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The Rep

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Linda had been pestering him for months to make an appointment to demonstrate the software. She insisted it was state of the art…Something his organization couldn’t do without. He hated sales pitches and avoided them at all costs, but she would not let up and he finally relented.

Actually, they knew each other quite well. Over the past five years, his organization had spent thousands and thousands of dollars on her organization’s products. He was a good customer and she knew it. She was an effective sales rep and he knew it, and he trusted her not to steer him wrong.

He was in his early 50’s, handsome if not sexy and possessing a very powerful personality. He commanded a certain level of respect that was obvious to her as she visited his office and talked to people who worked for him.

She was 42 and a mother of two. She took pride in her appearance and her body showed none of the telltale signs that pregnancy often leaves on women who refused to take care of themselves. She was very businesslike in his presence and always on top of her game. While both noticed the obvious attractiveness of the other, their relationship had never been anything other than professional.

When he finally relented and made the appointment he told her, only partially joking, that the software had better be all she represented to be or she would “regret wasting his time.”

There was a pause on the other end of the phone line and she giggled, “What are you going to do if you don’t like it? Punish me? Spank me?”

His response was immediate, “That…Or worse” he growled, putting on a stern voice.

Her response was automatic, “Oh my!…” And she realized she was blushing.

She recovered and made the appointment for the next week. He assured her that he would have an Eiki projector ready in a vacant lab so that she could connect her laptop and show the software to its fullest advantage.

She arrived at his office at the appointed time and he was waiting for her. She was dressed in a manner that was described in the industry as “professional”… Gray slacks, dark blazer, gray silk blouse, discrete pearl necklace, low heels, her shoulder length, black hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. She, for the first time, noticed that his eyes moved over her body in appreciation of her figure, and she blushed slightly.

He had on his usual office attire…Khakis, cotton buttondown shirt, tie and loafers. His clothes hung on him nicely and she, as she always did, noticed the muscular nature of his shoulders, neck and arms.

They walked to the building where the lab was located and she went about setting up her laptop while he connected it to the Eiki projector. Because of all the computers in the lab it was warm and soon she stopped to take off her blazer. As she arched her back to remove the jacket she heard him gasp and looked to see him staring at the image of her full breasts pressed against the thin silk material of her blouse.

Up until that instant, he had not been fully aware of her body…And they both blushed as she caught him staring. It was at this point that everything changed and it all came together for him. After that frozen instant in time he began to watch her…Taking in the details. He had done all he could do to assist her, so he took a chair and waited while she completed the setup.

Yes, her hips were nicely rounded and showed to their best advantage in the snug fitting slacks she wore. Despite having birthed two children, her waist cut in sharply and accented both her hips and her breasts. And her breasts…Now he took notice…He had never particularly noticed their size or shape…They were full and, as he noticed when she had arched her back, rested in a thin bra…No question that gravity had had its effect on them…They did sag slightly, but only very slightly and in a way that he found incredibly erotic…He could imagine the nipples, erect on the upturned surface of them.

It was only then that he noticed the fullness of her lips and the thickness of her hair and he began to wonder about her as a woman as opposed to a sales rep. He had a theory, one he had tested and found to be true over and over. His theory was that the fullness of a woman’s lips were a direct indicator of the fullness of her pussy lips. Linda had full dark lips and given that her hair was also dark and thick, he quickly decided that those characteristics would carry over to what lay between her legs…And such a realization stirred the beginning of an erection in his trousers.

She busied herself with preparing the presentation, but his obvious erotic interest in her made her nervous and she began to fumble with the cables and other equipment. Finally she had everything ready and as she stood from where she was bent connecting the last cable she again noticed that he was staring at her ass in a most interested manner. A sideways glance enabled her to take a look at his crotch and the lump she saw there was unmistakable…Silently catching her breath she paused and looked away, recognizing the fuzzy feeling in her belly that heralded the beginnings of sexual arousal…This feeling was always followed by the erecting of her nipples and she felt that begin…Right on time.

Without thinking, as she turned to face him she reached behind her back to better tuck her blouse into her slacks and again her breasts were pressed against the thin material…Except that this time he was treated to the sight of two very thick, very erect nipples pushing out as if seeking contact. He was more prepared this time than the first but he was careful to make sure she saw him looking and again she blushed.

Her presentation was terrible. Totally unnerved by his obvious sexual interest in her and confused by her own body’s reaction, she stuttered and stammered through the entire series of screens. To make it worse, she slowly became aware of the fact that this software wasn’t what he wanted at all…To her embarrassment, she had totally missed what he had expressed as his needs.

Finally, mercifully, she came to the end of the presentation and turned her computer and the projector off.

Turning to him she smiled her brightest sales smile and said, “Well, what do you think?”

He stared at her from his chair and said, “Where do you want me to give you your punishment?”

“E-excuse me?” she stuttered, completely shocked at the question.

“You heard me” he said smiling, “Where do you want to get your punishment?”

She knew what he was referring to, but couldn’t believe he had actually said it.

Laughing, she responded, “Well when I was little I always wanted to get it over quickly.”

“I see,” he said as if considering her answer seriously, “Well, get your stuff together and let’s get you to your car.”

Thinking that his comments had been a joke, she moved to gather her equipment together. He helped her and they soon had it back in her case. He walked with her to her car and lifted the case into the trunk. As he turned she said, “I guess I missed the target on that one didn’t I?”

