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This incident from my young life would never have happened if it hadn’t been for my best friend Barbara’s cousin Nicole. Nicole had visited Barbara before, and I had met her a couple of times before that summer after Barbara and I graduated from high school. Barbara and I often slept over at each others’ houses, so it was not surprising that Barbara told me to come and sleep over on the Saturday night when her cousin was there.

Barbara’s room was pretty small, but there was a rec room in the basement of her house and that’s where used to put a couple of mattresses when we got ready for bed. With three of us, someone had to take the couch, and since I was the smallest, it was me. We sat around for a long time, talking about girls we knew at school, how our parents annoyed us, teachers, what college would be like, and, of course, boys. Nicole, who was two years older than we were, had told us she had a boyfriend, but didn’t say much about him at first. Barbara and I asked her about him and she was kind of vague when she answered, but I got the feeling after a while that she really did want to talk about him. Sure enough, the third or fourth time around she opened up and we found out they’d been petting pretty heavily. Nicole felt a little guilty talking about her private activities with her boyfriend, but she obviously liked thinking about it and maybe she wanted to impress us too.

Anyway, we kept after her until she had told us everything about how they had started kissing, even with their tongues, and how she wouldn’t let him do anything else at first. But after they’d been going out for a while, she let him put his hands on her breasts, as long as he kept them outside her clothes. Then, at the beginning of the summer she had gone out on a hot night without a bra. When he felt her up, she got so excited that she actually undid the top two buttons of her shirt herself. He didn’t need to be told that it was ok to put his hand inside, and Nicole described how she was overwhelmed at the stimulation of his hand on her nipples. She said that that was when she got obsessed with wanting him to touch her, and soon after that she let him touch her “down there”, as she put it. Of course, he wanted her to touch him too, and the last few times they’d been out, he had fingered her pussy and she had stroked his hard on until he had come. We wanted to know what it felt like and how much cum there was and whether it smelled, and she told us as much as she could – which didn’t seem enough, because it had all been done in the dark.

Nicole also told us about her problem. Her boyfriend didn’t seem to be able to keep his fingers on her clitoris. His hand felt so good there, and she didn’t want him to take it away, but she’d never been able to actually come from having him touch her. “If he’d just stay on it for two minutes, I think I’d come”, she said, “but he keeps slipping off. He doesn’t seem to really know when he’s found it. It’s frustrating!”

After listening to all this, I was thoroughly aroused and I could feel how wet I was every time I moved. I’d have liked to put my own fingers on my clitoris right there, but even after we went to bed, I couldn’t. For one thing, we were only a few feet away from each other and for another, the neighbor’s garage light made the room not completely dark, even though there were curtains on the windows. But I squeezed my legs together and enjoyed the sensation while I tried to imagine a certain boy I particularly liked doing with me what Nicole’s boyfriend had done with her.

Barb must have been excited too, because after about twenty minutes she got up and went to the bathroom. She must have thought we were asleep, because she was in there for about ten minutes. When she crept back, I figured I knew what had taken her so long, and thought of doing the same myself. But I couldn’t bear the thought that she would know exactly what I was doing with myself the whole time.

The next time we had a sleep over it was at my house. My room was bigger than Barb’s and we had an extra mattress that we put on the floor for her. In the early hours of the morning we were once again talking about boys, and we told each other what we imagined we would do if we had a boyfriend like Nicole’s. Of course, I remembered what Barb had done after she supposedly went to sleep the last time, and I could not let go of the idea of finding some way to tease her about it, especially since, like last time, I was pretty well aroused by all the talk about having boys feel our tits. I hadn’t thought of a way to bring it up, though, and I figured I’d better think of something quick. Finally, as I was just about to switch off the light, I asked Barb if she were ready to go to sleep, or did she have to go use the bathroom like last time?

“What do you mean?” she said.

“Well,” I lied, “last month when Nicole was here, you woke me up after we went to bed when you went to the john. I thought maybe you’d get that out of the way before I fell asleep.”

“I did?” She came on all innocent, but she was blushing and I knew I’d been right about what she had been doing.

“Yes,” I said, “you were in there for about ten minutes. I’ll bet I know what you were doing, too.”

“What do you mean? If I went to the john, which I don’t remember, it was because I had to pee.”

“For ten minutes? I think you were in there trying to pretend it was some boy’s finger on your clit. I’ll bet your finger didn’t slip off while you were doing it though.”

“Oh, and I suppose you weren’t even wet. You probably could hardly wait to get home the next day and come up here and rub yourself off. Little Miss Innocent – I’ll bet you’re even wet right now!”

