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The Visitor

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Coming out of the bathroom, hair still wet from my shower, I stop before the bed. It’s all there. He’s laid it all out for me, and the tension that I had been feeling all afternoon ratchets up another notch.

“Oh, god, oh god,” I mutter, not really aware of what I’m saying.

Slowly I begin to dress, mechanical, my fingers occasionally fumbling. I know this clothing, had helped choose the outfit, but each piece feels alien, even menacing. I try to keep my mind from thinking anything, but a low grade anxiety sits like a rock in the back of my mind.

At the sound of the doorbell from the living room I start, gasping, and take a half step back, my hand at my throat.

“Get a grip,” I order myself firmly, smiling wryly at my schoolgirl reactions. “Jeez.”

I climb into the center of the bed and position myself in “Waiting.” I feel myself begin to relax with the familiarity of the pose. Kneeling, sitting on my heels, legs wide spread. With my hands open and upturned on my thighs, I face the door and breath slowly and deeply. The faint dance of lights behind my eyelids comforts me and when I hear Him enter the room, there is no more jumping. I release a light sigh as I hear him stop at the foot of the bed.

“There’s my little one. We have a visitor. Are you ready?”

I nod in response, keeping my eyes tightly closed. At His voice my body shivers, the source of so much goodness and so much fear. Pain, pleasure, comfort, stress… these have always been a part of who He is to me but tonight will take them all to a level we’ve never visited before.

First, He puts on the blindfold. Thank god for blindfolds. I know some find the lack of sight a terror itself. To me the opposite. I’m safe blindfolded. Why? Who knows. In the animal kingdom maybe I would be an ostrich, hiding my head at the sight of predators, but in this environment I don’t know what I would do without it.

Smoothing my hair around my shoulders, He then fits the collar around my neck. It’s a thicker leather than my usual and much wider, forcing me lift my chin a bit, almost a posture collar. And this one locks.

Last, and unexpectedly, He grasps my hands off my thighs, pulling them behind my back. Before I can do more than straighten with a jerk, my wrists are bound in cuffs. Not tight, comfortable even, but a few convulsive yanks proves to me quickly that I won’t be escaping on my own.

His large hand is suddenly at the back of my neck, buried in my hair, dragging me forward. It isn’t painful, but I’m off balance and frantically I crawl forward on my knees. Only the firm grip on my elbow keeps me from falling face first off the bed. I find my feet and stumble forward, led by Him out the bedroom, into the living room and none too gently. We stop.

“Here she is.” …

My eyes flick back and forth between Dale and Lisa, watching both their reactions. He’s obviously very impressed by the situation, a bound and essentially helpless woman being presented to him by his long-time friend. Only recently have I let him in on my… less than usual inclinations and I always had the impression that he didn’t really believe me. Here was the proof.

His eyes wander over her body, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased myself. My pet and I had debated a while before deciding on this very classic, very sexy and very sub outfit. Blindfold, collar and cuffs are all black and the satin corset is as well with some cherry red trim. The darkness against her skin highlights just how fair she is and from experience I know the red will complement any marks she gets. From out mouths, our hands, our belts. They’ll all show nicely.

I’d had to push on the stockings and garters. She’d wanted black of course. I insisted on red. “But that’s so… slutty looking,” she’d protested at the lingerie shop. My response… “Of course. That’s kind of the point… slut.” Back in the car after purchasing the stockings, she’d been sopping wet. I knew I’d made the right decision.

“Can I,” asks Dale and I nod my head, indicating for him to help himself. He steps forward, and grasping her by her constricted waist, pulls Lisa roughly to him, kissing her bruisingly on the lips. I’m glad I decided on barefoot, noticing that he takes no precautions against her overbalancing, a distinct concern with her blindfolded and bound without the use of her hands.

At the touch of Dale’s hands and lips, I can see my girl stiffen, her body tensing. A low whimper issues from her throat and Dale pulls his head back although he continues to grind his hips against her.

“Are you sure this is okay? I mean, she seems uh scared?”

“Absolutely Dale. Lisa is completely consenting to this. I haven’t gagged her, so she can use her safe word at any time. Isn’t that right?”

Even with her voice trembling, my sub is firm and clear. “This is 100% consensual Sir. I know my Master is going to share me with you and that’s what I want as well. I want this.” With her last words she turns her cheek towards me, rubbing it, like a cat, against my wrist. With my hand still at her neck, I stroke my thumb up and down behind her ear. A secret caress unseen by Dale, a communication that she is safe and that I will take care of her through this.

