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An Unusual Girl

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Ch. 1

I was 21, and invincible. The lifeguard job on a Florida beach was my final summer of fun after graduating from college, before facing a real job. It was also a great way to meet women, strutting around in their bikinis, each showing more flesh than the last. One particularly attractive girl had been walking past my station all morning; petite, she had a subtle flare to her hips and breasts, dark hair, and arresting, flashing blue eyes, eyes you could get lost in.

She was just a little heavy but in all the right places. When I got off duty I gathered my courage and asked her to join me for a beachside snack. Her name was Sonja, on a long vacation with her wealthy parents, but she could get away most of the time. There was something irresistibly sexy about the way she moved her body, her breasts always trembling, tantalizing me. We talked about school, life, all the usual things. When she slowly bit into the end of her hot dog, looking at me with mischief in her eyes, I knew she was ready.

It was sunset by the time we got back to the deserted beach; the sand was still hot, and so were we, so we laid down side by side in the shadow of the now-empty lifeguard tower. I took the spot closest to the tower; Sonja reclined on her back, arms above her head, stretching taut the sheer gold-brown fabric of her bra. Two triangles of cloth swept up to a cord around her neck; a second cord looped under her breasts to anchor the tiny triangles, little bumps in the middle of each one betraying her arousal. Tantalizing roundness protruded on both sides of each soft mound. She looked down at her breasts, drawing my attention to them, and said, “You’ve been staring at me all day. No, it’s ok, I like it, really I do. I shouldn’t do this, but I want you to look.”

Carefully Sonja lifted the inside panel of her bra, on the side toward me, to reveal her whole breast. I confess that I was fascinated by her attitude, her need to expose herself, as much as I was by the beauty of the flesh itself. She let me look for a long time, alternating her glance between her bra and my face, making sure that I was paying attention. She needn’t have worried. “Look at how stiff my nipple is, Brad. I’m so excited just showing it to you, I could scream.”

“You really get off on displaying your body, don’t you?”

“Well, I confess I do, in a way. But it has to be in the right situation. Tell me what you’re seeing.”

“Uh, ok. I see a perfect erect nipple. It’s pink and juicy, forbidden fruit. And I see a generous patch of pink sexual flesh, covered with little bumps, puffed out a little from the roundness of your boob, very sexy. It looks soft and ripe and begging to be squeezed. And I see your penetrating eyes.” Sonja shivered. I took a chance and kissed those nipples, hard and shiny.

“Oh, that was hot. I want you to really examine my tits, really appreciate them. We can have a lot of fun with my body.”

Eventually Sonja let her bra fall away, and asked me to sit up. “Now for the second act.”

Lifting her hips just enough, she slipped her bikini bottom down to her knees. It wasn’t hiding much anyway, triangles of sheer cloth front and rear barely bigger than her pussy, held in place with thin cords. Her tangle of soft dark curls was divided by a pink-red slit, already showing as her labia pulled themselves back in sexual excitement. She was neatly shaved except for the small triangle behind her bikini.

“This kind of thing turns you on, doesn’t it, Sonja?”

“Oh god, I know it shouldn’t, but it does. I feel wicked and embarrassed and turned on at the same time.”

Just as I was about to touch her where it counts, two teenage boys came wandering up the beach. Sonja hurriedly pulled up her bottoms, but I called the boys over. “Want to see something special?”

Sonja guessed what I had in mind, shivered, and whispered, “You can tease them with my tits, but don’t let them touch.” That was fine with me. I’d possess her, putting her body on display at my pace.

The two boys had the studied beach-bum look, almost knee-length trunks and tousled blonde hair. They sat down with Sonja lying between us, glancing at each other, not knowing what to expect. She examined each of them, holding her hands over her breasts, and signaled me to get started. Looking at the wide-eyed boys, I carefully drew her hands down, slowly revealing her bare breasts. Eyeing the boys through slit eyes, Sonja was unconsciously (I think) pulling her shoulders back to thrust her breasts up toward them. We watched as the magic of her arousal caused her nipples to swell and burst out from their aureoles. I pressed and massaged, showing the boys how springy and flexible the mounded flesh was. Goose pimples covered the smooth curves of her breasts, from excitement rather than cold. We could all see her nipples standing erect. Humming softly, Sonja was lost in the haze of her exhibition and staring at her breasts like the rest of us. I pinched a nipple and pulled up, shaking her boob to show the boys how soft and full and heavy it was. She gasped. The boys leaned forward, absentmindedly chewing their lips; one was moving a hand in his crotch. I told them how much this girl enjoyed having her boobs fondled while others watched. A night light turned itself on atop the lifeguard stand, its dim yellowish glow outlining Sonja’s nearly-naked body.