As she said this, she suddenly reached over, grabbed at my pajama bottoms and pulled them down over my hips. We struggled for a while as I tried to twist my body away from her probing finger, but it was no use. She got her finger in my slit and then brought it up and rubbed in on my upper lip, giggling and saying “Aha! You are wet! Does it smell good, you dirty minded little tease box!?”

I wanted desperately to do the same and prove that she was wet too, but she was bigger than me and I had no advantage of surprise, so I knew I’d never be able to get past her pajamas. I had to settle for saying “Oh, and I suppose you’re like dry as a bone in there.” She must have thought she’d gone a little too far because the next thing I heard was “I didn’t say that.” And then there was silence, and for a long moment neither of us moved or looked at each other.

I got up the nerve to say what I was thinking, which was that here we were, two horny girls with wet pussies that wanted to be rubbed, and nobody was going to do it because the other one was there. Barb didn’t say anything to that for a while. I was thinking that maybe I would put my hand in my pussy and start, but I just couldn’t get up the nerve to do it. So I thought I’d just turn out the light and try to sleep; but I didn’t really want to do that either. Then Barb said,

“You know, we could try and see what it’s like for a boy. I mean, I can’t imagine not being able to find my clit, but then it’s me who’s feeling for it. Maybe you could try it and then I’d tell you whether you were sliding off it or not.”

I was so nervous I could hardly speak, but I managed to squeak out an “OK, I’ll try it.” Barb sat back down on her mattress, pulled off her bottoms, and I sat down in front of her and extended my hand toward her pussy. She said “No, you can see what you’re doing. I suppose Nicole’s boyfriend was kissing her in the dark and couldn’t see what he was doing. I think you have to come over here beside me and hold on to my shoulder and look away and try to do it just by feel.”

I slid around beside Barbara and put my arm around her shoulders. I put my hand on her belly and then moved down until I could feel her pussy hair. Then I slowly and gently felt around for her clitoris. She said that I had better put my finger in her pussy so that it would be slippery and not hurt her. I had to pull her thighs apart a little more to do that, but I got my finger in her slit, which was very wet, just as I’d thought. Then it was easy to slide back up between the folds of her pussy lips until I felt a little lump that seemed to be at the top of her slit and was a little firmer than the rest of her. Barb started breathing heavily then, so I thought I’d arrived at the right spot, and started to massage it in a soft, circular motion. But in a little while, Barb whispered “Up a little.” Still massaging, I moved up, and Barb responded with more urgent panting and moving her hips in rhythm with my massaging. But after a bit more, she breathed “Over a little, toward you!” I moved my finger to the near side, and she immediately said “No. back a little. Ahh, that’s it, right there! I wasn’t really sure that I was staying in exactly the right spot, but it seemed I was, because Barb suddenly started bucking furiously against my hand and gasping so hard I wondered if she were all right.

Soon she began to calm down, and then she took my hand, pressed it tightly into her vulva, held it there for a moment, and then lifted it away. She sighed and closed her eyes, then murmered something about how great that was. Then she just sat very still.

I’m not sure what would have happened next if she hadn’t smelled so good. For one thing, her hair had some sort of perfume in it – not something you’d notice just talking to her, but obviously there when I got close to her. But as she got more excited, her breath took on a very sexy smell too. By the time she had come, that smell was very strong, and I was completely turned on by it. Part of me realized that our little experiment was over. We’d discovered that, at least for another girl, it was not too easy to find the right spot, but it wasn’t all that hard either. But I knew I’d be terribly disappointed if I didn’t get my own pussy rubbed, and soon!

When Barb just kept sitting there, I finally got up my nerve and very softly said “Barb? Can you try it on me?” She opened her eyes and looked a little surprised; but when she looked at me, she said “OK”, and turned a little toward me. I took my arm from her shoulders and removed my pajama bottoms, which were still hanging about my ankles, and spread my legs. Somehow, that didn’t feel to me as if my pussy were really available to her, so I lay back on her bed and spread even wider.

Barb reached over and touched my mound. Since she was still sitting up, she could see what she was doing. When I told her that, she lay down beside me. She parted my lips and slipped her finger inside a little. I’d known I was wet, but when she started messing around in there it seemed like I was overflowing, and very soon I could feel that my whole cuntal area was slick with my own lubricant. Barb pulled her finger up, found my button and began to massage it. Sure enough, she soon slid to one side a little and I had to direct her back to where it felt best. For a while, it was about three good strokes and then a miss, and three more and then a miss in another direction. But soon Barb got the feel of where I really wanted her to be, and then my orgasm began to build in a way that I never expected could feel so good.