“Plus, check this out.” Using my knee and leg, I roughly part the sub’s legs and with my free hand grasp her shaved cunt from behind. After two quick and dirty thrusts of my middle finger, I pull it out and show the ample wetness to Dale. “She’s more than willing. Remember, she’s a slut and wants to be used. Even by men she’s never met. You’re a nasty little girl aren’t you?”

Dale seems taken aback by my rough language, he knows me as a generally soft-spoken individual, but my girl reacts just as I expect; a shudder runs through her body and she swallows convulsively before stammering, “Y-yes Master. What You said.” …

The man begins kissing me again, roughly, using my mouth. His hands roam over my chest, the tops of my breasts, dipping his fingers into the corset to squeeze my hard nipples. Against my stomach I can feel his cock, already hard and his quickening breath is warm and wet against my face and neck.

Inside I’m conflicted, pulled in two opposite directions. What’s being done to my body by this man isn’t turning me on. I’m not repulsed, but very separate feeling, like part of my mind is watching objectively, taking notes. Yet my pussy is tingling, my knees are shaking and my heart is pounding. Because of Him. I can feel his eyes on me almost as clearly as his hand on my neck. And it’s turning me on. A lot.

I begin kissing the man back, although I don’t know that it’s really necessary for his enjoyment at this point. Envisioning how I look to my Master, I lean into the mauling, rising up on my toes, rubbing my body against the man and I moan, thinking how I must look. So horny and willing to let anyone use me.

His hands run down my back, over my ass, caressing the highly sensitive crease where my butt joins my legs. The contrast is astounding. Where the stranger’s hands and mouth touch I feel like a piece of meat, an object. Where my Master touches feels electrified, each square inch of flesh coming alive and reacting to it’s owner.

I only realize He is kneeling behind me when I feel His teeth nip my ass. I cry out. It isn’t even particularly painful, but it’s intense, and then followed quickly with a sharp spank. One finger gathers some wetness and starts rubbing my clit, slowly, like I do myself when just starting, as He alternates bites, kisses and slaps to my ass cheeks. Beginning to lose control, my hips start grinding and low, continuous moans are issuing unchecked from my lips. The man holds my shoulders and steps away from me. I know he is watching, maybe amazed at my reaction, how obviously aroused I am in this situation.

A few more seconds or minutes pass, I’m not sure, and I hear the man ask, “Is she going to cum like that?” My Master’s chuckle rumbles through me, making my clit twitch and He says, “Oh, she could but I won’t let her. She has to earn that.” …

I can tell that Dale is impatient to move on to more and I briefly consider explaining to him that there isn’t any rush, this scene could last hours if we wanted, and that the fun is in staying in control for as long as possible. But I decide against this. He’ll see and if there is a next time, maybe he’ll take it slower then.

I suggest that he sit down and get comfortable while I grab us some drinks. Lisa is blindfolded, but she jerks her face in my direction and I can tell that she wants to ask me to not go, to not leave her alone with this stranger. To make the situation clear I position her before Dale, legs spread wide over his and tell him, “Do what you like, I don’t want her to go cold on us before I get back.” A whining whimper is her response, but she says nothing, just drops her head forward as far as the collar will allow, looking resigned.

From the kitchen, I have a clear view of the two of them via a reflection from the hall mirror, something I had confirmed earlier in the day and so I can keep an eye on the situation without appearing to interfere.

Dale is involved with her pussy, playing with the rings, pulling back her hood to rub and tease her clit. He’s just working a second finger up inside when I return with two beers in my hand and I can tell my pet is getting frustrated. Convulsively her hips jerk towards Dale, and she is alternately biting her bottom lip and clenching her jaw. I can see that she is wet and swollen, her labia a deep pink, but it takes time to get to know what makes a woman tick and each one is different. Dale doesn’t yet know Lisa’s tricks and she is obviously getting quite desperate for a more sure touch.

I hand Dale his beer, which he immediately sets on the side table. Internally I roll my eyes a bit, but acquiesce to the inevitable. Setting my own beverage down I gather the little one into my arms. She moans and instantly buries her face in my shoulder, and I grasp her ass with one hand, helping her to ride my thigh as Dale and I talk.

“So which would you prefer, her pussy or her mouth?” I offer our guest first choice.

“You said she gives a good blow job. Does she swallow?”


“I’ll take her mouth then and you’ll…?”

“And I’ll fuck my dirty little slut.” …

I’m untouched, alone behind my blindfold, and I can hear movement around me, but I can’t concentrate on it. All I can focus on is my clit and my clenching pussy. I’m deep in sub-space now, and I’m rocking back and forth, slowly, rhythmically, totally uncontrolled. Master once called it my “horny dance” but it’s not really horniness, or not just that. It’s that totally submissive feeling, where every ounce of my being is focused on that, on Him, the stress, the intoxicating mix of uncertainty and totally willingness that can only be expressed with this primal, full body sway.

