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The Secret Place

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Kaye had always been the kind of girl who was eager to impress her friends. At 15, she hadn’t cared that she was a bit too chunky until she overheard a friend of hers (a high school senior no less) refer to her as having a tank ass; she started to exercise. At 18, another friend had said she wouldn’t have the guts to go into a local sex shop and come out with something–that was how Kaye had ended up with her lovely vibrator. And now, as a tall, fit 21-year-old, she had said something in front of her college roommate April and was regretting it.

Sharing the small dorm room, Kaye and April had always gotten along well, even though April, being a city girl, was much more worldly. The previous night, April had made a passing reference to anal sex, and Kaye responded to her.

“Yikes… that can’t even be fun,” Kaye said with bold certainty.

April paused and smiled. “You never know until you try anal.”

Kaye immediately blushed, realizing that she had put her foot into her mouth. Nonetheless, she was stubborn, and not entirely sure that she was wrong. “Oh? Well, I haven’t tried… it. Can you say you have?”

April grinned and Kaye knew she was caught. “I won’t dare say how long I’ve been trying it, having it, and enjoying it. And for the record, it IS fun. It’s different, and really really fun.”

It was this conversation that Kaye had rolling around in her head as she sat alone in the dorm room on a Wednesday night. April was out on a date and wouldn’t be home until much later. Could the city girl really be right? Kaye stood, looking at herself in the full-length mirror. Her light red hair was pulled up, and her pale skin was contrasted by her dark, rectangular glasses. She was dressed to relax: deep blue track pants, a baby blue tank top, while still retaining a look of respectability. She had always been the good girl, the total opposite of her trouble-making younger brother. But now she was having second thoughts.

She pulled off her tank top and track pants and looked at herself again. She was wearing a white satin bra that held her 32C breasts wonderfully, and matching bikini panties. She smiled at herself in the mirror–of course she was wearing white underwear. She was the good girl. Her smiled faded as she noticed the peaks of her hard nipples pushing through the bra and realized they were connected to the raw, carnal feeling deep inside of herself.

Kaye took her vibrator out of her desk and looked at it. All the other times she had used her vibrator, it looked perfect. It was seven inches long and a funny, watermelon-rind type of green. While it was no replacement of a guy’s cock, it filled her up nicely nonetheless. Now, she was wondering if it might be too big. How could something like it fit… back there?

She locked the door and decided. In a second, she had reached back and undid her bra, and had pushed her panties to the floor. Long gone was the chunky girl of her early teens, replaced by a woman that worked hard to keep her fit, tight body. She liked how she looked naked except for her dark, square glasses, especially now. Her light pink nipples were very hard indeed, and she could see that her pussy, which she religiously shaved every night (and had done so just hours before) was moist with anticipation.

Alright, she decided, it was worth a try. But properly, and carefully. She thought for a moment, then went to April’s dresser. In the back of the top drawer, Kaye found the box of condoms. She took one out and pushed her vibrator through it, figuring that the bit of lubrication from the condom would help. But would it be enough? She glanced at herself in the mirror, and saw her naked beauty… and saw herself holding the latex-covered vibrator, which looked obscene. She averted her eyes and blushed with embaressment. She went over to her desk, taking out a small container of vaseline and dabbing some into her fingers.

She took her two fingers and watched as she rubbed them over the tip of the vibrator. As she rubbed back and forth, she again wondered if something so big could really fit into her and if it would hurt. She paused a moment, considering for the first time that it might truly be painful. Well, she told herself, it’s best to always be extra prepared.

Kaye put the vibrator down on her desk. She then put her hands behind herself. With one hand, she pulled at one cheek of her butt; with the other hand, the one that had vaseline on it, she gingerly moved her slick fingers toward her asshole. It surprised her that when her fingers touched the spot; it was a pleasant feeling. The vaseline had been warmed by her hand and it allowed for her fingers to push and prod over her hole easily. Her confidence was restored–at least, she knew the vibrator would go in easily. But would it hurt from there?

She picked up the vibrator, knowing it was time to find out. She stood again in front of the mirror. This time, she hardly cared about the sight of the horny girl, with eyelids heavy from arousal and peering through the smart looking glasses, hard, pink nipples, an even more moist crotch, and slick hands holding a smutty, greasy vibrator. Glancing one more time to make sure the door was locked, she pulled her hands to her back, tugged at one of her cheeks, and bent over a bit, ready for whatever was to come next.

