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Four Friends Show and Tell Experiment

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My name is Robin, I am half-Euro, half-Asian woman, rather short and closer to plump than to twiggy. I am now 37 years old, happily married to a very sexy and caring man with two very young children. I really enjoyed reading some of the mutual masturbation experiences on your web site. I wanted to share what I think was the most erotic masturbation experience that happened to me during my college days.

First some background. During my high school days, I was honestly rather uninterested and completely inexperienced with regards to in sex. This was not so much because I had been taught that sex was immoral or sinful. Rather it was because in high school I was convinced that sex was something pointless and stupid. I was a rather nerdy girl, socially isolated, and I convinced myself that at matters of the mind were more important than boys and my body. I was more comfortable and interested in reading a good book or a playing a sonata on my oboe than I was in hanging around with other kids and talking about boys and stuff.

However all this changed when I got to college where it is hard to be isolated. My social world expanded and I began to make real friends for the first time in my life. I shared a dorm suite with four other freshman women, and I became pretty good friends with one roommate who was both feminist and much more liberated sexually that I was. She taught me (mostly by example) that sexuality was part of a the whole person, something to delight in, not to be ashamed of. More specifically, she lent me the book, “Our Bodies, Our Selves” which opened me up to the joys of masturbation. During my freshman year, I would often try to get back to my dorm room before my roommates, to have some time alone to explore my body and masturbate to orgasm. I liked to fantasize about making love to one of the cute guys in class, and I especially enjoyed imagining that he would standing next to me watching me masturbate as my fingers slid up and down on my clit.

The summer after my freshman year, at the last minute, I got a lab assistant job on campus. I was scrambling for summer housing and managed to share a summer sublet in a three-bedroom apartment in town with three other students, Carl, Anna, and Phil (all of who happened to be juniors at the college). Carl was the tall, silent Italian, always smiling and helpful. Anna was a stunningly beautiful straight-haired California girl, mischievous and talkative, and it seemed always provocatively wearing the bare minimum of clothes around the apartment. Phil was a somewhat jovial sturdy fellow with a reddish beard and curly hair. Carl and Anna were (quite recently) lovers, and there was a real spark of excitement between the two of them.

The four of us gradually became friends, although I kept to myself much of the time (my summer job kept me quite busy). Also we made a regular habit of all four of us sharing a meal every Saturday night and catching a late movie at the theater together, since film was one of our few shared interests.

Meanwhile I really enjoyed having my own room in the apartment, and although I was not dating anyone, I was becoming more adventurous and free with my masturbation fantasies. I began sleeping in the nude, masturbating with the lights on and watching myself orgasm in the mirror. At the time I was not dating anyone (I was still a virgin!) and yet I was my own best lover. And so although I was a little lonely, I was on my own, enjoying my freedom as an adult, reading and teaching myself to open up sexually, and enjoying life in the city with friends.

One night, towards the very end of the summer, the four of us found ourselves eating dinner in the kitchen of the small apartment, looking at the newspaper as usual and arguing about possibly selecting a movie. This was the last weekend before schools restarted, and the last weekend of sharing the sublet together. Sunday was to be moving day. Phil and I were going back to our respective dorms. Anna and Carl were moving into a studio. We had already spent the afternoon packing things up — none of us had too much stuff since the sublet was furnished. The night was really hot, so going to a cool theater sounded ideal.

Sort of off the cuff, Anna said, “Hmmm. Looks like the ‘Story of O’ is playing in the Square.” Carl simply said, “Hmmm,” in a rather matter of fact way. Anna was really the more talkative of the pair, so I knew already that was two votes cast.

Phil looked a bit uneasy. “Say, isn’t that supposed to be an X-rated movie. Mostly sex, and bondage, I think.” Anna replied quickly, “Um, y’know I think it is more of an art film, like, kinda. Anyway, it’s famous. You don’t want to get through college without seeing this. It’s supposed to be a classic.”

Everyone turned to me, the “young one”. I simply replied, “I’m game”, although I was a little anxious about the idea. Still I would be with friends, so I was not too intimidated. I’d never seen an X-rated movie before. I was curious. You have to remember, this was the early ’80s and the web did not yet exist. Even video tape rentals were not so common yet.

