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Steam Room Daddy

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I had been going to the local YMCA after work for about a week now, I was trying to bulk up a little bit to impress my girlfriend. I’m a pretty slim guy at 6 feet, and 150 lbs. I certainly wasn’t in bad shape at all, I just wanted to get a little bigger and tone up a bit. I had always known I was an attractive guy, and many people had also said as much, but despite that I had very little luck with women.

Erin was my first long-term girlfriend, and accounted for all of my sexual experience to this point.

I was 20 years old now, and had been dating Erin for 3 years, we got together towards the end of senior year in high school. I had always been called cute, and I think my red hair had something to do with that, I also looked a good deal younger than my age. This didn’t seem to popular with high school girls, as they all seemed interested in guys over 18 who they could go to the bar with, (because girls never get ID’d) Erin was the first girl to ever really show any interest in me. I had always been a shy person, and Erin did most of the initial flirting, and making of moves that brought us together. Since that time my confidence had grown quite a bit, but I was still quite shy by nature, and generally quite sheepish in a conflict. In fact the only other people that had shown interest in me sexually were gay men, particularly older gay men. They definitely seemed to find my red hair and boyish looks attractive, and I had been the target of more than one advance. I had never considered sex with another man, but I was somewhat flattered all the same, still I wish it had been girls giving me the attention.

After 3 years together I knew that Erin was the girl I was going to marry, and I had been saving up money for an engagement ring, but Erin had expensive tastes, and I knew that the ring had to be a good one. Erin was very patient with me when it came to sex, we didn’t have sex for the first 4 months of our relationship, and when I was finally ready, she was very kind in bed, and helped calm my nerves. Over the years as we became more comfortable with one another, and discovered what each other liked, the sex got increasingly better, and by this point we were having incredible sex, and as often as we could. We both had the same sexual appetite, healthy and frequent, but nothing bordering on nymphomania. Erin was a pretty girl, long blonde hair, great big blue eyes, and a pretty nice body, I felt lucky to have her.

As I finished my workout the week was finally catching up to me, and I felt extremely sore. I decided I would go into the sauna and hope the heat helped soothe some of my muscles. I liked going to the Y late at night as it tended to be quiet, with not many people around. As I stepped into the sauna it was completely empty, and I decided to take the opportunity to sit back naked, and let the steam do its work. I took a seat on one of the higher benches and stretched out. As I was leaning back I knocked my towel off the bench and onto the ground, I couldn’t reach it so I had to stand and bend over the bench with my ass pointed up in the air, right at the doorway. Sure enough as I was in this precarious position I heard the door to the sauna open, I quickly grabbed my towel and turned around to look at the door. An older man walked in alone with a towel wrapped around his waist, the door closed behind him, he had clearly gotten quite the view upon walking in, and was now staring at my naked cock with a smile on his face. I quickly sat down and covered my lap with my towel, a bit embarrassed. The man made eye contact with me still smiling and took a seat on a bench opposite me.

I would have guessed that he was in his late 50’s, early 60’s. He had mostly grey hair, with a touch of dark hair barely remaining, that only wrapped around the sides and back of his head. He had a full beard, that like his head, was mostly grey with only spots of it’s former dark colour remaining. He was about 5’11, and definitely on the heavier side, maybe just under 250 lbs. What hair the top of his head lacked, his body more than made up for. His body was covered in a thick layer of fur, all over his chest, and bulging belly, unlike his head the hair on his body was mostly dark and had retained its colour, though there were a few grey hairs mixed in. His legs looked equally thick with hair as well. He clearly noticed my embarrassment and my quick covering up with the towel,

“It’s okay, I don’t mind, we’ve all got the same equipment anyways.” He continued to stare and smile at me.

With that he removed his towel exposing a very large cock, it was soft but must have been about 6 inches limp, just a little more than mine measured fully erect. I also noticed that his hair didn’t retreat from his groin, and seemed to really cover him all over. I quickly looked away, but he had definitely noticed me looking, still he simply smiled and stared at me. His stare was beginning to make me feel uneasy, I could tell his eyes were looking over my body, and he didn’t seem to care that I noticed. I tried to ignore it, and just get back to my steam. From my peripheral vision I could tell he was still staring at me, eventually I looked up at him, and saw that he was indeed staring, but he was also stroking his cock. I was in shock and couldn’t help but look, it was fully erect now, and probably 10 inches long, and at least twice as thick as mine. It was standing straight out from his thick nest of dark pubic hair, with a large pair of hairy balls hanging below it. Still stunned I looked back up to his face, we made eye contact and his smile grew a little further, as he winked at me.

“That was such a nice view I had when I came in, wanna show me again?” he asked in a deep voice.

I shook my head no, and quickly looked away again. He didn’t allow that to stop him, as I could still see and hear him playing with his cock while staring at me. I could hear him breathing heavier, and increasing his pace, and occasionally letting out a deep moan. I finally gathered my courage, and decided I had enough steam, and it was time to go. I stood and secured my towel around my waist, I couldn’t help but look in his direction again, he looked hopeful upon my standing. I also couldn’t help but look at his very swollen cock, the head was turning a dark red colour, ad I thought he must be getting close. I looked back to the door, and began taking quick strides towards it. I again glanced towards him, and he looked let down that I was not walking in his direction. As I continued towards the door, he stood with surprising speed for a man his age and intercepted me.

Without saying a word, he pushed me up against the wall, my back slammed into it rather hard, knocking the wind out of me a bit, as he ripped my towel from around my waist. He pressed his large belly against me, my thin frame being surrounded by its girth, and easily held me in place with his weight. The combination of being winded and shocked left me feeling effectively paralysed. I could feel his hard cock hard pressing against my leg, and noticed he was still stroking it at a rapid pace. I’m sure the look on my face was one of shock and terror, but he smiled as he looked at me. Still wordless he used his free hand to grab my face at the chin, and forced his mouth onto mine, before I could react his tongue was in my mouth, wrestling mine for dominance. He grunted a few times into my mouth before moving away. He placed his forearm across my hairless chest ensuring I would stay put, he stepped back removing his body from mine, and looked down at his cock. Finally he let out a loud groan, I looked down just in time to see him point his cock up slightly at my body as he shot a thick jet of white cum onto me. It landed on my lower chest and stomach, and was quickly joined by another, than another, and several more, it was an impressive amount of cum for a man of any age. I felt mortified as he looked back into my face still smiling, the final few spurts of cum left his cock, hitting my stomach and my cock.

