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The Old Professor vs the Young Student

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I had been teaching at the university for some 30 years, and I had never encountered such an intriguing vision as Soleil in all my days. She is a beauty, and an enigma. She was breathtakingly refreshing and very frustrating…beautiful, yet exasperating. I came to be rather obsessed with this 20 year old vixen from the first time I saw her in class, just something about her that caught my attention: she was half Thai, and half American.

I’m sure she would qualify as a genius in any Mensa test, and yet she was notoriously lax and indifferent when it came to academics. She would turn in papers that were astounding in their conclusions, yet she cared little for proper form and function. She hardly paid attention to the basic rules of grammar and punctuation, as if they didn’t matter.

Her most recent paper was the final straw. I gave her a C grade, and wrote a comment across the top of the paper: “This could easily have been an A+. Please see me after class”. I wondered what her response would be. I will admit that I had two motives; I genuinely wanted her to bear down and apply herself, but I also wanted to have some private time with her after everyone else had left my classroom. I was anxious to see her response, as I passed out the papers to everyone in the class.


I could not believe I got a C when I got my paper back! I mean that assignment was so boring, the most boring so far out of Professor Mann’s class I did it in my sleep, literally. When I saw the comment on top of the page and looked up into the professor’s face, I saw disappointment mixed with something else that I could not work out. I know that he expected me to be conscientious with my work, but I got bored so I handed in my assignment without really editing it. Now I have to pay, and pay I will.

The professor was really quite a nice man, a bit older than some of the teachers in the university. I remember the first day when his class got underway, I was running late due to a really stupid traffic on the way to the university. I burst into the room just as the professor was introducing himself. I was flushed from running, I was out of breath as I apologised and looked around for an empty seat. Alas, there was only one which was right at the front, just my luck. But as it turned out, I loved his classes, and as the semester went on I had a feeling that I was beginning to like the professor very much and not in a platonic way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m only 20 years old so anyone older than say 25 is old to me. I don’t usually go for older guys, I like to stick to people around my age, but the professor was doing something to me without really doing anything to me (if that makes any sense to you). The more I attended his classes the more I look forward to them each day. Even my friends commented on this change, they began to clue into the fact that whenever his class was scheduled I would be all giddy and happy.

Then assignments arrived. I really love the professor’s class but the assignment that he handed out was tedious in the extreme sense of the word. Most of the time, I would type it up a day or two before it was due, since I would fly through the material with my eyes closed, and don’t really bother about the grammar or the edits. I actually never bothered to think whether I have to pay attention to it or not, but now, this paper, C grade! I almost crumpled the work in my hand with frustration, I wanted to throw a tantrum, but I restrained myself. It would not do to embarrass myself in class.

Since his class was the last lesson I have for the day, I stuck around after all the other students have left, holding on to the C grade assignment in my hand. The professor said goodbye to the last student, and indicated that I should come forward to his desk. I smooth the paper on his desk, and demanded to know why I got a C grade when I know that my work was better than the grade he gave me.


I was finally alone with Soleil, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I watched her stride purposefully up the aisle and approach my desk. I wasn’t so sure if this meeting was a good idea after all. She was clearly irritated and upset with me…not surprising, I suppose. Perhaps I should have given her a B instead of a C, but I wanted to make a point, and I wanted to get her undivided attention. I suspect she had probably never received such a low grade in her life, such was her obvious intelligence.

I will admit I was taken aback by her seething anger. I leaned back in my chair, and let her rant, feeling a rush of excitement that I tried not to acknowledge. She was quite fetching when she was angry. When she finally calmed down, she actually apologized for her tirade. I was silent for a full half minute, and just stared at her, even as she cast her glance downward. When I told her that there was a time when a professor might turn her over his knee, she shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. I paused to let her fully consider that image in her mind. She slowly lifted her head and looked me in the eye, and a slight smile appeared on her face, with a subtle twinkle in her eye. I will admit, I felt a slight tingle in my groin as well, but I did not dwell on the idea.

I assured her that her reaction was understandable, but I also stood by the grade I gave her, and I told her why. In the end, I offered to reconsider her grade if she was willing to put in the required effort. She thought about it, and asked me what she had to do. I suggested she stay after class for the next several weeks, and I offered to tutor her on the fine art of detail and presentation. I explained that it wasn’t good enough to just throw ideas down on a piece of paper, no matter how good her ideas were. She needed to pay attention to details, and to consider the overall scholarly presentation of her work.

After we agreed to meet again after class the next day, I dismissed her and gave our meeting no more thought….that is, until she showed up in class the following day is an impossibly short, tight mini skirt and a flimsy, clingy blouse.


Dressed the way I was going to meet the professor was a deliberate choice and with a purpose. That day that I was handed my paper back, I saw some excitement lit up behind the professor’s eyes as he sat back to let me rant until I was out of breath. I was unsure if the enjoyment that I detected from the professor was because of my reaction, or something else. He shifted his position a few times in his chair as I stood there, so I hoped it was from something else.

On our next one-on-one meeting, I dressed up in a black mini-skirt that rode up my slim thighs as I sat down, with a see-through tight-fitting white blouse with a white camisole underneath. This is only to test a niggling suspicion that I had since the other day so I decided to forego all sort of underwear just on the off-chance that my instinct had been right and I have always trust my instinct.

Unfortunately this means that all through the day I was in commando mode, and since his class was in the middle of my daily schedule, I told the professor that I had to come back to see him after my last class. The professor only nodded and told me dismissively not to be late, since he also had a lot of grading to do for his other students. I figured in this case, he could probably spare thirty minutes, at most sixty minutes for me. I told him I won’t be late and hurried off to my next class.

Once my last lesson let out, I first headed to my car to drop off my things and took the previous assignment with me and headed to the professor’s office, which he happened to share with another tenured professor who was currently away. So we had the office to ourselves when I knocked on the door and opened it once I heard a muffled response to enter. I was hit with cold air as I entered the office the air-conditioning having been turned on full-blast. My nipples stiffened immediately from the cold and pushed against my camisole.

The professor was seated at his desk, busy grading the papers in front of him. His head was liberally peppered with grey as he studiously bent his head to read the work on the desk and did not look up to see who had entered his office. I closed the door quietly and cleared my throat. The professor looked up, his eyes lit up as his gaze travelled from my head to the hem of my mini-skirt. He told me to take a seat in front of his desk, and that he’ll only be a few more minutes. I took the only armchair in the room and sat with my legs parted almost too wide, but I demurely folded my hands on my lap with my assignment. I swallowed saliva with anticipation, biding my time when the professor would look up once he finished with the paperwork.


