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An Old Love Story

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“Dear Lord, do I feel my age this morning,” thought Regina. She got out of bed and hobbled out to the kitchen. She hadn’t really wanted to move into this retirement home, but she couldn’t keep up the old farmhouse anymore. Her son William had taken over the farm pretty much right after her Frank had passed eight years previous. But Regina had tried to stay on in the house since then. But even that became too much, because it was such a big house to care for.

Just as well William had moved in with his young wife Jennifer. Regina was grateful now to be in an apartment where the kitchen was 17 steps from her bed, and on the same floor.

She had been playing euchre down in the common room with Ethel and Herman, her friends downstairs, and the new tenant, Paul. Paul was once divorced and once widowed and he was two years her younger, at 66. After Ethel and Herman had gone to bed, Paul and she had stayed and talked. He seemed a simple man, undistracted by things he had no control over. That’s not to say he wasn’t intelligent. He was obviously well read. But he seemed to be totally enthralled by whatever Regina had to say about anything, and he accepted her words as gospel without wanting to argue as many older people did.

After they left the common room they went to Regina’s apartment and talked some more. When he made his leave, he confidently but unhurriedly moved to kiss her. She allowed him, and when he did she felt something awaken that she thought long dead. She got aroused. She was so confused by the feeling she just mumbled something about needing her beauty sleep. He bade her good night, and with a last look, he was gone.

So, she had awakened this morning feeling a little fatigued by the unaccustomed hours last night. And, to be honest, she felt an emptiness that she hadn’t needed attending to since before Frank got sick, eleven years before. She’d always been a lusty, but proper woman, and Frank had kept her fulfilled, most of the time. She put her needs aside when he got the cancer, figuring there was no sense dwelling on it since she would likely never feel those desires again. But now Paul seemed to be interested in her. He was a true gentleman, but he was also a man, sure of what he wanted.

Regina touched herself, beneath her robe. Lord Almighty, she was a little bit wet. “Well aren’t I the hussy.” she thought smelling her fingers. She reached for the phone.

“Good morning Paul. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m well, Regina. How are you.”

“I’m good. These old bones take a few minutes to get going in the morning, but I’m going now. Have you had breakfast yet? Would you like to join me in a bowl of Muesli?”

“I’d be delighted. 5 minutes?”

“I’ll be waiting.”

Paul pocketed a Viagra, on the off chance that Regina would be receptive to his advances. As he’d shared with Regina last night, he’d lost his wife to cancer 2 years ago. He’d always had a healthy sexual appetite, but it had been stunted since his wife took sick. He started dating a few months ago, but nothing had come of it. All the women he’d been interested in had turned out to be mostly alike. Interested only in gossiping about each other, and discussing their own ailments. He wasn’t even after the sex so much, as someone he could be comfortable with.

10 minutes later he was at Regina’s door. She answered quickly as if she’d been waiting, which of course she had. She had the table set with cereal, milk, coffee, tea, and jams with bread. She also had cottage cheese in a serving dish.

“Gracious Regina, you certainly know how to make a man feel welcome.”

“Thank you, Paul. I felt comfortable with you last night, so I wanted to make you feel welcome.” She rested her hand on his arm and led him to the table.

They sat and ate, Paul trying a little bit of everything. He was sated when he finished. Regina didn’t eat much, she really didn’t anymore anyways. When they were done and cleaned up Paul asked if she had any plans for the day.

“Well, that depends on you.”

“How so?”

“Well, if you had plans, I was just going to do my usual. Watch a bit of TV. Visit a few people. Maybe take a slow bicycle ride. And if you didn’t have plans, I wondered if you’d like to spend the day with me.”

“Sure, I’d love to spend the day with you. What would you like to do?”

“Well, if I may be so bold. I’d like to be intimate with you. It’s been many years, and last night I was thinking naughty thoughts about you.”

“As you know it’s been a while for me too. I’d be delighted. Please let me go home and shower. I’ll be right back.”

“You could shower here. We could get to know each other. Unless you would like some privacy. Or something.”