The show started at midnight, and the crowd, although rather favoring men over women, was clearly college-town friendly. I watched the movie in silence, sitting next to Anna, who was rather squirmy during the film. This was the first time I had actually seen explicit sex acts of any kind except for illustrations in books. There were parts of the movie that I enjoyed, and some of the characters were quite attractive physically, but on the whole the film was more disturbing than interesting. Pain was clearly not a turn on for me. However, there was one particularly interesting part of the film where the heroine is commanded by her new master: “Play with yourself.” This was really interesting, and I found myself licking my lips as she slowly moved her hand between her legs to comply. I thought to myself, “Hmmm. I wonder if she masturbates the same way that I do. It would be really nice to see another woman give herself an orgasm.” I was disappointed when the plot of the movie did not follow my wishes in this regard.

After the movie ended, on the way home, I waited for Anna to start the traditional post-film review. During the summer we had gotten into the habit of taking an hour or more after each movie to dissect the plot and debate the intellectual, artistic, and entertainment value of each film. This was half the fun. This time, there was silence. Phil was looking particularly uncomfortable. However, it was Anna who quickly put me on the spot:

“Well, Robin. What did you think of the movie?”

I considered carefully for several seconds, before I answered, rather lamely. “Well, I guess I am somewhat baffled by the film. Specifically, I am having a hard time identifying with the characters. The plot seemed to be completely contrived…”

At this point Phil giggled, nervously. “Um, Robin I think that the plot of the film was not the central concept of the either the film-maker nor the central concern of the audience.”

I was sort of pretending innocence. “What do you mean by that, Phil?”

Before he replied, Anna interjected in a characteristically forward way, “Robin, what Phil means is that films like this are not supposed to be judged on the narrative alone. The aim of the film is not to be merely artistic. The aim is to make a film that people get off on. So that is really the question we need to address when we assess this film. Did the film excite you? Were you sexually enticed or aroused?”

Well, this was as odd a discussion as I had ever had, walking along the sidewalk back to the apartment in the dead of night. Here I was back on the spot again, I answered slowly and (after some consideration) as honestly as I could. I confessed that some parts of the movie were both arousing and interesting, but many other parts were essentially a turn off. I said that I really could not relate to the bondage/dominance/pain theme. And, finally, although I did not consider myself a prude, I really did not find lots of random intercourse between strangers that exciting. I said, “It does not look to me like anyone was really enjoying the experience, if you know what I mean. Everyone’s face was all grimaces.”

The discussion continued as we arrived back in the apartment and sat around the rug on the small living room floor. It took a while for Phil to feel comfortable about talking about his reaction to the film and even longer for Carl to talk about it. All the while, Anna kept up with the provocative questions to keep the discussion going. “What was your favorite scene in the movie?” “Who was most attractive in the movie?” And although it was clear that each of us had rather different tastes, most of us agreed that despite being a “classic” the ‘Story of O’ somehow fell short.

At this point, Anna (who clearly enjoyed the movie the most) asked us a more personal question, although it sounded innocent enough. She said, “Okay, then, if you did not like this movie so much, what kind of movie would you like to see? If you could have any film made that had anything in it that you would find most sexually arousing and interesting to you, what would this be?”

Again, I was put on the spot to answer first. “Gee, Anna. I guess I would really like to see, um, you know, some real people really making love. I mean what I would be most interested in would be a movie that showed two people, er, having sex — and it would be a turn on to be able to be certain that the two people were in love with each other and really enjoying each other, not just doing it for the money or whatever.”

Next was Phil’s turn. He was a bit embarrassed, but after some coaxing by Anna he confessed that he had a very particular interest. “What I would like to see is a film where I could be watching a woman who was really enjoying herself, was really giving herself pleasure. That would be cool.”

Anna replied, “You mean you want to watch a woman masturbate, Phil?”

