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Ashley Goes To ‘School’

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Learning about love can sometimes start out as a forced situation

The school bus bounced over another of the countless potholes that lined the country road she lived on, but Ashley could care less. In fact, she could not remember a time when she had been happier than she was right now. There were so many things to be happy about. Spring had finally sprung big time. As of today she was eighteen years old and almost fully blossomed into the same kind of strikingly beautiful woman that her mother still is. And best of all, she now had her very first boyfriend.

Doug was one of the guys on the football team that caught the passes or carried the ball. She never could remember the name of his position on the team, but he was tall, slender, very muscular, and with the cutest face of any guy in her high school. And, he had “buns to die for,” according to all her girlfriends. She had received her first-ever kiss from him yesterday, and they would be going out on her very first date next weekend.

That date would have been this weekend, but shortly after she had told her parents about Doug her father had announced that the family would be taking a trip this weekend, and for her not to make any plans. Her mother just looked down at her breakfast plate at that announcement, but Ashley thought she noticed a slight smile on her mother’s lips.

She thought it was a little odd that her father had not mentioned the impending trip sooner. But that was the way he sometimes was. He made all of the decisions in their household. Ashley shook her head in wonder at that fact. Why, she wondered, did he always have the final word on everything. And her mother didn’t seem to mind in the least, deferring everything that might require a decisive answer to her husband of nineteen years. It was all so puzzling.

She walked into the house at 3:00 p.m. sharp and found her mother and father sitting in the living room. They were waiting for her, and both arose as she entered. “The car is all packed,” her father announced. “And, to save time, your mother has packed your suitcase for you. Let’s go.” With that, she dropped her book bag, went back outside and got in the rear seat of the family station wagon. Less than a minute later they were headed down the bumpy road, and she still did not know to where.

Two hours later and around fifty miles into Pennsylvania from that part of upstate New York where they lived, they pulled up a long, winding drive to an attractive old farm house. They all got out and walked up to the side door where they were greeted by a tall, ruggedly handsome and pretty well-muscled man. Ashley thought he was the most attractive older man she had ever laid eyes on. He was around six feet tall or a little more, with a face that was remarkably similar to Tom Cruise, only older. He had dark hair, but with a little gray around the temples.

Ashley, I’d like you to meet Mr. Clint Armstrong. He is a friend of mine from my college days. He was one of my professors then, too. Your mother and I met him again several months before our marriage, and then again after we were hicthed. He is a wonderful guy, a good friend, and the best instructor in certain things that ever was.

The young girl was smiling from ear to ear as she stepped forward to shake his hand. She had never heard her father talk about anyone in such glowing terms. He really must be wonderful at what he does, or teaches, or….. whatever, she thought.

Clint returned her smile as he shook her hand. “Very nice to meet you, Ashley. I hope you and I will become great friends, too, during your visit. Won’t you step inside?” With that he slipped his arm around her waist and escorted her through the doorway an into his home.

He closed the door behind them as Ashley found herself standing in what was obviously the living room. It was beautifully decorated with masculine-type paintings of hunting scenes on the walls and antique furniture throughout. It’s almost overwhelming presence made her catch her breath. Anyone would be comfortable in this place, she thought to herself.

Then she noticed that her parents had not entered the house with her. “Where are my…”

Can I get you something to drink, Ashley?”, Clint asked as he interrupted her. “Or a snack?”

“No. No, thank you. Where are my folks?”

“They have already gone, Ashley. Please, have a seat and I will explain.” Clint sat down in a big, over-stuffed chair.

Ashley gingerly sat down on the edge of the very big sofa. “Gone? Gone where? I don’t understand. They left me here? With you? Why? How could they….?”

“Ashley, they brought you here to stay with me for the weekend. They will return on Monday, the Memorial Day holiday, to pick you up again. If you will let me, I will teach you many things about life. Wonderful things that every woman should know. I have a special talent for this kind of very specialized instruction. Your parents realize that fact. They want you to learn correctly about some of the most important things in life, and they want me to be your instructor. Will you let me, Ashley?”

“No, I don’t want to stay here with you. I want to go home. Please let me go home. Oh, pleaseeee?”

“No, young lady. That is not to be. With your cooperation this will be a wonderful experience for you. But if you refuse to cooperate, well…. In the end, regardless of your attitude right now, it will still be a wonderful experience. And one you will remember fondly for the rest of your life, I promise you.”

“What are you going to teach me that is so damn important? Why you? I don’t want this. I want to go home.” With that Ashley sprung up and raced for the doorway she had entered through a few moments before It was locked. She tried to unlock it, but the handle’s secret escaped her. She glanced over her shoulder and saw that the man was still sitting in the big easy chair. She left the door and ran to the front door on the other side of the room. Damn, it was locked, too. There had to be a way for her to get out. To run away from this situation, whatever it was.

Maybe she could open the door from the outside. Quickly she took off her shoe, looking at the man still sitting in the chair. Then, stepping back a little, she threw it at the large frosted glass window in the upper part of the door. It bounced off. She quickly looked around and saw a kerosene lamp on a pedestal right behind her. She grabbed it and was about to throw it at the glass window when her arm was stopped in mid stroke.

“That lamp once graced the hallways of Buckingham Palace more than a century ago,” Clint told her as he gently removed it and put it back on the small table. “I really do not want to see it smashed by being tossed against an unbreakable window.” Then the man took hold of Ashley’s wrist and started heading for a doorway that led into the interior of the house, almost dragging the girl behind him. He turned left and began climbing some broad steps towards the second floor. She fought him wildly, but his strength was so much greater than hers that she soon realized her efforts were futile. How odd that, right then, she would think about a cartoon a girlfriend had shown her at school earlier that day. It was the caricature of a mouse flipping the finger at a hawk about to grab it. “Defiance” was written underneath the mouse. Was she now the mouse?

They reached the top of the stairs and he opened a door on the left. He drug her to the center of the room where she saw a rope hanging and some strange contraptions laying on the floor. “I was hoping we could skip this room, but your actions mandate that we use it,” Clint advised her in a level, controlled voice.

Still holding her wrist, he bent down and picked up one of the strange objects. He put it around her wrist, pulled it snug, and snapped something on it in place to hold it tight. Ashley realized it was a padded cuff of some type. Then he took her other wrist and attached a similar cuff. She again felt it pulled snug and then heard an audible snap. Then she suddenly realized what he was doing and screamed. The man walked to the wall, took hold of a rope tied to a cleat there, and pulled it. Her arms were immediately pulled over her head and up until she was barely standing flat-footed on the carpeted floor. As she continued to scream she saw him tie the taunt rope off at the cleat, leaving her in that position. Then he turned back to her and stood before her. “When you are finished with your tantrum and fully realize that you are here to stay as my guest and nothing will change that, I will return and we can begin your lessons.” With that he turned from her, went to the still-open door and left the room, closing it softly behind him.

Ashley was terrified. She had never before felt so totally helpless. She began to cry as another moaning scream escaped her body. In seconds she was sobbing uncontrollably and hanging limply from her shackled wrists. After a minute or so the only movement observable in her body was the convulsion that accompanied her heart-melting sobs.

It may have been minutes, or an hour or more before she finally raised her head and once again got her feet under her. Her crying had ended long ago, but her terror continued unabated. She looked up and saw the heavy hardware firmly attached to beams hidden above the plaster ceiling.

Then she looked around her. The large room had a large bed in one corner against two walls, and, at the other end, a much smaller, very narrow bed sitting out in the room and away from any walls. There was a long and narrow metal table nearby where she was hanging. One end of it was shaped like a deep ‘U’ with the two narrow parts of the top flaring out oddly. She also noticed it was on rollers, and that there were straps of some kind hanging down at various places.

