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Form an Orderly Queue!

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Mandy was sitting on her beautiful white leather sofa and was deep in conversation with her long time friend Helen, and as usual she was talking about, or rather moaning about, the unsatisfactory state of her sex life.

“The problem is that Jake just isn’t interested anymore, well, not really, anyway – he’s too bloody busy trying to earn more fucking money! Yes, I know he performs his duty as they say, but a bog standard shag twice a week just doesn’t do it for me, you know?”

Helen knew all right! She’d had the same problem, though in her case it was her husband’s ill health that was to blame. “So why don’t you do what I did? Get yourself a lover from the online adult dating site I told you about?”

“That’s ok for you, you know your way around a computer, and I have enough problems with a bloody calculator!” Mandy shrugged wryly. “But in any case, I daren’t in case Jake finds out when he uses the PC, and besides, I don’t want to come up with just another ordinary, unimaginative, unadventurous, shagger – I’ve already got one of them! What I want is to fulfil my fantasies, you know? Do the sort of things that my imagination comes up with and makes my pussy wet thinking about them, but I don’t know how to set about it!”

“Well, that’s roughly what I did, and online worked for me!”

“It’s ok for you, you’ve got the confidence and the guts to pull it off, I haven’t! Even if I could join that site of yours, how do I know what to ask for?”

“Just put down what you want to do and ask for anyone interested in the same thing! It’s anonymous you know. You invent your own online name, so nobody knows who you really are unless you tell them, or unless you put a photo in with your face showing!”

“No, I daren’t! And anyway I don’t think I dare tell anyone what my latest fantasy is, let alone advertise for help in doing it!” Mandy was suddenly coy!

“I don’t care what it is, I bet there are loads of people wanting just the same thing! Try it!” Helen looked hard at Mandy. “Anyway, what is it you fancy doing?”

Mandy looked uncomfortably back at Helen. “I don’t think I even dare tell you!”

“I won’t be shocked; honestly, you’d be surprised what I’ve got up to if only you knew!”

“Really! Like what?”

“I’ll do you a deal, I’ll tell you what I did last Friday, if you tell me what you fancy doing!” Helen knew she’s got Mandy hooked. “That site has given me more orgasms than I was having in my twenties! So think what it would do for you”

Mandy hesitated, then; “Ok, I’ll tell you after you’ve told me!”

Helen laughed, “Promise? I don’t want to be giving away my secrets for nothing!”

“I promise. So, go on then, what did you do last Friday?” Mandy leaned forward in expectation.

“Well on Friday afternoon I had a threesome with a man and a woman!” Mandy’s jaw dropped, but Helen continued. “And on the Wednesday before last I had a man fuck my arse for the first time! I’ve tried bondage, I’ve wanked for an audience, and a few other things, so you see, you won’t shock me!””

“Fucking hell! Honestly?” When Helen nodded Mandy went on. “Well you’ve succeeded in shocking me! And I thought I was having kinky thoughts! Did you enjoy them, all those things?”

“Yes, some more than others, but mostly yes. They were the fantasies that I’d had that I wanted to make real, and I’m glad I did. And I’ve got a couple more to try yet!”

Mandy regarded Helen in a new light. “Ok, I’ll tell you what mine is, but bear with me if I tell you how it first came to me!”

Mandy paused, took a deep breath and began. “Well, it was a few weeks ago when Jake and I were having it away with me on top. I leaned forward to kiss him and caught sight of myself in the dressing table mirror. It suddenly occurred to me then how my arse was stuck up in the air, and how easy it would be for someone to stick his cock up it! And the thought of being arse fucked while riding Jake made me come like an express train, to coin a well used phrase!”

“So is that what you want to do? Have anal sex with someone at the same time as screwing Jake?” Helen asked, frowning. “I can’t see him going for it, though, can you?”

Mandy shook her head. “No, and anyway that was only the start, ‘cos later on I got to thinking about having two cocks in my cunt, instead of one in each hole, though I’m not sure I could take that! And then it occurred to me that I could suck another one and have three cocks at once!”

“Mmmm! Sounds good, maybe I should try that too!”