“Stay put,” He instructed me.

I still felt too shocked and scared to move, he leaned down towards my body and started licking his cum from my chest and stomach. He dropped to his knees and sucked up all of his cum that was dripping from my balls. He stood again and grabbed my face like before, he squeezed my cheeks to open my lips, he then moved his mouth to mine, and began forcing his cum from his mouth into mine. He shoved his tongue back into my mouth, making sure I tasted his cum very thoroughly. There was so much I had no choice but to swallow, he made a pleased grunt when he noticed I had swallowed it. He pressed his large belly back into my body and kept kissing me so forcefully. I finally got my senses about me, and tried to push him off, but that was useless, his weight made it easy for him to overpower me. I tried to force his tongue from my mouth with my own, but he seemed to either like my struggling, or mistake it for me attempting to kiss him back, as he groaned and increased the force of his kiss. His large hands were rubbing all over my slender frame, he would rub all over my chest, pinch a nipple, then move his hand down my stomach until he firmly gripped my limp cock and my balls all at once. He gave them a hard squeeze which made me squeak in pain. He chuckled a little into my mouth before finally breaking his kiss. He looked me in the face again,

“Mmmmmmm, good boy.” He said in his low husky voice. “God you have such a hot fucking body, and such a cute face under that red hair, a perfect boy.” He continued to praise as he ran his hands all over my body. “I’ve seen you every night this week, I was wondering when I’d get some alone time with you, and now I want more. My name’s Jim, but you can call me daddy.” He kissed me again with force, “See you again soon son.”

With that he grabbed his towel from the bench and left the steam room. I still felt so shocked that I stood with my back against the wall in the same place for what must have been another 5 minutes. I suddenly became aware of the remnants of his cum on my body, the cum he didn’t collect to make me swallow was beginning to dry into a solid crust. I picked up my towel and began to wipe off what I could, I was definitely going to need a shower, but I was too afraid to leave the steam room in case he was waiting for me. I let another 20 minutes pass, the heat was becoming unbearable and I was feeling light headed, so I left the steam room. I slipped into the showers which were empty and cleaned myself off. As quick as I could, I dressed and got the hell out of there!

When I got home, Erin observed that I had a long workout today and congratulated me. Though it had been my idea to start working out, Erin had become something of a coach, and was excited by the prospect of me getting into better physical shape. For the next 3 days, I skipped all of my workouts, too terrified to return to the Y. Erin was starting to get mad, she told me I was being lazy, and I needed to stick with it, and that I’d better get back to the Y the next day, especially since I’d paid for a years membership. There was no arguing with her, and I certainly wasn’t going to tell her what had happened during my last visit.

As I arrived at the Y that next night, my body felt numb with fear, every corner was turned with great trepidation. After about 30 minutes of working out and not seeing Jim, I started to relax a bit, I hoped that he had stopped coming here after I was a no show for 3 days. Then suddenly I looked up, across the room staring at me, it was him, and he was giving me that same smile. I quickly looked away, but was sure that a look of fear had taken over my face. There was only one other person in the entire place, and she was a less than attractive middle aged woman. For the rest of my workout Jim seemed to be following and observing me from a distance. As my workout was winding down, the 3 days off were starting to show their effect, and my muscles were screaming they were so sore. I didn’t dare go back to the steam room again though, I made for the locker room, but knew that I couldn’t get away without showering. I did as quickly as was possible, I finished and began to head to my locker. The room was eerily quiet without a single person in sight, this only served to scare me more. I felt like a character in a horror movie, just waiting for him to pop out from every corner and grab me. I made it to my locker safely, and began to get my clothes out to change. As I dropped my towel and stood naked, almost on cue, a man cleared his throat from behind me. My heart nearly jumped right out of my chest, and I turned to see Jim standing there in nothing but a towel, his large hairy belly over top of it, and a wicked smile on his face.

“Ready for another steam, sauna buddy?” Jim asked in a playful manner.

“Sorry, no sauna for me today.” I replied.

“Oh, so he does speak, why not?” Jim took a step towards me.

“No time, gotta run.” I started to pull my underwear on.

“You were working out pretty hard in there, I think you need a good steam, come on, it will be fun.” With that Jim dropped his towel revealing his already erect cock.

“No can do.” I finished putting my clothes on.

I started to move away from him, and hoped to slip out, just as I was about to pass him, he reached out and shoved his hand into my pocket. The next thing I knew he had my wallet and was looking through it. My drivers license was his goal, and it was certainly easy to find.

“So my son has a name, Todd Richards, 123 East Fairmont, great that’s an easy one to remember.” Jim smiled at me.

I reached for my wallet, but he quickly puled it away. I tried again, but he lifted it above his head, and I crashed into his hairy belly. He wrapped his free arm around my waist and held me in place against him.

“Mmmmmm! Maybe my son Todd does want to go in the sauna with me after all.” Jim sounded thrilled.

I again tried to reach for my wallet, but as I did, Jim grabbed the back of my head, and forced his mouth onto mine, his tongue was in my mouth before I even realized what was happening. I pulled away, but he quickly moved his arm back around my waist, squeezing me so hard against him that air was forced out of my lungs. I could feel his hard cock poking me in my groin, and Jim grinding it against my jeans for friction.

“Come on boy, make your daddy happy.” He kissed my neck.

“I gotta go! Can I please have my wallet?” I pleaded.

“You’ve already kept me waiting for 3 days baby, I don’t think I can wait anymore.” He continued to kiss and lick my neck.

“I really have to go!! Please just give me my wallet.” I was begging now.

“Okay son, but you have to do a few things for me first. Follow me.” Jim began to walk away.

“I’m not going in the fucking steam room!!” I was fuming mad.

“I know son, watch your mouth. Just follow me, it’ll be quick.” He disappeared around the corner.

I had no choice, I followed him. We walked down a few rows, then turned into another row of lockers. Jim stopped and opened what was apparently his locker.

