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The Task

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I wish I were able to do this for You today. Hopefully this will give You some relief. I recited my ritual per Your command and so enjoyed the orgasm You allowed. Thank You, Master, so very deeply. This is fairly unedited, so if something isn’t communicated properly, please let me know?


She watched Him as He sat there. There was nothing overtly wrong, but she’d been noticing little things for quite a while now. Little signals, little signs, that not all was well. Something was weighing heavily on her Master’s mind.

There was so much to choose from, she had no idea which it could be this time. So she simply decided. It was time for her to take action to relieve the burden He’d been carrying for quite a while

She made Him His favorite tea, brewed just as He liked it. She brought it to Him slowly, taking her time, giving Him time to break His reverie and see what was happening. When she noticed His head raise in her peripheral, she sped up her steps approaching humbly, kneeled gracefully at His feet and set the cup down on the table beside His chair.

“Thank you, pet,” He said smiling gently.

He picked up the cup and tasted. “Very good, Thank you again.”

She settled in front of Him at His feet as He continued to sip. She lifted one foot into her lap and began to gently massage working from the heel to the ball in long easy strokes. She felt His leg noticably relax then set that one gently down and pulled the other up to her. Using the same method, she relaxed the muscles there as well.

He finished His cup and set it aside, bent down and took her hand in His, pulling her up to Him. He kissed her tenderly and lovingly, but she could still tell His passion was banked like a winter fire at night. She stood and gently pulled Him to His feet, leading Him into the bedroom. She opened the door and stood aside having Him proceed her in.

When He entered He was astonished. Every flat surface besides the bed had a lit candle sitting upon it. She led Him over to the bed and asked Him quietly to lay naked on it face down. He looked at her quizzically, but decided that He’d let her have her wish. He knew she had only His best interest at heart and He was curious as to what she had planned.

He lay in the center of the bed where the pillows had been laid out. She climbed on the bed beside Him and began to kiss. She kissed tenderly, lovingly, starting at His head and working down covering every inch of His back.

When He tried to turn to figure out what she was doing, she gently pushed His head back to the pillow and simply said, ‘Shhhh’.

He quieted back down and simply allowed himself to enjoy.

She kissed her way down His legs to His feet, then stood at the end of the bed. He heard her apply oil to her hands and felt her begin to massage His calves and ankles. The oil was warming, soothing and her hands were strong. She soon had His muscles soaking in relaxation.

She moved up slowly, taking her time, finding every spot that was sore or tense and gently coaxed it out. She massaged His buttocks, but it wasn’t erotic. Her hands only conveyed their care and ministrations.

Slowly, up the small of His back she moved, reapplying the warming soothing oil whenever she needed. She straddled His hips as she moved up His back higher and higher. She could feel Him relaxing, allowing her hands do their work. His sigh was almost audible when she reached His shoulders. He actually moaned as she moved down His arms.

Then, she climed off His back and asked Him to turn over. He complied happily having so enjoyed the massage so far. She began again.

She kissed tenderly, lovingly down every inch of skin on His front. This time, being able to watch her, He found it much more arousing. She noted His growing cock but didn’t change her pace nor the tenderness of her kiss. Kissing down His arms, His shoulders and chest, His stomach, His groin, His hips, His legs… every solitary inch was touched by her lips.

When her mouth found His cock, He was tempted to take over, but she sensed this and simply asked, ‘Please?’. He smiled and waved for her to carry on, and she smiled back and complied to His “command”.

She moved down His legs to His feet and kissed them almost reverently. Then, once again, she oiled her hands and began moving back up, taking care to not press to firmly on bone. She moved up His thighs, His hips, His groin. then, very unexpectedly, she oiled His cock.

The warmth penetrated as her hands did their work. He was hard in very short order. But she simply straddled His hips again and continued with the massage. But with one very large difference. She allowed her pussy to continue an erotic massage of His cock, slowly moving her hips up and down stroking Him with her core.

She massaged His stomach, His chest, His arms. Then bending down, she massaged His shoulders and leaned down to give Him a slow, passionate, erotic kiss. Her hips moved slightly faster as her passion began to stir in her as well. but when He tried to take her in His hands, she again looked pleadingly in His eyes and asked, “Please?”

“I don’t understand pet?’ He stated.

She asked Him softly, ‘Allow me to simply love You, please, Master?’

Her eyes glistening with tears at the deep emotion she was feeling melted His heart even more. He brought His hands behind His head and laid it on them to help Him avoid temptation. She kissed Him again even more passionately now. But she still wasn’t through.

She sat up straight and applied more oil to her hands. Then, maintaining the slow stroking of His cock with her pussy, she began to oil her body seductively for Him. She touched herself erotically, allowing her hands to make love to her body giving Him a feast for His eyes. She brought herself closer and closer to the edge that her hips began taking on a rhythm of their own. He watched as the lust rose in her eyes, felt her movements, and allowed the passion to rise within Himself as well.

When she sensed it was time through her fog of passion, she repositioned His cock so that it easily slid into her deeply. She leaned down and began to slowly slide on His body so that He penetrated her completely then almost was pulled out totally from her depths. The oil continued to warm their skin only fanning the flames higher.

When He could no longer contain Himself, He brought His hands down to her hips and held her still. He then began that animal drive the existed inside each of them. He began to thrust up into her totally lost in the sensation. She, likewise, felt the lust-burn and struggled to thrust back down, but His hands were too strong. She’d awaken Him again finally.

She thrilled to His control as He took what she freely gave. Her clit pressed against His pelvis, she felt such great pleasure with each thrust that soon she could no longer hold back the dam. It burst on her so strongly that she began to thrash in His hands. He quickly grabbed her and flipped her so that she lay on the bed. Then He began to fuck her in total earnest and abandon.

Each push into her depths just sent another spasm through her body and mind. All she could sense and feel was her orgasm and His cock controlling it. There was no respite from it at all. He drove her higher and higher as He sought His own release. They both grunted and moaned as they rutted there. Him in total control of His slave. Her, in total surrender.

He felt His cock twitch and His balls pull up into His body and He roared. The sound of His voice reverberated off the walls and in her mind and she screamed in response cumming harder than she ever had before. She felt His seed splash deep inside her, felt Him ramming himself as far as He could go into her depths.

When finally He was spent, He lowered himself down on top of her and rained passionate kisses wherever His mouth could reach.

When she finally had gathered herself to her senses, she looked lovingly back up into His eyes and said, ‘Welcome back, Master”

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