As I purposely ignored Soleil for several minutes, I smiled at myself inwardly, knowing that the cold air blasting into the office had to be getting uncomfortable, considering all the bare flesh that she had exposed. I fought to maintain my composure, and tried to act as indifferent and inconvenienced by her presence as possible, knowing full well that my libido was silently screaming from within. I had not considered a secondary benefit from turning up the air-conditioner, until I noticed her hard nipples straining against her thin blouse.

As I sat before her, pretending to be engrossed in my work, I pondered her motivation. Other students had tried to seduce me in my days, much to their ultimate disappointment. There was no way some young sex-crazed student was going to get me to give her a better grade simply by flashing some skin, and making suggestive gestures. But Soleil seemed different in some way. I wasn’t sure quite what she was up to, but I devised a rather clever plan.

Finally, I gathered up the test papers on my desk and placed them in my briefcase, and then I looked at her face to face for the first time. I hoped that my stern look properly hid my melting heart. I chose to refrain from commenting on her seductive appearance, and pretended not to notice. Luckily for me I was sitting behind my desk, so my awakening erection was hidden from her view. I motioned for her to take a seat next to mine, and offered to go over her paper with her. She slid her chair over and sat down closely beside me. I could easily inhale her intoxicating aroma, my guess: strawberry scent in her shampoo and perhaps a mist of perfume. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to maintain my charade of calmness for too long, so I explained that we would go over the simple grammar mistakes and typos first. We sat closer as we both read silently. I circled each error with a red pen. As we went through each page of her assignment, I could feel the electricity crackling between us. I wanted to rub my leg against hers, but I forced myself to act professionally.

I couldn’t remember the last time I sat so close to a beautiful young woman like Soleil, or any woman, for that matter. Having been long since widowed, and not much for the social scene, I seldom dated. My life consisted of teaching, and going home to an empty house. I might have a glass of wine while I graded test papers, and I could cook a fairly decent dinner. Beyond that, I would entertain myself by watching some internet porn before retiring for the night. Soleil had reawakened some emotions that I had not felt in quite some time.

We counted 24 mistakes that she was to consider. I looked her straight in the eye, and told her that for every mistake that she didn’t properly correct, she would receive one smack on her bottom. She looked at me with raised eyebrows, and I explained that she needed to know there were consequences to pay for any further lack of effort on her part. I reminded her that she was welcome to take her C graded paper and leave at any time. I struggled to calm my breathing and act nonchalant, as she made her decision. I told her I was going to go to the bathroom, and she had better be finished making the proper corrections upon my return.

I gave her almost ten full minutes to make a mere 24 changes. I could only speculate how she might react to my proposal. Those ten minutes felt more like ten hours. I strode purposely into the room to find Soleil sitting perfectly straight up in her chair, hands folded in her lap, with a barely detectable hint of amusement on her face. Her assignment was placed carefully on my desk in front of my chair. I sat down, and began to check it over. Page after page had been fixed, and I was just about to remark that she should have done the proper editing the first time around, when I turned to the last page: all of a sudden, instead of “says” she wrote “sez”…”does” now read “duz”, “isn’t” became “ain’t”, and so on…13 words were deliberately miscorrected. To top it off, at the end, she arbitrarily jotted down her own extra words: cock, pussy, tits, and ass.

I looked up, incredulous, to see Soleil with a big grin on her face, her eyes brightly lit. I couldn’t help but blush a deep red. I was speechless, as I tried to process this unexpected response. She called my bluff, of that there is no doubt. I realized she was beating me at my own game. I had no choice but to roll my chair back from my desk, turn towards her, and patted my hand on my lap. She hesitated at first, until I reminded her of our agreement: she was asking for 13 whacks for her “wrong” answers, as well as four more whacks for her added “bonus” words, 17 smacks total. Now, let’s see whose bluff was being called, I thought. My pulse raced as I tried to hold my lust in check.

I thought I might faint dead away when my dream girl quietly rose from her chair, walked towards me, and laid across my lap. Just when I was sure the situation couldn’t be any more erotic, Soleil reached back and flipped her tiny skirt up, presenting her luscious, firm ass to my wild eyes.


As I lay on my stomach atop Professor Mann’s lap, my hands almost touching the carpeted floor, my heart beat uncontrollably in my chest. I felt hot and cold at the same time, hot within my pussy, and cold from the air-conditioning in the room. Goose pimples appear on my skin with anticipation of what was to come. I’ve never been spanked in my entire life, and here I was, in a teacher’s private office, my skirt up over my ass getting ready to be punished for my mischief. I rubbed my thighs together with excitement and hoped that the professor did not noticed how turned on I had become by the thought of being smacked on my bottom.

Professor Mann’s hands stroked my bare buttocks lovingly at first, as if preparing my tender cheeks for what was about to be applied to it. Without warning, loud whacks made contact with my bare ass: once, twice, thrice in quick succession. I was made to count aloud the number of times he would apply the corporal punishment. I moaned out the numbers, at first with real pain, but by the eighth slap, my ass had become so hot that I could no longer feel pain, but pleasure began to build from his hand. By the twelfth smack, I dropped all pretence and ground my naked mound on Professor Mann’s lap, his khaki trousers stained with my juice. The 14th stroke came and I was panting with need, I spread my legs apart to better receive his slap against my pussy, but the professor ignored the invitation and continued his slap on my rounded, creamy derriere.

By now my ass was red to the touch and hot. Before applying the last three strokes of his hand, the professor shifted his position, and I could feel his cock pressed into my right arm. He was throbbing as he raised his hand to whack me for my naughtiness. My instincts had been right and I smiled with satisfaction, glad that Professor Mann could not see my evil grin.

As he reached the last stroke, the professor stopped and bent down to rub his cheek on my red ass, and lick my skin. I closed my eyes and sighed as I felt his tongue on me, his saliva salve to my sore and hot bum. I felt him move his tongue to the crack of my ass, but he went no further down between my ass cheeks. I could hear him taking a big whiff of the scent I was giving out from my pussy. I waited for the last smack to be administered and Professor Mann did not disappoint, it being the hardest out of all 17th strokes. I shuddered as I was about to orgasm, but I was not quite there. I should have written out more incorrect words on my papers!

