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The Netball Girls’ Last Day

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My 19 year-old girlfriend, Kerry, and I had developed the wonderful habit of getting au naturel in the high dunes of a local public beach during a summer home from college. Whilst we were working at our town’s holiday camp – a central complex of bars and restaurants surrounded by rental caravans, chalets and mobile homes – we had an encounter in the dunes with two of a girls’ netball team who were staying at our camp and playing in a nearby tournament. I wrote of our first encounter last month – see ‘The Netball Girls’ (Exhibitionist&voy)

The rest of that week had been a bummer due to inclement weather. But by the weekend the skies had cleared again and Kerry was still buzzing with the thrill of being caught – pleasantly surprising to me as I had seemed to get the best deal there, but Kerry did concede that whilst not bisexual she found the sight of the two netball girls getting naked and horny quite exhilarating.

Because of the girls’ netball tournament and our shifts we had only met them again in passing. Morven, the voluptuous team captain, had given me a cheeky wink and shaken her ass at me but slim Tina had looked pretty embarrassed. There had been some knowing looks from the other girls on the team and I wondered that our little afternoon fun had not gone unremarked upon.

But by the time Kerry and I made it to the beach on the Saturday afternoon the girls were not around. We were more preoccupied with getting our favourite spot ahead of any transients who had no idea how precious the recessed dunes’ confines were to us.

How thrilling it was to be naked in there with my nubile brunette girlfriend and watch her strut around, firm young titties shaking, tight butt rolling, tossing her long shiny locks as we both surreptitiously scanned the smooth rolling tops of the enclosing dunes and the intermittent batches of scrub for loitering voyeurs.

Every time some passing head or curious shadow was sighted I knew Kerry would be getting wetter between her lithe, tanned thighs. Her kink for being voyeured naked and horny had grown stronger that year – a wonderful revelation to any young bloke, as I’ve mentioned previously.

That particular day I was desperate to see her naked again – not possible since our netball girls’ encounter due to work, weather and parents’ schedules. So although the beaches were busy, we spent little time scanning for any of the girls and focussed our energies on securing our spot up in the high dunes. With much relief we found our niche unoccupied, although with signs of fleeting habitation – footprints, a disturbance where someone might have lain – many in fact when Kerry remarked on it. I was glad the party had quit or moved on closer to the sea.

We reached a bit of an impasse when we had put our towels and bags down – I had just struggled into my shorts when I caught Kerry standing there shooting me a curious look. She was down to her lovely white lacy bra and thong panties. She asked if we were going to wear our swimsuits at all. I stammered – well, I was for now but I wasn’t stopping her going naked. She told me with a grin that she hadn’t even brought her bikini. I felt an immediate buzz in my groin. I looked at her ripe high tits with tan mounds swelling above the bra’s confines, down her smooth brown flat belly to the lacy white patch, looking for her clipped dark triangle beneath. What the hell had I been thinking?

Kerry watched my roving eyes, my swelling cock bulging my shorts, called me a horny devil and jumped on me. I fell back, half on sand and my towel, the heat of the sun and my horny, lovely young girlfriend’s flesh sizzling mine. A perfect moment. Interrupted.

A guy’s voice from atop the dune announced to others that he’d found us. He certainly had – Kerry with a squeal sliding off me and sitting on her towel, bunched up; me leaning up on my elbows with a heck of a scowl as this guy about our age clumsily staggered down the side of a dune towards us. He looked familiar, but it didn’t stop me asking him what the fuck was going on. Before he could reply, more figures fell out of the dazzling horizon, sliding down into our idyll. More welcome figures. I saw Morven and Tina, and a statuesque blonde girl, Christina, who’d run off the first time they had surprised us at play.

