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The Picture of Elegance

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I walked home in the glaring sun as sprinklers tinkled on the lawns of our neighbours and sweat seeped slowly into my clothes. I wiped my brow and held the straps of my backpack, beneath which the thin material of my school shirt was nearly saturated. The temperature had risen steadily over the past week and the heat wave was now at its peak.

I trudged along and finally arrived home, bursting in and slamming the door behind me. My mother and her best friend Mrs. Michaels looked up seeming somewhat startled by the sudden intrusion. They were sitting together in the living room sipping tea from small china cups which were part of a set Alison and I had recently given mom as a present. The two were the picture of order and calm and standing haggardly in front of them in my disheveled uniform and red faced from the heat I felt entirely out of place.

“Excuse me,” I said, awkwardly slipping out of my shoes.

“Wow hon, you look cooked.” mom remarked

“Yeah the weather’s insane.”

“I could have come picked you up.” Jean said as mom echoed almost the same thing.

They both laughed looking at one another; Jean laughing a bit more nervously than my mom. Mrs. Michaels didn’t know my mom was already aware that my friend Liam and I were fucking her regularly, and lifted a biscotti daintily to lips, as I assured them I was fine.

The room was warmly lit and a soap opera played quietly on the TV; with my damp clothes and matted hair I felt entirely out of place.

“Well why don’t you go get changed and then come join us.” Mom proposed.

I looked at the TV, a male model was trying to show in his expression the deviousness of the plan he was scheming up as the camera slowly zoomed in.

“No I don’t want to interrupt your conversation or anything.”

“Nonsense honey, you just get changed and you’ll have a cup of tea waiting for you, okay?”

I knew there was no way out and agreed, heading up the stairs and into my room, stopping at the bathroom and pouring myself several glasses of cold water before rinsing my face and feeling much better. Alison wasn’t home, I suspected she was at Megan’s house as long as her mother was here and her father was at work, and what the two of them might be doing at the moment had me wondering if I shouldn’t have gone with them.

Once dressed I headed down the stairs and, as promised, found a steaming cup of tea with a biscotti resting on the saucer. It was set directly in between the two ladies as they chatted quietly about some unnamed person who apparently had awful taste in men. I was sitting on the couch beside my mom who wore a light brown skirt and stockings which, when she crossed her legs revealed that she also wore a black set of garters that looked magnificent on her –particularly when it was all she was wearing and the straps would hug her broad thighs as they stretched up to the belt wrapped around her narrow waist, accentuating her wide hips beneath. Additionally she wore a slightly ruffled blouse which she had obviously bought before she had begun lactating as the material and its buttons strained to contain her now more than ample bosoms.

“So we were just talking about you not too long ago,” she said nudging my thigh affectionately with her own.

“Yeah? All good I hope.”

They laughed and smiled knowingly, though one of them knew much less than the other. “Yeah we were saying how funny it would be if we ended up becoming family.”

I looked at Mrs. Michaels quizzically until my mom added, “You know, if you and Megan ended up married. Then we’d be sisters in law!”


We all laughed and Mrs. Michaels added, “We were just joking around though, I know young men don’t think about making any commitments like that.”

She once again smiled knowingly and uncrossed her legs, re-crossing them to the other side, giving me the profile of her gorgeous thighs pressing against each other as her black skirt rode up her bare legs approaching her hips. Jean’s frame was smaller than my mom’s and her silky thighs were firm and muscular. As I looked –perhaps stared- it was as though I could feel her warm flesh as I slid my hands up the smooth surface of those legs. The soft contours of the muscles made me hungry for her and I imagined biting them; eating her thighs like a plate of wings.

My eyes shot up to Mrs. Michaels and I stammered something about liking her daughter very much, feeling the warm sensation of my cock swelling in my pants.

As the conversation went on I tried not to stare at Mrs. Michaels’ legs, though she gave me every opportunity, and even bent over the arm of her chair twice to get something from her purse and then put it back, giving me a perfect view down her nearly open blouse; she even winked at me when mom was watching the TV. The bulge in my pants was growing steadily.

In addition to Mrs. Michaels however, amid the smells of the warm tea and chocolate I could detect on every inward breath my mom sitting next to me. There was something about her lately, something in her scent that drove right to my core, and without the need of any other stimulus I would find that in her presence, in the scent of her skin and her sweat and more than anything the smell of her hot cunt -I would find myself inescapably aroused.

I shifted in my seat and pulled at my pants, trying to act natural, but only attracting mom’s attention. She looked down in my lap to where my erection was now outlined in the material as I continued to shift at this tightness and visibility. As mom looked I glanced over at Jean who observed the whole occurrence with a bit of apprehension, perhaps fearing her flirtations had gone too far in my mother’s presence, and not realizing that my mom was as much responsible for it as she was.

“Oh you know Carey from work?” Mom asked, drawing Mrs. Michaels’ eyes back up.

“Mm hm,”

“She had her baby a couple weeks ago; she came in and showed her to everyone, she’s just adorable.”

“Aww,” Jean held her open hand to her chest, her voice taking on a sweet tone, “I always wanted to have another baby -especially so Megan could have had a brother or sister to play with, I think as things went we may have spoilt her a bit.”

She thought for a moment then added distractedly, “But you don’t always get what you want.”

My mom worked at the local newspaper along with Mr. Michaels who, as editor in chief had been largely responsible for her getting a column of her own on cooking.

My hard on stood out prominently against my left leg despite all my efforts to forget the two minxes on either side of me, as with every abstract concept and unconnected thought I entertained there persisted still that odour, that musk lingering on the periphery of my mind. I found myself breathing more deeply as the air caressed my nostrils like a warm vapour, and the image of mom waiting for me just the night before in this very room, came vividly to mind; with the candles lit wearing a lacy white teddy bear, silently waiting for me to kneel between her legs and suck her pink swollen nipples, drinking the milk from her bulging tits before mounting her on the love seat and sinking deep into her hot wet pussy, humping her slowly and cumming inside her three times at a stretch.

Suffice to say my erection was going nowhere and I simply had to come to terms with its presence. This did however free me up to ogle the two ladies as I watched them calmly discuss TV characters and plotlines, and to play back in my mind expressions I’d seen in each of their faces and in their eyes as they climaxed on my dick, clutching me, screaming, spitting, and swearing, as they pounded their hips against my own, fucking like animals in the very act of life itself, and the sweating pulsing embrace of the infinite. I sipped my tea slowly and looked over at mom sitting next to me, looking down into her cleavage which seemed to swell from within the confines of her shirt and heaved seductively with every breath as her gold necklace reposed gently across her collar bone. Mom definitely needed milking, her tits were huge and swollen and as I looked I noticed her wetness had begun to seep through the thin material of her blouse.

I took a bite from my biscotti and washed it down with a large mouthful of warm tea, and looked at the screen where a blonde woman was arguing with a doctor about …something. I leaned back in the couch allowing my hardon to sit clearly outlined along my left thigh and watched for a bit as mom and Mrs. Michaels seemed engrossed momentarily in the characters’ exchange. The scene reached its ominous conclusion and then a loud commercial exploded on the screen and mom reached for the remote and turned down the volume. As she set it back down she looked at her breasts and then pressed them down with one forearm as she examined the damp material, saying distractedly, “Oh, I’m leaking.”

Mrs. Michaels and I looked at one another immediately, each of us checking to see if the other knew what she meant and it was clear that mom had already told Jean about her ‘problem.’ I looked back at mom who held her hands limp and hesitating in front her enormous chest before asking, “You guys don’t mind do you?”

We both assured her it was no problem as she began unbuttoning her blouse. I wondered what she was doing as I thought she was simply asking if we minded her appearance like that. My heart began to beat quickly, my face warmed and my cock began to swell in my jeans even more as my mothers huge jugs still strapped into her white bra came into view right in front of ‘Aunt Jean.’

