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The Foutain of Youth

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The most unfortunate of circumstances can occur in a split second. Anything can happen at any time. It doesn’t matter how generous you are, how you live your life…it all comes down to good old Social Darwinism. If you aren’t fit to survive, you won’t survive. That’s all there is to it.

It seems this way in the modern-day world sometimes. This is usually the cause of major illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, and heart-attacks.

It’s the constant worry that chains itself to your legs and drags along wherever you go. It’s the squeezing feeling in your stomach that makes it hard to sleep at night. What is “it,” you ask?

Stress. Stress is what makes life hard, yet, life is stressful. A never-ending cycle is created…

For the residents of the small community on Watterlou Ct, this is how life was daily. Seven people had houses in this court. All were out and about every day, getting to the heart of the matter, and working hard to keep the homes they had. It was a nice neighborhood; the houses were nice. However, one of them was nicer than all the rest. Little was known about the man who lived on 113 Watterlou Ct; he was almost like a myth, a legend that didn’t exist. The house was a good three stories tall, and it was in great condition. What was more remarkable about the house than its size, however, was the amount of land in the backyard. The backyard was just about the size of the house, some reckoned.

At eleven o’clock at night, as she does every day, Kristen pulled into her driveway. Kristen was a single woman of age 24. She had recently finished college, and was looking for a purpose. As she was unpacking groceries from her trunk, she noticed something strange at house number 113. There seemed to be construction workers all around it, building something large and elaborate. The house was also getting a fence put in around it. Confused, Kristen hurried inside with her groceries and went straight to her phone.

“Jamie, have you seen these workers?” Kristen stuttered.

“Yeah, I noticed it a few hours ago. Where the hell have you been?” Jamie responded rather harshly.

“…I got caught up at work…life is so stressful, Jamie,” Kristen whimpered.

“Aw, I know, sweetie,” Jamie comforted. Jamie was a kind, caring individual. She had been best friends with Kristen since high school. They went to college together.

“So, I don’t know what to do about this guy at work…” Kristen continued.

“Look, hun, go to sleep. The morning brings new promises.” Jamie said sagely.

“Okay, then…goodnight…”


The next morning, the residents of Watterlou Ct. woke to a surprise. Each and every one of them received a strange letter in their mailbox. It was expensive paper, a sort of parchment, and on it, scribbled in dark, black ink, was the return address…113 Watterlou Ct. Finally, the owner of the expensive house might finally break the ice with his neighbors. The letter turned out to be…

“A formal invitation…?” Jamie stated, impossibly. “The owner of this house…we don’t even know him…we don’t even know if it is a “he!”

“I know, Jamie, but let’s give it a chance,” Kristen stated calmly, twirling the phone cord in her fingers.

“The letter says eight o’clock…I guess I’ll see you then.” Jamie said simply. She hung up the phone.

Kristen looked out her window, brushed her long, brown hair out of her face, and looked at the mysterious house. She felt anticipation. She knew that something wonderful was in that house…for her especially.

That evening, Kristen exited her house to find that no one had showed up in front of the mysterious house…no one except Jamie. Kristen approached the house to greet Jamie.

“I almost feel like we shouldn’t be here,” Jamie called to her friend.

“I know…where is everyone?” Kristen asked, looking all around her.

They both took a minute to just examine the wonderful house in front of them. They couldn’t believe how large it was. Even more mysterious, all of the construction equipment and workers had gone completely. A gothic black gate guarded the courtyard securely. Kristen felt a bit of excitement in her stomach.

“What if this is some kind of a business promotion?” Kristen exclaimed happily.

“Hon, you’re not an important businesswoman…” Jamie explained, laughing heartily.

“Then what the hell is this?!”

As if on cue, a mysterious “ring” sounded throughout the courtyard. It sounded as if someone had taken a hammer to a large piece of steel. It was frighteningly loud.