“OK, I’ll go get my shave cream and I’ll be right back.”

“Let yourself in when you get back, and lock the door behind you.”

Regina went into the bathroom and gave it a quick once over. She was normally a very neat person, but she just wanted to be sure. She had just turned the shower on when Paul walked into the bathroom. She closed the door behind him, “Just to keep cool breezes out.” and they stood there looking at each other. She put her hands on his chest gave him a tentative kiss. Leaning her head on his chest she murmured, “Please allow for my age when you see this wrinkled bag of bones.” Then she stepped back and started removing her clothes, Paul following her lead. She stared at his face as they disrobed, to see his reaction, because he was staring at her body as it was revealed. She got down to her bra and, admittedly, granny panties.

“Stop.” he said, holding out his hand.

“Wha, what’s wrong.” suddenly worried she had made a fool of herself.

“I just want to enjoy the scene. If you decide never to do this with me again, I want to imprint this picture on my brain so I can remember it for a long time. Or until my Alzheimer’s kicks in.”

Regina stepped towards him and gave him a kiss, cupping his face in her hands. He was down to his underwear as well, so they finished off together. Her bra, his underwear, her panties. His hair was all grey, covering his torso and pubic area. What had once been a solid body was now covered with a layer of fat and saggy wrinkles, but there was a hint of what he once was. His wide shoulders and thick chest, torso and legs still had the impression of strength.

Regina was glad that she didn’t have the tendency to get fat as many of her friends had when they got older. But unfortunately that meant getting skinnier, so her butt had flattened and her boobs were just saggy sacks now. Surprisingly she still had a few black strands of pubic hair, in a somewhat wild thatch, but she had been in the habit of keeping her other body hair under control. She was pleased to see Paul’s small penis start to get stiff. She thought to herself, “It’s probably a good thing he’s not too big, I doubt I couldn’t handle it now.” She hadn’t seen more than a few in her life, but she knew her husband’s had been slightly above average.

She turned to get in the shower, and Paul followed her in. There were safety bars around the sides, and a seat spanning the sides at the tap end. Paul grabbed her soap, “Is this what you like?”

“Yes, I love the smell.” She was facing him, getting her hair and back wet.

“Turn around.” She did. He stood her a little sideways and started washing her back, softly touching where no one had touched her except her doctor, for so many years. Softly running the clothe over her skin, she started to lean back into him. He started washing a little harder, and Regina started moaning softly in pleasure. He moved his hand with the soap clothe down and massaged her bum. It was saggy, and a little wrinkly, but it was definitely female and excited him immensely. He massaged her cheeks and she spread her feet apart giving him more access. He soaped his fingers and ran them down her crack giving some attention to her rosebud. She clenched at first, having so intimate a spot touched by a virtual stranger, but he persisted and she moaned. He wiped his fingers with soap, up and down her cheeks to clean them, then delved between her legs again. He reached just far enough to touch her vagina and stroked her softly, just probing her hole. Regina could barely stand now, and his other arm was holding her up.

Paul stopped and just hugged Regina for a minute, kissing her softly. After a minute she took the soap. She started the same, washing his back and butt. She also returned the favour of washing between his cheeks. He was really uncomfortable, because no one had ever touched him there, although his wives had liked to be touched. But he gradually loosened up after a few minutes and even enjoyed the sensation. After teasing him a bit, she turned him around. She was pleased to see, and a little ashamed to judge, that his penis had grown to an average size. “Mmm, that’s nice.” she said.

“Yeah, it’s a little misleading,” Paul chuckled. “it’s almost an innie when it’s not erect, but it dresses up well.”

“God, I hope I get wet enough to take this. I haven’t been aroused in years.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I took the liberty of picking up some lubricant from the pharmacy. In the hopes that we would end up in this situation. It was difficult for my wife in her later years to lubricate, so I thought it would be prudent to be prepared.”

“And so it is.” She stroked his penis a bit and felt the hardness there. “Let’s go in the bedroom.”