I could feel the professor panting as the sound of the slap died away, his cock was even harder now than before if that was possible. I was also breathing heavily with lust as I contemplated my next move. I got up slowly from his lap, my face flushed as red as my ass, and instead of moving away, I gingerly sat astride his lap since my ass was burning up and quickly unbuckled his belt and undid his trousers to get at what had been stabbing my right arm for the duration of the spanking, which barely lasted more than 20 minutes. My hands busied with the buckle and fly, but I retained my eye contact with Professor Mann. He did not try to stop me.

His grey eyes clouded over as he looked down at my lewdly displayed pussy, my black mini-skirt well over my hips, my juice glisten between my thighs, and being in the cold room, it made me shiver from the exposure. My right hand reached into the opening of his pants and found my objective: throbbing and waiting. I sighed as I looked down and grasped his thick penis. My left hand held on to the backrest of his chair as I agonisingly slowly moved my right fist up and down along his shaft, his pre-cum had moistened the tip of his cock and I spread the clear fluid with my thumb on the tip of his manhood.

I looked into his handsome and lined face, and thought never in my wildest fantasies would I have ever considered Professor Mann as a subject of my desire, or any teachers for that matter. This was something entirely new to me. I wanted Professor Mann. I needed Professor Mann. I hoped he also needed and wanted me in the same way that I craved him.

Within a few minutes of my hand pumping his cock, the professor climaxed into my hand. His eyes closed and he moaned in ecstasy. His white hot cum shot into my enclosed fist as I pressed the palm of my right hand on the mushroom head of his cock so his semen does not shoot all over the place. His cock shuddered and one last spurt came between my fingers. I looked down, licked my lips and brought up my dirty hand and licked the professor’s cum off my fingers and palm.

I unhurriedly got up from his lap, pulled down my black mini-skirt over my ass, grabbed my papers from his desk, and walked out of the professor’s office without looking back. I left the professor sitting in his chair, his cock winding down to its soft state, as I returned to my car and drove home with a satisfied smile on my face.


Several days had passed since I allowed my brazen student to seduce me. I was still shocked by her boldness, and I felt weak for offering no resistance. Did I enjoy her deliberate advances? Of course I did. But now I relinquished the upper hand in our battle of wills, all because of my own lustful desires. I had to regain control of the situation or risk being rendered powerless or worse yet, being blackmailed.

As class let out, I summoned Soleil to my desk. Without any mention of our last encounter, I told her that I had some free time after classes were over, and I would be happy to continue our analysis of her assignment. She did not meet my gaze, but looked down at the floor as she nodded in agreement. She would meet me once again in my office.

I sat at my desk and pondered our actions to this point, and tried to devise some sort of strategy whereby I could regain the upper hand. There was no denying what had already taken place. It was a matter of reinstating my authority. My thoughts were interrupted by a tapping at my office door. Rather than just announce that the door was open, I jumped up and opened it myself. In walked Soleil, as if she were walking on clouds. She was fresh and smiling and light on her feet. She glided past me, placed her paper on my desk, and took her seat. This time, she wore a long sleeveless dress, low cut and form fitting…subtle, but sexy nonetheless. I imagined what she might or might not be wearing underneath.

I was at a loss for words, so I proceeded to skim through her assignment. Much to my surprise, it appeared that she had actually rewritten it, and it was obvious that she had expended the proper amount of time and effort to make it a truly excellent paper, as I had expected the first time out. I commended her for her diligence, promised to give it a thorough read that night, and change her grade accordingly. As I stood up to dismiss her, she quickly reacted, almost lunged from her seat, and pushed me back into my chair. Her grin was mischievous, and I struggled to interpret it. As she leaned against my desk, she reached behind and grabbed her paper off the desk. Her naughty smile remained on her face, as she flipped to the last page, and presented it to me. At the end, these words appeared: “Eat, suck, finger, fuck, slut, whore, and dildo, ass, cum, piss, swallow, and slap.”

After seeing my jaw drop to the floor, she turned around, leaned over my desk, and slowly began to pull her dress up, revealing her bare legs, until she gathered the dress material around her waist. Not surprisingly, she wore no panties. She wiggled her ass for my pleasure, and whispered that she committed 12 violations, and needed to be taught a lesson. I was dumbfounded, paralysed, taken aback, and frozen by instantaneous lust. She wiggled invitingly again; I came to and stood up behind her, and immediately delivered the first blow to her waiting bottom. Oh my heavens, it felt so good to land my hand on her perfect ass, and cause her to squirm in pleasure/pain. SMACK! I gave her number two, only this time I let my hand remain, and slowly I ran my fingers down beneath her legs, brushing my fingertips along her damp sex. She wriggled approvingly, as I reminded her that she had to count out loud. When she responded “Yes Sir”, I knew I was in charge once again.

“WHACK”! Hard on her exposed ass that was quickly turning a hot pink in colour. “Three”! She responded. This time, I was emboldened enough to deliberately run my index finger up and down between her moist labia, causing her to moan and wiggle her butt back and forth. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! In succession made her all but shout: “Four, Five, and SIX”! As I pushed my finger into her sopping wet pussy. Oh my, I thought I would blow right then and there. I worked my finger vigorously in and out of her hot cunt, almost forgetting my mission: SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! My hand met her now tender ass with more force and frenzy: “OH! Seven, eight, and nine!” she responded. By now, I was a wild man, with my prey ready to succumb. I drove two fingers deep into her waiting love canal, and I was no gentleman at this point, only a raving sex maniac, intent on subduing my conquest. Feeling her body writhe and squirm under my touch further emboldened me.

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! I gave her my best shots, so to speak. “TEN! ELEVEN! TWELVE!” she yelled. By now, I was standing close behind her, my one arm wrapped around her waist, holding her steady, as I finger fucked her wanton pussy with no thought of her comfort. I would teach this young vixen what it meant to be the one in control, even as I felt myself going out of control…

I released her and flipped her around. We stood face to face, our eyes burned each other. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her close to me. I kissed her square on the mouth with a passion I hadn’t felt in years. To my most heartfelt relief, she kissed me right back. I was in heaven. I didn’t know how else to tell her how I felt, as I pushed her down onto my desk. Exhausted with excitement, I plopped down in my chair and rolled it forward. I pushed her legs back, and she instinctively enveloped them in her arms, exposing her smooth mound to my lustful eyes. I leaned forward without hesitation, and licked her slick sex with abandon. It seemed to take only a few tongue laps before she was writhing and bucking under my mouth. I didn’t let up, and I pushed her legs back even further, so I could gain access to her forbidden entrance. I slid down and flicked her anus with my tongue, and I thought she might fly off the desk. I held her firm, and lightly twirled my tongue around her brown pucker, delighting in her response. When I forced my stiff tongue deep into her taboo passage, I knew she could hold back no longer. Her body shuddered and shook as she exploded in orgasm. I kept tongue fucking her ass, while rubbing her clit with my thumb, until she begged me to stop.