“What the…” Jamie stuttered, but she wouldn’t finish. Just as she opened her mouth, the large front door of the house opened. Warm, bright light emerged from the inside of the house, and was shut off as the door was closed tightly. A silhouette of a person was visible from outside the gate. The figure walked slowly, and seemed to carry a cane. Slowly, the light shed on the figure in question: it was a young man.

“Welcome!” the man stated with a smile to bring kings to their knees.

Jamie and Kristen simply stood, mouths agape.

“Only two people?” the man questioned, his smile disappearing a bit. “I do believe I sent letters to everyone.”

“Who…are you, sir?” Kristen asked tentatively. The man laughed.

“You may call me John, and you don’t have to call me ‘sir,’ silly girl!” he laughed.

He was young, after all. So young, in fact, that he shouldn’t need a cane…

“You are wondering, of course, why you are here.” John began. “I attempted to bring everyone here for two reasons, but since only two showed up, it seems that I will just have to go ahead with the evening.”

With that, the gates shuttered for a second, then stopped. The gates were unlocked. The girls followed John, limping with his cane, through the courtyard, adorned with flowers and trees unlike anything they had seen in their lives. The new gate that had been installed the previous day made the courtyard feel like an enclosed paradise. Once John and the girls had arrived at the door, he opened it slightly, slid inside, and then held the door open for Kristen and Jamie. He began speaking before they could thank him.

“I have brought you here for two reasons, as I said before.” John repeated. “Please, have a seat.”

This was no house. It was a mansion. It was a godly house built for a godly man. There were towering pedestals, chandeliers, exquisite furnishings, and multiple chairs for the girls to choose from.

“The first reason is for me to apologize.” John said, sitting down himself. “I have not spoken to any of my neighbors in any neighborhood I have ever been in. I am very isolated individual.”

“Aw, it’s alright…” Jamie said comfortingly. Kristen rolled her eyes.

“I thought I was happy, you see?” John continued. “But it wasn’t until recently that I discovered I was not happy at all. I needed people.”

“So, you brought us here to make you happy?” said Kristen, a little irritated. She was a little disappointed at what the truth behind the “legendary” house actually was.

“Partially,” confirmed John. John placed his cane on the ground next to him, and laid back into a leather chair. John also removed a large, black trench coat he had been wearing. Underneath the coat, John looked like a normal individual, wearing jeans and a short-sleeved shirt.

“I couldn’t help but notice the horrible lives my neighbors in this neighborhood have.” John explained.

“What?!” yelled Kristen.

“You’re all so worn out, focused on the daily routine,” continued John. “Why, you’ve left yourselves no time at all to sit back and enjoy life.”

“No shit! We’re not all wealthy like you, sir!” Kristen jumped.

“It doesn’t take wealth to enjoy life.” John countered calmly.

“What are you getting at with this?!” Kristen yelled, impatiently.

“Saucy girl…” John mocked, with a sense of lust in his lips. “Just follow me.”

Without further ado, John reached for his cane, stood up, and began to limp to his destination. The girls followed, until Kristen finally had to ask.

“Why do you have a cane?” she asked firmly. “You’re young. You don’t need one.”

John simply turned around and smiled.

The girls followed him to a long, dark corridor. As they entered, the door closed behind them. A dim light switched on. The girls gasped. The walls of the room were glass, and inside were little aquariums with fish of every color and shape. The light blue water reflected onto the ground, creating ripples of elegancy throughout the room.

“Let’s continue, now.” John beckoned.

At the end of the hall there was a door. There was something about the door that looked fresh and new, not dull like the rest of the doors. It was vibrant. It was unique.

“This is why I brought you here.” John whispered, and opened the door.

The sight was unbelievable. The room seemed to be incased in a dome. It was like one’s own personal springs. A “river” flowed through the middle of the room, which was fed by a large waterfall on a far wall. Greek pedestals held small porches all around the room. Each “porch” had a small roof, a waterfall flowing from the roof, and vines hanging down off the edge. The entire room was about the size of half of a football field, and the floor was completely made of marble.

