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The Predicting Game

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The invitation had said the dress code was formal. For Kate Spencer, that meant the deliciously pleasurable prospect of a ballroom filled with tuxedo clad men. Emerging from her bubble bath, soft, warm and fragrant, she relished the thought, her eyes shining with excitement. Tonight she would attend the award giving ceremony of Independent Film Awards in her official capacity as Chief Executive Officer of her very own casting agency.

The CEO in her understood that it was going to be a great opportunity to network with the movers and shakers of the industry. The red-blooded woman in her recognised it as an excuse to get dressed up and have a good time! If things went according to plan, she was looking forward to the prospect of doing a little of both.

Katie definitely had pleasure and mischief in mind when she had chosen her dress. At work, she usually chose to wear serious, business like, almost asexual clothes. She figured there was almost always enough flesh on show at a casting call without adding hers. Besides, she always liked to be seen as a professional, image was everything if you wanted to be taken seriously in business.

Tonight was different though, Kate was on a mission, she had a man in her sights and she had decided that she’d use whatever it took to get his attention. She wanted his business and if that meant resorting rather unethically, to using her feminine wiles to get it, well so be it.

She’d selected a simple, sexy, deep red halter neck dress that showed her body off to great advantage, the soft jersey draping and clinging to her curves, leaving the smooth expanse of her back entirely naked. To Kate’s embarrassment, the salesgirl had actually whistled in appreciation when she’d emerged from the change room.

“He’s a goner, he’s not gonna stand a chance, honey! Girl you’ll knock’em dead.” Kate wished she had the girl’s confidence. She felt that she was going to have to summon all her courage and maybe some of the Dutch kind to pull it off.

Looking down now as she’d donned the dress she felt desirable, womanly and more than a little wanton. Kate enjoyed the sight of her own provocative display as she pressed her upper arms to the sides of her breasts, squeezing the soft swell of her cleavage to even greater effect. To heck with being Miss Professional, she thought checking her reflection and smoothing the tight dress down over her well-rounded backside. “Exhibitionist,” she said blowing a kiss to the mirror and grabbing her keys.

Kate was counting on the maneuverings of her dearest friend Max St Claire. He’d promised her an official introduction to Gabe Faraday, director, film maker and current darling of the indie film industry. Gabe was hotly tipped to take a major directing award at the prize giving ceremony and Kate wanted to be there when he did. Getting his company on her books would be very good for her fledgling casting agency. Kate had a gut instinct that knowing him could be a lot of fun and it certainly didn’t hurt that Gabe Faraday was downright gorgeous.

Kate watched as heads turned as he made his way toward her through the crowded hotel foyer accompanied by her friend, Max. They were surrounded by close to five hundred of the industry’s beautiful people. Beautiful people milling around the glamorous hotel, chatting loudly and sipping champagne. Acres of silicone, Kate thought a little unkindly, glancing around her. Her own previously self admired cleavage seeming to shrink and pale by comparison. She took a deep breath, stood tall, pulled back her shoulders and sipped her champagne to steady her nerves.

Max spotted her at their prearranged meeting place under the massive central chandelier. “Katherine, there you are gorgeous girl! ” Max bent to kiss her cheek fondly. “Killer dress Katie,” he whispered in a conspiratorial tone. “Let me introduce Gabe Faraday. Gabe owns Faraday Productions, makers of the classiest arthouse smut in town. I’ve told him he absolutely needs to know you Kate and that he’d be crazy to even contemplate doing business with any other agency!” Max gave her a huge grin and an exaggerated wink with his usual flamboyant style.

“Lovely to meet you Katherine. You look sensational in that dress.” He shook her hand firmly. “Ignore Max’s description of my films. He’s a philistine of the worst kind. He knows I only make quality erotica. Do I honestly look like the kind of guy who’d make smut, classy or otherwise? ” Gabe gave her his best sincere, “big brown eyes looking up through dark lashes innocent look.”

Oh, he’s got charm, this one…

“Max’s been telling me great things about your agency. I’ve heard you’re good. You’ve got quite reputation in the industry already.”

Kate was glad that he’d noticed the dress and was flattered by his compliments. She tried, a little unsuccessfully to remain impervious to his clever, innocent eyes trick.

“Pleased to meet you too Gabe, and thanks. I’m thinking of hiring Max as my one-man personal promotion team! I’ve certainly heard great things about your…um…erotic films. Good luck with the award tonight.”

“Heard? Katherine, I’m shocked. I make films for watching. I’m mortally wounded that you’ve not seen them all.” His mock indignation animated his handsome face.

“I can see that I’m going need to talk to you very sternly about that omission at a mutually agreeable time Miss Spencer.” He joked with her, all the time watching her pretty face.

“I’ve had the pleasure of viewing your award nomination of course, but why don’t you send the other films over? Let me have a look at them for you, for professional purposes, of course.” She grinned at his surprised face.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find you actors even more beautiful and talented for your next project. Probably at a better rate than your current agency. How does that sound?” Kate blushed a little as she blurted out her pitch. She hadn’t expected to be talking business so early in the evening but the opportunity seemed too good to miss.

Gabe smiled and raised an eyebrow, admiring the bravado of this attractive young woman, a woman who’d chosen a tough career for herself.

“I’ll take you up on that only if you’ll agree to watch the films with me. How does that sound?” Gabe enjoyed watching her cheeks flush even further.

Gorgeous, sexy, lethally charming, flirtatious and in a black tux! For Kate, it was a potent combination. She felt a shiver of excitement wash over her, as the delicious prospect of combining business and pleasure suddenly seemed a distinct possibility.

“Can I get back to you on that Mr. Faraday? Sounds potentially dangerous to me, Maybe I’ll need to bring Max here as our official film critic and chaperone,” she said laughing.

Flirting with him was fun and she felt a momentary thrill when she noticed his eyes travel from her face, past the glittering crystal necklace and settle on the curve of her breasts. The dress was definitely working. Kate could feel her nipples harden under his gaze. He looked up, meeting her eyes, registering her reaction, knowing he’d been caught out and so had she.

“Nice dress Kate, very nice.”

As the throng began moving in to be seated, Max leaned close to her and whispered “There’ll be a place for you at Gabe’s table, he’ll need to rearrange the chairs a little, that’s all. More loudly he added as he left them to join his party, “Have fun you two, see you in there.” He mouthed “Good luck” to her as he departed. She mimed “thanks” back at him.

Putting his hand on the warm, bare skin at the small of her back, Gabe, gently propelled her toward the entrance. He leaned close to her, still holding her hand, ” You’ll sit with me at dinner of course.” Without waiting for her reply, he took her arm and directed her towards his allocated table.

“Excuse me Kate, I won’t be a moment, I just need a quick word with an old friend.”

Kate watched as Gabe approached the small group standing close by their table and singled out a tall, elegantly dressed woman. The woman was obviously delighted to see him, pulling him close in a maternal hug. He kissed her on both cheeks, returning her affectionate embrace warmly. Gabe turned to bring Kate in to the circle, gesturing for her to come close.

