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Puddin’s First Tattoo

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Another story came to me folks, Josie and Tanner has bogged down a little, the third installment is a little talky-talky-wordy-talky in the middle, then you try to weave an entertaining narrative with it, and connect all the dots. That’s my problem, I think of all the dots first and then have to figure out how to connect them! In the meantime, here’s another one-off story that if I get enough positive feedback on it I may consider extending into another series. Very heavy Daddy/Daughter play here. Easily my new favorite kink. I hope my Babygirl loves it as well. So please meet “Puddin'”, and her very loving “Daddy” in……

Daddy was seated in his chair, reading the newspaper and sipping a bourbon. He had changed out of his work clothes as soon as he had gotten home from the office, abhorring to wear the clothing longer than he had to. He found the dress shirts and ties very constricting, and was usually already tearing them off when he got through the door. He had changed into his robe and a pair of sweatshorts, his soft slippers encasing his feet. He enjoyed the comfort of his big recliner chair, the Throne of the King, Master of his household. Never again would he allow some shrill shrew to try to control him as his ex-wife had.

After he had booted the deadweight out, he was left alone with his baby girl, Puddin’. Puddin’ had needed his guiding hand very much, and a lot of work had had to be put in to remove the warped view of the household that had been reinforced in her, especially since soon she would be leaving for college. Exemplary grades had pretty much given her the choice of colleges to attend.

It had taken time, but what kind of daddy would he be if he was impatient? Puddin’s training and education was of the utmost importance, and he had made it his (and her) top priority.

And, just as he had predicted, she had far exceeded any and all of his expectations. He couldn’t imagine being any prouder of her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he notices movement at the doorway to the living room from the hall.

“Daddy?” Says a small voice.

Daddy turns and looks, and there stands Puddin’. For a moment he just looks at her, a slow smile spreading over his face. Her long brunette locks pulled back in twin braided pigtails that hang down to her shoulderblades, her freckles, her eyeglasses resting on her little button nose. The way her lower lip ever so slightly pokes out in a pout, her hands demurely clasped in front of her as she inclines her head downwards towards the floor, looking up at him through her long lashes.

Puddin’ appears to be dressed for bed, not surprisingly, since it’s almost her bedtime. She wears a tight pink T-Shirt with a cartoon cat on the front and PET MY KITTY written in big bubbly cartoon letters underneath it, the material snug against her B-cup breasts and tight flat tummy. She wears pink panties as well, and pink socks. Clasped around her neck is her bedtime collar. It is hot pink with “Daddy’s Girl” written in silver lettering.

“Hello, Puddin’!” Daddy says. “I haven’t seen you all afternoon! I heard your music playing in your room and figured you were working hard on your homework. Were you?”

Puddin’ nods.

“Yes, Daddy. I-”

“Why don’t you come over here and sit with me, Puddin’? It will be easier to have a conversation that way.”

She nods again.

“Yes, Daddy. You’re right.”

Puddin’ walks over to his chair and climbs up onto his lap. Her taut young butt presses down on the crotch of his sweatshorts as she turns sideways in his lap, throwing her arms around his neck and laying her head on his shoulder. He turns into her and smells her hair, his senses spinning from her proximity.

“Mmm your hair smells nice, Puddin’.” He compliments her. “I see you’re all cleaned up and ready for bed, and I didn’t even have to tell you. What a good girl you are.”

Puddin’s cheeks flush a rosy pink, and the barest hint of a smile comes to her lips. It quickly disappears though.

“Daddy,” She says, “There’s something I have to tell you….”

Daddy’s eyebrows arch upwards, and he sets his paper down.

“Oh?” He replies, “And what is that? Is something wrong?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She says, then pauses as if the words are too hard to say.

“Go ahead, Puddin’.” He prompts her. “Tell daddy what’s the matter.”

“Well,” She says haltingly, “Remember how you let me go to the mall with Jenny and Lindsay a few days ago?”

He nods.

“Yes, I do. You wanted to take your allowance and buy some nice things. What’s wrong with that?”

Puddin’ lowers her eyes, her voice becoming tiny and faint.