“Girls, this is my Fountain of Youth.” John explained vibrantly. “I call it that because every time I use it, I feel refreshed and new, as if I am younger.”

Jamie stepped lightly around the marble, her footsteps echoing with every step she took.

“There is more to this haven than meets the eye. Cold, spring water is what you see flowing through these small pools and rivers here. On the other side is exactly the opposite, an extremely nice hot springs portrayed in a similar manner.”

Both girls were speechless. Kristen put the pieces of the puzzle together first.

“You wanted us to come here so that we would feel younger?” Kristen asked, very interested now.

“Somewhat,” John replied. “I invited this entire neighborhood to my Fountain to show you what life truly is. I want you to experience freedom, relaxation, and ultimate paradise.”

“Wow…” Jamie mumbled, still amazed.

John dropped his cane suddenly.

“I don’t need it,” he said smiling. “I use it to hide my identity.”

The girls looked at each other strangely, but shrugged it off.

“Shall we?” John invited, his arm extending to the gorgeous sight before them. Kristen blushed.

“R…right now?!” she asked, stuttering. “I don’t have anything to change into…”

“Neither do I…” interrupted Jamie.

“Nor do I,” interrupted John. “Letting go of your stress means letting go of everything, including what the world has taught you.”

“You want us nude?!” Jamie asked loudly.

“You are mistaken.” John ensured. “I will enjoy it first, then.”

John proceeded to take his shoes off first. After his shoes were kicked out of the way, he began to remove his shirt. Kristen tried to stop him.

“John, I’m not sure if…”

But his shirt was off, and on the wet floor. Kristen stared, taking his beautiful chest in with her eyes. Her mouth watered. Her strange attraction to this house made sense all of a sudden. Jamie was experiencing a similar reaction. John moved to unbutton his pants, but he was interrupted again, this time by Jamie.

“Wait!” she exclaimed. “We should…all strip…at the same time.” She was blushing madly, as was Kristen. John stopped unbuttoning, and sat down on a nearby bench.

“Okay, then.” John simply said.

Jamie seemed the most eager. She threw off her shoes, and pulled her tight shirt off over her head, exposing her bra. She removed the bra without any word, and her B-cup breasts were free. Kristen already had her shoes off, and began removing her shirt. Kristen’s bra was full; in college, she was famous for her large breasts. Kristen unsnapped the tight bra, and it flew to the ground. Kristen blushed as John gazed upon her large C-cup tits.

“Now then, I’m glad you saw it my way,” John explained. He then began unbuttoning his pants, and the girls watched eagerly. John removed his jeans quickly, and his boxers were exposed, as well as his erection, which was putting up quite a fight to get out. The girls gasped. Jamie’s hands flew to her jean button. She unbuttoned, and slid her tight jeans off her slim figure. Much like Kristen’s breasts, Jamie was well known for her ass. Jamie wore a thin, green g-string, and sat impatiently, looking at John the whole time.

“Kristen, go on,” Jamie urged.

“Kristen. That’s a wonderful name,” exclaimed John. “What is yours, lovely Miss?”

“Jamie…” she stated, blushing.

Kristen already had her pants halfway down by this point, and kicked them off. Kristen wore a bright red thong. At this point, John proceeded to take off his boxers, but he was again interrupted.

“Wait!” Kristen yelled. John stopped, and looked at her. Kristen looked straight back. She walked over to John slowly, put her hand on his face, and pulled him in for a kiss. John returned the kiss, pulling Kristen in further, feeling her smooth skin against his. Kristen then proceeded to take off his boxers for him. She yanked them off in one swift motion, causing John to moan slightly. Jamie stood, watching the entire scene, fingering her pussy through her g-string.

John sat down on a wet bench and Kristen straddled him. They kissed madly, and began to dry hump. Jamie was getting wetter and wetter by the minute. She walked up behind Kristen, and waited, waiting to see what she could do. John reached for Kristen’s thong, and ripped it off, literally. Kristen gasped, but John silenced her with a kiss. John reached up and began massaging Kristen’s marvelous breasts. They were lush, ripe, and soft.