To complete Sonja’s exposure I slid my hands over the soft roundness of her belly, into the saddle-shaped place where her hips flare out from her waist. I wiggled a finger in her belly button – she giggled, her boobs shaking. I spread her legs a bit; she didn’t resist, so I caressed the smooth, soft flesh on the insides of her thighs. Her hips began to twitch forward in little involuntary spasms. Slowly I eased her bottoms down, two now-slack triangles, until her pubic hair just began to peek out. We hadn’t talked about this, so I was feeling my way, reading little non-verbal signals. When her slit began to appear she spread her legs further, stopping my removal of her suit but leaving room for me to cover her treasures with my hand. I slid my hand slowly but firmly against the smooth fabric, eliciting hums and coos. Along the center I could feel that her outer labia were still parted, and I could run my finger right through the little valley. A warm moistness told me how much this excited her. Daring to go a little farther I slipped my hand under the cloth, feeling her damp curls and the smooth slit between them. To my surprise she lifted her head and told our audience, “Look, you can see the wet patch on my suit. My pussy is soaked, this is so hot. Now my boyfriend is going to slide into my hole, like fucking with his finger.”

So now I was Sonja’s boyfriend. Great with me, I suppose, with my finger in her pussy and two guys watching I couldn’t be anything less. It wasn’t like fumbling teenage foreplay, neither side quite admitting what was going on; this was open, public; we were all aware of Sonja’s willing surrender. She murmured, “Keep going, Brad, it feels so good, in my cunt, look how turned on I am.”

“My girlfriend loves this, she loves feeling sexy and showing strangers everything, even her tits and her cunt, and showing them how good it feels.”

As I pumped in and out, Sonja’s face and torso began to glow pink in the dim light. I could swear her already large breasts swelled. Her hip movements became more overt, faster, more rhythmic; she pushed up on each stroke when I slid in, forcing me in further. I found her clit, pushing out from under its little hood, and rubbed. She wiggled furiously, clenching her fists, moaning, finally grabbing my crotch and holding on desperately to my raging erection through my shorts. All rational thought gone, we were lost in our mutual lust. Our onlookers, slack jawed and overawed, were forgotten, ignored. Sonja reached the point of no return; she screamed, thrusting her hips into the air while her body stiffened and vibrated. She squeezed painfully hard on my erection, then stared at her two boys through slit eyes as I felt her repeated contractions begin to wane on my buried finger.

As abruptly as it had started, the magic was lost. Sonja slacked back, a sheen of sweat all over her lovely body. I said, “I think my girlfriend needs some quiet time now.”

The boys got up. There was no point in their hiding their erections as they slowly walked away, not laughing and celebrating as you might expect, but quiet, still in awe of the intensity and beauty of the whole event. They didn’t notice Sonja and me looking at each other, holding both hands even though one of mine was still soaked. Nothing was said, nothing was needed; we saw that each fulfilled a deep need in the other. We would be together.

The next morning we were on the beach early, I at my job and Sonja at my side. Luckily it was a pretty quiet day, so we could talk. Once I had to pull a couple of toddlers away from the surf, but no dramatic rescues.

Sonja was attempting to be serious, though I could tell how elated, almost giddy, she was inside. I was just as elated, but I’m not good at hiding it. She reached up to hold my hand through the railing on the lifeguard station’s elevated platform, which is formally against the rules, but no one objected. Today her bikini was so brief that it was hardly there, two tiny purple triangles barely wider than her aureoles, and a triangle at her crotch so narrow that even her neatly trimmed hair peeked out on both sides. I found that particularly erotic, and when I told her so she lifted one leg to give me a better view. She told me how turned on she had been the previous night; she had never done anything like that before, not even close. It was scary and embarrassing but a revelation, as much to herself as to me.