“Oh, no!” Mandy shook her head again, but this time smiling. “You stick to your own fantasies and leave mine with me! But, anyway, that’s not all of it yet! Last week I was having fun with my little rabbit, you know what I mean!”

Helen nodded happily. “Yep, I got one too!”

“Ok, well you know how they get you going? I was lying back and enjoying it when I started thinking about this idea of three cocks again and I got sort of carried away. In the end I fantasized that I was just lying on a bed when a whole series of men kept coming in one after the other, sometimes on their own and sometimes two or three together, and fucking me in all three holes. Then after that more men came and wanked over me, so that I was covered in spunk, inside and out! None of them ever said a word; they just came in and did it! I’ll tell you what, that rabbit might be good, but that fantasy is better! I’ve never had a climax like I did then; I almost passed out from pleasure! And it’s been the same each time I’ve thought about it, which is every fucking day since! Even talking about it now is getting me horny! So that’s my fantasy, and that’s what I’d like to do – get gang-banged, whatever you might think of me for it!” Mandy looked defiantly at Helen.

“What do I think? I think good for you! Get yourself online and advertise, there’ll be plenty of men who’ll be very glad to help you out – and themselves at the same time!”

“But I don’t know how!” Mandy’s voice rose with frustration. “And anyway, I’d like you to help me, if you will?”

“Me? How?”

“Would you advertise for me and arrange it all, so that all I’ve got to do is turn up and open my legs! I know that sounds crude, but half the kick was that I didn’t know how many men were going to come, or who they were, or what they’d do to me, or anything! Anyway, if you’re involved I’ll feel safer. With my luck I’d probably arrange to meet a descendant of Jack the Ripper!”

Helen frowned. “Hey, I’m not going to ‘vet’ them for you, even if I help you organize everything else.” It was then she realised she’d already decided to help!

“Yes, I know, but if you’re there when it happens, then it’s back-up if anything starts getting out of hand!”

“You’ve been thinking about this, haven’t you? You crafty bitch!”

“Well, Yes.” Mandy admitted. “But, I really, really, want to try it, and I can’t do it by myself! Please set it up for me!”

“Oh, alright then, what are friends for else?” Helen was wearing her ‘Now what have I got myself into’ face! “So what sort of men do you prefer? Tall, short, dark, fair, slim, what?”

“I don’t care, they can be little green men from Mars so long as they’ve got big cocks! I don’t want any kissing, fondling or anything like that, all I want is to be multi-fucked in all orifices and covered in cream! Surprise me, don’t tell me how many, just get me some men! But Helen, please don’t tell me their names or anything about them, I want to be fucked by strangers! And please don’t think badly of me!”

“Okay, I understand and I don’t! I’ll just tell you when it’s arranged”

“Good, I like the idea of not knowing what’s coming! But you can tell me what it’s like to have it in the arse! Is it nice? I can’t wait for it to happen to me! And since when were you into women, or masturbating in public, or being tied up – or did you do the tying?” The questions that Mandy was dying to ask came tumbling out now that her own problem was solved.

Helen smiled knowingly and touched the side of her nose with her finger! “About the first bit – find out for yourself, and about the rest – well, that’s for me to know!”


Three weeks later Helen was back on Mandy’s sofa with a progress report.

“Ok, now here’s what I’ve got sorted out for you.”

“No don’t tell me, I don’t want to know!” Mandy raised her hand in a ‘stop’ sign.

“Oh, Ok. Then let me just say that if you turn up at my house a week next Tuesday at 7.30pm, you’ll get well fucked!”

Mandy thrust out her lower lip in a mock sulk. “You can tell me a bit more than that, just to give my imagination something to work on until then!”

“Ok, well I’ve ‘recruited’ as many men as I think you’re likely to be able to cope with, being an old woman in her forties and all, and I’ve gone for younger men ‘cos they’re likely to be able to repeat if need be. I’ll be there to keep an eye on you and act as ‘doorman’. I’ve told them what you want and they’ve all agreed to play along. You’ll get everything you’ve asked for and maybe more. And I won’t play any part except for any organising that might need doing, though I might strip off to help keep the guys interested!”