As I began to gasp and pant in my juicy heaven, I suddenly got worried that Barb could see my face. I felt very exposed and vulnerable and wanted to hide, even as I wanted more and more for Barb’s tender pressure on my pussy to continue. I turned toward her to bury my face against her body. Because she was taller than me, I ended up pressed into the softness of her tits. She still had her top on, but she felt warm and cuddly, and even her pjs smelled sexy. By this time I was bucking and pushing my mound against her hand and I squeezed her tightly as I shuddered to an orgasm that shook my whole body and made me feel like I was all cunt from my knees to my navel.

I suppose we should have been embarrassed when we got up the next morning, but we had made and eaten breakfast together so often that we just did our usual thing, and by the time Barb left, everything felt like a normal Sunday morning. In the next couple of weeks we talked a few times, as usual, and went shopping a couple times together for clothes for college. So, I wasn’t surprised when she suggested I come and sleep over at her house one Saturday night. In fact, I didn’t even think about what we’d done the last time for several hours after I’d said I’d be there.

Once I thought about it, though, I couldn’t stop wondering how things would go. I wondered if Barb had thought about our mutual experiment in touching each others’ pussies, and whether she was thinking about what I’d be thinking about it. For the rest of the week, every time I was about to go to bed, I’d start thinking about what we’d done, and sort of re-living it, and every time, I’d get wet and just have to touch myself. I would try not to think about its being Barb who was touching me, but it was such an arousing thought that I’d finally give in and get myself off imagining we were back together on the mattress in my room. I even got down on the floor once and spread my legs as I had done for her. I usually rub myself with my right hand, but I used my left hand, which helped me imagine it was Barb touching me.

A couple nights before I was going to go over to Barb’s, when I was getting myself off, I wondered if Barb was doing the same. Maybe, I thought, she’s touching herself at this very same moment. I tried to imagine her in her bed. Would she be under the covers? Well, it was summer, so probably not. Probably she wouldn’t even have any bottoms on, maybe just a top, and maybe not even that. I imagined how she’d look with a top and without one. Would she be squeezing her nipples? (I sometimes did that, but not always.) I wondered if she would be teasing herself for a while, just putting her hand on her thighs, and petting them up to her pussy without actually touching it. Or would she go straight for spreading her lips and rubbing her vulva, like I was doing right now?

As I imagined Barb touching herself in all these ways, I realized I was getting hotter and hotter, and, in fact, it was when I imagined her rubbing herself quickly and urgently that my climax spread over my loins and left me panting and gasping in delicious release.

After that, I thought more and more about how Barb would look masturbating, and I became obsessed with the thought of being able to watch her do it.

When the time finally came to go over to Barb’s house, I was able to stop thinking for a while about what we would do later on. We went out shopping again, and ate pizza late, and watched a movie, as usual. But as the movie wound to a close, I knew that the time would soon come when we would go to bed, and I could hardly keep my mind on anything but what would happen then. I could feel myself getting wet. I knew I wasn’t going to come right out and say “Barb, I want to watch you masturbate”. But all the while, I knew that’s what I wanted to happen, and I would see in my mind’s eye Barb with her legs apart and her hand in her pussy.

As luck would have it, it was Barb who got us started. We had already been in our pjs while we were watching the movie, and we were sitting on our mattresses talking before going to sleep. There was a pause in the conversation. I was tongue tied, because for the life of me I couldn’t think about anything but rubbing myself off. Then Barb said “So, are we just gonna go to sleep now, or what?”

“What do you mean ‘or what’?”, I said.

“Oh, I don’t know, something, anything, whatever you want to do, whatever you usually do before you go to sleep.”

“What do you think I usually do before I go to sleep? What do you usually do?

“Probably the same thing you do.” Barb kind of giggled when she said this.

“Barb? . . . . Are you thinking about what we did last time before we went to sleep?”

“How could I not be thinking about that? You’re not going to tell me you haven’t even thought about it, are you?”


“And I’ll bet your little pussy is all wet, isn’t it?”

“Probably no wetter than yours, am I right?”


“I’ll bet you’re thinking we won’t get a wink of sleep if we don’t do something about it.”

“Yeah, we should. Do you want me to go do it in the bathroom?”

So the ball was in my court after all. I tried to figure out whether Barb had meant that she wanted to do it in private, but I couldn’t really tell. I decided that since she had put it as a question, she couldn’t be too annoyed if I had another suggestion, and if I didn’t say what I really wanted, I’d never forgive myself. So I said,

“You know, we could just both stay here and watch each other do it. I mean, if you went to the bathroom, we’d both know what each other was doing, so we might as well see what another girl does to enjoy herself.”