“Okay son, I’m gonna have to jerk off tonight without you around, so I wanna see some more of that body, then I can picture you while I’m doing it.” Jim smiled wickedly again.

“What?! You’ve gotta be kidding me?! What else do you want?!” I yelled a little too loud.

“Shhhhh, you’ll find out son, one thing at a time. I wont touch you, just show me. The quicker you do what I want, the sooner you get your wallet. Or I could just throw it in my locker and close it up?” Jim threatened, “well?”

“Okay.” I relented realizing I had no choice.

“Good, now take off all of your clothes again.” Jim ordered.

I did as I was told. Stripping all of my clothes off as quickly, and unattractively as I could.

“MMMM! I love that young body. Now I want you to stare at my cock, and play with yours until it’s hard.”

“I can’t get it hard, I’m terrified, my nerves are shot!” I protested.

“Well you’d better try, I’ve got all night.” Jim smiled a little more.

I reached down and grabbed my cock, and following his orders looked at Jim’s. I began to stroke, but nothing was happening down there. I was quickly getting frustrated, which only made my nerves worse. I tried to think about Erin, but the huge hard cock I was staring at made it hard to think of anything else. Jim reached down and started stroking his cock too, I saw a ton of precum oozing out of the tip, and covering it. Jim could see my frustration and relented.

“Okay baby, it’s okay. I have another idea. Sit on that bench and spread your legs, keep stroking your cock…. good baby, just like that… Now put your finger in your mouth and say I love you daddy, I’ll do anything for you.” Jim waited for me to comply.

“I love you daddy, I’ll do anything for you.” I replied annoyed.

“MMMMM, good boy, again, but put more emphasis on the anything.”

“I love you daddy, I’ll do ANYTHING for you!” I drew it out just how I knew he wanted to hear it.

“Good boy, now turn around and get on your hands and knees on the bench, show me your ass son….. Yes, very good son… Now spread your ass cheeks apart with your hands and say it again.”

I did as I was told. I could hear Jim breathing heavier, and the sound of him playing with his cock.

“Good Todd, now look at me over your shoulder and say, fuck me please daddy.” Jim was panting heavily.

I looked back over my shoulder and saw Jim standing there jerking his huge hairy cock, and in his other hand he held a phone that was clearly recording me. I turned my head away quickly, but realized the damage had been done. I turned back over my shoulder,

“Fuck me please daddy.” I said lacking enthusiasm.

“Like you mean it son, I want you to say it 10 times, and slap your ass after every time you say it, and make me believe it.” Jim ordered again.

I did as Jim asked, he let me do it 10 times, telling me to slap my ass harder, and smile. Again I complied. After 10 times through, he told me it was not believable enough, start over. So I did it again, and as I reached number 8 Jim groaned and began to shoot his load, it fell short of me onto the floor of the locker room. Several more huge jets joined it, and I again was surprised at how much cum he produced. Jim groaned and grunted as he worked the last of him cum from his cock.

“Now get on the ground on your hands and knees and start licking that up.” Jim said breathlessly, still filming me.

“No way!” I finally resumed my protest.

Jim just smiled a wicked smile at me and waited. Reluctantly I got down onto the ground and took a hesitant lick of the large pool of cum. I decided it would be better to get this over with quickly, and started lapping it up rapidly.

“Now show me some on your tongue, and you swallowing it.” Jim started stroking his cock again.

I gathered a large amount into my mouth, and looked up into his phone camera. I showed the cum on my tongue, then swallowed it all down. As I did, I noticed Jim’s cock had returned to a nearly fully erect state, this guy had the sexual appetite of a pubescent teenager, in a body a good 10 to 15 years older than my father. I gathered up the last of the cum that I could and showed it to the camera again, swallowing.

“Good job son, I love you my little Toddy baby.” Jim waited for my response, not wanting to have to order me to reply how we both knew he wanted.

“Thanks Daddy Jim, I love you too.” I smiled weakly into the camera.

Jim smiled a big smile, and put his phone away. He passed me my wallet. I grabbed it and was already making for the door.

“See you tomorrow son, you owe me for all the sauna time you’ve missed, you’re in debt to me.” Jim called out with a hint of a threat in his voice.

I didn’t respond, I got the hell out of there. That night I told Erin that I wouldn’t be going back to the Y anymore. She got really mad, and told me I had to go, that we couldn’t afford to waste money like that. She even threatened that she would take me herself if she had to. There was no getting out of it. The next day at work, Erin told me that I’d better not come home right afterwards, and to go to the Y. I decided she wouldn’t know if I skipped out, and killed some time driving around, and stopped for some food.

When I got back home Erin said that I didn’t smell like I had been working out. I told that’s because I showered. She had caught me, she said that’s how she knew I was lying, that I didn’t smell or look like I’d just showered. I admitted hat I’d skipped out, and told her I just didn’t feel like it today. She renewed her threat to take me there herself, and demanded that I go the next day, I reluctantly agreed. I thought maybe I could workout somewhere else

. The next day as I got the mail there was an envelope marked for me without any postage on it. I remembered that Jim had seen my address and I began trembling with fear. I slowly opened the envelope and pulled out a neatly typed letter that had been written on a computer. It read,

Dear son,

Missed you last night, stop being such a bad boy and come to visit your dear old daddy tonight. You’re already in debt to me you little tease, skipping out is only going to make it worse. As I’m sure you remember by now, I know where you live, you have a very pretty girlfriend, would be a shame for her to find one of my letters, wouldn’t want her to ruin our fun, I have big plans for you slut. I’ll be waiting for you in the sauna tonight, don’t disappoint me again or you’ll regret it, as you can see.

I looked to the bottom of the letter, there was a picture of me printed on it, showing a large load of cum on my tongue. He had taken a frame from his phone video and put it on the page. I quickly ran to the paper shredder and disposed of the letter. Shit! What the fuck was I gonna do now? I realized that I would be going to the Y tonight, and paying a visit to the sauna room.

