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More the Merrier

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It had become a regular occurrence. Roy would visit on Saturday morning, if his sister did not spend the night, and get his cock sucked and fuck my ass. At times it was still very exciting but all to often it seemed that we just went through the motions, meeting out of habit more than anything.

With Roy’s birthday coming up I asked what he would like to do, hoping for something different and exciting. After some thought he asked if I would do anything he asked and I said yes, short of illegal or pain. At that he told me he would let me know what he wanted on his birthday.

As the fateful day rolled around I had still not heard a word about what he wanted. That evening he called to tell me to keep Saturday open for him that he would collect his gift then. For the next two days I wondered what it was he wanted but reasoned that he would just be over to cum in my mouth and ass as usual.

Saturday morning at about 10:00 Roy showed up. As I answered the door I was surprised to see he had brought three friends with him. I had no idea what this meant but reasoned that he was passing through and would return later by himself. I invited them in and after introductions got everyone a beer. As we sat and talked I looked over Roy’s friends. All were around our age, one shorter than Roy, one the same height but thinner and the last tall and well built. All were average looking and friendly likable everyday people.

I had stopped thinking about Roy’s gift and was just enjoying the company when Roy mentioned to his friends that I was the one he had told them about. When I asked what it was he told them he just smiled and said that I was the one who sucked his cock and took it in the ass. I could feel my world come to and end. He described our get togethers with them as I sunk lower into the cushions, my eyes closed, face red and praying to die then and there.

As Roy described what we did I noticed that his friends were asking how much he enjoyed it, how it felt, how long did he last and other questions. It became apparent that they did not condemn me or Roy but rather, were interested in what we were doing. Soon they were asking me what it was like to have a cock in my mouth, did it hurt to get fucked, did I like the taste of cum. As I got over the shock and embarrassment of the situation I slowly became involved in the conversation wondering were it was going to lead to. Soon Roy was pulling my hand to his cock letting me know that he was hard from the conversation.

After rubbing my hand over his crotch Roy unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock from his pants. We all watched as he stroked himself a few times then he put his hand behind my back and tried to bend me over towards his hard cock. The room was suddenly quiet and again I felt embarrassed, yet at the same time excited. I put up a little resistance and he told me that this is what he really wanted for his birthday. I was surprised to find that I was excited that Roy wanted to have his friends watch as I blew him, that they would watch me suck his cock. Grabbing his cock and stroking him I slid off the couch and down onto my knees and took his cock into my mouth. As I started moving my lips down Roy’s cock the room became very quiet, soon the only sound was Roy’s breathing and his cock pumping in my mouth.

All the time I sucked his cock I kept thinking that when I was done I would watch someone else suck cock and got more and more excited. Roy seemed more excited than usual also and soon blurted out that he was going to cum. As his three friends looked on he blew a huge load in my mouth, blast after blast of hot rich cream into my throat. I kept sucking until his cock started to soften in my mouth and the last of his cum was swallowed. As I straightened up and looked around I could see that all three of them had their pants open and were stroking hard cocks. Funny how the first thing that hit me was how their cocks fit the person.

The shortest had the smallest cock, 5″ and thin, one like Roy’s 6″ but not as fat and the last about 8″ and thick. As I started to get up from my knees Roy gently placed his hand on my shoulder and held me down, then pushed me over towards his small friend sitting next to him. I suddenly realized that he wanted me to blow his friends, not sit back and watch them. Without a second thought I moved over and swallowed his friends 5″ cock and started sucking. In just a few moments I could feel his cock stiffen even more and start to pulse as he blew his load into my mouth. Again I sucked his cock until it was soft and empty before moving on to the next. He was very similar to Roy in size and felt almost familiar as I took his cock in my mouth and started swallowing it. As I slid his cock out of my mouth and dragged my tongue along the vein he started cumming, filling my mouth with another load of rich hot sperm. I then turned to the 8″ cock , holding it in my hand and admiring it before taking the head between my lips. This cock I really loved, his big spongy head running over my tongue, rubbing my checks. The shaft so thick and hard on my lips as he pushed more into my mouth. I started sucking as much as I could, rolling his balls in one hand and stroking him with the other. He lasted about 5 minutes before I felt his cock pulse and knew he was about to cum. I swallowed as much as I could when the first blast hit the back of my throat choking me. He came in long hard bursts, like a fire hose going off in my mouth. I tried to swallow each load but for every drop down my throat another fell from my lips onto my chin and beard. Still I sucked for what seem hours until his cock softened and no more juice dripped from him and into my mouth.