“Let us move elsewhere,” John suggested. Kristen agreed. Kristen got off of him and walked to a small pond of warm water. John sat down on the edge of the pool, but this time, Jamie got to him first. She sat down on his cock, ass first. She massaged it with her pussy through her g-string, and John began to moan rhythmically Jamie grinded her butt into him once more, then turned around and got on her knees. She rubbed his large cock with her hands, and moved her head on top of it. She took the cock in her mouth slowly, teasingly. John moaned, and bucked his hips. Jamie began to suck, and take more cock into her mouth. Kristen sat nearby fingering herself, close to an orgasm. She watched the situation, and just had to be a part of it. Bravely, she crawled over to Jamie, got on her back, slid under Jamie’s butt, and pulled her pussy down into her tongue.

Jamie yelled at the surprise. She looked to see it was Kristen, her best friend. Her pussy began to drip with this thought, and she sat into Kristen’s face. Kristen licked all of Jamie’s pussy, inside and out. Jamie continued to moan and suck John’s cock at the same time. John couldn’t believe the sight in front of him. Jamie began to scream as Kristen entered two fingers into her pussy. Jamie fucked them quickly, smashing against Kristen’s face as she finger-fucked and ate Jamie out. Jamie downed John’s cock, and the tip of his cock rammed the back of her throat. John, pulled out, and slammed into her mouth again, and again. Kristen slipped a finger into Jamie’s beautiful asshole, and Jamie was pushed over the edge. Her orgasm vibrated vigorously through her body, and she moaned with John’s cock in her mouth. John couldn’t hold it either. John began spewing loads and loads of semen down Jamie’s throat. Jamie didn’t fight at all, being too exhausted to care. Kristen had, apparently, worked herself up to an orgasm as well. She was laying on the ground, fingers still inside her, exhausted. John was still cumming, and Jamie swallowed all that she could. Cum was spewing from her mouth. She was too exhausted to swallow any more.

John was the first to stand up. He lightly pushed each of the girls into the hot springs, and sat with them, gathering beverages from a nearby bar.

“My god, John,” Jamie exclaimed. John only stared at her with a smile.

“Kristen?” John asked.

“Yup?” she replied.

“How would you like to fuck your best friend?”

Both Jamie and Kristen blushed, and blushed even more when they remembered their sexual encounter minutes earlier.

“Put a show on for me, girls,” John requested. “I’ll just relax…” He leaned back into the springs.

Kristen, horny but embarrassed, began to climb on top of Jamie. As soon as Kristen had mounted her friend, all of her embarrassment had gone; she was a wild animal. Kristen went straight for Jamie’s breasts, biting each nipple. Jamie gasped, pushing her pussy up against Kristen’s. Kristen moaned and kissed Jamie deeply. The two began to make out…intensely. Kristen rocked up and down her friend’s pussy, moaning with each movement. John had already become rock hard again from this wonderful sight. Jamie took over, and began kneading the most famous breasts on campus. She sucked them slowly, and wished she could fuck them. She bit and consumed every inch of flesh possible. She moved swiftly down to Kristen’s wet pussy, and dived into her. Kristen pressed her thighs against Jamie’s face, and Jamie ate her more intensely. Kristen moaned impossibly loud, but Jamie removed her face from Kristen’s pussy. Jamie turned around, and assumed the sixty-nine position. Kristen was delighted. Jamie slowly lowered her pussy onto Kristen’s face, who began licking her as soon as she could. Jamie ate her friend just as vigorously. The two began rocking up and down into each other’s pussies. It was a sight fit for a god. The two continued this method until Kristen reached her hand up and slapped Jamie’s ass good. Jamie moaned, and licked Kristen more. Kristen loved seeing Jamie’s ass vibrate when she slapped it. She did it again, and Jamie became wetter. Kristen lapped up the juices, and continued licking Jamie, then slapped her ass again. Jamie’s intensifying moans encouraged Kristen to continue spanking. She spanked rapidly, one after the other. Kristen could feel herself getting close to her peak, and knew that Jamie was getting there too. To finish her off, Kristen arched her head upward and shoved her tongue into Jamie’s asshole. Jamie lost it, and had her orgasm right there on Kristen’s face. Kristen’s orgasm came soon after. The two removed themselves from their position, and kissed each other.