“Helena, sweetness, meet Katherine Spencer. Kate runs a new casting agency in town. I need to talk with her, are you okay if we swap the seats around a little? I need her close to me, very close. You know, we’ve got a big deal in the making, could alter the course of the rest of my life.” He gave Helena that pleading, little boy look that had always worked so well.

Helena laughed at his outrageous claims. ” I think I can guess at the kind of deals you’re making Gabe Faraday. I’m in the middle of a rather interesting “deal” myself, with James here, so it all works out very well. Of course you need the beautiful Katherine to be near you, look at her, she’s young, she’s divine! I’m a little envious.” She gave Gabe an arch smile.

Kate stood back; a little embarrassed at the compliment. Seeing that the young woman looked ill at ease, Helena took hold of her hand, smiling warmly at her. “Pleased to meet you, Katherine. I’m Helena Macintosh, I can see Gabe’s using his considerable charm on you too. I’ve known him forever and let me tell you it’s quite useless to even to think of resisting him, my dear. Please come and sit near the wretched man, put him out of his misery will you?”

Gabe made her feel at ease with their company at the table introducing her all round, ordering food and drink for her and inviting her to dance and generally ensuring she enjoyed herself.

Over the course of the evening it became apparent to Kate that Gabe Faraday was a very well liked man and a highly respected filmmaker, known as a perfectionist in the industry. To his obvious delight, his peers and colleagues paid him the highest compliment by awarding him the prize for The Director of the Year.

Plenty of clapping, whistling and good-natured heckling accompanied him as he took to the podium to accept his award. He stood flanked by two nearly naked, blonde Amazonian types, as he gave his speech. Behind him, a huge still from his most recent film was projected as an erotic background. The giant, gloriously naked star posed, head thrown back, her luscious mouth open, apparently in orgasmic delight.

Gabe began, gesturing to the backdrop and to the two glamorous hostesses. “It’s hard to compete up here so I’ll be brief. You know, it’s been said by plenty of folks before, making sexy films is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.” Holding the statuette to his chest he continued, “I’m just eternally grateful that that someone is me. Thank you, thank you to all who worked with me on the films, thank you all very much.”

Watching him now as he accepted his prize, charming the crowd with his easy humour, Kate thought how attractive he was, her mind beginning to conjure distinctly unbusinesslike thoughts about him. Observing Kate’s admiring looks as Gabe threaded his way back through the crowd of well wishers, bearing his prize statuette, Helena said conspiratorially “He’s good Kate, very good. Gabe’s a great natural director, I do believe he’s one of those men who like to direct all of the time, if you know what I mean…”

Kate wasn’t completely certain as to what Helena was alluding, but hadn’t Gabe directed the evening so far, virtually choosing her food and drink for her, commandeering her attention? She also an inkling that a man like Gabe was sure to have a reputation with the ladies. For Christ’s sake, he spent most of his days in the company of some of the world’s most beautiful women and they were often naked! Kate sighed, enjoying for a moment the erotic image of being directed by the handsome Gabe Faraday in a wild bedroom scene…

Kate stood to greet him intending to peck his cheek with a chaste kiss of congratulations and instead found herself caught up in his tight embrace, her face pushed to his chest. Holding her away from him a little, he kissed he lips hungrily. When he finally let her up for air, she blushed hotly, aware that they were being applauded.

A little breathlessly, she said, “Congratulations, Mr. Faraday.” She reached up and used her thumb to wipe a smear of red lipstick from his mouth.

As the waiting staff replenished the champagne supplies, Kate found herself drinking a dizzy round of toasts to him. By the time they were done, she felt decidedly lightheaded. While the crowd settled into a short interval between award announcements, Gabe leaned in close to her. Making sure that his words were for her ears only.

“Listen Kate, I fly out for a couple of days tomorrow morning, I’m back on Tuesday. Come to dinner at my place, Wednesday. I’ll cook for you. Around eight. We can talk some more about some projects I’ve got coming up. Here’s the address, but don’t worry, I’ll send a cab to pick you up, I’ll just need your address.”

“Whoa,” she laughed, “Hold on there Mr. Director, we’re not on the set now. I haven’t even said yes… yet.” Kate could have sworn that for a split second he had the grace to look hurt at her comment. More gently she added, “You really are the director, all the time, even off duty aren’t you Gabe?”

She’d only been joking but he answered seriously while handing her his business card, his home address written in neat script on the reverse. He touched her hand just for a moment, smiling as he spoke.

“Yeah, you’re right Kate. I am. I like to be in control, especially of the details. I quite enjoy making sure all the details are looked after.” He nodded his head gently. He toyed with the halter strap of her dress, his hand idly brushing against the smooth skin of her bare shoulder, following the line of the fabric down over her collarbone, pulling the soft material away from her flesh a little. “I think details are important Katie, don’t you?”

His eyes seemed to be searching her face, willing her to agree and strangely enough she found herself nodding her head. She noticed how he liked to play with her name, using the diminutive Katie when it suited him to make a point. Showing her how he liked to control and play with details pertaining to her.

Laughing a little nervously, she countered truthfully, “I’m nodding Gabe but I’m not too sure what I’m agreeing with. What sort of details are we talking about here? Fill me in.”

“Important details Kate. For dinner on Wednesday, I’ll cook you a special meal and in return I want you to wear something special, something very particular, do you think you could do that for me? We can make it our first deal if you like.” He spoke almost into her ear now; she could feel his warm breath and smell his after-shave. She could feel the pulse in her neck start to jump about.

Oh boy this guy could be a fruitcake was Kate’s first thought. Nevertheless, she was intrigued to hear his request. Only when it came out, it didn’t exactly come out sounding like a request. It sounded quite clearly like the directive that it was.

He leaned back just a little to make sure he could see her face clearly. Checking that he had her full attention, his hand still at the nape of her neck, he said quietly, “Wear a little black skirt for me, no stockings, bare legs, high heels, no panties, I’ll leave the top to you. The skirt has to be tight, very tight and short, way above your knees short. I want to see your ass.”

Katherine’s eyebrows by this time were just about embedded in her hairline. Her pretty mouth doing a fair “fish gasping for air” impersonation.

“You want what?” she squeaked incredulously, lowering her voice to a whisper.

“Just what I said. I want to see your ass Katie. I want to see the skirt, stretched tight over your very beautiful backside when you walk into my apartment. I’d like that very much. It’ll be a game, like playing dress ups… It’s quite simple really. Do it for me.” Seeing confusion on her face, his tone softened a little as he said playfully, “Come on Katie, I’m the Director and you know I like to direct. You understand that don’t you?” His fingers traced soft lines across the nape of her neck, gently twirling the wisps of hair that escaped from her elaborate chignon. He was rewarded with the sight of goosebumps appearing across her nearly naked back.