“With the heat we’ve been having they just get so hot and sweaty when I keep them in a bra all day,” Mom said without looking up as she held the top of one tit and plunged her other hand down under it, hoisting it up and out of her bra, into the open air. The firm round breast looked glossy as it was indeed glazed with a thin layer of perspiration as well as a large white droplet which clung to the bottom of her pink nipple. Mom looked up and smiled apologetically as she held the top of the other breast and reached in underneath it, trying to find a good spot to lift out the weight of the breast. Finding it she let the second of her massive butter bags spill out over her bra and into the cool air of the living room.

She looked at Jean who looked a little speechless and said, “I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable.”

“Oh no,” she replied, “I just…”

She looked furtively at me and mom immediately responded, “Oh he doesn’t mind, he knows all about my problem.”

As she said this mom slapped me gently on the chest, her hand lingering a moment as she said, “I’m his mother after all, you can’t be embarrassed in front of your own family.”

Removing her hand from my chest mom began waving it in front of herself, using it to fan her big sweaty tits as she continued, “And you know I consider you family Jean, but if you want I can put them back, just give me a second,”

Mom’s breasts seemed to grow bigger by the day and both were now quite a bit bigger than her head, giving her a swan-like appearance as her neck seemed thinner and longer and her hair, tied up fell only here and there in a few loose curling strands. She continued to quickly fan her plump breasts, the shaking movement this created caused a drop to fall from one nipple and then the other, each followed by another as Mrs. Michaels said, “No no, if Nick doesn’t mind I don’t mind.”

“I’ll put them back.” Mom said grabbing hold of one and struggling to wrap her shirt around it.

“No no, really, leave them, I don’t mind at all. They’re very full -I can see why you were so uncomfortable.”

A drip fell from each nipple as mom smiled and thanked her, leaning back into the couch next to me and watching the screen where two guys on a boat were arguing about a woman and wrestling with an oar between them. Sprinklers poured heavily and the camera shifted from side to side; “You only used her so you could gut the company and give the money to Arizona! Once you had your chair at Boswell Enterprises you tossed her aside!” one of them yelled, seeming a little verbose for one engaged in such a lethal struggle.

I glanced down at the table and at the cup in front of Mrs. Michaels; the tea was hazy with milk and I smiled knowing that mom had stopped buying milk at the store weeks ago. I looked back at the screen and tried to focus on the conversation the two men were having but found my mind absorbed in the present situation; that we were sitting having tea with Aunt Jean while mom’s breasts simply hung out in front of her, swollen and dripping steadily onto her shirt. Jean looked at mom and remarked, “I don’t know how Madison didn’t see that coming –that Garreth would back her after she was basically responsible for his father’s death, I mean hello-o, of course it’s a set up…”

“Yeah but remember she said to Aisley that she still had feelings for him and she didn’t know that he knew that she had left his father alone that day.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jean conceded as I looked over at her. Mom was watching the screen again and Jean’s eyes were fixed on her huge jugs as mom once again began fanning them off with her hands. I grabbed hold of my jeans just above my knees and pulled at them, lifting my ass off the couch momentarily, trying to get comfortable. I smiled as I imagined simply pulling my hard sweaty cock out of my pants and letting it stand straight up in front of me, fanning it off as I watched the show in an attitude of perfect nonchalance.

For the next half hour we passed the time chatting idly during commercials or boring parts. Mostly Mom and Jean gossiped about ladies they knew and people’s marriages and jobs but over time they tried to include me in the discussion, asking about school and friends and that. In the unusually open and comfortable environment we had going they asked me about Megan and pushed me to speak candidly about the things we did together. Mrs. Michaels smiled mischievously as she informed my mother that Megan would ask nearly every night for permission to let me sleep over, adding as she looked to me, “So apparently he’s doing something right.”

Her nose crinkled as she smiled even more looking right into my eyes with a look I knew quite well, it said “If your mother weren’t here I’d pounce on you like a wolf on a helpless rabbit.”

She had been sitting more and more with her legs apart over the last half hour and now she didn’t seem to realize how lewdly she sat on the loveseat, dressed so ladylike while giving me and my mom a clear view of her panty covered pussy. She was slouched and shifted often in her seat, and like my cock her pussy seemed to emanate heat, like it was the whole center of her being and it was clear that she was very much affected by the way mom just sat there with her big sweaty knockers hanging out in front of her, dripping milk all over her shirt.

That was it for me, I stood up, leaning forward slightly and moving quickly behind the couch to hide my erection, “Well, thanks for the tea, uh, I should really go upstairs and do some homework now so…”

“Oh, come on honey, stay just a little while longer,” mom said over her shoulder as she set down her cup.

I gave her a look that said that wasn’t an option, I knew where I was going and I wasn’t stopping now: in the top drawer of my mom’s dresser buried in her bras and panties I had found (several years ago) a faded and dog-eared book which I had since read cover to cover several times.

It was a book of erotic short stories describing in detail scenes of fucking and sucking and kinky hot sex and I always read it with a pair of mom’s panties wrapped firmly around my cock as I stroked it up and down, picturing the various scenes and the sensations the book described, and savouring the very thought that my mother, who had always scolded us for using any swear words, owned a book crammed with more filthy language in it than I’d ever heard; throbbing hard fuck-sticks and wet sopping pussies practically dripped from every page, and I’d fuck her soft silky panties with my stiff dick dripping precum all over them as I imagined her reading these very words and rubbing her hot puffy mound through the very same panties I’d fold up afterwards and replace in her drawer.

I’d always take note of pages she’d dog-eared as they changed regularly. I’d backtrack and read whatever led mom to the point where she had left off, presumably after cumming, as these portions were generally the hottest fuck-scenes of the respective stories, and shared with her in this way her life in sexual fantasy.

Mom insisted, “Just one more cup sweetie, there’s still plenty of time to get your homework done.”

“Yeah but I…”

There was something in her eyes as I began that told me not to go, and made quite a convincing argument. Also staying in the company of her big exposed tits was fairly persuasive and I said alright as I sat back down.

“Oh wait, give me a hand in the kitchen first would you? I’m just going to put on another pot and get some more snacks, kay?”

With that she stood up and collected all the cups and saucers onto the silver tray (which caught several drops from her dangling breasts) and turned towards the kitchen. As I followed her with my cock pressing out against my pants I watched her ass move in her tight skirt and traced her figure up to her narrow elegant waist and then to her breasts, noticing that without a bra on her tits bulged out at the sides so much that from behind her both were visible bulging out just beneath her arms.

In the kitchen mom set down the tray and turned to face me, leaning back on the counter with both hands.

“So what do you need me to do?” I asked.

“Come here and suck my tits while I get the tea ready.”

I noticed then that mom’s face was quite flushed and shone with the same glaze of sweat that glared on her tits from every angle. Her breathing was heavy as I advanced quickly, pressing our lips frantically together and sliding my tongue into her wet waiting mouth. She pushed me back after a moment, straightening her shoulders so that her massive jugs pressed out towards me even more. From each nipple a large drop hung, shaking with each beat of her heart and every spasm of every muscle that quaked with her ragged breathing. I bent down and sucked one smooth nipple into my mouth and felt a warm stream of milk fill it as mom gasped and held tightly to the counter behind her.

I sucked and swallowed and licked the hard nipple as milk poured out and mom began to push out her hips, rhythmically grinding against the air for a short time before shuddering as a sudden stiff spasm ran through her entire body, leaving her shaking and bringing out a deep red blush across her chest and neck as well as her pale sweat-glazed face, “Oh baby, that felt so good,” she said, turning her chest as she continued to lean back on the counter.

As my lips approached the other areole a smaller spasm ran through her like an aftershock which caused the muscles of her chest to convulse, and a thin shot of milk to spray out in several directions, splashing my lips and nose, and running quickly down my chin as I pressed her swollen nipple between my wet lips, and sucked on it. The taste of her skin and of her milk was intoxicating and I sucked her nipple firmly, gulping down milk as I rubbed my hard cock through my jeans wishing I could pull it out and cum all over the floor at my her feet.

After a while she pushed me away unexpectedly and a mixture of milk and saliva spilled down my chin from between my open lips. “Shhh,” mom said grabbing my arm and pulling me back to my feet, “I’ve got to get the tea ready.”

