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Two Women, Two Beers, Two Bucks!

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It was a typical Friday night in Nashville. I had already been to three clubs and it was getting pretty late. Glancing at my watch, I saw it was only about half an hour until last call. So far I hadn’t run into anything or anyone that really looked promising. I was beginning to think I was going to end up going back to my motel room alone. What a depressing thought! I had my taste buds all primed for some good pussy.

I’m a fifty-three year old white male, average height and average build with salt and pepper hair. My only distinctive feature is an eleven inch uncut cock and a huge ballsack. Well, I also have quite an insatiable appetite for sex. But then doesn’t everyone? I thought so! Anyway, I was sitting at a small table near the corner of the bandstand, giving all the ladies the once over, some the twice over. Every woman who even looked promising, was either with someone else, or was already in the process of being hit on.

As I got up and started towards the men’s room, they announced there were having a buck a draft beer special for the next fifteen minutes. I hit the pisser, and started back to my table. I passed by the end of the bar, when I saw two older women sitting together and who appeared to be about half shitfaced. They were laughing and hanging on eachother as they slammed down their beers. Both had neckscarves tied around their necks. The one with the jetblack short hair, was wearing a full-cut jean skirt and western style blouse. The one with the longer silver or platinum hair, was dressed in a skin-tight pair of white pants that almost looked like spandex. She too, wore a western theme shirt.

The band started playing an old rock and roll tune, prompting everyone to get up and hit the dancefloor. The two women were no exception. Once they were on the floor dancing, I pulled a white napkin from the dispensor on my table, and wrote the following message. “You two ladies look good enough to eat! Sound good? If so, and if you think you could have fun with an eleven inch cock, take off your scarves and put them in your purses. Then I’ll know if you’re interested. If not…y’all have a beautiful evening!”

I folded the napkin, and walked over to the end of the bar where the two were sitting. I slipped the note under their cigarette case on the bar by their purses. I walked to the middle of the bar, ordered them each a buck draft and told the bartender where to place them. Waiting to see what happened, I sauntered on back to my little table to observe.

A few minutes later the song ended and the two women went back to their seats at the bar. The one with black hair reached for a smoke, and pulled the folded note from under the cigarette case. As she was opening the note, the bartender placed the two beers in front of them and walked away. I watched from my vantage point for a reaction, good, bad or otherwise. She cupped her hand over her brightly painted red lips and laughed, handing the paper to her friend. The silver haired woman gasped and placed her hand over her chest, as if she couldn’t believe some bastard would say anything like that! Then she too giggled, leaning in to the other one and whispering in her ear. The pair whispered back and forth for a couple of minutes, then to my utter amazement, untied their western scarves and put them in their purses.

The silver haired woman took a mirror from her purse and checked herself out, applying a bit more lipstick. I saw the other one fluff her hair with her hands, and then push down hard in her lap with both hands. Both women began watching every man that walked by them, as if wondering; could that be him? It was now or never I thought.

I walked over toward the two women seated on their barstools, and stepped in behind the one with the platinum hair. Leaning softly against her back, I whispered close to her ear “Why did you take off your scarves ladies?” I then pressed into her back a bit furhter, making sure that my semi-hard bulge was firmly against her back.

Turning slightly and looking over her shoulder, she said Hi there, my name is Ann. This is Karen she said, nodding towards her friend with the black hair. Thanks for the drinks, and a…thanks for the a… little note. You really know how to make two old ladies feel good, don’t you? Listen hon, just in case you wanna’ change your mind, I’m fifty-eight and Karen here is sixty-one. So if you wanna’ look for someone younger, we won’t be offended.” Then laughing and taking the last swallow of her beer, she looked deeply into my eyes and said “You probably couldn’t handle the both us anyway! Know what I mean?”

“There’s one way for you to find out.” I said with a grin. “I’m staying two blocks down the street on the right, at the Ambassador. The room number is 108. Think it over…if you’re interested, the door will be unlocked. There’s plenty to drink and I think you might enjoy yourselves! But no pressure…it’s all up to you.” With that being said, I turned and walked away.

About twenty minutes later, there was a soft tap on the door. “The door is open!” I said, as I lay on the bed watching some porn flick on the PPV Channel. The two women walked in, and sat down on the small loveseat across from the bed. “What would you like to drink ladies?” I asked, in my most polite tone. “Beer, wine, whiskey….you name it!” I walked over to the wet bar.

The black haired Karen asked “How about a couple Jack and Cokes? Would that be a problem?” I fixed them each a drink and handed them to the women. As I walked back to sit on the side of the bed, Karen spoke again, saying “What’s that you’re watching there? Is that a dirty movie?”