Kate could clearly hear the way the last question was thrown down as a challenge. She looked around quickly to see if anyone else had heard his directive. Apparently, no one had. What’s not to understand? She had a clear mental image of his instruction. The man’s completely insane, cute, but insane. For a moment, Kate imagined herself pantyless, her ass held tight in the soft embrace of her shortest, tightest black skirt, killer heels…her legs wrapped around his waist. Her body registered the image too. She could feel her nipples pucker under the red dress and the familiar heavy feeling beginning to gather between her legs. In fact, she was sure she could feel her pussy getting wet at the image and his words.

Kate leaned closer to him, wanting to feel his breath on her neck again as he spoke. “Tell me again why I’m going to play dress ups for you Gabe, I seem to have missed something here?”

“Oh that’s easy Kate, because you like me and because you want to please me. See, I’ve just won a prestigious award and you want to reward me.” He laughed quietly before continuing, ” Because I’m a great chef and the food will be worth it, trust me. Or perhaps because you’re flattered and you want to do something reckless. Because if you’re honest with yourself, you’re fascinated by my proposal. Enough reasons or should I continue?”

Insane, cute, bossy, egotistical, conceited and sexy. The more he spoke, the wetter she got.

He paused for a moment letting her digest his words. “Oh I know, here’s a good one, because you know it’s good for your business. What about, because you know you want to but you’re scared…Kate, I don’t care why you do it, just do it! Come on, do something rash, maybe even a little dangerous. It’s not too much to ask a sophisticated woman like you, is it?” He goaded her playfully, he may as well have said she was too chicken to take up his directive.

“Christ! That’s rich coming from a self confessed control freak!” She laughed out loud.

Looking up, Kate noticed Helena looking at her a little quizzically, a single well-groomed eyebrow raised in inquiry. It was one of those woman to woman, “Everything okay?” looks. Kate recalled Helena’s ambiguous comment about Gabe liking to direct all the time. She was tempted, very tempted. She was attracted to him and completely seduced by his words. What kind of girl loses her panties on request? Kate smiled at Helena and returned her attention to Gabe. Well that depends entirely on who’s making the request…

A little breathlessly she replied “Tight short skirt, bare legs, heels, you want to see my ass, heck, who doesn’t? Wednesday, you’ll cook me a gourmet dinner, yep got it.” She nodded as if signing off a checklist and giggled a little.

“No panties,” he corrected.

“No panties, check,” she grinned.

“No panties Kate. Good, we have an agreement then, I’ll look forward to Wednesday.” He smiled warmly at her, leaning to kiss her cheek. He genuinely seemed delighted that she had taken up his challenge.

Okay she thought I think I can do this, play the game…it’s got to be game right? He seemed serious about it though. The devil in her couldn’t resist a little dig, tongue in cheek and smiling wickedly, eyes shining with excitement, she queried,

“So Mr. Director, I’ve just got ask, what happens to naughty girls who don’t obey… I mean, follow your instructions?”

Ambiguously Gabe answered with a smile, “Oh, I’m sure you’ll make the right choice Katie.”


By the time Wednesday arrived, anticipation and her vivid imagination had gone into overdrive. Kate was very excited and just a little bit scared of what she’d let herself in for. “Dress ups Kate, The Dress Up For Mr. Director Game,” she muttered to herself quietly, rummaging around in her wardrobe. She spent a good deal of time carefully choosing her outfit, mentally going over his instructions.

A little black skirt, no panties, no stockings, bare legs, black high heels, I’ll leave the top to you. The skirt has to be tight, very tight and short, way above your knees short. I want to see your ass. That outrageous request, spoken in such normal tones in such a public place by a virtual stranger had sent a little shock of pleasure straight to her pussy. It continued to do so now as she replayed his words over and over in her head, enjoying their effect.

Checking the reflection in her bedroom mirror she admired what he would see when she entered his home. Long dark hair, loose around her shoulders, gold hoops in her ears, a pretty, lightly made up face, the simple vee neck black tee shirt, a hint of creamy cleavage visible, a black skirt that ended high on her smooth thighs, long, bare legs and her favourite black patent heels.

She stretched a leg out toward the mirror, vamp style, enjoying the way the heels made her slim legs look impossibly long. “Beautiful, slutty, Come-Fuck-Me shoes. Shoes that could make a grown man weep Kate,” she laughed at her own far-fetched imagery.

Turning she checked the view from behind. The skirt was tight, very tight, hugging her shapely ass, the stretchy fabric leaving very little to the imagination. She hitched the skirt a little higher and was satisfied with the effect. “All details in place, check,” she said out loud to her reflection. “Well nearly”…stepping into and carefully pulling up the little black panties, she’d decided to wear.

The panties she’d chosen were sheer, made of a fine mesh fabric with a wide, soft lacy edge, young in style but definitely womanly in impact. The leg style cut high across the backside leaving the lower half of her creamy, smooth bottom completely bare. “Irresistible Kate.”

Kate smiled at her reflection knowing that defiance of his wishes would no doubt have consequences. Consequences that if she were honest with herself, she was eager to explore. Besides, she never could resist that little “naughty girl” voice in her head that seemed to say “go ahead push your luck.” That voice had always got her into plenty of trouble. Wriggling the skirt down over her underwear, she bent forward, exposing her ass to the mirror, checking just how far she’d have to go to “push her luck”.


The cab driver hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off her and for a moment, she wondered if perhaps she should have worn a coat. It was too hot and too late for that now as Kate stood waiting on his doorstep, taking a deep breath and nervously smoothing her skirt down for the twentieth time.

“Ah Kate, great to see you, come on in.” He gave her a chaste peck on the cheek and handed her a glass of wine as he ushered her into his apartment. He looked freshly shaved, his dark hair still a little damp from the shower. He was as delicious as she remembered him, even without the benefit of the tux.

“Come in, come in so I can look at you.”

For a crazy moment Kate felt as if she were 12 years old again, visiting the home a long lost uncle. She half expected Gabe to pinch her cheek and say, “My haven’t you grown!” Thankfully, he didn’t.

Instead, he spent, what felt to Kate like, several long minutes inspecting her. Blatantly and openly looking her up and down. His eyes travelling from her face, pausing for a moment at her full breasts, the tantalising cleavage, down lower, taking in the trim waist, the short skirt and the long, long legs to where the thin black straps of her high heels wrapped around her slim ankles. She stood a little defiantly, one hand on her hip, almost as if challenging him to find fault with her.

“You look lovely, Kate, just lovely,” he said smiling, nodding his approval. His eyes traveled lower, to her feet, “Great shoes,” he grinned at her.

Hot and …completely edible, was what he really wanted to tell her.

Struggling to stay focused he said, “That reminds me, I’m just moving some stuff around in the oven, why don’t you take your drink out onto the balcony and enjoy the lights, I’ll join you in just a moment.” He handed her a glass.

Kate felt torn between being flattered at his compliments and somehow a little disappointed and deflated by his seemingly casual observation of her. He’d made such a big deal of it the other night and now she felt she was being dismissed like a schoolgirl after completing some kind of uniform check. She was no naïve schoolgirl though. They both knew and understood that the “uniform check” had been less than thorough. She took a few rapid sips of wine trying to compose herself.