He leveled his gaze at her and said, “Big time.”

She dropped her eyes and was amazed to find herself staring at her feet like a little girl caught misbehaving.

“I-I’m sorry,” she stuttered.

“Not nearly as sorry as you’re going to be,” he responded.

She jerked her head up to see him holding a fold of money toward her.

“W-what’s this?” she stuttered.

“There is a motel called Lanier Lodge at Exit 15 about 20 miles down 400. Go there and get a room,” he said. “I’ll be there as soon as I finish one thing at the office.”

“W-what?” she stuttered, amazed to feel her heart racing and her clit begin to throb in involuntary excitement.

“You heard me,” he said evenly “You did say you wanted to get the punishment over with didn’t you?”

“I t-thought you were j-joking!” she stammered “There is no way…”

“I don’t joke,” he interrupted, “Ever”

“T-there’s no way!” she declared, the shaking in her voice belying the seeming conviction of her statement.

“Well,” he said with a shrug, “Either you take the punishment or get me another rep.”

“I never!” she hissed jerking the car door open and bending in to put her brief case on the passenger’s seat.

“It’s your choice” he said simply, “I’ll be at the motel in a half an hour. Get a room, leave the room number under your windshield wiper, and sit and wait. No television or radio. Just wait…Or go on back to the office and get me another rep.”

As if in shock, she sat down in her car and started the engine. He pushed to door closed and stepped back. She said nothing, just looked into the level gaze of his eyes, and drove away.

Her mind was racing as she drove through the light traffic and came to a stop at a traffic signal.

“The nerve!” she muttered as she sat waiting for the light, “If he thinks…” She spat as she pulled away when the light turned green.

But her body betrayed her even as she drove down the highway. She couldn’t get the image of his eyes staring into hers out of her mind and soon she noticed her clit begin that familiar nagging, throbbing that she found so irresistible. Shaking her head in an attempt to clear her mind she turned onto the southbound lanes of GA 400 and headed toward Atlanta, her mind racing with images she had never imagined before.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had received a spanking, but she knew she was young and that, most probably, it was administered by her mother. She did remember how humiliating it always was to be bent over her mother’s legs and have her bottom spanked. Her mom never spanked her bare bottom, but a spanking on the panties was humiliating nonetheless and she always vowed to be a “good girl” after the spanking.

From this, her thoughts ran to a more erotic vein and she began to imagine how he would handle spanking a grown woman. The fact that she was wearing slacks surely meant that he would make her strip to her panties and she gasped at the remembrance that she was wearing thin black panties that came from Victoria’s Secret as a part of a panty/bra ensemble. Immediately, the image of her draped across his lap with her bottom turned up raced through her mind. She was mesmerized by the image and shook her head in disbelief as she felt her nipples jutting against the thin bra she wore.

She knew exactly where the motel he described was and as the first sign for Exit 15 came into view, her heart began to race and unbelieving, she noticed that she still gripped in her hand, around the steering wheel, the money he had given her.

“Linda,” she whispered, “Are you really going to do this?’

Her answer came when, as Exit 15 appeared, she veered to the right, left the freeway, and drive to the lobby entrance of the motel.

The check-in process went smoothly. It was after 2:00 PM and the clerk assumed she was a traveling business-woman needing a room for the night. Linda was thankful for this…Three years ago she had had an affair with a co-worker and checking in during mid-day always brought stares, or even worse, knowing grins. Her hands shook as she put the key-card into the lock. She quickly closed the door and closed the curtains in the room.

The room was a carbon copy of virtually every other motel room in the country…King sized bed, small table with two padded wooden arm chairs, television, lamps, and bathroom…She paced nervously for a minute, then spotted the note pad on the bedside table. Remembering his nstructions she wrote the room number on a sheet of paper and quickly walked outside and put it under the wiper blade on her car…Glancing around the ensure no one had seen her, she quickly stepped back inside the room…She paced…Still not believing that she was in the room…She turned the TV on then off quickly when she remembered that he had told her not to…She was immediately amazed that he seemed to have such a command over her, even when he wasn’t there.

It was so implausible…She was an intelligent, assertive professional woman who had total control over her life just four hours ago…Then suddenly, in the span of less than an hour, she had been reduced to a nervous young girl, sitting, waiting…For a spanking.

She was jerked from her thoughts by the sound of a car door slamming. Her pulse began to race as she heard footsteps approaching, then pause…He was checking her windshield she accurately guessed. The there were exactly five more steps and then his knock on the door…She jumped up as if shocked by electrical current and quickly opened the door.

She was surprised to see him standing dressed in jeans and a khaki shirt instead of his business clothes. He was holding a leather case about three feet long, six inches wide and six inches thick. His eyes pierced hers as she looked up at him and she immediately dropped her gaze to the floor…The little girl again.

“Hi, ” he said, “I see you made your decision.”

“Y-yes,” she responded, her voice almost a whisper, “I guess I did.”

“Sit down,” he stated, motioning to a chair.

She quickly sat as he took the other chair. He took a minute to look at her then leaned forward.

“You’re sure you want to do this,” he stated as he looked into her eyes.

She raised her eye almost in anger but immediately dropped her gaze to he lap when her glare met his blue eyes.

“I-I d-don’t have much choice, do I?” she stammered.

“Sure you do,” he responded, “You don’t have to do this at all. Just walk out, and get me a new rep.”

“T-that’s not fair!” she retorted angrily, “This is the first mistake I have made with your account!”

