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I had turned into somewhat of a zombie over the last few months , working constantly and moving more product than I had in years , not that I needed the money or the rush of a constant danger of rivals or being caught by the feds.

I had done it for the distraction, to keep myself busy and from being alone with my gorgeous, brunette banker.

It was a pathetic attempt I knew that, just like I knew that Rachael would not abide by my decision to end our affair so abruptly.

We had easily slipped back into business mode of strictly laundering money, which consisted of late night money counts and seeing one another at occasional social functions.

But underneath the inane conversation and false put ons , I knew she was waiting patiently for just the right moment to try and explain why she had married the district attorney , the only person in town I didn’t have in my pocket , that I couldn’t control by either money or fear .

So I had worked and avoided being completely alone with her , someone was always with me lately whether it was , my best friend and business partner Becca , or my ever present bodyguard Buzz or another bodyguard , none of them knowing they were just a buffer for the thick , still growing sexual tension between myself and the banker .

Tonight would be a different story, Becca my faithful best friend had blown me off for dinner with a new beau, Buzz had the night off, because he had been working security for me five days straight and needed the rest, and any of the other bikers that I hired as security would have stood out at the Chatham Country Club like a hooker in church.

Seasoned felons mingling among Savannah’s social elite was laughable but also to me it seemed hypocritical , because over half the well dressed, wealthy people in the exclusive members only club were just a few acts shy of that same felony status, including me .

So there I sat nursing my third vodka tonic and praying for a catastrophe so I could blow off the mandatory monthly family dinner.

I sat listening as my mother and my new sister in law droned on and on about a shopping spree in Atlanta they had just recently took.

My father and brother were deep into their own conversation about major league baseball as I signaled the server for another drink; my mother grabbed my forearm as if she had some sixth sense.

“Really dear, another …you haven’t even eaten dinner yet?” she pointed out in her best loving, yet condescending motherly voice.

“Glass houses mother.” I simply said, as I waved my now empty glass at the server walking my way.

“I’ll be right back.” I mumbled as I stood to go to the restroom.

As I walked toward the bathroom, I noticed Rachael Harris as she sat down with her father the Senator, who was all smiles and handshakes and her new husband, the district attorney.

“Wonderful.” I groaned to myself as I walked into the ladies’ lounge, past the antique chaise lounges and vanities to the black marble sink just on the other side of the wall.

I stood, staring in the mirror at the dysfunction my family could create and wondered why we even attempted to be a normal family.

I didn’t hear Rachael come into the room and I closed my eyes as she appeared in the mirror behind me I had drank too much , too fast and my mind was beginning to spin.

“Are you ok, Jordan?” she asked, her tone soft and genuinely concerned.

“I’m fine I just needed a break from them.” I mumbled.

My eyes locked on hers; she looked stunning in the white pantsuit she wore.

Her shoulder length brunette hair was loose and wild and I could tell by how she was looking at me that I was about to be knee deep in a situation with her.

“I miss you.” … it has been months and I am trying to respect your choice. “She said softly as she stepped toward me.

I could feel my pulse immediately quicken, and I suddenly could not concentrate.

I turned around , which I quickly realized was a mistake , it put us face to face giving her a full view of the little black dress I was wearing.

“I miss fucking you.” she whispered her eyes roaming my body, as she slipped both of her hands slowly up my arms, her fingers teasing my skin.

“We can’t do this …not anymore.” I said quietly looking away from those hypnotic green eyes.

” Your avoiding being alone with me………. , so don’t tell me you don’t miss this .” she said leaning fully into me , pushing me back against the marble counter top , making our bodies mold together perfectly , like we were meant to be doing this .

Familiar hands drifted lazily from my hips up my sides to cup my breasts through the thin , soft material of the barely there dress I had chosen, her soft lips pulled me into a slow lingering kiss , her body pushed into mine deliciously and I was lost .

Lost in the feel of her perfect lips and teasing tongue, lost in the feel of her thigh between my legs, my hands moved instinctually, sliding the dress up as we began to move against one another.

I didn’t hear the entrance door to the lounge open because I was so lost in the moment , when she suddenly pulled back from me with a lecherous grin I was angry , not at her but at myself for being so weak and letting her prove her point.

Whoever had come in had gone directly into one of the stalls, and we stood there side by side in the mirror trying to compose ourselves.

Our skin flush, our breathing was labored; it would not be hard for anyone to figure out what we had just been doing.

The Chatham country club was a gossip mill and as I saw Marjorie Brown the Mayor’s wife and current president of the gossiping hens committee, come around the corner smiling I figured we were busted.

I stood quietly washing my hands until she spoke, then I faked my way through polite conversation and moved away from her and Rachael.

I was so angry; I basically toned them out as I checked my look in the mirror waiting for the nosy woman to leave.

When she finally did, I turned on Rachael quickly only to find that lecherous grin again and playful eyes.

“We will not be doing this anymore!” I growled, furious at how she could affect me.

“Why not?” she asked, not backing down.

“I chose to stop our affair because it was the smart thing to do.” I said firmly. .

“You mean safe thing to do, because I got married!” she snapped back, closing the distance between us.

“Both!” I said flatly.

“We had just gotten started Jordan, and I liked where we were headed, and I miss the intensity you bring out in me, I miss touching you and tasting you.” her voice softening along with her body language ” and you do too .” she said .

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, but we just can’t.” I moved toward the exit door only to be stopped by her hand on my forearm.

“You hiding behind work and that posse of people you try to put between us won’t make me back off, neither will me being married.” she grinned before she kissed me softly on the lips.

When she pulled back from me, I did not speak.

I just stood there taking in the threat, knowing I would not be able to resist the tempting woman, she left me standing there, still angry, and completely turned on.

There would be no family dinner tonight, I needed to get out of this place, out of this dress and into a better frame of mind.

I left the ladies lounge and made my way to the bar, and asked the bartender for the house phone.

As I dialed my brothers cell phone and waited as it rang, the smile I got from the redhead standing next to me only pushed that little monster inside me, that had been awoken by Rachael ,

I gave her a soft smile back and turned away from her as my brother answered.

As I hung up and waited for my loyal big brother to make an excuse for me to suddenly, have to leave, and to bring me my cell phone the redhead smiled at me again.

“I was going to ask to buy you a drink, but it sounds like you’re leaving “she said, with just the right amount of disappointment in her voice.

My little monster was salivating , thick , short auburn hair , gorgeous fair skin , piercing blue eyes and luscious kissable lips , she would be a perfect momentary distraction from my beautiful tempting banker .

“Take her up on the drink, then take her home!” my little monster yelled at me.

“Some other time maybe.” I drawled as I saw Jason walking toward us.

“Looking forward to it.” she winked.

That made me pause slightly but not enough to make me pursue her.

I took my cell phone and gave Jason a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for covering for me and

I was out of the country club in a flash and waiting for the valet to bring my car around.

As the handsome barely out of high school boy pulled my Porsche up, I heard someone walking up behind me and turned to come face to face again with the intriguing redhead from the bar.