Sheesh, what did you expect, he’d check under your skirt? Inexplicably she found herself answering yes. Somehow, some part of her conceded that it was exactly what she’d been hoping for. His cool reaction was not what she’d been expecting at all. Gabe was unpredictable and it made her a little nervous. If she were honest with herself, she didn’t want him to resist her. Did you think he’d catch one sight of you in this get up, push you up against the door and fuck you senseless? Yes, yes, yes, a little voice in her head whispered. Hot tears of disappointment and embarrassment pricked in her eyes, she turned away from him quickly.

Get a grip girl. Kate could feel his eyes on her backside as she slowly sauntered away, giving him for the first time a view of her outfit from behind. She held her breath, wondering perhaps if a telltale panty line would give away her secret. She knew that the skirt hid very little and her high heels made her ass move provocatively when she walked. That’s why we wear them, she thought with a touch of cynicism and headed towards the door.

Gabe said nothing, merely admiring the beautiful view of her swaying behind that had his cock hardening in an instant. Hot damn! The woman wiggles when she walks! Reluctantly he returned to the kitchen to save their dinner from ruin.

As distance from him helped her regain her composure, Kate glanced around the attractive apartment. It was clean, tidy and masculine just like its owner. She noted that all the details were in place. Soft lamps, candles and background music all combined to give the room an easy comfortable style. Delicious food aromas reminded her that she’d been too nervous to eat much during the day. Even though she had butterflies in her belly, she was looking forward to dinner.

She stepped out on to the softy lit balcony enjoying the city lights, taking a sip of the excellent wine. Kate bent resting her arms on the balcony rail feeling her skirt creep up a little, revealing a lot more of her thighs and bottom than was strictly ladylike. She arched her back, displaying herself provocatively. Her defiant pose quite clearly said, Well you said you wanted to see my ass, and here it is Mr. Director!

Minutes later Kate heard him approaching the balcony. She chose to remain where she was at the railing, apparently appreciating the panorama spread out below. Kate enjoyed the exquisite, nerve-racking sensation of knowing his eyes were on her, watching her. She pretended she hadn’t heard his approach.

Gabe said nothing for what seemed an eternity. The silence hung heavily. From where he stood, he enjoyed a spectacular view of her nearly naked ass. That creamy skin would be very nice on film. Gabe could also clearly see the tiny black crotch of her panties nestled at the junction of her beautiful thighs Oh, naughty Miss Katie’s going to suffer for that. Not right now, but real soon. His cock stirred in his pants as he relished the thought.

“Great view out here Kate, dinner’s ready when you are.”

Damn him! She thought, fuming.

Kate had to admire Gabe’s skill as a host. He was one of those people who could bring food to the table, top up wine and carry on a conversation without missing a beat. He was also great cook. The dinner was light, well prepared and delicious. He managed to engage her in conversation about herself, her family, her business and her views on life in general, flirting with her a little all the while. He even promised to call her and make a time to come to office and discuss his next project.

As pleasant as it was and as much as she was enjoying herself, Kate felt distracted and a little unsure of herself. In some ways when she agreed to come, she’d expected a straight out seduction scene. The man had said he wanted to see her ass, it seemed his intention couldn’t have been plainer. Now she wasn’t so sure. Did he really want to talk business? And if that was the case, why all the instructions about dressing up?

Kate wasn’t really complaining though. It certainly was nice to be wined and dined in a civilized way. Most of the men she’d been with recently took one look at her job, casting actors for independent arthouse films and somehow thought that sex was the only thing she was interested in. Either that or they infuriated her by angling for introductions to the female talent on her books! Gabe Faraday was turning out to be a very different kind of date. Sophisticated, attentive and very unpredictable and that made him all the more fascinating.

Gabe noticed that she twirled and fiddled with her glass, folded and refolded her napkin a dozen times, actually eating very little.

“What’s the matter Kate, don’t you like the food?” He inquired, concern showing on his face.

“No, no it’s great. You’re an excellent chef Gabe. It’s perfect.” She guiltily made an effort to consume a little more of the tender steak. Swallowing was the issue, getting past the lump embedded in her throat to be exact.

Sitting, Kate’s skirt had ridden up high, almost disappearing into her lap, making her very conscious of her nearly bare ass on the surface of the seat. She knew with some certainty that at some time during the course of the evening he was going to find out about those panties. Kate found herself wondering how he was going to react to her defiance of his directive.

While Gabe cleared the dishes and went in search of more wine, she took the opportunity to browse his bookcase. The shelves were tightly packed with titles on the history of film, some literature and industry journals. She stood reaching high on tiptoe to access a tome whose title caught her eye. Again the short skirt crept up her thighs.

“Ah, The History of Costume in Film, now that is an interesting title Kate.”

Kate nearly dropped the book in surprise. She quickly turned away from the bookcase toward him, her eyes wide.

“Sorry Kate, I didn’t mean to scare you. You seem edgy, is everything okay?” There’s no need to be nervous sweet girl, I’m really happy you came tonight, I wasn’t sure that you would.”

“Oh… I always keep a promise Gabe, you know me, little Miss Dependable,” she said, smiling and smoothing her skirt down her thighs at the same time, her hands a little clammy. She noticed how his eyes followed the movement of her hands on her legs.

“Heck don’t underestimate dependable, Kate. Dependable is very attractive. I love dependable. I quite enjoy and admire people who say and do what they say they will. What’s not to love about dependable? Predictable, though, I’m not too sure about,” he said with a laugh, his dark eyes dancing mischievously.

Becoming serious, he searched her face as he asked, “I know Kate, I’ve got an idea, now that we’ve had dinner, why don’t we play a game?”

A weak smile masking her disappointment she thought, not chess…please not board games… Gabe however had entirely something else in mind.

“What…k-kind of game do you want to play?” She asked tentatively.

Joining her close to the bookcase, he took her hands in his.

“Tell you what, let’s play the predicting game. I’ll go first, will I? I’m a bit rusty, but let’s see how I go. We’ll see if I can make an accurate prediction about you, if I’m wrong it’ll be your turn. Let’s start with an easy one. I predict Kate Spencer’s lips are as soft to kiss as they look.”

He leant very close to a surprised Kate, gently brushing his lips across hers. She stayed very still.

“Mmmm, I think I’m correct on that one Kate, my turn again. Maybe something more difficult this time. Okay, let’s see if I can predict what Kate Spencer is wearing under this gorgeous skirt.” His warm, teasing voice sent a wave of pleasure and a tiny thrill of fear through her.

He knows! He’s probably known all night. She felt her face begin to burn a little. He had been very emphatic about her not wearing any panties and now she’d been found out.

Moving closer, he gently pulled her to him, his hands at the small of her back. She was having trouble breathing.

“Predictable and provocative,” he whispered into her ear. “You’re blushing Kate, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a grown woman blush. My turn again. I predict that Miss Katie is wearing something pretty under her skirt. Let’s see now, am I right?”