“Oh, Helen, it sounds wonderful, I can’t wait! But I bet you do get involved you randy sod, you won’t be able to resist!”

“No, I won’t, if I fancy a gang-bang I know how to arrange my own now, don’t I? But I’ll tell you something else I discovered, if you like!” Helen giggled.

“Go on?”

“Just how many young men fancy screwing an older woman!”

“You cheeky bitch, I’m only forty-one, and that’s about ten years younger than you are, grandma!” Mandy replied indignantly, laughing!

“Nine years actually! But I’m slimmer than you!”

“Ok, I’ll give you that!” Mandy was a little more buxom than Helen, but neither woman could be remotely described as fat and both turned heads on the street!

“Ok, now what?” Asked Mandy

“Nothing!” Replied Helen, “Just be here a week on Tuesday at about 7.30pm! And be prepared to get well fucked!”

“I can’t wait!”


At 7.30 on the dot Mandy burst through Helen’s door, her eyes shining in anticipation. “Ok, Helen, wheel ’em in, let me get fucked!

“And hello to you too, yes it is nice to see you, and won’t you come in?”

Helen’s sarcasm was not to be taken serious, as Mandy well knew. “Sorry, Helen, but I’m a bit keyed up, I’ve been counting the hours! I’m so fucking wet I nearly swam here!”

“I don’t need to ask if you’ve thought about it, or if you’re still up for it then, do I?”

“No, – wheel ’em in!”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like a coffee and a sit down first, – just to save your energy?” Helen was teasing her horny friend now, and they both knew it.

“Not fucking likely, just wheel the buggers in and let me get fucked!”

“I don’t quite know how to put this, Mandy, but my kitchen table is not the best place to be gang-banged, it’s a bit hard and the crockery gets in the way, you know, especially when I’ve gone to all the trouble of setting out a nice comfortable bedroom for you! So do you think you can try and stem your impatience at least long enough to look at where it’s all intended to happen? And in any case, they aren’t here yet!”

“Oh, ok then, lead on, but I tell you, once I set foot in that bedroom I ain’t coming out till they’ve come and gone, and I’ve gone and cum!”

“Very lady-like, that! Ok, come on then!” Helen led the way upstairs and into a large guest bedroom and ushered Mandy in first. Mandy stopped just inside the door and looked around in wonder! The only lighting was a soft spotlight illuminating a divan bed standing in the middle of the room. The bed had a black fitted sheet, but no duvet, pillows or headboard. A little to each side was a bedside cabinet, on one of which was a stack of towels, while the other had a couple of boxes of tissues and a tube of lubricating gel! Around the room were a number of chairs, almost hidden in the darkness.

“God, what a sexy boudoir!” Exclaimed Mandy “This is going to be good, if I can’t have fun here there’s no hope for me! Thanks Helen!”

“Shall we go back downstairs for a while or do you want to stay here and dream?”

“There’s no way I’m leaving this room until I’m totally knackered, bow-legged, and shagged out! No, thanks, I’m going to strip off, then just lie on the bed and await my fate!”

Helen smiled “Ok, I’ll come back in time to see you get your first cock, so enjoy your wait – and keep your fingers out of mischief!” With that she left the Mandy to her thoughts.

Mandy looked around the room again, this time taking in the layout, and realised as she did so that if she lay on the bed with her legs open, the first thing anyone would see as they came through the door, was her cunt! That suited her tarty intentions perfectly and she rapidly shed her clothes, folding them into the bottom of a bedside cabinet, and lay back on the bed, legs akimbo, pussy soaking, and heart pounding!

She did not have long to wait, but to Mandy it seemed like hours before Helen, naked and silent, opened the door to admit her first lover, and her gang-bang was underway!

