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The Reclaiming

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So she was seeing someone. I didn’t expect her to wait for me, we had only been out a couple times before I left… and I didn’t know when I would be back, it would have been unfair of me to make that request. Plus, I had a feeling that she would need the time to enjoy her new-found freedom, making her more ready for me when I returned.

I will have fun with the more relaxed, audacious girl I think she can be. Besides, I don’t think he will be a problem to get rid of. He doesn’t know her desires like I do, and things have not really developed between them yet.

Deciding on a plan, I call her to tell her that I am having a small party. “Yes, it’s just a small gathering. Now that I’m home I want to just have my friends around me.” (Made sure I played the friend card.) “Some people are gonna just play cards, others just want to watch a movie and hang out. Bring your boyfriend, I’d really like you both to come.” If she had hesitated any more, I would have played the returning soldier card, but it turned out I didn’t need it. She agreed to come, and she was going to bring him. Involved with him or not, I knew it was because she really wanted to see me again. In her mind, I’m sure she thinks that having him there would keep her from being tempted to do something her “good-girl voice” would be ashamed of! My cock twitched a little when I thought about finally showing her the side of me that she has longed for me to show her all these months. She doesn’t even know the power I have over her little submissive self, she has no clue about the insights she has shown me as to just how submissive she is. Tonight I will finally make her mine. That thought was enough to make my cock fully awaken, but I won’t do anything to soothe it. Not yet. I’m saving it for tonight.

When she arrived, my cock did another little dance. As we made all the introductions, and I showed her around, I noticed her making small glances my way. Yep, I thought, she’s still mine. I knew it already, but there’s something to say about having that small confirmation from her. She saw my cock, I bet her shaved little pussy is probably dripping just thinking about me. All of the open conversations we’ve had, the fantasies she has shared with me. I wonder if she is even wearing panties under that skirt. She is dressed how I told her I wanted her to dress before. A skirt above the knees, and nice revealing blouse. Sexy, not slutty. And the heels… wow, I knew she would look great in a nice pair of heels, and she has not disappointed me. I’m surprised that she wore them, given her boyfriend’s height. She told me before that she wouldn’t wear them with him because she didn’t want to make him feel subconscious about it. (Yet another confirmation that she is already mine.)

I kept my distance from her during the party, not wanting to make anything too obvious. I’m sure he was getting a feeling. I hung out with the crowd that wanted to watch the movie since she was in that clique, but I also checked in with the others from time to time.. doing my good host duties. Everyone else here knows that I am in the lifestyle, whether or not they are into it also. Some of them are here based on their sheer curiosity about it all even though I didn’t intend for this to be a lifestyle party. I’m sure they will get a glimpse soon enough when I put my plan into motion.

After the movie, a few people were making moves to leave… her included. This was it, now or never. I pulled her over near the wall and pressed myself against her, imitating to hug her like “friends” that haven’t seen each other in a long time.

When he called to tell me about the party, I immediately felt myself pulled in different directions, liking both sides equally. I really liked this new guy I was seeing, but nothing could ever explain the attraction I felt toward “my soldier” as I liked to call him. He knew me very well, and was very intuitive to what I was feeling, and what I needed. Originally, I wanted to say that I couldn’t come, but when he said I could bring my boyfriend I felt relieved. I could go if my boyfriend came, I trusted myself more if he was with me. When we got there, I couldn’t help but to look at him. I had already thought him so handsome before he left, and seeing him again after being so active for the last months, he is positively magnificent. I wonder if that “package” he is sporting is for the outfit I wore in his honor. I doubt he even remembers. He probably has women everywhere falling over themselves to get to him, I doubt he would remember such small details of the conversations we had together.