For the first time ever I was disappointed as my work day came to an end. I got in my car, and drove to the Y. I changed, and headed to the workout area. Sure enough Jim was there, and proceeded to watch me workout the whole time, smiling, and winking. This time I think we were the only 2 people in the entire place. As my workout neared its end, Jim disappeared, and I knew exactly where he went. I let out a loud sigh to myself and began to walk to the locker room. I stripped naked, grabbed my towel and walked towards a closed door. As I opened it my lungs were greeted by heavy steam, I closed the door behind me. I looked to the right and there sat Jim naked, with his huge cock resting on his thigh. He gave me a big smile.

“Did you get my letter?” He asked, I nodded yes, “Good, was afraid that girlfriend of yours was gonna find it, but now you know better than to miss our time together, and when we are together, I want you to always do what I say.” Jim sounded stern, “Come here slut, I missed you.”

I couldn’t muster any words, I walked over to him and sat beside him on the bench.

“Throw your towel to the other side of the room, I want you naked boy.” Jim looked intently at me.

I threw my towel and it landed clear across the room, Jim smiled looking satisfied. He again began to let his eyes crawl all over my body, and soon enough his hands followed suit. I flinched at his touch, but knew better than to stop him. He sensed my surrender and I could tell it pleased him, he rubbed my chest, my stomach, and grabbed my cock.

“This body belongs to me now, doesn’t it boy?” He began stroking my cock.

I nodded sheepishly. He smiled and moved his mouth to mine, I didn’t try to stop him. He forced his tongue into my mouth, and began to moan as he kissed me deeply.

“I always wanted a boy as cute as you, I didn’t think I’d get one though.” Jim said softly.

I suddenly became aware that my cock was growing hard in his hand, as he continued to stroke me. Maybe it was my inner surrender that had calmed my nerves, but in short order my cock was fully erect, and sensitive to his every touch.

“There you go son, that means you’re starting to fall in love with your new Daddy.” Jim looked absolutely thrilled seeing me so hard.

I couldn’t help but let out a slight moan as he gently brushed along the underside of my cock from the base to the tip. Hearing this made Jim smile even more wickedly, he had me right where he wanted me. He grabbed me by the wrist and moved my hand to his own cock which was standing at its fully engorged glory. He grasped my hand forcing my fingers to wrap around it, which they barely managed to do, then he began to make my hand start pumping his cock up and down. Eventually he moved his hand away and left me to continue pumping on my own, which I knew better than to stop doing.

Sweat began dripping from our foreheads as our mutual pleasure continued to grow. I couldn’t deny that Jim jerking on my cock was providing an incredible amount of pleasure, twice I thought I was about to cum, but sensing it, Jim slowed his strokes. He definitely knew what he was doing, and knew just how to touch me to give me the most pleasure. I began to moan with some regularity, and Jim matched my moans with deep grunts of his own. I thought to myself how these sounds adequately expressed the dynamic between us, my soft submissive moans contrasted by his aggressive grunting. I could feel his cock began to get even harder, if that were possible, and I could tell he was about to cum. Suddenly he stood with his cock right near my face, and removed my hand from it, and his from mine. He began rapidly stroking his, and before I could react a thick shot of cum sprayed across my face, I was so shocked my mouth opened in a gasp, the next shot went into my open mouth and on my upper lip, some of it going up my nose. I thought about closing my mouth, but I knew he would make me eat his cum from the floor, so it was probably better to just let as much get into my mouth as possible. I looked up to see a grin of sheer joy on his face, seeing me with my mouth hanging open waiting for his load. He continued to shoot, most of it going into my mouth, but a lot of it covering most of my face, some had gone into my eye, and was stinging pretty badly, and my nose felt packed with his cum as well. With one final grunt Jim squeezed out the last of his cum, there was still some coating the entire head of his cock.

“Ohhhh god! Lick me clean son.” Jim ordered firmly.

I wasn’t expecting that, I had been okay with the touching, and the cum, but somehow putting his cock right into my mouth seemed too far for me. I shook my head no.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” Jim turned and walked out of the steam room.

I quickly became terrified of what he was going to do, and got up to chase after him. I called after him, pleading with him to wait, and apologizing. I turned the corner and he was standing at his locker, his cock head still coated with cum. I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t punish me for disobeying, I got right on my knees and grabbed his cock with my hand, guiding my mouth towards it. As lovingly as I could, I circled my tongue around his cock, sucking it and licking it clean. The texture felt very weird in my mouth, and I had to open my jaw as far as possible to fit the large mushroom head inside. Jim moaned and moved his hands to the sides of my head, he began sliding his cock deeper into my mouth. Suddenly I felt it begin to harden again, and the head grew even larger in my mouth. He pulled my head back and looked down at me.

“Mmmmm, good son. But you did disobey me, so now you have to be punished.” Jim said seriously.

“Please, I’m sorry, I just got a little scared.” I begged for his mercy, on my knees.

“Sorry boy, you need to learn a lesson. You can suck me off to completion right here, right now, or you can come back to my place right now and do it there, your choice.” He waited for my reply.

I felt nervous about doing this right in the locker room, but I sure as hell didn’t want to go back to his place. Besides, we had already fooled around in this locker room before, and it’s always been quiet. I gave him his answer, I moved my mouth to his cock and started licking it all over. He moved one hand to the back of my head and started pushing me down on his cock, at the same time he grabbed his phone from his locker, I knew what for. He told me to look up and smile with his cock in my mouth, I did as he snapped a picture of me. He took a few more, and started forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. He reached the back of my mouth, and my gag reflex kicked in, repeatedly I felt like I was going to vomit.

“Just relax your throat son, and swallow it, let me push all the way in.” Jim coached.

I tried to do what he said, he pushed to the back of my mouth again, and I swallowed. I felt the cock head slip into my throat, so did Jim and he gave a very pleased grunt to show it. He started to push in and out, getting deeper into my throat every time. I couldn’t believe it when his balls pressed against my chin and my nose was tickled by his thick bush. Jim continued to grind into my face, holding my head firmly, every last bit of his cock was now in my mouth, he snapped a few more pictures holding me there. Then with more force he started to fuck my face. I could feel his large cock head moving up and down in my throat and my gag reflex had completely relaxed.

“Video time baby!” Jim said excitedly.