It was only then that I happened to glance down at the floor next to my desk. Apparently, in our excitement, neither of us had noticed that her purse had fallen off my desk. Two dildos had rolled out onto the floor: a thin pink rubber one with ridges, and a very thick black one.


My ass cheeks burned, but once Professor Mann’s mouth was attached to my pussy everything faded except for the slimy tongue that played with my clit and rimmed my brown pucker. Just like what I did with his penis several days ago, I came within minutes! My pussy and ass shuddered as my orgasm spread from my vagina and ass, my whole body contracted from my climax and I let go of my legs as I stretch from the power of my orgasm. My moans were loud in the room, and I sure hope no one heard it from outside his office, but I no longer cared. All I cared about was the mouth that was giving me so much pleasure!

Then something smooth nudged between my asshole and popped gently inside. I opened my eyes, raised my head from the table, and saw Professor Mann’s lecherous face glistened with my juice, I knew then he had found what I had brought with me to his office. He worked the thin dildo in and out of my ass, watched as my sphincter milked the fake cock and licked his lips as he watched my orifice stretched and moved along the length of the pink dildo. But I wanted his mouth back on my pussy, so I reached down to grip his head and pressed his face back onto my hot clit between my labia, my creamy thighs locked his head at the apex. I let my head fall back onto the desk.

I whined my pleasure as I felt his tongue worked my little engorged clit yet again. I pressed up from his desk to almost smother him into my sopping cunt as he worked the small dildo faster and faster. I was about to orgasm again, but I suppressed it for a few minutes and begged the professor to fuck me with this cock. I no longer wanted a proxy cock I needed the real thing that was waiting for me inside his black trousers. I pushed his handsome face a way from my pussy, and pulled out the pink dildo from my ass, dropped it on the floor as I quickly stood up. I pulled my dress over my head and stood proudly in front of the professor.

My tits were pert and well-proportioned inside my white lace bra. Tipped with dark areolas thanks to my Thai heritage, my breasts were smallish, but I love them. I have sensitive nipples that stiffened with the slightest stimulation; both nipples were hard and pushed through the thin lacy bra, the dark colours visible. I saw Professor Mann licked his lips as he reached up from his seat to pull me between his legs and unclasped the hooks to free my twin globes; my bra fell to the floor. My breath quickened as I felt his hot breath on my skin. I closed my eyes and sighed when I felt his mouth enclosed on one nipple as he palmed my other breast.

His skilled tongue was magical, the way it twirled my stiff bud inside his mouth, his lips pressed down and his teeth grazed on me. He sucked my nipple, then moved to the other side and repeated the same action on it. I begged him to bite down on my nipple as my hands messily stroked his grey hair. He tenderly complied, but I demanded him to bite down harder, but still he hesitated until I looked down into his face and whispered the word ‘please’.


As much as I enjoyed our two brief spanking sessions, I am not one for getting off by inflicting real pain on someone. So, Soleil’s request for me to bite her nipples hard was a bit unnerving. I hesitated at first, but I aim to please, if nothing else, so I acquiesced. Her response was telling. It appeared that she was quite in favour of the sharp sensation she received from my teeth bearing down on her tender flesh. While she moaned in ecstasy, it gave me some ideas for the future.

When she told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted the real thing, I took her admission and used it to my advantage. I turned her around to lean against my desk, legs spread and her ass faced me. I pulled my engorged penis from my trousers, and slipped it between her legs, slowly rubbing it against her dampness. It felt so good teasing her, as I held her hips tightly. She squirmed under me in anticipation of getting penetrated any second. But, I didn’t give her the satisfaction that she yearned for. I just kept gliding my cock back and forth, rubbing against her eager clit and wet lips. I could feel her impatience, as she thrust her ass back toward me, silently demanding that I satisfy her needs.

I was in complete control of the situation, and I was determined to show this hot young lady who was boss. I increased her desire by kneading her firm ass cheeks between my fingers, all the while teasing her with my erect cock. Finally, I bent over her body and whispered in her ear that perhaps we could continue our tryst after I cooked us a nice dinner.

To my surprise, she banged both of her fists down on my desk several times, as she shook her head back and forth. “No, RIGHT NOW! FUCK ME NOW!” she blurted out. Well, I am not a selfish man, and I always try to accommodate all reasonable requests. Besides, by now I was on the verge of exploding, so I immediately plunged my stinger into her love trap. Oh, the feeling was exquisite.

Despite the amount of time that had elapsed since my last coital experience, apparently I didn’t forget the proper protocol. I held on to her hips and proceeded to ram my cock into her rather forcefully and with authority…hard enough so that her butt lifted up and she was on her tiptoes with every thrust. Deeper and harder I fucked that young girl, and I delighted in watching my desk inch forward across the floor every time I slammed into her tight Thai pussy. I heard no protests, only satisfied groans coming from Soleil’s lips. Finally, I could hold back no longer, and I filled her sweet love tunnel with my hot jizz. I don’t remember ever cumming so hard and so much.

Exhausted, I leaned over her bent body, and wrapped my arms around her until we both recovered our normal breathing. When we stood upright, she turned towards me, pulled my head down and kissed me passionately on the lips. She looked me in the eyes and told me that dinner sounded great. ‘Tonight, then?’ Yes, she responded immediately, grinning from ear to ear.

As she dressed, I picked up her toys and placed them on my desk, as any gentleman would do. ‘These are yours, I believe.’ She blushed, and put them back in her purse. I gave her my card, and told her dinner would be at eight. She turned and left without further comment.