At my midmorning break, as soon as my relief guy appeared I jumped down and took Sonja in my arms. We kissed; when one of us pulled out for breath the other would attack and we would fall into another embrace more intense than the last. My tongue played with hers until it was too tired to go on, so I kissed her cheeks, ears, neck. She made sure that my erection was comfortably pressed against her belly. My hands wandered over her smooth, cool bare skin, her back, her wonderfully soft ass, under her bra, pressing against me, while her hands wandered over me. She smelled intoxicating. We must have made quite a spectacle of ourselves. I cautioned, “People are watching.”

“I know, keep kissing.” She wrapped a leg around mine, her hips undulating forward. My break ended just in time.

At lunch our conversation turned serious. “Brad, I know we just met and you hardly know me, but I have this urge, like a compulsion, last night I couldn’t think of anything else. I didn’t sleep at all. Don’t be shocked – I want us to make love, I want to go all the way with you. I’m not that kind of girl, I’m not a slut who sleeps with a guy right away, really I’m not, but this is different. I’ve never felt this way before, ever. I’m not even on the pill, and I don’t like condoms, they seem so crude and so artificial. I want to experience everything, I need to feel you inside me, alive and intimate. So we can’t do it right away. But I have a problem. My parents are taking me on a cruise starting tonight, I won’t see you for weeks. It’s for my birthday, I’d break their hearts if said no. I can’t bear the thought that you might forget about me. It’s only been a day, but I know already, I know you do too. I’ll call every day.”

“I feel the same way. I want to hold on to you, more than anything, I’m not a one-night-stand kind of guy. And we both have, um, unusual appetites that fit together, you know what I mean. That episode last night was like a dream, you were wonderful, I’m still tingling.”

“No, you were wonderful, so sensitive to my, um, unusual needs. I don’t know how you did it, I didn’t tell you about it, you just knew what I needed. Sometimes I feel I’m a freak, wanting that, but you made it feel natural and wonderful.”

“Let’s go out right now and get you on the pill. By the time you get back we can do it, I’ll set everything up.” Then I leaned in close and whispered in her cute little ear, “I’m going to screw you like you’ve never been screwed before. I’ll strip you naked and fuck your whole body, not just that tight, smooth, wet willing cunt.”

Sonja shivered. “I ought to be offended by that kind of talk, I wasn’t brought up that way. You are SO HOT. And you know what I need like no one ever has before. Let’s go shopping before we do something we’d regret.”

We got her pills, and said goodbye. “Last night, we never got to show those guys my ass.”

“We’ll correct that sometime.”

Sonja did call every day while she was away, long calls. In her sultriest low voice she insisted, “Talk dirty to me, the nastier the better, I love it.”

I told her how someday I’d take her to a particular kind of club, we’d dance, I’d pull her top down right there, everybody would see her tits wobbling, other girls would be showing their tits too. Men would come over to look, and feel, we’d let them fondle her and pinch her nipples. We’d sit down, I’d raise her skirt until our tablemates could see her open cunt, I’d finger her to orgasm right there.”

“Stop, I’m creaming just thinking about it. Am I a total pervert? I want it so much.” You’d really do that?

“That and more. And, everything’s set up for when you get back.”

“I can’t wait.”

Ch. 2

I picked up Sonja right from the boat and drove her back to my crowded little apartment near the beach, in a neighborhood of crowded little apartments. She wore a light summer dress, sandals, and as far as I could tell nothing else. On the way she described the cruise, how it was nice but she couldn’t enjoy it because she was so intent on tonight and what was going to happen. I smiled and said nothing.

I had a barbecue set up on my deck, and had two of my friends over, Kurt and Harold, friendly happy-go-lucky guys from the lifeguard service. They were cooking already when we came in. There was also Jilly, a bony thing with nearly straight hips, average height, no boobs or ass to speak of, short red hair, freckles everywhere, a permanent look of desperation on her narrow face. Her loose top just hung on her, but her short shorts showed off a tiny sliver of ass cheek and her slim legs, her nicest feature. She heard about my little party somehow and just had to come; she begged me at my stand every day until I relented. There was something appealing about her intensity and na•ve enthusiasm, though.