When he said that he was going to hang with the movie crowd, I felt myself have a small twinge of hope that it was because he wanted me as much as I wanted him. But then I immediately felt guilty for having that feeling while sitting next to my current BOYFRIEND. In any case, he didn’t really hang around much. He was being a good host, not doting on me. I kicked myself for my own unnecessary jealousy. I’m such a mess! After the movie when others mentioned they were leaving, I took the opportunity to make my leave as well. It was unexpected that he would pull me to the wall so quickly. He pinned me there in an embrace that I didn’t expect. I don’t know when or how but suddenly his hard, bare cock was between us. It both excited and startled me. I made to move away because sooner or later my boyfriend would see, and I didn’t want there to be a scene.

He said, “Don’t you dare move.” And I was completely frozen. I looked at him, and saw it in his face that he meant it. He was serious and he was showing his power over me. I felt myself slip into a different part of myself, a “sub-space” if you will. Right then, I knew that I belonged to him and would do exactly as he said. I looked over at my “boyfriend no-longer” and then back at him, unsure about what was going to happen next.

I didn’t care about him at all. When she saw my cock and I gave the command for her to stay still, I saw the look on her face and felt the tension leave her body as she slipped willingly into her submission to me. Over my shoulder I saw him look back and forth between me and her, seeing for the first time a side of her he’d never seen before. I didn’t think he had it in him to be a fighting guy, and I suppose I should have been more worried about that, but I wasn’t. I just didn’t care what he did as long as she was mine and he left. After realizing what was happening, his only comment was sarcasm. “Well this is just fucking great.” And with that, he was gone. I could see the tiny, quickly-fading glimmer of guilt in her eyes as he left. But then her focus was back on me where it belonged. I can’t explain the feeling of finally claiming ownership of another. It’s a feeling of power that can’t be described.

“Kneel down.”

I’d love to say that I was an extremely masculine master, and controlled myself just to toy with her all night before exploding, but that would be a lie. Watching her kneel before my cock, feeling the power exchange between us, her looking up at me was all it took for me to detonate all over her face, glasses included. Right there with everyone watching, and without even jerking my hard cock, I just came and came until I had drained myself all over her face, glasses, and hair.

“Go get in my shower, my little one, and clean yourself up. Then be ready and waiting for me once I clear the party out.”

“Yes Sir.” And as she rose to move toward the bathroom, I gave her what might have looked like a hug to everyone else. Really, I was checking something. I quickly and skillfully reached under her skirt, and the feeling of her bare ass confirmed to me that she hadn’t in fact worn any panties. As I tucked my cock back into my pants, I could feel it starting to harden again, tonight was going to be fun!

As I quickly made my way to the bathroom I can’t even describe the thoughts that were flying through my head. On one hand, I felt extremely humiliated at what had just happened. On the other, I was glad that what he had done covered my face because then no one could see me blush. I was glad I didn’t know any of those people. Most of all, my heart pounded at the thoughts of what was yet to come. Even though I had fantasized about this for so many months, I never believed it would actually happen.

I stripped out of my clothes and shoes and stepped into the shower. After washing up, I toweled off and thought about putting my clothes back on. Instead, I kept the towel wrapped around me and only put the shoes back on. I stepped into his bedroom and waited patiently, both terrified and excited about what would happen next.

As I watched my stunned guests leave, I couldn’t have cared one bit about what their opinions were. I was anxious to get back to what I had started. I made witty comments, laughed and rubbed elbows when appropriate, but the truth is I can’t remember a single thing any of my friends said to me as they all left. I had work (fun work, but work nonetheless) to do!

I knew her experience in the lifestyle was extremely limited, so she would need some training. In some cases, this could be a bad thing, but she had very good submissive instincts. I had a feeling that she would do well. When everyone was finally gone (it took minutes but felt like hours), I made my way to the bedroom, anxious to see what would be waiting for me.

As I entered, I saw her sitting on the edge of my bed wrapped in the towel, legs-crossed, wearing her high-heel shoes. I was amused to say the least. “Well, little one, your instincts were good in that you put the shoes back on. But I would have preferred you to be naked when I came in.” At this, her face reddened to its cute blushing shade of pink. I love her blushing face; it’s one of the things that attracted me to her. She’s a good girl. I will enjoy making her my slut.