There was a large couch against another wall, and several other objects in the room, including one that looked like a smaller, lower version of the vaulting horse at her school, but without the handles on top. Then she noticed there were several oddly shaped objects hanging from the walls around the room, too. And there were three doors: the one she was brought in through, and two others. A shiver ran violently up her spine. This could be, she thought to herself, a torture chamber of sorts.

Just then the door opened and Clint entered. He was smiling broadly. “Are you feeling better now that you have got all that hostility out of your system,” he asked her?

“No, I’m not. Please let me go. I want to go home. Now! Please!”

“I’m afraid not, Ashley. In fact, your lessons are about to begin. But first, do you have to relieve yourself? Or perhaps you would like to take a nice, warm shower?” He walked around her, admiring her beauty and that part of her figure he could see with her clothes on as he spoke. “And I’m sure you must be hungry by now?”

“I have to use the bathroom. Where is it?” She did have to pee, but she felt there had to be a way for her to escape from this place if she just used her head.

“It’s right in there,” he said, pointing to one of the two doors on either side of the room. Then he walked to the wall, released the rope, and walked back to her. He took each of her wrists in turn, pushing a hidden release that sprung the lock and allowed her to pull her hand out. “Go ahead, and take as long as you need. Within reason, that is.”

She walked to the door and went into the bathroom without speaking or even looking at him. Once inside and with the door closed and locked behind her, she looked around. She first noticed a very large, deep bathtub, one that would easily hold two or even three people. And there was a toilet that looked brand new. The sink was also spotlessly clean, and there was a shelf beside it that was filled with all of the same health and beauty products she used at home. How could he….? Her parents! They had to tell him!! They had betrayed her into this man’s hands! But why? Didn’t they love her? Did she do something so terribly wrong that they felt this kind of punishment was required? Why? Why? Why?

She relieved herself, wiped the moisture away, and then stood up. There were no windows. No other doors. There was no way she could possibly escape from in here, she realized. Which meant she had to leave and face him once again. But wait, the door to this room was locked from the inside, she thought. He can’t get at her in here. Not without a lot of effort, that is. If he were going to torture her, she would at least have the pleasure of making him work for it first.

Ten minutes later Clint knocked on the door. “Are you alright, Ashley?” She didn’t answer. “Ashley?” More silence on her part. Then she heard a faint click and the door opened. “Oh, good. You’ve finished. Alright, young lady, I have brought up some food for you.” He turned and walked back into the torture chamber as she had come to think of it.

She slowly came back into the large room and saw another table, also on rollers, that was placed near her shackle ropes. There were two chairs nearby. The smell of hamburgers and french fries invaded her nostrils. She realized she was starving, and moved towards the food. Then she stopped. Was any of it drugged? Did she dare trust this monster with the smiling face?

“Don’t worry, kitten. It’s all good food. I don’t need to drug you, believe me.”

Oh, fine, she thought to herself. He’s a damned mind reader on top of everything else. I have to be a lot smarter than him if I’m going to get out of this situation. Then she walked over and sat in one of the chairs. She saw two unopened bottles of Pepsi, and briefly thought about throwing one of them at his head. But no, that wouldn’t be very smart, especially if she missed. Instead she picked one up, unscrewed the cap, and took several long swallows. Then she began eating the food. He sat down and began eating from his own plate. There was no conversation from either of them as they ate.

When the meal was finished she just sat and looked at him. “What do you plan on doing to me,” she asked?

“I’m going to teach you about life, and about love, and about many other things. You will learn how to please a man, and how to receive pleasure from a man. These lessons will not adversely affect your future life in the slightest. They will, however, bring you countless hours of the most intense pleasure any woman could ever hope to receive from the man or men in her life.”

“You’re talking about sex, aren’t you? You’re going to rape me! I don’t have anything to say about it. My mother and my father have given me over to you to be raped and otherwise tormented, and I don’t think there is anything I can do that is going to prevent that from happening. Is there?” Tears began once again welling up in her eyes, and she suddenly began to feel ill in her tummy.

“I can promise you right now that, as long as you are in this house, you will not be raped. You will not be tormented, either. The emotions you are feeling right now are those of a girl. A little girl lost in an unfamiliar place. But back in New York where you live you are noticing, and being noticed, by the boys around you. You are ready to enter into womanhood. Having knowledge about that process will make you a better person, a better woman. I will give you that knowledge.”

Ashley was stunned! Not be raped? Was she going to be in some kind of classroom with him writing on a blackboard? No, she didn’t think so… “Then you are not going to take my virginity?”

“Oh, I will take your virginity. But I will only do that after you have begged me to do it. And you will beg me, Ashley. You will plead with tears of frustration in your eyes for me to love you as a man loves a woman. Ah, but I’m getting way too far ahead of myself.”

“Beg you! Not fucking likely.” She didn’t add the ‘asshole’ for some reason. “Listen, you may be a good looking dude, but you are old enough to be my father. Maybe even my grandfather. There is no way in hell that I would want you to be the man to deflower me. Not in a thousand years.”

Clint was smiling now. “Yes, you will. Trust me on that. But now we have to begin your lessons in earnest. And this is where you have to make a very important decision. You can either cooperate, or I will force you to cooperate. The choice is completely yours.”

“Ha! Force me! Not likely, asshole!” This time she added it, and it felt damn good, she thought.

“Ashley, believe me. The smartest thing you can do right now is to get with the program. Try to fake it if you can, and just act like you are cooperating with me. That’s all I ask. And, my little kitten, it will save you a lot of pain and tears.”

Ashley was shocked by his last remark. Pain? Was he going to torture her? She had read a sex story on the Internet about some guys who pinched a woman’s nipples with pliers until she had screamed and lost consciousness. Would he do that to her? “What are you going to do to me? Torture me or something?” She was really worried now, but tried to hide her emotions from the handsome monster sitting across from her.

“Torture? No Ashley, there will be no torture as you might consider it. Oh,” he laughed to himself, “there will be times when you might feel like I am torturing you, but those will be from pleasure, not pain. Now,” he said as he stood and walked to her. “will you humor me and act like you are cooperating.” He reached down and gently took her hand in his.

“No, I will not,” she stated defiantly, jerking her hand away from his. “I figure I could pull it off and end up fooling you completely, but I’m not going to give you that pleasure, asshole.”

“Ashley, if you can fool me for just three days then you will leave here still a virgin. Remember, I promised you I will not rape you. So why not do some serious acting for three short days?”

“Because that is what you want me to do. And if you want it, then I sure don’t. Understand, asshole?”

Clint understood, alright. This lovely young woman-child had to learn a few preliminary lessons before he could really begin her education. Oh, well……. He reached down and once again took her hand and, holding onto it firmly, pulled her up and out of the chair. Then he walked over to the couch, half dragging and half leading the girl behind him. When he got there he sat down and pulled her, face down, across his knees. She began to struggle as best she could. He, without saying a word, lifted her skirt completely above her waist. Then he pulled her panties down to her ankles with one pass of his hand.

“Let me go, pervert. I thought you said no rape? What do you call this, asshole?” Then her face got a look of complete shock as she felt his hand contact her right butt cheek with a lot of force. SMACK! She started to protest when he spanked her left cheek. SMACK! She screamed then, and kept on screaming and yelling for much of the two long, almost endless minutes as the blows rained down on her totally exposed ass. SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK!..