“Well, I saw a few things I liked, but then Lindsay told me that she had come to the mall for a specific reason.”

“And what reason was that?” He prompted.

“Well, you see…..Um………well I….”

Daddy reaches down and uses his curved index finger to lift Puddin’s chin until she is looking into his eyes.

“Puddin'” He says, “Tell daddy.”

“She went there for a tattoo.” Puddin’ replies, the words rushing out.

“Oh, is that all?” Daddy replies, giving a short bark of laughter. “Puddin’, it’s okay. Just because I don’t like tattoos doesn’t mean you can’t go with your friends when they get one.”

“I know,” She says, “But that’s not it.”

Daddy’s face freezes almost into a stone mask. His jaw sets firm, and when he speaks, his voice is strong and commanding.

“Puddin’.” He says, storm clouds building on his face. “Did you get a tattoo?”

Puddin’s lower lip trembles and she buries her face in her father’s neck and wails.

“I’m sorry daddy!” She sobs, “Lindsay said she would buy me one, and when I tried to tell her I couldn’t she said to just get a small one, and that you wouldn’t be mad!”

Daddy sits Puddin’ up, so she has to look at him.

“I am very disappointed in you.” He says, as she lowers her head. “Look at me!”

Her head snaps up, eyes brimming with unshed tears. Her lower lip is trembling nonstop in a truly delicious way.

“Small or not, you know tattoos are expressly forbidden!” He growls. “You deliberately disobeyed me!”

“No daddy!” Puddin’ whimpers, “I got it for you!”

He falls silent, eyes widening.

“You got it for…”

Puddin’ nods, sniffling.

“Puddin’.” He says slowly. “Where did you get your tattoo? On your arm?”

She shakes her head.

“Your tummy?”

Another shake.

“Your lower back? Please not your lower back.”

Yet another shake.

“Where did you get it?”

Puddin’ lowers her head, mumbling something he cannot hear.

“Speak up now, and tell me!”

“My tushie, daddy.” She says in a low timid voice. “I got it on my tushie.”

“On…your…..tushie?” He says, anger creeping into his voice. “You spoiled your perfect little tushie with a tattoo?”

“No daddy!” She quickly says, “It’s not spoiled!”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” He replies. “Stand up!”

Puddin’ leaps to her feet.

“Turn around!” He barks.

She turns her back, waiting.

“Bend over!”

Puddin’ opens her legs like an upside down V and bends at the waist as she has been taught, pushing her panty-clad butt out towards her daddy’s face. Her breathing has increased and a slight flush comes to her face.

Daddy grabs the back of Puddin’s panties and yanks them down over the pale globes of her ass cheeks, drawing a small yip from her. A clear unblemished surface greets him.

“What?” He says, “You said you got it on your tushie! There’s nothing here!”

“Daddy,” Puddin’ pants, wiggling her bottom slowly side to side. “Open my cheeks.”

Daddy reaches up with both hands and opens Puddin’s tight ass cheeks. Her pink lips appear below, tantalizing in their appearance. But his eye is drawn above, to the puckered entrance to her anus. He sees a slight…..ring of……..something around her anus, but he can’t see it. He leans in closer, her musky scent of arousal stimulating his nostrils. When he sees it his eyes widen.

Tattooed in a perfect circle around Puddin’s butthole is a small circle of elegant flowing script. He leans in closer until the words are clear, and when he can read them he does, out loud.


“For you, Daddy.” Puddin’ purrs. “I love you.”

Daddy stops, dumbfounded. He stares openmouthed at his baby girl’s gift to him.

“I love you too, Puddin’.” He says, “It’s so sweet of you to think of your daddy like that.”

Puddin’s face lights up, and she beams widely as she look over her shoulder at him.

“So you mean you’re not mad?”

“I didn’t say that.” He says. “Even though you did it for me as a gift, you still disobeyed me. As such, you will be punished. But since you made such a thoughtful gesture, your punishment will be reduced to ten strokes across each cheek, right now.”