With Professor Mann’s semen running down my inner thighs, I hurriedly got into my car, drove home, cleaned myself up and went through my wardrobe for a perfect dress, but nothing was suitable. In the end, I decided to forego any clothes and just wore a thin Burberry trench coat with deep red see-through lingerie underneath, and matching panties. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled as my hands played with my tits and pinched my nipples. I looked at my queen bed behind me in the mirror, then at my watch. It was tempting to play with my pussy and thought of Professor Mann but I thought the better of it since I will have the real thing when I get to his place anyway.

With my black stiletto heels, I jumped in my car and made my way to the professor’s address. I rang the doorbell and was admitted promptly by Professor Mann. I stepped into the hallway, and the aroma of food enveloped my senses, whatever he cooked it was making me hungry. But the professor said that he was not quite done yet, and indicated for me to make myself comfortable in his living room. He asked if he could take my coat, I licked my lips seductively and slowly shrugged off my coat.

I almost cracked up laughing at the look on the professor’s face when he saw what I was wearing under the thin coat, but I maintained my poker-face with a seductive smile. His jaw hung open in disbelief, he swallowed his saliva with an audible gulp, and I’m willing to bet that his cock instantly hardened inside his trousers. I handed my coat to the professor’s limp hand, and sashayed to sit down on his creamy three-seater couch, where soft jazz could be heard playing on the stereo system.

I’ll show him who’s in charge, I thought to myself. I heard his faltering footsteps as he headed to the kitchen after he hung my coat inside the hall closet and quietly followed him to the bright and cheerful kitchen. As I walked through the connecting curved-doorway, I saw the professor stirring some pots on the stove. I tip-toed to where he stood and felt him jumped slightly as I pressed my virtually naked body against him as I reached under his arm to turn off the stove (I’m a safety conscious girl). Dinner, it turns out, can wait. I was hungry for something else other than food.

I pulled the professor away from his labour, and led him by the hand to the living room, back to where I sat a few minutes ago. I said softly to Professor Mann to sit down. I knelt between his knees, undid his trousers and sure enough, out sprang his throbbing member. I pulled his trousers off, undid his crisp white shirt and threw it over the back of the couch, and in minutes he was naked before me. My nectar was slowly soaking through my panties, but I ignored my needs.

The professor’s breathing increased rapidly during my undressing of him. My lingerie was no barrier to his hot gaze and I felt the heat of his eyes roaming down my body. I began to kiss and caressed his skin with my lips: from his slightly parted lips, to his neck, down his hairy chest, sucked at his nipples one by one, down his flat stomach to his groin. But I did not suck his penis. I kissed his muscular thighs, trailed my tongue along the inside, and flicked at his balls gently with my tongue. But I did not lick his cock. It reared before my half-closed eyes, but I ignored the engorged shaft.

He ran his hands through my hair and tried to force my mouth to his cock, but I pulled away from his grasp and climbed on to his lap. His breath caught his throat as he felt how hot my pussy was as it came into contact with his cock through the gusset of my panties. I rubbed my panties along his throbbing manhood and watch his face as he closed his eyes in bliss. He whispered softly that it had been so long between women for him that I felt like heaven on his lap. I finally took pity on Professor Mann and kissed him passionately, my tongue stole inside his mouth as I coaxed his into mine. I moaned as I tasted him. I hugged his neck tight and our kiss deepened as the professor hugged my waist. God, he tasted so good.

I reached down with one hand and moved my panties aside so that I could feel his cock rubbing my naked clit as I ground myself on his penis. He groaned as he felt my juice coating his rod, the mushroom head of his cock stimulated my clit as I moved my hips in a backward and forward motion. The professor mumbled something incoherent then all of a sudden I heard a ripping sound and my expensive lingerie came away from my body in shreds, clutched in Professor Mann’s hands in two diaphanous strips.

I leaned away from him and told him in mock-serious tone that he had better replace them as I looked at his hands. I then continued my movement, teasing his hardened cock as I grazed my pussy along his shaft, liberally coating his cock as my honeyed nectar leaked from my vagina. Professor Mann groaned at the sensation of my pussy along his cock, he threw the gossamer material over his shoulders then gripped my hips so tightly that the next morning bruises appear on my delicate skin.

I leaned forward, licked his earlobe and whispered who was teasing whom…


So, we were going to continue to play the teasing game, were we? It happened to be one of my favourite games. I calmly suggested that perhaps we should spice things up a bit. Soleil was eager to agree, and she squirmed a little in anticipation. I stood up and took her hand in mine, helping to her feet. I admired her slim, athletic body as she steadied herself on her impossibly tall fuck-me heels. There is something so very erotic in observing a perfectly formed body, naked save for her black stilettoes. She giggled as I led her to the hall closet. I made her wait outside the closet as I ducked inside. She grinned when I returned with a black blindfold, and tied it snugly behind her head. I went back into the closet and produced a set of soft restraints, attaching them to her wrists and ankles. This seemed to amuse Soleil to no end.

I backed her into the door until she was leaning against it. I kissed her vulnerable mouth deeply, which came as a shock to her. I clipped her wrist restraints together, and passed a rope through the loop. I threw the rope over top of the door, raised her arms up high, and tied the rope off to the doorknob. I ran another rope around the bottom of the door, and secured her ankles in such a way that her legs were spread as far apart as possible. Then, I abruptly walked away to check on dinner in the kitchen. I was rather relieved to find the burners had been turned off, and decided dinner could surely wait. As I sauntered back in to the living room, I got a rush up the back of my spine. Soleil stood patiently, bound and blindfolded, and seemed to relish this phase of our teasing game. Without a word, I stood before her, admiring her spread-legged vulnerability. I lightly grazed her proud breasts with the back of my fingertips until her nipples stood up and stiffened. She swooned at my teasing touch, and her knees buckled slightly when I tweaked each of her hard nipples between my thumbs and index fingers.

I knelt down before her naked body and inspected her sex. Her mound was so shiny smooth, it almost didn’t look real. I could see that it was already glistening with wetness. I gently licked her clit, causing her to squirm around. I was in no hurry, and my tongue lingered, exploring her sweet tasting sex. I licked all around her opening, lightly sucking her soft labia into my mouth, causing her to murmur under her breath. She gasped out loud when my stiff tongue pierced her slit and darted in and out rapidly. Her body stiffened as I took her engorged clit into my mouth and slowly sucked on it. All too quickly, I stood back up and faced her without touching her. She groaned with disappointment, but said nothing.