She finally ceased her useless struggles and just hung limply over his lap as he continued to spank her hard. Clint was silently counting to himself as he smiled down at her now beet-red ass. Thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two… He stopped at thirty-six, a number he had found in the past to be completely adequate without being too punitive or overwhelming at the same time. When he stopped his hand softly caressed both of her butt cheeks. He resisted the urge to let his finger slide down into her now-wet slit. Yes, he was sure she was wet, and more than a little horny, too. That was a natural reaction for almost all teenage and adult women after they have received a proper spanking.

Clint then gently lifted and turned Ashley over so that he was cradling her on his lap and in his arms. He bent down and began to lightly kiss her face, concentrating on her tear-streaked cheeks first but then moving to her nose, both eyes, and her forehead. Then he gently worked his kisses down until he reached her lips. He stayed there, continuously kissing her with short, one or two second touches of his lips to hers.

She moaned under his ministrations. She lifted her chin slightly, decreasing the sharp angle of his short gentle approaches and allowing him better access to her lips. He began increasing the length of time his lips contacted her until each kiss was at least five seconds in duration.

She responded by lifting her chin a little to meet each of his kisses. She was aware of total confusion in her brain and stretching throughout her entire body. She knew she should be resisting him, but she felt a strong desire for his tender kisses. And, she realized, she wanted more. But more of what? What he was doing was so nice, but….

Then it hit her. This was all part of his “lessons.” He was manipulating her into doing what he wanted her to do. No way would she cooperate with him. No, she would act as if she were, but just wait until he makes just one single little mistake, she thought smugly to herself.. She continued to return his kisses, but her mind was racing with thoughts of resistance.

Clint allowed his right hand to stroke up and down along the young girls spine, running it from just below her neck to the small of her back and then back again. He began concentrating his touches just above the point where her hips swell until he found the exact spot he wanted. Then his hand stopped its motion, as his tongue began to run across her lips.

She felt the tongue touching her, and a plan immediately came to her. She opened her lips and mouth, and allowed her tongue to touch his. Their tips swirled and touched each other. Then she withdrew hers, inviting his inside her mouth by that action. Just as she hoped, his tongue invaded her mouth with a deep thrust, and she prepared to execute her plan — and his tongue!!

She had just begun to bite down on the man’s invading oral appendage with what she hoped would be a viciously delivered bite when she suddenly stopped, frozen in shock. Her eyes involuntarily got as big as they possibly could. And she screamed! The pain she had suddenly felt coursing throughout her entire body was so terrible she could not possibly describe it. She could not measure it. She could not even be sure of its place of origin within her body. In fact, the only thing she was absolutely sure of was that it was real. Terribly real.

Clint smiled to himself. So predictable, he thought, as he once again began to move his right hand. The pressure point on her spine that he had just pushed so effectively caused her to react exactly as he knew she would when he felt her try to bite his tongue. Then he brought his hand back to the spot, resting it there as he once again began to rain small kisses down all over her face.

An hour later they were still sitting on the couch, with her still cradled on his lap and in his arms. And, they were still kissing. About the only thing that had changed was that Ashley was now absolutely lost in herself…. And in him…. She was now kissing him with as much passion as she could produce from within her young body, their tongues intertwined in a thousand different positions as they fought that wonderful battle of love.

And there was something else, too. For the last several minutes she had felt something strange happening deep inside her. She could not pinpoint it not exactly, that is. It felt like a bubble or something, and it was somewhere near or just below her stomach. A very pleasurable bubble. And it seemed to be growing ever so slowly. Then, suddenly and without any warning, it burst. She felt herself shaking from her head to the tips of her toes, and the hand she had around his neck involuntarily gripped him more tightly. She felt herself clutching wantonly at the wonderful man she was kissing. She heard a moan coming from somewhere, but did not at first realize it was originating from deep within her own breast. And, she felt herself rising and floating, almost as if she was in another world….a perfect world with only him and her to enjoy it.

Clint broke their kiss. When she opened her eyes he was smiling down at her. “Did you enjoy it?”

“What happened? What was that?” She was confused, and needed some answers fast.

“That, little kitten, was an orgasm. Your first orgasm. But certainly not your last.”

“It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt. It was like….” But she couldn’t continue her thought process, mainly because she had no knowledge of any words that would adequately describe what she had just felt. Instead, she sighed contentedly, snuggled closer against the man’s chest, and lifted her chin to signal that she desired more kisses. And Clint was more than willing to fulfill that desire…..

* * * * * * * * * *

Ashley awoke on Saturday morning, a little sleepy but with a tingling sensation all over her body and a satisfied smile on her face. She stretched languidly as she laid there, her thoughts returning to the wonderful sensations he had showed her the previous evening. She remembered each of the three orgasms he had given her with the odd mixture of striking clarity and yet cloud- like fuzziness. She remembered that they happened, but now could only remember that they were intense, but not their intensity.

I wonder what he will do to me….. Her thought trailed off in her mind, being replaced with the sudden realization that she was really a prisoner here, and he was her tormenter, the man who wanted to ravage and rape her and commit all sorts of other things with her body. I’ll even bet I’m locked in here. With that she bolted out of bed and to the door, only to find it unlocked. It swung open freely, and she walked out into the hallway, still dressed in her pajamas.

She tried all of the other doors on that floor, and found that each was locked. She went downstairs and walked from room to room, finally locating her captor in the kitchen and busy with something cooking on the stove.

Clint spotted her as she entered. “Good morning, Sunshine! How’d you sleep?”

“Fine, I guess,” the girl replied. “I’d like to go home now, please?” As she said this she walked around behind him in the kitchen. She was looking for something in particular. Then she spotted it. A rack of kitchen knives stuck in a wooden block over in the corner. Six handles sticking out. She hoped she could pick a big, really sharp one. She started slowly towards them as he replied.

“I’m afraid not, little kitten. You still have a lot of things to learn before you are ready to leave.”

Ashley was just two feet from the handles of the knives now, and she lunged for what appeared to be the biggest one. She grabbed it, pulled it out of its holder, and spun around to face him, instinctively going into what she hoped would look like a defensive crouch. She even squinted her eyes, hoping to look more serious for effect. He was still standing at the stove, scrambling eggs. And she could see a big smile on his face.

“Let me go now or I will hurt you. I will!” Her determination was clear in her voice. She was certain he would have to listen to her now. Ha Ha, big man, she thought.

Clint put down the spatula and turned to face her. “With what, if I may ask?”

She looked down and couldn’t believe her eyes. The knife she held had a big rubber blade. She looked back at him, and she could see laughter in his eyes. Suddenly he burst out laughing, bending over in the process. Her determination to escape his control was instantly deflated, and she actually felt foolish standing there holding that stupid rubber knife. His laughter increased, and she began to see what he saw as being funny. She couldn’t help herself, and soon began laughing with him…..

* * * * * * * * * *

The morning had been spent just sitting and talking. Ashley did not want to talk at first, but soon felt herself being pulled into the conversation of his questions. Eventually she had told him virtually everything about her, her once-happy life, her friends, her activities, her new love….

“Douglas is a very lucky guy to have a girl like you in love with him,” Clint said after a short period of silence. “I wonder if he actually knows that?”

“I hope so,” Ashley was smiling. “I’ve invested the best two week of my life with him.” And they both laughed at that.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ashley was laying on the bed in the same room she had spent the previous night in, lost in her own thoughts. Clint wasn’t such a bad person, she finally decided. In fact, he is rather nice in a lot of ways. But he can’t keep me here against my will, she thought as her little fist pounded on the bed in frustration. That just isn’t right. If I want to leave, then I have the right to leave.

Just then the door to her room opened, and he walked in. “Hi, little kitten. How you doin,” he asked as he came over and sat on the edge of her bed next to her?

“Fine, I guess. I really want to go home. Please, won’t you let me?”