He clicked his phone into video recording mode and started filming my efforts. He made sure to get my face in plain view in his video as he fucked my throat, to make sure there was no doubt that it was me on the end of his huge cock. Jim began to build speed, then he pulled my head back, his cock slipped from my throat and out my mouth, and a shot of cum sprayed across my face joining the already dried load that remained there. Then he shoved his cock back into my mouth making me suck down his cum straight from the spout. His grunts were louder than I’d ever heard them, and I was afraid someone might hear and come to investigate. He kept his phone pointed at my face, and pumping cum into my mouth faster than I could swallow it, some began leaking out the sides of my mouth.

“What do you say to Daddy for that delicious treat son?” Jim smiled, wanting to record me saying it.

“Thank you Daddy.” I replied

“Thank you for what?” He asked again.

“Thank you for shooting your delicious cum into my mouth Daddy.” I said.

That’s what he wanted he smiled, and put his phone away.

“That was awesome, I’ve been jerking off a minimum of 5 times a day to the other video, will be great to have a new one.” He patted me on the head.

Holy shit! How much cum does this guy make? I’ve never met anyone with this size of a sexual appetite. Jim told me to get cleaned up, I headed into the showers and washed the large amount of dried cum that had accumulated on my face. I heard a few clicks, and noticed Jim taking pics of me in the shower.

“No playing with that cock boy, you only get to cum when I let you. Try to avoid fucking your girlfriend too, that body belongs to me, and I don’t like sharing. See you tomorrow” With that he left.

When I got home Erin was happy to see that I had been to the Y. She even made a remark about how good it must feel to get a workout like that, even I chuckled a little at that one. I didn’t have sex with Erin that night, I told myself it was because I wasn’t in the mood, not because Jim had ordered me not to, but I wasn’t sure I believed that myself.

The next night at the Y, Jim and I again seemed to be the only people there. This time he came over and joined me in my workout. He kept offering to spot me, which was clearly just an excuse for him to touch me as much as he could. He would repeatedly grab my ass and squeeze it good, I was surprised by how much it was starting to turn me on. An older man feeling me up in a public place, and me just letting him touch where he pleased. Another member came into the workout area and started using a machine not too far away, it was the same middle aged woman again. This however, did not stop Jim from touching me, if anything, he got even more forward, and somehow knowing that we could be caught turned me on even more. Soon I was sporting a raging erection, and Jim noticed. He stuck his hand right down the front of my shorts, he jerked my cock violently. I couldn’t help it, I moaned a little louder than I should have. Thankfully the woman was listening to music and didn’t hear, this only seemed to excite Jim even more. I could see his cock was standing at full attention in his shorts as well. He pulled down the waistband allowing it to spring free, he then stepped over my legs, so I was sitting with him straddling over me in a standing position. The result on this machine was that I was now completely stuck with his cock right in my face.

“Suck it bitch!” Jim said loudly.

I looked over to the lady enjoying he workout, she was still blissfully unaware of what was happening, but one look over her shoulder would present her with quite a scene. I looked back up past his large hairy belly to see Jim’s wicked smile, I knew that part of him wanted me to obey and start sucking, but another part of him wanted me to refuse so he could punish me again, either way, he wins. I couldn’t deny that I was really turned on by all of this. I reached my head forward and sucked his cock into my mouth.

“OHHHHHHHHH, YES!!!” Jim was again unnecessarily loud.

Without removing his cock from my mouth, I looked to the side to be sure we hadn’t been noticed yet, she was still in her own world. Jim shuffled forward, my head was pushed against the head rest of the machine, and I had no where further to retreat to. This forced my throat open and Jim’s cock all the way down to the hilt. His balls came to rest on my chin, but only for a moment, Jim began pounding his cock into my throat with more force than ever before. He was grunting loudly, and smiling down at me. He was grunting and groaning so loudly I was convinced he wanted us to get caught. I knew I had absolutely no control in the situation as I was orally impaled onto his hard cock, I gave up trying to keep an eye on the woman, and just let Jim have his way. Finally his cock started to pulse and he shot his load straight down my throat. As he finished he let out one final loud groan that was almost a roar, pulled out of my mouth, and put his cock away. Just as he did the woman turned around and removed her headphones.

“Sorry did you say something?” She asked politely.

“No, sorry, just talking to my friend here.” Jim replied coolly.

She replaced her headphones and returned to her workout, man that was close. Jim gave me a huge smile, he clearly really enjoyed that, and wasn’t finished with this game. He chose another machine that made me bend over from the waist. As I started exercising Jim stopped me and ripped my shorts down at the back, they fell around my ankles and I was left bent over, naked from the waist down. We were still in a place that would be easily visible to the woman if she simply turned her head, but thankfully she had not. My cock was still rock hard from the excitement, Jim moved in behind me and started grinding the crotch of his shorts against my bare ass, in short order I felt his cock fully harden, and it was poking my hole a little bit through his shorts. I heard Jim spit, and felt a large glob of saliva land right on my hole, the new wetness combined with the open air sent a chill through my whole body. I was again terrified, I knew that at some point Jim was likely to take an interest in my ass, but I was still not prepared for this. He leaned over top of me and stuck his finger into my mouth and told me to get it nice and wet, I did. He stood back up and I felt his finger positioned at my hole, he began to push in, and after a painful initial period of resistance, it broke the outer barrier, he was now finger fucking me.

There was a lot of my saliva on his finger, so it actually slid in relatively easily, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. Once he got all the way down to this knuckle he stopped and just let it sit there, occasionally wiggling his finger a little which caused me to squeak a little every time, Jim loved that. Soon my ass adjusted and the pain had subsided. His finger now slid in and out with relative ease, and actually felt kinda good. He removed it from my ass, and brought in back around to my mouth. I knew what he wanted, I opened and he slid it back in, making me taste my ass on his finger. The he slid a 2nd finger in, I got them both covered in saliva, and he quickly moved them back to my hole, pushing them both in me, again I felt a great deal of pain, and made some small squeaks. After a while again the pain subsided and he was sliding them in me with relative ease.

Jim removed the fingers from my ass and I could hear him spitting again. I looked back over my shoulder at him to see him rubbing the spit all over his huge hard cock. Oh shit! He stepped forward and pressed it against my hole, it quickly became apparent that his cock was much thicker than 2 of his fingers. What scared me more was that he wasn’t wearing a condom. I panicked and moved away from him.

