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On my Knees, Waiting

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It’s Saturday mid-morning and I am watching music TV channels waiting for what fate has to throw at me. I’ll elaborate on that in a moment but first I’ll give you some history.

I am thirty years old, married for six years (to Kelly) and have a three year old daughter. I am six feet tall, good build, dark hair, shy but friendly and like, on the whole, to keep to myself. I have got a good job, well paying and lead an everyday, normal life.

No real excitement or scandal, just getting from one day to the next. I’d been thinking about this for a long time and this weekend seemed to me to be the perfect time to do it. I’d had dreams and thoughts and fantasies of doing it for nearly a year now. My wife was staying with her mother for a week (she was ill) and had taken our daughter with her. So I had had a week of my own cooking, a week of my own company and a week of my own thoughts and planning. It had been a long week.

So, anyway, I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be doing this and as a final check as to what fate intended for me I invented this test. It’s stupid, I know. If you really want to do something you’re going to do it no matter what, so maybe this was just a way to reduce my guilt or conscience, that what I was intending doing was the fault of fate and not me. I don’t know. Anyway, I decided that if five of my favourite pop music video stars were on the various music stations as I clicked through them between eleven and twelve I would do this . If they weren’t, I wouldn’t. They were, in no particular order:

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Rachel Stevens, Girls Aloud, Destiny’s Child, Christina Milian, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, NataliIe Imbruglia.

All nubile young pop babes. See I’m not gay am I? I told myself. I couldn’t be.

Then why is that if I see five of these that I am going to go up to the public toilets in town and enter one of the cubicles, strip naked and hope that someone saw the message I wrote on the wall a week earlier and comes to have their cock sucked by me?

Ten minutes later and I’m walking up the High Street feeling like I’m in a daze. Of course the videos came on, they were really bound to. My legs pulled me in the right direction as a battle raged in my mind as to whether I should be doing this or not. I didn’t notice anybody that I walk past, all headed into town for their Saturday shopping. The further I got from the centre of town the less people I passed and the more my confidence and resolve to do this grew. Now I started to pay more attention to who was around me, what cars were driving past to the car park I was headed to. Up the pavement to the final road leading into the near deserted car park and as I had the Saturday before my eyes dart nervously and guiltily around, looking for movement, relieved there was none and now my every move strikes me as being furtive.

I’ve thought about my approach and I actually walk past it’s entrance on the other side of the road, check no-one is about and then casually veer over and nip in between the stone walls at the buildings entrance.

I cautiously entered the old stone entrance and swiftly ascertained there was no one there already. What I would have done if there had been, I don’t know. I looked around more slowly and took in my surroundings, they were hardly inspiring, but that had been part of the thrill of this from the beginning. The walls were slate grey and uninviting, as if determined that patrons should spend as little time as possible here. High, blurred windows over the urinals to the right of the entrance allowed a modicum of natural light into the place, while the rest came from the open entrance I had just stepped through. As I stood just in from the entrance I was faced by the slightly intimidating prospect of three open cubicle doors. I made straight for the one furthest to the right. On trembling legs I made for it, I was not going to turn back now.

Through the prevailing smell of stale urine I stepped into the cubicle and slammed the bolt home on the heavy wooden door. My heart was thundering inside my chest but I had made it. I swivelled and viewed the words I had written on the wall, in amongst the rest of the graffiti, the previous Friday afternoon.


And here I was, Saturday, twelve twenty five, in the cubicle, dressed and on my feet. This had been the fantasy which had dominated my thoughts for the past year and here I was about to live it.

I had lived these moments in my mind for a long time and it seemed second nature to me as I pulled off the loose jumper and shirt I had worn and dropped them at the back of the cubicle behind the toilet bowl. Not pausing, fearing that I may back out, I undid my belt and slid my jeans and shorts off and my socks soon followed them onto the pile of clothes. As my suddenly exposed body felt the chill draft coming from under and over the locked door, I relished the feeling of my skin turn to goose flesh This was daring, this was exciting, this made me feel more alive than I had in years. My cock reacted by rising up and standing to attention, I hadn’t been this hard since I was a teenager having sex for the first time.

I closed my eyes in enjoyment of the moment and dropped to my knees on the cold, unforgiving, tiled floor and waited for whatever would happen.

