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The Leatherneck Comes Home

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My parents had prepared a welcome home party for their Marine Sergeant son coming back from a tour of combat duty. It was a food and booze feast attended by various relatives, neighbors and family friends wanting to hear war stories.

As glad as I was to be home among relatives, I had a problem that overshadowed all feelings. I was horny, extremely horny after a year of living in a hostile land, masturbating to keep my sanity.

I made small talk with the guests as I wondered who to call or see to fix my celibate condition. One of the guests, a good friend of the family named Alonso offered me a beer and we stood by the swimming pool, watching the clusters of relatives and friends yapping away or nibbling finger sandwiches.

“Was it pretty rough over there?” he asked.

“A few times,” I answered, “but in between firefights it was very boring. All my free time was spent inside the base and all we did there was read books, play video games or do weights and work out. It was boring, mostly…”

“I bet you haven’t had a piece of ass in a year.”

“You’d win the bet,” I said, “I need to fix that soon.”

“Are there any girlfriends waiting for the war hero?”

“No. It looks like I’m going to have to go recon for a target.”

“Maybe I can help,” Alonzo said, “I can hook you up with a woman that loves to fuck.”

I smiled, gave him my undivided attention and nodded in appreciation, waiting for Alonso to explain whatever it was he was offering. He was in his forties, an engineer and a solid family man. I wondered if he was offering setting me up with one of the women in his office. I remembered that among his office staff, he had a pony tailed filing clerk in her mid twenties.

“Are you looking for a woman your age?” he asked, “a woman in her early twenties?”

“Alonso,” I answered, “I’m so horny I would do it with a grandmother of eight.”

“Well,” he answered as he finished his beer, “she’s not a grandmother, but she is a mother. Actually, she’s also my wife.”

I was surprised but not overwhelmed. I was twenty-three but I had done my share of living so the revelation was more interesting than astonishing. I had participated in a threesome while stationed in California, before shipping overseas. I was at the San Diego base for a week and I looked up a friend from basic training days. Jeff was a corporal –as was I at the time- and his wife Laura was a civilian employee at the base. The night before I shipped off to war, Jeff offered me his wife as a “good luck” gift. We went to one of those theme hotels and rented a caveman room where we spent a wild evening in which we sandwiched Laura after she gave us terrific blow jobs. I did Laura up the rear before shipping overseas and my first anal adventure had been enjoyable, feeling my cock tight inside her, my meat wedged between the round ass cheeks, penetrating her deeply as she sucked her husband’s cock.

After the first time such a thing happens, one is not stunned by a second proposition. I looked at Celia, his wife, as she walked across the other side of the pool to greet one of my uncles. She was of medium height with dark brown hair cut in layered shag; she had a decent build, full fleshed but not flabby, enticing for a woman in her early forties, with a rounded ass, all wrapped in a sensible black dress and designer shoes. My dick went hard.

“We have an open lifestyle,” Alonso said, “although we don’t do this kind of thing often due to social diseases. One must be careful and Celia has had only four men over the last ten years. They were affairs that lasted for months and now I’m offering you a chance to be number five.”

“Celia is a fine looking woman. I would enjoy this very much, but what’s your part in this?”

“I would leave you alone the first time then join you doing her. I’m straight. I do get turned on by sharing my wife and it makes her feel desirable and she enjoys herself immensely.”

“How do we do this?” I asked.

“Drop by our house tomorrow. Our son and daughter are visiting their grandparents in Jacksonville and will be gone all weekend. You can be with Celia by yourself all morning and I will be home in the afternoon and we will both do her.”

“And has she agreed to this already?”

Alonso laughed.

“I won’t have a tough time convincing her,” he said, “You are young, in terrific shape and very horny. I’m sure she will appreciate those attributes. You will also enjoy her. She might be almost twice your age, but she is very vocal, a terrific fuck, a first rate cock sucker and not shy in a three way. She might turn out to be the greatest piece of ass of your life.”

The rest of the party was spent talking to different folks about my war experience. Several said I was a hero but I was just another jarhead doing his job. As I chatted with a group, Alonso and Celia joined us, listening to the story of how we went into a town in the Suni Triangle, where the fighting lasted six very long hours. As I talked, she smiled coyly and gave me a knowing wink.

A few minutes later, the group broke and I was left alone, for a couple of minutes, in the terrace with Alonso and his wife.

“Al told me about your urgent needs,” Celia said, smiling at both of us, “So I’m willing to do my patriotic duty.”

“The Corps thanks you,” I said, smiling back.

“That is, unless you don’t mind having a woman a couple of decades older than you.”

“Not at all; you are very desirable.”

“Come over to our place tomorrow morning around ten. I will be by the swimming pool. If you want to bring a swim suit, fine. If you don’t, we can skinny dip.”