“Okay boy, if that’s what you want.” Jim smiled a very wicked smile and walked away, heading for the locker room.

I pulled up my shorts and followed. As I walked I could tell that my hole felt different, that he had definitely stretched it out a bit. Each time I clinched, I felt it close back up a little. As I got to the locker room, Jim was getting dressed, I was confused as I expected him to be heading into the steam room. He simply told me to go get dressed and meet him back at his locker. I got dressed as quick a I could, not wanting him to leave, fearing his punishment.

“I was hoping you’d disobey me this time, and now I get to punish you. Last time I let you choose, but this time you have no choice. You’re going to get in my car, and come over to my place with me.” Jim said in a very matter of fact way.

I knew I had no choice and I followed him out to his car, I hopped into the passenger seat, and he got in to drive. Before we started moving, he ordered me to strip completely naked, I hesitated for a moment, but no longer, and removed all of my clothing. He took my clothes and put them in his glove box, and locked it. He told me I wouldn’t get them back until he dropped me off again. Jim undid his pants and let loose his cock, which was still hard. He told me to suck him the whole way to his house, and don’t stop no matter what happens. I brought my mouth down on him, he called me a good boy, and then began to drive. I was worried how I would get from the car to his house without any clothes, but that problem solved itself when he pulled into a garage and closed the door behind us. He pulled my head up and kissed me deeply.

“Tell Daddy you love him.” Jim commanded

“I love you Daddy.” My reply was almost instinct, but I certainly felt I didn’t mean it

Jim got out and walked into the house, I followed. He took me by the hand and lead me up the stairs to his bedroom. As I stepped inside I realized he had indeed intended for me to disobey him tonight, as this had been his plan all along. In the room were at least 5 different video cameras all pointing at the bed from different angles, they all seemed to be connected to a computer sitting on a desk against the wall. Jim told me to sit on the bed.

“As you can tell son, we’re gonna make a home movie. I have a few rules for you though. You have to always respond how you think I want you to respond, and generally that will be pretty obvious. I am going to fuck your little boy hole tonight, when I do, I am going to get a condom, but you will ask me to just fuck you bare, with no condom, understand?” Jim asked.

I nodded yes, I knew he was going to get what he wanted, and refusal would result in something very unpleasant delivered to my girlfriend.

“Now when I tell you I’m about to cum, I want you to beg me to shoot into your ass, and breed you. I wanna hear those words, okay Todd, my son?” He asked further.

Again I nodded and Jim smiled, he moved around the room and started turning on the cameras. Once they were all on, we got started.

“What’s your name boy?” Jim asked.

“Todd,” I answered.

“Cute name for a cute boy Todd, how old are you?” Jim questioned.

“I’m 20.” Was my answer

“Wow, are you sure? Cause you could easily pass for 15 or 16 Todd, I don’t wanna get into trouble.” Jim joked, this was clearly all for the sake of his video.

“I’m 20, you wont get into trouble.” I told him.

“Good, and why would I get into trouble if you were that young Todd baby?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Because you’re going to fuck me just like I’ve always wanted Daddy.” I knew this was the right answer.

Clearly Jim liked that answer too, as he moved onto the bed beside me and started kissing me deeply, his weight pressing me down flat on my back. He moved completely over top of me, his large hairy belly completely consuming me. We kissed passionately for what seemed like 10 minutes, all the while Jim removing his clothes until he was completely naked. I was hard as a rock, and so was he. For the sake of his movie I looked down and said,

“Wow Daddy! You have such a huge cock, I hope it wont hurt my little boy hole.” I winked at him.

This brought a big smile to Jim’s face as he clearly enjoyed my effort.

“As long as you’re a good boy for Daddy, I wont hurt you son.” He said reassuringly. “What do you want in your mouth son?”

“Your big Daddy cock!” I responded.

Jim slid up my body, I could feel his thick hair the whole way up, and he sat on my chest, he grabbed the back of my head and guided his cock into my mouth. I took it willingly and started to suck it as best I could. Jim eventually leaned over my face, pushing my head back, and began fucking my face and throat like that. His breathing got heavier, and his grunts louder. He pulled his cock from my mouth, told me to keep it open, and started unleashing his huge load all over my face. He wasn’t really aiming for my mouth, in fact his goal seemed to be to cover as much of my face as possible in his thick juice. He told me to gather it up and eat it. I started collecting what I could with my hands, and licking them clean.

“What do you say to Daddy?” Jim asked.

“Thank you Daddy, that was delicious!” I said sounding very submissive to him.

Jim smiled and started stroking his cock more, in not long at all, he was fully hard again, I wish I had this guy’s libido.

“Show me that ass boy!” Jim got off my chest.

I rolled over, and got up onto all fours, arching my back so my ass stood out as prominently as possible.

“Fuck you have such a hot little body boy! I’m gonna show you how much I like it, I just need a condom.” Jim waited for my line.

“Wait, please don’t use a condom Daddy, I want you to fuck me bare. I wanna feel that Daddy cock warm against my insides.” I delivered.

“Mmmmmm! Yeah, what a sweet little slut boy. You wanna be a little cock whore boy? You want bare Daddy cock all the time?” He asked aggressively.

“Yes please Daddy, I want it so fucking bad!” I wasn’t sure if I was acting, or this was genuine anymore.

Daddy’s, I mean Jim’s, cock was still set from fucking my throat, but nonetheless, he popped open a bottle of lube, and spread it liberally over his entire length, he then rubbed the excess onto my hole, and without warning shoved 3 fingers inside my ass. I yelped out in pain, but stayed right where I was, though it hurt, it also felt good, and I pushed my ass back against his fingers until they were all the way inside me. Daddy, fuck, I mean Jim, told me he’d been waiting for this for so long, since the moment he first saw me. He removed his fingers from my hole, and positioned his big hairy bare cock for entry. I felt it make contact, and it sent a shiver through my whole body, I couldn’t deny it, I wanted it inside me. I wanted Jim’s, fuck it, I wanted Daddy’s cock, I wanted him to make me his boy, and for him to be my Daddy. He began to apply pressure, slowly I felt my hole being spread apart, forced to accommodate this massive intruder. The pain was getting extremely intense, and I couldn’t help but cry out, but still I didn’t want Daddy to stop, and Daddy had no intention of stopping.