John couldn’t take any more. He needed to fuck. He went to a small pool in the corner of the room and returned with a long, blue cylinder.

“Thermometer,” John explained. He threw it to the girls, and Kristen caught it. “It might come in handy.”

With that, John beckoned the girls into the hot springs. They relaxed and let their daily worries go away for a moment. John looked at them eagerly, his cock still fully erect.

“I need to fuck someone now,” John stated bluntly. “Who’s first?”

Kristen jumped up and waded to John. John smiled, and sat down to receive Kristen as she waded towards him. She straddled him under the water, and lowered herself on John’s cock.

“Ohh….that’s good…” John moaned.

Kristen began a bobbing motion, holding onto the sides of the spring for support. She fucked his cock as fast as she could under the water. He moaned and started to suck her breasts. Jamie had meanwhile swum over to them and was working on fingering Kristen’s asshole. John thrusted upwards into Kristen, which filled her up entirely with his cock. She screamed, and wiggled around with him inside her. Jamie entered a finger into Kristen’s asshole. She moaned and attempted to stick her ass out while she fucked.

“Okay, let’s rotate,” John moaned.

John sat on the edge of the springs and let Jamie sit on him backwards. She felt his cock go all the way up her pussy. When she felt this, she moved her legs back, straddling him backwards, and began to move up and down. Out of the water, it was much easier to fuck. John moaned, and stared at Jamie’s ass as it bounced up and down with each fuck. Jamie continued to pump down on top of John’s cock, and felt a surge of pleasure when John slapped her ass. Kristen moved around to John, who was lying on his back. She straddled John’s face, and he began to eat her pussy. As Kristen rocked on top of his face, she leaned all the way down and licked Jamie’s asshole. Jamie fucked John harder and faster. Kristen licked harder, as did John. Kristen then shoved the thick blue thermometer inside Jamie’s ass. Jamie was getting it in both ends. She screamed, loving the attention, and attempted to fuck both of the cocks at the same time. Kristen moaned as John sucked and bit on her clit, and she drove the thermometer in and out of Jamie’s asshole faster. John scooted up a bit and started licking Kristen’s asshole. Kristen moaned in surprise. Kristen pulled the thermometer out of Jamie’s ass, and handed it to John, who (after washing it slightly in the spring) shoved it up Kristen’s butt. Kristen loved getting fucked in the ass. Jamie let out an unexpected moan, and Kristen recognized it; Jamie was almost there. Jamie bounced up and down on the hard cock even faster, and John clenched his teeth, slamming the thermometer up into Kristen’s ass. A sex triangle had been formed, and it was about to erupt. John was the first to come. He let go of the thermometer, grabbed Jamie’s hips, and pulled her down on his cock as hard and rough as he could. He let out a yelp and shot jets into Jamie’s pussy. Jamie’s pussy dripped with cum, as she continued fucking his cock. Jamie was brought to an orgasm by Kristen, who had removed the thermometer from her ass and stuck it up Jamie’s again. Jamie shuddered and screamed, the scream reverberating off the walls of the haven. Kristen did not orgasm this time.

“Jamie, fuck Kristen…” John gasped.