Phil stammered and blushed, “Er, yeah I guess that is it. I think it would be exciting because — well because if woman is giving herself pleasure instead of just, um, going at it with a guy, then you know she is doing it because she really likes the feeling, y’know? Not just trying to make someone else happy….”

I was really intrigued by his answer, both because it was surprisingly honest and because Phil’s attitude paralleled my own more than I would have imagined.

Carl was next, and he had the distinct disadvantage of knowing that he had already confessed an answer to this question to Anna recently in the past, so he could not fudge it. “Don’t make me say it, baby, I’m embarrassed.” Anna persisted, though. “Go on, honey. We’re all friend’s here. No one will judge you. Besides, Robin and Phil already answered, so you have to take your turn in fairness.”

Carl said finally, “Okay. What I would like to see is, well, what I want to see is an orgasm. On a man. That’s it. I want to see another man come.”

This was a stunner. Carl was sort of the definition of the word “straight” and this sounded alot more kinky than I would have imagined. After a moment I gently asked, “Why’s that, Carl?”

Carl answer slowly. “Because, I could relate to this. I has nothing to do with being attracted to men or anything. See, watching girls — sorry, I mean watching Anna, um, climax is really exciting. (long pause). And I know she really likes it but — um — see since she is a woman there is always this thing in the back of my mind saying, for her it is somehow, well, different. Anna and I feel great but we have different feelings. Now if I were watching a guy, I would know that when he shoots — er, comes — he is having the same exact experience I would. Anyway that is exciting to think about, I guess. I’ve never seen another man come before.”

Finally, it was Anna’s turn, and her response was a little sly. “Well, I sort of liked the movie, but in actuality, my most interesting fantasy for me is sort of unfulfillable in a movie… since a movie is just a one-way kind of thing. What I like to think about is sort of being in a movie — having someone watch me. Sometimes, I think about someone else being in the room with Carl and me when we are having sex — the idea of turning on others, having them watch me, well — that is a turn on for me.”

Well, I thought. That explains alot. Anna’s an exhibitionist. It explained why Anna dresses so sexily and it also sort of explains why she likes to laugh and talk and cry out during sex — I’d heard her muffled croon several times behind closed doors over the summer.

We all sat around for a little while longer, lamenting the fact that it looked like there was no movie made that we could watch that would satisfy all of us. I also realized that the topic of discussion had made me horny and I was not used to feeling that way in the presence of others. I was beginning to daydream about slipping off to my room for some self-indulgence, when Anna once again threw us a bomb-shell.

“Heeyyyy I know! I just had an idea. Hmmm….. You know, I just don’t think that we will have to wait for some stupid porno director to make perfect erotic movie to turn us all on. I think — well I think that we could make our own private movie.”

Phil was quick to respond. I think that his first impression was that Anna was speaking in the hypothetical. “Sure, Anna,” he said. “I’ll bet any of us could make a better movie than we saw tonight. All we’d need is alot of money and time….”

“No, no,” said Anna. “I mean that we could make a movie just now, just with us. Tonight, even!”

“Huh?” said Phil, rather anxiously. “Whoa, whoa! This is too wild. You can’t be serious…” I think Phil had visions of Anna supervising a four-person orgy with a video camera or something. The same impression occurred to me, and I was immediately determined to veto the idea as well. As much as I liked my roommates, I was not prepared to have my first real love-making session with three older platonic friends. Like, I said, my fantasy life was focused on loving couples — me and one other person. At this point, the group sex bit was not for me. And even if Anna imagined some sort of pairing, with her and Carl as one pair, I was not in the slightest prepared to kiss, fondle, or otherwise physically interact with Phil. Not that he was not a nice and attractive guy, it was just that I knew that Phil was not the one for me, there was no “zing” between us.

“No, no, you don’t understand,” Anna continued. “I don’t mean making a real movie. No film. No video tape. What I mean is that we could each be a ‘movie’ for each other. But instead of a performance on film, the performance would be live. We would perform for each other’s enjoyment. In other words, we would each get off while watching the others get off. No touching, just watching each other do what each of us would do if we were alone.”