His hands are on my shoulders and I know it’s Him, by His smell, His size, the way my body flushes hot all over at His touch. It knows it’s owner. He suddenly crushes me to Him, almost lifting me from the floor and I know that although He’s been playing it cool, His cock is anything but. I can feel it pressing into me and I want it more than anything. He’s nude now and I wrap one leg behind Him, trying to climb His body, trying to find His hardness with my wet cunt. Obviously I can’t and He laughs softly into my neck. With His hands wrapped around my ass, pulling me firmly to Him, He nibbles His way up to my ear and whispers, “Soon sweetheart. Soon.”

Gently He lowers me to my knees, steadying me when I waiver. With His hand once again in my hair, He guides me forward and I can feel the man in front of me, sitting on the couch. I flinch slightly when my arms contact his legs, he’s naked too and although I want what I know comes next, I’m also terrified and balk, trying to pull back.

My Master of course doesn’t allow this and forcibly pushes my head down. At the same moment that I realize I’m smelling him, the stranger’s cock is at my lips. I think briefly of struggling, but I know it’s useless and will only humiliate me and possibly embarrass Master.

Tentatively I snake my tongue out, lapping at the head, feeling how hot it is, hard like rock but with such soft skin. And now it doesn’t matter any more that this man is a stranger – this is a cock. I know cock and I love it. …

I take a deep breath as I watch her working Dale’s cock. It was close, for a moment there I thought she wasn’t going to do it, that she was going to use her safe-word. But she didn’t. She pulled through. And now I’m getting to watch her service Dale.

Positioning myself behind her, I let my cock rest against her swollen lips, feeling her wetness coat the head. She thrusts back at me, swivels her hips, trying to find an angle so that she can impale herself on me, but I don’t let her. Even though it’s almost as much a tease for me as it is for her, I just rub my shaft back and forth, letting the tip brush her clit at the top of each stroke.

Dale seems lost to everything but what is going on in his lap. His eyes are closed and his head has fallen back against the cushions. With both fists clenched at his sides I realize that he is trying to keep from grabbing her head and forcing himself deeper. The nerve she has, teasing my guest right in front of me.

I reach out and grab one of my favorite toys, a belt that has been trimmed down to about 18 inches, the leather doubled at one end to provide a sure grip. It’s ideal for close quarters, like this, or for more sensitive areas where control is needed.

With my left hand I grab Lisa by the hair and with my right I raise the belt. Before Dale notices what I’m doing, I bring the belt down hard on her ass, centered on her right cheek while at the same moment I push her down hard on Dale’s cock.

The result is dramatic. Her whole body convulses from the unexpected pain and from the automatic gag reaction as Dale’s cock is forcibly shoved deep into her throat. Instinctively his hands grasp her head on either side and begin to work her up and down. A true face fuck. In a few moments her choking sounds stop and I feel her body relax into it.

Suddenly I need her desperately, need to be inside, sharing her body with anther man. I’ve started leaking, my body is trembling and my balls feel several times too heavy. Grasping her wrists in one hand and her hip in the other, I prepare to fuck my cock-greedy slut. …

After those first few panic filled strokes, I’m comfortable with the cock in my mouth and I begin moaning again. My pussy feels so empty and I wiggle my ass, trying to show my Master how much I need Him. If only I could touch myself, just a few moments is all it would take to cum, but my hands are still bound and I doubt I’ll get the opportunity.

Then finally I can feel it, my master’s cock, sliding slowly, firmly into me and I cry out around the member in my mouth. It’s what I wanted, but it’s not enough, and I try frantically to thrust back against him, trying to push the pace, make Him fuck me hard, the way my aching cunt so desperately needs. But He doesn’t. He’s working my with His cock, a steady, methodical pace and I can feel Him hit bottom with each stroke. But it isn’t enough and I begin wailing around the cock in my mouth. …

This is so much more amazing than I had imagined. As I watch my girl working Dale’s cock, listening to the wet, sloppy sounds of a great blowjob, I feel like I’m both places at once. In her sweet cunt and being blown. To distract myself, to help me stay in control I begin using the belt on her ass. Not really hard, but with enough English to cause her to jump with each contact and get her ass swaying with the combined rhythm of the belt and the fucking.

Dale now has his eyes open and in a glazed , lust filled gaze is watching as the marks start rising on her ass. A general rosiness all over with scattered, more livid, red marks where the edge of the belt has caught her soft skin. He too is grunting and moaning and I realize he’s now moving her head up and down in time with my actions. I feel like we aren’t three individuals any more but one creature, fucking and blowing itself.