“I’ll be there,” I assured her.

I undressed her with my eyes, imagining her naked, waiting to be fucked. She smiled and winked, then walked away.

I still found it hard to believe that someone in the circle of my parent’s friends would be into threesomes. Alonso and Celia were regular church going, PTA parents with a bland profile. How would she be in the heat of a good fuck? Probably pretty good, according to her husband; as I thought about them, I undressed her in my mind and went to sleep that night thinking about sex with our family friend. I was primed to fuck and ready to go.

In the morning, I walked through their side gate towards the pool at nine hundred hours, dressed in Marine Corps red workout shorts and a matching T-shirt. Celia was lounging poolside wearing a very provocative two piece bikini. The top consisted of strings and two triangle patches where the thin material outlined the aureoles of her nipples. The bikini bottom was a thong that barely covered her obviously shaved pussy and split in two the globes of a desirable ass. There were drops of moisture on her belly and thighs, making her skin glisten in a very appealing way. She was a mature woman, a friend of the family and I was excited, full of anticipation as the moment of engagement was imminent. My cock stirred inside my shorts.

“You like what you see?” she asked with a wicked pout.

“I like it a lot.”

“I like what I see also,” she said as she approached me, “Welcome home, hero.”

We kissed, Celia rising up on tiptoes to take my tongue inside her mouth, both of us groaning deeply, my hands grasping her smooth ass cheeks, the bulge hidden in my shorts pressing against her mound. My fingers pulled strings and her bikini fell to the deck, leaving her naked.

“Enjoy this,” she said as she kneeled in front of me, “I’m sure you need this right away. Fuck my face and I’ll swallow every drop.””

Celia knelt. I watched her lick her lips, her eyes shining with lust as she lowered my shorts, reached for my cock, moaning softly as she grasped my hardness and took me in her mouth, her tongue licking the underside, teeth nibbling at the head. I moaned as I felt her mouth surround my prick, her tongue curling around my meat as I slid fully into her face. Her tongue felt wet against the underside of my cock as I began to move my hips back and forth, fucking Celia’s mouth. She was completely focused on my cock, her well manicured hand wrapped around the thick shaft.

She licked the length of my dick and I looked down to see her head bobbing back and forth on my cock. Celia swallowed my meat, my hard cock fucking her mouth while she moaned and fingered herself. She was a willing dick licker and my cock, which felt like a torpedo, pounded against the back of her throat. Celia took me willingly; sucking me hard, until my testicles slapped against her chin and her face was pressed against my naked belly, her lips brushing my pubic hairs, her nose pressed against my stomach.

Celia was a creative cocksucker. Her arms encircled my legs; her fingernails raked my ass as she used her mouth cleverly, nibbling, licking the cock head sliding on her tongue. I ran my hands through her hair, guiding her head as I fucked her mouth. She grabbed the base of my cock and caressed my hairy balls.

My dong was embedded in the wetness of her lips, sliding back and forth, exploding, gushing thick ropes of my cream over her tongue, down her throat as she made gurgling sounds but swallowed as her body twitched in her own, jolting orgasm. I spurted more, filling her mouth, but her head bobbed on, draining me. She swallowed every single drop, almost choking on the load, her body trembling with her own climax as her fingers played with the folds of her shaved cunt.

“Oh, yes,” I said, “I really needed that.”

“Honey,” she said, “you have one nice, fat cock.”

We went into the pool buck naked and played around, caressing, touching, kissing, my hands playing with her mound, feeling her ass cheeks underwater. I pressed my body against her, the water up to our chests, my cock rubbing against her smooth cunt. Celia reached down with one hand and adjusted my cock into her slit. Then she put both hands behind my head and pulled me down to her for a wet, passionate kiss. As we kissed, I pushed my cock slowly into her and she accepted me, letting the penetration be full, hard and a little rough. I eased my cock in and out, slowly at first, but as my pace increased, I pounded harder.

We developed a good rhythm, our hips moving back and forth, bumping, grinding, my hands holding her waist, guiding her to my tempo. My cock slid in and out of her smooth cunt, her hips bucking, fucking back while we wet kissed each other. My cock was deep inside her shaved cunt and she groaned, contracted, showed me she knew how to fuck, holding my cock tight inside her. My cock was sliding into the wet folds of her cunt as I pushed deep into her, feeling her respond, grunting with animal pleasure, opening more, feeling my meat lodged inside her.

It was a hard fuck. We were in the shallow end of the pool, her back pressed against the wall, the water line at the level of her hard nipples, which I pinched and groped softly as I fucked her. There was something more exciting than a normal fuck. There was a feeling of wickedness, a wild sense of lust in the act of fucking this older, very willing, experienced mature woman. She did not have the hesitation of a high school girl or the shyness of inexperience; she was enjoying my cock with raw gusto, taking it and squeezing it with vaginal contractions. My dick slid in and out, back and forth as I fondled her tits and tongued her mouth as we kissed.