They all said hello, and I recognised the guy at last – he was a stocky, blonde-haired local young farmer called Mikey who often frequented the holiday camp’s bars at the weekends on the pull. It looked like he’d snared Christine – he hung a loose arm around her as they all stood facing us. Like me he was just wearing a pair of beach shorts. Morven, being the most forward announced they had come to prove to Mikey just what we got up to in the dunes. They’d been the ones here earlier who’d left the prints and she thought we’d chickened out because we’d been caught by her and Tina a few days back. Turned out it was their last day and most of the other girls were busying themselves packing. I knew Christina has seen a bit of our shenanigans before she ran of previously but I wondered if she knew Morven and Tina had joined in a bit?

Slim Tina was stood there quiet as a mouse, her yellow bikini bottoms and long legs drawing my eye beneath the oversize pink T-shirt she wore like a short dress. She shot me a coy smile. Morven looked sassy, hands on kinked hips, tapping her bare foot; she had a camouflage vest-top on which quivered nicely as her big full tits shook underneath. Those prominent nipples of hers were straining the material. Her white shorts were a size too small and tight enough to reveal a tell-tale cameltoe. Bikini? I doubted it.

Christina had a really lovely, galvanising face, bright blue eyes perfectly suited to her shining blonde hair which flowed in symmetry either side of her high cheekbones – a bit like Debbie Harry in her 70s Blondie days. She also looked very Scandinavian with her powerful frame – I mean in a sexually-charged way, not overtly muscular – which was superbly proportioned. Her breasts – I thought around a firm 38 inch chest were – were concealed by a tight ethnic-patterned T which cut off just above her bejewelled belly-button which also had a sun tattoo around it. Like Morven she wore a small pair of white shorts –more like hotpants; but here I could make out a bikini beneath, the vague pattern similar to her T-shirt. I couldn’t work out if she was as forthright personality–wise; remember, she had run like a scared rabbit when we caught them all voying us back in the week.

Kerry was a bit miffed at being disturbed and their insistence on joining us down in our secluded spot without invitation. She asked Morven if she thought we were performers or something, and who exactly had she told?

Mikey cooled everyone’s jets by assuring Kerry it was a secret he wouldn’t spread and that netball girls were heading home so no other locals would bug us. But Kerry posed the question on my lips – did Mikey and Christina know that Morven and Tina had been unable to keep their own clothes on or fingers still? By Mikey’s raised eyebrows and Christina’s gasp of surprise, I laughed knowing that was a ‘no’.

Tina went bright red; Morven shook her head with a twisted smile – ‘rumbled’. Christina couldn’t believe it – her and Morven traded shock and ‘so what’s. Then Morven turned back on Kerry smirking that Kerry had dared her and she’d met the challenge. Now they’d caught us again and what was Kerry going to do about it sat there in her underwear? Would she get changed into her bikini in front of Mikey and Christina, seeing as she liked to be watched so much?

Kerry was blushing –I didn’t know whether with embarrassment or anger. Mikey looked at me, raised his eyebrows; I gave a wink and a smile back. Kerry said in a challenging voice that she had ‘forgotten’ her bikini. Morven cracked a wicked smile, asked if she was just going to sit there in her underwear or do her usual ‘thing’ of sunning naked? Kerry shot back with a ‘what are you going to do?’ ‘Watch, if you like’ was all Morven said.

I was suspecting Morven had liked seeing Kerry naked more than I’d realised. Kerry declared she wasn’t damn well going naked for their curiosity and that if they wanted to share our secret place then they could join us in sunning naked. That brought a gasp from Christina, and a grin of pure relish from Mikey, before he glanced at me and said, ‘No way?’

I just smiled and shrugged; this was the girls’ call. Kerry told Morven that if she was so keen she could go first. Morven dared her back. So Kerry challenged her to a race – first up to the top of a rise and back down into the bowl; loser drops a bit of clothing.

To mine and Mikey’s delight, Morven took up the gauntlet immediately, confident in her netball fitness I presumed. But she hadn’t reckoned with Kerry’s natural fitness and familiarity with scaling the dunes. They raced up the neasrest sandbank at my shout, Christina and Tina giggling, yelling them on, Mikey clapping. A great sight – my Kerry’s tanned, ass, bare but for the thong string tucked between her undulating cheeks and Morven’s firm ass-cheeks pumping away under those tiny white shorts as they scrambled up the slope. Kerry hit the top first, touching a hand to it, but Morven cheated a bit – turned as Kerry touched, got ahead on the downslope, fell a bit but made it back first. Kerry arrived breathless and calling her out.

