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Thou Shalt Not Tease

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Lisa and Donna were a pair of ravishing lesbian lovers that turned heads wherever they went. Lisa, the older at twenty, a 5’5″ brunette with shoulder length hair, green eyes and full lips, was quite a knockout. She was a swimmer with a well toned, 120 pound, body, very tan and a 34-C bustline. Donna, her 18-year-old lover was her equal in height, and like Lisa had full puffy lips.

Her blue-green eyes accented her shoulder length long hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. A former gymnast in high school she was in very good shape, and very supple. And virtually as well endowed as her lover with a 33-C chest.

Wherever the two went they left men watching in awe, and sometimes erect, as they past. Lisa knew the effect they had on men. Though she was committed to Donna, she enjoyed teasing men quite often. The thought of them going home and having to jack off to get relief from her taunts pleased her to no end.

One Friday night the two girls decided to go bar hopping. Donna was dressed in skin-tight jeans that really showed off her ass and just enough of a

“camel toe” crotch to grab the eye of most men. She wore a casual fitting blouse but looked absolutely stunning. Lisa was wearing a halter, showing plenty of cleavage, under an unbuttoned white shirt and a pair of form fitting red, stretch-capris. Like Donna, she was stirring to watch.

Their third stop of the evening took them to a place that neither had been to before. The place seemed a bit more rowdy than the first two they had been in. Loud 70’s rock music blasted out from a juke box in the corner. And a half-dozen bikers monopolized the bar while the rest of the place was filled with patrons. Donna wanted to leave immediately but Lisa thought they should at least have one beer before moving on. They strutted up to the end of the bar to place an order. Seeing the bikers eyeing them up she decided to have a little fun at their expense. She smiled at the closest of them.

“By you a couple drinks, ladies?” The whisker-faced biker asked.

“Why thank you.” Lisa replied, holding her shoulders back so that her breast stood out facing him. She enjoyed the way his eyes focused on her ample cleavage.

“Don’t think we’ve seen you around here before.” He commented.

Lisa just smiled and said,

“Didn’t know this place had so many studs before tonight. Or else we’d have been here sooner.”

Two of the other bikers whistled and moved closer.

“Man you girls are H-O-T, hot!” one of them said.

“Yeah, look at them titties!” Another commented.

Lisa smiled, raised her left hand to her halter and quickly pulled it down for just a brief second, flashing her left nipple.

“You men like these?” She said.

Donna nearly fell over from shock. She knew that Lisa loved exciting men but she wasn’t expecting her to go this far. She was certain that Lisa had definitely had too much to drink.

“Lisa, maybe we should go.” She whispered.

“Not yet, Not until I see each of their crotches bulging.” Lisa whispered back.

The guys didn’t hear a word, they were too busy cheering Lisa’s brief flash and encouraging her to do more.

“Look, Lisa.” Donna objected.

“I gotta piss real bad. But when I get back we’re getting out of this place.”

“Okay, okay. Go pee and we’ll leave.”

When Donna wandered off to find the restroom Lisa leaned closer to the first biker, allowing her breast to smash up against his bare arm.

“Too bad you’re buddies are with you tonight. Maybe I can come back tomorrow and we can be alone.” She teased.

“I can get rid of them if you like.” He suggested.

“Oh, that wouldn’t be nice. Besides, I have to take my friend home.”

Lisa jumped back when she felt his hand grope her left tit.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She spat, knocking his hand away.

“Getting a head start on tomorrow.” He grinned.

“Don’t touch me!” Lisa insisted.

“Hey, man, this bitch is just teasing us!” Someone yelled out.

The biker pressed up closer to Lisa.

“Is that right, darling? Are you just being a prick tease?”

“N-no.” Lisa lied, scanning the room for Donna so they could get out of this place.

“Then why not show us a good time tonight?” He asked. Without warning he jerked her halter down exposing her 34-C boobs. Lisa quickly covered herself with her arms.

“Please, leave me alone.”

“You are a prick tease!” He insisted.

“Well we don’t put up with prick teasers around here.”

He looked around the room, most of the other clientele was occupied with dancing or whatever, and either were unaware of what was going on at the end of the bar or chose to ignore it out of fear of the bikers. Looking at the bartender he said,

“Bud, we need to borrow the back room.”

The bartender nodded.

Before Lisa could move two of the bikers grabbed her, one covering her mouth, and dragged her through the door next to the bar. She kicked and wrestled but they dragged her down a short hall and into a storeroom. Lisa tried to fight but was held secure as someone ripped off her shirt and forced her halter up over her head. Then she was held tight as her pants were tugged off of her. Her red lace thong was then ripped off her. She screamed but no one out front would be able to hear it over the roar of the music and the crowd. Hands fondled her breast, tweaked her nipples until they stiffened. She felt a finger invade her pussy.