I was surprised how tired I felt and hunched over for a few minutes to rest and calm down. As I rested Roy brought out a face cloth and began wiping the excess cum from my face and beard. As he cleaned me up he began to remove my shirt, then my pants and underwear. His friends seem to take this as a signal and began to strip down until the five of us were naked. I noticed that Roy’s cock was hard again as he produced some lube and began to lather up his cock. At this I asked him “Your friends too?” and he just nodded. I said, “OK but smallest t biggest.” At that Roy said, “Fine but I’m first.”

As his friends watched on I got down on my hands and knees before Roy. He had always fucked me on my back before but I thought that this would give the best show for the others in the room. I could feel his cock slid down my ass crack until the head came to rest on my asshole. I slowly pushed back onto his cock until I felt the head enter me. I was surprised at how much longer his cock felt as he sank into me from behind and slowly started fucking me. Once buried up my ass Roy grabbed my hips and started slowly to fuck my ass for his friends. My own cock felt like an iron bar swinging with Roy’s pounding into me. My ass began to heat up with the friction of his cock and I slammed back into him, squeezing his cock with my ass to make him cum. Soon he buried himself as deeply as he could up my ass and I could feel his cock spasm and his hot cum began to cool down my ass. After pumping into me a few more times Roy pulled his softening cock from my ass and I could feel the cum start to drip down my legs.

His small friend quickly moved to take Roy’s place, kneeling behind me and driving his cock into my ass using Roy’s cum as a lube. The smaller size and the big load of sperm in my ass allowed him to slide into me up to his balls easily on the first stroke. Grabbing my hips he started pounding my ass driving his 5″ cock as deep into me as he could. With each stroke I could feel Roy’s sperm leaking from me as he tried to replace it with his own. Sliding one hand under me he started stroking my cock as he pumped into me asking how I liked it. I started telling him to fuck me, fuck my ass and fill me with his cum. As I started talking he picked up speed, calling me a slut and quickly filled my used ass with his own offering of sperm.

As his cock, along with a big load of cum, pulled from my ass the next got into position. He did not seem in as big a hurry and rubbed the head of his cock around my ass and in the sperm before slowly sinking into me. After the last cock his seemed to stretch me more making me feel the full size of his 6″ cock entering me. I pushed back into him wanting his cock buried deep in my ass. He started a slow steady rhythm in my ass and kept it up for about 10 minutes. I could feel his cock thicken and stretch as his pace quickened and knew he was getting close. I started moving back into him and squeezing my ass on his cock as he pulled out. Holding his cock deep in me he blew another load in my ass. By the time he pulled his cock from me cum was rolling down my legs, cooling and thickening. My ass was beginning to feel sore by this time but all I really thought about was the size of that next cock.

He got up from his chair and stood in front of me, giving me a good view of his big cock and grabbing it in his hand rubbed the head around my lips. I opened my mouth and started sucking the head as he stroked himself. He asked if I was ready for him and I said yes, fuck me with that big cock. He got behind me and slowly started pushing his cock into my wet open ass. Even with the fucking I had taken I could feel my ass stretch around his thick meat. I lowered my head to the floor as he started pumping, with each stroke sinking more of his cock up my ass. It wasn’t long before I could feel the full length of his 8″ cock moving into me, opening me up even more than I already was. Once in he placed his hands on my shoulders and pulled me back onto his cock. I lifted up onto my arms to help him and started rocking my ass back into him, taking him as deep into my ass as I could. His hot hard cock seemed to radiate heat throughout my ass as he fucked me. The smaller man then lay on the floor beside me and sliding under took my cock in his mouth. As the cock in my ass pushed me forward my cock would slide deeper into his mouth and soon the three of us were rocking back and forth in unison, moaning and groaning almost in harmony. I thought that it could get no better but then Roy stepped up and offered his now hardening cock to my mouth. 

Here I was having my cock sucked, a huge cock fucking my ass and Roy’s familiar cock pumping my mouth. I started cumming right away. As I tightened up and shot my load I could feel my ass squeeze that big cock and It started jerking in my ass. Soon he was cumming what seemed gallons up my ass and Roy was shooting his load down my throat.

We all collapsed after that and I took some time to clean up. They stayed until 6:00 that evening, fucking my mouth and ass, sometimes alone, sometimes in teams for most of the day until they could not get hard again. Roy certainly had surprised me but I think I got the birthday present.

This was my most exciting adventure and sums up my move from straight to bi bottom. I have had other adventures, some left out and some later and if the demand is there I will put them to paper also.

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