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Rescue Into Slavery

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As a psychologist in California, Amber had many contacts with people in show business. Tonight this brought her to a going away party at client’s house. The party was being thrown for the cast and crew of a little know show that was launching on a worldwide tour. Elizabeth was a friend of her client, and as near as Amber could professionally guarantee, also the cause of her client’s problems.

What little Amber heard of her was mostly backstage gossip and late night after party conversation, but she was immediately able to identify the large caramel skinned woman standing next to the sandy haired, well-built muscular male. During the party he seemed be her personal servant, he served her drinks and brought her food, never drinking or eating anything himself. It wasn’t until later that Amber heard this man described as her boyfriend.

Amber realized that she had seen him on sets for various shows that Elisabeth and her client had worked on. Amber approached him looking for some insight into his girlfriend.

“Dan, right? Have you worked with the company long?” Amber asked trying to start a conversation. Daniel seemed startled that she was speaking to him.

“I only go to help Miss. Elizabeth.” He replied. This only sparked Amber’s interest more, she was now determined to talk with the “Miss. Elizabeth”.

Through the conversation Amber had late that night with Elizabeth. She learned that Daniel was in fact her slave. Knowing her personality Amber knew what a demanding Mistress Elizabeth must be. Backstage, Elisabeth was short tempered, demanding, and temperamental, she ordered everyone around like she owned the place. Amber can only imagine the demands she would put on a slave.

Even though she predicted Elizabeth to be hard to live with, was shocked to discover just how mean spirited Elizabeth was. Daniel had been instructed to pack his bag, he assumed to follow her to Europe. Her plans were entirely different. He was going to be sold in auction tomorrow morning to the highest bidder without any regard to how they might treat him. Amber did something at this point she doesn’t normally do. She offered to buy him. Elisabeth was all too happy to set a price, explaining that she could use the extra money as soon as possible. Amber stayed until the last guest went home and waited to take home her new pet.

Elisabeth called Daniel into the bedroom to talk. When he came out he was carrying his bag and trying to hold back tears. His former mistress placed a blindfold over his eyes and a leash to the metal collar permanently attached to his neck.

“I will send the rest of his things in the morning” Was the last thing Elizabeth had to say.

Amber took Daniel by the hand and led him to her car. Amber helped him into the passenger seat and buckled the safety belt over his hands, securing them to his sides. As she started the car and locked the doors, she could see the tension in Daniel’s shoulders build. It was only a short ride to her apartment but Amber deliberately drove silently in circles to lengthen the ride. When Amber finally pulled into the parking space in front of the apartment building, she came around to the passenger side and undid the seat belt and removed both the leash and the blindfold. “This will be your new home” Daniel collected his bag and walked silently behind her.

Amber opened the door to her small apartment. The main room was furnished in dark blues. The couch and chairs looked equally inviting. The kitchen was just off to the left and a hallway lead to three doors on the right.

“Have a seat, make yourself at home. Do you like chocolate?”

There was a short pause and then “Yes Mistress”

“There is no need to be so formal with me Daniel; you may just call me Amber for now.” Amber returned with a cup of hot chocolate laced with an herbal sedative, just enough to relax him a bit. “Here, drink this. That’s it. Now just relax. Amber started rubbing his shoulders and neck “Feel good?”

“Mmm yes”

“It’s time for bed, I will get you your own bed if you decide to stay but for the time being you will have to share with me. Finish up your drink, while I get ready for bed? Ok? That’s a good boy.” Amber slipped quietly into the bathroom and dressed in a long, nightgown made of blue silk and velvet. She stood staring at her reddish brown hair pulled tightly in a bun, and pulled out the hairpins, letting her hair cascade over her shoulder on to her breasts. One more precursory glance over her slim form and she was ready to get Daniel.

“The bathroom is between the two bedrooms down the hall, go ahead and get ready for bed I will wait for you in the bedroom”

Amber looked up from her seat at the dressing table to see Daniel standing in the doorway shyly, wearing only his collar and covering his naked form as subtly as possible behind the door.

“Precious? Why are you covering yourself up?”

“I am sorry Amber.” He said as stepped into the room

“You have nothing to be ashamed of. If it will make you more comfortable you may sleep in these.”