I could feel her orgasm approaching. She clawed her fingernails into my back and bucked against me at an ever increasing pace. Her grunts stopped as Celia reached a new threshold and she talked in a sexy, moaning voice as she pushed her hips against mine.

“I love it….. I’m going to….come soon…oh, honey… what a great fuck you are….yes, that’s it……Oh…Oh…I’m almost…there…fuck me…fuck me… fuck me…I love your dick….. I loved sucking your dick… your load tasted very sweet… fuck me good…what a sweet, young, so hard cock… Don’t stop honey… I’m going to explode all over your cock…keep going, don’t stop… I am close…yes…..fuck me deep with that thick dick…Oh… Oh…. OOOOOHHHHH …OH….I am… there…..OOOOHHHH …YYYEEESSSS!!!”

I almost pulled out of her as she hit her first climax and she screamed with desire, pushing against me, trying to capture my cock inside the folds of her cunt. The head of my dick was now rubbing her wet clit, the tip rubbing and twisting, yet not entering. She whimpered in desire, her body twitching, begging for the teasing to stop, for the roll of human flesh to fully penetrate her deeply.

“Please stick it in me,” Celia begged, “fuck me, use me…oh, please fuck me now. I can’t stand it…use me. I need to be fucked…I crave your cock! I need a dick in me right now! Please fuck me, please. Fuck me deep with that thick, fat cock….”

I drove back into her with a steady pounding of my hips which made Celia moan and whimper in ecstasy, her body jerking with her second and third orgasms that started deep between her legs and shook her body in mind-bending spasms. I groaned as I pounded back into her and she jerked with my deep thrust and screamed silently, her head moving wildly as she gasped and exploded a last time.

I floated around the pool on my back, my sticky cock limp against my belly. Celia leaned on the stairs at the shallow end. For a couple of minutes we did not –could not- talk, our heavy breathing slowly coming under control.

“Let’s take a shower,” Celia said, “I want to soap you up and play with your balls and cock.”

It felt strange to be with Celia in the shower stall of her own home, but it was also arousing. We soaped each other, lathering our bodies slowly, touching and teasing. To my surprise, she went down on her knees and licked my ass, her tongue moving up and down my crack. I had never had that done to me before and it sent a shiver up and down my spine, making my cock twitch and grow.

“Honey,” she said, “You have to save some for later. I want my husband to enjoy the action.”

She was right. We had a light lunch and chatted naked by poolside waiting for Al to come home. During this interlude, we drank a couple of beers and Celia talked quite frankly about her open lifestyle.

“It started out as pillow talk,” she said, “just to get hot and build up excitement. We tried watching porn videos, did mutual masturbation, some flashing, played with toys, had sex in public places and led an active, monogamous life. After ten years of marriage the fantasies were of multiple partners. The whole thing went from romantic threesomes with candle dinners to dreams of raw sex where several men were using me for their pleasure and I was using them for my pleasure.”

“The first time,” she continued, “was about ten years ago. My kids were very young then and I dropped them off for an overnighter at my sister’s so I could go out with my husband to a community club dinner. At the dinner I met Julian, a friend of my husband that had moved back to Miami after working three years as an engineer in some bridge constructions in Georgia. Julian was a dream, a good looking stud. When Julian went to the bar to get us a round of drinks, my husband teased me.”

“Imagine you are on your knees naked and Julian is rubbing his cock on your face,” Alonso said, intending to excite Celia, only this time her desire was ready to go beyond role playing.

“Well, let me tell you,” Celia continued her story, “I had some doubts but I was also very horny. I could picture Julian’s cock dangling in front of my face. I was ready and I told my husband that tonight I was ready to go all the way. Two hours later I was on all fours in my own living room with one cock between my legs and another in my mouth and I loved every second. After that, they both took turns on my ass and I loved it even more. Do you like to ass fuck?”

“I will enjoy you.”

“Of course you will… anyway, that’s how it started. The following weekend I did another threesome with my husband and Julian. We even filmed the whole thing on video. When Al comes home we can watch it. That was ten years ago and I had a great body back then…”

“You are fine now,” I answered and I was not lying.

“That’s how it started,” she said, “and I loved it. The thought of fucking another man instead of my husband, of fucking in front of his approving eyes, might be considered strange or wicked, but the thought of performing in front of my husband also made me very wet. There have been others over the past decade and they have all been good, but you were sensational just now. You have a lot of energy, Sergeant.”

“Yes, I do,” I answered, “a lot.”