“We’re gonna show you what we do with prick teasers, bitch!” The ringleader said as he undid his pants. Lisa was forced to her knees and her face shoved before his stiffening cock.

“Suck my dick, bitch. And if you dare bite I’ll cut your nipples off.”

Lisa sobered up instantly. It wasn’t as if she had never been with a man. But she had no desire to be with one now. The very thought of sucking cock sickened her. But she knew that she had no choice now. Her actions had gotten her into too much trouble. She only hoped that Donna would realize what was happening and call the cops. Reluctantly Lisa leaned forward and accepted his cock into her mouth. “Yeah, suck it bitch!” Lisa started to suck, but he grabbed her head with both hands and began ramming his cock into her throat. She nearly gagged as he began fucking her throat mercilessly. She felt someone pulling her hips up, then felt that person getting between her legs. ‘Oh fuck’ she thought as she realized that one of them was about to take her from behind. She felt the head of a cock rub against her pussy, slowly parting her lips. Then it rammed inside causing her to gasp as it was buried to the hilt. Now Lisa was being fucked from both ends by two of the bikers.

Donna returned from the bathroom and began looking for Lisa. She went to the bar and asked the bartender where her friend had gone.

“She looked like she was getting in too deep with those bikers,” Bud said.

“So I let her hide out in the back room. They finally got tired of waiting and walked out. You can go get her.”

Donna accepted the answer and went through the door. Before going half way down the hall she began hearing the commotion in the back room. She was about to stop when someone grabbed her from behind. She hadn’t heard the bartender follow her into the hall. He grabbed her around the torso and shoved her into the room. Donna was startled to see her girlfriend on the floor being fucked in the mouth and pussy by two bikers. She was thrown to the far side of the room where she was held by one of the men, who busied himself playing with her tits while watching Lisa’s rape. Donna resisted but couldn’t escape his grasp. She didn’t know what she would do even if she could. There were three other bikers between her and the only way out of the room so she knew that she couldn’t escape. She watched in horror as her lover’s ordeal continued.

Lisa had seen Donna being pushed into the room. But there was nothing she could do about it. She felt the biker in her mouth increasing his tempo. She was afraid that he was going to choke her if he didn’t slow down.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming!” He cried and Lisa felt the first wad of his salty fluid blast the back of her throat. Followed by more and more cum. She was forced to swallow it as he continued ramming her throat until his load was completely spent. The guy in her pussy continued fucking harder and harder. With a start Lisa realized he was starting to cum inside her.

“No, please don’t…” She cried. But he refused to stop. She felt him explode in her tender pussy, launching his manly fluids deep inside with a cry of triumph. She couldn’t say any more as another biker took his place in her mouth.

The first biker came over and relieved the one holding Donna.

“Your prick teasing friend there was pretty good. Can’t wait to try her pussy.” He began squeezing Donna’s tits as he too watched Lisa’s rape continue.

Lisa sucked the cock in her mouth, relieved that the man behind her was pulling out of her pussy. Then she heard someone say,

“Roll her over.”

The biker at her head pulled his cock out of her mouth and she was unceremoniously flipped onto her back. Another biker grabbed her legs and lifted them up to his shoulders and rammed his cock into her pussy. The man who had been fucking her mouth played with her tits, then straddled her chest and put his cock between her C-cups and began tittie fucking her. While he did that a third biker got down and forced his cock into her mouth. She felt his balls slapping her in the eyes as she struggled to take him into her throat. The man fucking her tits squeezed them tightly together as he continued. And the cock in her pussy rammed deep inside her. She felt his fingers rubbing and pinching her clit as he fucked her. The manipulation of her clit betrayed her emotions. Lisa hated every moment of what was happening to her but felt her pussy growing wetter and wetter as the cock inside her massaged her G-spot while his fingers rubbed her swollen clit. She felt the cock between her tits spewing its load up along her throat and chin. Then the cock in her pussy began cumming. Before he was finished she was forced to swallow another load of cum. All three men were finishing simultaneously.

When the got off her Lisa was pulled atop the final biker and forced to straddle his cock. The ringleader then turned Donna over to one of the others. Donna watched as he got behind Lisa and began running his cock against her ass. Lisa cringed as she felt his pecker rubbing her anus. She loved having Donna put her finger up there while licking her. But she had never taken a cock in the ass before. She wanted to cry out but found another dick invading her mouth before she had the chance. She settled down on the cock beneath her, surprised by how large this man was. He filled her pussy more than any cock had ever before. Then she spasmed as the cock at her ass forced its way inside her. Lisa was impaled by three cocks at once. All doing their best to drive as deeply into her as possible. The pain in her ass felt overwhelming at first, then slowly began subsiding. Her pussy was riding up and down on the cock under her. And Lisa found herself almost beginning to enjoy it. Hell, she realized that there was no

“almost” to it. Her body was enjoying the hell out of this. The three cocks inside her were turning her on more than she would have thought. She wasn’t expecting it when the one in her mouth began cumming. She nearly gagged from the surprise blast in her throat. But then began sucking it until it began going soft. When he pulled out she began panting loudly from the two cocks that were banging her pussy and ass.