Kate was acutely aware of his warm hands moving lower, very gently caressing her behind. She let out a little moan, the tension escaping through her sounds. His hands felt good. Very, very, good. She closed her eyes for a moment.

As his hands gently squeezed her buttocks, Gabe could plainly feel her panties through the tightly stretched fabric of her skirt. His fingers rubbed at the panty line that crossed her ass cheeks while he spoke.

“Well, what have we under here? Is this the little secret that’s made you skittish all night Katie love?

She said nothing, biting her bottom lip, her eyes avoiding his.

“Tell me Kate. Or better still why don’t you show me. You know film directors are very visual people Kate. Very visual indeed. Show me your panties.” He spoke in a quiet, controlled voice.

Kate felt a little foolish, not quite knowing what he meant. Did he want her to lift her skirt, take her skirt off, maybe take the panties off?

Seeing confusion on her face, he directed her, speaking slowly as though she were child. “Turnaround Kate, that’s right.” With his hand on her shoulders, he turned her away from him. Gabe stood very close behind her now, speaking almost directly into her ear, running his hand over her thigh.

“I’d like to see the panties you decided to wear. Are they very special? Did you wear them just for me? I don’t recall asking you to wear any.” He guided her firmly, his hand on her arm to the couch. “Bend over here,” he said speaking quietly, his face close to hers, patting the dark leather of the couch back.

“What?” She turned her head to look at him, her eyes wide open in surprise. She wanted to check that she’d heard correctly.

She almost thought he joking but the look on his face and his tone told her that he was serious. He seemed to be challenging her, testing her to see how far she’d go. She stood motionless, standing her ground for a moment. She felt strangely immobilised as though he was speaking to some other person. Part of her wanted to please him. Part of her hated him for making her feel like a silly child.

“I said bend over Kate.”

Absurdly, her brain registered not the strangeness of his request but his lack of manners, somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind she wanted him to say please. She thought, Say please and I’ll do it.

He read her hesitation and reluctance to move as defiance. Placing his hand in the small of her back, he bent her firmly forward, pressing her down until her belly rested on the soft brown leather and her skirt stretched tightly over her round ass.

“Like this, Kate.”

Again, the hot tears that had been held in check by her confusion and disbelief pricked in her eyes now as her embarrassment grew.

He directed her precisely. “Bend over more, keep your legs straight and dip your back, that’s right.” As she bent further, her breasts pushed into the upholstery sending a tiny wave of electric pleasure to her pussy.

“Spread your legs.” When she didn’t respond, he pressed his knee between hers roughly nudging her legs apart. “Spread your legs now Kate. Push your ass up. Come on Katie, show me.”

Rational thought seemed beyond her at this point and Kate let herself be directed, pushed and prodded into position. Her face burned with shame. Her thighs were already beginning to feel the uncomfortable stretch in her muscles.

“Let’s try it with your head down a little lower… yeah that’s it Katie, just gorgeous. Such a sweet, tight, round ass, push it up just a little more, nice and high.” His tone softened a little as he used his hands to guide her head down, until he was happy with the lewdness of her position. Gabe stood back for moment and enjoying the sight of her body as her skirt rode up rudely exposing her thighs, the skin of her buttocks and the black lacy edge of her panties.

Gabe ran his index finger along the line where the fabric of her panties met the bare flesh of the lower half of her buttocks. He felt her tremble, goosebumps appearing across her smooth skin. His finger slowly traveled across one sweet cheek into the dividing valley and slowly over the other buttock. Without a word, he did it again. Again his finger traced the lace edge of her panties where her bottom was revealed. He appeared to be emphatically underlining his discovery. Kate held her breath, every muscle in her body tense, waiting for his reaction.

His hands cupped the soft warm flesh of her buttock, briefly, first one side, then the other. Ever so slowly, taking the hem in his hands, he peeled her skirt up. Inch by inch, up it went over her upturned bottom until it gathered around her waist. She moaned out aloud as he revealed the sheer black panties stretched tight across her ass. She had most definitely been exposed.

“What’s this? Pretty underwear for a provocative girl? Just as I predicted,” he said a little smugly, palming her ass gently. She flinched, a little shocked at the heat of his hand as his finger crept under the lacy trim of her panties. His hand felt good. She found herself involuntarily pushing back against it just a fraction of an inch. An almost unseen movement that bought her flesh into contact with his hand more firmly. No matter how she willed herself to be indifferent to his touch, her body responded treacherously, moisture already gathering at her pussy lips.

Her sexy little panties were completely transparent, her smooth, pale skin clearly visible through the thin black fabric. Kate was afraid to breathe. At last, he spoke quietly, his index finger now lightly tracing circles on her bottom cheeks,

“Katie, Katie, Katie, Just as I thought. I’m quite good at the predicting game aren’t I. Appears you’ve overlooked a small detail Kate and you know how I feel about details don’t you? Such a beautiful ass, it’s surely a sin to cover it…you’re so very, very naughty. Thoroughly beautiful and thoroughly naughty. Did you wear them so you’d be in trouble?”

His low, scolding voice and questions had a strange hypnotic effect on her. She almost wanted him to raise his voice. She hadn’t expected that his displeasure would be so quiet, so hard to bear.

“I felt sure that you could follow a direction. I’m disappointed in you. What am I going to do with you Katherine?” His fingers continued drawing circles on her flesh, tracing the divide of her ass through the thin fabric of her panties. “Naughty girl.”

“I’m sorry, Gabe, I’m really sorry.” Hearing genuine disappointment in his voice, she felt regretful and unsure, maybe she’d been mistaken about the game. She hadn’t really believed that he’d be cross with her.

He reprimanded her now, in his quiet, firm voice. “Oh I don’t know about that Katie love. You certainly don’t sound very sorry. In fact, I think you sound rather defiant. You forget Kate; I’m a detail man. I can recognise sorry when I hear it honestly. I don’t think you’re being completely honest with me, are you Kate? Perhaps you forgot. Did you forget? I’m sure we had an agreement Katherine. Maybe you forgot what we’d agreed to?”

She felt confused, not really sure what she’d agreed to.

“N-no I didn’t forget,” she admitted, her words came out in small voice.

“Well okay then, we’ve established that you have no apparent memory loss…Do you think that wilful disobedience could be the problem Katie? Because, disobedience, well that’s another matter all together. Answer me, Kate.”

“I’m sorry.” She wasn’t going to own up. Again, her voice was barely audible. Her breath coming in little gasps, making speech difficult. Was she sorry? Kate didn’t know what she felt. The only thing she knew for certain was that she had wanted him and that the thought made her pussy wet. She also knew that she had deliberately provoked him and now he seemed intent on teaching her some kind of lesson, a hard lesson.

His hand roamed over her backside, squeezing and rubbing her soft flesh, pushing at the crease between her cheeks, still encased in her panties, making her pussy ache terribly. Gabe loved the way her firm cheeks filled his hands. He couldn’t resist pinching her gently as if testing her ripeness. She squealed a girlish sound that made him smile.