As mom handled the kettle and the cups she seemed unsure of her movements, she reached too far for the tin of tea bags and knocked it over, and then seemed to have trouble opening it. As she raised the kettle off the stove it was apparent that her hands were shaking and her legs seemed rubbery as she moved on them as little as possible, finally carrying the tray out very slowly and still misstepping once as she moved into the living room with her tits still hanging out in front of her, making me think that she had stopped me so suddenly because she didn’t want Aunt Jean to notice a difference in how full her tits were.

Mom set the tray down and then moved to her seat. She backed her ass over the couch slowly and then sat down too soon, falling back a somewhat with a sigh.

“Are you okay Mona?” Jean asked her, “You look a little flushed.”

Jean was one to talk I thought as mom disregarded the question remarking, “Ooh I forgot to get you milk in yours.”

“Oh that’s okay, I can do without.”

“Well are you sure?” mom asked as, smiling she raised one of her breasts towards Aunt Jean, “I could top you up myself if you want.”

The breast inadvertently sprayed a thin streak of milk across the glass coffee table as she offered it, Jean laughed and then looked hesitant, not sure if mom was kidding as I made my way around the couch with the tin of cookies; her freckled skin was flushed as well and glowed with the heat of her arousal, her legs were now crossed once more, and I stared fixedly at her gorgeous muscular thighs wrapped around one another.

My erection stained my pants out in front of me, but this was nothing new, and so I wondered why Mrs. Michaels’ jaw seemed to drop the moment she laid eyes on me. I smiled nervously for a moment but she wasn’t looking at my face and so I followed her eyes down to my chest where the wet imprint of mom’s breasts showed clearly on my shirt; as well the milk that had run down over my chin left dark wet streaks all down the material.

I opened my mouth and struggled for words but couldn’t think of anything to say. Jean looked at my mom with her mouth still open and saw that her breasts were no longer dripping, though they still looked full.

Mom reacted calmly saying, “Well I hoped I could get Nick to give me a little relief on the sly, but he got a little messy, didn’t he?”

She raised an eyebrow looking at the front of my shirt, then turned back to Jean, “He’s been very helpful with the whole thing –he’s very gentle and does a much better job than the pump I got from Doctor Richards.” She said matter-of-factly.

“So he… relieves you?”

“Yes –well I just got him to drink a little bit to stop them from dripping; I didn’t want to leave you waiting though.” She looked down at her breasts and pulled one toward her to check the nipple, the pressure however caused another thin shot of milk to spray over the cups and the silver tray; a cloud of it appeared in the moving surface of the cup closest to mom.

“They’re still pretty full though…”

No one said anything and so I sat down and opened the tin of cookies, setting them down beside the tea tray. I avoided eye contact with Mrs. Michaels and everyone turned their attention to the TV feigning interest in the commercial that was playing. The commercial was a particularly obnoxious one however and mom’s head turned back to us, she hesitated and then said, “Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag do you mind if I get him to finish me off? They’re still pretty full.”

Mrs. Michaels looked up as if in a dream and stared momentarily at mom’s fat naked melons. She opened her mouth and attempted to sound indifferent saying, “Okay.”

On the second syllable her voice cracked slightly and she shifted again in her seat as she directed her eyes tentatively back to the TV, scratching her nose. Mom rested a hand on my shoulder and murmured vague approval as she guided my head down to her giant mams.

Not one to complain I drew the nearest nipple into my mouth and swallowed, causing her warm milk to flow once more into my mouth. Mom held my head tightly and ran her hands through my hair, and I wondered what Mrs. Michaels was thinking as she watched us.

“Mmn, that’s nice,” mom sighed, turning her head, “Did Paul do this for you when you were nursing?”

“Uh, sometimes… not really, no.”

“That’s too bad.”


“It’s a form of bonding you know –they say that breasts weren’t made just for babies to drink from.”


Holding my head sideways I swallowed rhythmically. Sucking mom’s breast while hunched over was hard on the neck though and I strained to adjust myself until she pushed at my shoulder saying, “Come put your head in mommy’s lap sweetheart -I can tell you’re uncomfortable.”

Letting her nipple fall from my lips I looked up to see her face smiling down at me, her eyes moist and her skin somewhat misted. I turned away and glanced at Mrs. Michaels sitting on the love seat in her short black skirt, staring wide eyed at my face. Lost in a swoon her reaction became unimportant, and if she were to leave I would happily suck my mommy’s tits and drink all her milk and then we’d go upstairs and fuck all afternoon like two otters.

But she didn’t leave. Nor did she speak as I lay down on the couch, stretching my legs out towards her as I rested my head in my mom’s lap where her tight skirt stretched between her thighs, cradling the back of my head. She promptly dropped a heavy breast across my mouth, and I sucked at it until I found the nipple using only my tongue and wet lips, and drew it into my mouth causing a gasp to escape from mom’s lips; she was now panting somewhat and stroking my abdomen slowly up and down as I sucked.

As I drank I bucked my hips upward and strained to position myself comfortably. With one hand I pulled at my jeans and even grabbed my cock directly, trying to point it straight down or off to one side but not finding any position bearable for long. Giving up I set my hands at my side and relaxed; reality seemed to fade beyond the coloured waves that played behind my closed eyelids, one ear pressed against mom’s belly and her heartbeat’s steady throb became audible; all that prevented me from sinking utterly into this moment and its calm luscious sensations was the rough texture of my jeans straining to confine my swollen dick.

Without a second thought I continued to suck as with both hands I unbuttoned my pants and opened the fly, revealing my trimmed pubic hair and the thick root of my hard cock. Hooking my thumbs to the waist of my jeans I raised my ass up and lowered them down till they were just above my knees. My dick swung up into the open air and swayed slowly for a moment in my lap before coming to a rest at a 45 degree angle hanging over my abdomen. It was utterly engorged and the veins stood out all around it as it throbbed in the comparatively cool air of the room, precum coated the head and dripped in languid strings onto my belly as more steadily leaked out.

Somewhere at what seemed a great distance two soap opera characters spoke quietly and mom and aunt jean’s muffled voices began speaking as well in soft tones, as if to avoid waking me as I continued drinking her warm delicious milk. As I did so precum seemed to flow up from my balls in copious amounts, moving slowly up the shaft of my cock and out my gaping piss-slit, dripping slowly down on an unbroken string to a small puddle on my abdomen. My cock throbbed and I would flex my cock muscle periodically to force out more precum and feel my balls strain between my legs as they moved slowly up and down against each other, adding steadily to the thick wad of cum in which they bathed.

Suddenly I felt mom rub her thumb across the puddle of precum on my belly, and with one eye open I could just see over her tit to her face as she sucked it off, looking furtively at Jean and then back to the show. Her breast began to slow as I had been sucking on it for some time and she began to squeeze it in my mouth, milking herself as it sprayed out into the pool of milk in my throat which I was constantly swallowing. Finally she lifted the tit off my face and turned her chest to the right, plopping the next milk pillow down onto my face after softly saying, “That’s it sweetie, you’re doing great,”

With my eyes closed I once again had to locate the nipple through touch alone, and this time it took a while as I opened and closed my mouth like a sturgeon suckling her bare skin and shifting my face beneath the heavy breast until at last I felt her smooth areole and traced it with my tongue to the wet nub of her nipple and latched on continuing to drink her sweet essence.

Mom moaned briefly as I sucked on her breast quickly drinking the milk that poured out. My cock strained in the cool air of the room and even the slightest draft seemed to gently stroke its soft skin. Suddenly the movement of the air increased and my cock involuntarily strained for the duration as a steady current blew over it. The air stopped and I felt mom’s belly push against my ear as she inhaled deeply before the same current blew over my swollen dick and sweat-damp balls once more. Straining precum oozed from out my piss slit and dribbled down onto my stomach until the blowing stopped and mom breathed in once more. My anticipation of the next such draft was high but it didn’t come and I could hear mom speaking, her muffled voice saying, “…can’t help it – …definitely needs some relief of his own.”

Jeans reply was hesitant and I couldn’t tell if it was simply a ‘Mmph’ or some monosyllabic word, but my brief contemplation of her state of mind was soon blown away by mom’s breath once more caressing my sensitive throbbing cock. I could feel the precum dripping down it as the coolness of the breeze outlined the trickling paths of moisture on my dickskin and I moaned into mommy’s breast as my cock dribbled profusely and swelled with the shifting of my balls.