Sonja was almost giddy with anticipation, happy, joking with everybody, glad to be back in the real world with people under fifty. The guys turned out to be good cooks; everything was delicious. Sonja stared at me while she slowly licked barbecue sauce from each finger, and had me lick off the last one. I hadn’t noticed at first how revealing her little dress really was. The top was just two swaths of thin cloth that came up from the waist and tied behind her neck, leaving her lovely boobs to bounce and wobble. We couldn’t quite see her nipples through the sheer fabric, but we all noticed when they got erect and protruded provocatively. Her back was completely bare, all smooth curves. The short, full skirt rode low on her hips, or maybe she just wore it that way. I think we would have been able to see the darkness of her bush if the skirt were tighter. After dinner everyone helped clean up, Sonja brushing her boobs against me at every opportunity. Jilly stared at her a lot. While Sonja was leaning over I ran my hand up to her hips inside her skirt, confirming that there were no panties, not even the scantiest. She turned and gave me a kiss – I had read her right for tonight’s adventure. We all shared a bottle of wine, then another, feeling good, the summer almost over. Playfully I kicked off her sandals.

After a little while Sonja leaned over to me and whispered, “Brad, your friends are great, but when are they going to leave? I’ve been on the pill long enough, I’m lusting for you.”

The time had come. I declared in a voice everyone could hear, “Sonja, they’re not leaving, and we’re not putting off our little rendezvous. I’m going to strip you naked, and show you off, and fuck you right here in front of all of them.”

The room fell silent. Sonja shivered, grabbed my arm and cried, “In front of two guys – and a girl?”

I summoned up my firmest voice, and declared, “Yes. In our relationship, that’s how it’s going to be.”

Jilly quickly scampered over to the couch where we sat, squeezing in on the side opposite my girlfriend, pressing herself against me, shivering slightly.

“Right now?” Sonja bowed down and pressed her face into her hands, hiding her expression. I knew part of this was an act, but I didn’t have a clue how much.

“Yes, Sonja, right now. Stand up and do a turn for us.”

She looked up at me, her eyes red, a look of panic on her face, then kissed my cheek and slowly stood. Unsteadily she turned, the two guys seated opposite us in my tiny living room admiring her bare legs.

“Very nice. We like your legs, as much as we can see. But I think you’re being rude to our guests. Lift your skirt in back, Sonja, lift it to your waist.”

“But they’ll see my ass if I do that. I should have worn panties.”

“Sonja, I knew you wouldn’t. And I don’t think our guests will object. Remember how you told me the boys didn’t get a look at your bare ass the last time I exposed you? Now’s your chance.”

“They know about that?”

“They know everything. Now show us that lovely round ass.”

In fact they didn’t know anything. Facing away from me, Sonja lifted the flimsy material of her skirt and held it behind her waist. Slowly she turned again, so that we could all get a good look at that tight ass flexing and releasing.

“Lovely, Sonja. Now bend over and turn again.”

“But Brad, they might see my, um, private parts sticking out.”

“I know.” I also knew that Sonja craved this exposure; her little falsely modest objections just made it even nastier.

“Sonja, you have no choice. Bend over and turn completely around. No, keep holding your little skirt up in back, it’s shamelessly short anyway. If some of our guests get a glimpse of that juicy cunt, so be it. That’s the price you pay for being slutty and not even wearing panties.”

Biting her lower lip, with a wide-eyed look of determination, she bent over facing me and flipped that little skirt up again. Knowing that the two boys could now see her puffy cunt, she slowly turned in that awkward posture. The room was so small that she was practically face-to-face with Kurt and Harold on one side, and with Jilly and me on the other. When her ass got around to facing us, Jilly grabbed my arm tighter – Sonja’s cunt was indeed protruding, her black pubic curls already soaked. We could smell it. Jilly whispered to me how beautiful she was, that she wished she was that beautiful.