I answered that indeed it was, and we just started small talking about the subject matter of the flick and all that shit. “Why don’t you beautiful ladies make yourselves more comfortable?” I said softly. “I’d love to see what treasures ly beneath all those pretty outfits. That is of course, if you don’t want to just have a drink and run!” Ann asked me if I would mind turning down the lights somewhat.

“Like I told you, we’re just a couple of old ladies honey! Between us, we may have a few stretch marks we aren’t too proud of.” She quipped and giggled. “And….only if you’ll get more comfortable too. Karen here seems to think you might have been exagerating about something being eleven inches long! Oh…and could you maybe put on some soft music or something? Isn’t there a radio in here?”

I turned down the volume on the TV, but purposely left the picture on. I got up and turned off two bright lamps, leaving just a small lamp on above the headboard of the bed. Searching through stations on the radio, I found some soft rock playing and asked if that was alright. In unison they nodded that it was, and I removed my shirt and shoes. I sat back on the bed. These two were absolutely buzzed to the max!

When Karen rose first, and started unbuttoning her western blouse, Ann followed suit and did the same. Karen then unzipped her full skirt and slid it down her legs, stepping out of it, and throwing it on the loveseat behind her. After kicking off her shoes, Karen was left standing in a very brief cut purple see-through panty and bra set, trimmed in lace. Ann stood, kicked off her shoes as well, and grabbed the waist of her skin-tight white pants and began sliding them down over her wide hips. She was wearing sheer white matching panties and bra. I could easily see the furry pelts that covered each of their pussies. I love hairy pussies!

I stood up and removed my pants, leaving on only my briefs. As I tossed my pants on top of their pile of clothing, I watched Karen slowly dancing to the music, with her drink in hand. I walked up behind her, placing my hands on her hips as she swayed gently to the music. I began planting soft wet kisses up and down her neck and shoulders. Pushing back against me, my now stiffening cock was pressing into her the crack of her panty covered ass. For a few moments we just simulated this erotic dance. Ann walked toward us, stepped in behind me, and began massaging my ass as I rubbed against her friend’s ample ass.

Her hands went to my waist, and she started tugging down my underwear as she knelt down and kissed all over my ass. When my briefs hit my ankles, I stepped out of them. Reaching between my legs, her hand found my hard cock. In a slow milking type motion, she pulled it straight down and started working my foreskin up and down the shaft of my dick. With her other hand, she toyed with my big nutsack, gently rolling and massaging my aching balls. “Karen” she said, “You aren’t gonna’ believe this! I’m looking at the biggest and most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen in my life! OooohhhhGod! This is…..well, it’s unreal!”

“I felt it against my ass honey!.” Karen sighed softly, almost purring. Setting her drink on the table beside us, she began slipping her pretty little purple panties and bra off. Throwing them aside, she eased her soft ass back against my pubic bone and pushed. While Karen and I kept slowly swaying to the music, Ann still on her knees behind me, slipped the length of my throbbing cock right in between Karens legs. I could feel the heat and moisture from the crack of her ass and her hairy pussy lips. As we continued our little slow dance, Karen’s wet slit was actually riding back and forth on the shaft of my dick with the lips of her cunt. With every stroke my cock made through this wet hairy passageway, I could feel her snatch getting wetter and wetter.

“Uuuuummmmm! Aaaaaahhh yes!” Karen moan softly, as she let her ass crack dance over my cock. “Ooooh fuck Ann…this feels so fucking good! Feels like I’m sliding over a damned ballbat or something!” In no time at all, the entire length of my cock was slick with her cunt juice all over it. “Aaaahhh fuck, fuck fuuuuck!” She whimpered.

I took one hand off Karen’s hips and reached around her chest. To my surprise, she had enormous firm titties with already hard little nipples. Ann got up and walked around in front of Karen, and stripped of her sheer white panty outfit. I teased and rolled Karen’s nipples, causing her to moan softly in my ear and start rotating her ass on my dick between her legs.

Ann had a very thick bush too, and I couldn’t believe it, but it was silver…just like her hair. Her breasts were alot smaller, and sagged a bit. But they were still sexy, and she had big pink nipples that stuck out about an inch. Ann dropped to her knees in front of us. I had no idea what she was doing, because I couldn’t see from my vantage point. But it didn’t take long to find out! What I didn’t realize, was that everytime I pushed my cock forward through Karens hairy pussy lips, the head and about five inches of my rod was coming through on the other side. As I pushed forward, my foreskin would slide back and Ann began licking and teasing the head with her hot tongue. Everytime I would pull back, the foreskin would cover my cock tip and fill with Karen’s wet juices.

