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Wisconsin Trio

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If you’ve read some of my other stories, you know that I’m a Bi-Male, have been trained to cuckold my ex and now my significant other. I also travel and try to meet up with couples from time to time for some great fun.

Although I’m not real active on the swinger scene, I try to connect with a local couple once or twice a year when I travel, which is often as much as 15 to 20 weeks per year.

This past week, I had one of those experiences that I need to share. I contact and meet people through the Literotica discussion board, often in the Gay/Bi personal section. Last week, I was sitting in a hotel in Kansas preparing to extend my trip into Wisconsin and Illinois. I started reading the personal listings for couples looking for a male for MMF. One couple, from a Wisconsin town north of Rockford, Illinois was looking for a man to share the wife. The couple was described as a BBW and bi-male in their late 40’s. I responded to the thread and waited for a few days.

On Thursday, I received a reply with a photo of a very attractive mid-sized BBW and directions to contact her directly by email. To make a long story short, we decided to meet on Saturday afternoon at a hotel near Rockford. My anticipation ran high for the next day and a half. I prepared for the meeting by shaving everything between my head and legs. With the exception of the hair on my arms and head, I didn’t have a hair on my body above my legs.

On Saturday, I drove to the hotel and visited the bar. Right on schedule, the couple, Ollie and Darla, walked into the bar from the room that they had rented. After some formal introductions and the order of a round of drinks, our conversation got right down to the specifics. Ollie asked me if I found Darla attractive. She was wearing a one piece dress (a moo-moo?) that hung from her large tits and made her look larger than she was. Her face was pretty and she had a confident look in her eye. I told Ollie that she looked good enough to eat. After some other informal chit-chat, Ollie told me that they were looking for someone to service them for the afternoon and that I looked like I could fit the part. I agreed. He then gave me a room key and told me to go to the room, take a shower, and then sit naked on the bed and wait for them. They were to return to the room at 1:30pm sharp and wanted me to be ready to prepare them for some serious lovemaking. I looked at my watch; it was 1:15, so I hurried off to the room and took a shower.

When I entered the room, it had two queen sized beds, one which was covered with several vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, and other pleasure paraphernalia. I quickly stripped off my jeans and sweatshirt and jumped into the shower, my heart pounding with fear and anticipation. When I was finished, I dried off and reentered the room, trying to find the right pose for sitting on the bed. I decided that when they came to the room, I would greet them at the door and ask what I could do to please them.

I had thoughts about grabbing my clothes and getting out of the room when I heard the key in the door. I jumped up and walked toward the door, my hands behind my back. When the door opened, I said “Hello masters, I have cleaned my body and I am ready to please you. Ollie immediately grabbed me by the arm and bent me over the bed with the sex toys. Without hesitation, I felt Darla spread my cheeks and pour some lube over my virgin hole. The cold liquid made me shiver and I soon felt Ollie roughly shove a mid-sized butt plug into me. He then stood me up and held me while Darla snapped a leather cock ring around my hairless cock and balls, which had shrunk to a small size due to the shower and my embarrassment about greeting them in the nude. When this process was completed, they stood in front of the second bed and asked me to remove their clothes.

I started with Darla but was quickly redirected toward Ollie. I unbuttoned his shirt and helped take it from his arms. I leaned forward and kissed his nipples. Then, I reached down and unfastened the snap and zipper on his jeans. I immediately noticed that he was as hairless as me with a smooth stomach and no hair leading from his navel to the package, below. As I pulled his jeans down, he pushed me down to my knees. Out sprang an already hard 7inch boner above a firm package of balls. I bent in and kissed the head of his cock and then moved lower and ran my tongue across his sack, which was already beginning to pull-in.

When he was naked, he sat back on the bed and motioned me up to Darla. She stood about 5’6” and weighed about 175 lbs, I guess. When I stood face to face with her, I looked down into her eyes and she lifted her arms over her head. I took the hint and raised the dress over her head. I was surprised when I dropped the dress into the chair as she was naked, no bra or underwear, just naked. Looking at her large tits and ample curves caused a warm stirring in my cock.

Darla sat on the bed with Ollie and they both commented about my shaved body. Then Ollie explained that they wanted to fuck and that I needed to get them ready for action. A suggestion was made that I should start by working on Darla until she was ready and that I should then help Ollie. I immediately stood next to the side of the bed nearest Darla and reached down to rub her body from head to toe. While doing so, I leaned in and began kissing her neck, shoulders, collarbone, and the deep valley between her tits. I was getting harder by the minute and the ring was making my cock throb.

