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Basketball Beauties

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It had been steadily snowing since five when my front doorbell rang at ten o’clock one Wednesday evening in February. I opened the door to find a really tall young woman in her mid thirties on my doorstep.

“Hi, I’m Joyce Early. I’m the basketball coach at Southeast University and we just had an accident with one of our vans. I’m afraid it’s stuck in a snow bank.”

“Come in,” I said. “Come in and get out of the cold. What can I do to help?”

“Well, we haven’t been able to reach a wrecker service on our cell phones-or anyone else for that matter. I was wondering if my girls could come in and keep warm until we can get someone to help?”

“Sure, no problem. Bring them right in.”

“I should tell you-there’s seventeen of us.”

“That isn’t a problem. I’ve got plenty of room.”

She went out to the vans to notify everyone and a couple of minutes later, seventeen women traipsed into my family room. Two were the coaches, Joyce and her assistant, who’d been driving the vans. Two others were equipment managers/trainers and the rest were players.

They tried for almost an hour to get someone to come and tow the stuck van, but were unsuccessful. While they were attempting to get help, I made a big kettle of hot chocolate and got out some cheese and crackers. But the girls told me they had already eaten. Joyce finally reached the AAA wrecker service and was informed that help wouldn’t be available until the following morning.

“You’re more than welcome to stay here,” I offered. “I only have two bedrooms, but the carpet in the living room is really plush. With the swimming pool showers, I have four bathrooms including the master bath, so it would work, I think.”

The house had four bedrooms, but I used one as a computer room and the other was crammed with stuff that belonged to my kids. I had the indoor pool attached to the family room when my wife was still alive.

“What do you think girls? Do you think you could sleep on the rug in the living room?” Joyce asked.

“Not a problem, Coach,” someone yelled.

“Can we use the pool?” another girl questioned.

“You’re more than welcome,” I said, then added with a laugh, “Suits are optional.”

The next thing I knew, I had a half dozen college-age girls splashing around my pool in their sports bras and panties. I could tell both coaches and one of the managers wanted to get in the water too. I guessed they weren’t wearing heavy sports underwear, so they were reluctant to do so.

“Almost everyone who uses this pool swims in the nude,” I told Joyce. “In fact, I don’t even know if I could find my swimming suit. If you would like to use the pool with the other girls, I’ll leave.”

Joyce looked at me for a long moment and finally said, “What the hell, it’s only us guys, right?” Then looking right into my eyes, she said, “I’ll go in . . . in the buff . . . if you will too.”

“I don’t have any problem with it,” I said, getting up and taking my shirt off.

Joyce slowly stood and unzipped the top of the sweat suit outfit she had on. When the zipper reached the end of the track, the sides of her jacket parted, revealing a see-through black bra that clearly showed her dark protruding nipples. Her tits, while on the smallish side, were nevertheless very delectable looking.

“How about you Lisa? Are you going to join us?” Joyce asked her assistant as she slipped the jacket off her arms and set it on the chair next to where I’d thrown my shirt.

Lisa was maybe a couple of years younger than Joyce. She wasn’t as tall either, but my guess was that she weighed a few pounds more.

“God yes! I love it, but if you ever tell Todd about this I’ll kill you,” she said laughing while she pulled her sweatshirt off over her head.

“Lisa’s husband is just a wee bit possessive,” Joyce giggled while she pushed her pants and panties down past her knees. Still bent over, she removed her sneakers and socks and put everything on the chair as she stood.

Joyce was a beautiful specimen of what the all-American woman athlete should look like. She had a long lean frame that was visibly muscular, but decisively feminine, with a thin waist that tapered into slightly wider hips and an ass that any woman would die for.

While my eyes traveled back and forth between the two coaches, I removed my slippers and pants

After Lisa ripped off her sweatshirt, she unhooked her bra and released a world-class treasure. Her large breasts appeared both firm and soft at the same time and were capped with pink nipples, obviously designed to nurse babies, but worked extremely well at driving dirty old men crazy. Sitting on the chair, Lisa removed her shoes and socks and wiggled out of her sweatpants. When she stood, my eyes were riveted to the crotch of her white cotton bikini panties. I tried as hard as I could, but I just could not help staring.

