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Professor Schooled By Coed

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I had just finished my three o’clock when my whole world really changed (although I did not know it yet)…

I teach English at a small college. I knew that I had not been focused on the class at all and must have appeared distracted. I was. My girlfriend of five years and I had just broken up. I had meant to cancel my monthly student dinner in which I invited anyone who was interested over to discuss current events or any items of literature they wanted to explore further.

The college encouraged such faculty-student interactions, and I had always found them refreshing to deal with education and learning on a more personal level, especially as the class sizes seemed to constantly be growing.

“Mr. Samson,” I heard through my muddled haze.


“You are having your dinner tonight, right? You did not mention it in class.”

“Well, actually, I was thinking of cancel…”

“Please don’t, I was really hoping to come by tonight. There’s a boy one of my friends really likes and a bunch of us were going to come by. I think it would be a great opportunity to express her interest.”

I smiled despite myself, “In him, or the language.”

“Both. Besides it might give you something else to think about aside from what’s on your mind. You know a little distraction.”

“I do not think that anything could do that, but yes, come on over at the regular time.”

“Thanks, professor. It think it really will take your mind off your troubles.” she said smiling as she turned for the door. It was typical on her part. Kirsten was a very attractive girl who always seemed to get what she wanted, I was surprised that some boy had managed to withstand her charms so far. Hadn’t she convinced me to give extensions on two papers over the last two terms. Maybe I should warn him off if he did show up, hadn’t I just learned enough that should be passed on?

The rest of the day sped by, not so much because I was so busy, but that my mind kept wandering in loops bigger then smaller then back again. Normally, that slows things down. Maybe it did, but I was so unfocused I just did not remember. Anyway, as soon as I got home, the emptiness was crazy. After opening the windows, I went straight to the liquor cabinet and had a shot. I realized that the students, if any came (I added gloomily to myself), would be there soon. I was actually a little glad that the house would not be so empty, if only for a few hours. I had another drink and went upstairs to change.

I was feeling a little better when I headed down to answer the door. I shouted, “Come in” as I got to the hallway.

It was Kirsten. She was never the first to come. In fact, she had only come two time before, both times around her extensions. It must have been a good friend for her to come by and scout the place first.

“I brought us a drink, Professor.”


“No? Come on, just one drink, We can toast lost love, David, my boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend I mean, has decided he would rather not be with me.” She looked so sad, I caved, knowing exactly what she was going through, despite the probably fifteen years difference between us in age.

“Ok, glasses are above the sink.”

“Here we go,” she handed me a glass.

“I figured champagne was the best to celebrate.”

I knew Kirsten was a senior, but I was struck with a sudden concern, “You are 21, right?”

“Yes, professor. Now drink up.” She tilted my glass up as she drained her own. I almost immediately started feeling a little light-headed. Kirsten refilled the glasses and drained hers immediately. As she removed her coat, I could not help but notice how hard her nipples were. Her shirt and bra were practically translucent. I did not think I was being obvious, but she must have caught something. She was probably pretty adept at that due to prior experience.

“You better drink up, I hate to drink alone.” As I reached for my glass, I knocked the cork off the table. We both bent down to get it. I could not see it anywhere.

“Here,” her arm reach from under the table as she, purposefully I now understand, dragged her right nipple across my knee sending a charge through my entire body. This was a bad situation, only getting worse the longer we were alone and drinking. The glasses were full again.

“Didn’t you say several people were coming tonight,” I said standing from the table, trying to break the enveloping aura of inevitability.

“I said I thought that they were,” as she drained her third glass and refilled it.

“Don’t you like my company professor?”

“Of course I do, Kirsten. I think I just need a little fresh air.”

“I’ll be right out. Maybe I’ll just call and see where everyone is.”

“Fine,” I was feeling way too woozy than I should have, even considering the two drinks.” Maybe it is stress, I told myself. I felt a little better from the breeze and soon went back inside. No Kirsten. Somehow it seemed a good idea to get the rest of the champagne.

“Professor, some thing is stuck.”