Puddin’s face falls slightly. She thought she would not be punished. But at the same time, her skin begins to tingle at the thought of Daddy’s firm hand.

Daddy scoots to the edge of his chair. He bends his left leg at the knee.

“Position.” He barks.

Puddin’ slides her panties back up and turns towards Daddy. She bends forward and lays her abdomen over her fathers left leg, her head pointed away to his left, her pert ass cheeks positioned directly in front of him. Daddy feels his cock begin to thicken at the sight. He reaches down and skins her panties down the backs of her legs even though she had just pulled them up. Part of the punishment process was her feeling him expose her ass cheeks.

Puddin’ wiggles slightly on his leg, she whimpers with longing and anticipation of the strikes she knows are coming.

“Recite!” He commands.

“I am a bad girl.” Puddin’ recites from memory. “With Daddy’s help, I will learn to be a good girl.”

Daddy’s right hand whistles through the air, palm held firm and flat.


His hand lands perfectly on the gentle slope of Puddin’s left bum cheek, her pale flesh pinking immediately under his hand.

“Ow!” Puddin’ cries, her lip trembling, though it is more from lust than pain.

“Recite!” He repeats.

“I am a bad girl. With Daddy’s help, I will learn to be a good girl.”


Right cheek this time. She jumps slightly, a slight moan in the back of her throat. Her breathing increases.


“I am a-”

And on it goes, Puddin’ reciting her lines, Daddy delivering the strokes of her punishment, alternating cheeks. Her ass begins to turn a rosy red color by the third swat, and by the sixth, she is wiggling and moaning with each crisp firm crack across her buttocks.

Her litany becomes more rushed, the faster she delivers the lines, the faster the strokes will come.

” am a bad girl.” She says, licking her lips with an expression of heartfelt anticipation on her face. “With Daddy’s help I will learn to be a good girl.”


“Fuu-uuck. Daddy………”

“Recite!” He growls, hand throbbing like his rigid shaft.


“Iamabadgirland huuhn fuck I’m CUUMMMMMMINNNNG!”

Puddin’ hunches up on his leg, trembling mightily as her pussy spasms. She moves her left leg inwards towards his crotch and rubs it up against his cock. She twitches, once, twice, three times. Daddy smells her most intimate perfume as her little cunny makes itself all wet.


“NNGUUUUUH!” She grunts, arms and legs drooping limply down.

“Ten.” Daddy says, his tone flat and full of authority. Despite his aroused state, he must control himself through her punishment. He tenderly rubs the red, inflamed flesh with his palm. He slides her panties off her legs so the fabric doesn’t irritate her skin.

“Come here, Puddin’.” He says.

Puddin’ plants her wobbly legs back on the floor and pushes away from his leg. Her face is flushed, and tears of pain and love twinkle at the corners of her eyes. She climbs into his lap again, snuggling up to Daddy as he begins to tenderly rub her sore bottom.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” She says. “I’m sorry I was bad. But thank you for teaching me to be good. I love you.”

“I love you too, Puddin’,” He says. “And don’t forget, Daddy WAS very flattered by your gift, and he wants to thank you for thinking of him.”

She perks up, eyes bright. A genuine smile washes over her face.

“Really?” She squeaks, joy lighting her features.

“Really.” He replies.

As he replies his gently stroking fingers leave her ass cheeks and find her moist cleft, he strums his fingers across her little button and she sighs.

“Ooooh, Daddy.” She whispers. “Right there.”

As he rubs her little button she wiggles and pants in his arms. Her hand begins to rub his chest, trailing downwards towards the waistline of his shorts.

“Puddin’.” He breathes, “Let’s go over to the couch.”

“Okay, Daddy.” She says, smiling up at him.

They untangle themselves from the chair and cross to the couch. As they reach it he pushes on her shoulders, guiding her down onto her knees and leaning her torso over the seat of the couch, raising her pink ass cheeks up.

Daddy shucks his robe and gets down behind his baby girl. He carefully places his hands away from the inflamed patches of skin, and lowers his mouth to her crack.

