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For Love of Alyssa

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Alyssa woke with a start and clutched the covers around her. Gazing around the room, she quickly relaxed, although the erotic dream she had experienced left her groin hot and pulsing with wetness. She shivered slightly and turned on her side, facing the softly snoring lump in the covers that was her boyfriend. She stared at his steadily breathing form for several seconds, wondering if she should wake him for a little midnight rendezvous.

A small, knowing smile lit her full lips as she decided against and got out of bed, moving to the small dresser on the far side of the room. She opened one of it’s drawers and lifted a medium-sized plain brown box from underneath an old t-shirt. She closed the drawer quietly and left the room, going down the hallway to the bathroom.

Closing the door softly behind her, she sat down on the toilet and began to run a bath. Moving quickly, she opened the box and pulled out a seven-inch dildo, about the same size as Kyle (her boyfriend)’s dick. She undressed and got into the water, putting the dildo on the side of the tub for later use. Lying down in the inch-deep water, she pushed herself up against the front of the tub, thrusting her legs against the tile wall, so that the faucet was directly above her pussy. The water pumped down onto her clit, instantly causing her legs to tense as a steady wave of pleasure came over her. She groaned and began fingering her nipples, then squeezing her breasts as the warm water hit her. Little rivers of water trickled down her stomach and pooled in her belly button. She began to run her hands up down her body, guiding the quickly cooling water across her bare skin. Moaning softly, she moved her attention back to her supple breasts, fingering the rose-colored buds and pinching them lightly.

The water level steadily increased, enveloping her and forcing her to lift her upper body, at which point she grabbed her legs just below the knees and drew them back, her feet hanging in the air. The water was now hitting her clit and cascading down her throbbing, wet pussy, devouring her lips and filling her hole with its warm caress. She began to groan and reflexively thrust her hips up to meet the pounding pressure. Gasping as she began to climax, she repositioned her legs so they were bent at the knees with her feet flat on the wall and began thrusting more vigorously. She began thinking nasty, dirty thoughts and voiced them.

“Oh yes, suck my clit you dirty bastard, oh yeah, like that. Oh suck it. Ohhhh…fuck me, fuck me with your big hot dick, oh my god, oh my GOD…OhhhhHHHH!!” With a high-pitched cry she came, her juices mixing with the water throbbing against her pussy and mixing with the bath water. She held on as long as she could, tensing her leg and pussy muscles, forcing herself to endure the powerful orgasm. Finally, with a quick jerk, she came again and twisted her hips so the water fell on her inner thigh and drifted teasingly into her throbbing pussy.

She sat up languorously and turned off the water, leaning back into the warmth of the water and her own cum. She rested there for a few minutes, then sat up and grabbed the dildo. Lying back down, she began rubbing its head against her clit, causing herself to almost instantly orgasm as her legs snapped together. She clenched her teeth and shuddered, pouring more juices into the bathwater.

She began teasing her pussy lips with the dick, sliding it up and down and then against her tight pink asshole. She squeezed her voluptuous cheeks against the dildo, rubbing it back and forth against the tight space. This was her specialty. More often than not it made her boyfriend come before ever entering her, which was frustrating and exhilarating at the same time.

She relaxed the muscles and moved the dildo back to her pussy lips, sliding it in her tight snatch several inches before pulling out and rubbing it in circular motions around it. “MMmmmm.” She breathed, then pressed it inside her a couple inches more than the last time. She pulled it back until just the very tip was inside her, then rammed it in until her pussy lips were against her knuckles. Bucking against the wonderful feel of the dildo being pushed so forcefully inside her, she began to move her hips against it, grinding it in and out of her in slow, steady motions. With each thrust of her hips she emitted a small cry, and began moving it along with her thrusts, faster and faster until she was on the verge of cumming, then pulled it out. She raised herself into a squatting position and took the dildo as if she were riding a man. Bobbing above it as she thrust it inside her, she began moaning and rubbing her clit with the other hand, then trailed her fingers up to her tits and began fondling and pinching them vigorously. It wasn’t long before she came, the sweet liquid drenching her hand. Clenching her pussy against the dildo tightly, she let go of it and began licking the cum off her fingers and palm, all the while holding the dildo securely in her tight hole.

