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Scenes from a Reno Hotel Room

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Sara Foster opened the door and stepped into the room. The dark heavy curtains had been drawn back leaving only the sheers to filter the bright afternoon sun. The room was slightly cool but that was ok with Sara because she knew that soon she would probably be sweating. Doug sat naked in the overstuffed leather chair at the far end of the room, Chloe, also naked except for a pair of black lacy panties, was on her knees between his legs, her face buried in his lap.

Doug smiled in acknowledgement to Sara, then closed his eyes in obvious pleasure and laid his head back. Chloe’s head bobbed up and down rhythmically as she feasted on Doug’s cock, giving no indication that she had heard Sara enter the room.

Sara moved to get a better view of the action. Chloe’s left hand cradled Doug’s balls while the right gripped the shaft of his cock, occasionally stroking it as it moved in and out of her mouth. From where she now stood, Sara could hear the wet sucking sounds of a good blowjob. She watched as Chloe positioned herself just so, and then slowly and smoothly took Doug’s hard dick deep into her mouth, deeper than seemed comfortable to Sara. Chloe paused for moment then took it a little deeper still. Sara was sure that Chloe had taken a certain measure of it into her throat, and she was a little impressed.

Sara knew Doug’s penis well, and knew that it was a little hard to deep throat. Though not much longer than average, it had pleasurable girth, the smooth, firm shaft was big enough to give a pleasantly full feeling when inside her. His testicles, resting mobile in their smooth soft sack, were definitely larger than average, but the crowning jewel of Doug’s package was his cock head. It was broad and smooth with a well-defined ridge or corona. Chloe had once told Sara how sometimes when she was giving him a blow job, she would get distracted and find herself just holding that head in her mouth, letting her tongue play over its conjures. Sara paid more attention the next time she went down on Doug, and found herself to be fascinated with its shape and texture as well.

Sara could feel that her panties were becoming damp from the exhibition that her friends were giving and she started to undress herself. She removed her top and shorts and paused a long moment to let Doug take in the bra and panties she had carefully selected for this day. The bra was black lace and actually somewhat matched the panties Chloe was wearing. Doug looked her over and she could see the look of recognition in his eyes when he viewed her underwear. She was wearing the panties he had asked her to buy. He had not specified exactly which ones to buy; he had merely asked that she find a pair that would be unique and that she think about him when she wore them.

Unlike most girls Sara was relatively ambivalent about shopping but she had thoroughly enjoyed that excursion. She had gone to all of the local lingerie and major department stores searching for just the right pair, all the while fantasizing about what would happen when she finally got to show them to him. At one point she couldn’t stand it any more and she grabbed the first blouse she came across as an excuse to go into the dressing room. Once inside she removed her shorts and underwear as fast as she possibly could and started working on her clit. She was surprised at how wet she had been and bringing herself to orgasm had not taken long. Her biggest problem had been stifling her moans of pleasure so she didn’t get kicked out of the store, or worse.

When she finally found the right ones, she rushed home and e-mailed Doug about the panties. In his return message, he told her that he wanted her to wear them to work the next day and that she was to make herself cum in the restroom of her office. She put them on the next morning and found that she had a hard time concentrating on her work. When the right time finally came she slipped into the ladies room and locked the door. For the second day in a row Sara had to work hard to contain the loud cries of her climax.

She smiled now at that thought, she remembered telling herself that the next time she wore “Doug’s Panties” to work she would have to bring a second pair, as the first were so thoroughly soaked by her own juices by mid day that she had worried about leaving wet spots on her skirt when she sat down. As it turned out the spare set of panties was just the right idea. Belatedly she realized that Chloe must be wearing her own “special” panties too and that was why she had not removed them thus far.

Sara removed her bra, the slight chill in the air had made her nipples hard and Doug grinned excitedly when he saw them. She had relatively small breasts and that sometimes bothered her, but Doug didn’t seem to care in the least, in fact he commented often on how much he liked them. Her areolas were a pale pink, just slightly darker than the skin of her breast, and she had small rounded, upturned nipples.