“Yes, I know” he responded gently, “But we discussed this ahead of time. You’ve been my rep for years now. You know not to waste my time.”

“Y-yes, but I thought you would like the software. It’s our newest product” she pleaded, not realizing how silly this sounded…Again, the little girl.

“Linda,” he smiled “I told you for months that I wasn’t interested. You just didn’t listen, and you wasted my time.”

She dropped her head and nodded in resignation “Yes, you’re right. I didn’t listen…But a spanking?”

“Who said anything about a spanking?” he replied, “I said punishment, not spanking.”

“B-but, isn’t spanking a punishment?” she stuttered, confused.

“It can be,” he replied, “But I have more than a spanking in mind for you.”

“W-wha-at?” she stammered, “What do you mean ‘more’?”

“Just get undressed” he stated simply “and we’ll get started.”

“Un-undressed?!” she blurted, “You want me nude?”

“Yes,” he replied simply, “Nude.”

“B-but,” she stammered wringing her hands as her pulse roared in her ears, “I j-just d-don’t understand!”

“It simple,” he laughed as he spoke softly, yet firmly, “You stand up and remove your clothing. When you’re done, I’ll tell you what to do next.”

“O-oh god!” she stammered a whisper…She knew she had to do what he said. Not because she needed his account so badly, but because she needed to be taken where he was leading her. …It was her secret…Her perversion…No one knew, until now… And somehow he had figured it out.

“W-where do y-you want me?” she whispered, still staring at her hands.

He stood and took her hand, guiding her into a standing position. Then he moved the table and one chair aside leaving a large space. Finally, he sat in the remaining chair and motioned her to a spot about four feet in front of him.

“Right here will be fine,” he said “But before we start I’m giving you one final chance to leave.”

Her head jerked up and her eyes met his.

“No!” she said sharply, almost as if the thought caused panic, then dropping her eyes, “N-no…I-I’ll go through with it.”

“Okay,” he said simply, “anytime you’re ready.”

Her heart raced as she stood there, about to undress before a man she knew only from a professional point of view. Not sure about where to begin, she kicked her shoes off, and removed her blazer. She paused to look into his eyes, but his even gaze unnerved her and she dropped her eyes to her hands, as the moved to the buttons on her blouse. Again she hesitated, and thinking that she might preserve her dignity a little longer, she moved to unzip her slacks…That way at least her shirttail would cover her a little longer. She was acutely aware of his watching her, yet she put her thumbs in her waist band and began to wiggle her ass slightly as she worked the slacks off her hips. As the material cleared the round protuberance of her ass she slipped them down her legs and lifting first the left, then the right leg, stepped out of her slacks.

He shifted in his seat as her legs came into view. He realized that until this instant he had never seen her legs and he was pleased at what he saw. She had on a pair of sheer thigh-high stockings that clung to her lower thigh and he glimpsed a sliver of black silk between her legs…And his heart began to race…Looking closer he saw the slight bulge created by the thick bush of her pubis…One theory confirmed once more…Thick black hair on the head means thick black hair between the legs…Of course this was a no-brainer…The real test of his theory would be her pussy lips.

Leaning over she quickly removed her stockings. She wanted to make her motions sexy and erotic, but her nervousness betrayed her and her hands shook as she moved closer to total nudity. Then she straightened and glanced at him again…He was still sitting, looking interestedly, with that same steady gaze. Taking a deep breath, she began to unbutton her blouse and her heart raced as the last button cleared the button-hole and her blouse fell open. She arched her back as she removed the silk garment and hear him gasp as her thinly covered breasts came into view.

The blood was rushing in her ears and she could see only a veil of pink in front of her eyes as she reached to unhook her bra. She wanted badly to stop, to dress and leave, but she knew instinctively that she was beyond self-control…To her, the only option was to get on with this and hope she made it through. Her fingers fumbled…Then finally she felt the familiar shape of the clasp…Aware that her posture caused her breasts to thrust toward him, she manipulated the clasp apart and then felt the slight sag of her breasts as the bra fell free.

Her next sensation was the sound of his sharp intake of breath as her nipples came into view…Dark, large pink paps surrounded by broad dark aureolae…Erect and upturned as if needing to be sucked…She paused to look into his eyes and was frightened by the raw sensuality she saw there…

Viewing her dark nipples, he was sure his theory was going to prove true. Her dark features would surely carry through to her pussy…He anxiously awaited the removal of her panties.

Fearing that if she paused she would not be able to go on, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties She bent to push them down and then felt them fall as they loosened on her thighs…They puddled at her feet and she, still staring at the floor, stepped out of the leg holes…The she straightened and face him…Nude.

Before she could settle into a posture, he stood and was looking deep into her eyes said, “Put your hands behind your neck and lace your fingers together.”

Although she wanted badly to cover herself with her hands she wavered only a second before doing as he told her. As she laced her fingers behind her neck she immediately recognized that this posture raised her breasts in such a manner so as to thrust the nipples up and make them most prominent. Still standing in front of her, he noticed that her legs remained tightly clipped together as if to protect what lay between them.

“You need to move you feet apart” he said simply as he stared into her eyes.

“Why?” she asked, her eyes pleading with his not to make her expose herself any more.

“Because,” he said shrugging his shoulders, “I can’t see you pussy.”

Immediately she dropped her gaze to the floor and felt a blush rise up her neck. At that moment she knew that he had no intention of leaving even a shred of her dignity intact. At that realization she slipped her feet apart slightly, hoping to appease him.