After licking her hand clean, she pulled the dildo out of her throbbing pussy and began pushing it against her even tighter rosebud. After several seconds the well-lubricated member slid in, and she moaned in ecstasy, wishing her boyfriend’s member ventured here. She clenched her anus against the dildo, then began bobbing above it, thrusting it deeper with each stroke. Her hand snaked down and began rubbing her clit, and fingering her pussy as the dildo slid in and out of her asshole. The delicious feeling of the fake dick inside her bowls was so great she came within minutes, the orgasm so intense it felt like her pussy was exploding. She gently withdrew her well-used friend and swirled it in the water, then dried it off with a towel and put it back in the box next to some of her other toys. Fully satiated, she drained the tub and dried herself off, then got dressed.

She took her secret little treasure chest and left the bathroom, heading back to the bedroom and drifting into a peaceful sleep.

“How did you sleep last night?” Kyle asked his girlfriend of four months.

A small smile crept onto her lips as she replied. “Pretty good.”

Frowning inwardly, he smiled at her. “Me too.”

After drinking a cup of coffee, he headed to work, kissing her goodbye.

As he got in his car and started the engine, his head was filled with thoughts.

He had known about her bathroom liaisons for several weeks, the first encounter when he woke to use the bathroom and found it preoccupied.

Since then, he had watched her several other times, fascinated and frustrated at the same time. On each occasion she had aroused him so much that after a few jerks on his cock he would cum. Even though he found it erotic and got unbelievably turned on, he felt that he obviously wasn’t giving her the attention she so obviously needed. Unfortunately, he wasn’t all that keen on assholes, especially when his dick was involved. He had suspected she was into butt-fucking when she first starting doing her special trick to him, which he had to admit worked like a charm. Another setback was that he already gave her sex at least four times a week, and he had to sleep some time. Completely discouraged, he arrived at work and clocked on, then began his daily job.

Working as a copywriter didn’t exactly excite him, but it was relatively good money and he knew it would open doors for him, particularly the one marked “Journalist.” He had always been a good writer, and it was his dream to write articles for a newspaper. The one good perk about it was that it was a big paper and there were a lot of interesting people. He didn’t know how interesting, however, until a couple hours before he was scheduled to get off.

He was in the copy room, printing off the finished product of his boss’s latest news story, when a tall, dark, and well, he had to admit it, handsome man entered.

The man looked to be in his early twenties, possibly four years younger than himself and three years younger than Alyssa.

His hair was dark and curled down to his chin, framing his strong jawline and inky blue eyes.

The man began rummaging through some papers on a side table, as if looking for something.

With his back turned to Kyle, he was able to get a good view of the man’s nice ass and strong, slightly muscular body.

Without thinking, he acted on instinct and said something never thought he would say

“Are you into anal?”

Alyssa was perched on the couch busily absorbing the television set when Kyle got home.

Throwing him a distracted smile, she returned her attention to the screen.

He allowed a small smile to curve his lips before calming his face to what he hoped was a relaxed position.

He walked behind the couch and began lightly massaging Alyssa’s shoulders.

“How was your day?” She asked, sighing slightly as his skilled hands relieved the tensions in her muscles from the night before.

“It was ok. Nothing out of the usual, for the most part.”

She nodded her head slightly to show she had heard, but didn’t respond.

He tried another tactic.

“Well, something sort of interesting happened near the end of my shift.”

“Oh?” She asked, still not paying much attention.

“I was in the copy room, and this guy walked in…”

“Mmhm.” She replied, her eyes glued to the television.

“He was exotic, you know, the whole tall, dark and handsome bit…”

She glanced at him quickly before returning to her show.