We were laughing, and I got a buzz when Morven demanded Kerry take off her bra. Cheeks red with indignation, Kerry looked at us all, shrugged and freed her lovely jutting boobs, her brown tips perked up, chest rising and falling with every deep breath. Mikey made a hollow whistle of appreciation, his mouth dry, gave a small clap.

Kerry wasn’t finished. Seeing Morven leaning over to get her breath back, brunette locks dangling, she demanded ‘Again!’ Morven asked for time, but Kerry claimed that as loser, the next race was her call.

So they raced off once more at my shout. Morven’s more voluptuous form trailed again, but watching each pair of strong smooth legs climb away was lovely. Kerry’s tits shook as she raced with grim determination. This time, she won easy – Morven actually stopped at the top, laughing, out of puff.

Kerry stood in front of us all, boobies rising and falling as she gasped in great breaths, but grinned in triumph. Morven scrambled downhill, started to lift her top. I waited in anticipation of those big tits shaking loose. But Kerry told her to stop. It was Kerry’s call as winner – she told Morven to drop her shorts.

That gave her pause. The curvy team captain glanced around, a bit hesitant. Mikey was agog – all his dreams coming true. I wanted to see that shaven haven again, so I egged her on. Christina and Tina were both a picture, hands held over their mouths, wide-eyed at the antics going on.

Kerry stood, arms folded under her lovelty tits, waiting. Morven sighed, laughed then slid her shorts down her shapely legs. She stood up full height, tipped her hips and spun her little white shorts around on a finger. She gave Mikey and I a challenging look as we took in this bottomless beauty Like I thought – bare beneath her shorts. We looked on at her, naked below the waist, her smooth abdomen gently curving to an equally smooth mound and the beginning of her slit between closed thighs. Amazing. Mikey choked. Morven winked, grinning with bravado.

I was pitching a tent in my shorts. Morven said to Kerry, ‘Right, best of three. . .’ and with that threw her shorts at Kerry and turned and sprinted up the slope. The sight of her bare ass and glimpses of her long slit between the backs of her thighs as she climbed was mindblowing. Kerry chased, but was lagging behind. Morven beat her easily to the top and all our eyes were on the sexy bruntette as she clambered back down, this time having to open her thighs more for balance, thus revealing her smooth pussy in every detail as she came towards us. Kerry staggered back a poor second. Morven, energised with her daring, demanded Kerry remove her thong. She did, after shooting me a glance, smiling wanly at Mikey, then dropping it and kicking it off.

The girls giggled, clapped. Mikey said ‘Hey, wow!’ or something. I was the most shocked because since our last dune fun my girlfriend had evidently shaven off her neat pubic triangle. She was now standing completely naked, her beautiful tan skin accentuated by those white bikini lines, and now a gleaming smooth pudenda. She smiled at me, mouthed, ‘surprise’.

‘I win’ declared Morven. ‘Who’s next?’ Christina looked horrified, Tina apprehensive. ‘Both at once! Easy!’ Morven claimed.

Surprisingly, Tina took her up, nudged Christina with a ‘Let’s beat her naked’. Mikey told Christina she’d breeze it, no problem. I didn’t give the three of them time to back out – I counted down from five and yelled ‘Go!’

Tina raced into a lead, lighter and faster than the other two. We still got a great view of Morven’s bare pussy, then an even better one on the downward leg – Tina slipped, fell into the sandy slope, Christina tripped over her, then Morven, trailing, jumped the two of them, lost her balance and tumbled ass-over-tit right down. Her legs were flailing and each roll spread that pussy and ass wide for our goggling eyes. But her tumble was not in vain – she beat the other fallers.