Alonso arrived early in the afternoon. We were naked poolside when he arrived, stripped and dove into the water. We chatted for a few minutes and he did not seem to be in a hurry to get started, but was enjoying the anticipation of the moment, the lewdness of knowing his wife had been fucking a younger man and would do it again, this time in front of his eyes.

After a while we dried off and headed for the living room to watch the video of Celia and Julian, who was a tall Latino with a beefy physique. She was ten years younger in the video, a woman in her thirties then, but her body had not changed much over the years.

The video’s opening scene showed a cottage in the woods and the three of them cavorting naked. Julian was well hung and he playfully chased Celia around a tree while Alonso filmed the scene.

The hard sex started about a minute into the video. Celia grasped Julian and masturbated his cock. The video had no sound, but the expressions and action were clear. She kneeled in front of Julian and gave his cock a couple fast licks before taking it in her mouth for long deep sucks. She pumped him with her hand, jerking him as she played with herself, one hand between her legs. She was not shaved back then and her fingers grasped the thick curls of hair that covered her cunt. She was sucking Julian with gusto. Celia pulled Julian towards her, causing his cock to jam deep in her mouth, which made him increase a fucking motion on her face, going deep as she swallowed his meat. He came in her mouth and she swallowed the full load before smiling and winking at the camera.

After the blowjob both men placed Celia face down over a small table, where they took turns on her mouth, cunt and ass. They fell into a rhythm, twisting and pumping, entering, slamming, fucking without inhibitions. The video was sensational and my cock was at full attention. Celia stroked both of us as he narrated the action on the screen.

“You like the way he fucked me?” she asked me, “Do you see his cock entering me. I was so wet and Al gets so turned on by scenes like this… don’t you, Al? Does that turn you on, seeing a young man play with your wife?”

“Oh, yes….”

“Look at the way they fucked me, so deep, so hard. You must think I’m a slut…..I guess I am… I have an orgasm coming soon….Al was so hard… he liked watching me with Julian and seeing him fuck my mouth…I’m stained with his juice… I love all of it…Look at this scene, look at how I am spreading my legs for him… I was so hungry for his cock….”

With the video, the cock stroking and the hot comments we all soon ignored the video and went for each other.

Celia knelt between our cocks, teasing and licking them each one in turn, then sucked Alonso’s dick, fucking his meat with her mouth, while her legs opened to meet my probing fingers and one of her warm hands stroked my tool.

The three of us played to the rhythm of the moment, senses aware. Celia sucked her husband and waved her ass in the air. I moved behind her, my lips and tongue tracing the outline of the two white mounds of her rear. There was a quivering response from Celia, a moan that escaped from her cock sucking lips. My tongue found its way to her cunt and I dipped my tongue in her slit, finding and nibbling her clit.

Celia was being eaten by me while her husband fucked her face. My tongue drifted up and down her slit, teasing the rim of her cunt. I flicked my tongue’s tip, curling it around her clit and she came in a spasm at the same time that Alonso dropped a load inside her sucking mouth.

I kneeled behind Celia, my hands opening her ass cheeks, my cock head approaching her inviting rosebud. I rubbed my cock in her pussy juice and started working my head into her ass. I eased my cock all the way in and Celia accepted my penetration with delight, clenching her butt muscles around my hard cock. While I was kneeling behind his wife, Alonso was running his wet cock all over face.

I moved my hips, swiveling my cock head around in her ass. I pushed while I grasped her thighs, pulling her back against me. She yelped as I was now fully buried in her ass hole. The ass fucking excited her and she began talking and moaning, driving us wild.

“Oh, honey…” she said as I fucked away and Al sucked her tits, “you have a primo cock……use me….I’m your fuck toy…. I like it up the ass…fuck me good with that fat dick…oh, fuck my ass, you nasty boy…fuck me….give it to me… I’m your slut, baby… fuck my ass in front of my husband. Please fuck my ass hard.”

I was riding her back hole hard and she responded by clenching her cheeks, holding me tight inside her, pushing back, loving the anal ravaging, clenching, feeling my girth and muscles as I enjoyed her, guiding her roughly, pulling her back hard against me as I fucked her ass with my cock buried to the hilt inside her rosebud. It was primitive, lewd, dirty and vulgar and I was more sexually excited than I had ever been in my life. Alonso’s face was buried between her tits as I grasped Celia by the hips and swiveled my own hips, grinding my cock inside her ass.

“I love your dick in my ass,” Celia said, “fuck me deep…oh yes, crack my ass, fuck me hard. Oh, fuck my ass deep!”

We came together, her ass clenching my meat, her head thrown back, yelping and moaning with the jolt of orgasm as her husband ran his wet tongue over her nipples and I exploded, a current whipping through me as I unleashed a creamy load inside her rear. It was a first rate welcome home for a leather neck.

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