Silhouetted in the doorway he was just a tall well built male, but as he came forward the light revealed a young, fair haired, man in his early twenties, with one of the biggest erections that Mandy had ever seen! ‘Christ’ she thought, ‘Where did Helen find that?’ The young man reached the bed and, without speaking or pausing, climbed on top of her, reaching down as he did so, and sought to guide his monster into her cunt! At first she could feel it sliding along her slippery cleft, searching for her entrance, but then its tip found the target and the man pushed forward, plunging its full length deep into her wet and waiting cunt, filling her completely and driving the breath from her body in one ecstatic gasp! Nor was she given time to adjust to the size of her invader, for straight away he began to piston in and out of her body with long, hard, rapid strokes, each one pushing her down into the mattress and each one filling her with pleasure. He simply drove into her as fast and hard as he could, no let up, no variation. His thrusts were rough, almost brutal, but they were working their magic, and each one was rapidly taking her closer to her first orgasm of the evening! As her climax grew nearer, then so did that of her partner, his breathing became ragged in her ear, his strokes became more frantic and uncontrolled, and she could feel his penis twitching inside her as its release came closer. Suddenly her lunged forward into her, groaned into her ear, and exploded into her cunt! She felt his cum splash into her, pouring into her cunt in great gouts that spattered against her cervix and triggered her own mind-blowing orgasm as they did so. Her climax was short lived but incredibly fierce. Beginning as a tight knot of pleasure deep within her pelvis, it rolled through her as a tidal wave of ecstasy that broke within her brain and flooded her entire being with pleasure, leaving her body sweating and her limbs trembling.

Somewhere in the depths of her mind she was aware that, even as she clung to her partner crying out in delight and trying to milk every last drop of his fluids, Helen was re-entering the room, bringing with her another young man to replace the one still spending himself within her! Then she knew for sure! She really was going to be – as she had mentally called it – ‘subjected to a serial fucking’! Her fantasy really was becoming reality, and inwardly she smiled!

Finally, his cock emptied and softening, her partner rolled away, climbing onto unsteady feet and making his way towards the nearest chair. Whether he reached it Mandy knew not, for no sooner had his body cleared the bed than the new one took his place and, even before her own orgasm had fully subsided, a new penis was seeking demanding entry. Not that her new lover had any difficulty, Mandy’s cunt was gaping from the fucking it had just received, and absolutely dripping with the combined lubrication of female juices and male cum. His cock simply slid home.

This man was not so magically endowed as her first lover, but he was by no means small and, as soon as he entered her, she could tell that he knew how to use it. The differences between the two men were instantly obvious and she knew that instead of another short but frenzied coupling, this fuck would be longer, more measured, and potentially much more intense! In fact, rather than immediately trying to batter her cunt into submission, he remained absolutely still for a few moments as if absorbing the sensation of being deep inside her, allowing Mandy, in turn, to soak up the distinctive feel of a second cock in a cum filled cunt! Then, when he did slowly begin to drive into her, it was with long, strong, strokes that buried him to the hilt before he withdrew it until almost nothing except the very remained between her pussy lips. He maintained this deliberate thrusting even when he began to increase the pace, and he did that just a little at a time until he was eventually fucking her hard and fast, but still in the same purposeful manner, as if determined to wring every last sensation from their union.

To Mandy this was heaven! Her wet cunt was becoming even wetter, and even as she became conscious that a second orgasm might be on its way, the door opened again and in came Helen again, bringing not one, but two, more men for her pleasure, and to top it off, one of the men was black! She had often thought about sex with a black man, and their legendary equipment – a legend she could see had basis in fact – and now her chance had come. The two men gently played with themselves as they stood watching Mandy being serviced and Mandy gazed back, knowing that the two beautiful cocks in front of her would soon be buried inside her, and she felt that orgasm building! Meanwhile Helen, having left the room, now returned leading yet another man into the room. This man was rather short, only about 5’3″, but he had the sort of stocky build that often goes with strength and stamina. ‘God’ thought Mandy, ‘Men are actually queuing to fuck me’! That thought was enough to tip her over the edge into orgasm, a sudden shattering climax that had her thrashing and bucking against her current lover and calling out for him to fuck her harder! That, in turn, did it for him and Mandy felt hot sperm flood into her for the second time that evening. Even as he came inside her, he never missed a beat, but now every thrust that slammed into her ended with another spurt of his semen pouring into her depths. Eventually they both shuddered to the end of their respective climaxes and then lay quietly together for a just a few seconds, holding each other and absorbing, just as they had at the beginning, the simple pleasure of sex. Then, he also rolled from her and stumbled from the bed without a word.