I waited for five minutes during which my ears heard all sorts of noises that seemed to indicate someone had come in or was lurking outside or a vehicle was slowing down. But nothing seemed to occur. I resisted the pressing urge to stroke my hard cock and revel in this feeling and concentrated my mind on reading the filth upon the stone walls around me.

Then a definite footstep at the entrance to the toilets, I froze, my heart stopped and I couldn’t even breathe as I strained to hear more. For a moment the silence is total. Had I imagined it? No, because the steps came again, louder, clearer and coming this way. I dared not move and my eyes followed your movements as if I could see through the wooden door and stone walls. Staying stock still on my knees, I couldn’t see you pause outside my closed door but I knew you had and at that moment I knew that you had come here to act on my message and I thought for sure that my heartbeat was likely to explode.

But you didn’t pause for long, you moved on and I followed the noise of your footsteps past my door and heard the door of the cubicle next to mine squeaking open and shutting and it’s bolt sliding home. I took a quick breathe and when I resumed my silent vigil I could hear you unzipping your trousers. Seconds later I could hear what can only be the noise of a penis being slapped against a palm next door. The skin slapping continued for at least half a minute and I could no longer prevent my right hand reaching down and gently stroking my own hard cock. And then you stopped. I trained my ears again, had someone else entered? What were you doing? I could hear a faint scrabbling and scrapping and then a piece of paper was slid under my door ( there was a small centimetre gap at the bottom of our joined wall).

It read:


So here it was then. The crux of the matter. I guess I could have still get out of this situation, get dressed, sit it out until you left and put it all behind me. Not run the risk of this. Part of me wanted to do that, to go back to my nice family life, nobody any the wiser. It would have been easy. So why is it that I watched as my hands come up off my stiff cock and reached up for the bolt and the noise sounds deafening as I slid it back and open. And waited with baited breath.

In slow motion I could hear the door to the next door cubicle open and watched in growing fear/excitement as the large wooden edifice before me opened slightly and then swung open fully and you stepped in and quickly turned to slide the bolt back into place. You turned to face me and instantly I knew that I would do whatever you asked of me.

Our expressions matched our positions. Me, on my knees, looking weak, expectant and submissive, like a dog desperate to please it’s master. You, towering over me, looking impassive as you scanned my kneeling form with a mocking sneer, about ready to enjoy this afternoon. You undid your belt and allowed your trousers to drop and I was suddenly faced with your intimidating, large cock. Wasting no time you stepped forward and I felt the slimy touch of your cock on my lips. It was at once repulsive and intoxicating and my body ruled my mind as my lips separated and you wasted no time in pushing your cock into my mouth.

The taste and smell were new to me but I had little time to dwell on them as you rammed your lengthy tool deeper into my mouth and I felt it scrape along the top of my palate. This is what I wanted, this is what I fantasised about for so long but my mind raced and I could not relax and enjoy it and take everything in as you hurried your cock further down my gullet and I felt your hairy balls bounce on to my chin. I put my hands up to try and take some control of the rate but was somewhat taken aback as you reached down and wrenched my hands away and hissed down at me.

“Keep your hands down, I’m in charge here. You asked for it, now take it!”

Immediately I obeyed and dropped my hands to my sides, my mouth completely at your mercy and you seemed not to have a lot. There was almost a frenzy to your thrusting, you seemed to be in a desperate hurry, I guess the prospect of discovery is the same thrill and concern as it was to me.

Meanwhile, I was trying with all my will to calm down, to relax and enjoy this glorious moment, trying to breath through my nose and allow your thick, slimy cock to slide easily in and out of my mouth and throat. But I was struggling. Your fierce rate was too much for me and part of my mind was switching off, disgusted at what I had allowed myself to do. I could feel your foreskin peel back inside the tight confines of my mouth and I could feel your pubic hair flit through my teeth. Though all of this my cock was harder than I can ever remember it and on a base level I know that this is what my body had been craving for the last twelve years.

And then it all changed, with almost a sneer you looked down on me and carefully reach down and pinch my nose shut between your forefinger and thumb. I started to gag on your cock and couldn’t get any oxygen into me and I knew my hands were free and I could bring them up and change this but I didn’t I left them hanging submissively by my side. You were in control and I would do whatever you ask of my body and mind. I raised my hazel eyes to meet yours and convey all this in just one simple look, I’m happy to see you smile down at me and continue to fuck my willing face.