“Two things I’m going to do before I go nude swimming again,” Lisa laughed and blushed when she noticed where my eyes were focused. “First, I’m going to shave off this muff-or at least trim it back. And second, I’m going on a diet.”

Thick black curly pubic hair was escaping from the leg holes and across the top of her panties.

“Todd thinks pubic hair is really sexy,” Lisa explained, her blush deepening. “I haven’t been near a razor in the five years we’ve been married.”

“In my opinion, you’re married to a pretty smart guy,” I laughed as the three of us sat on the edge of the pool before sliding into the water.

I was unaware of the hush that had invaded the pool area while the three of us were undressing. The sudden outburst of noise from the other fifteen ladies present brought me back to the here and now. I leaned into a corner at the shallow end and watched, mystified as three young women on the pool deck laughed and gleefully removed their clothes.

Another part of the action was taking place in the water. Four of the girls who’d been swimming in their under garments were now nude and playfully tugging at the panties and bras of the other two. Within a few minutes, there were twelve of us naked in the water.

The nine college-age nymphets were huddled in the deep end, splashing and kicking excitedly when, all of a sudden, they all clambered out of the pool and started attacking the other members of their team. The nine quickly got four of the six that hadn’t undressed to join them in the nude, then the thirteen surrounded the other two.

One of these two girls was a little overweight and it appeared she was embarrassed to be nude in front of the others. I think she was blushing from the top of her head to her toes while everyone watched her undress. When she finally had all her clothes off, she walked toward the shallow end all hunched over with one hand in front of her crotch and the other arm shielding her breasts. She sat on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water near where I was standing.

“Please!! I can’t go in the water,” the only fully dressed teammate cried. “It’s my time of the month. Please, I don’t want to go swimming.”

“Just get your clothes off,” she was told. “You don’t have to go in the water.”

“I’m wearing a pad, not a tampon,” the girl wailed. “Can I leave my panties on?”

She was given permission and when she went to sit on the edge of the pool and dangle her feet in the water, she slipped and fell head first into the water.

Always the gentleman, I went over to her and helped her up and out of the water.

In her ear, I whispered, “The cabinet under the sink in the pool bathroom has feminine supplies if you need them.”

“Thank you,” she said and when she returned to the pool area, she was just as exposed as the rest of us.

As I returned to my spot at the shallow end, I could see that the slightly chubby girl’s eyes were glued to my personal equipment as it flopped back and forth. She had a really beautiful complexion and if she lost a few pounds, society would consider her to be very beautiful. I was in kind of a pre-erection state. When I got up close to her, I knelt beside her.

“The view around here is pretty interesting, isn’t it?” I whispered in her ear.

“I . . . I . . . I . . . ” she stammered, turning beet red. “You’re the first naked man I’ve ever seen.”

“What’s your name?” I asked while smiling at her.

“Kim,” she replied, keeping her eyes downcast.

“Pleased to meet you, Kim,” I said, sticking out my hand and grasping hers.

I vigorously pumped her hand up and down, causing her breasts to bounce around. Watching her breast action, my cock stiffened another inch. Kim looked over at my dangling cock less than a foot away from her nose and blushed more deeply, if that was possible. My cock was bouncing around just as much as her boobs were. When I slipped into the water next to her, she looked me in the eyes and smiled demurely.

“Kim is a senior and a Sports Management major,” Joyce told me. “She’s an excellent student of the game of basketball. She’ll be a coach some day.” “Well, she certainly knows how to keep her eyes on the action,” I said, winking at Kim and giving her a friendly jab with my elbow to her shoulder.

Now, I had gone swimming with naked women before. But never with so many women at once and especially not when I was the only guy. I saw all sizes and shapes of tits and bushes. Four of the ladies had their pussies shaved bald. I was in paradise. I watched every single female in the place as discreetly as possible, burning the memory of each into my mind.