Sara lay on the bed leaving her panties on and it was only then that Chloe seemed to realize that she was in the room. Chloe turned from Doug’s hard-on and smiled, “Hi, I didn’t hear you come in”. She rose as she turned to greet her friend, as she did so Doug hooked a finger in Chloe’s panties and pulled them down revealing her shaved pussy. From where Sara lay she could see that the lips of Chloe’s snatch glistened with excited moisture. Doug also stood, his cock ramrod straight and shiny with Chloe’s saliva. Chloe moved to the foot of the bed and crawled up between Sara’s legs stopping briefly to kiss her left knee, then her right thigh. She kissed Sara’s pubic mound through the panties, then her belly, just below the pierced navel, then just above. She moved up and kiss first the right then the left nipple and then finally the mouth. Sara could smell Doug’s cock on her lips and taste it on her tongue.

She felt an almost unperceivable electric current in her crotch as her brain increased the flow of her girl juices. Sara’s tongue searched Chloe’s mouth wishing to taste as much of Doug’s flavor as she could even if it was just second hand. There were times when she was working or cooking or at the gym and his smell or his taste would come to her out of nowhere; when it did she would feel that little current between her legs. The whole drive to the hotel, for that matter, the whole past week, Sara had thought, dreamed, and fantasized about taking Doug into her mouth.

Chloe hooked her fingers beneath the waistband of Sara’s panties. Sara lifted her hips off the bed to facilitate the removal of the garment. Once more the cool air of the room was noticeable as it washed over Sara’s own wet shaved slit. Again Chloe moved up so that the two girls were face to face, this time she hooked her knees under Sara’s thighs lifting them into the perfect fuck position. They lay there together face to face, breast-to-breast, sex-to-sex.

Doug climbed onto the bed and sidled up behind Chloe, he gripped her buttocks as though to mount her from behind. A moment later Sara felt that wonderful head slip smoothly into her own wet pussy. She let out a little gasp of pleasure and saw a smile cross Chloe’s pretty face.

Sara had been fucked hundreds, if not thousands of times, by both men and women, and every time she marveled at that magnificent feeling of that initial penetration. She had heard that feeling compared to that first swallow of cold beer on a hot summers day, or that first bite of some delectable treat and while those analogies and others like them were apt enough they didn’t come close to that fine first feeling.

Sara decided to stop analyzing and start feeling. Doug had entered her and then paused, and she could feel the walls of her feminine passage close tightly around his friendly invader. She could distinctly feel her muscles grip that broad, delicious cock head. Her mind was in conflict between her desires for him to hold himself there so the nerve endings deep within her womanhood could continue to send messages of pleasurable fullness to her brain and her desire to get fucked. Doug decided for her as he pulled his member nearly all of the way out and then smoothly slid himself back in. Again and again and again he thrust into her with increasing force. She could feel his big balls slapping her ass, she could feel Chloe’s body rock back and forth with her as his torso banged against her backside, she could feel her pussy give way again and again and again, taking him, no, welcoming him in.

She felt the current in her cunt change, the very early stages of an orgasmic build, when he suddenly pulled out. In one fluid motion, with out missing a stroke, he pushed himself into Chloe. An audible gasp escaped her full lips and she rocked back on her hands and knees to meet his thrust. Initially Sara was a little disappointed at the loss of dick but she immediately recovered, she knew Doug to be a generous lover and he was not yet finished. She used her mind to do some exploring. She could feel Chloe’s hard nipples pushing into her own. Now as Doug fucked Chloe doggie style, Sara could feel his balls slap up against her pussy. She could hear the sopping wet sounds of a soaked pussy being fucked and Sara smiled at the idea that her juices were now deep inside Chloe.

