his bottom lip. He was just as tall as Hal and just as built. His hair was cut short, more of the professional businessman look. All right, yes, he didn’t scare babies when he went out in public. But he also didn’t have that allure Hal had—that sensual, enticing temptation that surrounded Hal. No, he came across as slightly forbidding. A real… what had Hal said? A hard ass.

Hal would be right.

But that was just the way he was. It didn’t mean he wasn’t fair. He treated his employees extremely well and paid higher wages that most restaurants. He was known as a hard ass, but his employees also knew they could bring their problems to him and he was willing to help. He was loyal to his workers and they were loyal to him.

He dressed in jeans, but left his shirt off. He found it sexy to be dressed while Hal was nude, but he also wanted Hal to be able to connect with him while being punished. Slipping on his shoes, he checked the time. Five minutes to go. He combed his fingers through his hair and walked out of the bedroom.

The door to the playroom was open. He remembered the first time he showed this space to Hal—the dark gray walls hung with crops and paddles, whips, and cuffs. Metal shelves held ropes, chains, gages, and row after row of numerous toys. There were two man-sized cages. One dangled by a chain from the ceiling like an empty sarcophagus. A St. Andrew’s cross stood in one corner and a spanking bench was placed in the middle of the room. A padded restraint table took up another corner. In the center of the back wall was a king size bed with black satin sheets.

Hal had been frightened, but he’d also walked straight into that room, head held high. Mac had never been more proud.

Mac saw Hal was already on his knees in the middle of the room, head bent, hands behind his back, waiting. As usual, his posture was perfect. Shoulders back, spine straight, knees spread apart… Hal was beautiful and all his.

Mac stepped in the room and shut the door. “Eyes up.”

Hal met his eyes.

“What are your safewords?”

Hal spoke clearly. “Yellow for slow and red for stop.”

“And what do they mean?”

“Yellow means I get a break—a chance to slow things down. You will pause to see what I need or what’s wrong.”

Mac nodded. “Correct. And red?”

“Full stop. Scene ends immediately and you set me free. We then will talk about what happened, what caused me to call red.”

“You will safeword if you need to?”

Hal stared into Mac’s eyes. “I will.”

“Good. Over the spanking bench, please.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Black leather covered the equipment. Hal could kneel on one small padded bench and lean over a slightly higher bench. This put Hal’s ass in the perfect position for spanking… and fucking. Once in place, Mac tied off his cuffs to hooks leaving Hal’s legs spread open nicely.

Mac walked over to the wall and lifted the heavy leather belt off the hook. “What were the three demerits for?”

“All three were for cussing.”

Mac returned to stand behind Hal. “Are you supposed to cuss?”

“No, Sir.”


Hal sighed. “I work at a fancy restaurant and a customer complained when she heard me. It annoyed me, but I saw her reasoning. And I felt bad too. I don’t want to upset my customers. Because of that, I asked you to help me stop using foul language.”

“I told you I’d give you a demerit every time.”

“You did, yes.”

Mac ran his hand down a quivering flank. Hal was shaking. Mac knew he was still hard; he could see Hal’s cock since he was standing behind Hal. Three strikes with the heavy belt wouldn’t be enough to kill Hal’s erection, but it would leave three nice welts that would probably bruise.

“And I told you it would hurt.”

Hal gulped. “Yes, Sir.”

“I want to be clear as to why you’re being punished.”

“I understand, Sir. And I’m perfectly clear as to the why.”

“Good. Then let’s begin.”

* * * *

He hated that freaking hateful, ugly, blankety blank belt with a passion. The leather was stiff, no give at all, and the texture was… rough. That was the best way to describe it. His cuffs and collar were silky smooth against his skin, but this belt… It was a frigging nightmare. Hal had no idea what Mac had done to it, but the leather felt awful on bare skin—which was the point, he did understand that.

Really, it was just a belt. Stupid thing would fit through belt loops, so it wasn’t especially huge or anything. Still hurt, though. And Mac wouldn’t hold back, either. This was for punishment, and Mac would make sure it hurt.

Which was kinda the point.

Hal steadied his breathing, trying to keep his body relaxed. The more he tensed up, the more it hurt, especially later. It was amazing how sore muscles could get from tension.


The first strike landed on his left cheek. Aw, sh… Yeah, he didn’t need to finish that thought. He knew he had to stop cussing in his head too. That was the only way to break the habit. And he really, really wanted to beak this habit.

He moaned as a little wave of pain started right there in the center of where the belt landed, then quickly spread out across his ass. He went rigid, cuffed hands clenching on the edge of the bench. He knew better than to squirm, but the urge… He fought it back. The last thing he needed was for more demerits added to his count.

“One. Thank you, Sir.”


Christ. The next one fell on the other check, and whoa boy, it stung even more. Why did Mac have to be so fuc… so strong? “T-two. Thank you, Sir.”

Heat built and pain spread. He knew there was only one more to go. He could get through it, he knew he could. Hal gritted his teeth and kept his eyes on the back wall. Point of focus, that’s what he needed. But God, his ass was on fire.

“Last one, boy.”


The last blow knocked him forward and forced a gasp from his lungs. Oh, oh God. There was no mercy, no respite. His world was nothing more than Mac’s leather belt landing once last time, barely leaving a moment in between to process the pain. His entire ass was one huge mass of agony and heat. Tears stung his eyes, but he blinked them back.

“Three! Oh God, Sir… T-t-t-t-hank… you.”

Mac suddenly was in Hal’s line of sight. He squatted down and touched Hal’s face. “Easy, easy there. It’s all over now. Let it out, you’ll feel better.”

One sniffle led to two, which lead to tears pouring down his face. This was the hardest part to him. Not the pain, not the heat, not even messing up. For him, letting go, showing what many in society considered weakness—tears—was the hardest part. That releasing the pain, letting it flow out of him made him feel better.

Even if his ass didn’t.

Mac sat on the floor, hands rubbing Hal’s back and arms. “There you go, that’s it. Very good, Hal. Very proud of you. I know it hurts, but you came through it very well. You can do this, Hal. That’s my good boy.”

Finally the tears ran out and Hal went limp.

“I’m going to put some salve on your ass.”

“Okay, Sir.”

Hal felt the cooling kiss of the salve on his ass and sighed. That felt so good.

“You’re going to have three bruises, but I don’t think they’re going to be too bad. Going to untie you now. Think you’re ready to get up?” Mac unhooked the ties to Hal’s cuffs. “I’ll help you over to the bed. We can cuddle until you’re ready to get up.”

“Thank you,” Hal whispered, slowing turning over, resting his weight on his hip.

Mac slipped his arm around Hal. “Come on, bed’s right over there.”

Hal let Mac moved him to the bed, then lay down. Mac faced him, smoothing his long hair out off his face. “Getting better?”

“A little.” Hal yawned. “Tired, though.”

Mac reached down and pulled the satin sheet over Hal. “Not surprising. Rest, Hal. I’ll be right here.”

“Okay.” Hal snuggled closer, eyes closing. “Still hate that belt thought, Sir.”

Mac snorted. “Wouldn’t be punishment if you didn’t. Besides, you can pay me back when we go grocery shopping.”

Hal smiled, eyes still closed. “Oh, I totally intend to, don’t think I’m not. We’re going down every aisle, Sir.”

“Oh, lovely,” Mac groaned.

Hal hid his face in the pillow and grinned. He might not be a Dom, but he sure knew what made his Dom groan in pain.

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