Later, I found almost enough towels for everyone. It was way after midnight when everyone started to look for a place to sack out. The girls and managers staked out the plush carpet in the living room and the coaches took the big king-sized bed in the guestroom. I went to my own room.

It was a funny thing being naked. Everyone seemed to lose all their inhibitions in the pool, not seeming to care if some stranger was ogling them and looking at their private parts. But once out of the water, every single one of them covered up and reverted back to the expected behavior for young women in public. To me, it was a really strange phenomenon.

The next morning, I had bacon, sausage, and ham in the freezer and I made up as many pancakes as I had ingredients for. We managed to make the food stretch and got everyone fed. The tow truck guys said they would have the van out by noon and the majority of the girls just slept until it was time to go. However, six of the young ladies took another nude swim. This time it wasn’t horseplay, but lap swimming for exercise. Kim, Lisa, Joyce, and I sat at a table by the pool, drinking coffee and watching the other girls in the water.

“If I’m not being too nosey, how do you happen to have an indoor swimming pool?” Joyce asked.

“My wife needed it for exercise,” I answered. “She died last year, but before she got really sick, she enjoyed the luxury of swimming year around. It was hard for her to get out to the community pool, so we had this one added.”

“So you agree with my husband that pubic hair is sexy?” Lisa asked me, stunning the rest of us with her interjection of such a personal subject matter into our conversation.

Somewhat flustered by the nature of the question, I stammered a little when I said, “I like the natural look of hair. Most of the time, the shaved off part has stubble or rough skin, and I just don’t think it looks as good.”

“Lots of women don’t want hair showing around their bikini bottoms,” Joyce added.

“True,” Lisa said. “I’ve avoided wearing a swimsuit in public ever since my wedding.”

“I understand the trimmed look and the reason for shaving off the hair growing down the inside of your thighs, but trimming isn’t the same as shaving. It’s my opinion that guys who like completely shaved pubes secretly have a thing for young girls. Me, I like my women mature enough to grow hair. A beautiful picture needs a nice frame the same way a beautiful vulva needs a nice covering of natural hair.”

“I hope Todd can adjust his fetish, so he feels that way,” Lisa said. “After this experience, I would really like mine trimmed back.”

“Maybe it would help if you asked Todd to do it for you. I understand a lot of guys get off helping girls trim or shave,” I added

“You might be right. I’ll talk to him about it when we get home,” Lisa laughed.

“If you like your women au natural, does that mean you like women to let their pits and leg hair grow long as well as their pubes?” Joyce asked.

“I think I can go either way on that,” I laughed. “What I really mean by a woman being natural is-I like a woman to be herself. I think most women shave to please somebody else and not necessarily some guy. Most women spend way too much time plucking their eyebrows, shaving body hair, applying makeup, applying perfume-all that kind of stuff to make themselves match the media standard for beauty. Those women are missing the point of what true beauty really is. Your genes control how big your boobs grow. You don’t need enhancements and you don’t need to color your hair or paint your nails. All that said, the bottom line is that women should do what they want to. If they want to do all that stuff to their bodies, that’s fine, they should do it. But it should be a woman’s choice to do it, not someone else’s requirement. You should be in good physical shape, because you want to be in good physical shape, not because society says you should-or worse yet, because some guy says you should.”

“I can’t disagree with that,” Joyce said.

“Me either,” Kim and Lisa chimed in.

Then the people from AAA called and said they had the van out and ready to go. After the team was all packed up and everyone had left, I was left home alone with a hard-on and a lot of great memories.

A week or so later, I got a thank you note signed by all the girls and a nice letter from Joyce. Sometime in April, she called to say she would be conducting a basketball camp for young girls in my area during the end of June.

“I’m going to be there for five days. My new assistant, Kim Worthy, will be with me and we will be bringing two or three members of the team. Lisa, my old assistant, is pregnant and expecting twins next October. The funny thing is she told her husband, Todd, about swimming nude at your house and I understand he helped her trim back her pubic hair. I think she got herself pregnant that night.”

“That’s really wild. Then I take it he likes the trimmed back pussy just as much as the wild woolly kind,” I said, laughing so hard tears came to my eyes.