I grinned to myself as I could sense her frustration. I began to plant light, tender kisses on her soft lips, her cheeks and her forehead. I buried my face in her silky hair, and I inhaled deeply. Her scent was so seductively sweet like cotton candy. I continued kissing her tenderly, down each side of her neck, and I nibbled at her ears, making sure she could hear my laboured breathing. She responded in kind, sighing deeply and tensing against her restraints. I ran my hands down her naked curves, stopping at her hips. I pressed my body against hers, and our lips locked in such a heated passion, I could hardly breathe. I allowed my hard shaft to rub against her eager pussy, as our tongues wrestled, each trying to dominate the other. She seemed to be close to orgasm, and I took her right to the brink, and then stopped again, and stepped back, releasing her. This seemed to annoy her to no end, and she emitted what I could only describe as a low growl of disapproval. She could not see my gloating smile, as I bent down and took each of her throbbing nipples into my mouth and sucked them, twirling my tongue around, and playfully nibbling, causing Soleil to swoon even more.

I found her protruding clit easily with my fingers, and lightly pinched it and flicked it until her body lurched and fought against her ropes. I slipped two fingers inside her wetness and wiggled them teasingly, until she was at her breaking point, which only took a few strokes. I backed away again, and almost lost my own control as I delighted in observing her excited, but denied, body writhing and bucking in anticipation.

I had one more trick up my sleeve before I would release her from her bondage. I walked over to her purse and was not surprised to see her big black dildo perched right on top….coincidence? I didn’t think so. Not wanting to disappoint, I brought it over to Soleil, and rubbed it on her lips. She grinned, and opened her mouth, knowing full well what I was up to. She licked the shaft provocatively, and began to suck it. This almost made me blow my wad, watching her go to town on her toy. I had to take it back before it was too late. Without further hesitation, I rubbed the thick head against her quivering pussy and slowly slid a few inches inside her. She gasped audibly. I pulled the fat dildo back, and then fed another couple of inches into her love canal, as I manipulated her clit with my other hand. Rather than pump her quicker and deeper, I continued with measured, deliberate strokes, and watched her body respond more intensely with each agonizingly slow penetration of the rubber cock.

As much as I wanted to substitute my spasming hard-on for her black toy, I fascinatedly watched her body lunged and lurched out of control, as she finally released all of her pent up climactic energy on this foreign intruder. I had never witnessed, nor caused, such a display of fireworks in the form of her most incredibly intense orgasm. Finally sated, her bound body sagged and she was barely able to stand. I released her from her restraints and blindfold, and helped her to the couch. She crumpled in a heap, drawing each breath deeply, as I hovered over her, grinning, and squeezing my erection in anticipation of what was to follow.


I panted from the orgasm I just had, I only wished it was the professor’s thick cock that had made me cum, but I know the night was just beginning. I loved the way the professor teased my body with his kisses, teased my pussy with his tongue, and the way he teased my sopping wet love tunnel with his fingers. I craved more, but this time, I want his penis lodged deep within my vagina. I needed the professor to lose total control within my shuddering pussy.

Still blind folded, I had no idea that the professor was massaging his hard-on, but I had a sense he was standing in front of me on the couch, my closed knees between his legs. I gingerly stroked the professor’s strong thighs with my hands then reached forward to run my cheeks up his thigh to reach his groin. Now I could feel his hand pumping his shaft back and forth, I pushed his fist away from his cock and replaced it with my own mouth. My lips stretched tightly on his girth as my hands pressed on his ass, I took him as deeply as I could without choking, and his helmet head nudged lightly at the back of my throat. I heard the professor sighed in ecstasy.

Professor Mann’s penis felt good on my tongue as I swirled, pressed and massaged his throbbing shaft. He trembled with every sensation my lips and tongue gave his cock. I used the back of my right hand to play with his swinging scrotum, the heaviness indicative of his baby-seed, waiting for my pussy. I sucked his manhood with a gentle increase of my pace, but not so fast as to make the professor climax. I wanted to take him into his bedroom for that so we could fuck like rabbits.

The professor took off my blind fold, and I blink from the brightness of the light. I looked up at Professor Mann and saw him smile tenderly, he reached to caressed my face as he watched me sucked his penis. He closed his eyes from bliss, and cradled my head with both of his hands, his hips pumped gently in and out between my lips. I relinquished his pulsating manhood from my lips my saliva dripped down to the floor, and glistened on his rod. I pushed back to stand from the couch, I grabbed his head to join my lips to his and our tongue danced passionately, we tasted each other. His hands roamed all over my back right down to my derriere and pressed my naked mound against his reared up cock. Panting heavily, I pushed away from his hungry lips to kick off my stiletto heels and said hoarsely to the professor to take me to his bedroom.

Taking my soft hand in his warm one, our fingers interlaced, Professor Mann led the way to the master bedroom up the stairs. It was situated at the front of the house, with floor to ceiling windows which was currently covered with sheer black curtains letting in the light from the outside. The bedroom room was dominated with a large king-size wood-frame bed, the mattress soft and inviting. I had a feeling the bed will get a good workout tonight. As I looked around the room, the professor turned on a floor lamp by the bedside, and I walked to the window to look out, my nakedness shadowed by the light behind me.

Professor Mann came to stand behind me and reached up to cup my breasts and pressed his body against mine. I closed my eyes as our bodies touched. I pushed my ass into his groin and felt his cock nestled between my ass-crack as I gyrated my hips in a circular motion. The professor groaned, he released one of my tits and reached down to play with my permanently hairless mound, stroked his way between my labia to find my engorged clit. I was in heaven within his arms his warm embrace enveloped me with love. I turned around and kissed him with vengeance as he pressed my body against the cold glass, my arms wrapped around his back to hold him tight. The professor then reached for the white opaque curtain to draw them closed, blocking out the view from the outside world.

I walked to his bed and crawled onto the mattress before lying on my back to beckon him with my arms wide open. He came to me with equal measure of lust and love showing on his face, his eyes blazed with fiery passion. I pushed him on to his back and straddled his waist, my body glided down to his hips until I felt his cock prodded my pussy. I reached between our bodies and impaled myself onto his cock with one long agonisingly slow downward push. We moaned in unison at the sensitivities of both our bodies: him from being within the tight confines of my pussy, and I from being filled by his meaty shaft. I sighed as I felt his mushroom head nudged the deepest part of my being, my pussy muscle squeezed and milked his rock hard rod and I felt the professor sucked air through gritted teeth. I pushed up from his chest and slowly rode him; my hips bounced up and down, my tits bounced with me.