I began sucking Darla’s nipples as my hands reached lower and pulled on the outer lips on each side of her trimmed pussy. She was already wet, but I know that both she and Ollie wanted to watch me eat her before they started their bout. I worked my way down her body and started by sticking my tongue as low as I could reach and licking the entire length of her slit to the hood of her clit. She had fleshy lips, the kind I find sexy, and my cock became uncomfortable confined by the ring. I felt Darla’s hands directing my head toward her personal pleasure spot and I began licking her in earnest while stuffing two fingers into her pussy. It was only a couple of minutes before she closed her thighs over my ears and rammed her pubic bone into my face. She was coming and she came hard and long.

I now turned my attention toward Ollie. His cock was hard and dripping as I licked my way up from his knees to his balls. I licked the underside of his shaft and popped his 7 inches into my mouth which had been lubricated by Darla’s wet orgasm. I bobbed up and down for one or two minutes before he asked me to stop and stand at the foot of the bed. Then, he climbed on top of Darla in the missionary position and ran his cock deep into her cunt. I have only been in the room with others fucking a couple of times and it always strikes me how animalistic the actual mating ritual is. Ollie was thrusting his hips back and forth while Darla locked her legs around his waist. Looking down, I could watch his ass cheeks open and close with each thrust. Whenever they opened, I could see his wet balls and slippery cock. As he began to sweat harder, I leaned down and started lightly rubbing his thighs. He asked me to straddle Darla’s face while looking back toward him. When I did, she proceeded to tongue my balls and bang her forehead against the buttplug. At the same time, he leaned down and began sucking my cock, which was pointing skyward above Darla’s tits.

He must have only sucked my cock for a minute before he stiffened his entire body and came in Darla. I could see the goosebumps on his ass while he pumped his load into her. When he stopped, he stood up, cock dripping, and asked me to clean it for him. I was on my knees in a flash to suck his cock and lick his balls clean. The taste was of sperm and cunt juice. While I don’t find this to be a pleasant combination, it never fails to make my cock throb.

After I cleaned Ollie, he asked me to do the same to Darla. She spread her thighs and I could see a supreme mess between her legs. Ollie’s cum was already running down from her cunt toward her ass. I leaned in and began licking the source of the mess and I proceeded to lick her for 10 minutes before she came in a screaming fit of pleasure. I proudly looked down to find no sign of cum on her ass or cunt, I’d done my job!

Ollie told me that it was now my turn, but that I had to keep the cock ring on until he told me to take it off. I mounted Darla, who seemed very appreciative, and began sucking her nipples while thrusting into her. Bob stood by the side of the bed and Darla began sucking his rapidly hardening cock. Since there was no way that I could come with the ring on, my thoughts turned toward making sure that it rubbed Darla’s clit on every stroke. As soon as I started this higher thrusting, she came twice within a few seconds. This was fun!

I hadn’t noticed that Ollie pulled out of her mouth and disappeared behind me. As I thrusted into Darla, I felt him pop the plug out of my ass. Then I became concerned as he opened my ass cheeks and I felt the cold lubed head of his cock pressing against my rosebud. It happened quickly and I stiffened in shock. Ollie was fucking my ass while my cock was buried into the wettest cunt that it had ever experienced. It wasn’t long before the pain subsided and my cock reached it’s maximum hardness. He, Darla and I found a rhythm so that she would bounce me up at the same time that he was thrusting in. I was more excited than I ever had been during any sexual encounter, but I still could not come. Then, Ollie thrust into me and I could feel hot cum spurting into my ass. Before he pulled out, he reached under me and unsnapped the ring telling me to fill Darla. I immediately complied.

Darla then pulled me up her body until I was straddling her face. Ollie came over and sucked me clean while Darla licked the creampie from my ass. When my cock and balls were clean, Ollie disappeared between her ample thighs and licked her clean.

After resting for awhile, Darla began playing with my cock. As I hardened, they pushed me back on the bed and both proceeded to suck me. They took turns until Darla straddled over me and lowered herself while Ollie guided me into her. She rode me for a few minutes and when I was ready to cum, she got off so she and Ollie could finish their blow job. I came all over both of their faces and enjoyed watching them lick the come off of each other.

Before I left, I dressed and knelt between Ollie’s legs. I proceeded to give him a slow, wet blow until he came for a third time. Then, I kissed Darla, shook hands with Ollie, and returned to my real life.

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