She was calling from upstairs. Why didn’t she just use the bathroom by the kitchen I wondered as a slowly climbed the stairs actually having to concentrate to make my feet follow themselves up the stairs.

The light was on in the bathroom off my bedroom, so I followed it. As I got to the bathroom, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and was pulled forward onto my bed as I felt Kirsten’s lips push into mine. I was almost immediately aware of her soft breast and hard nipples pushing against my chest. She had already taken off her shirt and bra and her skirt was push up around her waist. As her right hand reached for my zipper, I still knew this had to stop. I pulled her hand away but she tried again with her left. As I pulled her second hand away she rolled ver onto her back. We were both sweating by this point as she thrust her hips up into me. Even as I tried to make sense of the situation, my body betrayed me as I started to become aroused, my cock getting at the sight of the beautiful girl beneath me and the smell of her arousal free in my room.

“You don’t find me attractive.” she whispered almost starting to cry.

“No…” I thought I saw a light from the other side of the room.

“You are very pretty.”

“Please let me go Professor.”

“If you promise to relax and behave.”

“I will.”

“OK,” as I let her right hand go. She immediately started to bring it down across her side to my crotch. I grabbed her again and pinned her arm back by her head.

“I though you said you would stop that?”

“OK OK.” I sat back. A chair fell on my right as Kirsten swung one leg over me and moved to stand by the bed. Once standing she hooked her fingers on the top of her skirt and pushed it to the ground. She did have a perfect physique.

“Do not say you don’t want me because I felt your cock get hard.” She said as she moved her hand between her legs and started to make little circular motions over her clit.

“Kirsten, this has to stop.”

“Steven, all I want is to have sex with you. Who knows you might enjoy it.”

“I am sure that I would, but it is not going to happen. You need to put on your clothes and leave.”

“No.” I was dumbfounded. I really did not know what to do, or what I could do.


“The answer is NO! I am not going to leave. You are going to lick me and make me cum and then you are going to fuck me, do you understand.” I was starting to get really annoyed, but even as the blood started flowing better, it filled my cock and the wooziness returned.

“Steven, I had hoped to do this more pleasantly, more slowly, but perhaps it is better this way.” She said almost sternly. I had half an impulse to laugh, but the calculated tone was something I never heard from Kirsten before. She was…prepared.

“This is your last chance. I know that you do want me and that you will make me come. The only question is how nice I am going to be to you afterwards.”

“Kirsten. I know that you are going through a tough time and that you are a nice woman, but…”

“Lost opportunity Professor. Or maybe this is how you wanted it too, just like I did.”

“What are you…”

“Quiet!” she commanded. She reached over and turned on a light. She really was beautiful. She held a small monitor out to me. It ran a clip of me on top of Kirsten pinning her hands down telling her to relax. I looked up to see her holding her ripped shirt and bra with a broken clasp.

“You see Steven, you will do what I say or these items will be given to campus security. Even if I did not press charges, you would have to leave or be fired. Besides, I only want what you want. For now, anyway.”

“Take off your clothes, Steven.” I was still in shock. One of my students was standing naked in front of me demanding that I undress in front of her. I complied. As I stood as well, it became apparent that at least part of me did not object to the circumstance. My cock was entirely rigid as she wrapped her hand around it and gave a little squeeze.

“Kneel,” she directed as she sat down on my bed, spreading her legs. Her hand dropped between her legs again.

“Now tell me what you want.”

Dazed, almost trance-like, “I would love to taste you Kirsten.”

“Very good. You may be trainable after all. However, from now on, wherever you are, you will address me as Mistress or MK if other people are around. However, if you are asked what it stands for you must tell them. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now while you lick me I want you to jack off, but do not come. Let me know when you get close.” She pulled me head into her crotch with both hands and gripped my head with her thighs. She was incredibly turned on, very wet. After a brief minute she pulled away and I found my self reaching after her with my tongue, somehow not mad at her blackmail but drawn to her despite it.

“Lie on my bed Steven.” As I did she squatted over my face and placed my hand on my cock. In seconds she started grinding hard against my lips and chin almost making me come with the intensity of her shuddering.