“Now that’s a sexy car, very fitting for its driver.” she teased, her eyes scanning the car, then me.

Despite my little monster shouting at me to take her for a ride, I took a minute to take in the tempting redhead.

I stepped back from her and from head to toe I took her in , very full ,kissable lips behind a playful smile, and a gorgeous body, but it was the classic black suit hiding that gorgeous body and the slight bulge of a gun at her hip that quickly shut my little monster up.

I had gotten a good look at her, and just my luck this gorgeous possible distraction was a fucking cop.

I frowned just a bit and moved away from her toward the driver side of my car.

“I’d ask to take you for a ride but, it’s probably against some stuffy federal protocol.” I half joked as I opened the car door and climbed inside.

The redhead leaned down into the window as I closed the door, her demeanor suddenly quite different.

“Agent Emilee Welsh …FBI and yes it would be against protocol.” she said quite bluntly, her tone authoritative and firm.

Gone was the flirty, friendly redhead and she had been quickly replaced by a cop with an agenda. I started the car, revved the engine and ignored the shiny gold badge she was flashing at me, she was not the first federal agent I had dealt with, and most likely not the last.

“Emilee… your name means rival, how interesting.” I said grinning at her.

This only seemed to infuriate her; she stepped back and opened her jacket to reveal her service weapon.

“Miss Keller, I have some questions for you so please if you would turn off you car, secure your vehicle and accompany me to the sheriffs office we will be done in no time.” she demanded, a harsher tone of authority in her voice this time.

“Am I under arrest?” I asked, as I slipped the car into first gear.

” No I just have a few questions .” she said still waiting for me to get out of the car and clearly becoming more agitated at me by the minute, obviously she was not used to being ignored .

“I’ll make this simple for you Emilee, no warrant, no questions.” I offered honestly.

The redhead agent just smiled at me as she pondered her options.

“Well then it looks like you and I are going to do this the old fashioned way, I do love a good challenge.” she said confidently as she pulled out her cell.

“Good luck with that warrant.” I teased.

“I’ll see you soon.” she threatened as I pulled away from her leaving her standing in the parking lot.

My mind instantly went into cover mode , I didn’t even know what she wanted to question me about but it didn’t matter , anything I did would put me in prison for quite a long time .

My first call was to Bryce Williams, the Chatham County Sheriff, my longtime friend and occasional lover.

I had been caught off guard and was curious as to why he had not told me there was a fed looking for me. I had paid quite a lot of money to put him in public office and planned to keep him there, and watching my back had been part of the deal.

Bryce was unavailable but I knew he would call as soon as he could; my second call was to Becca, interrupting her after dinner romp with her latest conquest, which probably pissed her off more than a federal agent sniffing around us.

I canceled my meeting, which put my latest shipment of stolen cars headed to the Caribbean on hold, and went straight to my dance club in the warehouse district.

It was just after nine and the club was just coming to life, the dance floor was filled, and the private strip club upstairs would be packed I was sure.

I went straight to my office, straight to my desk, pulling out my silver cigarette case I lit a joint and took a much-needed long drag.

Within minutes, my prepaid cell phone rang and I knew it would be Bryce, and like usual he would apologize about having to do his civic duty.

A double murder would kept him busy most of the night so I told him about Emilee Welsh , he’d had no clue because she had not checked in with him as per protocol.

Bryce could always calm me, just by simply listening and reassuring me, by morning I would have every bit of information on the intriguing federal agent and would know exactly who I was dealing with.

After the call I settled back in my comfortable desk chair and pondered my evening , I would get shit from my mother for bailing on dinner , shit from Becca about agent Welsh , Rachael would still be a looming dangerous distraction , and somewhere in between I would have to reroute shipments of drugs and stolen cars.

By the time, I finished the joint, any worries I had drifted away and my mind focused on the brunette banker and the aching need I had for her.

Suddenly bouncing out of town seemed like a good idea, but that would not solve anything and I had never run before when things began to crumble a bit, this time would be no different.

As I climbed into my Porsche around two am, I was well aware of the black Chrysler 300 that pulled out behind me and followed me out of downtown Savannah to my house on Tybee Island, the seemingly diligent agent was on the job and, I dared the next day to come as I crawled into bed, my thoughts a mix of my brunette banker and the redhead agent.

Morning brought with it a five mile run on the beach as the sun came up over the Atlantic, a clear head, and a sheriff’s deputy delivering a rather thick package from Bryce.

With a bottle of water in hand, I sat upon the island in the middle of my kitchen and pulled the papers out, on top was a hand written note from Bryce.

“Anything you need, just say so…..B”

Bryce could always make me smile even In the worst situations as I began to flip through the pages that would reveal agent Welsh to me , the more I read and absorbed the fuller picture I got of my new challenge .

From elementary school to this very moment Emilee Welsh was the epitome of a good girl, a character trait that definitely peaked my curiosity.

Accommodations after awards after accommodations painted a clear picture of a very by the rules woman intent on achievement.

Agent Welsh’s career with the FBI had been stellar to be so young in it, she had only been a special agent for five years, before that she had been a decorated officer for the Miami police department, at thirty-five she was well on her way to a legendary career in law enforcement.

I believed that everyone had a price or a weakness and getting to the root of the beautiful agent’s would be quite a feat, and by the time this was over, we would be either friends or mortal enemies and either way I was ready for the ride.

A plan was forming despite my not knowing what the intriguing agent wanted to question me about, but I did know that we could possibly help one another, getting her to consider my offer would be the hard part.

I had a problem I needed taken care of and agent Welsh had the means to give me that , but would she cross that line , make that choice to help one criminal to take down another?

I already had a plan in order for a rival drug dealer, but agent Welsh seemed like a better avenue to take in the matter.

I slid off the island in my kitchen , still reading about the gorgeous redhead and headed upstairs to my office , I needed to make a few phone calls and decide the best strategy for getting what I needed out of this current situation .

Juan Carlos Vega was a problem for me and many of my business associates and if I could make him disappear, by way of the federal government with the help of special agent Welsh I would not have to plan the alibis and eventual hit on a true rival and keep my hands clean in the process.

“Will she play ball? ” I asked myself about the stoic redhead, would she come over to my side of the fence?

I spent the rest of my day holed up in my home office, rerouting deliveries and pick ups, and studying my new interest and her seemingly untarnished law enforcement career, you didn’t get such high profile drug busts without making a few deals along the way, and her career on paper didn’t show it but her weakness began to peek through.

Advancement and achievement were the things that seemed to drive her, they seemed to be the only thing that stood out as a possible weakness for Emilee Welsh and I planned to take advantage of just those traits.

Agent Welsh had been within eyesight the minute I pulled out of my driveway in the late afternoon and headed to the port, she was also there in the ominous black Chrysler as I sat on a bench in Forsythe Park with Becca discussing how to deal with the coming days and looming problem of the intriguing fed, while having a very late lunch of barbeque pulled pork sandwiches and sweet tea.

I had no intention of telling becca my plan; the less she knew the better and I wanted to keep it that way. It was not how becca and I operated but in some cases, her not knowing anything would keep her safe and sound.