Having despatched her second young lover to the seating, Mandy looked up at a beaming Helen and smiled her thanks – a smile that became broader when the black man started to come towards her! To her surprise though, he did not climb between her legs but lay on the bed alongside her, holding his very large and very hard erection pointing skywards. “Sit on it,” he instructed her and she willingly scrambled to obey! Straddling his beautiful and heavily muscled torso Mandy slowly lowered herself until she felt the tip of his black rod against the entrance to her cunt! “Dead on target” she giggled, and sank down gratefully, its length and girth stretching her cunt almost as much as the first one. As soon as she had adjusted to its size Mandy began to experimentally raise and lower herself on it, revelling in the knowledge of her first black penis. Sliding up and down on a hard black pole made slippery by her dripping cunt, Mandy closed her eyes and allowed herself to enjoy the amazing sensation and the heart pounding knowledge that another fantasy was fulfilled! Not that she was allowed that luxury for long. Almost immediately someone grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head forwards and down, apparently trying to pull her away. Her instinctive reaction was to pull back and sit down hard to guarantee her impalement, but she needn’t have worried! The interruption was the smaller of the two other men, who had gone around to her front unseen and was attempting to guide her mouth – rather forcefully – onto his cock. But she didn’t need forcing! This was, after all, a part of her fantasy and she eagerly took his penis into her mouth and began sucking it greedily!

With a hard cock in her pussy and another in her mouth Mandy was one happy lady, and she soon adopted a back and forth movement that pushed first one and then the other man deeper into their respective orifices. She would have been quite happy to maintain this rhythm until they both shot their loads into her, but once more she was interrupted. This time she was left in no doubt as to just what was intended, for the first she knew was when she was grabbed by the hips from behind and she felt a cold slippery cock head probing the entrance to her anus! The cold sensation, she realised, came from the lubricating gel with which it had just been coated, but it felt strangely welcome to her hot and sweating flesh. Mandy felt a little apprehensive as to the intention, but if two men at once was a part of her fantasy then three together was even more so! In fact it was spotting the potential for a double penetration in her mirror that had led to this entire episode and to experience it was still her greatest wish, though she felt a little unsure that there would be room inside her for anything more than the huge black cock still buried deeply in her cunt! But the thought of it was so good and she wanted it so badly that her heart pounded, her breathing quickened and her insides felt like water, and she determined she would take it somehow! She hurriedly positioned herself with her behind raised and her head lowered as far as possible without dislodging the cocks already inside her, and waited for the long anticipated penetration. Her two partners must also have understood what was happening for they too became totally still, the three of them presenting a still-life tableau of expectation to the watching Helen.

Mandy was an anal virgin, unsure of what to expect, and it seemed that her potential trespasser was also inexperienced, for his aim owed more to enthusiasm than knowledge. He just carried on gripping her hips and prodding at her arse trying to find his way in! Helen noticed his difficulty, realised what was needed, and saved Mandy from probable serious discomfort by grasping the errant weapon and guiding it gently to its target. She then held the cock behind its head to prevent any more thrusting and eased it slowly and carefully past Mandy’s sphincter and into her rectum! “Now wait there till she gets used to it” she instructed its owner, keeping her hand firmly gripped around its shaft to ensure compliance. Mandy’s only reaction to its entry was a moan deep within her throat! After a minute or so Helen slowly and gently allowed the shaft to slide through her hand and into Mandy’s rectum, until there was no longer room for her hand between the two bodies. Then, unable to resist, she put her hand between his legs from behind and gently fondled his balls before slipping from the room to seek Mandy’s next suitor!

The moan that Mandy had uttered as her anal cherry popped was one of both pleasure and relief, Pleasure both from the superb sensation of a man entering her forbidden garden and from the knowledge that she had at last satisfied her dream of a cock in every hole, and relief from the fact that she had actually been able to take a double penetration and that it hadn’t hurt, – well, apart from getting it past her sphincter, and then not too much! The feeling of having three men within her at once was exquisite. The cock now in her arse lay nearly parallel to the one within her cunt and each compressed the room the other could take up, exaggerating its apparent size.