Anna’s suggestion was greeted with silence. This was the craziest thing I ever heard. Carl had an odd look on his face and I comprehended in a flash that this whole scheme was something that Anna had planned all along — or at least had fantasized about with Carl — before we even left for the movie. “I think I’m outa here,” I said, and began to move off to my own room. “Look, Robin,” Anna continued. “You said yourself. What you want most is to watch a real couple in love making love. Who do you know who is more in-love that Carl and me? Wouldn’t you like to watch Carl and me together making love from start to finish? And Phil, what you want to see is another woman pleasuring herself. Well, Robin here is one of the prettiest women I know, and I am sure you would give your eyeteeth to see her touch herself while she is watching us. And of course, Carl would get to see you — er, orgasm — at some point — I know he would love it. And I would finally get to know what it is like to be watched. Really watched.” There was delicious excitement and fire in Anna’s voice. I’d stopped in my tracks, barely breathing.

Still silence. But I could tell Phil was pondering it. Myself, I was speechless. My mouth had gone dry, and I was torn between the desire stay and the desire to run from the room. This was crazy. I was too shy. I was too ugly. I was not into kinky stuff. My sexual world was private, even if it was completely in my head and my hand. Was I really ready to be vulnerable and exposed to these people? Besides, who would ever want to look at me unclothed?

Anna, sensing the anxiety, added more reassuring words. “Okay, look. This is not as bad as it seems. We know each other and trust each other okay? This will be a one-time thing. We are NOT having sex with each other see? We are just watching each other, each in our own space. No one else will ever know, and if you don’t like it or feel uncomfortable you can just leave. I am only suggesting that everyone who stays — well — everyone who stays should try to be as open as possible. Can we respect that? We have shared our fantasies, and now we have a chance to live out one of these at least at this level, right here, tonight.

More silence.

“Sigh. Look okay, even if you guys don’t want to do this, Carl and I have already talked this over. We want to share what we have between us, just once letting someone we trust share this with us. If you don’t want to be here with us, that’s fine. But our plan is to make love right here, right now, and if you want to leave fine, but if you want to watch, then I promise you that you will see something much more interesting, and much more real that we saw in that movie tonight. You can stay and watch us, or you can go. It’s up to you.”

I don’t know how we crossed that anxious divide, but the heat of the night and the fact that we were all tired and aroused. And there was this element of doing something slightly naughty, certainly not “conventional” — but at the same time I felt fairly safe. Safe enough to consider being with these people, maybe even being naked with them. It couldn’t hurt to try it, right? Just once. For fun. No broken relationship. No pregnancy or STD’s. Maybe I would just watch. That would be neat. Or maybe, just maybe… It would be just like I would normally do, touching and loving myself, only this time with something much more interesting to look at besides an old book…. I was beginning to persuade myself.

As the switch inside my head rolled from doubt to trust, the reality of what we were about to do sunk in. A jolt of erotic energy raced from the tips of my nipples down to my clitoris. I was surprised to hear the eagerness in my own voice as I heard myself saying, “Anna. I’ll do it. I’m’ in. Okay.” Phil could only nod dumbly. Anna, smiled broadly. She kissed Carl deeply and then stood up and walked over to the bathroom, quickly returning with three large towels. Anna said, “Okay, I promise we will take it slow. Carl and I have talked about this before, so we are used to the idea at some level, so why don’t we start things out. We will just pretend that we are in the room alone and we will start making out and we will see how things go from there. Anna, you sit in that over there, Phil you take the couch. Both of you just hang loose and if you like what you see, you can do whatever you find enjoyable.” She wordlessly handed us each a towel. I folded mine onto the chair and sat down. Phil carried his over to the couch. Anna placed the third towel down on the rug and she and Carl sat on it.

Anna put some music on and slightly dimmed the lights. I sat on the stuffed chair, still fully clothed in a tank top and shorts. Phil grabbed a pillow and reclined on the couch. He seemed to be holding the pillow sort of on his lap, perhaps to hide his arousal or something.

