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The Voice of Command

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“Hello. I’m Mr. Devereux to see Ms. Hill,” I said to the receptionist. My voice was clear and authoritative, but not overly aggressive. I was standing in front of her desk, which had the usual assortment of secretarial accoutrements; a large phone, pens, paper, rolodex and computer, which she was busily typing away at.

“Do you have an appointment?” She asked in a clipped tone without looking up. She casually tucked a strand of auburn hair away from her face as she continued to type. Her hair was in a simple ponytail that had probably taken an hour to get just right.

I sighed. It was never easy. Glancing around the room, I saw three other men sitting on the chairs and couches spread around. They were reading or typing and all of them were obviously waiting for Ms. Hill. “No, I do not have an appointment. But Ms. Hill expressed her eagerness in meeting with me,” I told her, irritation starting to rise in my gut. “She told me that I would have no problem speaking with her at any time today.”

“Well, obviously that is not the case,” she responded, her voice rising in irritation.

“If you would just ask her, I’m sure this is just a simple misunderstanding.” I ran my hand through my hair, a sign of frustration.

She tsked in annoyance and began backspacing on the keyboard. Finally she looked up at me. If she was impressed by my ridiculously expensive suit or striking blue eyes she gave no sign of it. “I have not been told anything about a Mr. Devereux,” she spoke my name as if she doubted it was really mine, “and if she was expecting you, she would have told me. Now, take a seat,” she commanded as she stood up, “and if she is interested in speaking with you, she will let me know.”

Taking a piece of paper from her desk, she walked to the filing cabinet against the wall near her desk and opened the top drawer. It gave me a good view of the person blocking me from my business. She was on the tallish side, probably 5’8″ or 5’9″ with the long, lean lines of a genetically gifted woman who has worked to maintain her looks. Her gray skirt stopped above the knee, and the smooth skin of her legs trailed down to patent leather stilettos that were just a shade under inappropriate. With her matching blazer wrapped around her chair, her tight cream blouse and pert breasts were on full display. I doubted they were real. This was L.A., after all.

Obviously the file she wanted wasn’t in the top drawer, because she closed that one and moved to the middle. Bending over at the waist, she gave everyone in the room a view of her heart-shaped ass as her skirt tightened around it.

I couldn’t believe this bitch. Even as the ice queen, she had no problem taunting men. I turned around, and saw all three men staring hungrily at her perky ass. I shook my head in disbelief.

Finally finding what she wanted, she took out the file and turned around. She frowned as she saw me still standing in front of her desk. Strutting back to her chair, she sat, crossing her legs in a way that somehow managed to show almost all of her thigh. She looked up at me, her green eyes flashing in anger. From my angle looking down at her, I could see down her blouse to the lacy bra beneath it. Her cleavage was flushed with anger.

“I told you to sit,” She said sternly, pointing to the chairs behind me. “Obviously you have a problem following simple instructions, so I will speak slowly. Sit. Down.”

Rage is a powerful emotion, so I took a deep breath. I didn’t want to do anything in anger. I walked over to the nearest chair and sat, trying to calm down. How could someone that young be so stuck up? She couldn’t have been more than twenty-three. I guess growing up that good looking had instilled a sense of entitlement, but you would think she could do her job without insulting and angering people.

After a minute, the anger hadn’t gone away. It had sharpened, intensified to a knife’s edge. She needed to learn a hard lesson, and I was the perfect one to give it to her.

Standing up, I walked back to her desk. She looked up and saw me approaching, and her eyes widened in fury.

“If you don’t sit down this instant,” she hissed, “I will call security and have you thrown out of the building!”

Bending down slightly so my hands rested on the top of her desk, I spoke softly so no one else would her. “Touch yourself until you cum.”

“How dare you! I will have you-,” She began, but that was all the further her threat got as she suddenly looked down and saw her right hand furiously rubbing under her skirt.

“What did…how did…,” she tried to ask, but confusion and the beginnings of desire disoriented her.

“You have a choice, miss, but not a very hard one,” I told her quietly, still not wanting anyone to share this moment with us. Her eyes flickered between my face and her crotch. Anger still made my voice harsh. “You can stay in your seat, and have a mind blowing orgasm in front of me and all these other gentlemen; or you can quietly run over to the bathroom I saw in the hallway and finish in there. But you will cum, and soon.” Her mouth opened as if she wanted to say something, but nothing came out.

Turning quickly, I returned to my seat. After a few moments I calmed down. Why was I letting her get to me? Sure, it’s been a while since I haven’t had people groveling at my feet, but you would have thought I would remember what it was like before I became Mr. Devereux. Remembering what I had become, I relaxed. Sure, this wasn’t going as smoothly as I expected, but that is what happens when you meet new people.