When I’d eventually had a sandwich and sweet tea delivered to her in her car, she promptly got out and threw the lunch in the trash with a cocky grin before climbing back into her car.

When I went to my accountants office later in the evening , she was there waiting the entire two hours it took me to finish the meeting , when I went back to the port, she was there watching, waiting for just the right moment.

And she was there waiting patiently again when I walked out of my lawyers office as the sun began to set and evening was creeping in on us , standing right on main street next to my car looking fierce in her classic dark suit.

“You should have tried the sandwich; it’s the best barbeque pork in the world.” I said stepping to her smiling.

“Maybe, on my way out of town after you answer some questions.” she said sarcastically, her eyes searching mine, gauging me.

“Did you get that warrant yet?” I asked, really more like taunted.

“Working on it, I just thought I’d give you another opportunity to do your civic duty.” she grinned. .

“I’ve never really been civic minded.” I shot back, enjoying our banter.

“I’m beginning to see that.” she deadpanned, her eyes never left mine, she was clearly enjoying the challenge I offered her.

“I’m on my way home, and then I’m having dinner at my brothers restaurant, are you going to follow me all night?” I asked stepping back from her.

“Yes, until you answer my questions or I get that warrant whichever comes first.” she said pausing …” I haven’t had to work a case this hard in a long time, you’re quite a challenge.” She added.

I smirked at her and turned toward my car but not before turning back around, facing her and smiling.

“Before you know it, I’ll be under your skin and all you can think about.” I teased as I climbed into my car.

I waved at her as I sped by headed home, happy with our latest round.

Curious as to how far the agent would go to get what she wanted, because I knew how far I would go to get what I needed.

The agent didn’t disappoint , she was there following me ever so diligently and watching again , while I went home to shower , probably watching as I walked around my beach house in the nude through the large paned glass windows that covered the front and rear of the house.

The night should be interesting and I was ready for whatever happened, I was enjoying this game of cat and mouse, waiting for the opportunity to offer the redhead another challenge.

As I pulled out of my driveway, I noticed the black Chrysler was not behind me as I pulled out onto the main highway heading back into downtown savannah.

Different scenarios began to play in my head, I had become so used to her tracking me over the last few days that her not being where I could see her made me nervous.

Had she given up?

Had she gotten her warrant?

Both I was sure was highly unlikely , no local judge would issue her a warrant they were all owned by me or my father , had been for years and the file I had read on the impressive agent told me she would not stop.

Dinner had been quiet just Buzz and myself , Emilee Welsh was still so far nowhere to be seen., that made the evening smooth out a bit and I thought she might have finally taken a break after two days of following me around the clock .

With a delicious meal of grilled ahi tuna finished and Buzz chatting up the hot blonde bartender, I went with my older brother Jason into the wine cellar to see his latest collection of French Bordeaux’s, I could have cared less but he was like a kid in a candy store, and I loved how much he knew about wine and food, it was his passion and I loved the few normal minutes we got to spend with one another.

We were chatting about the new wine when he was called back to the kitchen for some sort of problem, and I took a moment before following him to check the messages on my Iphone.

As I scrolled through e-mails from becca about due shipments I was not paying attention as I climbed the stairs, , and as I stepped out into the dim hallway that lead back to the main dining room, out of a far dark corner Agent Welsh fell into step beside me .

“Where are we off to now? .” she asked inquisitively.

I stopped turning to face her, slipping my phone into my back pocket and moving into her personal space.

“Isn’t it your job to figure that out… and besides if I just tell you then there’s no fun in the chase. ” I said my tone playful, at seeing a chance to antagonize her.

The beautiful redhead just smiled and ran a hand through her thick locks, pushing them out of her face, clearly not threatened by any of my antics.

” Everyone in this town including any of the judges I tried to get sign a warrant for your arrest just laughed at me ….everyone seems either protective of you or in admiration for you.” she said stepping back. “Why do you think that is?” She asked, quite pointedly.

If she was as good of an agent as she appeared to be on paper, then she knew the answer to her own question.

“Really …I had no idea.” I said nonchalantly as I continued to walk down the narrow hallway.

” Maybe if I start bringing them in one by one, starting with that striking brunette banker at Chatham Federal that politely told me to fuck off….take a look at the money …. maybe you’ll see fit to answer my questions then.” she threatened.

The agent had done her homework, checked my financials and had been looking into my shipping business, I could feel my temper flare but not at her checking out my legitimate business but at the thought of her being anywhere near Rachael.

I stopped immediately turning to face her, I needed to play this right, and not let her get the better of me because I was protective of Rachael.

“A veiled threat, really… I expect more from such a highly trained, capable special agent.” I said not taking her seriously.

“It’s no threat darlin’, it’s a promise.” she grinned.

I smiled back , letting my eyes wash over her taking her in completely seeing a chance to change the tone of our little chat and see what she was made of, I reached out touching her left hip lightly , where a few nights before she had worn her gun.

“This is much better.” I said letting my fingers curve into her hip ,” when you wear it on the side it gives you away too soon and throws off the natural curves of your hips .” I added as I let my thumb dig into her, tracing her hipbone through the black slacks she wore.

The stoic agent did not panic at my sudden invasion of her personal space, but I did catch the slight gasp she tried to hide and felt tremble ever so slightly.

“You’re about two seconds away from me not needing that warrant.” she growled, her tone telling me she was serious.

I simply grinned and stepped back, looking into her eyes reading what I saw there.

Curiosity coupled with an overwhelming sense of right and wrong.

“Touch me again and I’ll arrest you for assaulting a federal officer!” She snarled, stepping past me to put some space between us.

“Now that feels like a valid threat sweetheart.” I chastised as I watched her get even more angry with me.

“It is, you can count on it! ” she said the look and tone quite serious before she walked away.

I left the restaurant headed for my dance club in the warehouse district, one of the few places I felt safe. Becca would already be there, I needed a little break from the evening, and a minute to gather myself and regroup with my trusted best friend sounded like just the thing.

At least it would have, when I arrived at the club closely followed by Buzz it seemed the ever-diligent agent had beat me there.

I could hear her and Becca arguing before I even saw them by the bar.

“No fucking warrant, no chit chat!” Becca snapped as I approached them from behind.

My blonde, beautiful best friend was angry, her eyes dark and dangerous and her body language matched.

She and the agent were just inches apart and deep into their argument when I decided finally to intervene and touched Emilee Welsh lightly on her right shoulder.

That simple action turned into me being grabbed and thrown facedown on the nearest table with both my arms behind my back.

If she was angry with me before she was even more so now, and with every ounce of her weight she held me down and handcuffed me.

Out if the corner of my eye I saw Buzz move toward her followed by three other of his bothers from the motorcycle club that I hired as security and quickly yelled for them to stop , I didn’t need this getting out of hand and I didn’t need my plan to utilize the agent to help my business be jeopardized just because Buzz was doing his job.

With one arm, she held me down while she pulled her badge from her side and flashed it, showing him and all the other people that had gathered to watch the show.

Buzz and his boys stopped in their tracks next to Becca, who was clearly furious.