Anna and Carl started to kiss. It was a really nice kiss, just the kind I wanted to see in the movie but never did. Anna whispered softly, “Hi lover,” and returned to her kissing. It was playful and intimate. Anna’s eyes were have open, looking dreamily at Carl. She her lips parted and her tongue fell into Carl’s mouth. Even as she kissed, she smiled and little, and then began to grin and Carl’s embracing hands slid gently from around her back and then up into her shirt. I could see the outline of Carl’s hands as he began to squeeze and massage Anna’s breasts under the shirt. Anna gave a toothy grin and a soft sigh, and then, almost unexpectedly, she shrugged the shirt off completely. Then Carl traced his fingers around the outside of Anna’s bra. She looked down and playfully grabbed one of his hands, and sort of stuffed it into one breast cup. She closed her eyes and then reached down to detach the bra completely.

Anna gently held Carl’s arms and pushed his hands away for a moment. She was looking straight into my eyes and was holding herself in a way that made it clear she wanted me to see her top-less. Her tits were medium size, the nipples ruby red and very erect. She was silently signaling to me that it was alright, that she wanted me to see her like this, turned on and making love to her man. Anna also just kept smiling, a beaming smile that was both naughty and simply happy at the same time. Her smile more than anything put me at ease, and, at the same time, really got me turned on. I began to allow myself to think about and anticipate what was coming next, and how I was responding.

Carl took off his shirt, and — after a moment — his shorts as well. I was thrilled and stunned by the sight of his erection. This was much better than the movie. He slid back next to Anna and leaned down and began kissing her breasts. At this Anna gave out a little moan.

I was mesmerized, and unmoving up until this point. But then I heard movement on the couch. Much to my amazement, Phil had somehow gotten out of all of his clothes without anyone noticing. Woah, I thought, things are happening very fast. Phil was holding a couch pillow which was covered with the towel, and had strategically placed the pillow over his crotch, but Phil was watching Anna and Carl and he was pressing the pillow with one hand between is legs. At this point, Phil noticed that I was watching him and he froze. I considered, and somehow sensing the magic of the moment, smiled back at him, silently conveying, “It’s okay, I’m your friend”. He clearly took my smile as a positive signal, and with a sly grin he began to rock back and forth into the pillow. I began to wish I could see his hands on his penis behind the pillow.

Anna let out a sharp noise, and I turned to see her, completely naked, her legs splayed wide open and Carl’s hand cupping her vulva. At the same time, I could see Anna’s hand wrapped around Carl penis, gently squeezing. What a beautiful sight. Then I watched Anna begin to slide over Carl, getting closer, bringing her pussy nearer and nearer to Carl’s stiff penis.

At this point, I noticed Anna hesitate, and I sensed somehow that Phil had slacked a bit in his rocking as well. That’s when I realized that I was not playing the game fair. I was still clothed in my tank-top and cutoffs, while all of my friends were naked and getting off.

However, I suddenly realized that I was not completely unfair. Sometime during the developments, without consciously realizing it, I had let my right hand wander between my legs. I looked down at myself and watched in amazement to realize that I was slowly stroking my pussy through the denim cloth of my cutoffs, and probably had been for several minutes.

With some resolve, I realized it was my turn to show. I was again surprised at how excited I was and I realized that in fact, I was really having fun and really turned on. I did a sort of strip-tease, easing out of my top, and turning around on the chair to remove my bra. I turned back to face my friends, and then looked back to Anna as I placed my left hand on my right breast, squeezing and rolling the nipple while my right hand continued to slide against my shorts. Anna smiled back at me but silently signaled that she and Carl would go no further until I was on par with the rest of the group.

So, feeling almost giddy, I hunched up, and pulled off my shorts. Now I was completely nude, and after taking a full minute to cup and squeeze both of my tits, I let my right hand slide down and opened my legs. It was especially exciting to realize how much this turned everyone else on, since the pace of activity was suddenly increased again. Phil moaned, “oh my God…” and began stroking his penis again. I smiled and put two fingers into my soaking wet vulva, pressing, holding there, and then, gently, I began the regular and reassuring circular motion, down inside, then back along one side of my clitoris, then the other. I knew that this would bring me to orgasm soon, and I was torn between reveling in this fact, and the thrill of watching something I had been dreaming about. As I watched Anna slid her body on top of Carl, firmly grasping his cock, and then, holding her pussy wide open with one hand, she placed the tip of Carl’s stiff penis at the opening of her vagina. Then she lowered herself down, and Carl’s penis slid completely into her pussy. “Oh Wow!” she said, and began slowly rocking back and forth staring alternately at Carl and then at Phil and then, most knowingly, at me.