“Anyway, we got to talking.”

“And?” She asked somewhat impatiently.

“And I invited him over.”

She turned to look at him then, her greenish-brown eyes widening.

“But the place is a mess!” She jumped up and started straightening things.


“He’s on the doorstep right now.”

She stared at him. “I can’t believe you! The house is practically trashed and you bring over company without letting me know ahead of time!”

He could tell she was getting angry, and decided that it was the perfect time to drop the bomb.

“Why have you started taking baths in the middle of the night?”

The change in subject caused a confused expression to flit across her face before the realization hit her and she reddened.

“I think I know.” He continued. “It’s because I’m not pleasing you fully sexually, isn’t it?” There was a hurt undertone to his words, which he couldn’t hide.

“Oh honey, you’re great in bed!” She said, and he could tell by her face she was telling him the truth.

“But?” He questioned, catching her gaze.

She looked down and bit her lip, and he found it cute and rather sexy.

“Well, there is one thing…”

“Yes?” He prompted, knowing it was crucial that she say it aloud. If he turned out to be wrong, which he highly doubted, he could call the whole thing off.

“There are certain areas that you fail to…attend to.” He stared at her unblinkingly, waiting for her to elaborate.

She threw up her hands.

“I want to be fucked in the ass, ok? I want to feel your dick inside my asshole. I want you to pump it into me. I want to ride it. I want you to fuck my ass until we cum our brains out.”

He relaxed and smiled broadly.

“Just my dick, or a dick in general?” He asked, and she was caught off guard.

“What do you mean?” She asked, wondering if he was suggesting what she thought he was.

His grin widened and he moved to the door.

Until then she had forgotten about their guest, and she started to understand exactly what he was suggesting.

As the man followed Kyle into the living room, Alyssa could only stare in awe.

He was quite possibly the sexiest guy she’d ever seen.

He flashed her a knowing smile, and she felt her cheeks flush.

“Hi, I’m Sam.”

“Alyssa.” She replied as their hands met.

The muscles in his arms rippled gently under his white dress shirt as he shook her hand, and she felt herself getting wet.

He closed the distance between them in seconds, and she found herself pressed against his firm, strong body.

“Kyle failed to tell me just how beautiful you are.” He said, eyeing her long dark brown hair and full body.

She smiled coyly. “He usually does.”

They both turned to look at him, and he smiled and waved his hand.

“Go on, have fun.” He said, settling down on a chair across from them.

Sam’s strong, slightly rough hands began to move up and down her body, cupping her breasts one moment, sliding down her hips the next.

She inhaled sharply and turned her face up to his, allowing his full soft mouth to envelop hers. He kissed her gently at first, then parted her lips with his tongue, flicking it in and out of her mouth as he continued to caress the contours of her curvaceous body.

Her hands found his shoulders and traveled down from there, stopping at his nipples to caress and brush them slightly with her fingers before moving down to his hips, then his groin. She touched him softly there, surprised at how large the bulge was without him even being hard.

She cupped it and squeezed gently, and his dick stirred beneath her hand.

He left her lips and nibbled her ear, then moved down to her neck, licking, kissing, and biting it softly.

Alyssa moaned and rubbed up against him, clawing his back gently as his mouth sent chills down her spine to her toes.

His hands found the end of her shirt and he moved away long enough to lift it over her head, revealing a black and red lace bra that barely contained her ample cleavage.

He rubbed his hands over her breasts and kissed the place between her shoulder and neck, then began nibbling on her shoulder.

She in turn pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the floor, then got to work on his neck, nibbling and biting her way down to his nipples. She took his right nipple in her mouth and sucked on it gently, using her teeth to nip at it slightly before sliding her tongue roughly over it.

He stiffened and let out a small gasp, clutching her head as she continued to play with it. She licked a line from the right nipple to the left, and proceeded to give it the same attention, causing him to jerk slightly.

Alyssa tugged at his pants playfully, and his cock began to get hard underneath the material.