“Sure kitten, in good time. But not right now.” As he said this he shifted his position until he was laying down beside the young girl. She began to move away from him when his arm draped over her rib cage and his head slowly descended towards her. He kissed her lightly on the lips. Then he kissed her again, this time with more passion. She did not respond at first. His tongue pressed lightly against her lips. She opened her mouth and permitted him entry.

Less than fifteen minutes later she was hot. Really, truly completely sexually hot! All he had done was kiss her and run his hands over the permissible parts of her body, her sides, her back, the sides of her hips, her face, her ears and head. Why was she feeling this way, she wondered? She didn’t know the answer, but she was now responding to his obvious passion with her own. She had to somehow let him know she wanted him now. She wanted him so very much. Why?

She felt his hand leave her side and gently cup her left breast. She shivered and held her breath, hoping for more. And she got it quickly enough, feeling his fingers begin to massage her sensitive tit. Then she felt him capture her tiny, hard nipple through the material of her shirt and bra, and a shudder ran through her body. He squeezed it, and the bubble filling inside her burst suddenly, sending her over the edge and into another orgasm.

He broke their intense kiss, lifted his head up slightly, and began to unbutton her shirt. She did not resist. She wanted this too. In fact, the thought of just ripping the buttons open in the name of speed crossed her mind just as he finished freeing the last one. He flopped the two halves open, exposing her bra. Then his face dropped to her chest and he began kissing all around her breasts. The sensations were absolutely wonderful. “Yes,” she whispered. “Oh, yeeeesssss”

He pushed her bra up over her breasts, fully exposing them. His lips captured her left nipple, gently pinching it before he opened his mouth and engulfed most of the tit. Then he turned his tongue loose on her nipple, flicking, licking and circling it rapidly. She suddenly found herself in paradise with all the new sensations that pleasantly racked her entire body and eventually centered on that sensitive area between her legs. She knew she was extremely wet inside her panties, and wondered why?

Then he stopped what he was doing and pulled her blouse out of the waistband of her blue jeans, and helped her take it off. He unsnapped her bra and deafly removed it. Then he unsnapped her jeans and slid them and her panties down her legs at the same time. She lifted first her butt and then both her feet to assist him in the removal of those garments. Now she was completely naked, and she could clearly see his approval of her body in his eyes.

He stood up and began removing his own clothing. In less than a minute he was completely naked, and Ashley saw her first mature penis as he came back to her bed and laid beside her once again. It was really huge, although she couldn’t compare it to anything else. He slipped his arm around her, pulled her gently to him, and resumed their kissing. She once again found herself in heaven as she gave in completely to the sweet sensations of his lips on hers.

His hands were not idle. He was gently stroking her belly, slowly working his hand lower. Soon he was playing his fingers in her thin patch of pubic hair. Ashley wanted more. She blatantly spread her legs wide, allowing him complete access to her most secret and sensitive area. And Clint smiled to himself as his hand cupped her womanly mound and his social finger began exploring her dripping crease and working its own brand of magic. He payed special homage to her clitoris, pinching it and flicking it with his finger tip between the near-constant rubbing from his thumb and index finger.

Then he slid his social finger into her virginal womanhood, stopping only when he encountered her hymen, that wonderful tiny membrane barrier that divided girl from woman and innocence from worldly knowledge. He played his finger around it and all over it, keeping up his assault on her clit with his thumb and her lips and tongue with his own.

He felt her building to an intense orgasm, which is exactly what he wanted and expected. As the bubble of pure pleasure inside her burst and orgasmic bliss flooded over her, he acted swiftly. He plunged his social finger deeply into her, partly breaking through her hymen and widening the original opening substantially. When he saw that the effects of her orgasm were still wracking her body, he withdrew his single finger, then plunged both his index and social fingers back inside her and twisted them several times from side to side, taking more of Ashley’s barrier in the process.

She regained her senses without realizing that most of her hymen was now gone. All she was actually aware of was that this wonderful lover had brought her to a higher sexual plane than she ever imagined even existed. She could only wonder if there was more to this sex thing, and would it feel as good, or maybe even better if that were possible?

He again began touching her most sensitive places, renewing the process that would end with her receiving intense sexual pleasure. Only this time, he would withhold that pleasure from her until he received what he really wanted from her. And he knew he would.

Ashley began moaning, feeling the bubble inside her that was another impending orgasm, begin to expand. It kept growing, and she began to feel a gut-wrenching need for it to burst and set her free in another sea of intense sexual pleasure. But just as she felt certain that her orgasm had arrived, he removed his hand from her most sensitive place and instead rubbed her hip bone. She frantically reached for his hand to put it back on her pussy, but he resisted her grip and pull. Then, in desperation, she brought her own hand to her sex and began diddling herself.

Clint gripped her wrist and gently lifted her hand away from her pussy, despite her continued resistence. She wanted release… needed release. Why was he doing this to her? “Oh, please, Clint, pleaseeeeee….” she half-moaned and half-waled.

“Please what, Ashley?” He was now looking intently into her eyes from several inches above her.

“Please make me cum make me have another orgasm. Oh please, do it.”

That was the right first step. He returned his hand to her womanhood and again engaged his fingers in her most sensitive area. Her orgasm came rapidly as he knew it would, and it was even more intense for her after the brief interlude without stimulation. Her body shook and jerked, and her pelvis began moving up and down in an involuntary movement of love that was as old as the human species and as inbred in the female psyche as the process of reproduction throughout all of nature.

Clint kept up his pleasurable torture of his young pupil for almost another hour, bringing her up to the brink of orgasm, stopping his ministrations, having her beg him to continue, and then letting her have her release. Each time he stopped touching her, he waited a little bit longer and made her beg him just a little bit more. He wanted her frustration level at his stopping to slowly climb until it became almost intolerable to this sweet little angel..

Finally, he was ready for the next phase of his training to begin. He once again brought her to the brink of orgasm as he had already done countless times. He stopped. She begged him to continue. Only this time, he didn’t. She begged him harder and louder, feeling her own frustration growing and wanting desperately to fend it off with another sexual release. Still he refused, and her frustration continued to increase. It was becoming an unbearable burden for the young girl, and tears began welling in her eyes.

Finally Clint decided it was time for him to make his play. “How do you want me to make you cum this time, Ashley? What do you want me to do to you?”

“Touch me Clint. Touch me in all the wonderful places you have been touching me in. Make me come quickly, pleassseeeeeeee…..”

“I’m growing tired of that, Ashley. It is doing nothing for me, and I need some love and attention, too. So how do you want me to give you release this time, my darling.”

Ashley didn’t hesitate with her answer. She knew what she wanted now. What she so desperately needed now. “Please fuck me Clint. Please put your big hard dick inside me and make me come. Please do me. I want you in me so badly.” Tears from the greatest frustration this woman-child had ever know flowed down her cheeks. She had never wanted anything so badly in her life as she now wanted this man to love her.

Again Clint smiled to himself as he shifted over and between her widely splayed legs. Once he was in position he told her, “reach down and guide me into your womanhood, Ashley. Put me where you want me to be.”

The girl quickly reached down, grasped the man’s large member, and brought it to her vaginal entrance. Once the head was pressing into her, she removed her hand and grabbed his butt with both hands, attempting to pull him inside her by her own brute force. So predictable, he thought to himself as he pressed his hips forward and felt himself entering her most precious zone. He was intensely aware of her tight vaginal grip on his inwardly sliding member, and wondered if she was as aware of his continuing penetration as he was.