Suddenly I felt my hole stretch, and then close again slightly, his giant mushroom head was now inside me, it hurt like hell, but also felt so good knowing that my Daddy was finally inside me, right where he belonged, and I was right where I belonged. He told me to breathe slowly and deeply, and relax. I started taking long deep breaths, and every time I exhaled, Daddy increased the pressure on my hole sliding it a bit further. It was slow going, and Daddy was only halfway inside me after several minutes. Even at the halfway point I felt like I couldn’t take anymore, it was just too big and thick. But I knew my Daddy wouldn’t stop, even if I begged him to. I was getting tired of going so slowly, and so was Daddy apparently, he told me to use my muscles like I was trying to take a shit and push his cock out. I did as he said, and the reverse of my normal experience occurred, Daddy’s cock slid another 3 inches into me in one go, as he applied steady pressure. At this point the pressure on my prostate was overwhelming, it was sending shots of pleasure through my entire body, I had never felt anything like it. Out of instinct I tried to push it out again, and this time it slipped all the way down, and I felt Daddy’s big hairy belly come to rest on top of my back, an his balls knock against my own.

“Good boy!! You are a perfect little cock slut! You took it all without crying, you were born to be fucked by this Daddy cock boy!” Daddy’s words turned me on even more.

I was losing myself in complete ecstasy, I looked directly into the camera nearest me and said,

“Ohhhhhh god! I LOVE that Daddy cock in me! I love being your little cock whore Daddy! I’ve never felt anything so good in my life!” I really meant it.

My words had an effect on Daddy as well he grunted and shifted his weight onto me, this sent me crashing down onto my stomach, with Daddy’s big belly holding me down. Daddy started grinding his bare cock in my ass, I could feel it rubbing up against my insides, putting pressure on my prostate, I felt on the verge of cumming the entire time. Daddy wanted to make an event of our first fuck together, we tried tons of different positions. Me flat on my back, with my ankles on his shoulders, and him pulling on my legs for leverage into my ass. Me riding him cowboy, and reverse cowboy. He even made me put me ass against the headboard of the bed, and stood over top of me pointing his cock down, driving it into my ass. In this position my own cock was pointed squarely at my face, and Daddy had a devious idea. He reached down and stroked it furiously as he pounded my hole.

“Daddy, Daddy I’m gonna cum! Please let me cum!!” I begged him.

“Open your mouth and cum for me slut!” Daddy ordered.

In just a few more short strokes my cock erupted in the most mind blowing orgasm I’d ever experienced. The amazing pressure on my prostate, combined with not having cum in a few days resulted in the largest load I’d ever shot, and it all rained down on my face and into my mouth. I loved every second of it, and wished that moment would last forever. Normally after I cum, I’m spent for some time, but the pressure of Daddy’s cock in my hole kept my cock standing at full attention. Finally we settled into our last position. I was flat on my back, with my legs spread, and Daddy was in between them fucking me with as much force as he could. This position allowed him to lean down and kiss me as he fucked me, which he did almost solidly for the next 10 minutes or so. Finally he sat up.

“I’m gonna cum boy!!” He warned me, it was time for my line.

“Please Daddy, cum in my ass!! Breed me!! Make me your boy forever!” I begged him.

This may have been what I was instructed to say, but I meant every word of it!

“You want that boy? Once I breed you, you do belong to me forever! I will own you!” Daddy warned further.

“Yes Daddy I want that so fucking bad! Please cum in me, breed me, I want you to own me!” I begged more, and wrapped my legs around him holding him deep in me.

With that Jim grunted and groaned, I felt his big cock pulse, his hairy balls tighten, and then I felt a heavy high pressure shot if his cum shoot right into my bare ass.

“You’re mine forever now boy!! I own that sweet little boy ass! It’s all mine, every bit of you is all mine!” He grunted loudly and triumphantly.

“I’m yours Daddy, you own me forever, I will always be yours. I love you my Daddy!” I cried out.

Daddy violently shoved his tongue into my mouth, and rammed his cock against my ass as hard as he could sending another shot of cum into me. The cum exerted so much pressure on my prostate that my cock erupted between us, covering Daddy’s hairy belly, and my hairless one in my cum. Again it was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. I wrapped my arms around Daddy’s neck and kissed him back with all of my passion.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the Y, my car was the only one left. I must have been over at his place for longer than I thought. Daddy unlocked the glove box and passed me my clothes. I pulled my phone from my pocket, and saw that I had 8 missed calls, and 10 text messages, all from Erin, who was clearly worried about me, I instantly felt guilty. As I was scanning her text messages, the phone rang again, without thinking, I answered it.

“Hey baby….. Yeah I’m fine, just got a little carried away with my workout, went pretty hard today, my phone was in my locker…… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you worry..”

I continued talking, and my Daddy came up with another devious idea. I had not put back on any of my clothes yet. Daddy picked me up and placed me in his lap. I felt his hard cock standing straight up at my hole, and he pushed me down onto it all the way. The sensation was incredible and I gasped.

“What, no baby, I just stubbed my toe, I’m Oooookay!” I squeaked as Daddy lifted me and slammed me back down onto his cock.

Daddy continued fucking me violently, obviously trying to make me crack while I was on the phone with Erin. He leaned close to my other ear and whispered to me,

“Tell Daddy you love being his little cock slut, and don’t you dare disobey me right now boy.” Daddy was loving this.

I covered the receiver on my phone and whispered back to Daddy,

“I love being your little cock slut Daddy!” It turned me on to say it.

It turned Daddy on too as I could tell it wasn’t going to take him long to cum. I quickly wrapped up to phone call, telling Erin I’d be on my way home soon. Just as I hung up, Daddy let out a loud groan and I felt his cock erupt another huge load into my ass.

“That was so hot slut! Promising your pretty little girlfriend you’ll be home soon, while your Daddy fucks you like a little whore. Lick me clean before you go.” Jim ordered.