Ultimately she pulled forward, and I managed, “I am about to come.”

“Not yet,” she pulled my hand off my cock which thrust forward on its own accord causing a slight giggle to push through Kirsten’s lips.

“I bet you want to come, don’t you Steven,” she almost sneered regaining some control, but the raspiness in her voice betrayed her continued arousal. Despite my situation, I felt a little proud that I had made her come so hard. She seemed relatively pleased herself which only served to make me be more aroused. I did not know if she realized that yet (I was wrong).

“Yes…mistress,” I added just in time.

“You might have forgotten, but you do have other students coming over tonight, and I don’t think that you would want them to see you in this condition, do you?”

My head rocked; I struggled to fully comprehend the full extent of my predicament. The clock read 7:45. Seven was the normal meeting time.

Reading my thoughts, “I sent an email that you wanted to push dinner back to 8 instead. So people should be arriving anytime now.” How had she set this up? Why?

“I think we might have time for something quick though don’t you?”

“Yes. Mistress.” nearly broken, but even more nervous about someone showing up early.

“You liked licking me didn’t you?” I nodded.

“You would like to fuck me, no?” I nodded again.

“Hmmm.” She turned and straddled me allowing the tip of my cock to just barely push into her.

“Do not move.” She slid a tiny bit further down allowing her lips to slip just over the head of my cock. I do like that.” she purred.

“Mistress, may I move?”

“No. But it was better that you asked. Because of that, I might let you come,” whispering she bent over to lightly kiss my lips and started moving her hips slightly forward and back, bringing me closer and closer to the brink.

“You want to come because it would please me, don’t you Steven.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Don’t lie! I think you want to come for you.” She stopped moving.

“Please do not stop.” My cock involuntarily twitched inside her. She moved off so that I was barely resting against her soft, still parted lips.

“Convince me that you want to please me, Steven. What would you do for me if I let you come.” I was in agony. I had never felt my cock so hard. I really though it might explode.


“Really.” She slid all the way down on me, making me lose my breath. I felt so enveloped, she was so tight but so wet.

“Yes, mistress,” I exhaled.

“If I let you come, you will make me come again with your tongue, yes?”

“Gladly,” I jumped at the opportunity having enjoyed her pleasure so much the first time.

“Glad to hear that you want to lick your come off my pussy, Steven,” she murmured.

Confused, but almost immediately acquiescing, “What I said…”

“Do you think I care what you said? I want to know that you want to eat your come, to lick your come off my sweet bush. Yes or no?” she asked as she somehow seemed to squeeze the head of my cock inside her bringing me to the edge of coming again.

“Yes, MK, I will lick my come off you.”

“You need to do better…and louder.”

“Yes mistress, I want to eat my come, to taste it on you, to lick it off you.”

“Again, Steven. Even as you come.”

“Yes mistress, I would love to eat my come, to taste it on you, to lick it off you.” She barely pushed her hips back, but the added tension was enough to send me over the edge as my cock exploded into her, spasming over and over again. I could not stop coming.

As I finally, lay back, body exhausted, “Tell me what you want Steven,” she now almost purred, “Don’t you want to taste me, make me come.” Sensing that a new resistance might arise after the build-up prior to coming was released, she made the previously unthinkable sound like the biggest pleasure possible. I was in no condition to argue.

“Please let me taste you, lick my come off you lips, mistress.”

“As you wish,” she slid forward off my cock and moved directly up over my face; her hair slicked back over her lips from both our excitement, my come already started to trickle out over her lips down onto mine as she grabbed my head and pulled me up even as she pushed down. She came almost immediately driving my head down into the bed almost pulling my hair out as her other hand twisted my sheets into tight knots.

“You’re hired,” she giggled as she slid off and walked to the door.

“I brought some things for you to wear Steven. I though these would look cute on you,” she continued handing me a pair of thong panties and some pantyhose.

“You have to be kidding me.”