She was, bucking her hips almost violently upwards in a feeble attempt to speed up his slowly entering cock. She needed him inside her so badly. She knew nothing else could possibly quench the fires burning so deep inside her. And she sighed contentedly when she felt him completely inside her, filling her up as only a man can do to a woman. She was not aware that his entry had been completely painless.

He began stroking in and out of the young woman, at the same time mindful of her efforts to encourage him with her fingers scratching his back and heels almost pounding on his legs as they wrapped around him. He increased his tempo dramatically over the next few minutes until he was pounding into her mercilessly. She met each of his downward strokes with an upward push of her own hips. The slapping sound of their bellies meeting was loud and growing louder as their mutual passion continued to increase. She reached her peak quickly, and he slowed as her orgasm flooded over her. Her vaginal muscles gripped his penis tightly, squeezing him and almost milking him of his sperm.

Once she had calmed back down he began stroking into her again. This time he knew he would cum with her or shortly after her next orgasm. He could already feel the familiar stirring in his balls. He increased his tempo again until his hips became almost a blur. She broke into another orgasm almost without warning, and her excitement was all it took to send him over the edge. He plunged his cock as deeply into her as he possibly could and held it there, grunting and moaning himself as his body released his seed deep inside her most sensitive place. Then he collapsed onto her body, and they both laid still for several wonderful minutes.

When he finally looked at her, she was looking back at him and smiling a very broad smile. “Wow, Clint, I never imagined anything could feel that good.”

“And, my darling, that is just the beginning,” he returned. “If you want, right after dinner we will have some more fun. But, only if you want to.”

“Ooh, I can’t wait,” was her only reply as they hugged tightly and kissed passionately.

* * * * * * * * *

They had a wonderful, sensuous dinner together. Ashley now knew without any doubt that she was in love with this older man. She could and would make him happy for the rest of his life. She was certain of that. She would learn to cook, and clean, and do all the things a woman was supposed to do for her man. And he could teach her so many things, too. Things she needed to know. Things that would make him and her happy together forever.

Then, after the meal was finished and they had each enjoyed another glass of wine, he gave her some very specific instructions. She was smiling broadly as she left the table and rushed to the stairway that led to the bedrooms above.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Clint entered the candle-lit bedroom a short while later, she was waiting for him. She was dressed in a matching set of sheer black panties and bra. She also had on sheer black stockings and a matching garter belt. She was standing besides the bed, but came into his arms after he had closed the door behind him. And they kissed tenderly….

Then they were standing beside the bed. He kissed her and unhooked her bra at the same time. Then his hands went to the waistband of her panties, but her hands gently stopped him. Instead she went to her knees in front of him.

She untied both of his shoes. Then she took his left hand and put it on her shoulder for balance before applying upward pressure on his right ankle that caused him to lift his foot so she could remove the shoe and sock. She removed the other shoe and sock in a similar manner. Then she came to her feet and reached up, and removed his tie. After it was on the floor she began undoing the buttons of his shirt, and helped him take it and his undershirt off. Next she undid his belt buckle, unhooked his pants, pulled down the zipper, and eased that garment down his legs. She steadied him as he stepped out of his pants.

Then she went back to her knees in front of him. She grasped the waistband of his boxers and slowly, steadily, pulled them down to the floor where he stepped out of them. But she did not return to her feet immediately. Instead, she reached out and grasped his manhood with both of her hands. She was amazed by it’s firmness yet it was so soft, especially on the crown-like tip. She moved a little closer, then dipped her head and placed a soft kiss on the tip.

She remembered the sex books and porno movies she had read and seen in the past and looked up at him. “May I put it in my mouth?” she inquired in a soft voice.

“Yes, my angel, please kiss it, lick it, and suck on it with your mouth. I would like that very much.”

After that she didn’t hesitate. Somehow she knew this was right. This had to be a good thing. She opened her mouth and inserted the head of his cock inside, closing her lips tightly around it and touching it with her tongue. And although she had never done this before, somehow she knew what to do to bring him pleasure. She began to move her head back and forth as she sucked on his member and swirled her tongue all over its head and underside.

The sensations she transmitted to his body were incredible. She was a natural when it came to sucking cock. He gave virtually no instructions other then for her to use less teeth and more tongue. Her ministrations quickly brought him to the point where he felt a comfortable stirring in his groin, the beginning of an orgasm. He decided to give her a choice this time.

“You are extremely talented in this department, my darling. I am about to cum. You can stop what you are doing and finish me off with your hand. I will show you how. Or you can let me cum inside your mouth, and you can spit my seed out. Or, you can let me cum inside your mouth and swallow my seed, something every man wants his woman to do for him. The choice is yours, my angel.”

‘His woman!’, she thought to herself with a silent shout of triumph. He considers me as his woman! Oh, how absolutely wonderful, she thought! Her smiling eyes were on his face as she continued her oral stimulation of his manhood. And once again she did not hesitate, nor did she falter in her oral stroking. She also began fondling his heavy ball sack with her left hand, giving him even more pleasure. She wanted to feel him squirting his juice into her mouth and down her throat to her belly in the worst way. And she knew she would swallow every drop of his cum juice. For some reason she really wanted to. It was almost as if she needed to. Did she have to prove her desire to him? Was that it? It didn’t matter. She was doing something that pleasured her man very much, and that was all that mattered.

Her lips were locked tightly around his shaft. Her cheeks were hollowed by her continuous sucking action. And her head was moving back and forth as she took as much of his cock into her mouth and to the forward area of her throat as possible. And then she felt him tense up, and his spurting began. The first spurt shot directly down her throat, but the next one hit the roof of her mouth and more splashed across her tongue. She swallowed as rapidly as possible, and just barely managed to keep ahead of his flood of juices.

She continued to suck on him even after he had finished cumming. She was immensely proud of herself that she was able to pleasure him as he had pleasured her earlier. And she had not wasted so much as a single drop of his juice.

Finally she let his cock slip from her lips with a soft pop, and she came to her feet. They embraced, kissing passionately. Then they both moved to the bed, hesitating only long enough for him to kneel and remove her panties.

Once on the bed, they continued their embrace. After just a few minutes he moved down her body and began orally ministering to her womanhood. It didn’t take very long before her cry’s of passion from intense, repeated orgasms filled the room. And he kept up his own oral stimulation for many, many long minutes, making sure she understood how pleased he was for the pleasure she had given him a little while ago.

But finally he stopped what he was doing. Then he turned the almost limp young woman over onto her belly and whispered for her to come to her hands and knees. When she did he positioned himself behind her and carefully, slowly inserted himself into her sweet vagina. She moaned loudly and allowed her arms to collapse until her head was cradled on her forearms. In that position she received such intense pleasure from his deep, sensual stroking into her body that orgasms once again began to wash over her body with quiet regularity.

But as wonderful as this sexual activity felt, he had still other plans. There was another lesson to be taught. He slowly withdrew his penis from her vagina and moved it up to her anal sphincter. Then he began to press forward and into her last virgin hole. Ashley began to protest when he whispered for her to relax and trust him. She ceased her protestations and tried to relax, and felt the head of his cock pop past her anal ring. Then he pressed forward slowly and steadily until he was completely embedded inside her anus. The sensation he felt from her tightness was absolutely incredible.

After several minutes of his slow, gentle thrusting into her anal passage, the discomfort she had experienced at first was completely gone, and the sensations overwhelming her entire body now were simply incredible. She wanted to scream with the pleasure invading her senses, but she was so completely involved that the only noise she could actually make was soft squealing sounds, with the screaming being confined inside her own head and breast. Sure she could feel each of his thrusts into her, but the pleasure being generated there was so intermixed with similar feeling from every other square inch of her body that the overall effect to her was that he was actually fucking her entire body, not just her ass.