When the second breast was done I sat up and looked over at Aunt Jean, whose red face stared wide eyed back at me. Her pupils were like two dark pools rimmed only barely by the green of their irises, her nostrils looked broad and her skin was frosted with sweat. She swallowed dryly and watched me straighten out and sit back down on the couch with my pants still down around my knees and my cock standing straight up in my lap. A string of jizz hung loosely from its tip, dangling down to it’s eventual termination at viscous drop clinging to my sweaty shifting balls.

I leaned back into the couch and saw that one of the men from the boat fight was speaking urgently with the blonde woman from the hospital about someone named Archibald Manx who planned to take over her daddy’s company and sell it piece by piece.

Mom turned to me and said quietly, “Thanks honey, do you need mommy to take care of you now?”

She stared at my cock with a hungry expression, “Yes please.”

She wrapped her hand around the thick shaft of my cock and pushed the skin upward, pushing a large dollop of precum up my pee slit that then slowly dripped down onto her fingers. She pulled down slowly and the foreskin stretched around my dick’s bulbous head; my piss-slit gaped open for a moment until mom began to push up once more. Mrs. Michaels was staring at us until she saw that I was looking and quickly turned back to the TV. She was once again sitting very slouched on the loveseat with her legs spread and she shifted her weight in a gesture of discomfort, turning her ass clockwise in her seat and then counterclockwise before settling back where she’d started.

Mom was giving me a slow exquisite handjob as my swollen dick bulged and calmed again and again in her hand. Precum dripped down over her fingers in thick strings and pooled between the index and her thumb, and mom released my cock and slowly raised her hand to her lips where she licked up the clear sticky goo before resuming her ministrations of my pole. Aunt Jean was watching again but I avoided looking at her so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable as my mom jacked off my cock in front of her. Mom’s tits were still hanging out of her shirt and Jean was the only one still fully dressed. The room was hot and she shifted her posterior repeatedly against the couch cushion. “Aunt Jean,” I said in my best attempt at an innocent and naïve tone of voice, “you look uncomfortable –are you alright?”

“Yeah Jean, it’s so hot today and you’re the only one who’s fully dressed, if that skirt is so uncomfortable you can just leave it over there. I’ll be done with Nick in a minute but there’s no reason for you to be uncomfortable now.”

Mrs. Michaels shifted in her seat once more. Her eyes darted about and then to my surprise she silently reached to one side and lowered the zipper on her skirt. She stood and slid it down her smooth bare legs and then carefully folded the garment and set it down beside her purse. Aunt Jean wore a black thong that was covered when she stood up by her now draping white blouse. As she lifted the blouse to sit down once more I saw an enormous wet spot spanning the front of her panties. It was barely visible on the black satin material but for just an instant before she sat down on the loveseat, unmistakable.

“So Angie told me that John started his own business,” mom remarked casually, while jacking me off.


“They make some kind of dressing or something -she said she’d send me a bottle and if I like it I can write about it in the column.”

“She just said it like that?”

“No I drew my own conclusions but I think it was pretty clearly implied. You know Angie isn’t particularly subtle about things.”


Mrs. Michaels sort of trailed off staring once more at mom’s hand stroking my cock. After a pause mom said, “I really hope you don’t mind me taking care of my boy like this, it’s not his fault –it’s sort of a side effect– and I can’t just leave him like this when it’s all my fault.”

Jean looked back at the screen saying, “No, no, go ahead, I won’t look.”

“Well, I’ll try and hurry things along,” mom said, flashing me a mischievous smile before rising from the couch and settling down on the floor between my knees. Mrs. Michaels immediately looked back and watched as mom leaned forward and then stopped short to grab my jeans and pull them the rest of the way down my legs saying, “Let’s just get these out of the way first,” as she pulled them from one foot and then the other and tossed them aside.

Settling back on her knees mom leaned in and opened her mouth wide; without using her hands she wrapped her lips and teeth around the head, filling her mouth entirely with cock, she began to suck. Her cheeks caved and her tongue darted out over my pink engorged cockhead as she licked the slick smooth surface and its thick gooey coating of dickjuice; her tongue caressed my gaping piss slit causing a thick glob to spill out into her mouth.

My mind reeled at the situation; my mom was on her knees between my legs with her huge knockers hanging out, sucking my dick while Mrs. Michaels watched from the nearby loveseat. I groaned and pushed up into her sucking mouth but she barely moved. Mom had a way of sucking my dick where she kept her head almost perfectly still and moved her lips only a centimeter or so up and down my dick in super slow motion, all the while gently licking it’s underside and staring quietly into my eyes. The effect was almost hypnotic and I could never hold out on her for long.

I looked at Aunt Jean with her legs spread wide and her black thong panties only partially visible beneath her blouse. Her breathing was heavy and she looked expectant, wondering why my mom didn’t move her head like a normal blowjob. She saw me then and her eyes darted to the coffee table and she sat up awkwardly saying, “I just need to grab my drink,”

Mom pulled her sticky mouth from off my dick saying, “Oh I’m sorry, help yourself,” before immediately putting my cock back in her mouth and sitting still once more.

Because mom blocked the way Aunt Jean had to walk around the table until she was standing at my left, reaching down for a glass she tittered nervously and said, “Well if it’s okay with you this one does have milk in it now,”

Mom released my cock with a quiet slurp, looking over her shoulder she replied in a quite chipper tone, “Oh absolutely, go right ahead.”

Seeming to gain confidence she remarked, “After all it doesn’t seem to have hurt Nick here at all.”

Mom smiled around my cock and mumbled a polite laugh. I looked up at Mrs. Michaels as she was turning to go back to the loveseat, “Aunt Jean, why don’t you sit down here, the couch is big enough for three.”

She looked at me quizzically; her expression seemed to say, ‘And here I thought I knew you so well…’

She waited a moment and then sat down without a word. I stared down at her bare legs right next to me as mom’s tongue slowly slid like a wet slug along the underside of my swollen cock. Spit and slime filled her sucking mouth and she stared up wordlessly into my eyes once more.

Aunt Jean continued to watch the show while taking tiny sips of her tea. I felt a strong desire to reach out and set my hand down on her silky thighs, to slide up to her sweltering wet gash and pull the thin material aside, sinking my fingers to the knuckle in her hot wet box and pressing my lips to hers to fuck her mouth with my tongue, but something stopped me and I simply watched the TV for a moment before allowing my eyes to become locked once more in my mom’s hypnotic gaze.

Sucking slowly my head swelled inside her mouth from time to time but at every twitch and every push I attempted with my cock in her face, mom simply held perfectly still, slowly licking my dick like we had all the time in the world.

I reached out to her on an impulse and held the side of her head in my hand, gently stroking her cheek. Jean was watching from the corner of her eye as I raised my other hand to stroke mommy’s hair and smooth it away from her eyes as we stared directly at one another. Suddenly it happened, flexing my buttocks I pushed my cock in until it touched the back of her throat, triggering my orgasm. Mom backed off once more and resumed licking my pole in super slow motion as I groaned and panted and felt my muscles begin to contract all over, and finally the rhythmic clenching of my cockmuscle began pumping cum into her wet waiting mouth.

Almost imperceptibly I heard Mrs. Michaels next to me whisper, “oh my god…” as mom remained as still as before and stared into my eyes.

It was difficult to maintain eye contact as all my body worked to blow cum into her hot sucking mouth, but I managed to stare back at her periodically as shot after shot of thick cum burst out my gaping dickhole.

Mom swallowed as more cum flooded her mouth, swallowing again and again as ropes of my jizz spattered the back of her throat like vanilla pudding. The feeling dimmed and the lights seemed to grow brighter again as the room slowly reconstituted itself around me. The dark saucers of mom’s eyes remained silently on mine and enveloped me like pools of midnight. I sighed panting for air as sweat dripped down my face.

Mom continued to suck the last lingering drops of cum from my dick until she sucked firmly one last time and slid her lips slowly off of it swallowing hard.