“What the fuck!” she yelled.

“I told you if you touched me again I would arrest you, now we do this my way!” she growled in my ear before she pushed against me grabbing both my arms and pulling me up.

“Jordan Keller you’re under arrest for assaulting a federal agent.” she announced as she half pushed and pulled me toward the exit door.

“I’ll call Jackson; you’ll be out in no time!” Becca yelled as she headed to the office, to call our attorney.

Buzz followed us out of the club and to her waiting Chrysler, she stopped turning on him quickly and pulling her gun, her look deadly serious.

“Back the fuck off or I will drop you!” she threatened.

Buzz just stood, slowly lifting his hands up and smiling at her not the least bit intimidated.

“It’s cool Buzz, she’ll take me to the sheriff’s office and I’ll be out on bond before you can come to pick me up.” I said with a cocky smile, wanting him to back off.

“Fine!” he growled, turning to head back inside.

She put her gun away and slammed me against the rear passenger door of the car.

“You know the drill, I’m sure?” she said she slid her thigh between my legs to spread them apart.

Her firm hands started at my shoulders, sliding down my back and over my ass, but her search would be futile, I had nothing on me luckily.

Her palms slid over my ass again and between my parted legs, I closed my eyes as she slipped a hand between them and let her fingers curve against my pussy. Stepping back, she turned me around pinning my cuffed hands between the car and me.

Again, those firm hands started at my shoulders but this time she stepped to me as she searched, her eyes roaming my body as her hands moved.

Slowly they slid, down my shoulders and over my breasts to my sides , then curving around the waistband of my black leather pants her fingers sliding against bar skin as she searched me before dipping again between my legs and down my thighs, her fingers grazing here and there as she moved.

Back up they slid over my stomach to cup my breasts as she stepped back from me, grinning, proud of herself. .

“Enjoy that?” I asked.

She did not answer, instead she roughly pulled me away from the car, opened the door and shoved me down in the backseat and latched the seatbelt.

We rode in silence for the next few minutes, neither if us speaking until we passed the turn that would have taken us to the sheriff’s office.

“You missed your turn.” I said stating the obvious.

No answer, just a glance in the rearview mirror before turning back to the road.

As we headed out of downtown Savannah toward Tybee Island I did not panic, whatever she wanted I would not give up and by the time the evening was over, I was convinced we would be allies not enemies .

My plan was falling into place it was just a matter of time before I put it into action.

“You’re kidding me right?” I asked, as we finally pulled into the Dixie Bungalows.

A few rows of ratty beach bungalows that had been there since the late sixties, a favorite haunt for bikers looking to party and teenagers looking to shack up.

Agent Welsh did not speak; she just parked the car and got out to get us a room I would assume.

The place was packed , it was friday night and the party was clearly on , loud music pumped out of different rooms and I watched as people moved back and forth between the tiny brightly painted pastel bungalows , sharing drink and drug no doubt.

No one would notice two women one of them in handcuffs, not this late and not this deep into the party.

I scanned the parking spaces looking for someone familiar, just in case this got out of hand, not that I think it would but just in case it helps to have a friend.

The gorgeous agent was back in minutes and we pulled slowly past numerous bungalows to one that sat by itself next to the beach.

When she pulled me out of the car , I stopped and tried to stretch , which only made her shove me toward the door of our own little shitty pastel green bungalow.

I would not give her the pleasure of being intimidated by her, when she pushed me against the door and held me with one hand and unlocked the door with the other, I took the opportunity to antagonize her further.

“If this was about getting me in cuffs, alone in some crappy dark hotel, you shoulda’ just asked baby.” I teased as she flung the door open and pushed me inside.

“Don’t flatter yourself!” she growled before pulling a small desk chair to the middle of the room and motioning for me to sit.

“Is this proper interrogation procedure?” I asked before being pushed down into the chair roughly.

“I wanted you out of your element, and alone, and now you are going to answer my questions.” she demanded.

I took a minute while she pulled off her jacket and took in the dark room , a small refrigerator , dresser , a table, chairs , no air conditioning and a very worn queen size bed were all that took up space in the dilapidated old bungalow, it was just like I had remembered though I hadn’t been here in years.

The sound of the creaking ceiling fan as it slowly circled was the only thing I could hear in the humid, stale room.

I was beginning to become frustrated.

I needed to get past this question bullshit before I could get what I wanted, so I sat momentarily plotting my next move.

“Did you think you would just blow into town, step into my life and I would do whatever you say?” I asked.

“That’s exactly what should have happened, instead we’ve come to this and I will not blow a case over you, so now you and I are going to discuss Caroline Carson.” she said as she began to pace slowly in front of me.

The mention of Caroline’s name threw me for a huge loop, I had expected drugs, cars, hell even guns but Caroline?

I sat watching her pace, my wrists aching from the cold metal cuffs and I had absolutely no idea why she would want to talk to me about Caroline.

“The curator of the savannah museum of art?” I asked, my voice revealing my surprise.

“Yes …, how well do you know Ms Carson?” she asked, not letting the moment falter.

“Outside of occasional social functions and fundraisers, as well as any of her financial contributors do I would imagine.” I answered, a partial lie of course but my standard answer where Caroline was concerned.

I saw the frown, and heard her sigh in aggravation as she stepped to me.

“Try again.” she demanded.

My mind was racing, why the hell was she asking about Caroline?

What had my longtime lover done?

And why had it come back around to me?

“I know her socially.” I said sticking to my gut instinct, and not giving her more.

She just chuckled as she walked over to her jacket which she had thrown casually on the bed, from the inside pocket she pulled an envelope and opened it.

Standing in front of me again, she flipped around a small color photo of myself and Caroline having dinner six months ago.

“Charitable dinner, for local school art programs.” I said barely glancing at it.

The agent just grinned and shook her head in disbelief at me and flipped over another picture, this one of myself and Caroline on her balcony the night of her party just a few months ago, Caroline half dressed and draped on me, kissing me, the same night she watched Rachael and I together in her study…..the same night she asked me to move uncut diamonds for her.

“Dammitt Caroline! ” I thought while the agent waited for my answer.

“Political fundraiser.” I said rolling my eyes.

“We could do this all night; savannah is a social town with lots of parties.” I added growing tired of her questions.

“And this one …, was this a private fundraiser?” She asked turning the next one around.

This photo caught my eye , it was of myself and the beautiful older redhead on the balcony of our hotel in Charleston , naked sipping champagne , the agent quickly followed it with a picture of us in bed , Caroline on all fours , face down as I fucked her from behind .

“Do you see where this is going …, we call this a pattern of behavior.” she said sarcastically.

“Looks very self explanatory to me.” I quipped, smiling at the memory.

The agent thumbed through a few more pictures before flipping another, and holding it in front of me.

It was of us in bed, early the next morning wrapped comfortably naked around one another sleeping off the night’s events.

“Lovers share secrets … , were you aware that Ms. Carson is a suspect in two art thefts , private collections worth quite a lot of money?” she asked.

“The only thing I’m aware of where Caroline is concerned, is when and how she wants to be fucked.” I was goading her, wanting to push her buttons.