Then the orgasm began. The bubble of pleasure she had felt building inside her burst with sudden and totally overwhelming results. She had a massive orgasm that just seemed to go on and on. It had peaks with shallow, almost indeterminable valleys in between, but each peak was intensely higher than the one before. And they all ran together until she was totally lost and drowning in a sea of pure, intense pleasure. Then, she blacked out.

When Ashley awoke sometime later, Clint was holding her and softly kissing her forehead, eyes, nose and lips. As her eyes fluttered open he smiled down at her. “Feeling alright,” he enquired?

“Oh yes” she almost whispered. “What did you do to me?”

“All I did was allow you to experience some of the potential enjoyment for variations of sexual activities that you have bottled up inside you. Most women never have the opportunity or even the desire to explore the contents of their innermost sexual sanctuary. They go through their entire lives without ever realizing what their true sexual potential really is. Some even consider themselves frigid, when the reality is that their lover simply does not know how to allow them to open themselves up with the proper stimulation.”

“Is that why my parents brought me here? So you could teach me how to open up my innermost sexual feelings?”

“Yes, my darling. That is exactly correct. They brought you to me so you could learn how to experience complete sexual pleasure, and not keep the combination to your inner door locked away in fumbling ignorance as so many women do.”

“Cool! I didn’t like it at first, but you already knew that. I acted like a brat. Like a scared little girl. How can I ever thank you enough, Clint,” she whispered?

“Sweetheart, you just did. Many of the young women that come here as my guest don’t fully understand what it is I have done for them when they are ready to leave. I have to sit them down and explain the new powers they now have. You were able to discern the real meaning of what I was teaching you without my first explaining it to you. That is more thanks than I could ever want, and I am grateful for your gift of understanding in these matters.”

She raised her arms up and around his neck, and pulled him down to a very passionate french kiss. Then, they both dozed while wrapped in each others arms. A little later they showered together, then enjoyed the massaging capabilities of the hot tub. It was there that her next lesson was presented.

Once they were comfortable in the bubbling water, Clint reached over and grabbed a safety razor, a pair of scissors, and a can of shaving gel. Ashley wondered if he were going to shave just then. Funny, I didn’t feel any whisker scratch when we kissed, she thought to herself.

Then her lover explained what he was about to do. Much of the sensitivity around your vaginal area is actually blunted by your pubic hair, darling. I would like to shave it off. But, if you object, then it isn’t really that important. We can overlook it.

“Object? Hell no,” she almost yelled. “That sounds like it is very erotic. Just please be careful.” Then she felt so sheepish for her last remark. She knew without any doubts that there was no way this wonderful man would ever do anything to hurt her.

He instructed her what to do, and she took a seat up on the edge of the tub and spread her legs as far apart as she possibly could. He moved between them and, just before beginning the initial trim, he leaned over and planted a soft kiss right on her outer lips. She was smiling broadly as he began to snip her hair….

* * * * * * * * * *

When they had dried each other off, Clint escorted the young woman back into his private bedroom. He turned the covers on the bed down, then turned to her. “You don’t have to sleep in here if you don’t want to. I would be taking you for granted if I just made you do that, and that would be very rude of me. I just want you to know that you are welcome here if that is what you want.”

Ashley didn’t respond with words. Instead she once again encircled his neck with her arms and kissed him. Then they climbed into opposite sides of the bed and met in the middle. Their lips locked together, and her hands went straight for his manhood, fondling it and urging it on to tumescence. His were on her breasts, touching, lightly pinching, and kneading them as a prelude to her arousal.

She won their little race, and he was soon as hard as a wooden stick. She reached over and pulled him onto her and between her legs. Then she grasped his member and guided it into her already flooding vagina. She sighed contentedly as he slid it all the way inside her in one gentle stroke….

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday morning began in more or less the traditional lazy fashion of two people in love. Ashley awoke first, and with a mischievous grin began toying with Clint’s soft cock. She felt it twitch as she fondled it. Then, sliding down his body, she took all of it into her mouth and began gently sucking it. The still sleeping man’s body reacted unconsciously, and his member began to harden. In less than a minute it stood at full attention like the good, helmeted soldier that it was.

Clint awoke to the pleasure of the young woman’s mouth on his most sensitive spot. He moaned and touched the top of her head as a sign of his appreciation for such a wonderful awakening. Ever the teacher, he instructed her about paying suitable attention to his balls and the sensitive skin between then and his asshole. She learned her lessons well, and practiced with extreme enthusiasm. And she was ready with a willing mouth when he could no longer hold back and sent his cum pumping into her.

The day passed quickly. Too quickly for Ashley. Clint taught her more about oral and anal sex. He taught her about the absolute importance of stimulation and imagination. But it was his emphasis on vaginal intercourse and the many and varied sexual position, and how each had a pro and con side, that she loved the most. She learned to love the woman superior position best, mainly because it allowed her complete control of both her’s and her lover’s pleasure, both in duration as well as intensity. And that evening they once again fell asleep entangled in each other’s arms and legs, and with Clint’s slowly softening penis still firmly implanted inside her pussy.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Monday morning, she came down to breakfast, dressed in the same sheer red panties, bra, garter belt and stockings she was wearing just before their wild lovemaking of last night. She was as vibrant and happy as an eighteen year old woman could be. In fact the only thing she had thought about that morning that had caused her some unhappiness was that this might be her last day with Clint. She hoped she could talk him and her parents into letting her stay with him. Or maybe she could come back to him right after graduation in less than a month. But she knew that, somehow, she would find a way to return to this wonderful house and his loving arms.

After breakfast was over, Ashley asked Clint if she could ask him a question. “Of course you can, my darling. You can ask me anything, and I will answer you as truthfully as I possibly can.”

In reply she stood up, took him by the hand, and led him up the stairs and into the room he had first taken her to the one with the softly lined shackles hanging from the ceiling. Once they were into the room, she asked him to explain the purpose and function of all the items inside.

“Oh wow, Ashley. Well, it is something like this. Sometimes a friend or acquaintance will bring a lady friend by for a visit and some “special” training. She is to become submissive to the point and extent her male lover wishes and she fully agrees to, and it is done through my instructions. I then teach her how to except certain levels of pain and humiliation in order to qualify her for extreme and intense levels of pleasure, but only at her lover’s pleasure. That is always first and foremost to her from the time she completes her training. Am I making myself clear to you?”

“You mean some women actually enjoy being hurt and humiliated?” The young lady seemed almost shocked. “Do they get some kind of perverse pleasure out of you and their lover mistreating and belittling them?”

“Yes, they actually do,” Clint said seriously. “It is quite amazing how all of those women respond to my training, and to their lover’s every desire, after they leave here. It’s really quite exciting for them and their lovers, and usually opens a whole new dimension to their relationship.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, Clint. I can’t believe any woman would actually submit herself willingly to being punished and tortured. No one is that desperate for love and attention.”

“They are not desperate, Ashley. They want to please their lover in every way they can. All they need is some training from me, and they become happier than they have ever been before in their lives.”

“I’m sure I would never do anything like that. And no one I know would, either. It sounds perverted, if you ask me.”

“Actually, Ashley, you do know someone who is a graduate of my training. Your mother has actually been here twice. The first time was to learn the same general things I have taught you. Then, shortly after you dad and mom were married, she came back and spent another four days with me. That was, of course, many years ago. And she has repeatedly told me how happy she has been because of what I was able to teach her.”

Ashley was stunned into total silence, her mind spinning with this revelation. Her own mother, who never argued or said anything cross to her father, was actually trained to be that way? She actually wanted to be trained that way?

