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The Doctor’s Office

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Reaching down, I pulled the sheer white stockings up my calves and onto my thighs. The tops of the stockings were trimmed in lace with a red bow. My nurse’s uniform is white with a deep cut vee neck that shows off my ample D-cup breasts. It has red piping and a ruffled skirt bottom that barely covers the bottom of my ass. If I make even the slightest move, the white satin panties that I wear with it are visible. To complete the look, I put on the nurse’s hat and two inch white platform shoes.

Looking around the room I made sure that things were ready for my next patient. I had already laid out a latex glove, a thermometer, and some lubricant. Longingly, I looked at the riding crop before deciding to put it away for another time. Finally, I took out my favorite strap-on. The harness is supple red leather, and it fits me perfectly. When I’m in the groove, I can rock a man’s ass for hours with it. The dildo I selected was my favorite as well. It’s a nice 7-inch silicon dildo with a vibrator and a flared base.

With a final glance in the mirror, I checked my makeup. Everything was in place. Straightening myself, I briskly walked out to the waiting area.

“Mr. Wilson?” I called.

Looking up from his magazine, Mr. Wilson stood up and walked towards me.

“This way sir.”

Walking quickly, I led Mr. Wilson to the rear-most examination room. As we went, I could feel appreciative eyes frankly staring at my satin encased ass. After he walked in to the room, I closed the door. I began the routine examination process, taking his pulse, blood pressure, and weight.

“You’ve been a bad boy Mr. Wilson. You’ve put on seven pounds since your visit last year,” I observed. Actually I was lying. His weight was really a pound less than his last examination but I wanted to put him on the defensive. “Can you explain this weight gain?”

“I guess I’m not watching what I eat,” he mumbled.

“I seriously doubt that Mr. Wilson. I think you’re watching it and then eating it anyhow. Please take off your clothes Mr. Wilson,” I commanded sharply.

“Uh,” he began. “Is there a robe for me to put on?”

“We don’t believe in robes here. It increases laundry costs, and it delays examination,” I explained. “Now, please remove your clothes.”

Uneasily, he started removing his clothes, folding them and setting them on the chair. In short order he was standing naked before me. He was a handsome man, in his late forties, with graying hair that gave him a very distinguished look. His eyes were large, and made him appear pleasant and thoughtful. His build was pretty nice, with a fairly flat stomach and a cute ass. His cock was circumcised, and a perfect length.

“Sir, please bend over the examination table. We need to take your temperature.”

“Is that normal? Don’t you have the thermometers you put in the ear?”

“The Doctor feels that those are not as accurate a reading. Please sir, just bend over the examination table.”

Complying, he leaned over the table. Snapping on the latex glove, I reached for the bottle of lubricant.

“Sir, I’ll need you to spread your cheeks please.”

Blushing, he reached back and held his perfect buns apart, exposing his hot tight ass to me.

“That’s perfect.” Leaning forward, I started smearing the lubricant over his ass, and then I gently started working one finger in and out of him. Applying more lubricant I added a second finger. When the second finger slipped into him, he let out an audible groan.

“Is this uncomfortable sir?” I smirked, already knowing the answer.

“Uh, no, it actually feels kind of good.”

Looking down, I could see is manhood starting to swell. Moving my fingers in, I started to directly massage his prostate. All pretenses were gone. He was a writhing, pleasured mass. His groans were coming continuously. Reaching down with my free hand, I took some lubricant and started smearing it on his cock. It immediately swelled.

“It looks like you’re finding this uncomfortable Mr. Wilson, should I stop?” As I asked the question, I increased my grip on his cock, slowly working the lubricant along its thick, long shaft.


“I’m sorry sir; did you want me to stop?”


“I’m a little confused sir. Do you want me to keep fucking your ass with my fingers? I’ll need clear directions.”

“No, please, don’t stop fucking my ass with your fingers.”

“What about your cock sir. Should I stop stroking your cock?”

“No, please don’t stop. Please.”

“Sir, I’ve explained this before. I’ll need clear directions from you. Do you want me to keep fucking your ass with my fingers and stroking your cock?” By now, I knew he was too far gone. This encounter was going to end with him coming on my strap-on, begging me to pound him even harder.

“Please nurse; please fuck my ass with your fingers and keep stroking my cock,” he sighed.

For the next several minutes, I did just as he asked. Working my fingers in, and then rubbing the tips across his prostate gland. When I vigorously massaged his ass, his cock would soften. I would stop moving in and out of his ass and resume stroking his cock. After several minutes, he was a panting and moaning mess.

“Would you like me to continue the treatment Mr. Wilson?”

“Yes nurse, I would like you to continue the treatment,” he moaned.

“Would you like me to fuck you in the ass Mr. Wilson?”

“Yes nurse, please fuck me in the ass.”

Reaching into the cabinet, I pulled out the strap-on and set it on the examination table by his head.

“Would you like me to fuck you in the ass with my strap-on Mr. Wilson?”

Opening his eyes, he stared hungrily at it.

“Yes Nurse, I’d like you to fuck me in the ass with your strap-on.”

Slowly I pulled the harness up to my waist and started buckling it.

Reaching for his face, I brought his lips to the tip of the dildo. “I think it needs some lubricant. Please suck on it.”

Raptly, he took the dildo into his mouth and started sucking. I love this part. I love the power and control of knowing that I can get any man to do what I want. It’s the ultimate excitement for me.