” I have been following the money , in this case the diamonds and the money and they led me from Argentina to here , and the only person she knows capable of transporting stolen art or diamonds for that matter is you.” she glared at me .

I did not say anything, just sat there staring into those piercing blue eyes.

” You own the largest shipping company on the east coast , your reputation precedes you in quite a few circles and when I asked my contacts who could move that kind of thing , the answer always came back to one person…you.” she smiled content with herself .

“Your working a dead end sweetheart, the only thing Caroline and I are is evident in those pictures, and the idea she is an art thief is frankly preposterous.” I chuckled, as I shifted in the chair trying to get comfortable before I continued.

“This is a case you won’t break, a shame really your track record is quite impressive, drug busts, fraud and theft stings …all very impressive.” I taunted.

“Doing your homework I see?” she asked, turning away from me.

“Gives me a better picture of who I’m dealing with!” I snapped, jerking my wrists and glaring at her, I was running out of patience for the handcuffs.

“I should have known you would protect her.” she said, her tone irritated.

“Lovers ……remember.” I said sarcastically.

“You’re quite the puzzle Jordan.” She said quietly and clearly irritated at me, it was the first time she had used my name and I liked how it rolled off her tongue.

“I’m not that hard to figure out,” I continued to squirm, seeking comfort in the now very humid and nearing unbearable room.

“So what now, we can do this all night?” she asked stepping to me and leaning behind me to unlock the handcuffs.

I sighed as the blood began to rush back to my numb fingers , then I stood slowly, stretching and staring into those nervous eyes , wondering how she would react to what I was about to say .

“Yes we can, with you repeating yourself, and me blowing off your questions with more bullshit because I won’t budge on Caroline.” I stated firmly.

I watched her, weighing the options to go with her gut instinct, or to move on.

Wresting with herself, and the rules that came with her chosen profession.

“Or we can share a few secrets.” I offered

“Secrets?” she asked obviously puzzled.

She just stood looking at me, she had already crossed a line bringing me here and now I was offering her just a little step further.

A small smile played across her face as she realized what I meant.

I moved next to her, not touching her but just in front of her as I contemplated my next move.

“You said it yourself just minutes ago …lovers share secrets, maybe you and I share a secret or two? “I offered, my eyes locked on hers, waiting.

The stunning agent turned just enough to look at me, her eyes searching mine gauging me and taking in what I was saying.

She was curious, she knew it, I knew it, but I could see the cop inside her yelling coercion.

” We are not even friends , we are enemies by default so how can we possibly be lovers?” she asked , confused at my choice of term , wasn’t it clear to me that she was the cop , and I the possible criminal.

I reached out slowly letting my hands inch around her waist cautiously to the small of her back, I could feel her muscles tense under the slight touch, nervous and suddenly unsure about the shift of power in the room.

“What better way to become friends, than to become lovers.” I whispered softly as I slipped the semi automatic pistol out of its holster and sat it down on the table behind her.

I caught her sigh and smiled as I slipped my right hand around to the front of her pants and lifted the soft black tank top she wore up to reveal her gold badge.

I unclipped it slowly from her belt and sat it comfortably next to it’s counterpart on the table.

“See it’s just that easy…we change the rules.” I said confidently.

“Is it that easy, with just a simple change of the rules?” she asked, her voice soft, her eyes locked on mine.

I stepped back to give her a minute, just a slight moment to take in what I said.

“Of course …you drop these silly suspicions about Caroline and we simply become two people alone in a dark room passing time and sharing secrets about one another.” I said picking up her handcuffs and twirling them.

I did not miss the glint in her eye as I stood twirling the handcuffs in my hand, waiting for her answer, waiting for her to come over to my side of the fence.

“Lovers?” she repeated, she was curious but cautious to what else there was to this deal.

I picked up the pictures of Caroline and myself and quickly thumbed through them before I answered her.

“Yes .” I said softly as I dropped the cuffs back on the table, and slipped my hands around her waist again and this time she stepped to me.

“Just two lovers in the dark … sharing secrets and that’s all?” she asked softly letting her fingers trail up my arm over my shoulder to tangle in my hair, tugging it gently.

I gasped at the tug, wanting to seal this deal with the gorgeous redhead.

“That’s all.” I mumbled, leaning into her grip.

Her other hand took the liberty of sliding down the brown silk shirt I was wearing as she contemplated what I was saying.

“Leave the badge and gun on the table, even our odds and take a chance Emilee…I promise it will be worth it.” I said softly , confidently pulling back slightly from her exploring hand on my stomach , my body slowly coming to life , my plan was coming together and my little monster was waking up to play .

Her eyes searched mine , looking for some truth in what I was saying and those tempting lips of hers curled into a cocky , sure smile and she leaned in just inches from my lips .

“It better be.” she growled

I was held by my neck and pushed back down into the chair, as she straddled my lap her lips quickly connecting with mine. Hungry and exploring her lips were, and so incredibly sensual I could easily have drowned in this woman’s kisses.

My hands went to her hips pulling her against me, rocking her hips against mine eliciting a soft moan under her teasing lips.

This was not going to be a frantic exploration, the woman sitting on my lap, knew exactly what she was doing,

The agent pulled back from me when I slipped both my hands under her tank top and over her bra to cup her full C cup breasts, humming my approval as I pinched her nipples before sliding my palms slowly down and around to the small of her back pulling her into me again as I let my other hand slip between us.

I cupped her through the black linen slacks much like she had done to me earlier , tracing her pussy with my palm making her moan into my mouth before pulling back and grinding harder on my hand wanting more contact.

The agents hands went to the backrest of the small chair gripping both sides as she moved against my hand , my free hand went to her neck gripping her just enough to hold her still as I moved my hand from between her legs to undo her belt .

We melted into another exploring kiss, our mouths devouring each other, her tongue teasing mine playfully.

In one swift move her belt was slid out of her pants and I had them unbuttoned and unzipped, giving me enough room to slip my hand inside to let my fingers play over her clit through the panties she wore.

I held her like that, barely moving my fingers breaking the kiss and watching her face change with each jolt of pleasure that shot through her.

I held back letting her set the pace, letting her take as little or as much as she wanted at the moment.

Back and forth, she moved against my nearly stilled fingers, gasping at each touch against her pulsing clit. Her movements became more urgent as I slipped my fingers inside the silky undergarment. , sliding easily through her soaked folds making her moan loudly and grind hard against me.

I slipped my fingers back and forth over her swollen clit, I teased her dripping opening until she was shuddering against me and gasping, whispering against my ear.

“This is so wrong on so many levels “. She mumbled through labored breathes.

“Right, wrong …good or bad …….it won’t matter by morning.” I said as I slipped my fingers from between us.

I stood up sliding her off my lap and pulled her toward the bed, her hands urgently worked at my clothes peeling them off me revealing my body to her.

The linen slacks and tank she’d had on were thrown casually across the darkened room, leaving her only in a tiny white g-string.

We ended up in a pile of arms and legs in the middle of the bed. I could hear Lynard skynyrd blaring from one of the other bungalows and hear people partying the night away outside.