“OH!” Puddin’ exclaims as she feels Daddy’s tongue begin slurping around her anus. The skin is still not completely healed, but enough so that he is not hurting her. “Oh Daddy! Not there! It’s yucky!”

“Mmmm no Puddin’.” He replies. “Not yours. Yours is sweet, and Daddy very much likes to lick it.”

“Mmmm Daddy.” She moans as his twirling tongue renews its slippery assault. She arches her back and pinches her nipples through her shirt. “I love the way you treat me. I’m so lucky to have you. Oh god, just like that. Yessss.”

Suddenly he stops and raises up, sliding his own shorts down and freeing his cock.

“Puddin’.” He says, “Service me.”

Puddin’ turns away from the couch and pops his throbbing shaft between her lips. She hums as she takes him as deep as she can, tongue wiggling about the sides of his length.

“Get it all slippery, baby.” He gasps out. “Daddy’s going to put it in your butt, just like your gift tells me to.”

Puddin’ giggles and resumes sucking, streamers of drool leak from her puckered lips and drip to the floor as she works her slimy spit over the entire length of his shaft.

“Okay Puddin’.” He says, “Turn back around. It’s time.”

Puddin’ spins back around and resumes her position leaning over the couch. She raises her taut young ass high and wiggles it alluringly back and forth.

“C’mon, Daddy.” She purrs. “Put it in my naughty little butt.”

“Oh god, Puddin’.” He growls. “The way you make me feel….”

“Show me.” She whispers. “Show me how I make you feel.”

Daddy positions the head of his cock at her slippery asshole. He pushes inwards slowly, trying to get the ring of muscle there to yield to his entry.

“Relax, baby.” He instructs her. “Let Daddy in your butt.”

“Okay Daddy.” She whimpers, “I’m trying. Please be gentle with me.”

“Always, my darling.” He replies, “Ahh, there it goes.”

His mushroom head makes steady progress, opening the tight pink depths of her bowels to his rigid shaft. Suddenly it pops in, the ring of muscle clinching it tightly. As his shaft goes balls-deep, he says three words.


“Oh Daddy!’ She moans “I feel you. I feel you in me!”

“Yessss, Puddin’.” He hisses, “So tight. Oh god, your little butt is so tight.”

“Fuck my butt, Daddy.” She begs, “I want it! I want you to stretch my little butt with your cock!”

“Ahh yess there it goes!” He groans with triumph.

Puddin’s breath catches in her throat as her father’s shaft pistons into her hot ass. She takes his entire length, squealing in joy when he fills her completely.

“Oooh Dadddeeeeeee!” She wails, “Oooh my butt! Do it! Do my butt good!”

Daddy begins to thrust his aching shaft into Puddin’s clutching asshole. He grips her hips firmly and slides his cock in and out, slowly but firmly with no pause to his strokes. Puddin’ relaxes further, easing his cock’s intrusion into her gaping browneye.

“Mmmm fuck Daddy!” She gasps. “I want to touch! Let me touch, please!”

“Very well, Puddin’.” He says. “You may touch.”

Puddin’ cries out with joy and her hand reaches back under herself to frig her sopping sex. She arches her back again, further, as her pussy and asshole throb in unison.

Daddy reaches up and grabs Puddin’s pigtails like a pair of leashes. He pulls back on them each time he thrusts his dick forward. Her hand strums, her asshole flexes.

“Oh Daddy!” Puddin’ sobs, “I’m getting close! May your baby girl cum for you?”

“No!” He barks. “You do not have permission yet!”

She keens in frustration.

“Daddy! I……I…I don’t know how long I can hold it!”

“Won’t need to for long.” He pants, feeling his nuts starting to churn. “I’m going to cum too.”

He begins pound Puddin’s tingling asshole with all the power he has. His balls slap against her and she fights hard not to go over the edge, hand hovering off of her throbbing button, awaiting the word…..


Daddy is sweating profusely from his exertions. His climax builds rapidly. He feels himself pass the point of no return.

“Now Puddin’.” He says, voice tinged with anticipation of that first mighty spurt. “Cum now.”