Glancing over at the secretary, I saw her face flushed. Her hand was still working underneath the desk and small noises were coming out of her. She had completely given up on trying to work and she was looking around in desperation.

Finally the situation dawned on her. Quickly grabbing her purse with her left hand, she got up quickly and rushed out of the room, covering her crotch with the purse to hide the fact that her skirt was pushed up around her waist and her other hand was busy in her underwear. The other men looked around, confused.

I chuckled to myself. She might be hot, but she wasn’t the smartest girl ever. I gave her another minute or two before getting up and slowly walking to the bathroom. I could hear sounds of pleasure faintly coming from inside. Slowly opening the door, I peeked in. Not seeing any other women, I slid in and quietly shut the door.

The bathroom was lavish, like the rest of Ms. Hill’s floor. The tile was expensive and the faucets glittered and faux gold. They even had cloth towels, instead of a dryer or paper towels. I could hear grunts and moans coming from the last stall. She was close, but she was fighting it.

My shoes rang on the tile as I walked over to the stall she was in. I couldn’t see her inside, because the stall had walls and a door all the way to the floor, but it was easy to guess which one she was in. She whined as she realized I was in the bathroom with her, but it was soon replaced again with groans of passion. I was about to order her to open the door when I realized in her haste she had never closed it. I smiled and slowly opened the door, locking it behind me.

She was sitting on the closed toilet, her legs spread with her expensive heals on the floor. Her skirt was hiked up and her right hand was in her black lacy panties, stroking furiously. Her left hand was in her blouse, kneading and massaging her breast.

She opened her eyes for a second and saw me standing over her, but before she could say anything she shut them again as she suddenly arched her back, throwing her pelvis forward and taking her ass cheeks off the toilet. Her mouth opened wide and she let out a wail that started low and finished high as the orgasm crashed over her. Squeezing her legs together, she humped her hand until her orgasm subsided. Then she relaxed and let her long legs fall open, an involuntary smile on her face.

After a few moments she realized where we she was, and more importantly, who was with her. Her eyes shot open and she quickly closed her legs, covering her panties with both her hands.

“Wha, what did you do to me?” she asked, nervously. Suddenly she started to get angry. “Get the fuck out of here before I have you thrown out of the building!” She yelled as she hiked her skirt back down.

“Tell me your name,” I commanded, ignoring her protests.

“Ashley Wilson,” she said, then covered her mouth in surprise that she responded so quickly.

“You know what the problem is with acting like you own the world, Ashley?” I asked as I undid my belt. “Sooner or later someone will come along who actually does own the world. Then we have a situation like this,” I said as my pants slid to the floor. She was a hot piece of ass, and her little show had gotten me rock hard. My cock throbbed in front of her as her eyes opened wide.

“What the fuck are you doing? I’m going to have you in jail so fast, your fucking head will swim! You fucking asshole!” She yelled belligerently, her fists curling into balls of rage.

Man, this girl was dumb. After a small taste of my control, she chose to ignore it and retreat even further into bitchiness. The last bit of regret and doubt fell away as her tirade washed over me.

“Crawl over to me and blow me,” I said softly, using the Voice of Command.

“Blow you? The only thing I’m blowing is any chance you had at a normal life,” she raged, as she got down off the toilet and began crawling towards me.

“When I get through with you, you’ll wish – Mrrlgh lrrgh!” The rest of her threat was cut off as she reached me and quickly wrapped her lips around my member. She tried saying a few more words before comprehension dawned on her face.

I put my hands up on top of the sides of the stall and watched her reaction. First, she tried to pull herself away by putting her hands on my thighs and pushing, but her head refused to leave the head of my cock. She pushed as hard as she could as she cried out onto my cock in frustration. I held onto the stall so I wouldn’t be thrown through the door. Next she tried to speak, but it only came out as muffled noises as her head continued to bob back and forth on my shaft. Finally in desperation, she began to hit my legs as hard as she could, but she couldn’t generate much force because her body continued to rock back and forth as she pleasured me. I chuckled as the beginning of tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

“Please me as you would please a lover,” I Commanded. She immediately stopped hitting me as one hand sought the shaft of my dick and the other cradled my balls. She began to weep as she took more and more of me into her mouth while her hand pistoned and twirled on my cock. Her tongue flicked expertly around the top of my head, sending ripples of pleasure up my body. Man, this bitch was good. When she gave it her all, she was an all-star.

