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The Man with No Name

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Kathy stood for a moment, looking around her, all her senses alert. Her ears open to the crunch, crunch sound, maybe a hint of his manly smell, a glimpse of his black coat. She had been here for over an hour, time had dragged and now she was buzzing to see ‘ the man’. That’s all she knew about him, a man who roamed the woods as eloquently as she did.

She was not even aware that he could be standing silently behind her, watching as she watched out for him. In her innocence she was invisible, a quiet mouse wandering alone to and from her cottage, going about her daily tasks in a sylph like way, ignorant if you like to the simmering darkness that overwhelmed him sometimes.

He had always known she was there, he felt her need, maybe even before she did. He was careful not to make eye contact, to uphold the pretense of indifference. That was so important to him, to remain a person in her mind, a person without a name…for the time being. He sat silently on the fallen tree, his day’s work over and just as he was heading back to his own home, he saw her. He noticed the way she laid her basket down, swept her hair out of her face and carefully look around her, an act so simple and discreet, but known to him. He smiled to himself as he took in the curves that so erotically formed her hips, her small waist blossoming out to her womanly breasts. He also knew that the time was near, the time he would make this girl, whom he knew all about….his.

Kathy started for her journey home, a touch of disappointment caressing her wistful smile, maybe tomorrow she will see him. Her cottage was empty, had been empty for a long time, her lone existence a timely reminder of her parents death many years ago. It was getting late, undressing she thought of ‘ the man’ and noticed how her body reacted, a tremble deep inside, her heart beating faster, the longing and aching between her legs….sighing she went to bed, willing the morning to bring with it some relief from the heavy sexual tension she was carrying around.

The man woke early, and figured today was as good a day as any. He quickly checked his surroundings, everything seemed to be in place. Taking his long black coat off the peg he started off on his journey, knowing that she would be there, she always was, somewhere on the edge of his mind.

Kathy strode purposefully ahead, carrying the basket as always, being careful to not to stumble, but taking note of her surroundings. These woods had a habit of changing every day, colours and shapes appearing and disappearing. She stopped for a while, the heat of the sun glistening through the trees, listening for any sound that could be construed as human.

He moved silently behind her, every inch bringing her closer to him, he could hardly hold his breath anymore as he reached out and took a lock of her long black hair in his hand and stroked the length of it.

Kathy jumped, turning around quickly, the breath leaving her lungs in a gasp. She softened when she saw it was him, and smiled shyly with a hint of uncertainty. He continued to look at her, his dark eyes boring into her very soul. She realized he still had hold of her hair and squirmed a little, her cheeks reddening.

‘I um…I…was…um’

‘ You were waiting for me, looking for me today as your were looking for me yesterday, and many days before that’

Kathy hung her head in shame, how could she possibly have thought that he had feelings for her, that her own desire was reciprocated? What a daydream she had been caught up in! She felt a little foolish and started to mumble an apology, before turning away.

He yanked her hair, forcing her to look at him. He took note of the emotions running heavily through her eyes, fright, lust, willfulness and innocence. Her head slanted to one side, her arms hanging listlessly by her side.

‘ You have thought about me, dreamed about me, willed me to notice you….even sought pleasure from your own hands at my expense, now you will come face to face with the reality’

He kissed her hard and unexpectedly on the mouth, savoring the taste of her sweet lips, his hand entwined tightly in her hair. He noticed how she willingly kissed him back, how her hips softened into him, her arms still lifeless…

With his hand now holding her wrist, he walked her back towards his cottage. Kathy struggled to keep up with his strides, sometimes tripping and stumbling, she was almost glad he held onto her, but felt a strange sense of loss as her own dream faded away. This wasn’t how she imagined it at all, where was the thumping of hearts? The tender looks of shyness? The inevitable chattering. Nothing but silence enveloped her, silence and a deep dark brooding feeling, that had her body aching to be touched. A feeling completely at odds with her rational mind.

The man pushed her roughly through the door and told her to sit on the chair. Kathy started to protest, thinking how rude he was. She stood up looking at him indignantly, her chin raised high, but still not taller than his 6 or so foot. He laughed, laughed so hard at her attempt to appear strong and in control, the fighting spirit dancing in her eyes. He slapped her hard across the face, then grabbed both her wrists before she had a chance to react.

‘ The journey has already begun, it began along time ago. If in the morning you decide you no longer love me, and i know that you do Kathy, then you may leave. If you decide your love for me is strong then I shall reward you. I will treat you fairly, honestly and respectfully, in return you give me your all, your body, your will and your soul’

He let his lips venture to her neck, feeling the vibrations of her heart beating. Pulling her to him, he crushed his body against hers. He planted soft kisses down over her neck, pulling her dress off her shoulder, running his tongue over her collar bone, and back up once more to her hungry lips. Lips that so readily sought his.

The time was now his, he manipulated her dress so that it fell to the ground effortlessly. Standing back he admired her nakedness, noticing how her dark nipples stood up, her chest heaved slightly and her eyes danced wildly with lust.

‘ kneel down before me’ he commanded, unsure as to whether she would obey him.

She sank to her knees immediately, waiting….

He undressed slowly in front of her, exposing his rock hard cock. Pulling her closer to him by her hair, he rubbed the tip of his cock gently over her mouth. Kathy opened her mouth in response and tasted him for the first time. He picked up the leather crop that was lying close to the wall behind him, and held it strong in his hand. He felt her warm tongue making small circles over the head of his cock, using her hair he pushed himself deeper into her mouth almost to the back of her throat. Kathy put her hand up to his cock to steady herself…


He slammed the crop over her arse, reigning her with a succession of stings. Kathy screamed and looked up at him in surprise, tears welling in her eyes.