Finished with her assigned act, Sonja stood again facing me, holding on to the hem of her little skirt on each side. I let her stand there for a moment, to wonder what was coming next.

“Sonja, you’ve just shown our guests your nice ass. If we continue they’ll see more. Now you can either go further, or we can stop and you can leave without any repercussions. What’s your choice?”

She stood staring at me, hands raised to the sides of her face, mouth open.


“Um, oh god… further.”

Excellent. Now, those ties behind your neck aren’t adjusted right. Let me fix them.”

Without waiting for an objection, I retied the straps quite a bit looser. Then I moved her to the side of the little open space in my living room so that everyone could see at once, and said, “Sonja, you were really shameless to wear such a revealing dress to a mixed occasion, and without a bra. Lean over from the waist, between our nice guests, and show them what I mean.”

“But you just…”

“Lean over, show everyone why you wore that slutty little dress.”

Sonja put her hands over her breasts, knowing what would happen, then slid them to her sides stroking her body on the way, and slowly leaned over from the waist. Way over. Of course the little cloth straps bowed out and down, so that we could all see her perfect tits.

“Sonja, we can see your tits hanging down. They’re beautiful, rich and full. Stay there, I’m sure our guests want a good look.” She let Jilly and the boys peek under her dress. I pulled the little straps out further, just to make sure. “Your nipples are already stiff, we can see them poking out from your boobs. Is this little display getting you excited? Kurt and Harold, can you see those boobs that she’s showing you right in front of your faces?”

The boys assured us that they could see everything, and she had ‘awesome titties’. Standing again, her face red with either embarrassment or arousal, Sonja more or less regained her composure. But not for long.

“What I see here is a self-confident, poised, well-educated, privileged young girl, but I also see a sexy, willing body. Tonight we’re going to forget the rest of that stuff and concentrate on the body. Sonja, I’m going to ask Kurt to untie the straps behind your neck.”

Kurt stood, Sonja raised up the hair from her neck so that he could reach, and he pulled. The bow I had tied fell apart, but the straps were so light that they just laid there.

“Sonja, pull those useless little straps down. I want you topless, I want everyone to see you naked to the waist. Or really, naked to the hips, you have that little skirt of yours riding so low. You will walk around the room and show everyone the result. And, why are your nipples so stiff? We can all see them sticking out.”

She looked down at one, then the other distended nipple, pulsing with each heartbeat, the beats coming fast and hard. “Brad, you’re forcing me to do all these slutty things, it’s so embarrassing, they’re all staring at me, at my tits.”

But I knew she secretly loved it. “I don’t think you’re naked enough yet. Harold, it’s your turn. Do you see the three buttons on the side of our lovely victim’s skirt? Undo them.”

“But my skirt will fall off, I’ll be naked, they’ll see everything. Remember, I’m not wearing any panties!”

“Well, Sonja, that’s what happens to slutty girls who don’t wear panties.”

Harold did his job, the dress puddled at Sonja’s feet, and we finally saw her completely naked. She was a sight, her nipples distended, her crotch soaked, trembling with anticipation, arousal, panic, need. I came up behind her, planted my hands on her hips, and slowly slid them up to just under her boobs. Since I’m quite a bit taller than she is, I could still see everyone’s reaction over her head. “I think you need a nice boob massage, and all our guests want to see how smooth and jiggly those boobs are. But first, spread your legs. No, a little more, they’ll want to see how your juicy horny cunt reacts.”

Sonja instinctively felt her crotch, but I reminded her what was going on by gently moving her hand back to her side. She backed up into me and twisted her head into my neck, as though hiding and nuzzling at the same time. I moved my hands up and down, finding the right resonance to make those boobs bounce and sway. My fingers slid up over their cool softness, finding the hard heat in their centers and pinching, rolling, squeezing.

“I like fondling your tits, dear, how does it feel?”

“Ah, it feels tingly, exciting, sexy. I know I’m being very wicked, letting you fondle me with them here. It’s scary, it’s fantastic.”

“Very nice, Sonja, I like you naked in front of our guests. Everybody agree?”