Her tears flowed freely down her face mixing with the saliva rolling down her chin, but her eyes were staring daggers at me. I really wanted to blow my load down her sobbing throat, but I had better ideas. I pulled my power out again and Commanded, “Stand up and turn around.” She complied immediately. As soon as her mouth left my cock, her cries echoed loudly around the room. “Stop crying,” I said using my Voice of Command, and she stopped as best she could, reducing her wails to sniffles.

“I’m going to fucking kill you,” she spat, trying to look at me over her shoulder.

“Ashley, you must be the dumbest bitch on this planet. Fucking hot, but dumb as bricks. Do you think you would be in this predicament if you had only done your job? A ten second phone call to Ms. Hill would have been all that it took, and I would have been out of your life.” I called up the Voice again and commanded, “Bend over at the waist and grab the toilet seat.”

She immediately followed my command, presenting her perfect ass sheathed beneath tight, thin fabric. I slowly walked up to her. Reaching down, I traced a hand up her leg starting from her ankle and ending up at the hem of her skirt. She wiggled, trying to escape me, but my command held her firm. Grabbing her skirt with both hands, I lifted it up to her waist, resting it against her hips. Her black lacy thong was just visible between her firm, bare ass cheeks.

“Stop! What are you doing?” she cried out, trying to get away but only succeeding in making her ass jiggle.

“If I were you, I would speak softer,” I responded. “With one word, I can have you believing I’m your only lover. If someone comes in, I might have to throw you to the wolves, so to speak.” I slapped her ass firmly reddening it slightly. “If you value your reputation, I would try to be as quiet as possible. Do you understand me?” I asked. I slapped her other ass cheek, turning that one red as well. “I asked, do you understand me?” She nodded quickly, tears starting to leak again.

Standing up behind her, I hooked my fingers onto the sides of her panties and slid them down to her knees. Her slit had moistened the crotch of her panties from her earlier orgasm. The smell of sex wafted faintly up to my nose as I positioned the head against her pink folds.

“Please, stop,” She whimpered. “I’ll take you into see Ms. Hill right away. I’ll do what you want.”

“You already are doing what I want,” I responded, thrusting my cock deeply into her. The wetness of her pussy mixed with the spit on my cock, letting my large shaft slide effortlessly into her. She sucked in a breath as her vaginal walls expanded to take my girth. Slowly I began pumping against her. It felt incredible, her tight vagina squeezing my cock as I thrust in and out of her depths. After a little while her twat had loosened up enough to take some harder pounding, so I grabbed her skirt as a handle and began to pull her to me as I thrust. I felt my balls begin to slap her clit, and her hands gripped the toilet tighter in response. Each thrust she let out a small grunt, but she was fighting the pleasure as hard as she could.

“Lick your finger, and shove it up your ass,” I Commanded, speaking each word between thrusts.

“Mm Nmm,” she tried to say, but it was unintelligible due to her finger being in her mouth. “No!” she said after her digit had been fully lubed. “I’ve never done-!” As she was trying to convince me, her hand had snaked around behind her and was slowly pressing into her puckered asshole. “Uhgn,” she groaned, as her sphincter opened up to accommodate her finger.

Seeing this beautiful woman bent over with my cock in her pussy and her finger up her ass enticed me as I hadn’t felt in a while. Gripping her arm below the elbow with one hand and her skirt with the other, I Commanded, “Fingerbang your ass” while resuming the hard fucking. Her hand immediately responded, sliding her finger in and out of her ass in time to my cock thrusts. After a minute or two, I slowed down, but her finger continued to gyrate in her butt.

“Do you know why I am doing this, Ashley?” I asked. “Lick a second finger and use two to finger your ass,” I said, using the Voice of Command. Her eyes opened wide while she jammed her hand into her mouth, and then returned to her ass. Her butthole must have been loosened up, because her fingers slipped easily into her ass as she resumed fucking herself. I slowly pulled almost out of her, before lazily shoving my cock back into her. I repeated this as I resumed talking to her.

“I’m doing this for all the men you’ve fucked over with your attitude. I’m doing this for all the times you thought you could treat someone like dirt because of your looks. I’m doing this so next time someone asks you something, you don’t blow them off. But mostly, I’m doing this because I can, and it feels really good.” She must have enjoyed her ass being fucked, because she was grunting and biting her lip. “Do you want to see the power I possess over you?” It was a rhetorical question, but she shook her head in a vigorous no. Pulling the power of Command from inside me, I bent over and whispered into her ear, “Cum.”

“Unnnnngggghhh!” She groaned loudly. I held on as best I could as she shook in a violent orgasm. Her pussy spasmed wildly around my cock as it tried to pull me inside her completely. She arched her back until her head was looking straight up, her eyes closed tight in ecstasy. She pushed the fingers as deep into her ass as they would go. She held that position as orgasmic wave after wave crashed into her.

