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The Dark Erotic Side Of The Moon

Category: Fetish
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He left me. Because of him I moved to this fucking city, away from my family and friends, away from my comfortable little world. I sit here in my small room, with nothing to comfort me except my cigarettes and bottle of cheap wine. Tomorrow I will feel even worse; lovesickness and headache is a bad mixture. The moon laughs down at me, his ugly yellow mug deriding me. I throw the cork of the bottle at him, but it only bangs against the window-glass.

Suddenly I hear a strange noise from outside. Silhouetted against the moon I see three winged fairies, leading a vehicle. They stop in front of my window, their wings beating slowly in synchrony. I hear them, they speak a language I have never heard. But I can understand all of their words; they want to carry me from here and take me to the moon. I board the vehicle beginning the journey.

Although we are flying quickly, I do not feel cold. We pick up speed as we leave the atmosphere. It is not true that you can’t breathe in space. It is so nice outside here; as I see the beautiful blue earth becoming smaller, all my earthly problems are forgotten. It is peaceful: Silent. We fly around the moon and land on the dark side. I disembark and the fairies fly away without a word.

I am in front of a big castle. The drawbridge lowers as I approach. Hesitantly I go inside, stopping in the inner ward. Some moon-children run to me. They touch me, nip me, pull my hair, cling to my legs and try to climb on me like little monkeys. I feel a presence: The castellan of the castle banishes the moon-urchins with a clap of his hands.

“Welcome, Lilja. Welcome to Castle Lunus. My mistress is waiting for you.” he says. He beckons toward a thin tower. An old wooden stair winds its way up the tower. Eventually we arrive at a heavy wooden door; he knocks on it and goes in. “Mistress, your guest is arrived.”

“Excellent. Now go and leave me with my guest.”

I enter the room and behold the Lady Of The Moon. She is bizarre, a beauty with wonderful, golden hair, eyes as blue as the water in a lagoon, her graceful body, perfect. She sits on a sofa and nibbles moon-berries.

“Its wonderful that you came here, Lilja. Please, sit down.”

I sit on an old rocking chair and look at her shyly, feeling uneasy.

“Do not be afraid; you are safe here. I have been watching you. Every night I sit at my telescope watching you earthlings. But I have never seen one so sad as you.”

I tell her about my misfortune, about his lies and how he betrayed me.

“Since the rise of mankind its the same, there is no human that is really happy. In your world only money and sexual attractiveness count for anything. Here things are different, money and appearance do not count, here only kindness and benevolence are important. That’s why I brought you. Enjoy your time here and stay as long as you want.” She steps to me and strokes my face. “We will fulfil all your dreams, your secret wishes. Give me some time; I shall look for a playmate for you. And now sleep, and awake in your dream.” As my eyelids become heavy I see her go to the telescope, looking for a playmate.

I awake in an old Latin villa. It feels as if I have slept for a long time. Looking around the room I see a nice fountain, there are wonderful paintings on the ceiling, The ceiling stands on marble pillars.

Suddenly four moon-girls come in my room and lead me to the bathroom. They take my garment and put me in a bathtub, washing off the dirt of earth from my body. They give me a reflective massage, and rub me until I’m dry. One moon-girl removes the hair from my vagina and anus. Another creams my skin with ambrosia lotion; my whole body smells sweetly with desire for sex. They escort me outside of the room and lead me to bed. They disappear as quickly as they came. I lie in the bed eating moon-berries and waiting for a playmate.

The door soon opens: My playmate! He is young and cute, slim, his genitals shaved. He has dark hair and mysterious eyes. His penis is already erect; what a beauty with thick veins and a big, wonderful glans. I know we won’t talk this moonlit night, won’t waste time with words. I’m sure he doesn’t speak my language anyway. Who knows where the Lady of the Moon found him? Italy, Morocco, Paraguay, I don’t care to know. We will just fuck this night, probably never seeing each other again.

I don’t want foreplay; just want to feel his cock in me. I turn on my belly and present my ass and cunt: He has the choice. He takes some moon-berry, squashing it with thumb and forefinger and rubs the juice of it on my sphincter. Now I feel his cock at my asshole. He made his choice. Excellent choice, I think. With his hands he spreads my butt cheeks; carefully, gently his penis enters the depths of my asshole. Deeper and deeper, as his cock intrudes within bowel, my lust increases. My right hand rubs my clitoris. Finally the full length of his cock is in my asshole. He starts to penetrate me, his strokes becoming harder. We moan together with his cock movements in my asshole. We approach orgasm, but I don’t want to waste his juice. I don’t want him to jerk off in my shit.

I stop him, pulling his cock from my ass. I turn around and face his dick. The mixture of shit and moon-berry juice is fragrant. I can see mushy shit and a few crumbs of caviar. Dirt from earth, but its so precious now for me. I kiss the glans, tasting the bitter shit flavour. I bring my attention to the ridge of his glans, with a cache of shit, collected there from his buggering me. I look up to him. He returns my look, curious as to what I will do now. I look at my shit – become ravenous for it. I take his cock in my mouth sucking and licking to get all the shit from his cock. The bitter taste hits me, it’s gross; it becomes worse the longer I have it on my tongue. I close my eyes and swallow, but the strong taste remains in my mouth. I look up to him, and he smiles. Heartened, I return to licking the rest of my shit from his cock, stroking it.

With my other hand I feel for his tight asshole. I moisten my forefinger with saliva and push it in to his bowels. He moans. As I blow his cock, I push my finger deeper in to his ass. Suddenly he comes, jerking, his sperm in my mouth.

He falls on to the bed, wanting to relax. But I am not finished with him. I crawl on him, squatting, my ass over his face. He knows what I want. He starts to lick my asshole. His buggering me has left my ass loose. His tongue easily enters my ass. His shit is on my forefinger. I take it in mouth, sucking it, enjoying the taste.

Does he want to taste me? Feel my caviar with all of his senses? Will he enjoy the taste, the feel on his skin? Touching it, smelling it – seeing it coming out of my asshole; hearing the tiny farts as I shit?

I start to push; he keeps licking. I push harder, shit approaching his tongue. He licks, even more intensely. He really wants it, so I shit in his mouth. I look at him, his mouth full of my shit. I close his mouth with my tongue, I want him to eat and swallow everything. He chews it with effort, choking. I do not show mercy. While he chews, I shit a turd on his chest. With one hand I keep his mouth closed, with the other i smear my shit all over his body. Now I press my asshole against his face, rub it on his nose. I want to be licked clean. He knows what I want. I can feel his tongue licking my ass. My orgasm nears. I rub my cunt coming hard. It is indescribable.

I wake up with an old taste of cigarettes and wine in my mouth. I have a terrible headache, but the memory of my dream makes me feel good. I go to bathroom, stare at myself in mirror. There are brown traces on my face. My forefinger has something brown. It smells of young man’s shit……….

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