Clint put his arm around her, knowing that the shock of his disclosure had to send her mind reeling in many directions at once. “Now, just think about it for a minute. Do you know any person that is happier with life than your mother?”

And as the woman-child began to relive past events she suddenly realized that it was true. It was all true. Her mother was, indeed, the happiest person she knew. And suddenly everything that this man had told her, about submission, and humiliation, and great levels of pleasure, it was all true! Her mother was living proof that it was true. It had to be! And with that she turned and threw her arms around Clint’s neck, nearly choking him with her intensity. Then they were kissing passionately, still standing there in the middle of that room of many pains and pleasures.

When they broke their kiss, she looked him in the eye and said, “Will you give me a demonstration of some of this equipment. I would like very much to see… see and feel how it works.”

Clint was taken back somewhat by her request. But, since he saw no danger in it for her or the training she had already received under him, he agreed. He instructed her to remove her bra and panties, which she quickly did. Then he walked her to where the padded shackles were laying on the floor, picked them up, and snapped them on her wrists. Then he walked to the wall, took the end of the rope that was hanging there, and pulled it tight enough so that the young woman’s arms were stretched over her head and her feet were just barely flat on the floor. Then he secured the rope on the cleat beside him.

Once he had her secured, he walked over to the far wall and removed a short riding crop. She swivelled around to watch him, and kept her eyes on him as he approached her. “Now Ashley, you will not speak unless I ask you a question. Is that understood?”

“But why, Clint. Why can’t I… Ouch!!!” The sting from the riding crop smacking her soft buttocks got her attention really quick.

“Absolutely no taking unless I ask you a question. Is that understood?”


“Sir,” he added.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now I will demonstrate a few of my training techniques for you. You will watch carefully, without making any sounds. If you feel some pain, you will accept it. You will ignore it. You will not make any sound. Is that understood?”

“Yes. Ouch!!! Yes, sir.”

Clint turned his back on her and walked to the far wall once again. He was glad she could not see the smile on his face. He was enjoying this little game very much. When he got to the wall, he selected several items from a box, put them into his pockets, and returned to the hanging, totally helpless woman. When he was once again standing in front of her, he reached up and grasped both of her breasts and squeezed them gently. Then he reached into his pocket and withdrew two small metallic objects. He put one on her left nipple, and she let out a little squeal of surprised pain from the nipple clamp that was now in place and squeezing her tender nipple so firmly and somewhat painfully. Without any hesitation the riding drop whipped around and over to her left hip and buttock with a stinging crack, a quick rebuke of the not-permitted sound she had made. She was silent, but continued to squirm a little. “Be still,” he commanded. She ceased her movement and stood as still as she possibly could.

He then reached out and placed another nipple clamp on her right nipple. She began to squirm some more, but stilled herself as he once again gripped the riding crop. He saw her compliance, and let the crop fall from his grip to once again hang from his wrist by its build-in loop.

“Now, Ashley, spread your legs as far as you can under the circumstances.”

She complied, spreading her legs around a foot apart. He leaned down, placing another metal clamp on her left outer labia. When he released the tension and the clamp was in place, the pain it caused made the girl squeal in pain once again as she began to squirm around in place.

“Apparently, young lady, you are incapable of following even the simplest of instruction. I will therefore render you incapable of making any noise.” With that he removed a round object from his pants pocket and proceeded to place a ball gag in Ashley’s mouth, securing it carefully behind her head. Then he instructed her to once again spread her legs. When she immediately complied he placed another clamp on her right outer labia. He noticed, again with some inner amusement, that she was trying very hard not to squirm around, despite her obvious discomfort.

He began to slowly walk around her, inspecting her body and his work. When he was directly behind her he grabbed her side and turned her until she faced him. “Now, my little slave, you belong to me. Do you understand that?” She nodded her head and he herd a muffled “iss ir” come from behind the ball gag. “Good! And, my sweet, you will do whatever I require of you. You will do it immediately, and without question. Is that understood?” Again she nodded her head and issued a muffled reply.

Clint reached down and ran his finger through her slit. She was dripping wet, as he knew she would be. This kind of submissive treatment always turns a woman’s sexual desires on, and always with a full head of steam. The more aloof and arrogant they appear, the more they respond to even the simplest domination. This woman-child may not have been either aloof or arrogant, but that was besides the point. This was a demonstration she had requested, and she would get it. She was now primed and ready for the next lesson in submission.

He decided to introduce Ashley to the roller table. It had a hard metal surface that was always chilly to the first touch, with a deep “U” in one end. So he turned Ashley around until she was facing the table. “Do you see that metal table?” She nodded her head affirmatively. “Good! When I release you from your bindings, you will go over to it, carefully climb on top, and sit facing the “U” with your legs drawn up and your feet as close to your pretty little ass as you can get them. Are my instructions clear?” A nod from her was his key to continue. He walked to the wall, released the rope that was holding her high, and let it go slack. Then he walked back to the girl and released the ropes to each of the padded wrist cuffs on her wrists. He left the cuffs on as they would be needed later.

Once freed Ashley walked over and climbed onto the table, sitting as she had been instructed. All of her body clamps remained in place. He walked over, positioned her butt a little better, then put one hand on her chest above her breasts and another high on her back and whispered, “Lie back, slave.” With that, he brought her down to lay on the cold metal surface. Her head was unsupported, being well over the other end of the table which only supported to her shoulder blades.

Once she was in position he reached down, selected a nylon strap, and secured her right wrist. Then he walked around and did the same to her other wrist. Then he brought up another strap and slipped it around her left ankle, securing it so the leg was severely bent and her knee was pointed upwards and slightly outwards. Then he walked around and secured the other ankle in a similar manner. Then he stepped back to admire his work.

“This is a table for my pleasure, Ashley. With you in your current situation, I now have access to any and all parts of your body, which I will now use for my pleasure only. You will not allow yourself to receive any pleasure from what I am about to do to you. Do you understand?” The girl nodded her head awkwardly. “Good. If I sense you are receiving pleasure, you will be punished severely. I may let you have some pleasure later, but right now I wish only to receive pleasure, not give it. Do you understand?” Once again the girl signaled her understanding.

Clint walked over to the couch and disrobed, placing all his clothing on that piece of furniture. Then he walked back, standing near the girls head. “Let your head fall down as far as it will go.” She complied. He reached down and removed the ball gag. Then he stepped forward until his semi-hard penis was less than an inch from her still open mouth. He pressed his hips towards her, then gave her terse instructions. “Such it, bitch. Suck my cock.”

She readily complied, closing her lips around his shaft and swirling her tongue as rapidly and lovingly as she could. She felt him hardening in her mouth as she sucked on him. She wanted to please him so badly. In fact she had never wanted anything more badly before in her life. So she sucked for all she was worth, lavishing her tongue on him any way she could.

Clint withdrew his cock from her lips, reached down, and lifted two strange looking bars up until they clicked in place just above and on either side of Ashley’s head. Then he stepped back in position and once again fed her his now rock-hard cock. He smiled to himself at what he was about to do to this sweet little thing. During their numerous sessions with her performing oral sex on him, she had never been able to take more that around half of his long, thick cock into her mouth. She simply could not relax her throat muscles enough to take more, or so she told him after her repeated attempts and gagging sessions.

“Now Ashley, I want you to totally relax your throat muscles. If you do not I will be extremely displeased and disappointed with you. Do you understand?” She nodded a little, finding it somewhat difficult with her mouth so ful of his penis. Then he grasped the two handles and began slowly pushing and pulling the table. “Concentrate only on sucking, bitch,” he instructed her as he began lengthening the duel strokes of his arms. Soon she was taking three- quarters of his length, and not showing any signs of discomfort. A minute or so later she was taking his entire length down her throat, not unlike a circus sword swallower.