“That won’t do” he stated flatly and moving his foot between hers, he forced her to slide her feet almost three feet apart…So much so that she could feel cool air brush the lips of her pussy. She dropped her chin to her chest, looking straight at the floor, but he didn’t like her posture.

“Hold your head up Linda,” he admonished, “Tuck you butt in and straighten your shoulders. I want to see those tits stand up and that pussy thrust forward.”

She reluctantly positioned herself as he instructed, tightening her ass cheeks and thrusting her pelvis forward…Straightening her shoulders and lifting her chin. Again she blushed as she saw him staring at her intently, his eyes raking her nude body pausing to examine her erect nipples and then to move down to the darkness of her pubis. He walked around her, taking in the features of her body as if she were a piece of sculpture.

Her nervousness grew with every passing second and finally she whispered, “W-what are you g-going to d-do to me?”

“Hush!” he responded softly, “From this point on, no questions…I gave you the opportunity to leave and you decided to stay. I own you for the rest of the afternoon. You will do what I say, when I say it. No more, no less…Understand?”

Silently, she nodded her head in understanding.

He paused to stand in front of her, then reached to touch her breasts. She gasped at the sensation of his hands cupping them…Surprisingly, his hands were warm and his caress gentle…Despite her willing otherwise, her nipples erected themselves into hard point as he caressed her…Noticing this visual sign of arousal, he rubbed his thumb over the paps…

“A-h-h-h-h-n-n-n-n-g-g-g!” she groaned, closing her eyes as he stimulated her nipples.

He lightly grasped each erect nub between his thumbs and forefingers and began to pinch…Lightly at first, then firmer…

Her eyes opened in surprise at the sensation…The warm pressure gradually turned to a sensation of heat…Not pain, just heat…He seemed to know exactly how much pressure to apply and her knees buckled as the sensation rocketed down her spine and into the core of her crotch…

“A-h-h-h-h…O-oh, g-god, p-please” she pleaded as the pressure increased and her arousal grew. Hers was not a fear of pain, but a fear of losing control…She closed her eyes and attempted to concentrate on something else, but her efforts were futile…She was in fact losing control…

Just as quickly he released her nipples and she groaned in a combination of relief and disappointment.

“Just stand here a minute,” he stated as he moved away from her.

He moved to the case he had brought with him and she heard the zipper slide open. There was a rustling of movement and then he walked to the bathroom sink and ran what sounded like a sink-full of water. After a moment he moved back to where she was standing.

He reached around and placed a chair in front of her, the seat facing her.

“Bend over and grasp the edge of the seat,” he told her.

“B-but,” she stammered the beginning of her protest…

“S-c-c-r-r-a-a-c-c-k!”…His flattened hand swatted into the left cheek of her ass.

“Y-e-e-o-o-o-u-u-c-c-h!” she squealed as she tucked her ass in and simultaneously jutted her pelvis out to escape the searing pain of his slap…Her hands flew from behind her neck to rub the spot where a red palm print was instantly visible.

“I told you Linda…No questions…No comments…I own you…Do you understand?” he said menacingly.

“Y-yes, I’m s-sorry” she stammered, instantly amazed at her submission to him.

“Good!” he stated as he grasped her left arm and delivered a matching, scorching slap to the other cheek.

“W-a-a-a-h-h-h-e-e-e!” she squealed, caught unawares, she danced like a small child receiving a spanking as he held her arm.

“That was just to reinforce the lesson” he stated, “Now bend over and grasp the chair.”

She scurried to the chair, quickly bent and grasped the edge of the chair and stood bent over with her legs clipped together.

“Legs apart, Linda,” he said stepping toward her.

She quickly moved to separate her legs to the requisite three feet and knew instinctively that he was staring right into her pussy.

She flinched as his hands caressed the upturned cheeks of her ass, but she immediately realized that his touch was meant to soothe rather than cause pain.

“You have to remember Linda” he said as his hands smoothed over her ass and down the flanks of her thighs, “Just remember that if you behave, things will be easier for you…Okay?”

She nodded her head in understanding, fighting the urge to tell him that he didn’t understand how it was for her…To give up all control…To give in and let him take over…She just couldn’t…

Suddenly, his hand stroked between her widespread thighs, stroking down to her left knee, then up to the soft, tender skin at the top, then back down the right side.

“S-s-s-s-s-a-a-a-h-h!” she groaned again as she felt her arousal begin to grow a second time…In an instinctive motion, she dipped her back and lifted her hips to his stroking, simultaneously hoping and fearing that he would caress her pussy, but he continued the stroking of her inner thighs, his knuckles brushing her pubis, but not touching the lips.

He paused to gaze at the spectacle of her bent over, ass thrust up, her pussy clearly exposed…He was right…Again, he congratulated himself on yet more evidence that his theories were accurate…Her pussy lips were indeed thick and dark…And tinged with the moisture of her own lubrication from the stimulation he had given her nipples.

The his hands paused and he moved his finger to the very top of her thigh and grasped the large tendon that was so clearly pronounced as she stood with her legs spread. Slowly he began to alternately massage each tendon, his hands brushing her the now damp lips of her pussy.

“O-o-o-h-h-h-h, p-p-p-l-e-e-ease!” she exclaimed as her clitoris erected itself to its fullest and protruded from its hood seeking stimulation…But just a suddenly he stopped and his hands were gone.