Jamie slapped Kristen’s ass and pushed her over. Kristen was on all fours, and Jamie inserted one end of the thermometer into her pussy, and the other end into Kristen’s. She began to fuck her slowly. Kristen moaned, and was not far away from an orgasm as it was. Kristen got off by shoving her ass back into Jamie, and Jamie moaned as well, fucking Kristen as hard as she could with the little energy she had. Kristen gasped as Jamie pulled out and began fucking her ass. Kristen moaned as she heard Jamie’s soft skin smack into her ass. Kristen couldn’t hold it anymore…Jamie reached underneath her and inserted three fingers into her pussy, and Kristen screamed. Her pussy walls tightened down on Jamie’s fingers. Jamie “pulled out” of Kristen, and tossed the thermometer aside. Kristen was exhausted. She couldn’t even stand up.

“Up for one more?” John asked excitedly. Jamie groaned a little, and Kristen was already half asleep on the ground.

“Jamie, I want you to know that you have the greatest ass I’ve ever encountered.” John said calmly. Jamie blushed. “I want to fuck it. Just you and me.”

Jamie was spent, but she crawled over to John anyway. She assumed an “all fours” position, and stuck her ass up, preparing for another fuck. Jamie was always told that her ass was literally perfect. Every guy who had been with her had told her that. It was the fascination that guys had with her ass that made her want to try anal for the first time. Now, however, it was routine.

John played with her ass for a minute, slapping it lightly and watching it bounce. He squeezed both cheeks, then squeezed them together, then pulled them apart. He was gaining yet another erection. He spanked her like the dirty anal slut that she was, and prepared to fuck her. He bent down and ate her ass. Jamie enjoyed it, but mostly just remained submissive due to her exhaustion. Jamie’s ass was getting superior licking. He tongued her inside and out, even licking her cheeks, which he found arousing. Finally, he propped himself up on his knees, lined up his cock with her ass, and took the plunge.

It was the greatest feeling John had ever experienced. John moaned in pleasure and in pain. Her ass was so tight, it compressed his cock immensely. John pulled out carefully, and performed another thrust. He moaned just after he heard the “slap” of his skin bouncing off her ass. Jamie moaned a little as well. He picked up the pace, entering in and out, pumping her creamy ass like it was meant to be pumped. He slapped her ass every once and a while, which made her moan each time. Jamie gained energy from her sexual arousal, and began to finger herself. John slammed her over and over, relentlessly fucking her tight ass. He remembered how tight it looked in her dark jeans she wore earlier. He moaned, realizing that he was fucking that same ass. Jamie’s moaning pushed him back into reality. He pulled out and asked Jamie to sit on him. She lined up her ass with his cock and slid all the way down. Jamie bounced up and down, almost gaining the same speed that they had before. Seeing her ass bounce and shake made the experience even more sexy for John. John loved hearing Jamie’s moans every time she slammed down into him. He felt a tingle in his cock, and knew that he needed to fill this ass with cum soon.

“Ohh…Jamie…fuck me, faster…” John gasped.

Jamie put both knees on the ground, grabbed John’s legs, and sat down on his lap again, pumping faster than before. John yelled in pleasure, and slapped Jamie’s ass again, and again, and again, until Jamie herself was screaming.

“Come on, babe…fill me!” she screamed as she was slapped. He couldn’t take it much longer, but he wanted to last. He pushed her off, made her get on all fours again, and put his hands on her hips, pulling her ass back into his cock where it belonged. He slammed and drilled her ass furiously like an animal. Jamie roared with pleasure, fisting herself as best as possible, loving the attention her perfect ass had gotten her once again. With one final thrust, he slammed vigorously into her chamber, and upon seeing her ass tremble, he blasted her with his streams of man-cream. His cock emptied into her ass six times, and then some. Jamie reached her final orgasm herself soon after. Jamie’s ass was worn out, as were all three of them. John pulled out of Jamie and collapsed next to Kristen, who was sound asleep. Jamie, having collapsed from her “all fours” position, just remained on her stomach her eyes closed.

All three of them enjoyed the beautiful sound of their expensive surroundings. Mist from the cold springs had carried over, and sprinkled Jamie, John, and Kristen. They were out within minutes.

Regardless of what John had planned for the visitors on this formal occasion, his Fountain of Youth was ultimately a stress-reliever in the sexiest of ways.

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