“I guess he must,” Joyce laughed.

When we both calmed down enough to talk once again, I suggested, “Why don’t you guys stay with me while you put on your clinic?”

“I was hoping you would ask,” Joyce responded.

Late June arrived and one Sunday afternoon so did my guests. I prepared in advance and stocked plenty of food and snacks. I also purchased half a dozen inflatable mattresses. The first thing they did upon arrival was ask me if they could use the pool.

“Same rules as before, ladies,” I chuckled. “You are welcome to swim at any time. However, please don’t swim alone and remember suits are optional.”

“Are you going to join us?” Joyce asked as she started to remove her clothes.

“Don’t have any reason not too,” I laughed and joined the circle of young ladies slowly getting undressed before me.

It took me by surprise when I recognized Kim Worthy, the new assistant coach, was the same overweight equipment manager from last winter. The girl had lost a great deal of weight. My eyes were drawn to her as she slowly stripped in front of me.

“Do you remember me?” Kim asked once down to her bra and panties. Reaching in back to unhook her bra, she looked me in the eyes and shyly said, “I’ve thought about you a lot.”

“You have changed some,” I smiled. “As I recall, last February you blushed a lot.”

“I’ve worked out and dieted every single day since we were here,” Kim said. “I have you to thank . . . I know you didn’t say anything to me directly, but your whole attitude was an inspiration. Anyhow, Joyce has hired me as her assistant.”

While she was talking, she also removed her panties, then stood tall and walked over to me.

“Thank you,” she said. Standing up on her tiptoes, she pressed her glorious body against mine and planted an open-mouth kiss on my lips. “I also remember you told Lisa you thought pubic hair was sexy, so just for you I’ve let mine grow.”

Her kiss was arousing, but her comments were the real turn-on. When my member started swelling, she ground her hips against mine just enough to cause my cock to stand at full attention. She broke the kiss, keeping her hips tight against mine, and leaned back, smiling like the proverbial cat that got the canary.

“I need to cool down,” I said, both laughing and blushing. “Last one in the water is a rotten egg.” And I jumped into the water, but not before my fully erect penis was on display for the pleasure of all those gathered.

We all swam and splashed around for a while, then I moved into the hot tub that had just recently been completed. Joyce joined me and we both sat relaxing in the hot bubbling water.

I eyed one of the college girls, a tall African-American. She had an amazing body. Her big, firm breasts topped her physically fit frame. Her broad muscular shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist and almost boyish hips. Her tight kinky hair was cut short around her oval face, which was made beautiful by her infectious smile. The droplets of water clinging to her sleek ebony body made her glisten. I was sporting a hard-on watching her when, all of a sudden, I felt Joyce grab hold of my dick.

“Pretty impressive, isn’t she?” Joyce asked. “Maybe I better stand guard over you tonight. I wouldn’t want one of my charges to be assaulted.”

“I would never do that,” I said. “But, just in case, I think it would be a good idea if you kept your eye-and maybe even your hand-on me. We wouldn’t want any harm to befall them. I want everyone to feel safe. Do you think maybe you should tie me up?”

“I’ll just hold you down with my superior body,” Joyce said. “That way you’ll be able to wiggle, but you’ll never get out to hurt someone.”

“If he’s going to hurt anyone, it’s going to be me,” Kim said, having quietly joined us in the hot tub. She pressed her impressive body against my other side and her hand joined Joyce’s on my stiff manhood. “You’ll have to fight me to get him all to yourself, Coach. I want just a little bit of him.”

At this point, the three players joined us in the hot tub and Joyce introduced them. Mercury was the tall black girl I had been ogling earlier. Samantha was another tall, husky girl with light brown hair. And Becky was an olive-skinned, dark-haired beauty. By comparison, Becky was short. She was only about five-seven or eight, while everyone else was at least five-eleven.

Kim and Joyce were damn near sitting on my lap, snuggling as close as possible on either side of me.

“You guys fighting about who gets to fuck him first?” Becky asked with a giggle as she moved in close to Samantha and snuggled up underneath her arm. Sam’s hand cupped one of Becky’s firm little tits.