“N-n-n-g-g-g-g-h-h!” she whimpered as she stood bucking her hips in need and simultaneously wondering how she could let herself be handled in this manner by this man.

Again he walked away from her…She tensed and listened, not daring to look as he took another item from his case.

He walked back to where she was bent over and said “Okay, you can stand up.”

She raised herself into a standing position and stood with her hands by her side.

She felt him standing close behind her and gasped in sudden surprise as he reached over her head and placed a blindfold over her eyes.

“Oh!” she whimpered as the blindfold blocked her vision…She reached her hands out to maintain her balance and he took her hand.

“Here, come with me,” he said softly as he pulled her hand.

She shuffled along clumsily until he stopped, took her shoulders, turned her body, then said, “Step back.”

In two small steps she felt the edge of the bed pressing against her calves and he said, “You can sit down now.”

As soon as she was sitting he pressed her shoulder back and said, “Now just lie back.”

She did as he told her and he then moved her around until she was in the center of the bed her knees at the bottom of the mattress with her calves and feet hanging over the side.

Again she sensed him moving away and her heart pounded as she heard more rustling about in the case. She battled the impulse to question him and lay still in her own personal darkness. Suddenly, she felt something drop onto the bed and she jumped, startled at the sound.

“Hey, hey,” he said soothingly, “Relax, take it easy.”

“I-it’s hard to relax”, she said with a pout.

“Well, you’re going to have to” he chuckled, “It will be much easier on you if you just relax and let go.”

“Let go?” she questioned.

“S-h-h-h-h!” he shushed her, “You’ll see.”

“Okay,” he said, “Just be still and let me get you situated.”

She tried her best to relax…She felt him sit on the bed and then felt him lean toward her. She jumped slightly as he reached down and grasped her right ankle, lifting her foot until it rested flat on the bed, her knee in the air.

Then she felt a something brush her knee and realized he was putting what appeared to be a cord around her leg. He looped the cord around her thigh and pushed it as close to the top of her leg as possible before wrapping it twice and tying the knot. Then he took her right hand and tied it in place where the rope looped around her thigh. Finally he pulled her ankle up to the point that it almost touched the cheek of her ass and tied it in to the loop around her thigh as well. Another two minutes and he had done the other side. His positioning of her was not uncomfortable, but she immediately realized that she was tied in a manner that left her tender parts completely vulnerable.

“Let you legs relax and your knees fall apart,” he said, placing his hands on her knees and putting mild pressure to demonstrate what he wanted.

Blushing furiously, she let her muscles relax and her legs fell apart…The cool air on her pussy told her that he could easily see everything.

Again, his hands started exploring her body…Stroking the insides of her thighs…Tracing the outline of her pubic hair…Stroking the flanks of her thighs until she began to squirm in arousal…

There was a pause and then he took both of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing and rolling the paps until she began to thrash and buck in sexual frustration.

“A-r-r-r-g-g-h-h! P-please!” she cried out as she raised her hips off the mattress hoping he would touch her pussy.

He then placed his hands around her breasts and greedily sucked each nipple into his mouth, punishing them with suction and a thrashing tongue.

“W-h-h-h-h-a-a-a-a! N-n-n-n-g-g-g-g!” she squealed hoping that he would soon touch her and let her cum.

But it was not to be…Not yet anyway.

He gradually reduced the sucking of her nipples and reached between her legs. His fingers grazed the slick lips of her pussy and then slipped between them to find the nub of her clit…

“N-n-n-a-a-r-r-g-g-h-h-h! O-oh, y-y-y-es!” she gritted as he stroked the fleshy erect nub.

Just as suddenly he stopped…And her groans changed from passion to disappointment.

“You know,” he said as if just realizing it, “You have a lot of hair on that pussy and I can’t see what I am doing.”

She tensed at hearing his words.

“W-what d-do you m-mean?” she stammered, half knowing and totally fearing his answer.

“Well,” he said as if studying the situation, “I am really into seeing what is going on and…”

Reaching down to tug a wisp of her pubic hair, he continued, ” Well, you just have too much hair down here for me to see well. So I think I’ll have to take it off.”

“T-take it o-off?” she stammered.

“Yes, as in shave you,” he stated calmly.

“Oh, no! You c-can’t d-do that!” she said, struggling as if to pull free of her bonds.

“Oh yes I can!” he stated emphatically, watching as she struggled, her breasts rolling from side to side in her effort to escape.

Finally she fell still, her chest rising and falling with each breath. She had clamped her knees together as if to keep him from between her legs.

It was obvious that he had anticipated this issue and had planned for it. Again she heard him reach into his case…Straining to hear she recognized the sound of what appeared to be metal on wood…Indeed it was. He had withdrawn from the case a three foot rod of about one inch in diameter. To each end of the rod was attached a heavy metal swivel ring which was in turn attached to a leather strap equipped with a buckle…If she could have seen it she would have recognized that it was designed to be attached to one’s ankles or wrists, or in this case, knees, to keep them spread apart.

He grasped her knees and before she knew it had his torso between them…Despite her struggling he soon had one strap fastened just above her left knee and just as quickly the other on her right. She was now immobilized on her back…Ankles, hands and hips tied in place, knees spread apart so that the tension on her legs caused the large tendons in her thighs to be revealed beneath the tender flesh.