He began adding some force to his pulls on the table’s handles, softly crashing her face into his scrotum. This had the desired effects on her, and he saw her entire body shudder slightly with orgasmic release. Since she had obviously tried to hide it from him, it demonstrated that she was trying to follow his instructions to the best of her abilities, so he decided not to punish her for now.

Besides, he was feeling a wonderful stirring in his loins. After just a few more strokes on the table’s handles, he was shooting load after load of his cum into her mouth and directly down her throat. Then he pushed the table away, allowing his cock to pull free of her lips and the last few squirts of his sperm to arc upward and onto her titties and face. Then he brought the table back to him, allowing her to once again capture his cock and continue sucking. A few more minutes of that treatment and he was safely beyond the point of softening.

He pulled away from her, replaced the ball gag, and then gave the table’s handles a firm push to the left. The table spun around until he stopped it. Then he stepped inside the “U” portion of the table and, without any warning, slammed his cock balls-deep into her quivering and completely exposed pussy. He reached over the sides of the table and pulled up two more handles. Once they were locked in place, he began pushing and pulling, fucking her hard and fast. His cock slammed into her as far as it could reach. And, when he pushed away on the out-stroke, he made sure the tip of his cock came all the way out of her, making the pending reentry total and complete.

Ashley couldn’t stand such wonderful torture any longer. His deep penetrations of her mouth were stimulating enough to give her an orgasm despite her mightiest efforts to fend it off. Now his massive penetration of her pussy was absolutely maddening, driving her relentlessly towards an overwhelming orgasm. And there was no way she could hide this one from him. She knew that, too. How would he punish her? She really didn’t care. All she wanted right now was for him to continue what he was doing to her and never, ever stop. And then she was there…

Clint watched as the girl’s back arched upward as far as the straps would allow her to move, and then she was involuntarily fighting those straps to gain the freedom of movement her overpowering orgasm demanded. He kept up his relentless penetration of her most sensitive spot, but leaving the head of his cock inside. In her current state of arousal hew gyrating pussy would make a difficult target. Better to keep stroking on partial strokes than try to reinsert and lose some stimulation.

But her orgasm never really ended. She continued the involuntary gyrations of her hips as her body convulsed from one sexual peak to the next. Finally Clint realized there was only one solution, so he withdrew his cock and stopped the penetration. Then he stood there, waiting patiently for the girl to calm down.

Once she had regained what composure a woman might obtain while secured in that particular position, Clint proceeded. Only this time he aimed for another target. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her anal sphincter, then gave a mighty shove with his hips as he pulled on the handles. The sudden and nearly complete penetration of the girl’s ass had the desire effect. Fortunately the ball gag shielded him from all but a small portion of her scream.

Then he was pounding her once again, driving his cock all the way into and then almost all the way out of her tortured asshole. His penetration was so complete and her ass so tight that there was no way he could delay his own orgasm. But seconds before he began filling her bowels with his sweet male cream, she was into another major orgasm that appeared to be even more intense than the previous one. He was secretly pleased, but outwardly he wanted to appear irritated.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Ashley. All I demanded of you was that you give me pleasure but not receive any for yourself. It is quite apparent you have failed miserably, and for that, you must be punished.” He then reached his hand under the lip of the table, touched a button hidden there, and the four table handles all fell into their original position. He then released her ankles, then her wrists. “I want you to go over to that padded pillory, the thing that looks like a low vaulting horse without handles, and lay across it so your hands are on or near the floor on one side and your feet are on the other,” he instructed her. “Do you understand?”

She nodded emphatically, then turned, walked over to the pillory and assumed the position he had described. He walked over, bent down, and connected the cuffs on her wrists to two hidden hooks on the base of the unit. Then he went to the other side and, using velcro nylon straps, secured her ankles on that side so that her legs were also widely spread.

Now the girl was again totally helpless, her completely unprotected ass sticking up in the air with her arms and legs secured so she could not move. She wondered what was going to happen next when she felt a terribly painful swat on her exposed ass. Clint used the riding crop to strike her repeatedly, raising small welts all over her most tender place. He was not hitting her very hard, just enough to get his point across. Then he stopped, switched to a wooden paddle, and gave her a few more swats with that instrument.

The punishment was mercifully over, and the girl hung there softly crying. She was so sorry for making Clint mad at her. Could he ever forgive her for being such an unworthy pupil. If he would only give her another chance she would try much harder to please him. She knew she could. He had to let her try. Then she felt him move up close behind her.

He slowly fed his half-hard dick into her still-dripping cunt. It felt wonderfully warm and creamy. As he began slowly stroking her, it began to harden. Soon it was fully erect, and he began taking deep, loving strokes into deep into her. “Ashley, I forgive you completely for your previous unworthiness. Your acceptance of your punishment without sound has wiped the slate clean, and I am proud of you. Now you may receive some pleasure. Just relax and enjoy what I am doing to you.

The girl couldn’t believe her ears. Did he mean it. Oh, how wonderful that man was. And now he was doing this just for her. And she felt her orgasm begin boiling over almost immediately. Her body was wracked by the most intense pleasure she had experienced since her arrival at this wonderful place. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift off from one sexual peak to the next. And it was many minutes before she felt her man and master stiffen, make a few short jabs deep inside her, and then give her his wonderful seed so deeply into her body.

When he had finished Clint withdrew his cock from the wonderfully tight confines of her sweep pussy. Then he walked over to the wall where he had first obtained the body clips, took down a collar not unlike those worn by dogs belonging to wealthier people, and a leash. Then he returned to the girl, put the collar on her, then attached the leash. Once that was completed, he released her hands and legs and allowed her to get off the pillory.

He walked over to the soft, easy chair along the wall near the large bed, and sat down. He pointed to a spot on the floor near his feet, and Ashley knew instinctively that he wanted her to set there. She did, looking up at him as he looked down at her. He was smiling, which made her heart and stomach do all sorts of fluttering flips. Then he reached down and removed the ball gag from her mouth, cautioning her to continued silence with a finger to his lips.

Finally he spoke to her. “Ashley, you have been a wonderful pupil. One of my very best. Now it is time for you to return to your home and life in New York. I know you desperately want to stay here with me, but that isn’t possible. You must go back.” He clearly saw the tears beginning to stream down her cheeks, but continued. “All that I ask is that you take what I have taught you and use that knowledge to your best advantage.”

He motioned for her to get up and sit in his lap. Once she was positioned properly, he kissed her softly. Then he removed both of the nipple clamps. He shifted her position slightly and removed both of the labia clamps. Then he continued speaking. “Do not become a slut, going from one guy to the next for a little sexual release. You are better than that. Find the right guy, make sure he is the right guy, and stick with him. That will make what we did here over this weekend a complete success. And you will be a complete woman for the rest of your life.”

“Now, I want you to go into our bedroom, take a shower and get prettied up, then put on the outfit you will find already laid out on our bed. When you have done that, come down to lunch. Your parents have already arrived, and will be waiting there for you. With that he reached up and removed the collar from around her neck.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ashley was sitting in the back seat of her parents car as they headed back towards their home. She was thinking about all the wonderful sensations she had been subjected to over the past three days. She was now a complete woman, and she really loved that feeling. But more importantly, she realized, was that she now possessed the knowledge of how to give and receive complete sexual pleasure. True pleasure. Real pleasure. Pleasure that could rock the soul and still the heart. And it was hers for the rest of her life. That profound thought made her shiver all over.

I can’t wait until my date with Doug this coming weekend, she thought to herself as she snuggled into the corner, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

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