“If there’s going to be some fucking going on here this week, can I get in on it?” Mercury asked. “I haven’t had any action since school let out.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Samantha added, “the three of you can duke it out. As you know, I’m not of that persuasion.”

“Make it a four way contest,” Becky chimed in. “I like a little raw meat once in a while.”

“Well . . . it wouldn’t be ladylike of us to fight over our host,” Joyce said. “He’s only got one dick-albeit a splendid one that is currently standing tall. I don’t think it would be fair for us to ask him to pick one of us over another. So . . . maybe I’ll just pull rank and keep him all to my little old self.”

“That’s bullshit,” Kim said. “Let’s horsengoggle him off.”

By this time, I realized they were all just having a little fun with each other at my expense. I figured I could maybe turn the tables on them just a little bit.

“Why don’t you have a contest of some kind,” I suggested. “I could go with the winner. You’re going to be here more than just tonight, so every night, one of you could pick or chose what the contest should be about. I’m very flexible. I’m more than willing to go with the winner.”

“He isn’t flexible at all,” Kim laughed. “He’s harder than a brick.”

“Okay,” Joyce said, “I think we all like the idea of a contest. Everyone think about the events we should compete in and at dinner tonight-and every night-we’ll draw a suggestion and compete until we have a winner for that night. Everyone okay with that?”

All the girls seemed to be in agreement-including Samantha. Me? I was dumbfounded. My mouth was open and I knew I looked like an idiot. I wondered what kind of games they would come up with.

“It must almost be time for supper,” I said. “I’ll get out the steaks and fire up the grill.”

“Boy, talk about eager,” Becky laughed. “But I have to admit, a big steak really sounds good.”

When I got out of the hot tub, my erection was still at full throttle. I think it was Samantha-but I’m not sure-who commented how good a bratwurst would taste. Everyone howled with laughter as I left.

After our meal, Joyce got out a bowl with ten little slips of paper.

“We brainstormed as a group,” Joyce explained. “And we wrote all our ideas down on a board, then we each selected two from the list. Draw one and, as the saying goes, let the games begin.”

I drew and announced, “Striptease dance. How does it work and how is the winner picked?”

“We each dance,” Joyce said. “Then all six of us get a vote. The one with the most votes wins. In case of a tie, you get to choose. That okay with you?”

When I agreed, we started. They decided to go in order of height, so the order was Mercury, Joyce, Samantha, Kim, and Becky. They had already picked out the music they wanted. While Mercury put on her CD in the player, the rest of us pulled our chairs into a semicircle.

Mercury’s body was absolutely outstanding. She had an infectious smile and watching her take off her clothes made my dick hard. I decided to vote for her.

When Joyce did her dance, she looked good and I was ready to change my vote, because I really liked her attitude towards life and I knew she would be fun in bed. Besides, I really wanted to fuck Joyce.

Striptease was not going to be a career choice for Samantha. She was way too stiff and did not look comfortable.

When Kim started moving her body parts in different directions at the same time, my vote almost shifted to her. With her desire to be with me and her still slightly Rubenesque body, I knew she would make a good party partner.

But then Becky started her routine and the contest was over. She was a natural and everyone knew she would get all six votes.

Becky started off barefoot, only wearing a long T-shirt and white cotton bikini panties. Dancing to her music, she stopped in front of each of us. She held out a part of her shirt and had us cut that section of material with a pair of scissors. In between each cutting, she would dance around a little. The end result was a bunch of holes in the shirt that allowed her body to peek out.

As she danced, her breasts poked in and out of the holes cut directly over them in such a was I was sure I wasn’t the only one turned on. Next, she took the scissors and cut off the bottom of her shirt herself, so it stopped just above her navel. Then she stopped in front of me and held out the front of her panties for my to cut. The material she’d been holding fell to the floor and her dark, shimmering pussy hair appeared in all its glory.

Becky squatted way down on her hunches with her hands interlocked behind her head and her knees wide apart. She bounced forward, thrusting her hips at us. She looked like she was fucking the air in front of us.