Soon, grunts were coming from deep within Chloe’s throat. Sara had heard them many times before and knew what they meant; the rock hard head of Doug’s cock was hammering Chloe’s g-spot. Chloe’s eyes were twisted shut and a look of what would other wise be construed as pain gathered on her face, her breathing became a pant, and then she stopped breathing altogether. A loud groan announced the birth of a powerful orgasm. Chloe shuddered and bucked, Doug fucked harder pushing the climax higher. More grunts and gasps and then an even louder groan, loud enough Sara was sure to be heard through the walls of the room, told the world that the orgasm had boosted like the second stage of a rocket leaving Earth’s orbit.

Chloe’s moans collapsed into sobs of pleasure and exhaustion, her arms gave and she lay on Sara, face buried in her hair, body shaking and panting. Sara wrapped her arms around her friend and held her, stroking her hair. Doug pulled out, breathing hard himself; he had fucked Chloe savagely and needed to catch his breath. After a few minutes Sara rolled Chloe onto her back and pulled the covers up to her breasts, then kissed her tenderly on the lips. She then guided Doug to a prone position, his manhood standing at ridged attention.

She moved to his cock, the smell of sex emanating from it. She examined it; it was as hard as she had ever seen a penis. The veins along its length bulged as they fed blood to the engorged organ. The whole thing was liberally coated with the cream that Chloe’s cunt produced in such abundance and a ring of that same nectar had formed near the base of Doug’s shaft. Sara started at that ring, flattening her tongue so as to collect as much of the flavor as she could and ran it up the underside of the shaft to the head, reaching the peak of his prick, she took him fully into her mouth.

She savored the carnival of tastes and textures filling her mouth, the salty sweetness of Chloe’s sex combined with the musky manly taste of Doug’s cock were a delicacy to Sara un-matched by caviar or Champaign. The solid head of his penis curved along the roof her mouth as her tongue slid down the underside of its full shaft. This is what she had been fantasizing about. She pulled her head back, withdrawing his member from her mouth. As she did she used her lips to squeegee all of the sex fluids she could, held them in her mouth to savor them a few moments longer then swallowed. “Now,” she thought, “Chloe’s juices were deep within her.”

She returned to Doug’s hard on, her mouth working it’s magic on it. Soon, she felt it begin to stiffen even more and swell, and she knew this to be the precursor to his climax but she wasn’t done with him yet. Her mouth left his cock and she straddled him. Leaning over, she kissed him deeply. She, like Chloe, loved the way he kissed, and like Chloe hard time describing what exactly it was that made his kisses so good. He kissed with passion, for him kissing was as much a part of love and sex as was fucking. Her tongue was met by his, and they danced. His hands found their way to her breasts and gave them a firm but loving squeeze; his hands seemed almost hot as they caressed her tits.

When she mounted him she did not slipped his dick inside her, instead it was pressed between them, squarely against her clit. She started moving her hips, sliding her sensitive nub along his solid shaft, her honey pot producing more than enough lubricant to facilitate the action. Her pussy ached for release and she ground harder. Soon she once again felt that little spark ignite at a point just behind her clit, and burn. A warm glow smoldered in her crotch and with just a little more friction it flashed over into an orgasmic fire.

Now it was Sara’s turn to moan and unlike at work or in the dressing room she did not hold back. A loud cry issued forth as the walls of her box spasmed pleasurably. She continued to grind, trying to heighten her joy, but as with all good things her climax too soon began to subside. Before it left her completely though, she lifted her body up, positioned Doug’s cock just so, and impaled herself in it. The tense, clasping muscles of her vagina were forced wide open to accommodate the welcome intruder. She gasped and panted and finally collapsed onto Doug. As Sara had done for Chloe before, now Doug held her.