Amber indicated a pair of navy silk boxers on the bed. He quickly pulled them on and stood waiting for further direction, receiving none, he laid down on the floor. Amber walked over to the large four-posted bed and patted it with one hand and offered her other hand to Daniel. “Come up here and lie down with me.” He climbed onto the bed gingerly as if he was afraid Amber would find fault with him. Amber climbed in after, trapping him firmly between the wall and body. He lay stiffly and shook as her hand brushed his skin with just the slightly. He did all he could not to pull away.

“I’m sorry”

“Hush baby you did nothing wrong, just lay with me tonight, that’s all you have to do.” Amber snuggled him close and pulled his head so it was resting on her breast. She felt his back begin to shake with sobs as she stroked it. Tears gently fell against her breast. Amber gently took his chin in her hand and titled his head so she was looking him in the eyes. His eyes tried to dart away but were unable to escape her assault.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“Ple-please don’t punish me.”

“Why would I punish you?”

“For, for being weak.”

“Oh darling don’t worry about that, I will never punish you for crying. But tell me, why are you crying?”

“No one has held me like that in so long.” Amber squeezed him tighter and the sobs increased

“I am here for you. I am not going anywhere. Just relax and let it all out.”

Amber ran her fingers through his hair and rubbed her hand on his back, soothing him. The sobs subsided and he fell asleep gripping at her waist.

The next morning Daniel woke up to find his hands tied firmly to the bedposts by long silk scarves. He could probably slip the restraints off easily but he did not dare. As he became more aware he felt a damp cloth dabbing at his face and eyes.

“Good Morning, my precious. Hungry? Here eat up”, Amber offered a spoon full of scrambled eggs. “Would you like some fruit? Here.” Amber pressed a strawberry to his lips and let her fingertips gentle fall over his flesh. “We have a big day today. So eat up, you will need the strength. Ready?” Daniel licked the last of breakfast off his new mistress’s hands and nodded uncertainly.

“Good! Now when I release you I want you to go to the bathroom and take a nice hot shower, I will be in a few minutes.”

Amber entered the steamy shower slowly. “Stay right where you are.”

She stepped into the shower stall behind Daniel and saw the tension build in his muscles.

“Now arms out, good boy.” Daniel prepared his body for the slap or sting of a whip but it never came. “I am just going to wash you off, relax.” Amber filled a sponge with soapy water and begin running it over Daniels body. “Precious? Where did you get this mark from?”

“Mistress Elizabeth”.

“And the rest of these scars?”

“I don’t remember.”

“That’s horrible. Did you know that she should have never abused you like this?”

By his lack of response it was clear he did not. “I was hers, just as I am yours now.”

“Well there will be differences Daniel. Finish your shower and join me in the living room, take your time, there is no rush. The robe on the back of the door is for you.”

Daniel entered the living room clean, five short minutes later wrapped in a fluffy robe. “I am sorry Amber.”

“What are you apologizing for?”

“For displeasing you. I will take my punishment now if you wish.”

“Hush. Sit down in that chair.” Daniel sat down into the armchair that sat across from the sofa where Amber was perched.

“First of all you have not displeased me. If I am displeased I will tell you. I just need some information from you and to have a little chat. How long were you with Elizabeth?”

“Four years.”

Amber looked at the young man perplexed, “And you are 20?”


“How long have you been here servant?”

“Three and a half years.”

“So you were seventeen when this started? Well Daniel you need to make a choice. I purchased you, so you are mine to do what I please with you.” Fear crossed Daniels face. “You will need to decide if you wish to stay as my pet or leave a free man. Let me explain your choices a bit more. If you choose for me to become your mistress, I will always provide for you and care for you. You will always have a word that means stop. I will never intentionally cause you harm. I will always respect you and value the gift of your submission. If you decide for any reason you want to leave this lifestyle I will allow you to stay here with me until you can get your life together. The only thing I ask is that you stay one week, and then you may choice to leave completely. Now is there anything you would like to ask me? It’s okay you can ask anything you want.”

“You had a slave before right?”

Amber nodded, “Go on.”

“What happened to him?”

“My last pet’s name was Jacob; he got a job offer across the country and asked to be released. He moved out over a year ago, but we are still close friends. I am sure he would talk to you if you wanted to ask him any questions. Now do you think you can would like to stay as my pet?”

“Yes Mistress.” Fear filled his voice.

“Good boy. The only time it is necessary to address me as Mistress is when I address you as precious or pet, understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now I am going to have to train you to be my pet, some of the rules may be very similar to what you are use to, others very different. Have you had a safe word before precious?”