He didn’t hesitate, returning to the case for other necessities. Soon she felt a comb being run through the thick hair on her pussy…He carefully spread her pussy lips and examined the area he wanted to shave…Unlike many women, her pubic patch was fairly neatly defined…The hair, although thick, was quite fine and he knew that shaving her would be very little trouble. He went to the bathroom and returned to the bed with a towel which he spread under her ass to catch the hair as it was removed.

That done he picked up an electric shaver…It was a Braun and had a heavy-duty sideburn trimmer. He would use this first, then follow-up with a real shave with a razor and shaving cream…His heart beat rapidly and his cock grew rigid as he visualized making her smooth and slick between those beautiful legs.

He flipped the switch to the razor and she jumped at the sound…

“Wait! P-please stop!” she cried out as if in a panic.

He switched the shaver off…

“Well?’ he sighed.

“P-please…W-what will I t-tell my h-husband?” she whispered.

“That’s your problem” he replied, “You got yourself into this and you agreed that I owned you this afternoon. Now I’m tired of your questions and protests, and I’m growing tired of you childish behavior…You’re a grown woman for god’s sake. Have you never had to take responsibility for your behavior?”

She was stung by his comment. She had always considered herself to be a responsible person and his comments cut to the quick…But before she could respond he said, “Do you have anything else to say?”

She paused and then whispered, “No…”

With that the shaver began to buzz again and her heart raced as she felt him hold the lips of her pussy apart and begin the process…Soon her pussy hair lay in clumps between the crack of her ass and she was covered only with stubble…The shaving was not without its consequences…The vibration of the shaver and his necessary handling of her pussy combined with her previous arousal had served only to cause her pussy to begin to leak lubrication…Her clit was erect and now easily visible between the full, thick lips of her pussy…He could barely contain himself, only barely resisting the urge to fuck her on the spot…He know however, that if he was patient, she would be his forever.

He lifted her ass and after pulling the hair-covered towel from under her, walked to the sink where he dumped the towel and rinsed the hair down the drain. He then ran the hot water until it steamed and soaked the towel.

She was laying listening to this, her heart pounding in a combination of fear, excitement, and dread…In the back of her mind she began trying to formulate something to tell her husband…He had asked her off and on to shave herself…Or better yet, let him do it…But she had steadfastly refused…She tried to remember whether he saw her exit the shower this morning, and tried to remember what time he said he would be getting home this afternoon…Maybe she could get home and in the shower, then pretend she had done it for him…At the same time the noise of water running and other movement intruded…”What is he doing?” she thought of her captor…Other than the two slaps on the ass and his brusque attitude, he had been gentle with her and she tried to convince herself that he wouldn’t hurt her…

Just then she felt him begin to lift her ass and then felt another towel slide under her. The he stepped away and returned with the wet towel in hand…

“A-h-h-h! W-o-o-o!” she gasped as he placed the hot wet towel over her pussy and pressed it under her ass…

“This will soften your stubble” he said and then he reached and took her nipples between his finger again…Soon she was writhing in passion, the heat and wetness of the towel combining with the twisting and pinching of her nipples to push her close to the brink of orgasm once again.

Just as quickly, he released her nipples and walked back to the case…She heard a familiar “W-h-h-I-I-I-s-s-s-h-h” and the scent of shaving cream filled her nostrils. Her heart began pounding as he removed the towel and she gasped in pleasure as he massaged the shaving cream around her pubic area.

He paused momentarily to look at her tied spread eagle and he noticed her clit, erect and pink, peeping between the soon to be bare lips of her pussy. Without hesitating any longer, he picked up a safety razor and in just a few minutes had her bare as the day she was born…Just as she thought he was finished she heard him move to the case yet again and recognized the sound of rope being tied…What she didn’t know was that he was tying rope to the headboard and as soon as he got it tied, he wrapped the other end around the bar between her knees and began pulling her knees toward the headboard…The effect was to lift her ass well off the bed…

“Y-e-e-e-e-e!” she squealed in surprise and terror as she felt her knees being pulled up as if over her head…W-a-a-a-h-h-h! P-p-please! W-w-h-h-a-a-t?” she babbled.

“Hush,” he admonished after he tied her in position, “I’m just going to finish the job.”

“Wh-h-a-a-a-a-a?” she squalled in surprise as she felt his hand lather around her anus and his fingers hold her ass cheek wide apart.

“Got to get this hole clean also” he chuckled, and with a few quick strokes the few tiny hairs around her asshole were gone…She blushed furiously at the realization that he had access to her most secret of places.

She gasped in further surprise when he re-wet the towel and roughly washed the remaining lather off her pussy and ass…

Again he returned to the sink and this time returned with a bottle of baby oil that had been warming in the sink since he entered the room…He squirted a liberal amount in his palm and the rubbed his hand together…Then he started spreading the lotion all between her wide-spread legs. She gasped at the sensation of his hands on the puffy bare lips of her pussy…A sensation she had never experienced…She couldn’t remember not having a mat of hair between her legs…He wasn’t rough, but he covered her thoroughly, adding warm oil until she was shiny and it was running between her ass cheeks…

She was groaning in need as his hands repeatedly slid over her slick pussy and soon it was impossible to tell where the oil ended and her natural lubrication began…Without pausing he spread more oil between her ass cheeks…

“W-h-h-h-a-a-a-e-e!” she squealed as his fingers repeatedly passed over her winking, exposed anus…

Slowly his hands began moving in an ever decreasing circle at the center of which was her anus…Soon one finger was circling the brown crinkled opening, the pressure increasing ever so slightly with every revolution…

“N-n-n-n-g-g-g-g!” she gritted, trying in vain to do something to prevent that oily digit from entering her virgin asshole…Flexing her ass as she tried to wriggle away from the pressure of his finger on her sphincter only made her oily hole “wink” as in invitation and before she knew it he popped his middle finger into her ass and without pause, slid it in to the knuckle.