They would have no idea what was transpiring in bungalow number ten, they had no clue of the alliance I was forming with the beautiful agent, one that would benefit us both. .

The heat in the room seemed rise along with our growing need for one another, I arched into her gorgeous mouth each time she sucked my over stimulated nipples, we had become a writhing sweating mass of naked flesh by the time she sat up straddling my thigh.

Slowly she began to move against me, and I let her control this for now, let her lose herself in the moment to feed whatever need she had.

I watched as she slowly became undone , her body moving against mine my hands on her hips keeping her in just the right spot , I could feel how soaked she was through the tiny white g string with small pink bows at her hips . I tugged at the flimsy garment sliding it to the side and moaning at the heat of her soaked pussy against my bare thigh.

The stunning agent sat up and ground harder against my thigh, her eyes locked on mine, half closed and glazed over with lust she leaned down kissing me slowly becoming wetter as she moved.

My little monster was wide-awake and screaming for me to take her, and make her mine so

my grip on her hips tightened , and I flipped us over and slid slowly down her body , my lips and hands teasing and touching as I moved and turned her over , facedown under me and pulled her back into me , down onto my hand.

The moan that shook her body resonated through me and I shoved her roughly facedown into the bed and buried two fingers deep into her, pulling the same sound out of her again.

I began to slip my soaked fingers in and out of her deeply, letting my other fingers press against her clit each time my fingers disappeared into her.

I pulled her up by a fistful of her thick auburn locks, keeping her on all fours as I changed the angle of my hand and fingers pumping them even deeper as she arched back into me.

“Fuck yes Jordan …that feels amazing!” she moaned as I pushed her closer and closer with each thrust.

Her raspy moans and gasping breathes turned to chants of repeated obscenities laced with demands, of each I complied.

When she begged for more I slipped another finger inside her, I could feel her inner muscles contracting around my fingers, I could feel how incredibly wet she was becoming as her moans quieted to a soft whimper as she fell fully into the throes of her orgasm, I pushed her back down as she came, the tattered comforter barely muffling her screams.

I held her down as she shook against my pumping fingers, crying out to the point of breathlessness only to follow it with another gasp for air as the waves rolled through her until she slumped down into the bed her body quivering around my stilled fingers.

I didn’t give her a chance to compose or recover , I wanted to see that again , my little monster was demanding it so I turned over , smacking her on the ass to lift her hips for me , so I could slip those cute little panes off.

Her hand tangled in my blonde hair as I slid underneath her still quivering pussy.

“Too much …!” she began to protest, I did not listen instead I slid my tongue over her dripping outer lips, smiling at the moan that came from her.

I slipped my lips back and forth across her slick folds softly , my tongue teasing her before I sucked her clit between them , making her arch down onto my face , her breathing becoming frantic again quickly as I sucked lightly at the throbbing bundle of nerves .

She began to rock against my lips, moving her clit between them and moaning my name each time I sucked at it a little harder, making her arch above me, the view was delicious, with her breasts out because of heaving breathes, mouth open gasping for much needed air, hands gripping the worn, wooden headboard for dear life as she rode me.

The sound that came out of her as another orgasm crashed through her , I was sure would just blend into the noise of bikers partying outside , I gripped her hips holding her against my mouth sucking harder at her clit pulling every last shudder out of her until she was a sobbing mass above me.

It took her a few moments to catch her breath, and she would gasp again each time I slid my tongue, flat against her swollen, wet pussy.

The smiling redhead slid down my body slowly, molding hers with mine as her lips pulled me into a slow kiss, our tongues teasing each other, as she tasted herself on my lips.

Her hands palmed my breasts before slipping in between our bodies, I was aching to be touched by her, yearning for release as she stopped suddenly and pulled back from me.

Her eyes searching mine, wanting something.

“What do you want?” I asked , my voice honest and low.

She grinned shyly , letting her hands tease my breasts .

” Can I handcuff you again?” she asked , her tone almost pleading.

I grinned at the naughty image that flashed through my mind , and simply shook my head yes , my body tingling at the illicit act she was about to do.

Her smile was radiantly devious as she slid off of me and pulled me up to stand in front of her and grabbed the cuffs from the table .

I shivered as her free hand explored my body , over my shoulders to cup my breasts , before tugging at both my nipples making them rock hard instantly and making me gasp.

Down my stomach it slid , her nails tracing the muscles there as I fought to control my breathing, slowly she stepped behind me taking a minute to admire the tattoo that covered my back , and then she was flush against me and her nipples felt amazing on my heated skin , her exploring hand slipped back around and between my legs making me lean back into her more .

” No one has ever gotten me to cross this line …….” she whispered against my neck before biting me and sucking hard to soothe the sudden ache.

It was a luscious mix of pain and pleasure, and I moaned at the intense sensation .

” You must be very proud of yourself .” she whispered against my ear .

She wanted to control me , because I had taken hers away only minutes before and I could feel it radiating from her , a driving need for control .

So I would give it back to her temporarily.

” I told you I would get under you skin .” I taunted , knowing it would set her off.

I was spun around quickly , thrown down on the bed and handcuffed to the headboard with expert speed and skill.

I jerked against the handcuffs as she raked her nails slowly across my chest , over my nipples and gasped as she licked her way down my stomach .

Her fingertips grazed my thighs as she kissed lower , kissing lightly with a devious grin covering those succulent lips.

I was writhing under her wanting her to touch me , needing her to touch me , she slid lower her hands and fingers teasing my dripping cunt and I pushed against her lifting her up with my hips showing my urgency and tugging roughly at the handcuffs again.

Minutes of exploration turned into a moment of pure pleasure , when her tongue finally slid flatly over my throbbing clit, I was hers then , for the moment ,moaning loudly at the contact and praising her talented tongue

I didn’t notice the pain in my shoulders or the bruising forming on my wrists , all that mattered at this moment was satisfaction she was finally giving me and the feel of her talented tongue .

God I had needed this , between my tempting banker and the feel of the federal agent buried between my legs , my entire body shook for her with each long slow stroke of her marvelous tongue .

This was no random experiment for the gorgeous redhead , she was slowly and expertly devouring me , making me cry out an jerk against her mouth, my hips pumping faster as I grew closer to my release . Emilee Welsh was moaning her approval at my need and responses to her , the vibrations rumbled through me adding to the sensations coursing through my body .

Spreading my legs further apart she held my knees down as she covered my entire pussy with her mouth, before sucking hard at my clit pulling it between her lips and rolling her tongue against it as she continued to suck me off , the wooden headboard didn’t budge an inch as I pulled violently against it shaking , breathless and crying out as I came .

The redhead didn’t relent, she sucked harder the more I pushed against her , my body arching up into her as she tried to hold me against the bed .

I was still trembling , as she crawled up my body kissing and nipping as she went smiling , proud of the job she had just done.

” Uncuff me!” I said through gritted teeth .

I was done with theses cuffs , I wanted out of them and to be able to touch her , to repay her for what she just did.