I held my breath while Barb thought about this. After a pause she said

“Yeah, it would feel pretty strange going to the john when you’d know what I was doing in there. Besides, it’s more comfortable in here.”

I had the sense that Barb had been thinking of how to convince me to do it with her, if I had suggested doing it in private. But now I wondered if she was thinking about just putting her hand down her pj bottoms. The only way I could think of to avoid that was to take my own pjs off. I didn’t say anything, but slowly took my top off and touched my nipples with one hand while I stroked my thighs with the other. Barb just looked at me for a while, so I continued by taking off my bottoms.

It was very arousing to be naked and having Barb watch me, but I wanted her to get naked too. I didn’t have to say anything, I just slowly moved my hand up my leg to my cleft, gave it a little stroke, and then stopped. Barb seemed to have been hesitating about whether to take her own pjs off, but now it would have been kind of insulting if she didn’t, and at last she took them off. As soon as she started to do that, I started fingering myself, and opening my legs so I could spread the wetness around my whole vulva.

By the time Barb had her pjs all the way off, she too was ready to touch herself, and as she did so, she let out a deep moan. I think she’d been thinking about doing this as much as I had, and was just a little shy when the time came to actually do it. Once she started, she got into it right away.

Watching Barb rub herself was every bit as exciting as I had imagined it would be all the past week. She had plump thighs, and she went back and forth with her free hand, from stroking her thighs to rubbing her breasts. Her other hand stayed busy, sometimes running over her clit, and sometimes putting a finger deep into her cunt.

After a while she said “Jill? . . . Did you like it last time when I touched you?”


“Would you like me to touch you now?”


She scuttled over to my mattress and lay down beside me. I opened my legs and turned a little toward her. She reached over and put her hand on my thigh. I opened a little wider and she moved her hand slowly upward until, at last, she was touching my wet pussy lips.

I didn’t ask Barb if she wanted me to touch her too. It just seemed the most natural thing to rub her while she was rubbing me. I put my hand on her belly and left it there for a moment, and when she didn’t flinch or pull back, I strayed lower and lower. Soon I could feel her bush. I went along the side of her pussy and then back up the other side. This made her groan with pleasure.

I remembered what she had said last time about getting my finger wet before touching her clitoris, and I put my finger up against her pussy below her clitoris. Her hair was all gooey and I didn’t have to press very hard to slip my finger between her lips, and spread her fluids around. Barb moved a little so as to bring herself down toward my finger, and now I went directly for her little button and began to rub back and forth across it in small strokes. I could tell that she was liking what I was doing as soon as I started rubbing on her clitoris.

As we got into our mutual stroking, we cuddled closer and closer. Just like the last time, my face naturally pressed up against her breast – only this time, she didn’t have anything on, and I found my lips just inches from her nipple. I was so overcome with lust that I hardly thought whether she’d like me to play with her nipple. Maybe it was because my own are sensitive and I like to pinch them a little when I masturbate. Anyway, it seemed just the natural thing to do to lean over a little farther and take her nipple between my lips and give it a gentle tug.

Barb moaned with pleasure when I did this, and I have to say that it was very sexy for me too, to give her this extra pleasure. And now that I wasn’t tense at all about what I was doing, my feelings began to overwhelm me and I felt my orgasm building between my legs. I pressed into Barb’s body and began to hump on her finger for all I was worth. I took her nipple all the way into my mouth and I licked it with my tongue, swirling around it and lashing back and forth over it. I didn’t want to come, because I knew it would all be over, but I couldn’t help myself. I did want to come, I wanted it to last, but I wanted even more to come, and then suddenly I got very still as my pussy contracted and pulsed and poured juice over Barb’s hand.

Barb responded to my excitement and panted and humped back at my hand. As she bucked faster and faster, I suddenly heard her say “Jill . . . Oh, Jill! . . . You good girl! . . . Oh, how I’ve wanted you!” And then she was in the throes of her own orgasm, pushing against my hand, gasping, and then, as she calmed a little, squeezing her thighs and keeping my hand from moving much, firmly trapped up against her sopping cunt.

We stayed hugging each other for a little while, and then I gently laid back. Barb leaned over my face and looked into my eyes. And then she bent down and kissed me full on my lips. I hadn’t expected that at all, but it felt good, and I kissed her back. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that it wasn’t just the memory of our touching each other two weeks ago that had gotten me so hot these past few days – it was the excitement at the thought of doing it with my friend, of being intimate with someone I knew so well that had made me moisten again and again. And I knew from what Barb had said in her heat that she had felt the same way about me.

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