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Forbidden Summer

Category: Group Sex
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I had put on my favorite dress, it always feels good to wear pretty things. It was a long flowing sundress, with a low cut front that came down just above my nipples only enough to hide them. It laced shut but since my breasts are ample it wouldn’t completely close, revealing the crevice and inner sides of my breasts.

The lacing went all the way down to just below my pubic area, the skirt was full but open in the front so if I sat down and crossed my legs, I had to be careful to hold it shut or it would reveal that I had chosen not to wear any underwear accept a garter belt and stockings. My long hair flowed loosely around my shoulders.

I was having a dinner party and all was going well, everyone seemed to be having fun. All evening I felt a cool breeze gently blowing up my skirt and lightly across my breasts. It made me hot and wet, I felt so sexy. We dined and talked, laughed drank wine and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. All evening I had noticed a woman watching me, Jake, a close friend had brought her, we had never me before. She was very pretty and wore a lovely red dress that showed her figure off nicely.

Every time she had a chance she glanced at me, at first I was uncomfortable but found somehow it was very flattering. I didn’t think anything of it, and had been enjoying the attention I had been getting from many of the men at the party and her as well. At one point she came to me and introduced herself, her name was just as pretty as she was… Summer, she said softly, and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. I almost melted when I heard her voice. She was intoxicating and I had never felt this way about another woman before. I had been horny all night but when she approached I felt my pussy begin to get wet. I was almost embarrassed, but held my composure…

The rest of the evening we kept stealing glances with one another… Jake and James, my lover, were happily sharing stories of their own and both seemed content so they gave us no thought. Later as everyone had left there were only the four of us. I began clearing dishes, as I went in the kitchen. Summer followed.

As we were cleaning up, we laughed, shared stories and I told her how lovely I thought she was. She returned the favor as she brushed my hair back, she told me she thought I was very sexy, her hand was wet when she touched my hair and water dripped down and wet my breast, the fabric was so thin it instantly revealed my full nipple, erect and standing perfectly at attention… just waiting to be caressed. She smiled as she saw it.

Slowly, she turned my body towards her and began untying my laces… gently and deliberately. My chest heaved with excitement, I could hardly wait till she open the top enough to uncover my breasts… She finally loosened my dress enough to free me, but left the rest loosely tied. She took some of the water and wet both of my breasts as she fondled them, they were beginning to swell, both nipples were hard and erect. I slowly unzipped her dress and slid it to the floor, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath either. She was so sexy, her little breasts were tight and her nipples dark and hard.

She began sucking my nipples as I slowly began to explore hers. We were both so excited we moved up on the empty counter and began touching each other slowly. She laid on top of me and I felt her hands pulling the bottom of my dress apart to uncover my hot wet pussy. The warmth of her naked body next to mine was so different than any man I had been with, she was soft and supple. Her breasts against mine as she slid her tongue in my mouth, her kiss soft and wet. She began working her way down my body kissing every inch, I trembled with pleasure.

As she reached my pussy, she moaned as she started licking me with her soft we lips. Out of the corner of my eye I saw both James and Jack standing in the doorway, smiling, but I didn’t care, I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted this and from the looks on their faces they wanted to watch too. As she began sucking my clit, I was so hot, so wet, I bagan to cum in ecstasy. I pulled her up slightly and asked her to turn around so that I could taste her too.

As I started to suck her pussy I could feel her juices flow into my mouth, I had never tasted anything like it, she was sweet and the aroma was heavenly. We both began sucking each other’s clits, finger fucking each other at the same time, until neither of us could take it anymore, We both let go with a climax so intense we nearly slid off the counter. After a few moments, she got up and turned around, she was beautiful, I brushed her hair from her face and she pulled me up slightly and slid her pussy up to mine. She put one leg under mine so that our pussies could rub together, she began grinding me with her hot juicy pussy so hard, I could feel my clit engorge again. It was glorious, I had never felt anything so good.

We continued until we both came again and then again. Soon exhaustion began to set in. We both sat back a moment and looked into each other faces with a smile, then we looked over at the guys seeing the big grins on their faces and hug bulges in their pants we both laughed and slipped off the counter and headed towards our men.

I grabbed James and she Jake and undid there pants, backed them over to the dining room chairs. We both went down on our men and began teasing them with our tongues, getting them both very hard, Our tongues sliding up and down, sucking the tips of their cocks. I couldn’t believe we were doing this, I was embarrassed and excited at the same time, it was so sensual. She turned around and sat on Jake while I gave the frontal approach to James, they were both so hot and excited watching the two of us that it didn’t take long for them both to cum.

We all sat there for a moment, savoring the moment. Looking at one another in amazement. After a short time, Jake spoke and told us he thought it was time to go. He also grinned and said, we might have to try this again some time… I retrieved Summer’s dress and gave her a kiss. As they left I was still feeling pretty horny, this had really turned me on…so James and I went up to continue on with the hottest night of sex in a while. What a party!

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