“W-h-h-h-h-e-e-e-e-o-o-o-o-w-w-w!” she squealed, “Oh-ho-no god p-please!”

“Hush girl!” he chuckled as he watched her thrash about, wriggling her ass in a panic as he sawed his finger in and out of her, “Think about it. Things bigger than my finger have come out of here…Quit behaving like a six year old!”

Again his words stung her, causing her to question herself even as he ran his finger deep into her ass…Slowly, her breathing began to accelerate and she recognized that familiar sensation of arousal begin to course through her body. Her nipples, originally shrunken in fear and embarrassment, began to erect themselves…The mild sting from the initial insertion of his finger had changed to something different…Something arousing…As his finger stroked in and out of her ass, she flexed her sphincter and a forbidden sexual thrill crashed from her asshole to her brain and raced back down her spine…She gasped at the thrill that buzzed in her ass… Her clit, just seconds ago withdrawn and nestled in the protection of its hood, began to throb and show its pink nub between her pussy lips…Against her will he had tapped into another source of passion…And she babbled her need and desire as he pumped one, then two oily fingers into her now grasping anus…

She thrashed in the darkness of her blindfold, fighting to maintain control…Just as she thought that she might have chance to preserve at least a shred of her dignity, he took his other hand, placed it on her lower belly, and began to punish her clit with the pad of his thumb…The effect was as if a jolt of electricity had raced through her body…

“O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h! O-oh p-please!” she babbled, not knowing what she was babbling… In spite of her bonds, her back was arched off the bed thrusting her pussy toward his hands, seeking the friction on her clit…Almost as if confused she began thrusting alternately up at his thumb on her clit, then trying to push her asshole back onto the oily two fingers in her ass…Her nipples were rigid points of flesh pointing vertically even as her breasts rolled with the thrusting of her body.

Suddenly, she felt a void and despite the sensations still rocketing throughout her body, she realized that once again he had taken her to the peak of her passions, then left her dangling at the edge of orgasm…

“Oh, g-g-d…P-please don’t l-leave m-me like t-this!” she begged struggling against the ropes, hoping to pull free and satisfy the pounding need in her pussy.

He stood quietly, watching her desperation, then began to disrobe…Soon standing nude, his erection raging between his legs.

But instead of getting in the bed, he moved to his case and removed the final two objects in it. One was an 8 ½ inch anatomically correct vibrating dildo. The other was a medium sized butt plug…But with one difference…After the initial conical shaped plug ended in the base, a set of wires about 18 inches long connected the plug to a small control box allowing him to adjust the intensity of the vibrations produced by the plug.

He placed the plug on the bed and took the dildo in hand. She gasped in pleasure and relief as he stroked the head across her still erect clit and down between the slick gaping lips of her pussy. Slowly, he inserted the head just inside her pussy lips, then with a twist of the base he started the vibrating…

“W-h-h-h-h-o-o-o-o-o!” she gasped as her hips arched to meet this new invader…Her greedy pussy wanting every buzzing inch inside her.

Slowly he pushed the vibrating dildo into her until she gasped as the broad base stretched her pussy tight and she was filled…He stroked the device in and out five or six very slow strokes then wanting to avoid her orgasm, he held it deep inside her and reached for the butt plug…

Interestingly, she didn’t resist when he pressed the plug against her oily, winking asshole…Grimacing in a passionate smile she pressed back as the broad plug stretched her anus until the pink showed around the plug and finally it popped past her sphincter and her anus greedily clamped around the narrow neck of the plug…

Without hesitation he thumbed the control to its fastest speed and she screamed in surprise and pleasure…Again he watch her carefully, speeding up and slowing down the thrusting and vibration so that she was carefully balanced with her orgasm just out of reach…

She was in an absolute panic to cum…The sheen of sweat covered her body as she thrashed against her bindings, babbling, begging him to let her cum..Once he stopped and gave her water to drink, but she had no idea how long he had been tormenting her. Every fiber of her being begged for orgasm, but he kept her balanced just at the point, but not quite there…

Then unbelievably, he stopped and removed the dildo and butt plug from the dripping, throbbing openings of her ass and pussy. She collapsed in despair, sobs of need wracking her body…

“I think you’re ready,” he stated simply as he bent to untie her limbs…He gently massaged her wrists, ankles and thighs…Occasionally tweaking her nipples or rasping his thumb over her clit to keep her in a fever pitch…Her sobs turned to groans of pleasure and whimpers of need…Finally, he removed the blindfold.

She gasps as she see his raging hardon…The head purple and distended, shining like a fresh peeled onion, his balls swinging beneath his rigid penis…

He sits in the armchair and motions for her to come to him.

She scrambles to her feet and stands, nipples erect, clit and ass throbbing, looking down at him.

He leans back in the chair and taking one hand lifts his erect penis until it is standing straight up…

“You’re going to fuck yourself in the ass with this…” he says in a matter of fact tone.

Her eyes cloud with doubt.