I know that Anna had the idea that things would move slowly but the fact of the matter is that we had all been so hot and the scene was so arousing that our orgasms caught all of us up rather quickly. Phil started breathing short breaths, and holding open his mouth he thrust his penis into the pillow, clearly coming. Somehow Carl picked up on this and said, simply, “Oops. I’m — coming.” as he pushed up and into Anna. This was too much for me. I stopped moving and then — an eternity later – crash — my orgasm was upon me. I closed my eyes and shoved two fingers deep into my pulsing pussy, saying “Ooo, ooo, ooo” in a soft rapid pattern as I normally do when I come. There were colors flashing behind my eyes, and the zing of pleasure, pulse after pulse, of the orgasm that was the most intense I’d ever had.

I didn’t open my eyes for a few seconds, but when I did all eyes were upon me. Anna said, “God, Robin, that noise you made — that was the cutest thing I have ever heard.” I was simultaneously embarrassed and exalted at the same time. Wow. How wonderful. How weird.

Amazingly Anna was still rocking her hips slowly back and forth, sliding up and down on Carl’s penis which was still in her pussy as she said this.

There was silence for a while. Anna slowed until she was barely rocking against Carl. Everyone was smiling, sighing. No one wanted to move. It was amazing to see everyone just hanging out, naked, the room smelling of sex, pondering what just happened, listening to the music.

After about fifteen minutes, Anna once again started the conversation. She was still pressed against Carl, and by this point it was clear that Carl had regained at least enough of an erection so that she could keep him inside her. The intimacy between them was sensational, and I resolved that if and when I had my own lover, I would keep his penis in inside me each time as long as I could. Anna said, “Okay, that was really beautiful, and I could hardly ask for more. But since I am the forward, pushy type, I will ask anyway. All of you came too soon, dammit.” The point seemed aimed at poor Carl in particular. She continued, “Believe it or not, I still haven’t gotten off, and what I really want is for us to all try it again. One more time. Together. With feeling. If you are still willing.”

In retrospect it seems odd, but I was still overwhelmed and excited by the whole scene and found that I was once again aroused. Still, I was not sure if a repeat was in order. What could be more fulfilling and amazing than what we just did? How could we all hope to top that experience? But I nodded and looked over to Phil, who indeed seemed to ready to go again.

Anna said, “Okay, let’s do it again. But this time, there will be some new rules. The first rule is that we need to separate our orgasms, I want to see each of you come, and most importantly, I want — no I NEED each of you to watch me with full attention when I come. So we take turns coming, and this time no closing the eyes either, Robin.”

“Okay,” I said meekly. Anna continued, “Okay, another rule is that we need visual access to everything that is going on. Phil, that pillow spoiled Carl’s view of your orgasm. This time, I want each of us to be able to see you squirt when you ejaculate. Anna, honey, if you could, please hold your hand to the side, just a bit more so that poor Phil can see past your fingertips.”

This was getting pretty weird. I knew that Anna was assertive but here she was almost ordering us what to do. However, in a sense, it was relaxing, freeing. This whole situation was setup by Anna, and if she wanted to choreograph a little, then this at least meant I was not so responsible. And so far her directions had been great.

“Finally, the last rule is that this time we have to talk to each other.”

“What do you mean?” said Phil. “We are talking right now.”

Anna said, “No, what I mean is that each of us has to talk to each other about what we are feeling, what we are thinking about, what is turning us on, and, most importantly, we need to tell each other when we are about to come.”

Phil objected, “Anna. I am not sure I can do that. It’s kinda embarrassing….”

I noticed that Anna was beginning to press herself against Carl in earnest now. I realized that sometime in the past few minutes, Anna had gone from gentle post-love-making caresses to actually having sex again with Carl. She had revved herself up and yet somehow she managed to keep the discussion going.