She felt so wonderfully wickedly full, and, with all three cocks in place, she experienced a feeling of intense pride at her accomplishment, especially considering the black monster that was still throbbing inside her pussy! All she had to do to now was to make them all unload inside her!

Mandy had thought to continue her rocking motion, but the decision was taken from her. Her still impatient ‘arse man’ – as she subconsciously named him – began thrusting into her with long sliding strokes that buried him to the hilt and pushed her forward against her ‘front man’ each time! After half a minute or so of this the other two followed suit and also began to fuck her, the ‘front man’ fucking her mouth with short rapid strokes and ‘Black Dick’ beneath her jabbing upwards into her cunt with his beautiful member! None of them was synchronised with any other, so that with all three going at her at different speeds and powers all Mandy could do was to hang on for the ride. But what a ride! Never, ever, had Mandy experienced anything like the thrill of this trio, or even thought it possible.

The dominant cock was the one in her arse, and it was that one, with its deep heavy thrusts, that Mandy’s body was forced to follow, jerking forward as it plunged into her. Sometimes this meant that her mouthful became a throat-full, while at others she almost lost it, desperately sucking at it and clamping her lips around it to keep it where it belonged. It also meant that the short jabbing thrusts into her cunt sometimes complimented the ones into her rectum and sometimes went against them, the resulting irregular rubbing of each against the other through the thin wall between them sending bolts of pure bliss through Mandy’s whole being! She could not imagine anything more erotic, more pleasurable, and more downright fucking kinky, than what she was now experiencing, and she didn’t ever want it to end!

But it couldn’t last forever, of course, but the first to cum was Mandy herself. Another body-ripping climax sent wave after wave of sensations rushing through her. Each wave brought a muffled cry to her throat and a gush of juices to her cunt, but with her holes full and her body already being joggled helplessly this way and that by the three cocks ploughing into her, not one of her lovers noticed! They were all intent on their own pleasure, plunging in and out of her body with little regard for anything beyond the sensations that it generated. Harder and harder they all fucked into her, carried away by the purely animal pleasure of triple fucking a woman and each racing the others to the finish line. In the end it was virtually a dead heat between her mouth and her arse, with her cunt only a second or two behind, so that cream was pouring into all three holes at the same time. Mandy had desperately to try and cope with copious jets of cum flooding into her mouth, gulping and swallowing while she was jolted from behind by two more marvellous cocks also spraying lovely spunk into her. She had never felt cum spurting into her arse before and that strangely wonderful sensation alone triggered yet another orgasm, its intensity exaggerated by everything else that was happening to her. That her three lovers climaxed almost simultaneously meant that she was little more than a rag doll between them, battered from all ends, a receptacle for their cream but little else. Groaning in satisfaction as their balls erupted into her orifices, the men all pushed themselves as deep as they could with little regard for Mandy’s comfort. She had absolutely no control over what they did, and she revelled in the fact. This, as she had told Helen, was just what she wanted – to be multi-fucked by strangers and used for their pleasure!

After her three partners had all emptied themselves into her, withdrawn their softening cocks and staggered away from the bed, a momentary confusion over who should be next, allowed Mandy to rest for a few minutes, bruised and abused, but nevertheless feeling she that was in paradise. She had never felt anything so wonderful, and probably wouldn’t again. The pleasure came on three levels. First, the overwhelming ecstasy of multiple orgasms, each one magnified by a factor of three, and then the mental pleasure of knowing that she was performing acts most people within her social circle would consider perverted, and last, strangely, was the knowledge that she was doing all this in full view of her life long friend. It was becoming the best night of her life, not to mention the most knackering!

It wasn’t long before Helen had things reorganised and Mandy was treated to another anonymous cock entering her doggy style. Still kneeling and facing away, Mandy could not see who her new lover was, and frankly she didn’t care! All she knew was that another cock began pounding away at her, carrying another set of testicles to shoot lovely spunk into her cunt. One more man to add to her tally for the day!