“What do you think should happen to a defiant, disobedient girl Katie? While you think about that, I’ll remove the offending garment, shall I?”

Was he going to fuck her like this? Was this his prize for guessing right about her damn panties? Kate cringed, screwing her up eyes, closing them tightly to close out the vision of herself, bent, bare assed like a naughty child awaiting punishment for her misdemeanors.

He hooked his warm fingers in to the waistband of her panties. Lifting the band away from the curves of her hips, he tugged the panties down until he fully exposed her beautiful, pale, round ass. He left the panties stretched tightly at her thighs, framing her nakedness. Gabe swallowed hard at the sight, his cock becoming uncomfortably constricted in his pants. A small moan escaped from Kate’s lips as the cool air made contact with her naked flesh.

Leaning over, he placed a soft kiss on each smooth cheek, inhaling the tantalising scent of her.

“Perfect, naughty Kate, just perfect.”

God, she knew he could see all of her now. As if reading her mind and wanting to illustrate the fact, Gabe pressed his fingers to her exposed pussy lips. She gasped as he probed, tormenting her.

“Please… don’t.”

“Don’t what Kate? Don’t touch you? Don’t play with your silky little pussy, that’s already all wet and swollen and pink?” She moaned as his finger pushed deep into her slick folds.

“You like to play the provocative little tease, don’t you Kate?”

“No,” she panted. She squeezed her sex flesh to grip his finger, moaning in disappointment when he withdrew it.

“You play the tease well Kate, you’re charming and pretty, but naughty girls like you always get into trouble sooner or later, don’t they?”

He rested his hand on her ass cheek. She could feel the weight and warmth of it. She wanted his touch desperately. He bent down, putting his face close to hers. He knew perfectly well what she had said, but he wanted to hear her denial again.

“Sorry Katie, you’re going to need to speak up.”

“No!” She cried, as his finger slid into her wetness again.

“No pun intended Kate, but I don’t really think you’re in any position to say no to anything at the moment, are you? ” Withdrawing his finger, he drew wet circles on her skin with her juice.

“No, please… really, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry Kate? Sorry that your beautiful bare ass is bent over my couch, begging to be spanked?” His questions made her physically squirm. She could only think that somehow she’d let herself be reduced to little more than her body parts. She was her aching pussy. She was her naked ass. The rest of Kate Spencer had ceased to exist.

Face burning with the heady combination of desire and embarrassment, she stammered quietly, “I’m s-sorry… about the panties, I should have known you’d be angry. I didn’t want you to be angry.”

“I’m not angry Kate, a little disappointed that’s all. How would it be if everyone on my film set took it into their heads to do whatever they pleased, to ignore my instructions? To defy my directions? To deny my requests. Do you think that would work Kate?

“No,” she whispered.

“What do you think we should do about your behavior? Should I punish you Kate? Spank your pretty, bare bottom hard until it’s quite pink? Is that what you need?”

“N-no, ” she whispered again.

“Yes Kate, I think the answer you want is yes.”

Standing and taking up his position behind her. Gabe brushed his hand lightly over her bottom, almost skimming the soft skin, surveying his target. Caressing her more firmly, he rubbed her buttocks hard for a moment enjoying the feel of her firm flesh and cool skin. Stepping back a little, he feasted on the sight of her pretty round bottom and the delicious curves of her. The pale smooth skin he’d soon redden.

“Let’s begin shall we?” he said quietly almost to himself.

She heard a loud swooshing sound as he raised his hand and bought it down hard on her right buttock. A little yelp escaped from her lips. He spanked her again, firmly spanking each cheek in turn, leaving pink handprints on her skin. Again, his heavy hand met her bare ass. Once, twice, his hand fell.

“I think that’s exactly what you deserve isn’t Kate? I do believe I’m going to enjoy giving you what you really need.”


Kate let out a moan as the sting of her flesh registered. The pain shocked and surprised her. She really thought he’d been playing, that maybe he’d give her a few playful spanks and all would be forgiven. His hand told her something very different. He seemed intent on really punishing her. He waited a moment before allowing his hand to fall again.

“Keep your bottom up Kate.” He pressed the small of her back gently, making her bottom tilt more invitingly upward. “That’s better, much better.”



“Aaaghh.” She grunted as he slapped her again.

His spanks heated her skin. The stinging slaps became louder. Gabe enjoyed the resilience of her firm flesh against his hand. She let out little cries as the spanks grew harder, trying to clench her cheeks to no avail against the hot sting. Again, he brought his hand down hard right across the centre of her bottom. The loud slapping sounds filled her ears and the room.

The spanks stung and she began to hurt. Still he continued spanking her poor pink bottom, building the speed, harder and faster. He loved the way her reddened flesh bounced and jiggled under his hand.

“Ohhh…ow! Please…please…”

Gabe paused for just a moment to clarify her request, enjoying the heat of her skin under his hand. “Please what Katie? Spank you harder?”

“No, please, I’m sorry, I really am,” she sobbed a little and struggled to rise.

He gently placed a hand in the middle of her back and repositioned her. “Bend over, push your bottom out Kate, open your legs wider, I want to see all of you as I spank you. Be brave, then I’ll know you’re truly sorry, sweet girl. His voice soothed her. His hands rubbed over her hot flesh, reigniting the sting of his spanks. The heat of his caresses spread, radiating as pleasure to her pussy.

She did as he asked, bending again, moving her legs a little wider apart, as far as the panties bunched at her thighs would allow. She knew without doubt that he would see her wetness. She no longer cared. She wanted his punishment. She wanted his forgiveness and yet her pussy ached as the smouldering heat seeped into her.

Gabe admired the view of her beautiful ass pushed up over the back of the couch, pink and vulnerable. He could clearly see her pretty, shaved pussy lips nestled in between her thighs, so tempting, begging for attention, her sweet puckered asshole making him think of his cock there, stretching her flesh open. He stroked his finger along her slit, feeling her wetness. Kate whimpered. His cock throbbed and grew harder.

She heard him groan, a deep, lust filled sound that escaped involuntarily from his mouth. She heard his want for her but he seemed determined to remain undistracted.

He resumed her punishment. He spanked her upturned bottom hard again, a dozen times on each cheek. Rapid spanks that made her cry out. Spanks that made her sway a little from side to side. Spanks that made her want him. Spanks that made her bottom burn. Spanks that made her pussy soaking wet.

“Stop, stop now, please,” she pleaded with him.



She whimpered and fretted not knowing how much more she could take. Her ass was on fire. She cried out at each spank, finding them harder to bear. Still he continued. His hand now beating a steady, scorching rhythm on her bottom.

“Ohhh, ohh! I can’t….please, I can’t…it hurts.” She panted and begged him.

“Oh yes it’s supposed to hurt Katie and even tomorrow your sore bottom is going to remind you of the price a naughty girl pays for her misbehaviour.”

Seeing and hearing that she was close to her limit, he began to spank her much more slowly. Hard, slow smacks. He made her wait for each one. Watching for that moment when she seemed to relax into the false belief that each spank was the last. When at last they landed, each smack sent electric shocks through her body straight to her simmering pussy.