For her finale, she turned her back to us, bent over, and took off what was left of her shirt. Then with her legs straight, she pushed her panties to her ankles and stepped out of them. She squatted down again and pivoted back facing with her knees together. Her hands tucked between her knees, she slowly forced her thighs apart, letting her hands ride up to her crotch. When she was fully spread, she pried open the lips of her pussy and showed us her pink inner lips just as the music stopped. Her performance was magnificent. She danced like a true professional.

After the contest, we all went back into the hot tub to talk about the contest. All the girls giggled, but refused to tell me what other contests were planned. I was having a hard time waiting for everyone to decide to go to bed, so when Joyce announced tomorrow was going to be a big day, I went off to my room in anticipation.

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when Becky leaned around the corner and I spotted her head in the mirror.

“Would you mind terribly if Kim joined us tonight?” Becky asked.

“Of course not. You’re the winner Becky. You get to dictate what happens tonight. We’ll do anything and everything you want to do. Okay?”

“Good, because Kim here is a twenty-two year old virgin.” With that, she brought a blushing Kim into the bathroom behind her. “She’s never been with a guy and she asked me earlier if she ever won, could she bring me along to help her get over her nervousness. I figured now that I won, I’d bring her with me. I’m glad you don’t mind.”

We retreated to my queen-sized bed and Becky and I surrounded Kim. We started with slow passionate kisses on the lips, hands freely roaming across over the body of a still somewhat nervous Kim. With four hands and two mouths working on her, getting her excited didn’t take long. When Kim brought her knees up to her chest and thrust them apart, we knew the time had come. Kim rolled over on top of me and with Becky holding my penis in position, Kim lowered her self down, inch by inch, until her mass of soft pussy hair mingled with the nest surrounding my prick.

Her impaled vagina grasping and clenching my stiff seven-inch rod, she stiffened and dug her fingernails into my shoulders as wave after wave of heated emotion seemed to flow through her.

“Agggg . . . ohhh . . . agggg!!” Kim bellowed, pushing her legs out straight behind her and collapsing on top of me without letting my still stiff pole fall out of her gushing hole,

After several minutes passed, Becky helped Kim get off of me. Using the juices Kim had deposited on my still sturdy rod, Becky climbed aboard. She proceeded to roll her hips in such a manner I felt like my cock was being milked. Becky had a cunt so talented it should have belonged to a hundred-year-old prostitute. I don’t believe I have ever felt a vagina with the vice-like grip she had. It didn’t take long for me to fill Becky’s tunnel with about a gallon of my life juices.

“Not bad for an older guy,” Becky laughed as she sat up. “Are you going to finish up what you started? It’s my opinion that a guy who makes a mess ought to be responsible enough to clean it up. What do you think?”

“Bring it up here sweets,” I said. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Becky scooted up enough to place her quim directly over my face. I felt Kim’s hands and mouth at my crotch. She wrapped a hand around the base of my cock and her lips and tongue began doing a number on my dick. When my spent rod showed signs of life, Kim doubled her efforts and it wasn’t long before I blasted another load.

Kim was damn good for being a rank amateur, but it wasn’t just the blowjob that got me off. The taste of Becky’s cunt was exquisite. The smell of her pussy would’ve given a blind man a hard on. Eating Becky’s box lunch was like eating a gourmet meal. I was in a state of utter bliss. After Kim licked me clean again, she came up, laid along side me, and watched me work on Becky.

“Oh my God!!!” Becky shouted as her body jerked uncontrollably with extreme pleasure. “Now!!! Now!!! Bite my clit. Ohhhhhh shit!!” she screamed, pushing her bush tightly against my face. When Becky finally rolled off, she took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. “That was better than just all right. For an old guy, you do a pretty good job of cleaning up after yourself.”

“Next time, will you do that to me?” Kim asked.

“Either later tonight or early tomorrow morning before you get out of bed it will be my pleasure,” I replied before drifting off to dreamland.