Everybody did. I was in danger of losing Sonja’s air of vulnerability that so appeals to me.

“Hold each person by the shoulders and shake your boobs in their faces.”

“Oh god, that’s so dirty.”

But she did it, first to Harold, who told her how lovely her tits were, wobbling there, tantalizing him. Kurt told her how shameless she was, but ‘in a good way’. She gave me a longer show, so close that her tits grazed my lips. She even showed Jilly, who gushed, “This is so hot, you’re so sexy. You’re so lucky, you have awesome tits. Brad, thanks so much for letting me in on this. I haven’t ever been so turned on.”

That surprised me a bit, but I supposed it was the whole erotic atmosphere rather than Sonja’s body that was getting to her. Indeed, I caught her more than once squeezing those long, bare legs together while Sonja displayed herself, or more precisely while I displayed her.

Moving around in front of her I got on my knees, and took one boob in my mouth while I continued to tease the other. I sucked, bit, licked, then traded boobs. Her knees threatened to buckle. When I was finished those knobs looked redder than before; they glistened and pulsated.

“Sonja, we like how your tits are red and stiff from being sucked. Now, stick a finger in your cunt and show us whether your fluids are leaking, whether your cunt is getting ready to get fucked.”

“But I’m not that kind of girl,” she wailed.

“Yes you are. Now do it.”

She did it, slowly, sensuously, giving her finger an extra jerk after it was all the way in. That wasn’t in her instructions. It came out soaked, of course. She inspected it as if it was from another world, then absently licked it off.

I told our audience, “You’ve gotten some glimpses of my girl’s lovely cunt, the center of her sexuality, but I don’t think you’ve gotten a good enough look yet. Sonja, lie down on the rug between our guests. Kurt and Harold, come on down and sit on the floor beside her. And Jilly, you sit too, on this side, right opposite her crotch. We’re going to do a little cunt show.”

The room was so small that our guests’ knees were touching Sonja’s body. She dutifully reclined on her back, resting her hands behind her head so that her boobs rode up, but squeezed her legs together. I moved in and separated them, kneeling between them, and gently ran my finger along her moist, open slit. She shivered.

“Sonja, I can feel the heat in your cunt. This turns you on, doesn’t it? Admit it.”

“Oh god, I’m so completely exposed!”

“That’s right. Now look at each of our guests while I stroke your sex.” She looked; I stroked as her clit slowly revealed itself. I pinched her inner labia between my thumb and fingers, one in each hand, and slowly but firmly pulled them far apart.

“Now they can see lots of pink, your cunt lips are all distended, they can even see inside your hole, your entrance to paradise, the place I’m going to fuck.” Indeed, little rounded bits of pink living flesh seemed to crowd around the entrance to her vaginal canal. I shivered, thinking how great it was going to feel to slide my cock in there. I rubbed those lips together, and slid a pair of fingers into her while I teased her stiff clit with the other hand.

“This is what I did on the beach, with those two boys watching, the day Sonja and I met.” She groaned and spread her legs further.

We could see drops of moisture appearing; little involuntary hip-grinds told me Sonja was nearly there. I kissed her right at her hole, pushing my tongue in as far as it would go, which isn’t nearly far enough, and swirling her clit with it. After I withdrew, we watched her cunt settle back into its open but relaxed position, and heard her say, “Oh Brad, I’m so ready, do it now.”

“Do what?”

“You know…”

“Say it.”

“Oh shit, fuck me, fuck me. I don’t care that they’re all looking. Is that what you want? Did you all hear?”

“Well, all right, if you insist…”

I stood and on a whim asked Jilly to take off my pants while I pulled off my shirt. She couldn’t resist squeezing my cock as it appeared; it had already been painfully stiff for quite a while.

“Look, Sonja, one of our guests has found something interesting. She’s stroking it, but I’m saving it for you.” I had Sonja sit up and fed it to her. She looked at it in a peculiar, curious way, pulled down on it with both hands, and slipped its distended head into her mouth. Her tongue made love to me on the top, the bottom, the head, everywhere. I don’t know where she learned, but she was very good.

I told our guests, “Sonja’s sucking my cock, she’s a shameless cock-sucker, what a slutty thing to do with other guys around.” She looked up at me, but kept going.