He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, then let them fall to his feet, where he kicked them off.

His dick was partially erect and was sticking out of his thin boxers, already almost six inches.

She stared at his cock for a moment. He was huge! She gazed up at him coquettishly through her eyelashes while she pulled his boxers down and took him in her hand. He shifted slightly and sighed, growing an inch in length and half that in width.

She flicked her tongue against his head, rubbing the base softly with her hand. Another barely audible sigh escaped his lips, and she smiled as she began to explore him with her tongue, flicking it here and there before dragging it from the base to the head on the underside. He stiffened considerably. She pulled his dick up slightly and began stroking him as she licked and sucked his soft, hairless balls, then moved her tongue back up the underside of his dick to his head.

He was now almost completely hard, and nearly 9 inches long and 2 ½ inches wide.

Alyssa traced a line around his head with her tongue before slipping it into her mouth, licking and sucking on the tip gently.

She licked and sucked the shaft next, then moved back to the head, taking several inches into her mouth and sucking on him.

He groaned and shuddered, thrusting himself against her mouth.

Kyle watched her expertly tease Sam’s cock, his own bulging beneath his pants. He unbuttoned them and pulled it out, stroking the seven inches of the hard shaft in tune with Alyssa.

She drew all of Sam into her mouth and down her throat, tugging and sucking on his now rock hard 9 ½ inches with ease. He hammered his dick into her mouth, moaning with each thrust.

Kyle moved so he was behind Alyssa and pushed up her skirt, noting with satisfaction that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She shivered against his hands as they stroked her round white ass and inner thighs and pushed herself against his exploring fingers. He began to finger her clit from behind, tracing his slightly rough fingers around and over it, smiling when she moaned deep in her throat.

The vibration against Sam’s cock as she did so made him climax so violently he stumbled backwards onto the couch, but Alyssa moved gracefully with him and sucked harder, causing him to explode inside her mouth. She quickly swallowed every last drop of his cum before slowly pulling away from his swollen cock. She was now on all fours in front of the couch, directly between his legs.

Kyle repositioned himself behind her and started teasing her pussy lips with his fingers, much like she had done the previous night with the dildo, causing her to bend her back and stick her ass in the air, her pussy exposed to him from behind.

He licked it tentatively, making her shudder as she started sucking the base of Sam’s cock.

“Oh my god.” Sam breathed, feeling himself harden once more under her ministrations.

Kyle pressed his index finger against her tight pussy and leaned over until his mouth was inches from her ear.

“Do you like that?” He growled softly, and she nodded as she took Sam into her mouth again.

Kyle pushed his finger into her pussy, delving slowly and methodically, then added his middle finger, thrusting them in with greater force and angling so they would hit her G-Spot.

She was now thrusting backwards to meet them, each upthrust sending Sam’s cock deeper into her throat.

Kyle removed his fingers and moved up until his rock hard cock was resting against her throbbing wet pussy.

He stroked her back and settled one hand on her hip, using the other to guide his cock to her hole. He teased her with it for several minutes, darting his head in, out, and then around her pussy as she quivered, eager to have his meat inside her snatch. Finally he thrust it hard inside of her, making her jump as his full seven inches hammered into her pussy.

She thrust against him, loving the feel of his cock inside of her.

Sam and Kyle continued to fuck both sides of her, until Kyle and Alyssa came. Kyle pulled his glistening cock out of her cum-filled hole and smiled at Kyle.

Kyle grinned back and put his hand on Alyssa’s head, pulling his cock out of her mouth.

She glanced up at him then looked at Kyle.

Kyle laid down on the couch and Sam took Kyle’s earlier position, gently thrusting his cock into her well-lubricated pussy. She moaned in pleasure and thrust her ass up higher, wanting to make room for his huge dick. After all 9 ½ inches were buried deep within her, she took Kyle’s dick in her mouth and began sucking.

Sam pulled slowly back until just the tip of his cock was in her, then slammed his dick into her until her voluptuous ass was against his lower stomach.