While she enjoyed basking in this kind of affection, she was still not done. She took a moment to collect herself, and then rose until she was sitting squarely on him. She wriggled a little trying to find just the right position that placed Doug’s phallus as deep into her as possible, then paused. The tissues of her cradle were pleasantly stretched to accommodate the size of his manhood, and though she had been with bigger men, time and attention had always been needed to avoid discomfort. She could feel his balls pressed firmly against her ass, his shaft filling her womanhood completely, and his beautiful head rested squarely against her special spot.

Slowly at first, she began to fuck; each gentle stroke brought the tip of his cock into direct contact with that vague entity that was the g-spot. Not all of Sara’s past lovers had been able to find that elusive phantom, in fact few had, but the combination of the size and shape of Doug’s member accommodated her quite well. She had found by pleasant trial and not much error, that riding him as she was doing now, virtually ensured her explosive orgasmic bombs.

Doug’s hands played over her breasts as she rode him, gently pinching and pulling her tiny nipples. A moment later Chloe arose from where she lay and took Sara’s right breast into her mouth, her warm wet tongue played circles around the hard point. Sara’s hands came up and she cradled Chloe’s head, pulling it lovingly to her bosom. After a delicious minute Chloe slipped away from her breast and moved to straddle Doug’s face, her pink just inches from his mouth. Sara saw a smile cross Doug’s lips; she knew that this had always been one of his fantasies. Like a bee drawn to a flower, Doug’s face moved up to partake in Chloe’s essence. Chloe lifted herself up an inch or so, just enough to keep her treat out of reach of Doug’s hungry mouth. Sara felt Doug’s cock twitch inside her. Again Chloe lowered herself and again she pulled away teasing him. She looked at Sara, “Do you think he deserves it?” she asked her friend.

“Oh,” Sara replied, “I think he has earned it.

Chloe lowered herself down, all of the way this time, planting her lips squarely on his. Sara felt Doug grow even harder inside her, and it was only then that she realized that she had stopped fucking.

She leaned forward and kissed Chloe passionately on the mouth. Sara lead an active sex life and was always open to meeting new people, but she felt a deep affection for Doug and Chloe and she knew that they felt the same for her, when they all went to bed together there was more than sex, there was comfort.

Once again Sara started posting, riding Doug as if her were a thoroughbred, his pommel making it’s own love to her sweet spot. Her lips drew warmth from Chloe’s and she heard, or maybe felt a small note of pleasure come from her friend’s mouth. Again she heard it, this time unmistakable, it’s meaning apparent, Chloe was once again building towards climax.

At the same time Sara felt her own orgasm grow, but this one was different then her last, it was much harder to pinpoint exactly where, deep within her it lived. While the last orgasm was a spark, this one was like a warm ball. The ball was greedy and had a life of its own; it drew energy from other parts of her body to feed itself. The skin around her breasts became taught and her nipples erect, as the ball grew larger. There was a tingling sensation in her lower back, and her legs began to fatigue. Her breathing turned to pants as the orgasmic ball swelled. Soon it filled the whole of her belly but still it was not satisfied and she began to tremble slightly as her body was sapped of strength. A nanosecond of surreal calm set over her, as she seemed to teeter on some indescribable brink, then the ball reached critical mass.

The ball exploded and a mushroom cloud of kinetic energy shot throughout her body. Ground zero was of course the depths of her womanhood, her pit seem to open up and swallow Doug’s cock while at the same time clasping down, tightening, and clenching. A heat flooded her body, her eyes clenched shut, and she did not see the rosy flush that spread across her chest. The muscles of her vagina bore down and in with a power that she only rarely experienced. Her groan was loud and sustained. She leaned forward seeking out Chloe for support only to discover that her friend was in the throws of her own climax, flooding Doug’s mouth with the sweet nectar of her feminine flower.

Sara was unable to maintain her momentum on the cock and Doug took over, thrusting up and into her, pounding her sweet spot, injecting more energy into the orgasmic reaction. Her long cry drained her lungs of air and she found that she had trouble taking deep breaths, and she reverted back to short pants. Repeated thrusts of Doug’s cock produced a long string of vocal “OH! OH! OH!”s.