I couldn’t last much longer, with the things Sonja was doing to me. I pulled away, stood her up and came in behind her, bent my legs a bit, and slid my moist, stiff member through the little space between her legs at the crotch. She looked down to see my erect cock sticking out as though it was growing out through her muff. “Sonja, I see you have a new appendage. Masturbate it for us.”

She looked down and protested, “But it’s your cock, they’re all staring, you’re…”

“Show us what you would do if it was your clit.”

Sonja hesitated, reached down, and began rolling the tip of my cock in her little fingertips. “Brad, this is so nasty, I can feel your cock against my cunt lips.”

“It’s about to get nastier.” I sat back on the couch, my ass up on the edge of the seat, my erection pointing straight up. “Come over here, Sonja, and prepare to get fucked.”

“We’re actually going to do it? Right now?”

She stood naked, aroused, ready. So beautiful, so vulnerable. I motioned her to straddle my legs, and she lowered herself slowly onto my shaft. I had her hold her cunt open with her hand, so everyone could see. Just as my helmet contacted her retracted inner lips I had her stop and announced, “Sonja is about to get impaled, she’s been waiting for this moment for weeks.”

Slowly, slowly my cock disappeared inside her; holding onto her hips I controlled the penetration. After I was well seated inside her, our pubic bushes merging, I turned her around and spread her legs with my hands. “I want everyone to see everything, Sonja, how you fuck and let other people watch. Now describe for us what you’re doing, what you’re feeling.”

Sonja shivered, grabbed my knees with her hands, and lifted herself up and down, up and down on my cock. “Can everybody see how I’m taking him in? It feels so, so great, he fills me up. Oh, he’s going in, it feels heavenly. He’s coming out, I can see how slick he is with my juices. He’s going in again…”

Jilly, entranced, moved forward and sat herself on the floor right in front of the act, between my legs. The guys moved in too, watching the little red ring of flesh appear and disappear as she worked herself out and in. I felt that I’d never been so stiff. After only a few strokes I had to stop her to keep from spritzing right away. I moved her to the center of the room, on her hands and knees. “That’s right, I’m going to fuck you from behind, and they’ll see your tits swinging. They’ll jiggle with every stroke.”

I slid in easily. Sonja moaned, cried, cooed, touched the point of contact with one finger. “Ah, you’re fucking me good, don’t stop.” I nearly came again.

When I turned around I found the two guys gaping, as expected, but Jilly had taken off her little top, both her hands resting tightly in the crotch of her tiny pants. She had practically no boobs, just two soft spots where her ribs no longer protruded, but her nipples were a surprise. With just the thinnest rim of aureoles, they jumped out impossibly far, meaty and wide, as though making up for the lack of surrounding flesh. They were obviously as erect as they would ever get. Seeing an opportunity, I admonished her, “Jill! We can all see your naked tits! Is that something you do in mixed company?”

Jilly gave me a deer-in-the-headlights stare, but before she could answer I told her what a scandal that was, how shameless she was, and asked the two guys to come over and sit on either side of her to cover her nakedness with their hands; one put his hand on one small breast and the other on the other. I thought they would just hold their hands there, but they worked her distended nipples until she started breathing faster. I had to call a halt, to continue my seduction, but Jilly stayed topless and aroused.

“OK, Sonja, how would you like me to fuck you now?”

“Any way, I need you inside me, this time don’t stop.”

“Jilly, how should I fuck her?”

“Me?! Uh, put her on her back, pound her hard, real hard.”

Sonja stretched out on the floor in front of Jilly and the boys, raised her legs in a V over her shoulders so we could see her raw, gaping cunt, and pulled me down on her. I slid in again easily, supporting myself on my extended arms, and pumped furiously. Indeed, I could hit her really hard at the end of the in-strokes with her hips braced against the floor. She dug her fingernails into my ass, forcing me in as far as possible, over and over. Moaning and screaming, everything else was forgotten, only that feeling in her cunt remained, radiating out to her whole body and mine. She looked down at my pulsating cock, convulsed, and climaxed. I felt that heat spreading across me, felt her muscles squeezing rhythmically on my cock, and I came. We embraced, still coupled.