“Oh yeah Ann…Lick it baby! Lick my hard cock!” I said, “Can you taste my cock dripping on your tongue? Taste that precum honey?” She licked around the dripping head in circles, then would flick her tongue under the sensitive tip. On the very next stroke, Ann’s hot mouth completely covered the swollen head of my slippery cock. She sucked in every inch of my dick that was poking through her friend’s cunt lips. I’d let her suck it a few times, then drag it back through the juicy wet forest of Karen’s pussy lips, covering it with more slippery goo.

“OH FUCK!” I heard Karen whine, “Oh yeah…lick my clit Annie!” Eat that pussy for me honey!” Everytime I was pulling my fuckpole back through Karen’s wet pussy lips, Ann was licking her clit and cunt lips. After a few more minutes, Ann got to her feet, smiled and said “That reminds me mister big cock! Do you still want to eat some hot pussy or not?”

Pulling my juice covered dick from between Karen’s ass cheeks, I told them both to get on the loveseat on their knees and lean over the back of the cushons. They obeyed in a flash. I stood there behind them, staring at the two hairiest cunt bushes I’d seen in years. The color contrast was actually pretty. One jet black, and the other silver or grey haired. I began jacking on my slick cock, and told Ann to reach over and play with Karen’s pussy. She slid her fingers down the moist crack of Karen’s ass, and right into her hugnry pink cunt opening. Immediately, she began sawing two fingers in and out of the black haired pussy. Karen was so fucking wet, that you could hear the sloppy sloshing sounds of her cunt.

“Karen…I think you need to return the favor don’t you?” I asked, as I walked up closer and knelt down on my knees behind them. “Play with Ann’s hairy little pussy Karen! Finger fuck Ann for me!” Both women threw their heads back in sheer pleasure as they finger fucked eachother’s wet cunts. With eleven inches of dripping hard cockmeat in my hand, I pumped it back and forth in time with their finger fucking. My heart was pounding like a drum!

As I leaned in towards Karen’s furry cunt lips, I smelled the sweet combination of perfume and hot pussy. Karen was so hairy, that she even had a fine trail of wet black fuzz all the way up the crack of her beautiful ass, even around her puckered little asshole. Slowly, teasingly, I ran my wet tongue up and down her hairy crack. I licked wet little circles around the puckered opening. “Oooohhhhh fuck! Yeah sweetie…lick my hairy asshole! Uuummmmmm… huuuuummmm….Aaaaahh fuck! “Lick it you dirty bastard! I’m gonna’….I’m gonna cum! Aaaaah shit! Yeees! I’m fucking cumming!!!

I plunged my entire tongue into Karen’s hairy hole, feeling and tasting her hot load running all over it. Turning and laying backwards, with my head on the cushons between her spread legs, I told her to fuck my face with her sloppy wet cunt. With two fingers, I spread open her soft pink inner cunt lips, and licked her clit. I eased back the little hood covering the hard bud, and sucked it into my mouth. Rolling my tongue around her hard little miniature dick, she said was going to cum again. “AAHHHGGGG! OOOOOWWWW! FUCK YEAH!” Karen cried, as she released another cum bath on my tongue.

I felt Ann get up from the loveseat. She knelt on the floor between my legs and took over my job of pounding my meat. She wrapped both hands around the long slick shaft and began pumping the foreskin back and forth over the wet head. “Uuuummm….goooood!” Ann whispered aloud, as she began sucking my whole cock. I t felt like she had about nine inches or so down her throat as she slobbered and sucked and pumped it. “You taste like your cum and Karen’s cunt both!”

Pulling my dick from Ann’s slippery lips, I told them both to get on the bed. They lay down side by side. Crawling up on the foot of the big bed, I dropped my head between Ann’s spread legs. Spreading open the delicate pink lips of her grey haired pussy, I ate her cunt with a passion. Again, I smelled the aroma of hot pussy and sweet perfume. As I sucked her clit and finger fucked Ann, I reached over and played with Karen’s sloppywet gash as well. I slipped one, then two, then three big fat fingers into her juicy love tunnel. As she rolled her eyes back in her head, Ann yelled out “I’m gonna’ cum….I’m gonna’ cum! Fuck me with that tongue honey….stab my pussy with that big tongue! Give Annie a gooood tongue fuckin’! Aaaaaaah Yeeeeeeaaaaah! Ooooh I’m cummin’ damn it! Aaaawww fuck yes..yes!”