Her smile vanished; the doorbell rang. “You are lucky I don’t make you go downstairs in a dress. You think I turned the monitor off. If you don’t do what I tell you, the whole campus is going to see and hear you begging to eat your own come and doing it and liking it too!” She slapped at my still turgid cock.

“Besides this is the best way to hide that; either you are exceptional for your age or viagra really does work.” As I slipped on the panties and started pulling up the stockings, the doorbell rang again.

“God, I am dripping at the sight of you. You have great legs Stevie,” she bubbled. “Better hurry.”

Pathetic, I though even I smiled inwardly at the thought of my turning on this gorgeous girl.

“Oh, and Stevie,” she giggled again as I reddened, “You better behave extra well, I am only 19.” Oh great, an extra problem as she drained the remaining champagne.

I rushed downstairs, “Sorry,” I must have fallen asleep. “Come on in.”

In the end their were probably about ten students and two of my colleagues who must have specially invited by Kirsten. Kirsten drifted in among the others, but would regularly stand beside me and almost imperceptibly graze the control top hose or the thong under my pants. I was sure that their outlines must be showing or that the bulge not hidden by the hose and the oversized sweater I had tossed on were immediately perceptible to all. Somehow the topic of drugs arose, and I heard Kirsten say that she had heard that if Viagra was mix with the right barbiturate that the combination would serve as a male date rape drug, locking down all mechanisms in the cerebral cortex but the sex drive which would be restricted from violently achieving satisfaction by the calming quality of the barbiturate.

One my colleagues who was a cross-disciplinary professor (English and Biochemistry) concurred. “But the time frame would be very short, probably less than one hour.”

“Longer than most guys make it,” one student joked. There was some laughter, as Kirsten persisted.

“So how long would the drugs stay in the guy’s system?”

“It would depend on the individual, probably 12 to 18 hours for the specific combination to be detected. Probably up to 36 hours for traces of each strong enough to be linked.”

“Fascinating, don’t you think Steven.”

“Yes, MK,” blushing wondering if anyone would notice or comment of the informalism, hoping desperately that no one would care enough to ask any questions.

About an hour later, only about six people were still in the house. “Steven.”

Intent on my conversation, I answered without thinking, “Yes…” and then turning, “Kirsten?”

Her smile only became broader showing off her perfect teeth. She lowered her eyes once, bit her lip slightly and began, “Excuse me. I need the man of the house to help me with something for a moment. You don’t mind do you.”

“No, of course not.”

“Come on Steve,” she continued as she walked away. I had no choice but to follow, not yet realizing my transgression. Kirsten walked straight into my little den and closed the door, but did not lock it after I dutifully followed her inside.

“Kneel. Show me your cock.”

“Mistress, do we…”

“Very glad you now remember how to address me, Stevie. I don’t think that you will be forgetting that anytime soon.” Although the Viagra had worn off, my cock started hardening again as she looked down at me.

“Good. That is the correct response; at least part of you knows what is good for you.” She slid her skirt to the side and slowly drew it up over her thighs up to her waist as she leaned back against my desk and drew one leg up resting her foot on my chair. She was not wearing any panties and her pussy looked almost as wet as it had a few hours ago.

“Do you have any idea what has me so turned on Stevie?”

“No Mistress.”

“Today I feel like sharing. It was the idea that you would screw up at some point tonight – and you have – so that I could fairly punish you, to see what might really turn you on. Open my bag.”

When I did so, I noticed several items, including some restraints, handcuffs and at least two dildos with harnesses. Sobriety returned quickly. “I am not into corporeal punishment, but I do insist that you obey the rules that we agree upon. Don’t you think that is fair, Stevie,” she said softly as she had been speaking since we entered the room, softening my initial resistance and desire to blow her off.

“Besides,” she continued dropping her right hand between her legs and slowly running one finger along her slip, parting her lips further before slipping the tip inside and leaning forward to run it along my lips, “I think you find me attractive and would like to lick me again, make me come again. After all you still have not fucked me yet.”

“But Mistress, what about the other students?”

“Maybe you should have though of that before you improperly addressed me,” she snapped for the first time. This was going to get worse – and maybe better – before I learned what I needed to.

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