“Well!” she said as though dusting her hands off, “Jean, do you need any milking or are we all set now?”

“No the only milk I’ve got is in my tea,” she said nervously as mom stood up and then plopped herself down to my right giving me a soft kiss on the lips.

As the current scene ended mom reached for her own cup asking, “Did I miss anything good?” she took a sip.

“Uhh,” Jean stammered then sheepishly admitted she couldn’t remember before suddenly adding, “No nothing really.”

Neither of them seemed to notice that my dick was still rock hard and that my pants were still on the other side of the room. I thought of fetching them as I leaned forward but instead simply grabbed the last cup and took a large sip before setting it down and leaning back again between the two ladies; dick standing prominently in front of us. After all, there was no way in hell I was going to be the only one fully dressed on that couch, especially with the hardon I had going -it would have taken a crowbar to get that thing into a pair of pants. And so we sat together watching the TV in silence.

The direct line of light that shone on our closed curtains had vanished steadily as the shadow of our neighbour’s house had stretched slowly over ours. With no lights on in the house the room began to look dimmer and took on an even more close and intimate atmosphere as the three of us sat together, fully aroused with our genitals exposed. My cock continued to throb and leak out precum as we sat and watched the soap opera that followed the last; it’s image reflecting off the silver tray and shifting on the surface of mom’s tea as she set down her glass, leaning in even closer to me so that our shoulders pressed together and her hand fell tentatively on my naked thigh. My dick twitched and leaked a heavy drop and Aunt Jean took notice of the hand that slowly approached it, opening its fingers and grasping the root of my cock and jerking it slowly once more.

“Relax baby,” mom said softly, “Mommy will make your hardon go away for real this time.”

She stroked it slowly for several minutes holding it right at the base, but I knew I could last for a while now. Sensing this mom let go and leaned away from me, my dick swung in my lap as she reached into her purse, and started digging around. Jean leaned forward just slightly and watched her movements with a curious expression, until mom sat back up with a tube of KY jelly in her hand.

Shifting in her seat, Jean turned back to watch the television as mom squeezed a generous glob onto my stiff swollen cock and began massaging it in with both hands. I groaned as mom jacked me off with one fist stacked on top of the other amid the wet sounds of her hands sliding up and down my pole.

I turned my head from side to side in ecstasy, however my tolerance was high after cumming once already and so several minutes went by with the three of us sitting there like that.

Jean’s weight shifted a bit from side to side as the couch depressed slightly in the center with every down stroke of my mother’s hands on my cock. Finally mom said, “Phew, I’m getting tired, are you almost there honey?”

In an apologetic tone I answered, “No, not really…”

There was a pause and then mom said, “Well don’t worry baby, mommy won’t leave you like this.”

With that she stood up and kicked off her shoes, dropped her skirt to the floor and stood over my knees with her legs apart. She looked over her shoulder saying, “My arms are tired honey, so just hold it still and mommy will put it in her butt okay?”


Aunt Jean’s jaw gaped open as mom stood poised above me, ready to sit on my cock. Hiking her blouse up above her waist she reached down and pulled her panties to one side as her big round butt lowered down over my lap. I held my slick cock in one hand and deftly lined it up with her asshole which spread over it slowly until the head was buried and all that Mrs. Michaels and I could see was the shaft of my cock pointing straight up into my mom’s asshole between her big broad asscheeks, wrapped in black garters and framed at the tops of her thighs by her pantyhose.

“Unghhh,” mom groaned as she slowly sank my dick into her ass.

Jean shifted noticeably in her seat but didn’t say a word as mom’s tight asshole -wrapped around my shaft like a rubber gasket- slid slowly down its slick surface. Once she had the top third of it up her butt mom began to pump her ass up and down steadily. This time offering no apology to Mrs. Michaels, mom panted audibly as she slid up and down my dick, going up until the crest of my head showed just outside her asshole and then down a little bit further each time. She had her hands on her knees and I could feel her bowels stretch around the head of my oozing dick as she now took 2/3 of it up her ass on every stroke. Mrs. Michaels’ head was turned to watch and I could feel her breath blow heavily against my folded arm.

Mom’s asshole was tight but she pushed it against my dick agressively, determined to feel its whole length buried in her shitter. She was forcing it down on every stroke and the pressure was making me grimace in pleasure as her weight pushed me slowly back into the couch.

I shifted forward and tried to steady myself. I grabbed the couch cushion to my right and squeezed but to my left Aunt Jean had her legs spread open so far that her thigh was pressed firmly against my own. Faking a gesture of unconscious urgency I reached out over her naked thigh and planted my hand firmly between her legs, grasping the warm couch cushion right in front of her sweltering cunt.

I panted and grunted as mom worked my dick further and further into her anus and felt on my arm Mrs. Michaels’ breathing; heavy and arrhythmic. She panted and squirmed as she watched the depraved act of sodomy right in front of her. Fucking my dick up into my mom’s ass now that my arms steadied me, I began to meet mom’s downward thrusts as her asshole approached the very base of my cock. Mom moaned in a high tone as her buttcheeks flexed and relaxed, flexed and relaxed, as my cock slid smoothly out of her ass and then back in, and finally she had it, she sat down on my lap and sighed, waiting just a moment before shifting her weight back and forth and then fucking the whole length of my cock in long steady strokes.

I fucked up into her ass every time she sat on it, raising my weight up on my hands. For a moment I made my movements deliberately sporadic and shifted as though I were losing my grip. I constantly repositioned the hand between Mrs. Michaels legs just a little bit each time, inching closer and closer, and sometimes farther away, until I stopped these movements with my wrist positioned less than a centimeter from sweltering her cunt. I could feel it’s warmth like a wet heat that radiated onto my skin. I closed my eyes and fucked my mother’s asshole feeling, tentatively at first, Aunt Jean’s wet panty covered pussy bump up against my wrist. It happened here and there as I pretended to pay no attention and soon Aunt Jean shifted her weight forward and stopped with her hot pussy butted right up against my wrist.

She held still as, panting and sweating mom set her hands down on my knees and began dropping her weight down onto my dick, taking my whole pole right down to the hilt in hard butt slapping strokes that caused my weight to shift on the couch. I began focusing my weight onto my hands so that on each thrust my wrist pressed firmly against Mrs. Michaels’ cunt.

Jean sat there with her legs spread wide open and my arm pressed firmly against her mound. Very slowly, her hips began to move, grinding her clit and swollen lips against the firm surface of my wrist. I could feel her wetness sweating through the satin fabric of her thong panties as my mom’s ass slapped against my lap with loud swacking noises.

I left my arm where it was and even pushed back against her movements, pulsing pressure on her clit and cunt-lips, sandwiching them between the flexed muscle and firm tendons of my wrist and Aunt Jean’s humping pelvic bone. Gradually I pressed into her harder and harder and she humped against me harder and harder until finally, with a groan she reached up and took hold of my arm at the elbow, and using it like a lever began cramming her cunt into my wrist with all the strength in her legs and butt as well as that of her arms and chest to pound her swollen pussy like ground chuck under a mallet.

As she did so I felt a seeping wetness soak into her panties that soon began to drip down my arm and into the cushion fabric, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Aunt Jean was pulling on my arm like a pilot caught in a nose dive, slamming it against her box and then writhing on it; pushing it way only to slam it back as hard as she could right between her wide-open legs. Each thrust grew more frantic and unsteady than the last and soon she let go and pushed her right knee out into my lap as she wrenched her panties off to one side and rubbed her whole cunt furiously with one hand as a clear fluid splashed all over my arm and her thighs and left a large dark spot on the couch between her legs.

Mom’s ass moved more slowly on my dick and I could tell she was getting tired. Breathing hard I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back as I leaned forward and stood up behind her. Mom’s body was bent in every direction as she stood there with my dick still buried to the hilt in her ass.

“Lay down mom,” I said as I pushed her onto the couch.

“Okay,” she mumbled, almost as an afterthought as she plunged face down, putting up her elbows at the last second.

Aunt Jean moved to get out of the way but I pushed mom right across her lap and squatted on top of her fat upturned butt. I grabbed my cock by the root and pointed it down; plunging into her asshole I began slowly fucking her with both hands resting my weight on her lower back.