“That’s enough Mr. Wilson. Now, lie on your back and spread your legs please.”

Moving up to the examination table, I brought the tip of the dildo up to his ass. Slowly, I worked the head in. As I did, his ass stretched to accommodate the bulbous tip until it slid in. Pausing, I gave him time to adjust to the intruder. Then, I started fucking him. It was amazing to watch how his ass stretched and dilated as the full length of the dildo was pushed home into him. As I fucked him, he began raking his hands over his chest, and then he started pinching and twisting his nipples.

It was exciting to see him fully immersed in the pleasure of being fucked in the ass. Reaching down, I took his cock in my hand again and started stroking it. Slowly it swelled until it reached full girth. By now his breathing was becoming labored and erratic, coming in small gasps and grunts.

“Are you feeling any discomfort Mr. Wilson?” Yeah right. If he had any discomfort it was because his balls were about to burst.

“No nurse, it feels good.”

“What is it that feels good Mr. Wilson?” That’s it, the next time Mr. Wilson has an appointment I’m going to use the riding crop.

“It feels good when you fuck my ass nurse.”

“That’s because you’re an ass-slut, who likes being fucked in the ass. Admit it! Tell me what you are!”

“I’m an ass-slut and I love being fucked in the ass by you nurse. Please nurse, please fuck me. Fuck me harder!”

Keeping my pace the same, I started pounding his ass, pushing the strap-on all the way into him. As I did this, the base of the dildo started rubbing against my clit. The sensations were starting to get to me. I was holding his throbbing erect cock in one hand stroking it, while pounding his ass with the strap-on, which in-turn was hitting me just right. I wanted to let go and hammer his ass mercilessly until I came, but I had another plan for today.

Releasing his cock, I stood up.

“Get off the table,” I commanded. “It’s time to change positions.”

Lying down on the table, I directed him to straddle me.

“Climb up on top of me. I want to watch you fuck yourself in the ass. I want to see how much you enjoy it. Show me how you like having your ass fucked.”

Straddling me, he leaned forward and greedily reached around behind himself and brought the tip to his ass. Then sinking down on it, he impaled himself on the dildo’s full length. He alternated between stroking the cock in and out of himself quickly, and grinding his ass against me, hungrily trying to get every last bit of the dildo inside him.

“Oh, yeah”, he groaned. “That feels so good.”

Reaching over to the table, I grabbed the bottle of lubricant and started generously pouring it on his cock.

“I want you to make yourself cum. Take your cock in your hand and make yourself cum. Do it now.”

Reaching down, he took his cock in one hand. With his other hand, he continued to twist and pinch his nipples. Slapping his hand away, I started roughly pulling on them. Each twist and pinch brought out a guttural moan of pleasure.

As he rode me, I started thrusting into him as well. He was totally lost in his pleasure. Without prompting, he started crying out.

“Fuck me Nurse. Fuck my ass. Fuck me. Make me cum!”

A thin sheen of sweat formed on his chest, and his cock was rock hard, glistening with the coating of lubricant.

“I’m starting to cum Nurse. Fuck me harder.”

Mustering my strength, I gave one final effort, pounding the dildo furiously in and out of his hot ass. Finally, he gave a loud groan, and he leaned forward milking his cock, his cum spurting on to my dress, soiling its pristine whiteness. As he came down from his orgasm, he continued to gently ride the dildo, pushing himself down onto it and slowly lifting away, still absorbed in his own pleasure.

“Mr. Wilson, you’ve soiled my dress. Please clean it up.”

Reaching toward the sink, he attempted to get a paper towel.

“No Mr. Wilson, that’s the kind of stain that only comes out from licking. Lick your cum off me Mr. Wilson.”

Hesitantly, he bent over me and started cleaning his cum from my dress with his tongue. The look of humiliation on his face was priceless. In no time, the last of the pearl colored puddles had been removed.

“I think that’s enough Mr. Wilson, there’s only one more thing to complete.”

Reaching down, I unbuckled the harness and stepped out of the strap-on. Pushing him to his knees, I brought his face to my hot steamy cunt.

“Now, eat me. Lick my cunt you slut!”

He dove in hungrily, his lips fastening on my clit, while his tongue drew coarse circles over it. My excitement rose as I watched this exquisitely groomed man on his knees greedily lapping away at my cunt. In seconds I was coming.

“That’s it. Yes. There! Suck my clit you slut! oh, Oh, OH, OOHH!!!” I could feel my muscles clenching as I came, riding his face hard. When I came, he slowed down, barely maintaining contact with me, and then he furiously resumed licking me, raking my clit through his teeth, and grinding his tongue against me. I lost track of how many times I came on the end of his talented tongue.

Standing up, I started straightening my uniform and fixing my hair. Once I looked presentable again, I motioned Mr. Wilson over to the sink. Bringing his hand up to the soap dispenser, I filled it with the thick creamy lotion.

“Please wash your cock off Mr. Wilson. It’s important you do a thorough job.”

Slowly, he jacked the length of his manhood in and out of his soap filled hand. Again, his cock started to swell and his eyes closed. Stopping him, I helped him rinse the soap off his cock and finish washing his hand.

As I stood by the door, I gave one last glance back at him.

“Mr. Wilson, I’m afraid the Doctor isn’t in today. You’ll have to come back for another appointment next week.”

A small grin formed on his face. “Yes Nurse. I’ll come back for an appointment next week.”

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