In the morning, Kim got her wish while Becky left us alone to go shower. Kim’s juice flowed from her vagina as I lapped at the creases and folds of her vulva. She screamed like a banshee when I flicked my tongue over her clit, grasped my ears, and pushed my face deeper into her pulsating pussy as she bucked against my stiff tongue. She was still eager for more when we heard a pounding at the door and Joyce shouted at us that it was time to go to the basketball clinic.

I rested most of the day while they were gone, anticipating another night of wild lovemaking. I couldn’t believe the contest that was staged after dinner Monday night. I thought it would be another game like striptease, but it turned out to be throwing playing cards into a hat from ten feet away. A dumb game and Joyce won it without much competition. I eagerly looked forward to bedtime, again.

To say Joyce had a superior body hardly did her justice. She just about looked me square in the eye and I’m six-four. She had short auburn-colored hair that was more wavy than curly. Her body was muscular and hard with legs that were long and obviously strong. She had big thighs and a curly bush. Her breasts were smallish, but her aureoles were large with tiny nipples.

Having sex with Joyce was like being involved in an athletic contest. She wanted to win at all costs. I put up a good struggle, but she had her way with me. She had me up, she had me down, and if possible, she would have had me sideways. We went at it fast and furious for a good part of the evening. When my shaft was in her sweet tunnel, I would grind my pubic hair into her, trying to sink myself another inch or two deeper. When she was on top, she would do the same back to me.

Halfway through the evening, we slowed down enough so we could enjoy the tactile feeling of the other’s skin. With soft strokes, my fingers explored every curve and angle on her stupendous body. I loved the feel of her muscular back and the way her ribs moved as she drew in deep breaths. I was in heaven when she lightly ran her fingernails in a sensuous scratching motion over my back. The pleasures lasted all night long. By morning, when she left for their clinic, I was completely worn out. But I have to add that I enjoyed every minute of it.

The next night’s contest was a competition in push-ups. Samantha stopped at fifty, but she didn’t need any more. It was clear that she was the winner.

“I’m going to bring Mercury with me tonight, okay?” Sam asked. “I don’t do guys and Mercury keeps telling me she doesn’t do girls, so I figure I can watch the two of you go at it and maybe in the heat of the action, Mercury will forget I’m there and let me get a lick or two in.”

Everybody laughed, but when Mercury held up her hands, the chatter stopped and we all quieted down.

“Okay, you can come in and watch, but keep your cotton-picking nose out of my business,” Mercury said in a serious voice with a deep frown. Several seconds passed before we all joined her in boisterous laughter.

After a night with Mercury, I was almost ready to change my stance on clean-shaven cunts. Mercury had one as smooth as a baby’s ass. She didn’t waste any time on preliminaries and wanted to get right to the action. Halfway through our second round, she had to know that Samantha had joined us. She had more than her nose in the action. Her tongue was giving everything in range a bath and more. When I finally figured I’d died and gone to heaven, I rolled off to the side and let the two of them do whatever they wanted to. When I woke up in the morning, they were gone from my bed and the house was empty. It was almost noon.

Wednesday night there was a Ping-Pong ball shooting contest. No hands or mouths were allowed. Each woman pushed a ball into her vagina, and then in a crab-walk stance, tried to force the ball out of her opening. The winner was the one who shot the ball the furthest. Mercury, Joyce, and Samantha were all able to push the ball out, but the balls only bounced onto the floor. Kim would’ve had her ball stuck inside her all night if she hadn’t dug it out. Becky was the only shooter. When her ball rolled to the far wall, everyone knew she was the winner again.

That night she came alone-I mean, she came to the bedroom alone. We both came a couple of times, but by the second time, I was shooting blanks. I don’t think Becky even needed me. She was more than capable of doing the job all by herself. It turned me on watching this really beautiful girl pleasure herself. She seemed to enjoy the fact that I liked watching her even though my dick was as soft as fresh spaghetti. I tried using my tongue, but I was completely worn out at both ends.

On Thursday night, the contest was to pick up a fifty-cent piece off the floor without touching it with your mouth or any extremity. Nobody succeeded, but the game was a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

“This is my goddamn game,” Becky said. “Kim has such a wet cunt she got the coin too wet for me to lift. I think I should have the right to wipe it off and get another chance. I’ve been lifting coins up with my pussy since I was twelve years old.”