Tina and Christina lagged in as Morven shook sand from her hair and told them to get ready to forfeit. She stopped them dead as they tried to remove their tops. Then Morven pointed at Tina’s yellow bikini bottoms and said, ‘Nope, you got to join me, sister. . .Get them off.’

My buzz increased tenfold. Kerry, already naked, standing looking on uninhibited. Morven bottomless and showing every nook of her crotch. Now Tina, ordered to join her. Tina gritted her teeth, asked if she had to. She never even got an answer – it was in the stare. So she gripped her bikini sides and took them off, raising one leg chest-high to do so and giving Mikey and I a great view of her thick brown bush. She hadn’t attended to those curls on her mound but what was an exciting surprise was the state of her undercarriage – previously I’d seen her lips through a curtain of short-clipped pubes. In the days since, Tina had taken a razor to them and now I had a glimpse of her meaty big pussy completely unfettered. It looked even more erotic against her slim hips, uncovered by the hem of her T which reached only the top of her mound. And when she returned her foot to the sand, even both legs closed couldn’t hide what the shave had revealed – those bulging folds peeking out below her triangle. She gazed at Mikey and I, coy beneath her flick of light brown hair, innocent gaze full of excitement.

Morven said that was cool and stood beside her, bumping bare hips in fun. Two hotties together, their bare pussies also together below their tops. Too hot for me – I crouched to conceal my thumping wood. Mikey, realising my motive, did likewise.

Morven noticed, told us to stand up because it was only fair the girls got to see our bulges. We told her to beat it – we were judging the races. She just laughed and told Christina to drop her shorts. Because she had a bikini on, Christina did so with only a little hesitation, still aghast at Morven and Tina’s state. She made a comment about not going any further if someone else got naked but Morven shushed her, told her it was good fun, and got the girls ready to go again.

I really wanted to see Christina lose, but she damn well won, beating a tired Morven and Tina narrowly. In victory she demanded the girls get their tops off. Morven did so slowly and sexily, knowing full well she was teasing us guys. Those full tits of hers fell into place as she took her tight camo-top over her head – the perfect hourglass figure she had brought a sigh from Mikey. Her thick long nipples looked fit to burst. In her eyes, the excitement was vivid, just like some days earlier. The way she shuffled her thighs together as she divested her top got me thinking she was desperate to touch herself.

Kerry clapped her, enjoying their rivalry and now joint nudity. Christina said that was enough, but was cut short when Tina lifted off her pink T to reveal she still had her yellow bikini top covering her small perky breasts. The sight of her slim body naked but for that top was awesome, and her shy nature was fading in the face of her daring – like in Morven, I saw the spark of devilment evident during our session earlier in the week. It was Tina who spoke up, telling Christina there was no way the contest was stopping while she still had her bikini top on.

Mikey goaded Christina, cheekily adding she hadn’t been so shy the night before. That brought catcalls from the girls and cries for more details. But Mikey crouched beside me grinning and Christina’s face flushed. She mumbled she was ready to race again. This time, Tina had learned from her defeats. As they touched the top of the dune, she tripped Christina on the turn, leaping ahead and winning. Now that she too was bottomless, I watched avidly as Tina’s climb and descent exposed her pouting big pussy to us – like a full pouch as she climbed, those big labia so evident under her tight little bubble butt, and obscenely erotic as she came down, the flesh of her crotch spreading, inner ‘wings’ flapping at her open pussy. She was definitely moist, just as on her first exposure – this hottie was a latent exhibitionist.

Mikey noted to me in a whisper the glisten of juices as her long legs staggered down hill, opening up her folds enough to see the meaty protrusion of her clit as well.

So Christina lost. Tina gave little jumps of glee, demanding she take off her bikini bottoms. I could’t wait. But Christina didn’t play ball – she whipped off her tight top to reveal a lovely full pair of heavy breasts encased in matching bikini. She still had revealed nothing we wouldn’t see down on the public beach.

The rest of the girls called her a chicken and spoilsport, but she claimed the whole thing was unbalanced because us guys were ogling the nude girls whilst they had nothing to see of us. I gulped – I had given up fighting my boner; Mikey too by his expression.