Emilee Welsh just grinned at me , a naughty , teasing grin that said she wasn’t done playing with me and I glared at her jerking at the immobile cuffs again as she straddled me , settling comfortably against me the wet lips of her pussy against mine making me groan and arch under her again.

” Fucking uncuff me ….now!” I demanded again.

” Not just yet?” she purred playfully , moving slowly against me , stirring me again.

” I want to touch you ….” I trailed off as she licked the side of my neck before biting at my earlobe ” You will …after you tell me a secret? ” she whispered locking onto my eyes , as she moved against me a little harder making me shudder and moan just a bit louder this time .

That caught her attention and she moved the same way again a little more determined to get the same if not more of a reaction. We began to move together in a perfect unison , each if us panting against the others lips , her question momentarily lost in the heat between us.

” Uncuff me, please .” I whispered against her ear breathlessly.

” Just one little secret?” she asked in a whisper , her hips still moving against me , wet and wonderful .

I just simply smiled and pushed back against her , not answering her .

” You feel incredible?”. I said pulling against the cuffs again.

” Mmmm ……yes but stating the obvious is not a secret . ” she smiled again , rubbing against me making me shudder.

” Your not the first cop I’ve bedded .” I said quietly .

” Doesn’t surprise me .” she grinned , rubbing against me again.

” Your turn .” I mumbled .

” I watched you and Caroline that entire night in Charleston … touching myself ….I was so turned on by you and I hadn’t even met you.” she confided.

Her hands began to roam again , her palms flat against my breasts as she began to grind harder into me .I shuddered under her , still pulling hard at the cuffs that were holding me in place knowing they would not give.

” Your turn.” She said quietly.

It was time to shift the power in the room back in my favor , and I knew exactly how .

” I can give you Juan Carlos Vega …..on a silver platter .” I whispered against her ear .

The special agent sat up quickly , I caught the slight gasp as she stared at me making sure she had heard what I had just said.

Juan Carlos Vega, the number one drug dealer on the FBI ‘s most wanted list in the south , from Texas to Florida he had managed to elude them for years and now the murderous monster was invading my territory , and had in just two short years ripped off at least three of my shipments .

I needed him gone and to avoid a bloody , public situation , and the easiest way to make that happen was to hand him over , yes rat him out and let him disappear into the system.

I could tell the beautiful redhead was beyond intrigued , she was practically salivating at the mention of such a high profile criminal .

” Juan Carlos Vega…..?” she asked , as if she needed to hear me say it again.

” Yes …….now uncuff me! ” I hissed , her pelvis was still moving against me , driving me insane and I needed to be in complete control in this moment.

She moved quickly retrieving the cuff key from her pants in the corner, her eyes on mine the whole time , her mind going a million miles an hour behind those blue eyes.

Leaning over me she uncuffed me , turning to toss the key and handcuffs on the floor and pausing to look down at me .

My shoulders ached and my wrists were sore and thoroughly bruised , but it didn’t matter still all I wanted was to seal this deal I was working with the beautiful federal agent.

I pulled her back down on the bed crawling up her body , letting my hands trace her curvy hips and full breasts .

” How ….I mean we have been looking for him for over a year now .” she mumbled as I kissed up her toned stomach.

” He’s gone underground , you will never find him .” I whispered against her ear as I bit at the lobe pulling it between my teeth , making her shudder.

” mmmmm….how can you be sure?” she asked , gasping as I slipped my hand between her legs and slid my fingers through her soaked folds.

” I can tell you anything you need to know about him , anything at all just say so .” I whispered as I let my fingers slip back and forth over her clit .

Her breathing was changing , becoming quicker as I continued to play with her , I could see her mind was racing trying to process what I was saying and what I was doing to her body.

” I can tell you exactly when and what he is having breakfast tomorrow morning .” I teased as I slid my thigh over hers , grinding into her wet pussy , making her gasp.

” I just have to make one phone call and he is yours.” I continued , my fingers teasing her relentlessly now.

” Put your fingers inside me! ” she demanded , in a voice that was raspy with need.

I did as asked , moaning at the wetness that surrounded my fingers

” He could be in your custody in a matter if days …….just drop the Caroline thing .” I offered , wanting her word .

I dipped my finger just inside her , turning my hand so that my palm was flat against her throbbing pussy and I sat up , above her locking onto her blue eyes and slipped two more fingers deep inside her , she was soaked and throbbing.

” I make one phone call and you can single handedly bring down a murderous , callous drug dealer .” I offered .

Her eyes were on mine , she was listening intently to what I was saying .

” Oh fuck!” She moaned as she shook under me , her hips pumping into my hand at an almost frantic rate .

Her hand went to my wrist , pushing my fingers deeper driving them into her wet pussy as I continued to speak.

” Another accommodation for you , one more bad guy under your belt ….” I trailed off as I kissed slowly down her neck , biting at her heated flesh making her arch up into me again.

” More! ” she demanded .

I slipped a third then a fourth finger into her and marveled at the change that came over her , the hand gripping my wrist held tighter as it pushed my fingers even deeper , stretching her soaked pussy even more .

” I can give you all those things …… just take the deal .” I whispered against her ear .

Her breathing was erratic , her body arched under me , her head was turned to the side gasping for breaths faster than they seemed to come .

” Harder Jordan. ….fuck me …..please!” she moaned .

I pulled back sitting up , I slid her hips up my thighs and held her down as my fingers picked up a more frantic pace .

Her moans bounced back and forth between gasps of more and tremors that shook her body .

” You want to , you know you do ……take the deal …….” I teased , reveling in watching the agent come undone again.

Her muscles were contracting around my fingers , she was shuddering and dangerously close and I wanted my answer .

Pushing her back down on the bed , I slid my soaked fingers out of her and slid up her body as she cried out at the loss of pleasure. Her hips were pumping up and down searching for that feeling again, her hands pulled at me wanting me to continue as I slipped between her legs , our thighs locking around the other instinctually as I ground against her , moaning at the wetness and wonderful sensation of her clit swollen and pulsing against mine .

” Your so fucking wet , does the idea of catching him turn you on that much?” I asked pumping my hips into her making her gasp louder and push back against me .

” Fuck …….yes …..! ” she moaned , her hands were on my hips pulling me against her matching her rhythm , our wet flesh sliding back and forth seeking release.

” Then take the deal …make it that much sweeter ……” I slowed down , letting my body relax and trying not to give in to the sensations coursing through me .

” If you don’t your case against Caroline stalls out with me …..and this just becomes another random great fuck!” I said through gritted teeth .

I thrust harder against her , holding her to the bed as she spread her legs wider for me wrapping them around my hips as she shuddered breathlessly into my ear .

” Deal , …it’s a deal ….! ” she gasped as she began to tremble .

I thrust harder , grinding against her clit before thrusting again and again, our ragged breaths matched in need , my body was humming with the feeling of her under me .

The gorgeous agent gave herself up and fell into the moment , my hands stayed at her shoulders as I picked up a faster more steady rhythm , her nails dug into my hips as she held me against her , grinding back into me making me cry out and throw my head back in abandon.