I breathlessly begged him to suck and bite my nipples. The professor complied without delay and attached his lips to my stiffened buds, my eyes closed involuntarily. He bit down with enough pressure that ribbons of pleasure shot down to my clit, his tongue worked my nipples within his mouth. Our arms wrapped tightly around each other, my hands stroked his peppery grey hair, whilst his hands gripped my ass tight. I worked my cunt muscle around his hardened rod, my pussy contracted around him as his teeth chewed my nipples relentlessly. My orgasm was about to explode. I rode him harder and faster, my pussy slapped his groin, my nipples swollen and distended from his biting teeth.

I screamed with abandonment that I was coming as my orgasm explosively erupted from my G-spot. Shooting stars lit up the sky behind my eyelids as I trembled from the power of my climax, and Professor Mann soon joined me. His climax spilled his hot creamy baby-seeds into my waiting womb. I could feel his hot semen coated my inside and I pushed forward until he was once again prone on his back as my hips bucked his cock. Sweat poured down my back, my body heaved as I waited for my orgasm to ebb away. His cock throbbed within the confines of my tight canal as his jizz coated my pussy and leaked out the side.

I rested my flushed and sweaty face in the crook of his neck, whispered breathlessly and impulsively without thought, but with impassioned truth that I loved him…


I almost asked Soleil to repeat what she had said so softly into my ear, but I held my tongue. A whole range of emotions filled my head, and I could feel it beginning to spin, as tears welled up in my eyes. I held her head close to my neck, so as not to let her see them. It had been so long since a young lady, or any lady for that matter, declared their love for me. And an equal amount of time since I responded in kind. Now, here I was lying naked with a beautiful school girl a third my age, and she completely blew my mind with those three magical words.

On the other hand, I reasoned, it was probably just the sex talking, and she was simply caught up in the moment…that was certainly a much more plausible explanation. By comparison, Soleil was a mere child really, and I told myself not to read too much into her romantic utterance. Furthermore, she was probably already mentally kicking herself for blurting out such foolish things, and she was desperate to take her words back. So, that was it then, and I lightened up a bit, smiling to myself. She was probably just using her words as a teasing tactic, in keeping with our ongoing game with each other. I thought that later, I would allow her to take her words back: no harm, no foul. But for now, I decided to test the limits of her newly professed love for this old professor.

Without a word, I loosened my grip on her head, and she pulled back a bit and looked up at me, with a smile that shone through her eyes. Our lips met, and we devoured each other’s tongues. All hands grasped and groped frantically. I pulled her lithe body back on top of mine, and massaged her buttocks, while still maintaining our lip lock on each other. As our passion mounted quickly again, I began to spread her cheeks wide, and run my finger deliberately up and down, rubbing against her dark starfish with each light stroke. Rather than resist, she whimpered quietly in my ear, and wiggled her butt each time she felt my finger pass. I was not-so-subtly testing the waters, and I was encouraged with the preliminary results.

I pulled her body towards me, as I slid underneath her and down the bed at the same time, until her moist sex hovered invitingly over my face. I could feel Soleil’s eyes staring down at me, as I deeply inhaled her scent, and positioned her directly over my mouth. She jumped when my tongue made contact with her protruding clit. Her grip tightened on my hair, as I slowly explored her sweet love entrance with my tongue. I teased her with light strokes underneath her hood, and within the folds of her labia. I loved feeling her legs shudder, as they squeezed my head tightly. Finally, she could take it no more, and she began to grind her cunt into my overmatched mouth, pushing my head deeper into the mattress. As she rode my face harder and with a lusty abandon, I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly in my hands, spreading them in rhythm with her gyrations.

She was plenty wet by now and I had no trouble sliding a finger into her forbidden passage. She lurched forward involuntarily, and it felt like my nose was broken, but this was no time for worrying about such trivia. A second finger joined the first, and she barely seemed to notice, except that she increased her tempo, grinding her wanton pussy harder into my mouth. I held my two fingers steady, buried to the hilt, and delighted in the knowledge that she was rocking back and forth wildly on them, fucking my face and my fingers simultaneously. I felt like I had a tiger by her proverbial tail, as she took off shamelessly, lurching and jerking while one hand rubbed her clit, and the other pinched her nipples, eyes closed, head thrown back. I didn’t dare stop her now, knowing that there was no turning back for her. She kept up her frenetic pace for several minutes, as I felt my fingers get buried into her rectum time and again. When her orgasm began, I had a front row seat to the action (if you will) and I felt my face get covered as her hot love juice squirted all over me. She gasped and cried out, as she rode me like she would a mechanical bull in a nightclub. She finally slowed, then stilled, and slumped over and slid down next to me, her amazing ride complete.

After embracing and kissing, and rubbing our perspiring bodies together, I gently rolled her over on her stomach, and knelt behind her open legs. I massaged her back and neck, and squeezed her shoulders gently with my fingers. She sighed blissfully, and her body was totally relaxed. My hands glided down to her thin waist, and then onto her smooth hips, and down her legs. She opened her legs wider, inviting me to explore further, which I did. I ran the backs of my fingers up the insides of her thighs, and ran them over her perfect ass. As before, she wiggled it in approval. I kneaded her ass cheeks, and splayed them open, getting a good look between her thighs. My aroused cock jumped with excitement, as I stared at her pucker, eager to mount the proper expedition of her hidden treasures. I leaned over her prone body and ran my tongue between her cheeks. She squirmed against the stiffness, as I circled her opening, and then plunged it deep into her ass. A soft moan told me that she was fine with that. I wondered how far I should press my luck, and I began to manipulate her clit and hot pussy with my fingers as I continued to rim and tongue fuck her now quivering bottom.

Emboldened, I sat up onto my knees, grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to her knees as well. Without hesitation, I inserted my index finger into her ass, gently but firmly. She emitted a loud keening sound, which I wasn’t sure how to interpret. I pulled my finger out slowly, but before I took it out altogether, Soleil pushed back until it was deeply embedded again. And then, she wiggled her butt for me. So, I had my answer. I added my middle finger to her willing rectum, and we worked in unison: I thrust my two fingers in, and she pushed back against them, until she worked herself into a new frenzy. My other two fingers found her excited pussy as well, and now all four of my fingers were working together. When she reached back and spread her cheeks wide for me, I knew she loved the double finger fucking that I administered.