‘ You are to suck me, you use your hands only when I allow it’ he said sternly.

Kathy continued gorging and feasting on his glorious cock, feeling him grow harder and harder, her own feelings of lust growing moist between her legs. He cupped her chin in his hand and pushed her head back, easing his aching cock deeper into her throat. Pulling back, he slammed into her, forcing every inch of himself into her mouth, pulling out slamming back. Nearing the peak he used her hair to pull her in and push her out. Gasping for breath Kathy struggled to maintain the rythym, sucking with tremendous strength, until ultimately he exploded his sweet tasting cum, emptying himself into her mouth. Kathy was shocked at the amount of liquid swirling over her tongue and opened her mouth allowing some to slide down over her chin.

Holding his cock in her mouth he said ‘ Lesson number one, NEVER reject what I give you’

He pulled her over to the bed, and laid her down. Taking his leather cuff’s that were hanging ready on the wall, he bound her wrists to the iron headboard. Then pulling some rope from under the bed, he wound some tightly around each knee and jerked harshly pulling her knees up towards the headboard, securing her in place. He could see for the first time how deliciously wet she was, noticed how swollen her pussy lips were, he smiled as he ran a finger over her. Pushing one into her, feeling her warmth, moving his finger around sending shock waves through her body. Kathy moaned loudly and closed her eyes. He scooped a finger of her wetness and ran it along her lips.

‘ Taste yourself Kathy…..taste how I have made you feel’

Kathy opened her mouth and took in the sweet musky nectar, swirling her tongue over his finger. He moved his hand lightly down her neck, and took her nipple in his fingers, feeling it stand to his attention. Lightly he rolled it, taking time to manipulate her breast. He noticed how she settled into rhythmic breath, tiny gasps escaping her lips, her eyes closed lost in her own world. He held her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, then squeezed harder, then a bit harder, then twisted it painfully. Kathy arched her back in surprise, a garbled scream escaping violently from her lips. before she could recover, he leaned over and twisted the other nipple. She rode the waves of pain, willing the feeling to subside.

‘ Enjoy it Kathy, it is a gift from me…..a gift you will one day beg for’

Not waiting for her to reply he quickly pushed three fingers into her soaking wet pussy, moving them around harshly, massaging her G spot, pulling them in and out fast. kathy felt the rising feelings of a climax and cried out. He stopped abruptly and slapped his hand hard against her clit. Tears of frustration fell down her cheeks, as he slowly pushed his fingers into her again, this time working her slowly, stretching her small entrance, using his thumb to stroke her arse at the same time. Twisting and turning he could feel her muscles tighten, so he pulled out and sat back observing her. Her eyes pleaded with him, for the release she so badly needed.

She was left open and exposed, her breath leaving her in little rasps, redness forming on her already hot face. He leant over her, matching her gaze, stroking her face he placed a gag in her mouth, tightening it at the nape of her neck. He placed his left hand over her wetness and in the other he held the crop.

‘ To give, you must learn and to learn you must experience’ He glared down at her lifting his arm slowly.

Kathy squeezed her eyes shut and felt the first sting of the crop on the place where her thighs meet her arse. Her body shook and the scream never made it past her throat….again it came lashing down, no particular rhythm, just continuous pain, then sting, over and over again. Tears rolled down her face, she struggled against the binds, trying to find some comfort in anything. Her mind swirling with lights, the dizziness taking hold. Heaving air through her nostrils she finally let go, feeling the tension fade away, she relaxed and let the pain envelope her. He stopped for a moment and stroked the already apparent welts on her arse. She was gone, he could see….he had pushed her to her limit this time. He knew how to bring her back.

Softly he lowered his head between her legs and rolled his tongue over her wet pussy, devouring her taste, lapping at her. Pushing his fingers inside her, he took her clit in his mouth and gently sucked. He could feel her responding, her chest heaving up and down, her juices flooding down his chin. He brought her to the edge, feeling her body start to shake. Moving up he guided his hard cock into her, gently at first. Pushing in slowly, feeling her open up to him. He held her hair to keep him steady and withdrew slowly, then slammed as hard as he could deep into her. He could feel his own climax growing as he tormented her, moving slowly out then slamming his hips hard against her. Faster and faster he moved, hitting her deep inside, fucking her with all his strength.

He felt her start to tremble, her legs shaking, climax was imminent.

‘ You may cum now sweet one, but do not take your eyes away from mine, I want to see the torment in them’

He moved faster, feeling his cock shudder as he emptied his hot liquid inside her, her own muscles squeezing tight as the waves hit her violently. Deep all encompassing waves of ecstasy crashed over her. She realized with a shock she had dreamed of this moment, but never had her dreams been so intense.

He removed the gag from her mouth, and great racking sobs spewed out from her lips. Sobs of her own private submission. He untied her and took her into his arms, allowing her to fall into a deep safe and secure sleep.

When Kathy woke up the next morning she was surprised to find she was alone. The space beside her was empty, as empty as her heart felt at that moment. She gingerly sat up, careful not to rub the welts on her arse. Panic rose in her from the pit of her stomach. She reached up and realized she had a collar around her neck, secured tightly with a padlock. There was also an envelope on the table beside the bed. Inside was a note and a key….it read…

‘ My little one Kathy, if you wish to leave please use this key to unlock the collar then you will be free. If you do leave, be sure you will never see me again. If you wish to stay and honour me in every way then you have this day to yourself until my return this evening. Written on the back of this note is my name, its the only name you shall ever know me by’

Kathy turned over the note and read aloud the word ‘Master’ before dropping the key back into the envelope and turning over and falling into a dreamless, satisfying sleep…

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