“Wow, that was so beautiful, I wish someone would do that to me,” Jilly moaned.

Now it was my turn to be surprised. Sonja heard and whispered, “Go ahead, Brad, I want to see everything, I know it’s perverted but I want it. Don’t clean up, slide that slippery thing inside her.”

“Sonja says it’s ok, Jilly, but you’re not naked yet. Boys, take those tiny little shorts off of her and kiss her tits, one on each side.”

Kurt and Harold were happy to oblige. They sat her down on my couch and got started on her. Jilly made up in enthusiasm what she lacked in physical equipment. In seconds she was squirming, pulling the boys’ faces into her tits, her head back, her legs writhing. I reached up, still inside Sonja, and slid a finger up her tight little twat. She was already soaked.

“Jilly, you’ll have to get me hard again. Sonja has me fucked out.”

Sonja gave my slimy cock a squeeze as I stood up in front of Jilly, who reached out and wrapped her thin fingers around my glistening, half-hard cock, then leaned forward and slid it into her mouth, with the boys still working on her tits. Obviously she had no experience with this, but she learned fast. When I was ready, I knelt down in front of her, spread her bony knees apart, pulled her to the edge of the couch, and ran my cock up and down along her smooth lips. She cried “Do it!”, grabbed my cock, and seated it at her opening. Then with her other hand she pulled on my ass.

Everyone watched me slide in, Sonja moving in with an arm around me and her tits straddling my side. Jilly was smooth but very tight. On the first stroke, of magic and discovery, she nearly screamed, “Oh! That’s SO GOOD!”

I suspected then that I was her first. Later she told me that she had lost her virginity to a brush handle in her own hands, that she had a hard time attracting boys. She was ashamed, masturbated a lot, and fantasized even more.

Sonja surprised me again. When I penetrated Jilly she was ecstatic, cooing in my ear, “Brad, that is so hot, it’s beautiful. I’ve never watched two people fuck before but I think about it every day.” She wrapped a soft hand around my balls and gently massaged as I worked in and out of a writhing, panting Jilly. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and squeezed each time I went in, her hand sandwiched between my pubic hair and Jilly’s sparse bush.

Finally Jilly removed that hand, growling “Fuck me deep, I’m almost there.” Managing to push everyone else away, she screamed to a climax. Her hips shot forward, she grimaced like she was going to die, and her cunt grabbed my cock so hard I couldn’t move it at the peak of each spasm.

When the spasms ceased she looked at me with her desperate stare, her trademark look, and exclaimed, “You haven’t come yet. Keep pumping, I want to feel it.”

I pumped, the feeling welled up again, my sperm shot into her. Sonja pulled me out while I was still spurting, one shot winding up on Jilly’s belly and the rest in Sonja’s mouth. She sucked until there was nothing more, then looked up at me, white foam gathered around her lips, and slurred, “You are the sexiest man I can imagine. We’re going to have a lot of dirty fun.”

I decided I liked group sex, especially with Sonja sitting on my lap, still naked, gently massaging my flaccid cock. At the end Harold kissed Jilly on the mouth, told her how wonderful she was, and promised to see her again. I think that for him, her intense sexuality trumped her limited body. We all cleaned up and got dressed. The boys got juicy kisses from both girls, and left.

The next morning, lying together naked in my bed, face-to-face, I asked Sonja whether I had pushed her too far. She pulled her head back and exclaimed, “Brad, I know I have unusual needs, most guys are revolted, or mystified, or both. That was the hottest experience of my life, more than I could have dreamed, the way you took charge, stripped me, showed me to everyone, fucked me silly right in front of them. I was the center of attention, the sex object. I crave being a sex object, at least for a while. It was so intense, sometimes I nearly lost it. What happened afterward was only because you set up that super-erotic atmosphere, it was even hotter because I knew you didn’t plan it. I know I’m a little crazy, wanting you to do another girl right in front of me, but I needed that too.”

A bony hand reached in from behind me. It squeezed my cock, and I heard “Now fuck us again.” From both of them.

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