“I know you are ashamed of your body, but you need to get over that. When we are alone, you will always be naked unless I say otherwise. And even then you will still mostly be naked. I will also choose what you will wear to work or when you go out, even if you are going out without me. Understand?” She nods. “Excuse me?”

“Yes Sir,” she vocalizes, quickly realizing her mistake. See what I mean? Good instincts.

“You are mine now. I will use your mouth, pussy, and ass whenever I feel the whim. I will spank you, or bind you as I see fit. You will be my submissive because I know that’s what you need and want from me and because that’s what I want from you.

But first we have some training to do. Kneel down on the floor. Put a pillow under your knees because you will be there for a while. Knees wide open, as far as you can go. Head and shoulders back, with your hands behind your back, chest presenting your breasts to me.”

Just watching her comply makes my cock strain against my pants. “This is how you are to be whenever I say, ‘Kneel.’ Whenever I come home, this is how you will present yourself to me. When I am sitting, this is how you will sit at my feet, waiting for me.”

“Yes Sir.”

I left her there for a good while, just watching her. Letting the position sink in.

“Ok, you may stand.” I see the relief cross her face. “The next position I am going to show you is called ‘Discipline.’ This is for when I want to spank your ass. Though there will be times when I want to spank your pussy and tits, too.” I watched as a shudder went through her body.

“When I call for the discipline position, you will present your ass to me. Standing, you will bend over the bed — or couch, or table, depending on where we are in the house — with your legs back and out as far as you can. Show me that you understand.”

Watching her move into this position, I can’t wait to redden that ass. Not wanting to resist my own temptations any longer, I take the opportunity and smack her ass using my hand. She is shocked from the force and bite of the smack, I can tell… but she did not move from the position. I was very proud of her. So proud, in fact that I put the same handprint on her other ass cheek. She cried some, but still did not move. Inside and out, I was smiling.

“The next position is called ‘Open.’ You are to lie on your back on the very edge of the bed or table, hands behind your neck (if I haven’t tied them already), knees bent with your feet on the edge, legs as wide open as can be.” I wait for her to comply. “This position can be used for spanking your tits, pussy, thighs, or ass. And it’s also a fun play position for when I want to play with your body or use it for my pleasure. Sometimes I will tie your breasts so that they are standing at full attention for me and clamp your nipples. Whatever I feel like doing is what I will do.”

“Yes Sir.” She is blushing some more, which warms my heart. I’m sure she is embarrassed that I know she wants these things, and that I am talking about her body this way. There is probably a war going on between her good-girl self and her sub self. And I started it… smiling again.

“You have beautiful tits, made for being played with. And I know from what you have told me in the past that you enjoy that very much.” Does the blushing ever end? (Laughing on the inside now) I take both nipples in my fingers, roll them to harden them, and then pinch and twist them both. She moans to show both her discomfort and pleasure. I let go and massage the huge mounds. They are wondrous.

I bend over to kiss her, fully. My tongue extends into her mouth and she accepts it willingly, sucking on it gently but passionately. I’m sure we both realize that this is our first real kiss. I’m glad it was a good one, at least from our heightened state of arousal, it definitely was for me. I leave her mouth to kiss other parts of her. As I begin to kiss her neck and shoulders, I see from the corner of my eye that she moves to put her arms around me. Then, realizing her mistake, quickly puts her hands back into position. Again, I am amazed at those instincts.

I kiss my way down to her breasts and suck the nipples, every so often biting down on them. Not hard enough to break the skin or anything, but enough to cause a sting. I love her moans. She always told me she was very vocal, but there’s something to be said for hearing it yourself. Sometimes I might even have to gag her. That thought reminds me…

I remove my clothes so that I am naked now too and I move up to her face. I position myself over her so that she can take me into her mouth. I know that she has been waiting a long time for this, she has told me several times. She was right, she is an enthusiastic blow-job giver! If I hadn’t just cum a while ago, I’m sure I would have exploded from the pleasure she was giving me with her tongue right now. She was not in the best position for sucking though, so I pulled out and climbed off of her. “Kneel.”