All of a sudden you froze. Literally you go from perpetual, hard motion to absolute stillness, with your thick cock still embedded in my mouth I looked up questioningly and you put a finger to your lips telling me to be silent. You released my nostrils and then I heard the footsteps outside our cubicle, they do not pause as yours had, rather they pass onward toward the row of urinals and I listened intently as whoever is out there unzipped their trousers and pisses into the urinal. The threat of discovery has never been higher and I was more turned on than ever, after all it is me who was naked and on my knees with your cock in my mouth. My god, that could have been someone I know out there, a neighbour, a work colleague, a friend, just yards away as I sucked another mans cock.

The taps run at the nearby sink and I heard the man out there whistling, I wondered if he looks at the closed cubicle door and wonders who was in here. We each listened to his footsteps fade then disappear and with an audible exhaling of your breath you resumed the fucking of my virgin mouth. This interruption had only brought you nearer climax and it is a mere few seconds before I felt your cock throb and pulse in my mouth and you reached down to hold my head and mouth over your cock. I would be tasting you today no matter what. But I wanted to taste you and I awaited your load.

It came at once in one long spurt that fired at least four thick loads deep in my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could but also felt nice and nasty as the cum dribbled from your cock’s tip and played over my lips and chin, as you finished you club your cock over my cheeks, my chin and mouth and have me suck it over every last drop.

Standing over me you spoke quickly and quietly.

“Good boy. Now if you want more get dressed and I’ll be waiting for you outside, we can go back to my place and I’ll give you just what you want.”

You left me there and I was quiet as you exited, wondering exactly what I would do. All sorts of things flew around my mind, there really could only be one thing you had in mind if I agreed and part of me wanted so badly to do it. But another, saner part of me wanted to end this now. To leave now and be content that I had done what I had dreamed about for so long. That I had experienced the thrills and excitement and lived to tell the tale and not be discovered. Despite the rationality of that argument as I exited the door having dressed myself again, I knew what I would do and knew that it would be to do as you said.

The bright early afternoon hit my eyes as I stepped outside, once more smelling the fresh air that I seemed to have been deprived of for so long. I glanced at my watch and saw that I had only been in there for half an hour. It felt so much longer. Squinting around I looked for movement in the car park and saw a red car approaching and halting level with me. I felt so self conscious as I stood there waiting for the passenger window to descend.

“Get in the back seat and lie face down on the seat, pull the rug up over your head, I don’t want you to see where I live.”

No turning back now, I clambered into your car and did as I was bid, pulling the heavy rug over me and engulfing me in a musty darkness. I listened to my own heavy heartbeat as you moved off and initially I tried to work out the direction you were taking but after a few stops and turns I was lost and gave up. I was in your hands now, whatever may come.

Sometime later we pulled into a driveway and idled to a halt with in a darkened garage. You got out and I heard the noise of the garage door shutting and I waited a moment for you to open the car door and I lifted my head and clambered out, blinking my eyes, adjusting from the pitch blackness I had been in to this half gloom. I took in my surroundings, the garden tools and implements on the wall as you led me towards to door inset in the garage wall which led into your house. I still had no idea at all where we were. The hall we entered from that door gave no further clue and we headed up the steep flight of carpeted stairs in a nervous silence.

I was second guessing myself now. This was a mistake. I shouldn’t have done it. I should make my excuses now and leave. But I didn’t, I just followed you up until we reached the landing. My nerves seemed to have transmitted themselves to you and rather than speaking you pointed towards the half open door on the right and I couldn’t bring myself not to enter. I stepped into the bright room, which overlooked a leafy garden, I still didn’t recognise any landmark and then I heard the clunk of the door closing behind me and your steps towards me.

“Get undressed and then get bent over that bed.”

Straight to the point. But I hesitated, still not sure if I could really go through with this, even after all I have done. Yet I knew, deep down this is what I wanted. Still I was too slow for you.

“Come on, you know you want it. Just a few minutes ago you were buck naked on your knees in a public toilet begging to suck the cock of me or anyone else who came along. So why so shy now, eh? Just and oral tease are you? Or are you man enough to take it round here.”