Another two men followed this one, each flooding her already sopping cunt. Cum dripped from her hole, ran down her thighs, pooled onto the bed beneath her. Her legs ached, her pussy was bruised and sore, her arse cheeks hurt from male bodies slamming against them, but still she wanted more! And more she got! Another load went into her cunt, then one into her mouth, before entrance was once more demanded into her arse. This time access was comparatively easy, her sphincter had been stretched by the previous intruder and the whole channel was still well lubricated with his cum. In any case her rectum seemed to welcome the incursion, almost as if this was where cocks should be and being arse fucked was simply bliss! Mandy made up her mind there and then that she needed to have this delight again, though she knew she would never convince Jake to perform anal sex and would have to look elsewhere! She was rapidly becoming an anal devotee, even more so when the cock buried in there blasted spunk deep into her, prompting her own body to erupt once more in orgasm! Once again, this orgasm, produced deep within her rectum, was mind-blowing, leaving her gasping for breath, her whole body trembling and sweating, and her mind in rapture!

Mandy was knackered! She was torn between calling it a day to ease her aching body and continuing with the hardest but most pleasurable time she had ever enjoyed! It was what she wanted, it was exactly what she’d dreamed of, it was fabulous, but ‘God, it was fucking hard work!’ But she couldn’t give in and live with herself afterwards and besides, she didn’t want to let Helen down after all her hard work organising things!

Helen seemed as if she sensed Mandy’s hesitation, coming over to whisper to her. “Grand finale coming up soon, I’ve saved the best till last, bet you’ll love it!”

Mandy’s decision was made. She wasn’t going to miss out on the best!

Lover number – whatever it was! – was a tall thin red-headed young man with penis to match, who instructed Mandy to “kneel over me and sit on my dick!” Mandy did as she was asked, sinking happily onto him and then leaning forward, somehow knowing that she’d need her arse in the air again! In this she was correct, rightly assuming that a different man would be coming from behind, but not quite in the way she thought.

This time, instead of entering her anus as she supposed, she felt the second cock probing for entry into her cunt alongside the one already there! ‘Christ’ she thought, ‘I’m not sure I can handle this!’ But even as the thought entered her mind the new cock entered her cunt, slithering almost effortlessly into her sopping wet tunnel! That is not to say she wasn’t distended by the intrusion, she was not built for two and the stretching made her gasp with pain! But even though it hurt her, it also pleased and pleasured her to feel the two cocks inside her pussy. Slowly, as Mandy became comfortable with the double penetration, the two men began to thrust into her, deliberately timing themselves so that as one withdrew the other pushed in! This reciprocating movement gave all three exquisite pleasure. The two men had done this before and were quite happy to share a pussy. They could each feel the others penis passing over their own, an unusual and enjoyable sensation for them, and to Mandy for whom it was as if she were being massaged from within. Soon the two men had built up pace and timing and were able to fuck Mandy at full speed, their alternating thrusts sending her to heaven! She was also approaching what promised to be the most concentrated orgasm of the day. She could feel her pussy muscles already beginning to spasm, clenching on her lovers shafts as a ball of molten lava gathered deep in her pelvis.

All of a sudden, with her body shuddering and jerking, the climax hit her with full force, the heat in her pelvis racing through her body, a forest fire of ecstasy burning its way through her! Then first one and then the other cock inside her pussy shot it’s load deep into her, renewing and reinforcing her orgasm as her cervix reacted to the double load squirting against it! It seemed as if the waves of pleasure that raced through her were never going to end, on and on it went, making her cry out, to buck and jerk and to throw her head back, eyes closed in total bliss. Her toes were curled, her fingers were clutching at the bed and her back was arched so hard it ached afterwards! All this time both men were shooting spurt after spurt of thick hot cum into her, each penis twitching as it unloaded and sending more thrills along her over sensitive tunnel. This time, it really was better than anything she had ever felt before. This time, surely, it would never be surpassed. How could anything, no matter what, ever be that good?