Immediately, she got up and kneeled down on the floor, exactly as I had described before. This time I walked in front of her and stood with my cock in her face, waiting for her to ask for it. As if she directly understood my requirement, she looked up at me and asked, “May I suck your cock, Sir?” “Yes, my little one, you may.” She looked so pleased, it was like telling a child they could have a piece of candy. She licked and sucked the head of my cock gently. Then licked down the shaft and surprised me by taking each of my balls into her mouth and sucking them before licking back up the shaft and taking me into her mouth. Each time she backed off from it, she adjusted so that she could take me deeper into her mouth again. She was glorious at this… I made a mental note to enjoy her mouth as often as possible. For now, I wanted to keep my power over her. Instead of her directing when and how I would enter her mouth, I took hold of her head and starting fucking her face. She gagged a few times, but otherwise adjusted well. It was amazing.

Now I want to see how good the other parts of my new submissive are. I pulled out of her mouth, and thought I saw a hint of disappointment on her face as I did. “Open” was all I said to her, testing her. She got up and moved to the edge of the bed and laid back in the position as I described it earlier. Training was going well, I smiled to myself. I positioned myself between her legs. “Place me inside of you.” I don’t think I ever saw anyone move so fast — she was ready. Her pussy was so wet and warm and tight, it felt like it hugged my cock the whole way in. I didn’t give her any mercy, I pushed myself inside her forcefully and began using her pussy hard and fast. Her moans were loud. I knew it had been well over a year since she’s had sex. She must be beside herself right now. Knowing her history, though, I know I won’t have a problem with her cumming without permission. She was just enjoying the moment, as was I. I knew I wouldn’t cum for a while so I enjoyed her pussy a bit. But I also wanted to take her ass.

I slowly pulled out of her pussy and I saw a look of exasperation and desperation on her face. She did not want to me stop. But I am in control here, and she will come to learn that. “Discipline.” A look of worry crosses her face, but she moves quickly into position. I am pleased with how fast she is learning, and with my now-clear, red handprints on her ass. I am so pleased that I decided to add to them. I gave her a few more swats to her ass and thighs before positioning myself between her legs. “Back up. I want those tits to be hanging down, but I still want you to be bent over presenting your ass to me.” She complied. My cock was right at her pussy. I’m sure it took everything she had in her not to push herself against me. She waited patiently, knowing that I control when and how she gets pleasure from my cock. I waited a bit longer just to reinforce my power over her before I slowly inserted my cock back in her pussy. I wanted to get it nice and slippery for what I was about to do next.

I pulled out of her and then slid my fingers into her pussy. I gathered as much of her juices as I could with two fingers and lubed her ass with them. Then I slid back into her pussy one more time before positioning my cock to fuck her ass. I slowly pushed myself inside her, knowing that to take her brutally here could really hurt her and that was not my intention, for now. It took some time, but I finally worked my cock inside her ass, and I knew she was ready from the moan that escaped her lips. I started to fuck her ass, enjoying my use of it. I reached up and slid my fingers coated with her juices into her mouth. She sucked and cleaned them willingly. I reached down to play with her tits as I fucked her ass. When I knew I was getting ready to cum, I decided I would let her cum along with me. I leaned down and spoke to her. “I am going to play with your clit while I fuck your ass. You may cum, but only because I am letting you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” It was like she was in another world of ecstasy, and I knew it because I was there along with her. I tweaked her nipples a bit more before sliding my hand down her body to play with her clit. I rubbed circles around it and her moans got louder. She pushed back against me and I knew we were both about to cum very soon. I felt her tighten around my cock as she shuddered from climax. It was all enough to make me explode inside her right then and there.

After we both caught our breath, I kissed her back and said “We still have a long way to go, little one, but what a start!”

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