He seemed to lift her bottom with each slap. She was pushed forward a little by their impact. Her hands gripped the cushions in front of her to steady herself. Kate began to squirm and wriggle as her ass got hotter. Her pussy grinding against the couch seeking relief for the ache that tormented her.

“Hold still Kate and push your bottom out or you’ll make it worse for yourself.”

Each smack found its target. It hurt like hell. Her skin burned. Still she wanted it. Longed for it. Needed it. He waited as she raised her ass again obediently to receive each stinging stroke, pushing back against his hand, biting her lip hard to keep from moaning out loud. The heat set fire to her pussy.

She whimpered as he paused to tug the bunched up panties down to her ankles and off with a swift pull. He placed the dainty garment carefully on the couch seat in front of her so she could see them clearly as her punishment continued. Taking up his position again, he surveyed her skin looking for areas he’d missed, he spanked her soft white thighs, turning them pink in an instant. She felt she could take no more, stamping her feet to rid herself of the sting.

“Oh! Oww!! Please Gabe, I’m sorry…pleeasse! No more! I’m sorry.” Tears filled her eyes and she sobbed.

“Are you Kate?” He asked quietly, laying a hand on her back, moving close to her. “You’re not sorry I spanked you, are you? You liked that Kate. Your wet pussy says you did. You never thought you’d be the kind of girl, who likes to be spanked, have her bare bottom toasted, did you? But you came here looking for sweet trouble didn’t you? There’s no need to be ashamed Katie love. Even naughty girls get what they really need in the end.”

Kate arched back to meet his hand as he placed more gentle spanks at the junction of her thighs and pussy. The spanks became more like hard, insistent pats, making a slight splatting sound as they connected with her wetness. His fingers smacked across her pouting pussy lips. Again and again. He slowed; teasing her with hard little spanks that struck up onto her clit, making her squirm against his hand. Spreading her cheeks with one hand, his fingers narrowed to slap her pretty exposed asshole making her squeal and writhe and rise to her toes.

“Another twenty and we’re done Kate.”

“Twenty! No Gabe…please.” She made to rise.

“Bend over Kate or I’ll make it forty!”

He finally drew her punishment to an end with another torrent of loud smacks, delivering them in sets of five stinging spanks, counting quietly while she writhed and moaned. When he’d finished, Gabe lent over her body placing a soft kiss on each fiery red upturned cheek, feeling their burning heat with his lips, breathing in her heady scent, worshipping her, forgiving her, preparing her for her reward. She reached around frantically wanting to rub away the burning soreness but he held her wrist, denying her comfort — that would be his job.

He ground his palm firmly against her dripping pussy, spreading her sweet juice as a salve to cool her heated flesh. Her sobs subsided and turned to cries of pain rekindled, mixed with moans of pure pleasure.

“Yesss…”she panted, her eyes closed, “Please…please do it,” she begged him her voice urgent.

His mouth grazed at her flesh, covering the hot skin with wet kisses and bites that had her squirming beneath him. He couldn’t help himself. He wanted to devour her. Gabe spread her hot ass cheeks wide apart and licked at her pretty asshole her, making her gasp. His mouth moved lower and sucked the salty sweet juice that puddled around her swollen pussy lips. Kate squirmed and pushed back against him. Her knees bent, her back arched, rudely pushing out her red ass even further. He sucked her soft, fleshy lips into his mouth. She was on the verge of exploding, panting and moaning with pleasure as he licked and sucked her.

His slid his fingers into her hot wetness, pushing hard. Her drenched pussy gripped him. His fingers found the centre of her pleasure. Again and again his fingers found that place inside her, making her moan. Thrusting back against his hand, she begged him, “Yesss…fuck me with your fingers, pleasse.”

“Lovely, lovely, naughty girl, Katie love. Fuck! You’re so hot. My beautiful bad girl. I want you so much. You’re so very perfect all bent over like that, pretty red ass in the air, giving yourself to me. Lewd and so wet. Come for me, sweet girl, come,” again that low voice, coaxing the pleasure out her as he fucked her fast with his fingers, plunging hard in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Kate’s hips shamelessly writhed to grind her swollen clit down hard onto his other hand, the soft pads of his fingers making her moan.

“Please don’t stop…please,” she begged him.” Don’t stop!” she demanded.

His fingers plunged into her repeatedly, insistently pressing, probing and bumping hard into her wetness, triggering clenching spasms deep in her body.

Kate could hear herself pleading, moaning, and wailing almost …flying as the waves of pleasure that started at the very centre of her, engulfed her completely. She squeezed her thighs, crushing his hand in their grip. She came hard, soaking him with her sweet juice.

Gabe kept his fingers inside her, feeling her clenching shudders, enjoying the pulsating waves until they subsided a little. Even as Kate panted, struggling to catch her breath, he continued to stroke her swollen pussy. His fingers relentlessly seeking to pleasure her. He thumbed slippery juice across her engorged clit, making her twitch and squirm, keeping her just on the edge of coming again.

Kate whimpered, surprised and a little ashamed at her hunger for pleasure. She felt nowhere near satisfied, if anything, she felt physically empty. A longing to be filled ached in her pussy. “Yes, oh please, yes, do it, please.”

He pushed her top up to her shoulders and placed small kisses up along the smooth skin of her spine until his body covered hers entirely. Kate could feel his hardness pressing up against her sore bottom.

Gabe spoke in a low coaxing voice, “Please what Kate? You’re going to have to tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it.” He slipped his fingers out her, leaving her bereft. He left just his fingertips barely touching the entrance of her pussy.

“I want you,” she hissed, pushing her pussy back hard against his fingers, wanting to be filled, wincing as his hand bumped against the tender flesh of her hot ass.

“Your pussy wants me, I can feel that.” He laughed a little as her wet pussy clenched tightly around his fingers in response.” You’re going to have to be more precise than that Kate.” Again he denied her any relief. His fingers toyed with her swollen pussy lips. He gently pulled and tugged at the fleshy lips, enjoying the sight of her pretty red ass dancing as she sought satisfaction. He stood, keeping his fingers just barely in contact with her.

Unable to contain her frustration any longer and knowing that unless she did what he wanted, the heavy ache building in her pussy would never be relieved, she hissed, “Christ you want me to beg you, don’t you?”

Taking a step back, Gabe swiftly shed his clothes, finally releasing his hard cock from its confinement.

“No Katie love, I just want you to be specific, you know how like details. Tell me what you want Kate. Perhaps you want me to spank you some more?” He punctuated his question with a hard smack to the centre of her bottom, making her yelp. “You liked that didn’t you? This wet pussy tells me you did. Stand up a little, Kate, I want to see your face when you tell me what you need.” When she hesitated he spanked her backside again with a stinging upward slap.


“Stand up Kate and tell me or I’ll punish you all over again, we’ll start right from the beginning and keep going until you say the words.” Another spank landed across her soft thighs. “Perhaps I’ll find a paddle to really heat your naughty bottom up with.”