“Or I tie you back up and you spend another hour with that plug in you ass.” He completes his sentence.

Taking a deep breath she whispers, “Okay, but please don’t hurt me.”

“Come here,” he commands “Straddle your legs over the chair and put me inside you.”

She quickly moves to one side of the chair and lifts one leg over as if getting on a bicycle. The chair is so wide that when her knees are over the arms pieces they are spread to the point that the large tendons stand out at the juncture of her thighs…She grasps his shoulders and lifts herself…Then the head of his penis is at her back door.

“O-oh y-yes, p-please” she groans at the contact forgetting her fear.

“Go slow” he commands between gasps of pleasure as she slowly, oh so very slowly slides down on him.

“U-u-n-n-n-g-g-h! O-oh, p-please, oh god!” she breaths as he fills her and she settles into his lap.

He wraps his arms around her and pulls her to him, holding her still, stroking her, letting her settle, letting her breathe, feeling the sensation of the warmth of her breath on his neck. The he turns and their lips meet, tongues thrash, and he feels her orgasm begin…

“Oh, yes. Oh, g-god y-y-y-e-e-s-s-s!” she moans into his mouth.

And he holds her as she enters that wonderful world…

Gradually, her orgasms subsides, yet he continues to cradle her in his arms, stroking her back and hips until her breathing settles…The he shifts and flexes his hips, thrusting up into her, grinding the base of his penis into her ass and rubbing his thumb over her clit…

“U-n-n-n-u-u-g-h!” she groans as she sits up, her eyes staring into his in surprise.

She could easily cum again, yet he doesn’t make the movement that will bring her to her crisis…

Slowly he strokes her face, neck and shoulders, calming yet exciting her simultaneously…She is a gentle soul and although he is clearly dominant, he has no desire to hurt her…Her need is to be taken care of…

Again his fingers find her nipples and begin their insistent stroking and pinching…

“A-h-h-h-h, y-y-yes!” she whispers as the sensations rocket through her body.

She closes he eyes and throws her head back in ecstasy and her second orgasm crashes through her body…She grinds her ass down onto his pelvis again and again, trying to get him deeper inside her.

“P-please,” she gasps as the tremors in her body subside, “I need for you to fuck me…I want you moving inside me!”

The pleading in her eyes pierces his heart…He so wants her to be happy, to have what she wants…Yet, he shakes his head side to side…

“Not yet…” he says “You’re not ready yet…”

“B-but I a-am r-rea…A-h-h-h-h, my god!” she stammers as her sentence in interrupted by another flex of his sphincter and thrust of his hips…Stretching the pout of her anus tight around the base of his penis, his thumb again punishing her clit…At the same time the fingers of his other hand lightly twist her nipples and she falls into his arms thrashing in another orgasm…This one lasts for what seems like forever…She has trouble catching her breath and is afraid to move when he thrusts again and sends her over the edge a fourth time…

“P-please…” she pleads in a whisper, her lips barely moving on his shoulder.

She feels him shift, and then stand and grasp her ass with his hands and she wraps her legs around his back as he walks to the bed, still inside her…Each footstep causes a jolt that jounces her anus against the base of his penis…She is about to cum again when he bends and lowers her to the bed…Without leaving her he gets on his hands and knees and with he legs locked around him, he moves until she is centered in the bed…Each movement has caused her to gasp in pleasure and she is again on the verge of cumming…

He raises up on his hands and knees and pulls her legs around so that he holds them in to crook of his arms…Then the thrusting begins…It is slow, yet incessant, never pausing, he pushes into her to the root of his penis then pulls out until only the head remains inside her…Looking down he can see her anus clinging to his cock like an infants mouth as if to suck it deep inside her again…On the fifth stroke she is cumming again, yet this time he doesn’t stop stroking…Soon she crying out in a combination of lust and need for respite…His strokes slow, then stop…He is in her to the hilt, his balls resting on her upturned ass…

“Want to finish on your knees?” he asked with a grin, already knowing the answer…

Still panting from her orgasms, she can only nod her head…She groans in disappointment as he withdraws from her, but scrambles onto her hands and knees…

He knee-walks between her legs and presses her shoulders until she lowers them to the bed…He taps her knees and she spreads them apart and then he pauses to look at her…Her hair spread over her shoulders, her breasts pressed into the sheets, her thighs spread and the tendons stretched between them, the pink slit of her pussy and her ass wide spread, her anus winking in need, vulnerable, waiting…She is panting in need…

He leans forward and the turgid head of his penis presses into her ass once again…Already stretched, she accommodates him easily and he slides easily into her until she is filled…She knows what is coming…Slowly he draws his penis out, pauses and then…

“O-o-o-h-h-h-h g-g-o-o-o-o-d!” she cries as his hips crash into her ass, his balls slapping her gaping pussy at the force of the stroke.

Her hands scrabble across the covers and finally gather the sheets into fists clenched in the absolute panic and loss of control of her orgasm…he continues fucking into her ass until she is lost in sensation, babbling in passion, her eyes open but seeing nothing, her mouth making sounds but saying nothing…Then she feels the change in tempo and hears him gasp in recognition of his impending orgasm…His pace quickens and she calls his name, desperate to have him cum in her…Then he is there…One final crashing stroke into her and he hold her ass tightly to his pelvis as he spurts over and over…She is up on he hands and knees again, pushing back against him, wanting every inch of him inside her and sobbing in passion…

And he knows she is his from now on…

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