“No mistress”

“A safe word is a word that means stop, that you are not comfortable and want what ever is happening to stop. Your word is Mercy. If you ever want me to stop just say Mercy and you will face no punishment for it. I will, on occasion, need to punish you for other things however. You will be punished for breaking rules that are clearly laid out. Do you agree to all the terms?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Please sign this paper stating that. Now there is only one more, small piece of business. Kneel before me. I am going to remove Elizabeth’s collar from your neck and replace it with a training collar. Sit still well I clip this off.” The chain fell to the ground from Daniel’s neck with a thud. He raised his hand to feel the naked skin. “Accept this collar as gift and symbol of my guardianship over you.” Amber buckled a thin leather collar around Daniel’s neck.

Daniel knelt on the rug with his eyes downcast and his hands at his sides, still wrapped warmly in his robe. Amber sat on the floor directly across from him, and slowly placed her hand on top of his and gave it a small squeeze. Daniel’s bloodshot blue eyes rose to meet hers in surprise. Amber leaned in and kissed him on the cheek capturing the lone tear that had escaped his eyes. She slowly pulled him into her arms and held him.

“You are safe now Daniel.” Amber showered the man that in so many ways was still a boy, in kisses. Slowly he began to return her kisses.

Daniel woke up later curled up on the living room couch alone, and panicked. Where was he? Where were his clothes? As he looked around the room, he started to remember and touched his new collar to confirm that it hadn’t in fact been all a dream. That was when he heard Amber placing a call from the bedroom.

“Jamie I realize it is a weekend, but I could really use a favor”. Daniel stayed still listening. “He is a mess.” “Three years, at least.” “I don’t think the office is the best place.” “Closed? So no one else will be there?” “Ok well I will met you at seven tonight, is it okay if I feed him first?” “Thanks, goodbye”.

Amber could tell by his breathing pattern that he was awake. “Good afternoon sleepy head. I think that we should get you dressed.” Daniel stood up and followed Amber into the bedroom.

“Take off your robe.” Daniel froze. “Pet, take off the robe.” He stood, struggling to obey. When there was still no movement Amber walked over to where Daniel was standing. “You do want to be a good boy, don’t you Danny?” He nodded slowly. “I am going to help you, be good so don’t fight me.” Amber walked behind Daniel and wrapped her hands around his waist untying the sash. She slowly slide the terrycloth robe down his shoulders and pulled it away from his body. He stood naked and obviously embarrassed in front of her. Amber placed Daniels hands behind his back and deftly secured them with sash. Taking one end of the sash, the Mistress lead her disobedient pet over to the posts of the bed. Daniel followed fearfully behind her. Amber backed Daniel up to one of the posts and tied his hands to it.

“You were a bad boy and did not listen when I gave you an order. As a result you are not allowed to move on your own, do not push me further. Amber moved her hands over the prone body in front of her starting with the face and moving down slowly circling each nipple and pinching them slightly. Her hands continued their examination down over his body, occasionally stopping to rub a tense muscle or kiss a bruise. Daniel began to give in to her ministrations and became his dick became rock hard. She began to slowly rub up and down his shaft with one hand, as the other hand roamed over Daniel’s body soothing him.

“Your body is beautiful, Danny. You mustn’t hide it from me. See how nice that feels? That is what good boys get as a reward. You have been good most of the day so you may have a reward if you can answer some easy questions for me. When is the last time you were touched like this?”

“Two months ago, Mistress.” Daniel’s voice strained to answer.

“Good boy, now one more. When is the last time you were allowed sexual release?”

“Never Mistress”


“I have never really done that Mistress”

“I want you to enjoy this, I am going to keep going until you cum for me.”

“Yes mistress.” Her hands continued to roam his body and to caress his manhood. As she leaned in and gave Daniel a deep kiss, he came.

It was if a great burden had been lifted from his soul. His body shook both from the physical and emotional release. His legs refused to support him, the only thing that kept him up was the fact his wrists were tied to the bedpost and his Mistress was standing in front him offering her body as support. Within seconds his wrists were released and he felt himself slowly lower to the floor. She held him there, wrapping the robe over him, as he snuggled into her lap. He tried to speak to form coherent thought and the put that thought into words, he failed. Amber quieted by kissing him solidly on the lips.

“Rest now little one. I will wake you up in a little bit so you can get cleaned up before we go to your appointment.” Had he not just had one of the most memorable experiences of his life he would have panicked, but being that he had, he only stirred slightly and reached for his mistress’s hand as she caressed him.

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