I got off of his cock, and immediately moved my mouth onto it, licking and sucking up his cum, and the taste of my ass. I thought I was past the stage of being uncomfortable with Daddy, but then something else happened. He grabbed the back of my head, forced his cock into my throat, and began pissing right down it. Daddy gave me a truly evil smile.

“Drink it down you dirty little bitch, and get accustomed to the taste, you’re gonna be drinking lots of this from now on.” Daddy laughed.

He pulled his cock from my throat, and his warm piss began filling my mouth. It didn’t taste bad to my surprise, and I knew I had better swallow before it started leaking out of my mouth. I began gulping down Daddy’s piss as fast as I could, it was barely fast enough to keep up, but I didn’t miss a drop.

“You are already the best thing I own boy, I’m gonna love using you whenever I want. If I call or text you and demand you get over to my place immediately, you will. I don’t care if you’re out to dinner on your girlfriend’s birthday, you’ll make an excuse, leave her there, and come to me immediately. I’ve got her phone number too now, if you make me wait too long I’ll be giving her a call asking where you are, or just text her a nice pic of her cock loving boyfriend. You did so good tonight, you can have tomorrow off and spend it with your girlfriend boy.” Daddy explained to me how he was in complete control of my entire life now.

“She’s working late, tomorrow night, and I have the night off.” I informed him.

“Really?” Jim raised his eyebrow, I immediately regretted telling him that.

I got dressed and Daddy and I parted ways, I got into my car and started driving home. As I got closer to home, I began thinking about what had really happened, the gravity of the situation was starting to truly dawn on me, as well as Daddy’s final words to me. What the fuck had I done?! I wanted to marry Erin, I loved her, and now I belonged to an older man. When I got home Erin was waiting for me in bed, she had on sexy lingerie that she knew I loved. I apologized and told her I was just too tired from the workout, she seemed disappointed, but understood.

As Erin left for work the next day, I was dreading contact from Daddy, I mean Jim. Being away from him has really cleared my head, and I now felt mortified at what I had done with him. I knew my only hope was to simply beg him to let me go. The night dragged on, and still no calls or any word from Jim. Then I heard a knock at the door, my heart was racing as I looked through the peephole. There stood Jim, with a big grin on his face. I opened the door, and without a word he stepped right in. I decided to get right to it, I told him I had been thinking a lot, and that what I wanted was to be with Erin, I begged him to just let me go, and leave us alone. Jim simply smiled at me.

“We both know that’s not gonna happen slut, I own you, and I don’t plan on giving up that sweet little body of yours.” Jim began to pull my shirt over my head.

I tried to resist, but Jim easily overpowered me, before long my clothes were all off, as were his, and his cock was rock hard. Jim grabbed me and forced me onto the couch. He bent me over the back with my ass in the air.

“Yeah, fight all you want boy. I’ll always get what I want from you.” Jim laughed.

Without any lube whatsoever, Jim began pressing his cock head against my hole. Even though he had stretched me out the night before, without lube his huge cock hurt like hell. I could tell that Jim enjoyed me resisting him, and this had become another game to him. After a few more seconds I felt his cock head pop into me, and he maintained his pressure, driving it all the way into me. It hurt like hell, and I couldn’t help but let out cries of pain. Jim seemed to love this and started fucking me hard, pinning me down over my couch.

“That’s right you little fucking bitch. I always get what I want. You’re mine forever slut!” Jim grunted at me.

My ass had began to adjust to his cock, and the pain was being replaced by the feeling of incredible pleasure that I had enjoyed the night before. I started to moan showing my enjoyment. Jim was breathing heavier, and I knew he was getting closer to cumming. I closed my eyes and focused on the pressure on my prostate, my own cock was raging hard.

Had I had my eyes open I would have seen the front door open, Jim however, did see it,

“You want my cum in that ass slut?” Jim asked.

“Mmmm, yes Daddy! Please cum in my ass, I love being your little slut.” I was lost in desire.

I heard a stunned scream, and looked up to see Erin standing in the doorway with her mouth hanging open in shock. I imagine my face looked about the same. Jim didn’t let any of this stop him, he pounded my hole harder than he ever had, making me squeak and moan. I panicked and began to try to free myself, Jim wasn’t going to let that happen, he kept hammering into me, holding me firmly in place and making me moan. I looked back to see him smiling more deviously than ever before. Jim grunted loudly as he began to pump his load into my ass, just like the night before the pressure of his cum shooting in me caused my own cock to erupt in a mind blowing orgasm. I couldn’t help but moan, and Jim pulled me back towards him, making sure Erin could see my own cum flowing from my cock.

Erin screamed that she never wanted to see me again, and stormed out the door. She was gone before my orgasm had even subsided, when I cam back down to Earth, I was shocked by what had happened. Jim removed his cock from my ass, I ran for my phone and tried to call Erin, she didn’t answer. I tried several more times, finally she answered by only to scream at me to never call her again, and she hung up the phone. I was devastated, Jim wrapped his arms around me,

“Bad luck buddy, do you want me to give you some time to yourself?” Jim asked.

“No, please stay here with me, don’t leave me Daddy.” I wrapped my arms tightly around him, and my Daddy smiled at me.

Daddy didn’t leave me, he stayed the whole night, and he fucked me for most of it, barely sleeping. The next day I packed up my things, and moved into Daddy’s house. Daddy had won, he always wins, and I love being his submissive slut boy!

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Dannyp wrote

God this is my fantasy, I want to be used like this, forced blackmailed, went to health club when I was 16, loved looking at guys cocks had a good experience once, was in the sauna,naked feeling horny all old men in there 5 of them one guy came next to me sat down put his hand on my cock oooh I moaned he then just stood up and pointed his cock at my face and came all over me, the other 4 guys looked at me I smiled so young I heard one guy say, I layed down on the bench cum all over my naked body I said, they all proceeded to Jack off on me..I was covered in cum ,stayed there for a while hopping for more laying down playing with my cock . Covered in hot cum .one other guy came in saw me looked smiled got on his knees and sucked me off..

Truth wrote

God and Jesus both suck on each others hairy balls and swallow just like the filthy low life piece of shit motherfuckers that they really are. Hail Satan.