I doubted I was going to be able to last much longer. I pulled my fingers out, and offered them to Soleil, who licked each one clean, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to push all four fingers into her juicy mouth at once, although not for very long, as I didn’t want her to gag on them. Plus, I had other things in mind. I grabbed her by the hip with one hand, and glided my throbbing member along her aroused pussy with my other hand. Impatience took over, and she grabbed my shaft and unceremoniously plunged it into her heaving cunt, like she was a bitch in heat. This wasn’t my original intention, but being inside her tight young love canal was exquisite. I couldn’t help but stroke back and forth a few times while I was visiting. When I pushed my thumb into her ass, I thought she was going to fly off the bed. She shrieked out loud, and quickened her pace, shoving back towards me, slapping her sweaty thighs against mine.

Her back entrance was so hot surrounding my thumb; I knew where I wanted to go next. I pulled out, and sat on my haunches, rubbing her buttocks, as she put her knees closer together, her ass pointing toward the ceiling. I stood up behind her, and straddled her hips. Without a spoken word between us, we acted as one. Soleil spread her cheeks for me, her head on the pillow. My well-lubricated erection hovered over her forbidden opening, and I pressed the head against it. A quick wiggle on her part, and it penetrated her, disappearing into the abyss. I heard her exhale deeply, but she didn’t protest. I knew to go slow, and I gradually eased more of my shaft into her, inch by inch. She inhaled loudly as I slowly pulled back, and then her breath would whoosh back out of her lungs each time I plunged in deeper.

Within a few minutes, I was holding onto her hips and bending my knees, giving her more and more with each stroke. We moved together in perfect rhythm, as she ultimately accepted my entire offering, and my pelvis smacked repeatedly against her soft ass cheeks. As my balls slapped against her damp pussy, I could feel Soleil’s hand between her legs, punishing her clit with her fingers. I drove my jackhammer tool into her over and over, until I was blinded by mental flashes of light and sparks flying in spinning head, as I pumped her tight ass with spurt after spurt of thick cum. The incredible journey had come to an end, but I refused to acknowledge it. Instead, I slumped onto her back, and she slowly slid her legs flat, being careful to maintain our intimate connection.

We lay that way for a long time, neither of us showing any inclination to do otherwise. It allowed me to reflect on all that had transpired so far. Not long ago, Soleil was just another co-ed in one of my classes…I’d seen thousands like her come and go over the years. Granted, she was of exceptional beauty as well as intelligence. That combination had always appealed to me. But Soleil had other immeasurable qualities that were difficult to quantify. She was joyful and sassy, tender and sensitive, strong and independent: she was the whole package, I thought. And here she was now only a matter of days later, lying under me, cooing softly and contentedly. Surely, this wouldn’t… couldn’t… shouldn’t last, I thought. Too many things to overcome: can you imagine her taking me home to meet her parents, who were younger than my two grown children? Then there was the small matter of her being my student, which was strictly forbidden by school policy, although it happened all the time. Finally, I reasoned, was the fact that Soleil had just begun to live her life, and she didn’t need some old has-been dragging her down or restricting her in any way.

So, it was settled then: I would tell her exactly what I had decided. Of course, I am considerate enough to remain silent for now… enjoy the headiness in the air for just this once… I certainly didn’t want to disturb her reverie. That would be cruel and selfish. But, one thing was clear and obvious, and it was true no matter what else would become of us. I put my lips close to her ear and emitted a sigh of peace and contentment, and softly whispered: “I love you too, Soleil.”


My eyes flew open as my heart lurched and skipped a beat in my chest, my breath caught in my lungs when I heard Professor Mann utter those words. I did not believe what I had heard so I turned my body, and Professor Mann’s cock slipped out of my sated anus with a plop. I swallowed saliva with difficulty, looked into his handsome face and stroked his cheek with my shaking hand, brushed his sweat-matted grey hair away from his forehead. My finger ran along his lips before he sucked it into his mouth. I sighed with contentment and pulled him into me for our first lover’s kiss, the kiss that contained love, not only lust. Our legs intertwined as our lips busied with each other’s, tongues tangoed and danced. Professor Mann tasted like heaven in my mouth.

All of a sudden, my stomach growled in protest. I stopped kissing the professor, his tongue lodged deep inside my mouth. I started to giggle as I pulled my lips away from him, and said softly that it might be time for a very late supper. But the professor pulled me back into his embrace and kissed me long and deeply, my breasts crushed against his hairy chest, and all thoughts of food evaporated into thin air. Then a loud smack landed on my bare bum. I squealed more in surprise than pain and pushed away from his chest with mock outrage. The professor had a cheeky grin on his face and with a nod, practically pushed me off the bed and followed suit.

He went into his walk-in wardrobe, grabbed a large long sleeve white shirt, lovingly put me in it, and rolled the sleeves up for me. Since the professor was taller than I was, his shirt could almost be substituted as a dress, the bottom of it reached my mid-thigh, and thereby, I was more modestly dressed than when I walked in his front door! Professor Mann grabbed a pair of boxers, put it on, took my hand again and led the way back into the kitchen where the half-cooked meal was abandoned.

Sitting at the island counter in the middle of the kitchen, I watched as Professor Mann finished up the meal. He told me to head to the dining room next to the kitchen where the table had already been set. I sat at the table, and in a few minutes, the professor appeared with two plates in hand. He kissed the top of my head as he served me, and went to his seat. We demolished the meal quickly, but before the professor could get up to clear the table, I got up from my chair, and went to sit astride the professor’s lap.

With his arms wrapped protectively around my waist, my face blushed as I looked at his neck and asked him if he meant what he had said in his bedroom, my eyes were afraid to meet his. Without using his hands, he nudged my face up with his chin, looked into my eyes, and said softly that yes, he meant every word. He in turned asked if I meant what I had said, or was that the sex talking. If I could have blushed more red, I would have, but as it was, my face was already fiery. I whispered yes, I meant what I had said. His arms tightened around me at my answer, and he kissed me passionately, his tongue delved into my willing lips and plundered my sweetness.

Professor Mann stood up, and his hands cupped my buttocks as he walked quickly to the living room, my legs wrapped around his hips, my ankles locked behind his ass. He placed me gently on the couch and knelt between my spread thighs, his eyes locked with mine as he lowered his face to my pussy once again…

Whatever issues we would encounter from this moment on, we will deal with it as it comes.

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