Finally, the feeling subsided and her legs began to twitch, too exhausted to support her. She slipped off my cock and collapsed onto the toilet, he legs splayed out with her fingers were still buried in her ass. Her head rested on the closed lid of the bowl.

“I’m not done with you yet,” I growled. “Spread your ass cheeks with both hands.” Her hand pulled out of her asshole and both hands pulled her butt open. Her sphincter winked at me, opening and closing slightly.

“Please, no more,” she begged quietly.

“It’s not over until I’m done,” I said harshly. Bending over, I spat into her gaping asshole to lube it up before lowering the head of my cock to it.

“No – nnggnn,” she begged again, as I pressed my cock against her virgin ass. It resisted for a moment, but I kept pressing into it. Finally, the sphincter expanded to accept the tip. I kept up the pressure until the full length of my rod was inside her.

“Ouch,” she whimpered, still spreading her ass apart.

Outside of the bathroom, I began to hear a voice. Suddenly the door opened and I heard a woman call out, “Ashley?”

It was Ms. Hill.

Ashley whimpered and tensed up below me, my earlier threat of disgrace still clear in her head. This was an interesting situation, one that I might enjoy. Since the stall walls go all the way to the floor, she will have no way of knowing who is in the stall, as long as I’m not heard. Grabbing my slave by her ponytail, I pulled her back to me and whispered in her ear. “Answer her, but don’t do anything that will give us away.”

“Uh, yes Ms. Hill?” It came out strained, because I kept a firm grip on her ponytail, arching her back and opening her ass even more to me. As I heard the crisp stride of high heels walk towards the stall, I slowly began to stroke in and out of her ass. She grunted and bit her lip to stop from crying out. I continued my assault on her anus while the sound of shoes approached and stopped in front of the stall.

“Ms. Wilson, why are you not at your desk,” Ms. Hill asked sternly.

The idea of another woman right behind us excited me, and I began to piston faster into Ashley.

“I’m sorry…Ms. Hill…I’m not feeling…too well…,” she responded as best she could, with only small pauses each time my cock bottomed out inside of her.

There was a long pause, and my slave’s body quivered with fear, causing her asshole to tighten until my cock hurt.

“Ok, Ashley. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off? I can finish here without you.”

“Thank you…Ms. Hill.”

Ms. Hill’s heels clicked against the tile as she walked to the door and out. Ashley’s whole body relaxed in relief. While I continued to pound her butthole, I pulled her ponytail and said into her ear, “You were a good bitch there, so I think I’m going to reward you. Touch yourself until you cum.”

Both hands immediately came off her ass cheeks and one went to her clit while the other went into her bra. Almost getting caught while getting fucked in the ass must have excited her, because after only a short while she started to moan in the throes of ecstasy. I started to piston in and out of her ass, feeling the tightening of my balls which meant my release was soon.

Pulling her one final time to my mouth, I said, “Cum like the fucking whore you are!” Her whole body spasmed uncontrollably and her heels drummed against the tile. She began her loudest groan yet, but before she could start, I wrapped one hand against her mouth, quieting her to a dull roar. Her asshole tightened, massaging my cock as I began to unload deep inside her. Controlling her with her ponytail, I jizzed shot after shot of my hot semen deep within her bowels.

After my orgasm finished, I collapsed onto her. She reached behind and grasped me, pushing onto my cock as her orgasm continued to rage inside her. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally relaxed, nuzzling into me with a contented sigh. I had no interest in turning this into anything more than it was; a lesson.

Pulling out of her, I stood up and looked down at her. Her underwear was still wrapped around one stiletto, her skirt was bunched up and wrinkled around her waist, her blouse was undone and one fake tit was hanging out. Her hair was a mess from where I pulled it and her makeup was running from the tears earlier and some of my jizz was running down her leg from her ass. And yet, she still looked amazing.

But I’m not here to find a girl. If I wanted that, I could make her love me with a word. I wasn’t lying about that. I pulled up my power again. “Pull you underwear back up. Do not clean your asshole today. When I leave, I want you to go to Ms. Hill and tell her you are okay to finish working today.” She pulled them up, with a look of shock on her face. “I want you to carry my semen in your ass all through work today, to remind you of the price.” I looked down at my cock, beginning to go flaccid. Semen and juice from her cunt and her ass covered it. “Clean my cock with your mouth,” I Commanded.

She sat up onto her knees and proceeded to lick my entire shaft, without any word of complaint or protest. It couldn’t have tasted good, but she handled it lovingly, even sucking the last of my cum from the tip of my dick. I’m telling you make a woman cum like I just made Ashley, and she will forgive anything. And I do mean anything.

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