But Morven knew exactly what was going on. She agreed with Christina and said, ‘Hell, you said Mikey has a horse-cock, so we should all get the chance to see it. . .’

Kerry looked at Mikey with big eyes. I raised a brow – he shrugged back at me. I wondered – he was a fit guy, stocky but muscular. Never heard any mention of a big dick before but then I never was in a situation with him before in which it might have surfaced in polite conversation. All I knew was that he hit the complex bars regularly all summer and seemed to score highly amongst the holidaymaking girls; perhaps the reason why was now surfacing.

The girls all sided with Christina, told us to get up and race. Morven knew fine well we were ‘handicapped’ with stiffies, so she yelled ‘go!’ way before I’d attempted brain-control over the beast in my shorts.

Running with a boner ain’t easy, so Mikey and I both chased Tina and Christina up the slope, holding our respective members down with one hand. I got right up behind Tina – had that meaty moist cunt and tight ass only feet from my face as she frantically kept ahead. As we hit the top, Christina turned and slammed right into Mikey. He fell over the top, down the other side of the concealing dune, cursing her. Realising what was happening, I grabbed at Christina and whooped with delight as I tripped her.

But I missed out as Tina nimbly evaded my reach. I leapt after her down hill, but she was lithe and quick. All I got was a hand on her ass before I overbalanced and hit the sand.

Tina won, jumping around bottomless beside the boisterous, naked Kerry and Morven. I watched them with a big grin as I spat out sand. Damn fine days like that don’t come along often. But I realised I was screwed. There was a flutter in my gut and a renewed throb at my groin as we all gathered in the bowl amongst the dunes to learn our fate.

Tina took great delight in telling Christina to get her bikini bottoms off. Again, she refused but Morven launched at her, getting a hold of her upper arms from behind. Now these were two tall, finely-formed girls. The struggle was erotic viewing. Morven’s big tits shook violently and she spread her strong legs to get leverage against Christina’s struggle. In turn the statuesque blonde, fought back with vigour and her toned body flexed sexily. Her tits were as full as Morven’s but seemed firmer, sloped gently to each side, settling into her pattern-bikini with an enticing ripeness as she writhed.

Christina might have broken free but for Tina’s intervention – she grabbed a leg, lifting it up off the ground and ripped off Christina’s top. Those marvellous tits broke free, capped by conical pink nipples, like little mountain peaks atop each quivering tit.

Christina threatened through her laughter that Tina had better not go further. But it was –to my delight – inevitable and with a devilish grin Tina undid the ties to Christina’s bikini bottoms. Christina tried to clamp her legs together but as Tina had already raised one up off the sand all she could do was lift herself clean off the ground and further lose control against her two team-mates.

I got a heck of a rush as Kerry stepped in and hauled away Christina’s bottoms. Thighs apart, Christina’s pussy was completely exposed – a raw bare slit, surprisingly pink, with a tangle of light blonde pubes atop. The way her legs were held apart opened her pussy lips, both sets of labia parting and showing a deep pink, very wet hole.

Mikey exclaimed his appreciation, me too, with a clap. Christina’s beautiful face was as pink as her aroused pussy when the girls let her go and she stood naked as Kerry and Morven, save for her glinting belly jewellery and tattoo. Tina still had her top on but Mikey and I had three sets of great tits and four pussies to feast our eyes on.

It was mesmerising. But we were unprepared; Mikey and I standing there with erections forcing out the front of our shorts. I only just saw the flash in her eye before Christina led the charge, using her adrenalin to overcome her shyness and attack Mikey. Her awesome Amazonian body took his balance away as she leapt on him. He hit the deck with Morven grabbing at his shorts. Kerry seized me from behind, reaching round to pull away my shorts, saying in my ear, ‘Time you boys showed us what you’ve got. . .’ And Tina was at my side too, pressing her furry triangle into my hip as she helped Kerry lower my clothing.

Kerry grasped my shaft, leaning her succulent naked form into my back as Tina’s manipulations pulled away my shorts. I willingly stepped out of them. Then a shocked exclamation from my girl beside my ear: ‘Oh, wow, that’s huge. ..’