As soon as the flaccid cocks slipped from her cunt and the two men staggered away Mandy rolled onto her back and held her hand out towards Helen, mouthing a silent ‘thank you’. Helen went over and clasped Mandy’s hand in hers before lying herself down next to her friend.

“Was that good?” She asked.

“Apart from believing I’ll never move again, it was fucking marvellous!”

“Well, don’t move for a bit yet, you’ve had the finale, but don’t forget the encore!”

“I don’t think I can take anymore, honestly!” Mandy was looking just a little worried!

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you out!” Helen grinned, lying back and opening her legs as she spoke.

Two men, the original man with the huge cock, and the nearly equally well endowed black man now clambered onto the bed, the coloured man kneeling between Mandy’s thighs and the white man between Helen’s! Both men then pulled the women onto their laps, sitting them on their cocks. Then they lowered the women onto their backs so that they were lying down the slope of the men’s knees, their shoulders on the bed and their legs wrapped around their partners waists. Then, with their cocks lying motionless inside the women’s pussies, the men began to massage their partners clits with their thumbs, bringing ‘oohhs’ of pleasure from both. Mandy, who had her eyes closed, felt the bed moving as if another man was climbing aboard and looked up startled. In fact it wasn’t just another man, but rather all of them, who were taking position in a circle about the pair, their hands stroking their own revived cocks. Mandy looked at Helen, who nodded and grinned gleefully.

“For what we are about to receive!” Said Helen, taking hold of her friends hand again as the men began to wank in earnest.

Two of the men had been busy working themselves towards their second climax while they waited, and it was not long before they began to take on the red faced look of frowning concentration that precedes a male orgasm! Sure enough soon first one then the other groaned and leaned forward to send gloopy streams of cum to splatter across Mandy’s and Helen’s breasts and bellies, creamy droplets on creamy flesh! The two men surprised Mandy by blowing her a kiss as soon as they were finished, and quietly leaving the room.

Meanwhile thumbs were still busy on pussies and Helen could feel her own orgasm approaching. She had been watching Mandy being serviced all evening and her own need had been growing all the time. Now she was about to have her arousal satisfied! Her orgasm was almost on the brink when the first two men ejaculated, and the feel of warm sticky cum spattering across her boobs sent Helen over the edge. Clutching Mandy’s hand in hers she reared up against her lover, forcing his cock deeper into her and his thumb harder against her clitoris, while a sibilant ‘yeeesss’ came through gritted teeth. The orgasm was mind-bogglingly intense, making her vaginal muscles tighten, her buttocks clench, and her limbs shake! It was so good, well worth the wait, and well satisfying! Then as she came down from her peak she couldn’t help using her free hand to gently massage the men’s cream into her skin!

It was not long before more of the men were shooting off over the women, coating them with delicious cum, making their bodies glisten under the soft spotlight over the bed. And, as each man ejaculated he too milked every drop from his penis, blew a kiss and silently left, until finally there was only Mandy, Helen, and the two men buried in them. As soon as that stage was reached the two last men pulled out of the women’s pussies, straddled their bellies and deliberately wanked over them, pointing their cocks at the women’s faces! They did not last long either, their almost motionless fuck had aroused them nearly to the point of cumming and it took only a few strokes before they were simultaneously unloading over their partners. Both women were treated to great long strings of cum across their faces and breasts, with some landing in their eager open mouths and some in their hair. For men who had quite recently shot a load into Mandy’s cunt, they were surprisingly heavy cummers and both women were liberally coated with their cream. Then, like the others before them, they blew a kiss and quietly left!

For a little while the two women lay naked and silent side by side, their bodies shining with spunk, then Mandy looked across at Helen and said “That was a nice touch, getting them to just leave one by one like that. You’re quite the organiser, aren’t you? Now, if I can ever get up, I think I might take a shower, if you don’t mind?”

“I reckon we both need one, so I think I will too, in fact, I’ll do a deal with you!” Replied Helen.

Mandy looked at her questioningly.

“We’ll shower together, then you wash my back and I’ll wash yours! I’m not sure I dare stand on my own and I don’t think we need be shy, do you?”

“Deal! On condition that you hold me up if my legs won’t!”

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