The 21-year-old beauty felt the tip of the vibrator pushing at her hole and liked the invasive, probing feeling. She took a breath and pushed, being sure to have her whole body relaxed. She let out a groan of pain as the tip pushed into her, stretching the muscle unnaturally wide. Then it was inside, her body accepted the pain–and Kaye let out a guttural, throaty sigh, for she enjoyed this feeling of being filled up in a brand new place. She slightly moved the vibrator in and out, not enough for it to come out of her, but enough for it to work herself in. It was a new feeling to her, since it wasn’t the pure pleasure of having a nice big cock enter her moist, shaved pussy. This was different. It felt more salacious, more dirty, more like she was an animal. She felt like the bright, chipper, intelligent college student was disappearing, being replaced by a dirty whore who loved being taken where it was most forbidden and most wrong.

She also felt like taking more inside herself. Judging that she had about two inches inside her ass already, Kaye wondered how much more she could take; surely only a few more inches. She bent herself over more, wishing that this could somehow be done comfortably with her on all fours. It is possible, she thought with a tingle of excitement, if a guy were to do it to her. But for the time being, it was only possible with her standing. She pushed more in, surprised at how easily the slick toy moved up her. She went up and down again, this time with broader movements. She put her head down, wisps of red hair falling in her eyes. It felt so slutty and so good. She pushed up and was surprised when suddenly the fingers holding the vibrator touched the cheeks of her ass. Did she really have most of the seven inches inside of her? The answer was yes. She smiled, proud of herself, proud that she had done something that she didn’t think was possible. She moved her hand away for a moment. The vibrator stayed where it was, then slowly started to move out; the pressure from her body meant that it wouldn’t become stuck, she realized in relief. Realizing how safe things where, she realized something else: she wanted the whole thing fully inside her ass.

Kaye looked around and knew what to do. April’s computer chair would be perfect to sit on. Kaye absentmindedly threw a towel down and slowly lowered herself onto the chair. It took two hands on the arms, because Kaye was afraid to sit too quickly in the wrong position. Then it was done, and she was leaning back in the chair, with the vibrator slowly starting to move out again. Kaye gingerly sat forward, her hands shaking from pleasure and pain as her body pressured the whole vibe back in again. It was a wonderful feeling. She pushed the hair out of her eyes with one hand, while the other snaked down her body. Her clit was hot, wet, and throbbing as she touched it, and she knew it wouldn’t take long for her to cum. But she wanted this to be unlike anything else. She moved her hand lower and sat back. She grasped the bottom of the vibrator, where twisting the bottom would turn it on. It wasn’t easy, with her wet hand and the oily vibrator, but suddenly there was a slow throbbing in the entire seven inches of the vibrator, pulsing inside her ass. Her finger returned to her clit, moving back and forth, faster and faster. She was so wet, so horny, so much of a slut now… her finger danced over her wet tip, and she repeated it to herself: so much of a slut now. With that, her body shook in pleasure and a loud groan escaped despite gritted teeth trying to prevent any noise. She bucked back and forth, her voice whimpering from the pleasure and the pain of the vibrator in her ass.

Kaye sat there for the better part of two minutes, feeling her orgasm wash over herself and slowly, ever so slowly, fade away while the vibrator kept trembling inside of this new place. Then the pleasure was gone and she reached down, turning it off. She stood carefully, and felt ashamed–and when the slowly pulled the warm vibrator out of her ass, she also felt used, somehow. She pulled the condom off, wrapping it in too many tissues so it wouldn’t be found in the garbage. Unsure of what to do with the vibrator itself, she wiped it on her leg and put it back in her desk. She wasn’t sure what had just happened; she was truly surprised at herself. She saw her clothes on her bed, across the room, and started to walk towards them. She felt that she needed to clothed, less naked, less sexual. But something caught her eye. She again looked at herself in the mirror, and saw her wonderful, slightly sweaty, very naked body. The girl in the reflection didn’t look slutty; she looked happy. Kaye stared at herself for a moment and realized that it was her anal experience was a secret. She smiled, admitting to herself how good it felt.

At the bottom of the mirror was an unused footstool; she took at and placed it a few feet from the mirror. She sat on it, her legs spread wide. She enjoyed looking at her naked body, eyeing herself as a new, sexual creature. Kaye pushed her hand towards her pussy again, wanting very much to cum again after this night of revelations.

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