In front of us on the sand Morven had released Mikey’s cock from his shorts. She got such a surprise as it sprung up that she never got his shorts fully off his legs. She gasped. His dick was a big meaty slab – a thicker shaft than I’d ever seen and long enough to dwarf my seven inches by a good two or three. He was circumcised with a tapering head that was already shiny with precum. He was shaven around his crotch, baring a pair of big balls hanging low.

Christina was pinning him down by sitting on his chest. Mikey was laughing and thrusting his face between her big tits.

Morven said, ‘Oh my god, you were right, Christina – it’s a pussy splitter!’ The girls laughed, Tina with one hand at her mouth the other I noticed, wedged between her thighs. Kerry absently jerked my cock as she watched on entranced. I didn’t know quite what to do – was this heading for some real action? I slipped a hand behind me, to Kerry’s newly-depilated pussy; found her soaking wet. As I slipped a couple of fingers over her slippery clit and into her burning hole, she groaned and sunk down a little on them.

That was all systems go as far as I was concerned. I broke the girls’ trance by asking Morven what she was going to do with that big cock. She looked up at me, dreamily, then seemed to come to her senses, looked at Tina who was stood there beside me gazing on with an intensity that had to be lust.

When I spoke, Christina looked round, saw my cock getting wanked, smiled. Then she spun round to face Mikey’s dick, keeping him pinned. It didn’t seem to bother him – I couldn’t see fully from my angle but I knew her cunt was facing him and the gasp she gave when he raised his head up told us all his tongue was going to work.

Morven and Christina exchanged hooded glances. Morven now had her own fingers working over her tits. She knelt between Mikey’s legs. Christina reached down, took hold of his cock. It was so thick her hand barely got round it. She dipped her head and wrapped her exquisite mouth around the head, rolling her tongue over it as she sucked and licked. Morven took this as a sign, started to play with his balls and slide her hand up his shaft, cooing in wonder at his size. She put her other hand to her own pussy and without and inhibition, spread her legs wide and began to rub at her neat slit, opening her labia and spreading juices. It was blatant cock worship the like of which I’d never seen – and still haven’t – outside porno.

Kerry was gasping for breath, wanking me and growling as I fingered her fast. Then, without warning, she came like a train. I felt her juices break over my fingers, heard her loud cry of pleasure – damn well right in my ear. She sagged away, letting my cock go and crouched beside me, smiling.

Then she gave me a sexy glance and walked right up to Mikey’s head. He had stopped licking at Christina’s pussy and had replaced his tongue with his fingers. Christina was still sucking him and grinding against his hand. Kerry said to me in a small voice, ‘It’s okay’ – I took this to mean she wasn’t about to try and piss me off. In a louder voice, her eyes glazing with lust, she said, ‘I want him to see me. . .’

I understood. I nodded. Her voyeur fetish had another male – a virtual stranger – here to satisfy her longing. She had already got naked in front of him, now she wanted to get more intimate. She straddled Mikey’s head, looked down and bid him, ‘Look. . .’ Kerry used both hands to spread her pussy and finger herself, throwing her head back with the thrill of it, those firm high tits shaking as she rolled her hips above Mikey.

With Morven and Christina playing with his huge cock, Mikey was obviously not about to ask permission and reached up with his free hand. Kerry seemed shocked at his touch, but relented with a deep groan of desire and let Mikey’s fingers find their way into her sopping hole – the first man to touch her other than me for a good couple of years. She continued to rub her clit in little fast circles as Mikey pistoned her hole with two fingers.

I was wanking my own dick, but in seconds of Mikey touching Kerry, Tina came right up to me, kissed me hard and used both her hands to fondle my cock and balls.