Donna was watching in horror. She couldn’t believe what her eyes saw. She knew Lisa well enough to know when she was getting into it. And right now she could tell that Lisa was enjoying being fucked by these two men. When Lisa cried out Donna felt pangs of jealousy racing through her. What had started as a brutal rape was now turning into something that her lover was getting pleasure from. On one hand Donna was happy that Lisa wasn’t suffering. But on the other she couldn’t believe that Lisa would enjoy being fucked by these men.

Lisa saw Donna looking at her and felt shame wash over her face. But try as she might, she couldn’t resist the feeling that was growing inside her. Her body acted on its own, slamming back against the twin rods inside her. Taking them faster and faster. Her but quivered and her legs grew weak as she felt her moment of climax approaching. The man beneath her began playing with her tits and licking her nipples in turn. That was the final straw for Lisa. Her pussy unleashed a torrent of fluid as her orgasm filled her from head to toe. She cried out with rapture as the two cocks continued bringing her to fulfillment. Then man beneath her groaned as he too reached his orgasm and filled her belly with his cum. She continued riding his cock as the one in her ass banged away. She felt another orgasm overcome her then the cock in her ass blew its load into her. When the biker pulled out of her ass Lisa fell forward onto the man below her. His cock going limp, but still resting inside her drenched pussy. She didn’t dare look to where Donna sat watching.

The bartender returned to the room.

“OK guys, my turn. I gotta go quickly so I can get back out there.

Seeing Lisa laying on the floor with cum dripping out of both holes he turned to Donna.

“I’ll take her.”

Donna cringed. Then she was grabbed by the bikers who pulled and tugged at her clothing until she too was left naked. She was tossed on her back on a table and her arms and legs held wide. The bartender got between her legs and held his long, thick pecker ready. He rubbed it against Donna’s pussy then slowly began pushing it into her. Donna fought the urge to scream; She would not give them the satisfaction. She felt the cock push its way in until his balls rested against her soft ass. Then he began fucking her in a frenzy. Hands played with her tits as he continued fucking. Then someone said

“Get the other bitch up here.”

Lisa was pulled onto the table and her head pushed into Donna’s crotch.

“Lick her pussy while she gets fucked!” Someone yelled. Not knowing that neither Lisa nor Donna would protest. Lisa lowered her head and began flicking her tongue along Donna’s clit while the man standing between Donna’s legs continued to fuck her. Someone else positioned himself behind Lisa and began fucking her pussy while she licked Donna. Donna could see Lisa getting fucked. She could feel Lisa’s tongue catch her clit just a little harder each time the cock behind her slammed home. She felt the cock in her own pussy ramming her harder and harder. Then one of the bikers pulled her head back and placed his cock up against her lips.

She held her mouth closed a moment then suddenly opened up when she felt a tongue on her right nipple. Followed soon by another on her left. Now Donna was getting her cunt fucked and licked, while both nipples were being sucked and someone fucking her mouth. Without warning her body began responding from the overwhelming sensations all over her. Lisa continued to lick her clit as the man behind her fucked away. Lisa felt another orgasm mounting and started licking faster, wanting to make her lover cum with her. Donna didn’t think she could take this much longer. The cock inside her combined with Lisa’s masterful licking was more than she could resist. She heard Lisa’s moans as her lover began having an orgasm from the dick inside her. Then Donna lost it. Her own pussy exploded with delight. The combined cock and tongue action had her thrusting her hips and arching her back as she climaxed. Her nipples were tingling with delight as the men continued sucking them. She felt the cock in her pussy cum, and momentarily came back to earth as she realized that she had no protection from his sperm that was now filling her insides. But her orgasm took control once more.

The cock in her mouth exploded next and Donna took his load, swallowing every drop. Lisa had finished her own orgasm and could feel that of Donna’s as she continued to lick. She felt the man behind her increase his pace and finally cum as well. Then suddenly all the dicks were pulled back. All seven men backed away, high-fiving and congratulating each other on their conquest of the two prick teasing ladies. Donna lay on the table, surprised at how she had ended up being so satisfied. Lisa lay over her, completely exhausted from all the fucking and sucking she had gone through. The men filed out of the room, completely satisfied. Lisa and Donna looked to each other in silence.

“God that turned out great.” Lisa said. Donna looked at her almost in shock, then burst out laughing.

“You little tramp.” She said.

“Well, what do we do now?” Lisa asked.

“Nothing, until you eat my pussy again.” Donna said with a grin.

Lisa threw her legs over Donna, and rested atop her in the “69” position. Then both girls proceeded to lick each other’s pussies clean from the cum inside them. And neither stopped until the other was crying out with pleasure from yet another intense orgasm.

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