“YESSSSSSSSSS!” She shrieks, fingers plunging into her snatch and frigging for all she is worth, hot droplets of sticky fuck-sauce raining out of her juicy lips.


Puddin’ screams and arches her back hard, reaching back with her free arm over her head. Daddy leans in, his head resting on her shoulder as her arm bends to capture him, her juicy butt pinned up against him as he releases one of her pigtails to wrap his arm around her middle, embracing her. Loving her.

Puddin’s honey pot contracts almost violently around her squishing fingers, a gush of girl-cum pours from her juicy pink pussy, soaking the carpet between her legs. Her bowels vibrate with her orgasm, milking her father’s cock until he groans.

“Oh Puddin’!” He cries out, still holding her close. “Daddy is going to cum!”


Puddin’ repeats her refrain in time with each of his final, desperate thrusts. With a final rising moan of extreme fulfillment and pleasure, Daddy’s cock fires a burning streamer of thick white cream into Puddin’s flexing asshole.


Daddy pulls back, his cock popping out of Puddin’s ass. It stays flexed open, and as he reaches for his shaft the next thick syrupy salvo launches from the head of his cock to burrow right back into her gaping asshole. It begins to contract down as he strokes his tingling tool and begins arcing long streamers of Daddy-cum all over Puddin’s wiggling ass. It blows high up across her back, soaking into her T-shirt, and draws hot creamy stripes over the still-red skin of her trembling baby girl butt. He lowers his aim and pushes his cock forward, mooshing the head into her labial folds and letting more spurts explode out onto her dripping pussy lips.

“Ooooohohohohohohooooo!” She keens, “Oh so dirty! I’m such a dirty girl! Huuhn Daddy your cum is on me! Look at your slutty cum whore!”

“Oh yes, Puddin’!” He says. “You look so beautiful wearing my cum!”

Puddin’ collapses onto the couch, feeling the sticky heat coating her ass, pussy lips, and back. She pants into the cushion as Daddy rubs his big knob up and down her ass crack, massaging his slippery fuck sauce into her tingling asshole, soothing the stretchy, sore flesh.

“Puddin’?” He whispers.

With a supreme effort, Puddin’ raises her head and looks back at him.

Daddy smiles, and holds up his hand. The hand he stroked his cum out with. As his creamy treats were launched out of his cock, some would get caught by gravity and fall down over the backs of his fingers. Puddin’ stares hungrily at slick oozings of cum that are smeared over the back of his hand.

“Clean me.” He commands.

Without hesitation, without question, Puddin’ hauls her tired body off the couch and grabs Daddy’s wrist with both hands. Looking into his eyes she drags her tongue across the back of his hand, cleaning any remnants of his hot release from his fingers. She sucks the fingertips and wiggles her tongue between them, looking for any hidden morsels.

As Puddin’ cleans him, Daddy showers her with praise.

“Good girl, Puddin’.” He croons, love and affection thick in every word. “I have such a good girl. You work so hard to please me. I’m the luckiest Daddy in the whole world.”

Puddin’ feels overwhelming joy at his words, eyes misting as she slathers her tongue across his palm, gathering what little of his essence remains unsupped. Then she lowers her head to his softening cock and suckles the last leavings of man milk from it as well. Finishing her duty, she smacks her lips and runs her tongue around them, as she has been taught.

“All gone, Daddy.” She says proudly.

“Open.” He says, a sly smile on his face.

Puddin’ opens her mouth wide, showing him that it is empty of cum. He pats her gently on the head and she preens visibly at his affection for her.

“That’s my good girl.” He says proudly, “That’s my good little Puddin’.”

He helps her up off the floor, hugging her to him.

“It’s way past your bedtime, Puddin’. He says. “Now scoot on upstairs, and Daddy will be along to tuck you in.”

“Daddy?” She whispers.

“Yes Puddin’?” he murmurs into her neck, kissing her and giving her chills.

“Can I sleep with you tonight? I have scary dreams sometimes, and I need you to keep me safe.”

“Of course Puddin’. Daddy will keep you safe, all night long.”

“I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, my sweet little Puddin’.”


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