All hell kind of broke loose under the hot sun then. Kerry came again with a squeal, dripping juices onto Mikey’s face. She squatted down and he lapped at her pussy which just had her coming again. Christina shuffled down and mounted Mikey in reverse-cowgirl postion, Morven helping feed his massive prong into her lovely blonde pussy. I watched in amazement as her hole stretched around it and she lowered herself onto that shaft inch by inch. It was obscenely erotic because his thickness forced her labia taut and her little clit out of its hood. Morven was masturbating furiously as this went on, groping Mikey’s nuts. Christina helped her cunt accommodate Mikey’s dick by firstly licking, then gently flicking her fingers over her clit.

Sexual energies had replaced sanity under the scorching afternoon sun. I wanted to stop and watch a bit but Tina had other ideas. I got the impression this slim, sexy little shy girl with the cute mousey-brown locks had the hots for me. She went at my cock with her hands then knelt and gobbled me into her warm wet mouth with gusto, not even bothered about the porn exhibition going on beside us.

I had nothing to do with my hands so I put them both on her head and guided her rhythm. Christina started to come like crazy and buck on Mikey’s shaft. She rose and plunged again and again and not once did that prodigious piece of meat slop out.

I wondered exactly how loud we were being – my answer was up on the dune tops. I saw more than one head behind the bushes and another dip below the ridge as I glanced up. I panicked just for a sec, worrying about cops. But, hell, the moment was too damn good. I said nothing, just continued to love Tina sucking me, fondling my nuts.

Kerry came back over and kissed me deeply, murmuring lots of horny stuff. Grabbing my balls as Tina worked on my shaft and throbbing cockhead.

Mikey pushed Christina onto all fours and slid his long dong right in up to the hilt – I had a side view of it and couldn’t believe she took it all in one go. Her pussy was audibly squelching and she started to come immediately with long moans. Morven was kneeling running her hands up and down Mikey’s torso as he pumped in and out of Chrstina. Then Christina slid off his cock just as he was getting up a rhythm. She fell forward onto the ground with a spent sigh, cupping a hand over her sopping pussy, her lovely big tits squashing into the sand. She gazed up at me, all shyness evaporated, just purest horn left. I’d say now that she looked drunk on sex.

Mikey sort of hesitated, his big dick swaying in the breeze. But not for long. Morven went into the doggy position in front of him, opening her shaven pussy lips with her fingers and gasping for him to fuck her. He needed no second invitation.

Kerry moaned with pleasure as I found her open, wet cunt with my fingers; she watched Mikey mount Morven and begin to piston in and out.

Tina broke off from my cock. She looked at her team captain, then up at me, let my dick go and assumed the same position in front of me, ass sticking right up towards me. Her delicious, meaty gash lay wet and glistening, her folds so swollen and open, her clit an unmissable nub begging to be nibbled.

I was on my way into the kneeling position to take her from behind when Kerry stopped me, snapped, ‘Hey, no fucking, right? Only me. . .’ She grinned pulled my cock, knelt beside Tina who looked round, frustrated. Kerry stuck her tongue out at her, then demanded I fill her pussy.

In front of me – two lovely chicks baring two different cunts. One, full and lippy, a bulging meaty pouch framed by a slim girl’s tight ass, the other the puffy-lipped but neater slit of my girl, her pinkness dripping juices onto the back of her long tan thighs, that bubble butt of hers inviting my hands.

Only allowed to fuck one, I pushed my swollen cock right into Kerry’s hot wet snatch. She groaned, began to buck back against me. Tina looked mighty unhappy and damn horny, so I began to finger her. She liked it fast. I gave her ass a cheeky slap. She moaned. Again, slap-slap. Tina ground her sopping big cunt against my hand. She attacked her own clit. So I went finger-slap, finger-slap and she howled with pleasure. Meanwhile I’m still fucking Kerry and about to go over the edge.

Then Morven squealed she’s coming and went into a frenzy. Mikey held on tight, pummelling her tight pussy hard. Morven’s hair everywhere, her back arched, those big tits shaking beneath her. Mikey told her he’s going to come as well and to my surprise she screeched at him to shoot it ‘right up my pussy!’.