Raising up on my elbows, I told them both to get on their knees. Moving in behind Ann, I teased at her juicy fur coverd cunt lips with the head of my cock. Reaching to the right, I slid my thumb into Karen’s black haired cunt. I slowly eased my dick into Ann’s hot cavern, and began humping her slowly, until I had buried all eleven inches ball deep in her fuckhole. All the while I kept fingering Karen’s snatch, making wet,smacking sounds that filled the room. “How’s that Ann? Is this big stiff cock filling that juicy little cunt sweetheart?” I said, as I leaned in close over her back and whispered into her ear. As I increased my pace of pussy pumping, it was only seconds before the silver haired hot snatch yelled out in a glorious orgasm.

“Yeah…fuck me you big cocked bastard! Pound me with that horsecock honey! Oooooh! Aaaaah…..fuck me hard now! Slam that dick to me baby!” She rubbed and twisted her titties and nipples, as I plowed her furry little gash. Eyes rolling and pushing her pussy forward to meet each thrust, she clasped her cunt lips tightly around my slick cock holding it to the very bottom of her hot box. “Ooooh! I’ve never cum so fuckin’ much or soooo fuckin’ hard in my life baby!” Ann screamed, as her inards shot forth a huge load of liquid love juice on my dick.

I pulled out my slippery wet cock, and leaned down and sucked her hard clit into my mouth, rolling it around causing her cunt to explode again. I caught the cum dripping from her pussy lips on my fingers, and slid them up and down the already wet crack of her beautiful pale white ass.

Scooting to the right and turning her onto her back, I replaced my pistoning thumb in Karen’s sopping wet cunt with my long throbbing fuckstick. Putting my forearms under her knees and lifting her up, I spread her open as far as I could. I wanted to look down and watch my dick hammering that black furry cunt. The wet hair of her pussy clung to and slid back and forth on my shaft, as I tore into her snatch with all the strength I had left. What a beautiful fuckin’ sight that was! My big hanging cum bloated balls were slapping hard against her elevated ass cheeks, as I drilled her sloppy wet cunt.

“I fuckin’ don’t believe this….oooohh fuck me! Give me that big fat peter sweetie! Fuck my big wet slick ole’pussy honey!” Karen was floundering around on the bed like a fish out of water. “I’m gonna’ cuuuummm! I’m lettin’ go baby! Take this hot cum all over your big hard cock! Ooooh holy fuckin’ shit!” she gasped loudly. “Can you feel it? Can you fuckin’ feel me cuuuummmmin’?”

Ann crawled to the foot of the bed behind me, and started massaging my nuts and sack again. Just when I thought it couldn’t feel any better, Ann took my balls and nutsack and began pushing them into Karen’s ass crack, covering them with all the dripping juices running down from her well fucked cunt. She slowly just rubbed sack and all up and down in the hot slick cum juices. It was like being tickled with feathers!

I couldn’t hold back any longer, and told both ladies I was gonna’ pop my nuts any second. Ann put her head between my spread legs and began licking and sucking gently on my slick heavy balls. Then she ran her tongue through the soaking wet crack of Karen’s hairy ass and pussy lips, slurping up all the juices she could get. Then she’d switch back to my nuts. “AAAGGGHHHH! Here it comes baby” I said, as I rammed Karen’s juicy wet hole with eleven hard inches of cockmeat. Stream after stream of hot cum shot into her lust cavern. Jets of fluid filled the slippery gash between her spread legs, while Ann continued licking and sucking us both. Assured that I had given them both a good fucking, I slowly let me dick slide out from between Karen’s cum dripping hair pie.

Ann grabbed my cock and sucked on it like a mad woman, as she kept jacking it with both hands. I came again with Ann swallowing two or three more shots of love juice in her hot mouth. Releasing her mouth hold on my dick, she pumped the foreskin back and forth, which only made me cum more. She aimed my fuckpole between the spread open lips of Karen’s cunt, and watched another long stream of hot white cum shoot in the crease of her snatch. Both women got to their knees, and began cum swapping with their tongues.

I got up and stood at the foot of the bed and watched them play in the cum dripping from Karen’s wet hairy love box, as they finger fucked eachother madly for about ten minutes until they both came again. “Well it’s already Saturday morning,” Karen laughed. “Ann, do you have anything you have to do today?” When her friend answered that no she didn’t, Karen said “Well then I think we need to just stay here another night and get some more of this monster cock here!” She looked at me and smiled. “That’s if it’s alright with you honey!”

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