She gasped and tightened her pussy around him.

Sam began thrusting in and out of her, making sure he buried every last centimeter of his dick into her, and she was loving every minute of it, moaning and gasping with every movement.

Kyle’s dick was once again rock hard thanks to the blowjob Alyssa was giving him. He fucked her mouth, his dick driving into her throat each time. Since he had already cum, he knew it would be a while until he did again, but he wanted to make sure his cock was nice and hard for the grand finale.

Sam smacked Alyssa’s ass, leaving a pink handprint on her left ass cheek. She was now hammering away at his cock, thrusting backwards to meet him on his way back in.

He began massaging her ass cheeks, then started rubbing her asshole.

She bucked against him, begging for more, so he stuck his index finger into her one unoccupied hole. She came instantly, drenching his cock in her pussy juices.

Grinning, Sam pulled his cock out of her pussy and stroked it as Kyle pulled his out of her mouth.

They both stood there for several seconds, staring down at her and stroking their dicks.

She looked up at both of them, a pleading expression on her face, wanting more.

Kyle returned to his earlier position, but when she tried to take his cock in her mouth, he swatted her hand away and motioned for her to get on him. She obeyed, positioning herself directly above his cock. He grabbed it and gently pushed it into her pussy, then pulled her down so her hands were on either side of his head, propping herself up.

He began to pump into her, while Sam stared at her glorious tight pink asshole fully exposed and in perfect position for his dick.

He moved behind her and placed a hand on her lower back.

She gasped and looked back at him, stopping her thrusting in surprise.

Kyle continued to hammer into her while Sam, staring intently into her eyes, guided his throbbing cock to her tight bud.

She sighed happily and thrust her ass up to meet his dick, turning to look down at Kyle with love in her eyes.

“Thank you so much.” She whispered to him and he replied by increasing his thrusting and kissing her arm.

Sam gently pushed against her anus, the slim hole resisted for several seconds before allowing several inches to invade it.

Alyssa moaned in ecstasy as his cock entered her, and begged him to fuck her ass.

“Oh fuck my ass with you nice big cock, oh fuck me, both of you fuck my holes at the same time, oh fuck…”

Sam began to piston into her, driving his meaty dick deeper and deeper into her bowls.

She nearly screamed in pleasure as they fucked her hard and fast, driving in and out of her completely in sync, making both holes incredibly tight.

She was literally spasming between them, her taut breasts bouncing from the force of their dicks.

Sam fucked her hard tight ass, making sure every inch disappeared in her beautiful hole.

“Oh fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, oh god fuck me!! Ohhh my god it feels so good, ohh, aaaahh!!”

She came, spewing forth juices all over Kyle’s cock, with some splashing onto Sam’s. The muscles in her ass and pussy flexed, causing both of them to come simultaneously, filling her holes with the milky substance.

She collapsed onto Kyle’s chest, his dick still firmly implanted in her pussy.

“That was incredible. I’ve never really been fucked in the ass before, but to be fucked by two guys at the same time…oh my god, that was one of my biggest fantasies. Thank you so much, both of you.”

Sam removed his cock from her ass, smiling down at their prone bodies.

Kyle met her lips with his own, delving his tongue into her mouth. “Anytime, babe.”

“Really?!?” She asked, an excited grin on her face.

He looked up at her, surprised, and realizing what he said. Shit, I’m trapped.

“Sure.” He replied, giving her a wan smile.

Alyssa squealed and hugged him, causing his dick to fall out of her as she did so. Sam took the opportunity and began to bathe her clit and pussy with his tongue, lapping up her and Kyle’s jism.

Within moments she came all over his tongue, and finally satisfied, he lay down next to them, fondling her breasts.

“That was fantastic.” She purred, moving so she was lying between them.

“Only the first of many, I hope.” Sam replied, kissing her deeply.

She giggled. “Oh definitely, Sam, definitely.”

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