Aunt Jean stared wide-eyed at my mom’s big butt right in her lap as it was being fucked and then looked up at me. Her eyes looked urgent, almost questioning and soon she struggled to fit a hand down between her and my mom but couldn’t. I fucked mom’s ass in firm strokes as mom lay with her face upturned to one side and her arms folded just above her breasts, the fingers of both hands clenching together as she moaned on each thrust I made into her hot slick asshole.

Jean didn’t know what to do with her hands at first but finally rested them on the beached whale that spanned her lap. Placing one hand on mom’s supple back and the other on her left thigh she watched her friend take it up the ass from her own son right in front of her.

Mom’s panties were still only pushed off to the side and had begun rubbing against my cock so I reached down and with both hands wrenched them upwards until the stubborn material tore and her ass was finally laid bare. Then I grabbed her blouse and pulled it towards me. It slid over her shoulders and then stopped until the first button (of those still attached) popped off and mom’s arms were pulled down to her sides. I pulled it down until another broke and the cloth was down around her waist, holding both arms behind her back, her bra still attached around her shoulders and back though her naked breasts hung beneath her, pressed against the soft fabric of the couch. I ran my hands over her naked skin feeling the droplets of sweat pool together and slide, lightly splashing and collecting in the narrow of her spine as she moaned softly.

“Oh fuck me baby, right on Aunty Jean’s lap. Aunty Jean knows that I’m an asswhore -that I love getting fucked in the ass.”

Jean’s hands had been brushed aside and now she was pulling open the buttons of her own blouse, staring into my eyes. She pulled it open, straining to free the material sandwiched between her and my naked sweaty mom, and revealed a matching black bra holding her average sized tits. I reached out and slid my hand across her collar bone and chest, admiring the freckles spanning her chest and reaching up onto her shoulders, eventually cupping one of her soft breasts and pulling it loose from her bra.

“Oh Jean!” Mom moaned as I continued fucking her, “Do you think I’m a bad mom? I let my son fuck me in the ass-s-s! He fucks my ass every day!”

Jean looked into my eyes and then down at my mother whose head was twisted to one side as she struggled to see Jean in the corner of her eye. Aunt Jean’s expression hardened and she said, “Yes. Of course you’re a bad mother. You’re fucking filthy, fucking your own son with your ass!”

With that she raised her hand and brought it down firmly on my mom’s butt cheek. Spanking her on every second word she said, “You fuck your son and let him stick his cock right down your ASSHOLE!.. What do you think you’re mother of the year now?!”

“Ungh! I can’t help it!” She cried, “I love getting my ass fucked. I just fucking love it.”

“Yeah? Tell me something I don’t know,” she looked at me, “I suppose she told you about our relationship back in college?”

I nodded, “I always told your mother: your real pussy is your asshole.” She looked at my mom, “Slut!”

“Ung, it’s true, my real pussy is my asshole. Ung, I’m gonna cum… Ung, please spank me again.”

I was fucking her ass in long strokes as Jean began slapping her exposed buttcheek, watching my face for a reaction, but I was simply lost in the sensations of my cock sliding in and out of mom’s butt and merely stared right back at her.

She began taunting my mom, “Fucking slut –take that cock and cum like the little whore that you are!”

“Unnnngh! Unnnngh! Unnnngh! Oh god I’m gonna cum! UNNNNNNGH!!!”

Mom bucked and writhed under me as I fucked her tight asshole. Her ass orgasms were always intense and I would often have to work to restrain her.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ohmygod here it comes-s-sahhhh!”

Her legs began jackknifing as her pussy opened and closed, spraying out girl cum all over the front of Jean’s panties and soaking both their thighs as mom humped violently in her lap and squirmed like she was being tickled and needed to escape.

“Ohgodohgodohgod!.. FUCK! OHHHH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUCK!!!”

Her legs were kicking behind her, her toes clenched and twisted and splayed apart and her face turned beat red as I stroked my pole in and out of her asshole with both hands on her shoulders and one foot on the floor. I pumped her asshole like an oil well in with quick steady rhythm, feeling a steady buildup in my balls as I prepared to gush inside her.

Aunt Jean slapped her ass and shook the fat cheek beneath her palm before slapping it again saying, “Filthy-fucking-slut.”

Spasms rocked mom’s body and in her ass my cock was being squeezed and milked by surprisingly powerful muscles all around it, one in particular that only clenched a few times but each one was just as she was screaming spraying cuntjuice all between her legs and rising on her arms as though she might somehow get away. It would clench and hold for a sustained period and felt like a softball sawing along the underside of my cock as my balls slapped against her pussy and steadily began to rise. I was well past the point of no return and simply held on as my cock started blowing gobs of cum down mom’s ass, my balls slapping loudly against her sopping cunt as cum burst out of them and poured into her asshole.

Her cunt sprayed steaming hot cuntjuice all over my balls and Aunt Jean’s gaping pussy, dripping down like a torrent over her clit and down her puffy lips and pouring off onto the couch or down her ass crack or else right into the wet open hole of her hot hungry pussy.

The panty elastic around one of mom’s legs was still intact and what remained of her ripped panties clung to her ass in a gesture of futility, and it would only be two days before I had that very pair wrapped around my cock as I jerked off into them, picturing mom as I saw her now, cumming thick globs into her panties as I came now in hard torrents down her butt. Her arms had fought and struggled with the straight jacket of her blouse and now they were free and the sleeves inside out, but her hands remained trapped inside the cuffs and her arms flailed with the sleeves still attached as though she were fighting her reflection.

Shuddering and moaning mom slowly descended back to earth, finding her body still intact, though every muscle hot and aching and all her skin soaked in sweat. I slowly slid into her ass and back as she caught her breath, and stroked her hair back from her face pressed down against the couch.

“Huhhh, huhh, huhh, oh fuck, huhh, oh fuck, huhh, I came so hard.”

“No kidding,” Jean replied with a thoroughly impressed look on her face, “are you okay?”

“Huhh, yeah, , I’m fine, huhh, I just cum so hard when, huhh, he fucks me like that -in my ass.”

Jean looked at me, her nostrils flaring slightly on every breath. Addressing mom she said, “I think I’ve been missing out on some fun, the boys only ever fuck my… pussy.”

She hesitated and looked nervously at mom as I slowly kept up sliding my dick in and out of her asshole.

Mom panted, “The boys?”

“Yes I – I wanted to tell you but…”

“That you’ve been fucking my son behind my back?”



“…And his friend Liam too.”

Jean squirmed in her seat, her pupils were dilated like two black nickels and her face was flushed and red; she looked worried, “I can’t help it Mona, I’m sorry. Sometimes I just get so hot I feel like my whole brain is just one big wet cunt and all I want is to be fucked rotten like a slut, like a cheap dirty fucking slut.”

I listened for mom’s reaction as I slowly pumped her asshole. My dick moved smoothly as her butt was now slick with cum. After a moment Jean continued, “I just love sucking dick, and the boys know it -when they’re around I’m just a whore for them. I love it Mona it’s just so hot and nasty feeling their two big cocks stretching my poor little pussy wide open -squeezing their dicks together inside of me until they pump my stretched out little snatch all full of hot young cum.”

She was staring into my eyes now, “I love it when they cum all over me -I love to kneel on the floor between them with one cock in each hand, jacking them off until they hose me down with thick cum. I’ve learned that I’m a whore for them, and that’s it. All I want from them is to be treated like a no good filthy fucking cunt. They made a slut out of me Mona, in a couple of weeks they’ve stretched me out so much my cute little pussy is just a big gaping whore-hole now. When my husband tries to fuck me his dick just falls out and I tell him to jack off when he wants sex because I can’t even feel his tiny little prick anymore. I’m a whore now, and whores need big fucking cocks to fuck their big fucking whore-holes.”

As Jean spoke mom began rocking her hips over her friend’s lap as I began moving the entire length of my dick in and out of her asshole. “So you like my son’s dick?”

“Mm hm.”

“You’re a whore for his cock?”

“Mm hm.”