“Come on Phil. It’s not so bad. Why should you be embarrassed? You just masturbated yourself to orgasm in front of us, and here we are planning to do it again. If you can’t talk about it, how can you do it? See. Look at me. Right now Carl is making love to me. We are having sex, and we are doing it while we talk, — ah, ummm.”

Anna returned her attention to her lover, and continued to speak “Okay, Carl and I will start the talking. Just follow our lead. We take turns, one or two sentences each. Say what you see, what you feel, what you want. Just go with it and have fun. And remember we take turns coming. I think, hmmm. I think we should have Phil come first. Then me and Carl — me first this time, sweetie. And finally Robin.”

So there we were, back at it. Carl and Anna had rolled on their sides, with their torsos apart a bit, bit joined at the hips. It was a great angle and I could see the entire length of Carl’s wet shaft as it slid in and out of Anna. I could also see Carl gently rolling both of Anna’s nipples in his fingers. I looked over and Phil, who, after Anna’s speech had been completely converted and was getting wholly into the spirit. Phil was now holding himself square on the couch, gleefully stroking his long penis in one hand and gently tweaking the moist glans in the other. He definitely had a look on his face that said, “See, watch me, two hands.”

In response, I spread my legs wide, and holding open my vaginal lips with one hand, I rolled and rubbed my clitoris with the other. Since everyone seemed to like the noises I made before, I let myself go and started, groaning and moaning. Anna started speaking. We all took turns, not in order by whenever someone felt the urge. I can’t recall exactly what was said but here I reproduce some of conversation to give you the idea. The whole thing took longer than this:

A: “Oh, Carl. It’s great to feel you inside me. Sliding in and out.”

C: “Anna. I love you. You are so soft, so tight. Hmmm.”

P: “ooooh…. Ahhhh. This is nice.”

R: (still rather self-consciously). “You two look really — um — nice.

Oh. I am so aroused….”

A: “Wow. This is fun. I am having sex and finally I am being watched

by one sexy man and one pretty woman. Oh wow.”

C: “Oh. Anna. You are so turned on. I can feel your pussy squeezing me.”

A: “Hmmm. Ah. I feel you inside. Slide that wonderful cock inside my wet pussy, Carl. Put it inside. Screw me with that sweet firm penis.”

After a few minutes, the conversation topic turned from what we were seeing to what we were doing. Sort of a report from each of our eyes.

P: “Oh man. I am masturbating. Yessss. I am watching you masturbate. This is amazing. Oh jeeze, Robin. Wow.”

A: Ah, er – Carl and I are making love, he’s — he fucking me with his penis. And I can see Phil stroking, sliding his fingers up and down on that beautiful cock. Watch me. Carl and I are having sex, I’m fucking Carl, and he’s rubbing my tits. Oh, and Robin you are so hot. I love watching you masturbate, honey. I love to hear you moan.”

R: “Oooooh. Mmmmmm. I am — I am masturbating and it feels so good to masturbate and have you watch me. I am thrusting my h- hips back, forth, back and forth. I am r- rubbing my clit and it feels good, and I am watching you have — have sex, ah, — I am watching Carl’s penis slide gently into Anna’s, Anna’s pu- ah, pussy. I am watching Phil masturbate. I want to see Phil come. Oh — oh my. Oh I want to come again, soon.

I had almost gotten carried away. At this point the breathing was getting very heavy and it was getting increasingly hard to say a full sentence without gasping. It was Phil’s turn to orgasm. I had to slow down a bit to be sure I did not come before my turn.

P: “Okay, I am ready to come now. I am stroking, F-faster, faster. I am looking at Robin, wha- watching her with her hand moving on her pussy, fucking herself with her fingers, so aroused. Oh, I’ really go-gonna, — ah, ah, — Oh here I come!”

I watched rapt as Phil thrust his penis upward, squeezing the base of his cock with one hand and gripping his balls in the other hand. Four large hot jets of semen shot from the tip of his penis into the air and then onto his hairy chest. He was looking directly into me eyes with each spasm, smiling, in ecstasy. It was beautiful.