You reached behind me and groped my ass as you said this. It made my mind up and I reached down and grabbed the bottom of my jumper and shirt and pulled them both up and over my head, leaving me bare chested – I am committed to this. Your rough hands played over my hairy chest and centre on my hard nipples, you pinched and played with them as my hands fumbled at my belt and zip and I let my trousers drop to my ankles. My socks last no longer and as quickly as that I was reaching for the belt of my shorts. You stopped me and hooked your own hands in there and I shivered in anticipation as you slid my underpants off and I stood before you, naked. I was aware that my cock was rock hard and pointing towards you and this is all the encouragement you needed and you wrapped your hand around my cock and pumped it backwards and forwards a few times before leading my by it over to the bed. I sat on it, looking up at you.

“Release my cock. You’ve never taken it in the ass have you boy? Didn’t think so.”

I reached forward and once more loosened your belt before pulling out your stiffening member into my hand. This time there was no rush, no intense hurry, no risk of discovery. I took the time to stroke and study your thick cock. I was amazed that I had taken it in my mouth and found myself growing even harder at the thought. I strained my neck forward to lick it instinctively but with just one lick you pushed my forehead back and spoke.

“No, we’ve done that, roll over and lift your ass up and spread those ass cheeks as wide as you can.”

Obediently I turned over and buried my face into the musky smelling mattress and reached both my hands behind me, stretching my fingertips over my soft ass then pulling the cheeks apart. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, I felt so exposed, so open.

“Hold them like that, I’ll give you a little lube.”

I sensed you crouch down behind me and spit into my spread asshole, feeling sensations I had never experienced before as you spat again and I felt your phlegm wetly drip from me. I can’t believe how magnified each touch and movement is when I’m like this and I feel a sexual rush surge through my bloodstream. I tensed myself in preparation of you penetrating me and I felt you enter me but I quickly realised that it is not your magnificent penis that has invaded me but, the hardness tells me that it is a finger probing inside my virgin ass. God, even that is tight, how could I possibly handle your thick cock?

With spit and finger(s) you worked my ass for five minutes, all the time slowly working your erection with your free hand so that the helmet of your cock is dripping with pre-cum. Then with no word of warning you stood up and drove your cock inside me. It was so tight back there and I grimaced and then squealed in pain and shock to begin with before taking the majority of your length and finding that I could, just, accept you.

I’ve pleased you I can tell, by taking it all, and as I lay face down on your bed my mind gave a thought to my pretty young wife. I was cheating on her I knew. I will attempt to justify this to myself by saying it was something I had to get out of my system, something I had to do. But was adultery, it was cheating and for that I felt shame but the sheer adrenaline surge of pleasure is enough for just now to forget that. You woke me from my thoughts by reaching forward, grabbing my hair and yanking it back as you thrust deeper inside me.

“Yeah, that’s it, take it all. You’re my bitch today ain’t you? Ain’t you?”

I nodded and attempted to answer in the affirmative but at that moment I felt your body tense up and you take a firm hold of me around the waist as you gave a couple of final thrusts and fire a sticky load of your cum deep in my bowels. You gave me no chance to recover from this, turning me over and clambering atop the bed yourself, your dirty dick hovering over my face, your knees either side of my head. I knew what to do, with no prompting I opened my mouth and took your spent member in my mouth and lick and suck it clean.

I was still as hard as ever and to deal with that you pulled me to the floor on my back and lifted my ankles up high and bend me over on myself like a jack knife. With you supporting me I looked up and was looking straight down the barrel of my own hard cock.

“Come on lick it bitch!”

I strained my head up, desperate to achieve that but with tongue extended I could manage only the briefest of licks but all the time you were working my cock roughly and as I lay under it with mouth and eyes wide opened I shot the biggest load of cum I have fired in my life all over my face, spilling into my mouth.

After all that, of course, things were nervous and tense and I just wanted out of there and I thought you did to. You insisted we return to the car park the same way we had arrived, with me buried in the rug. The last I saw of you was your car speeding away form the car park as I stood dazed and confused outside the public toilets. What did this all mean? How would today change me and my life? What would I do? Would I every see you again/ And did I really want to?

As I contemplated all these things and more I walked distractedly around the car park and finding myself at the toilets again I studied their entrance to see a guy enter them in a low brimmed hat and overcoat, very furtively.

I could not stop myself following him inside. This was a hell of a day…

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