“Show me. Suck his cock right out of my ass.”

Jean looked at me wide-eyed as I removed my cum dripping cock from my mom’s asshole and held it up to her face. Panting she leaned forward and opened wide, sucking on my dick furiously, turning her head and rubbing her tongue along the underside of my stiff cock, savouring the taste of cum and ass. Jean’s face stretched open to hold my wet sloppy cock as she slid her lips up and down it. Her proud features and high cheekbones stood out prominently and I never thought Jean looked as beautiful as she did with my dick in her face.

Below me mom lay flat on the couch still spanning Jean’s lap, between the smooth broad cheeks of her butt her freshly fucked asshole gaped open, wet with cum and lube; opening and closing just slightly like a blowhole. I slid my fingers through Aunt Jean’s hair and held her head in both hands as she sucked my pole. I was leaning forward awkwardly and so was she and so I set a foot down on the couch, stepping over mom’s sweaty body so I could feed Jean my dick more effectively. She moaned her approval as I began moving her head forward and back and soon stopped moving on her own as I simply held her head in my hands and fucked it.

Pushing my dick against the back of her throat Jean coughed and sputtered and spit splashed out her lips and onto my balls as well as down her chin as I continued fucking her skull. Pushing her face down harder she swallowed reflexively and my cock slid awkwardly down her throat. I groaned and held her there as she grabbed hold of the back of my thighs, pulling me forward as her tongue began to push and struggle inside her dick-filled mouth. With tears running down her cheeks leaving trails of mascara, she slowly managed to open her jaw even further. My balls pressed against her chin and slowly her hot wet tongue pushed out into them and she began licking my scrotum as I shook her head like a vibrating pussy. She moaned and the vibrations were absorbed directly by my cock and I continued to shake her spit soaked face as she licked my balls.

“Oh god mom she is such a whore, I love fucking Aunt Jean, she’s a filthy slut.”

Mom was looking back over her shoulder as I fucked her best friend’s face, “Yeah sweetie, show me what a slut your Aunt Jean is, fuck her face like the dick-whore that she really is.”

Jean sputtered and coughed and I pulled back, the entire length of my spit soaked dick slid out of her face as she coughed and looked up at me, teary eyed, saying in a weak voice, “Oh, I’m so fucking horny,” she cleared her throat, “Watching you buttfuck your own mother got me so hot. Fuck my face really hard.”

Jean reached down towards her pussy as she squirmed in her seat, she tried to force her hand down between her and my mom’s ass but mom didn’t budge, she twisted her hips and ground her pussy into the couch as I grabbed her hands from off my legs and held them by the wrists up over her head, pinning them to the top of the couch as I stepped up onto it with my other foot so that I now stood over Aunt Jean with her head right between my legs and I pressed my dick against her face, she opened her mouth wide and turned her head as my dick slid off to one side of her spit drenched face, struggling to and fro, awkwardly following my dick with her open mouth, trying desperately to get it back in.

I pulled back and then pushed it straight into her open mouth and slid it back and forth between her lips. Her face was now covered in spit and in her mouth it was thick and viscous and as she drooled thick spit constantly. I pushed her head back into the cushion and slid my dick back down her throat and began fucking her face like a sloppy cunt.

Leaning over the end of the couch I humped her face against the cushion and fucked her throat. I pulled back and began fucking the entire length in and then pulling it right out so that she could pant and struggle as spit ran in thick gobs down her chin and all over her tits. She was producing so much spit she began spitting it at my cock when I pulled out so that a wad of it would hit my dick or balls and then drip down onto her shirt or her neck or her naked breasts. Mom got up off of her and pushed the coffee table to one side so she could sit down and the floor and watch the underside of my dick sliding in and out of Jeans stretched open face as spit dripped off her chin and clung to her blouse in white globs.

Beneath this Jean’s hips now humped back and forth, sliding her panty covered pussy along the wet spot on the couch as her muscular legs and abs strained to support her weight and move her in such a way. The muscles of her neck and shoulders stood out too as she strained to swallow and cough up dick over and over while her arms involuntarily pushed and struggled against me. But I had all my weight on her wrists and there was no way for her to move me as I brutally face-fucked her.

Again her jaw stretched open even wider and her tongue protruded from her lips and she pressed it into my wet dripping sack on every downward push until I pressed down against her face and settled my weight on my hips, pushing my dick as far down her throat as I could, feeling her hot tongue lick my balls. Bottomed out I held still as Aunt Jean continued to hump the couch cushion beneath her.

I pressed her hands together and held both her wrists with one hand as she continued to wag her tongue back and forth over my balls. With my free hand I held the root of my cock and pressed my balls forward. Sensing what I wanted Mrs. Michaels tensed her jaw and strained to open it further. Her eyes locked onto mine as narrow slits with a fierce determination as her skin stretched tighter over her face and her tongue began to cup my balls trying to pull them in. I pushed them forward and one slid over her teeth into her hot wet mouth where it was squeezed mercilessly by her tongue as she struggle to draw the other ball in after it.

Her face was like that of a fierce animal, hell bent on eating me whole. Her lips were stretched to the max and veins bulged on her forehead as dark tears of mascara ran over her cheekbones and down her outstretched jaw. Her entire skull seemed more apparent as she licked back and forth over my ballsack until finally I pushed the other testicle into her face and all my cock was buried to the root in her mouth. There was just my pelvis in front of her and then her sucking mouth latched onto it with my dick stretched all the way down her throat.

Jean began to cum rubbing her ass on the couch and squirting through her black panties into the now enormous wet spot under her. Her eyes bulged as I stared down at her and started spraying cum down her throat. With my balls inside her mouth both her and I could feel the sensation of them almost vibrating as they emptied into her face.

Jean bucked and struggled and came all over her panties as we stared into each other’s eyes until suddenly hers rolled back into her head and her whole body went limp beneath me.

Stepping back I pulled my dick and balls out of her face, thick strands of spit hung between us as Jean sank down into the couch. Straddling her lap I held my ear to her mouth and felt that she was breathing again. I slapped her gently a couple of times and spoke her name. I looked back at mom who was on the floor with her legs wide open, she was watching me, but was caught in the throws of an orgasm of her own and was slapping her pussy as it sprayed out girl cum onto the carpet in front of her and onto the couch. I looked back at Jean as her eyes lolled back into view and pointed unsteadily at me until a look of recognition came over her and a smile of disbelief played across her face.

“Oh – my – God.” She laughed weakly, “I’ve never cum just from sucking cock… but I’ve never sucked a cock like that before.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” She paused, “I mean I couldn’t breath and when I started to cum I started seeing all these colours and everything became so intense and then –I felt like I just exploded.”

She looked over my shoulder at mom on the floor still slapping her cunt and twisting back and forth with her legs wide open, cum dripping out her asshole onto the carpet as her pussy splashed and sprayed.

Jean pulled her panties to one side and rubbed her pussy in circles looking me in the eyes, “Fuck me,” she said breathlessly, “Fuck me in front of your mother.”

Aunt Jean’s sweltering beaver was red and swollen and her hole gaped open, glistening with moisture. Spreading her legs I slid my cock right into her waiting hole.

“Ohhhh, God.” She moaned loudly.

I sank half my dick into her wet gash and stopped. I held it still thinking I’d make her wait for me to pull it back but after only a second’s hesitation inside her she lurched forward and started cumming on my dick, thrusting her hips out to easily swallow the whole length of my half hard cock. It stiffened inside her as her dripping pussy walls undulated around my thick pole and her legs rose up and wrapped around my upper back as I held still, bottomed out in pussy as she squeezed her whole body into a ball before reversing and pushing her arms and legs and chest backwards, her eyes bulged as she stared at me (or perhaps through me) as her head pressed into the couch and shook and a long low groan escaped her lips, persisting as her pussy milked my dick and splashed out pussy juice that dripped down my balls and added to the pool of girl cum seeping into the couch fabric beneath her.

With her makeup smeared in all directions she grimaced at me and slid her nails along my scalp, pulling me down into a kiss that resembled an attempt to swallow my face. She violently pressed our lips together and then pressed her tongue into my mouth as she sucked my lips and humped the bone still buried in her box.