Briefly, Mikey looked hesitant, glanced at me. I just watched on, wide-eyed. Morven said something about being on the pill, it was okay. That was enough. Mikey slammed his long thick rod right up her. Morven practically howled, bucked and took all of Mikey’s load as he banged furiously into her in short jabs. Watching on, Kerry came on my cock, her pussy contracting round me. Tina was thrashing on my hand, her ass cheeks red from slapping, her throat hoarse from orgasming loudly.

Mikey withdrew his wilting cock from Morven who crashed out on the sand beside a smiling Christina who was watching on and lazily, and very sexily, playing with her tits and blonde pussy.

Mikey’s cock was still a good eight inches and slimy when Kerry gasped at him to come near her. It blew my mind to see her grasp his dick, moan, run her hand up and down it and then suck at it. I pulled my own cock out of her and slapped it against her pussy, making her juices splash out as she came again, hard.

Tina scrambled round, grabbed my dick and wanked me fast. I told her I was going to shoot, so the wicked little minx took off her bikini top at last, wrapped it round my shaft, then rubbed my cockhead on her hard little nipples and around her nice perky breast; tells me to cover her with cum in a gasping voice, her eyes ferocious with lust.

I grunt okay. She jerked me furiously, also fondling my balls and licking at them. Just as I began to cum, Tina moaned loudly and clamped her mouth right over my shooting cock, the first string smattering on her cute face. I felt out of this world as she sucked down my cum, gobbling my dick in a frenzied fashion. I emptied my nuts for what seemed like ages until she finally released me, grinning up through a spunky face as I sagged to my knees.

Amazed, I watched as Kerry sucked and wanked at Mikey’s huge cock trying to get him to cum again. He eventually had to tell her he was done. She let him go but asked him to jerk it for her while she had a last orgasm. Strangely, after everything that had happened, Mikey looked at me for permission – I gave a little nod and he began to wok at his semi-erect shaft while Kerry spun round to face him with spread legs. She went at her clit with two fingers circling fast, her lovely firm titties shaking as she worked up to orgasm. Christina joined in and wanked her sweet bare pink lips, dipping a finger in as she focussed on Mikey’s huge cock. Then Kerry came with a shudder, crumpling up as her pussy convulsed yet again. Mikey lay back with a sigh, gently fondling his knob. Christina gave a small groan and lay flat out, her legs spread, hand slowly rubbing herself.

I looked up at the dunes again, now with a clear head – and my heart leapt.

Three people sitting atop the south-facing mound. My gasp had everyone alert, looking up. Morven laughed. Three of her team, sitting like they’d just seen the heavens open and the end of the world begin. Each wore their beach casual wear but I wondered how many pairs of wet panties there were.

We sort of got dressed – the netball girls put all their gear back on but Kerry stayed topless. Mikey and I exchanged manly slaps and exclamations of awe at our fun afternoon.

The voyeur girls wouldn’t even come down and talk – I think they thought we would induce them into our sordid cult or something. I just wished I’d clocked them properly earlier and there might have been some extra-serious devilry.

Not that there wasn’t enough that great summer. The netball girls went home the next day, Kerry and I continued to screw in the dunes for the rest of the summer, now with added excitement and food for horny though. Mikey actually came and watched once – he caught us shagging, much to Kerry’s delight and excitement and she asked him to stay and wank his big dick for us. So once more I screwed her whilst she gazed at Mikey’s oversized cock – she demanded we both come together so she could see. We did, and she claimed to have had the best orgasm of her life while she looked on and masturbated.

That might have become a regular thing if it hadn’t been for the inclement weather and Mikey’s heavy workload on the farm. The rest of the year petered out and we returned to college.

It might all have been confined to that one summer’s memory had Kerry not bumped into Morven at college during some sports exchange. That brought a bit of a thrill the following summer which I might write about soon if this memory goes down well.

Like I’ve said before, I get the details as crystal as I can and try not to elaborate –I only fucked my girlfriend during that hot, horny summer but I hope you agree that the whole series of events was sexy enough to deserve putting into words. I’ll know by your votes and comments. Thanks for reading.

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