I had my answer and this suddenly wasn’t about making deals anymore it was about making her come , and sealing the deal , and letting her into my secure life to get something I needed.

” Yes …yes ….!” she began to chant breathlessly , as her body went rigid and the first wave of her orgasm hit, her inner muscles tensed in pleasure that was released in a long moan as she came .

I gave in to the feelings raging through me and continued to move against her throbbing pussy as I came in a strangled moan , gasping and shuddering over and over again , until we began to slow our movements and calm our overheated bodies .

We stayed like that for quite a while before Emilee got up and walked into the bathroom , no doubt trying to process what I had offered, before she walked back out slowly and slid across the bed .

” Tell me Jordan , tell me what I need to catch him.” she asked quietly , her voice raspy and tired.

” Not before I get your word , that there will be no more investigation of Caroline .

The stunning woman stared at me a few moment, pondering what she wanted to do., and clearly wrestling with what she had already done before answering me.

” Done .” she simply said, agreeing to what I wanted.

The party outside raged on and it was well after four a.m according to the outdated digital clock on the bedside as I lay at the foot of the bed watching the gorgeous naked agent process everything I had just told her about Juan Carlos Vega .

She knew exactly what she needed to know , which was simply that I knew where he was and I could deliver him , that she just needed to say where and when and he would be hers .

She didn’t need to know about the hit I had been planning for weeks, one that would have been a violent , bloody incident that I would have spends months covering up.

I needed him out of the picture to gain his territory , to give my suppliers new routes and to take away a threat to my business but I I would settle for prison for him for the time being , provided by the agent laying naked in front if me .

” What else is in it for you?” she asked softly .

“Outside of you leave Caroline alone ….you and I become lovers with secrets .” I said , with a soft smile .

Her eyes searched mine for some sort of truth in the statement .

” That’s not all Jordan , but I’ll take that answer for now.” she chastised .

Slowly she crawled across the bed , kissing me before climbing out and stretching.

” Why do I feel like I just made a deal with the devil?” she asked playfully .

” Because that’s exactly what you did , but I am a generous devil, I am letting you keep your soul .” I teased as I sat up stretching .

” How gracious of you , but ….if you want another chance at my soul I’ll be in the shower .” she taunted, as she wandered off to the bathroom in the small bungalow .

What transpired between us in the small shower solidified the deal we had just struck , slow and exploratory we established a line of trust giving and taking from one another one more time before the sun began to peek through the drab blue curtains.

As I stood waiting as she put her gun back on and clipped her badge in place , I was in awe at the immediate difference in her . Her stance , her tone of voice all seemed to change behind the shiny metal ornament , she reached out and lifted both of my wrists up in the morning sunlight , letting her fingers drift gently over the now well formed bruises .

” I’m sorry about the bruises.” she said honestly .

” They were more than worth it .” I smiled at her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

Emilee Welsh slipped the cuffs back around my wrists and walked me to her car needing to keep up our façade , we rode in silence yet again until we pulled up in front of the Chatham county sheriffs office .

” You do understand Jordan , that If this backfires in any way , I will come for you and I will arrest you .” she said not looking at me , but I could hear the honesty in the threat.

And just like that we were back to cop and criminal and I smiled at her , a cocky arrogant grin .

” I would expect nothing less agent Welsh.” I said as I saw Becca and Bryce walking toward the car.

After a descent amount of shouting , about law enforcement protocol between my loyal sheriff and the agent , with threats from him of having her conduct brought up for review .

I waited patiently for this last ruse to play out , I wouldn’t let Bryce do anything to jeopardize my plan. The agent pulled me out of the back seat and unlocked the handcuffs one last time , as she leaned in fumbling with the key , I caught the wink she gave me before pulling them off me .

” If you think I’m done with you Jordan , your wrong …..I’ll see you soon .” she said her tone threatening as she walked back around to the driver side of the black Chrysler .

” I’ll be counting the minutes .” I said sarcastically as I walked toward my best friend.

The minute Bryce saw the bruises he was even more livid , and the shouting match between the two cops started again.

I wondered how long this was going to take , all I wanted at the moment was to go home , have a shower and crawl into bed.

That however wasn’t in Bryce’s plan , once the federal agent drove away , he ushered me inside the sheriffs department to answer some questions about my being detained by her all night.

I was finally taken home by Becca a few hours later after a thousand questions from Bryce it seemed , she was still furious about what the agent had done and how she had left me bruised but I would never tell her how I got the bruises , it was a tidbit she wouldn’t need to know , she would be furious with me for letting the cop in , especially someone who wasn’t Bryce .

Once home to my bed I drifted off into a nice , much needed coma , my body sore and tired and in need of rest , I passed on the food Becca had tried to feed me and drifted off quietly while she lay on the couch downstairs watching television , protective and territorial as always .

It would take a few days I was sure , but the eager fed would do her job and do it well of that I had no doubt.

I chose not to tell Becca and Bryce , they would both be furious with me for what I had done, it would be a secret between Emilee Welsh and myself.

I would go back to business as usual , like it never happened , Bryce would back off of the agent, and Becca was just like me , she would go back to work with the agent being just another strange chapter of our story.

My little monster was sated for the moment, distracted from what it really wanted , my gorgeous brunette banker , something I knew it would get eventually.

She would see to that , she had all but promised that night in the restroom of the Chatham Country Club .

Three days later I was sitting behind my desk at my club when Amber walked in, a beautiful five foot nine , blue eyed blonde with a body that could stop conversations and time it seemed .

Only one thing could ever bring a man down , especially a freak like Juan Carlos Vega, and that was a woman .

And I had chosen Amber to do just that , for six weeks she had firmly embedded herself in Juan Carlos’s life , getting him to fall head over heels for her , and all the while reporting back to me .

” So , did I do good baby?”. She asked , as she leaned down to give me a soft kiss on the cheek before sitting down in my lap .

” You did perfect sunshine!” I beamed , and handed her an envelope full of cash out of the desk drawer .

Twenty five thousand dollars, that is what it cost me to be handcuffed to a bed and to get rid of an enemy …..worth it I think.

” Oh I was told by the fed that cut me loose after the raid …a smoking hot redhead “. She rambled on as she dug between her full DD breasts and produced a small piece of paper, … ” she said to give this to you and only you .” she winked and climbed off my lap.

” So sexy you wanna go back to my place and play?” she asked , her hands on her hips , those amazing tits garnering much attention .

” Not tonight gorgeous ” , I’ve got a million things to do .” I said looking at the small slip of paper .

One of them being to find Caroline and remind her once again what it is that I do and how I do it , and her not telling me that the diamonds she passed on to me were stolen was not how her and I did business.

” If you change your mind , you know where to find me .” she smiled and blew me a kiss before turning and walking out the door .

I waited until she was gone and I unfolded the tiny slip of paper slowly and smiled at the small color photo of special agent Emilee Welsh looking severe in full tactical gear, walking a handcuffed and clearly very angry Juan Carlos Vega to a waiting squad car.

In small letters scribbled in the corner of the picture were two simple words that made me smile.

“Your handcuffs.”

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