I leaned back and twisted my head one way and then the other in an attempt to escape her grasp as she wrapped her legs around my waist, determined to hold the whole length of my cock inside her steaming hot snatch. She was like an animal sucking frantically on my mouth while firmly humping her pelvis against my own.

Mom slid down into the seat next to Aunt Jean and slid her hand over her breasts, stroking them affectionately. Aunt Jean took notice immediately and stopped moving her lips on mine as her tongue slowly withdrew from my mouth. She turned to my mother with a longing gaze and moved her head slowly forward. Mom leaned in with a rapturous look of anticipation as slowly their lips neared each other and then were touching; were sliding wetly over each other and opening to allow their tongues to intertwine and slide back and forth into each others’ mouths as they both breathed heavily through their nostrils.

Mrs. Michaels turned with my dick balls deep inside her and wrapped her arm around mom’s shoulder, pulling her close as mom reciprocated. The two of them were making out passionately as their mutual lust was finally reawakened after years of subjugation. They were panting and writhing against each other, Jean held mom’s face in her hands and sucked her lips as mom slid one hand down her belly to the root of my cock where she held me as Aunt Jean began to fondle mom’s giant breasts.

“Oh Mona, I’m so happy right now, I’ve been having feelings for you for years –I never stopped thinking of you this way.”

Mom panted in her face, “Kiss me -the way we used to kiss.”

Mrs. Michaels moaned and pushed her head back into the couch, looking up at me. I was wondering why they had stopped kissing as mom’s hand on my cock started to gently push me away. I complied and slowly pulled my dick out of Aunt Jean’s cunt. I stood up and moved back to the love seat, dropping down onto the cool fabric and watching as mom and Aunt Jean turned to face each other on the couch; raising their legs up and each setting one over the other’s body they leaned back and raised their hips off the couch, slowly pushing them closer until their swollen cunts pressed together and the two of them, supporting their weight on there elbows behind them began to rub their pussies together in a soul kiss.

With their legs all wrapped around each other and the humping movements of both bodies as they moaned they seemed almost like one large organism with four arms and four intertwining legs whose center was the smooth valley of their bellies and the wet pink lips sliding back and forth over one another.

Mom leaned back, focusing her weight onto one elbow she began to hump Jean’s pussy in a wider movement, firmly grinding against her cunt as she gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. Then mom slowed after a while and eased herself down as Aunt Jean’s legs flexed and lifted her pelvis up; her abs flexed as well and she began to grind her cunt hard against my mom’s.

They seemed to have a rhythm that showed this was hardly the first time they’d done this. Taking turns and sharing the effort they went back and forth and after fifteen minutes showed no signs of stopping any time soon. My dick was rock hard and I stroked it as I watched them, but feeling somewhat thirsty I figured this was as good a time as any to finish my tea. It was cold now but that made no difference as I sat on the edge of my seat, sipping occasionally as I watched the two beautiful women in front of me hump their cunts together frantically.

The TV was still on but the volume was down low and a different soap was playing now in which a woman in a white business suit and too much makeup was expressing her obvious anger at some young brunette whose face denoted misunderstanding and frustration.

I took another sip of my tea and a hurried bite of a shortbread cookie as I looked back to mom and Jean; the two of them were moaning profusely and continued to hump their pussies together back and forth. They had both cum on each others’ pussy several times now and beneath them the couch was soaked, the dark spot was widening constantly and mom threw her head back and groaned, “UGHHHHH-YEEEEAHHHHHHUNGHHHHHHH!!!” as pussy juice ran in a torrent down between the two of them, dripping off their smooth wet asses and splashing over their thighs.

I leaned back on the couch then because the sight in front of me was too much and I needed to start masturbating in earnest. Mom and Jean had each leaned forward now and were kissing wildly as they awkwardly bucked pelvises together and moaned into each other’s mouths.

I wanted to join them so badly, but this seemed like something special between them and so I just watched. My cock stood hard in my lap and I stroked it sitting slouched on the loveseat, watching the two of them until mom looked over her shoulder and said, “Nick, come here,”

I stood up and approached them, unsure of where to go until mom said, “Get in between us.”

I thought for a moment about how best to do that, but already knowing where I wanted to be I kneeled down between them and lowered my head toward their asses still pressed together. Mom and Mrs. Michaels raised their butts up in the air and continued to hump gently against one another as I turned my head up beneath them. My intent was to slide up into a sitting position with my dick beneath them, but looking up at the two gorgeous asses right over my face I had to stop and admire the view. Mom and Aunt Jean set their weight down and buried my face in asscheeks as they began to buck and writhe against each other once more.

Both their asses were covered in girl cum and slid smoothly back and forth over my face as the two of them alternated between rubbing their cunts together and rubbing them against my face. I was buried in ass and pussy and almost couldn’t breathe, and on every breath I did take the hot smell of cunt permeated every crevice of my brain like it was bathing in a pool of their sweet nectar or sandwiched between the walls of a steaming cunt.

After –I don’t know how long- the two of them lifted their asses and, with my face utterly soaked in pussy juice, I slid up underneath them and struggled for a minute to get into a sitting position with my stiff dick now pressed into the wet valleys of ass cheeks where my face had just been. The couch beneath me was wet and warm and I turned from one side to the other looking at the beautiful sight of each woman, now hot and sweaty, as she humped the others pussy right in my lap.

My dick pressed flat against my stomach as four gorgeous buttcheeks rubbed wetly back and forth over top of it. I pressed my hips up and started humping against the two asses in my lap, letting my dick flop to and fro, sliding against the slick texture of their wet skin; their butt muscles flexing and relaxing as they released their weight in my lap only to raise themselves up again.

“Oh fuck… Nick… Hold your dick up,” Mom panted, “…Get it right between your aunt’s pussy and mine.”

I reached down and grabbed the root of my cock, which was now soaked in their juices. The two of them parted just a couple inches, their pussy mounds were swollen and pink and the puffy lips of their dripping cunts gaped open. I raised my dick up between them and immediately the two sandwiched me between them and began bucking their hips in the same motions. It felt exquisite having my dick humped between two swollen pussies and I simply held still as they worked their magic, sliding up and down my pole in unison sometimes and sometimes doing the opposite; my dick bending as one humped the root of my cock while the other rubbed her gaping cunt or stiff clit against the top half of my dick.

They were doing just this when Aunt Jean groaned and started to cum. She was rubbing her clit up and down over the ridge at the head of my cock and began screaming and gasping as she pushed violently forward and humped her cunt hard against my dick, bending it even further and pressing it like a lever against moms sopping pussy, wedged against its base. Mom started to hump up against the pressure directly on her huge clit as with one hand she began squeezing one of her tits.

I reached out and grabbed the other and started doing the same. My other hand I set down on Mrs. Michaels’ abdomen and slid it very slowly upwards as she moaned loudly and looked down at my hand and my dick standing up in front of her cunt with wide eyes, open mouth and deep creases across her brow. Humping my dick furiously her pussy splashed out hot cum in spasms that sprayed out over my dick and onto mom’s belly as I mangled her left tit while she did the same to her right; steadily humping upwards with firm pressure pulsing her swollen clit against my dick root until, with her head pushing back into the cushions she started jerking forward with all her weight, moaning loudly as a thick blast of cunt juice sprayed out her pussy, soaking my dick and splashing drops across my face and all over the three of us.

The two of them were humping my dick mercilessly, bending it over mom’s pelvic bone and then releasing only to do it again. The pressure was overwhelming and the sight before me was too much and in between their humping cunts my cock erupted like a fucking volcano. The first globs sprayed out and with my eyes shut and my ears ringing I could still percieve the length of time between when I felt each rope shoot out my cock and the sound of it hitting naked skin, landing on either mom or Aunt Jean as more gushed out after it. Soon it was running down the sides of my cock and rubbing into their wet open pussies as they continued to hump my dick for several minutes.

We were all lying in a heap panting, covered in sweat. Our tea was cold and the tin of cookies had been knocked off the table and spilled across the floor. The TV played quietly and was the only light in the now darkening room. None of us moved for some time.

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