To her dismay the climax intensified and her insides seemed to cramp but not painfully so. This time she did manage to draw a full breath of air but unlike before the release was not a loud groan but almost a silent sob.

After an orgasmic eternity, the climax began to subside, its energy spent, its momentum dissipated. Small kinetic aftershocks burst here and there, mostly in her pelvic region. Soon it was gone and the two girls sat on top of their common lover holding each other for support until Chloe slipped off Doug’s mouth and lay on the bed.

Doug laid Sara on the bed, her body still trembling and weak from the orgasmic rush, it was his turn now. His hands pushed her knees nearly to the flushed breasts, and spread them apart. Her inner feminity now lay open for all the world to see, though only Doug saw, and the look on his face was a combination of tenderness and desire, of hunger and reverence, for the silky passage between her legs.

Chloe positioned herself on her knees behind her man. Pressing her tits against his back, she wrapped her left arm around his chest and held him to her, her right hand encircling his cock. She peered over his shoulder and down at Sara’s pussy, she spoke hotly into Doug’s ear. Though her voice was low, Sara could hear her words clearly, “Fuck her! Fuck that pussy! I want to see you cum all over her!” She pointed his cock to Sara’s gaping snatch urging him on.

Doug needed little coaxing and without ceremony drove himself fully into the Sara’s open door. The tissues of her sex were still extremely sensitive from her violent orgasm and under the right (or wrong) circumstances she would probably want to wait for a few minutes before taking the hard fucking Doug was now giving her. Like Chloe however, she wanted to see her lover cum, and what was more she wanted to be the tool of his rapture.

On a more basic level, she simply wanted the sex to go on. The distances that separated the three lovers meant that these encounters were very special occasions and the online chats and phone sex only left her box aching for a more complete fulfillment. She knew that by the end of this weekend her pussy would be raw, and it would hurt to pee, that she will have eaten little, and slept less, that it would take several days to recover, and she was perfectly happy with that. For now she reveled in the feeling of Doug’s cock stretching the inflamed tissues of her cunt.

“Give her that hard cock! Fuck that pussy, baby! I want to see pussy get fucked hard!” Chloe urged. Sara found herself trying to spread her legs wider, wanting to take him deeper. Suddenly and without warning, another vicious orgasm racked her crotch. The already engorged muscles of her slide grasped the hard cock and squeezed. Doug felt it too; he let out a groan and fucked still harder. Sara’s climax intensified and she let out a loud cry.

“Oh yes, fuck her, make her scream, baby!” Chloe commanded.

Sara could feel Doug’s cock swell within the confines of her box, it went from hard to granite, his breath became shudders, and she knew he was of the verge. In a brief moment of timeless clarity, she felt not only the well defined corona of his cock but she was sure that she could feel every bulging vein, every ripple of muscle, every beat of his heart thorough the walls of her box.

With final gasp and a groan Doug leaned back pulling himself out of her. Chloe’s hand instantly went to his cock and began pumping it. The first hot jet of cum pulsed forth from the swollen tip; it arced through the air landing on Sara’s throat leaving a white ribbon that trailed between her breasts. The second delivery was off center and splashed squarely onto her left breast, hotly coating it’s nipple. Chloe continued to aggressively milk the muscle and a third load issued forth landing on Sara’s flat belly just below her breasts. Doug’s seed was so hot on Sara’s skin that it seemed to burn erotically. Again he shot, this one coating the ring that pierced her navel. His body had used up all of its energy and the last two or three loads simply frosted her shaved Mound of Venus.

Doug sagged, panting in Chloe’s arms. Sara disengaged her legs from around him and he collapsed theatrically onto the bed beside her, Chloe lay on top of him. The three of them lay in silence for a moment then Sara said, “Welcome to Reno.”

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