And then Dale is there. He throws his head back, eyes closed and growling, and his hips thrust up as he pushes my pet’s head down into him. I hold myself still, deep inside her and I can almost feel her swallowing me, remembering so clearly the almost painful clenching of her throat around my spewing cock. The idea takes me right to the edge, and I grit my teeth, driving it back through pure will power. Not yet, not yet I tell myself. Soon, but not yet.

My buddy collapses back against the couch, panting and sweating, seemingly to enervated by the colossal orgasm to do more the pull my slut’s face from his cock to his thigh, his hand in her hair. He watches me, still dazed and now that I’m in control once more, I begin moving again.

Reaching down I take my second favorite toy in hand, and leaning around I place the small, buzzing vibrator directly against her clit. I might as well have placed a live electrical wire there from her reaction. Only Dale’s grip, holding her to his leg keeps her from wrenching herself out of my grasp, her whole body bucking violently, a near scream ripping from her.

I fuck her, thrusting harder and faster than before, but each time I move into her, I pull the vibe fractionally away, only returning it as I pull back. I know this isn’t enough for her, she needs steady clit stimulation to cum and she knows from experience that an orgasm is never guaranteed. A steady stream of begging, sometimes almost incoherent, pours out of her.

“Oh god, please. Please Master, I need… I can’t… please make me cum. Oh god. I’ll be good, so good, please. Please Master!”

Fighting to keep my voice steady I order, “Ask our guest. He decides if you cum bitch.”

“Please Sir, please say I can cum. I’ll fuck you, suck you, anything…. oh god. Let me cum!”

Dale looks at me and nods. Since she can’t see him, she doesn’t know the results of her begging, and keeps up the frantic pleas, becoming steadily more incomprehensible. Keeping her right on the edge, I can see and feel her breaking down. Her entire body is shaking, her pussy shivering around my cock with each thrust, and she’s almost sobbing. No longer capable of speech or any thought beyond her need for release, I decide she’s ready and let myself go.

My pace picks up and I’m getting closer with every thrust. At the last minute I lean forward, bracing myself against the couch and dig the vibe hard into her clit. Right in her ear I snarl, “Come for me slut, come hard for Master, right NOW!”

Then I’m over the edge, yelling as I feel my come shoot out of me, over and over. It feels like molten silver leaving my body and lasts way longer than normal. Lisa is thrashing out an orgasm like I’ve never seen before, beyond sound, and her pussy is clamping tight on the base of my cock, over and over, milking me past pleasure and close to pain.

My knees give out and I fall back on my heels. A bit stunned by the violence of our orgasms, I watch my come start to drip from her still pulsing cunt. Looking up I catch Dale’s eyes and there is a look of awe on his face. I’m sure he’s never seen anything like this – I certainly haven’t.

I notice his hand is reverently stroking my darling’s damp hair, the first gentle touch from him all evening. My guess is that this scene will stick with him a long time. He’s never hit me as the most sensitive guy in the world, but he’s obviously been touched.

Rising shakily to my feet, I pull Lisa’s limp form into my arms and transfer us to the other couch. I cuddle her trembling, suddenly cool body close to me, dragging a comforter over both of us. After a scene this intense it will take a while for her to come down and start feeling human again. I place a tender kiss on her forehead as I release her wrists and her eyes from their bindings. …

I stand up and grabbing my clothes, head to the bathroom to tidy up and collect myself. Never, never had I experienced anything like that. It was like being sucked directly into a totally nasty porn, but even more.

Returning to the living room, Kevin and his girlfriend are still on the couch. I’d seen a side, hell, several sides of him that I had never suspected. A total badass, a sexual control freak, and now this. He looks like a guy nursing a sick and injured kitten. So gentle, so careful. And there’s no mistaking the emotion in his eyes as he looks down at the exhausted, abused girl in his arms.

I clear my throat. “So we’re still on for poker Friday night? Here? Usual crew?”

“Yeah, Friday night. Sure.”

I nod, pulling on my coat, slipping into my shoes. My hand on the front door latch I turn back. “Um… will she be here? Like tonight?”

Kevin nods, “Yes, I believe she will be.” He’s smiling and looking slightly evil again.

I’m surprised when I glance at the girl and she is looking straight at me. Her eyes are red rimmed, she must have been crying at some point, but that enhances the colour, making them seem very green and almost glowing. I nod a bit awkwardly to her.

Just as I turn I away I notice a smirk, a knowing smile that Kevin cant see and she gives me a long, slow wink. As I close the door behind me I’m left wondering just who is in control of this D/s thing.

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