Feeling the stinging fire in her punished buttocks Kate felt quite sure that she didn’t want to provoke any further chastisement.

Gabe put his hands on her hips and helped her up until she bent with her hands resting on the warm leather of the couch where her belly had been. He leant close alongside her, brushing her hair from her face, his mouth trailing kisses along her smooth neck to her ear. His hand roamed gently caressing the hot skin of her ass. His hard cock rubbed against her thigh as he spoke.

“Tell me Kate.”

“I want you,” she said, her head still slightly downcast, concentrating on the exquisite sensations as the fleshy pad of his thumb explored between her ass cheeks, rubbing her slick juice over the soft skin of her asshole, over and over.

“Yes? Look at me Kate. You want me?”

“I want you inside me,” she turned her head so her dark eyes locked on to his. Her faced was flushed and just a little tear-stained. He kissed her face, wiping a salty tear away with his lips.

“Here?” He pressed his thumb against the velvety mouth of her bottomhole, making her wriggle.

She shook her head, breathing hard.

“Here? Just here?” He pushed his fingers deep into her pussy, making her moan and throw her head back.

“Yesss!” She was wanton.

“What do you want inside you Kate, my fingers?”

“I want your cock inside me.” She was desperate.


“I want to you to fuck me,” she panted.

“How can I resist a request like that Kate?

“I want you to fuck me now!” The more she said it, the more she wanted it! He was driving her crazy, turning her into some kind of wild woman.

“Tell me again.” His breathing was ragged.

“Fuck me please.” His words and fingers tormented her.

“Like this Kate?” He stood behind her now, pulling at her reddened ass cheeks, opening her, guiding his hard cock between her swollen pink lips, just holding himself at the entrance of her slick pussy, nudging her hot flesh.

“Spread your legs wider Kate.”

His hands moved up to hold her hips tightly, holding her still, preventing her from pushing backwards onto him.

“Yesss, please Gabe, more…all the way, please do it.”

Gabe pressed his cock into her wetness a fraction on an inch, feeling her lips spread and her pussy grip him tightly. He let out a groan of pleasure.

“Is this what you want?” His own voice was thick with desire. He teased her, his cock making tiny stabbing movements, just rubbing the head against her wetness.

“Fuck me please Gabe, I want your cock.” She was frantic now. Still he held her hips hard, controlling her movements.

“Tell me again. Tell me exactly Kate, then I’ll understand what you want.”

Kate became very still. Her struggles ceased as she concentrated on forming the words that would make him give her what she needed. Her voice became almost a whisper as she spoke slowly, aware of the delicious distracting sensations building between her legs, as his cock continued to tease and stretch her.

“I want your cock Gabe. I want you to push into me deep. Fill me up. I want to feel your hard cock go all the way inside me. I want to push my wet pussy back against you real hard so I can feel you rubbing against my hot ass. I want your cock in me now.”

“Is that what you need Kate?” Gabe groaned.

With a low growling sound escaping from his mouth, Gabe pulled her hips back roughly, pushing his own forward at the same time, sinking into her hot tight cunt, impaling her on his thick cock with one swift thrust.

“Like this?” He looked down, enjoying the sight of his length disappearing into her.

“Yesss!… Yes, yes, yeah, like that, just like that, just like that.”

He ground against her ass, rubbing against her in hard circular motions, inflaming the sting in her ass, making her squeal, his cock in her to the hilt. He made small rocking movements that had his cock bumping inside her, slowly building her pleasure to a white-hot peak, until she begged him for more. He pulled back, making her wriggle back seeking him. Kate went down to her elbows, arching her back, shamelessly thrusting her ass higher into the air for more of him.

“That’s beautiful Kate,” as he pushed into her deeper, his cock engulfed by the heat of her. He fucked her hard now, with slow, deep strokes, still controlling her movements as the feel of her hot ass grinding against him threatened to send him over the edge.

For Kate, the exquisite thrusting pressure of his cock sliding through her swollen pussy lips was almost too much to bear.

“Fuck… it’s perfect, do that, do that…” she panted, concentrating on the sensation, her breath coming in little gasps.

“Slow down Kate, that’s right, just go slow, there’s no rush. I want to be inside you for as long as I can. You feel so fucking good.” His hand slipped around her hip, seeking and finding her hard little clit, rubbing his thumb over it’s surface, his hand feeling the length of his cock as it slipped in and out of her wetness.

“I can’t go slow… I can’t Gabe, I can’t, it’s too late. I want you now… fuck me now.”

The urgency in her voice told him there was no turning back. Gabe pulled the length of his cock almost entirely out of her before rapidly plunging back into her slick wetness. Kate could hear the delicious wet sounds of his cock in her and her moans filling the room as her pussy clutched and gripped him. She desperately wanted the pleasure pain of his deep thrusts. Her movements became more demanding, seeking him, her hips writhing in a frenzy, pushing back against his hard cock again and again until she lost control, the wave of her climax peaking and crashing, making her cry out, shudder and tremble as she came.

Her wild moans driving him on, Gabe worked his hands up to her shoulders pushing her back hard on to him as her clenching pussy milked his cock. The sight of his cock emerging from her, wet and slick before sinking back into her cunt was more than he could bear. He thrust into her deeply, into the hot tight wetness of her, over and over, until he too, could hold on no longer. With a low growl and hard final thrust, he came deep inside her body, flooding her with his cum. He knees buckled a little with each shudder of his climax until finally he bent over her breathing hard, aware of the delicious scent of their sex.

Kate slumped forward exhausted, gloriously satisfied and somewhat shocked and overwhelmed by the intensity of her feelings. Looking down, Gabe realised that in his passion he’d gripped Kate hips hard enough to leave a complete set of pink finger marks on her pale skin. He bent to kiss them away thinking she would have bruises and a sore ass tomorrow. Maybe he’d offer to rub some cool balm into her skin later. Much, much later.

When her breathing had finally calmed, Kate slowly stood and turned to face him; her hair tousled wildly, her pretty face flushed pink with pleasure and a touch of shame. She grimaced as her tender bottom made contact with the sofa back.

“Hello, naughty girl. Next time no panties on that pretty ass of yours Kate, or you’ll get more of the same, but harder,” he said, his eyes smiling, watching her beautiful face as she comprehended his promise.

“Yes, Mr. Faraday… Sir,” a cheeky grin played at the corners of her mouth.

“That goes for being cheeky to the Director too!” He grinned as he pulled her into a tight embrace, making her squirm and shriek loudly as he landed two rapid, sharp smacks on her bottom and squeezed her hot flesh in his hands.

Gabe kissed her face, brushing her hair to one side. He held her close for a moment. Cupping her face in his hands, he kissed her lips softly, breathing his words into her mouth. Her shining eyes held his. Kate gave him that naughty girl smile that turned her into wicked minx.

“I like the way you do business Miss Spencer. In fact, I’m predicting a very long and pleasurable association.”

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