They lay on the bed kissing and exploring each other. Paul had lost his hardness, but every time Regina paid particular attention to it, it regained most of it’s size. She was utterly fascinated with it, never having seen one behave like that before. Eventually Paul grew impatient with the exploring and began to love Regina in earnest. He laved her breasts with his tongue, complimenting her whenever he could. He truly loved her nipples and they proved to be quite sensitive. He was able to push her nipples together and lavish them both with attention from his teeth, tongue, and lips. He moved down her belly, soft and wrinkled, and showing the marks of childbearing. She was moaning and whimpering, waiting for him to move on. Paul acquiesced and slithered his tongue down into her pubic hair, gently tugging and twisting. Regina was thrusting her hips up, trying to get him to touch were she wanted. Finally he dove right in, spreading her lips with his fingers and sticking his tongue as far into her hole as he could. He licked up and down. She was a little moist and he could taste her delicious juice. She didn’t have near what she needed for intercourse, but she did taste good. She was humping her hips at him and grunting softly. He licked her good and slopped saliva all over her, then slipped a finger inside, searching for her G-spot. He could feel it’s raised surface, so he started stroking it. He moved his hips around so she could get at his cock, then he locked his lips on her clit. With his tongue tickling her clit and his lips creating suction, and his fingers agitating her G-spot, her arousal peaked. She had an orgasm quickly, but Paul didn’t stop. He kept going and she started building ever higher. When she peaked she lost control of herself and shook, moaned, screamed even, and muttered unintelligible gibberish. She also uttered expletives he wouldn’t have suspected she knew. Fluids gushed from her vagina and she thought she actually urinated. She clamping her legs shut and shook her head, but Paul kept on as long as she seemed to ride the crest. When she started to taper off, he stopped, reversed himself on the bed and just held her. She continued to spasm for several minutes as she came back to normal.

When she calmed down she looked at him and said, “Good Christ, what did you do to me?”

“Just some thing I learned. How do you feel?”

“Like I need your cock inside me. Please make love to me now, Paul.”

Paul got the lubricant and rubbed it in. She had lubricated, but he couldn’t be sure she would stay that way. And he wanted to make sure this was really enjoyable for her. He moved on top of her and slowly put his cock in her entrance. Once the head was in, he stopped for a minute so she could get used to it. Then he slowly slid in the rest of the way. She was so tight, he wasn’t sure he could get it all in at once. She seemed to like it. Her head was back, eyes shut, mouth open in a silent scream. Paul wasn’t even that hard yet, but after a couple strokes he started to get harder.

Regina looked up at him with lidded eyes. “Oh my God, Paul. That feels so wonderful. It’s been such a long time. Please, don’t go too fast. Let me enjoy it.”

Paul grunted. He had been afraid of not being able to perform, now it looked like he would have trouble lasting long enough. He slowed down his thrusting.

“Regina, I agree. That feels so damn good. I’d almost forgotten what good sex was like. You are so beautiful, lying there.” He lowered his head to kiss her. When he raised his head again, she grasped her sagging breasts and brought them together near her chin. Paul lowered his head and started pleasuring her there, too.

His mouth on her sensitive nipples, along with his slow deep thrusts was inexorably taking her to the edge again. She started thrusting back at him, loving the feeling of fullness. Her orgasm hit her and she released her breasts to clench his ass. Her hips where rolling, grinding her pussy on his cock, her clit on his pubic bone, so she held him as deep as she could. Their cries mingled together as she felt his seed released inside her. One thing she loved about being older, her barren womb didn’t need any artificial protection so she was free to enjoy the feel of his ejaculation.

As they rested afterwards, in each other’s arms, they vowed that they would repeat this as often as they could. And so they did, two or three times a month. They got along so well they spent all their waking time together. Neither wanted to upset the applecart by suggesting marriage, but their love was growing. In fact when the opportunity arose Paul took the unit beside hers and they essentially lived together, and they had spare beds whenever any family wanted to visit.

You’re never too old to find happiness.

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