“Bullshit!” the other four women clamored all at once.

“Maybe we should just forget this game and pick a different one,” Samantha said.

“It’s a tie and in a tiebreaker, you know who gets to vote,” I said, walking over to Joyce and putting my arm around her. “I vote that Joyce is the winner.”

In bed that night, I asked Joyce, “Would you consider sticking around for a couple of days after the clinic is over. I could drive you back to Southeast on Sunday afternoon. Or sometime next week if you don’t have to be back right away. I enjoy your company and would like to get to know you better.”

“I’d love to stay,” Joyce said. “I’ll have Kim drive the others back after the clinic ends tomorrow and then I’ll stay just as long as you want me to.”

After the rest of the team left on Sunday afternoon, Joyce and I sat in the hot tub for a while before making slow, passionate love on one of the pool-chair cushions. Afterwards, we ate a light supper.

“I need to file a report on this week’s clinic,” Joyce said. “It won’t take very long and I can do it in bed while you’re watching TV or something. Okay?”

We both climbed on top of the bed nude. She propped herself up on her stomach facing the headboard with a big pillow under her chest. I was on my stomach facing the foot of the bed and the TV set. Both bedside table lamps were on as well as the overhead light and two small lights on the dresser. The room was very bright. The way Joyce was positioned made the curve from the small of her back to her protruding buttocks very pronounced.

I rested my head on the back of her knee and my lightly caressed her ass with my hand from the back of her thigh, over her muscular cheeks, to the small of her back.

“I love the way you rub my ass,” Joyce said, bringing her knees up underneath her, so she was kneeling way over as she continued to write her report.

Her feminine charms were all on display. Her pubic hair was long and thick over the inch-long hood that concealed her clit and trailed down both sides of her puffy outer lips. The inner lips were pressed together and formed a fairly straight line from above her clit to her anus. The brightness of the lights in the room seemed to reflect off the pink flesh of her vulva and anus. There were just a few hairs-about six fairly thick half-inch long ones-that radiated out in a semicircle from her butt hole.

“Your ass not only feels good to me, but I could admire the way it looks all night long,” I said.

“I’m going to be done here pretty quick, so get a good look now, because it won’t be long before I’m ready for some other action,” Joyce chuckled.

When I moved in closer for a better look and my chin hit her cheek, she jumped just a little. My nose was right at her asshole and it didn’t smell funky or dirty. In fact, it didn’t smell any different than Joyce did anywhere else. Unable to resist, I stuck out my tongue and ran it over the rough star-shaped ridges of her fundament.

“Oh my God!” Joyce exclaimed, pushing back against my tongue.

I continued licking and probing around her opening with my tongue. Joyce brought her own hand down and joined in the action, her fingers separating the inner lips of her cunt and spreading her moisture over her clitoral hood. When I brought my mouth down, clutched her clit between my lips, and sucked, Joyce was racked by a series of glorious spasms.

When she recovered, she threw her report on the floor, turned around, and grabbed my dick at the base while smiling with a wicked grin.

“You’re going to pay for that, Mister,” she said before she engulfed the head of my stiff rod in her mouth. “I’m goooooogah gogaga gagull youuf.”

I didn’t understand a word she said, but it didn’t matter. I was in seventh heaven. The veins on my cock throbbed with excitement as she sucked with a vacuum-like force and simultaneously enacted extreme pleasure on my dick with her tongue. She had the tip of one finger pushed up my ass and I gushed a bucket of cum into her mouth. She thrust her finger deeper to massage my prostrate gland, making me blast stream after stream of my life-giving essence down her throat. Sleep came easily to us both that night.

Joyce and I spent most of the summer together and we’ve become really good friends. I enjoy her competitive spirit and I know she enjoys mine. We just have a lot of fun together.

This winter, I might even take in a couple of her team’s basketball games-maybe join them on a road trip. After all, I still have six slips of paper with game suggestions written on them. Maybe this time, the whole team will want to play. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings.

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