Next was Anna’s turn. She clearly wanted my attention.

A: “Oh, Robin honey. Look at me. Isn’t this beautiful? Can you see me with Carl’s long hot penis, inside me now? Oh, it feels so good. There’s nothing like coming with a man inside -ahh, in, inSIDE you, I’m going to come now, Robin honey, watch, me — wa- watch me orgasmmmmm, Ahhhhhhh..

As I watched, Anna did an amazing and wonderful thing. She arched back, and at the same, time, she reached down with one hand and with two fingers, she furiously rubbed the nub of her retracting clitoris as Carl pumped his long shaft deep within her. Within seconds, she let out a little shriek, and, eyes wide and mouth open came and came and came.

This was just too much for poor Carl. He was quick on her heels with just a short statement:

C: “Oh, baby, I’m gonna squirt, I’m, I’m in you, I- I’m commmmmming…. Ummmmmmmmm.”

And Carl thrust his hips forward meeting Anna’s last thrusts.

All these orgasm had me really excited. I was riding a plateau of pleasure, ready to release. But since I was last, I knew that I could just take the time I needed. I began to rock, hard, back and forth against both hands, one hand thrusting two fingers deep into my vagina, the other working circles around my clitoris again. Sweat was beading on my chest, my bare breasts tingled and glistened. My pussy was sopping wet and full and open. The music had stopped and the only sound in the room was the slippery squishy sound of my finger moving in and out, around and around and the soft fabric motion of the chair as I rocked my hips back and forth making love to my thrusting fingers. This was power. This was glory. This was the most fun I had ever had in my life.

After a minute of increasing excitement, being the center of attention, It was time to finish. I began to speak.

R: “Ah. Watching you all has been sooo nice. I am so horny. I love to touch myself, love to — love to bring myself to org- orgasm. I am loving, loving Lo — loving to love myself. To mast- masturbate. I am going to come, soon, I am bringing myself closer, closer to orgasm. I’m going to come, with a beautiful orgasm, right….ha, oo, right, NOW!”

And I let out with another involuntary set of “ooo, ooo, ooo’s” as I came once again, just as intensely as before. But this time, I kept my eyes open, staring straight into Anna’s eyes and — much to my delight and amazement — as I came, I suddenly realized Anna was sitting next to Carl, with her hands moving rapidly on her pussy, matching my motion, and she was masturbating with me, orgasming again, coming with me. What a treat.

Well, after this we were all exhausted and satisfied. Anna kept the conversation light and playful, reminding everyone that this was “just for fun” and remarking on how intense the experience was. Phil was almost awe-struck. I was feeling more self-assured and beautiful than I had ever felt in my life. The last part, turning on another woman, had really been thrilling.

We all quickly fell asleep, and I woke early — about 4 AM — to find myself rather cold and naked on the chair, the towel still damp from my juices the night before. Anna and Carl has retreated in the night to their room. Phil was lying on the couch, eyes closed, his penis again erect in his hands, for the third time that night he was masturbating — apparently reliving the experience in his head. At one point, he turned toward me, and noticed I was awake. I simply smiled at him, not moving to hide my naked body as he — quietly this time — orgasmed again, and then wiped himself off and rolled over to go to sleep. Watching Phil come one more time was more reassuring than arousing. I wandered off to bed in my own room and sleep in late.

The next day we said our goodbyes. Phil was particularly silent and awkward. I think the episode had caused him to sort of fall in love with me a little, and he was definitely going to feel the loss. We all went our separate ways. Phil reconnected with his old friends and we lost touch — I sort of avoided him so as to not give the wrong signals. I did not hear from Anna and Carl again for three more years, when they invited me to their wedding. We never got together again for anything like this, but the memories have been a turn on for years.

I especially have enjoyed sharing masturbation with my husband, face to face and on the phone when one of us is away. I often tell him this story of the night four friends gave each other a great erotic experience. It always turns both of us on. I often fantasize about getting together with Anna and Carl for a repeat performance some day.

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