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Massaging Darcie

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The small sign hanging in the window of the entryway was innocuous enough. “Oriental Massage” it read simply. If one wasn’t paying attention as they drove by, they’d likely miss it, and mistake it for a plain, white house with an odd location. It’s not every day that you see a house in the middle of an otherwise commercial/industrial area. But I was observant, and had seen the sign driving to and from work many times. It always piqued my curiosity.

I had a strong feeling about what kind of place it really was. If it was a legitimate massage office, why not advertise with a bigger sign, right? No, this was the kind of place that seemed to value its unassuming exterior, and didn’t want to attract the attention of the straight and narrow. I was almost positive that it was the kind of place that frat boys joked about, and businessmen “stuck late at a meeting” didn’t tell their wives about.

And yet I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of reaction I’d get if I strolled in and asked for a massage. Would the turn me away outright because I was a girl? Would they just give me a massage and send me on my way? Or would I be offered anything “extra?” Not that I’d want anything extra, mind you. I have a rule about paying for sexual release; I don’t do it.

Still, idle curiosity can only be contained for so long. Eventually it has to be satisfied.

Months of building my courage had passed before I walked into the entryway. Inside there was a little sitting room with a couple of couches that looked like they were stolen from a Salvation Army drop site. A pair of miss-matched end tables supporting dishes of hard candy and chipped lamps with threadbare shades filled out the entryway. Between the tables was a heavy-looking door with a doorbell. Above the door was a very visible camera. Taped to the door was a two-item price list; half hour session $XX, and hour session $XX. Simple enough.

I rang the bell and waited. I could hear movement inside, but it seemed like I was standing there waiting forever. No doubt, I was being checked out on the camera. Finally the door opened and a rather attractive Korean woman of about 35-40 years of age appeared before me.

She was short, with short black hair, and deep brown eyes. Her skin was the color of mocha, and looked soft to touch. Her breasts looked fairly large under her tiny blue print dress, and I could tell at a glance that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I even doubted she was wearing panties, judging from the lack of telltale panty lines on her slender hips. She was barefoot, and wearing a confused look on her face.

“We’re not hiring,” she said, and started closing the door.

Before she could close the door I told her, “I don’t want a job. I’d like a massage.”

She opened the door back up and then looked me up and down, one hand on her hip. She had an “are-you-serious?” look on her face, and I almost felt like just shrinking away and forgetting about the whole idea. Maybe this wasn’t one of my brighter plans.

Finally, she said, “You want a massage here? You sure?”

I nodded. She shrugged and opened the door, allowing me in. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting when I crossed the threshold, but I was pleasantly surprised. The place was neat and tidy. Giant fans and prints with Korean writing lined the walls, and I could smell incense burning from somewhere nearby. It was fairly nice, more than outclassing anything I had been imagining.

“You want a long massage or a short massage,” she asked, closing the door behind me.

“What’s the difference?”

“The longer massage costs more,” she said, laughing. I couldn’t help myself, and laughed, too.

“No, really the short massage is okay,” she said, “but the long massage gives me more time to work on stress areas and trouble spots. It’s more relaxing than a short massage, too. For short massages, I don’t use any oil, and no shower after.”

“Then I’ll take the longer massage.” Maybe I had misjudged this place. It didn’t seem seedy, and she seemed genuinely interested in her work. But then again, she wasn’t wearing anything under her short dress that I could see.

“Okay, money first,” she said, holding out her hand. I slipped her some bills and she smiled. Holding out her hand, she said, “Follow me.”

Taking her hand, she led me towards the back of the ‘house,’ and into a bedroom-type area. The room was dimly lit, yet still had a cozy feel to it. Against the far wall was a generously padded massage bed with a small white towel draped across the middle, with another white towel folded on top of that one. Against the adjoining wall was a fully blocked out window, and a rack full of folded linens, towels, bottles of oils, lotions, well-worn magazines, and a small radio. Next to that there was a padded chair and an end table with a vanilla-scented candle burning on top.

Motioning towards the massage bed, she said, “Take off your clothes and lay down. I’ll be right back.”

“Should I totally undress,” I asked.

“Unless you want oil on your clothes, yes.”

I started taking off my shoes, and she left the room, closing the door behind her. I folded my clothes neatly and put them on the chair, with my socks tucked into my shoes underneath. I was down to my panties, and starting to feel a little vulnerable. I can’t explain it now, but for some reason I felt that if I took my panties off and laid down on that table, that’d I’d be crossing some kind of taboo line.

And then I thought, fuck it. It’s my life, it’s my body, I’m a grown woman, and I don’t answer to anyone but myself. There were probably thousands of people across the world who’d done that very thing every day. Granted, I’m sure an overwhelming majority of them were men, but where’s the adventure in cow-towing to what society expects of you? It was time to let go and see where this all was taking me. I took my panties off, put them on the chair and lied down on the bed.

A couple of minutes passed as I lay there naked on the bed, trying to clear my head. Nothing’s going to happen that you don’t want, I told myself. The feeling I’d had getting undressed was passing, and I was ready to relax and enjoy myself. I needed a good massage.

A knock on the door almost made me jump. Looking over my shoulder towards the door, I saw the handle turn, and she entered. She walked over to linen rack, picked up a bottle of oil, and then walked towards me. She picked up the folded white towel I had moved over when I lay down, and used it to cover my butt. Then she asked what kind of a massage I wanted.

“What kinds do you offer,” I inquired.

“Swedish, deep tissue, and pressure point,” came the response.

“Swedish is soft, right?”

“Very gentle. I only use my fingertips” she said, smiling. She had a very alluring smile.

“Swedish, please.” She poured some of the oil into her hands, and then stared working it into my back and shoulders. Her touch was very light, and her hands were incredibly soft. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply as she ran her fingers all over my neck, shoulders, and back. She made pleasant small talk with me as she worked her magic. She asked my name, where I was from, what I did for a living, and so on.

She told me her name was Jin and that she’d been doing massage for about 5 years. As she continued talking to me, Jin stepped up onto the bed, and then straddled my towel-clad butt. She lifted my arms up and back one at a time, and then ran her fingers up and down them. It was one of the most relaxing feelings I’d ever had. But she was only getting started.

She laid my arms back out beside me, and went back to my neck and shoulders. Working her way down, her hands slid to my sides. As she moved her hands lower, they slid across the sides of my breasts, giving me a little shiver of delight. I rose up and little, exposing a bit more of my chest, wondering if she’d do more. On her next trip back up my sides, she grazed the sides of my breasts again. On the way back down, she wrapped her hands around the exposed part of my breasts and let her hands linger before working her way back down. I moaned softly in the back of my throat from her gentle touch.

Jin leaned down and whispered softly into my ear, “You like that, honey?” I sighed contentedly and nodded my head.

“Oh, you’re a bad girl, aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” I whispered.

“Good,” she sighed, “I’ll make you feel good all over, bad girl.”

Then she slid her body down my legs, still continuing to straddle me. Her naked thighs felt wonderful as they brushed against my mine and down past my calves, ankles and feet. Jin picked up the towel covering my butt, and tossed it off the bed. Then she lifted my right leg and put it onto her shoulder, while pulling my left foot directly between her legs. I could instantly tell from the body heat and the tickles of tiny hairs on my foot that I had been right; she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress. A familiar warmness crept into my own cunt as I felt her press into me.

Slowly, she ran her fingers up and down the length of my right leg, the motion causing her mound to press over and over into the heel of my left foot. She leaned forward a bit, and ran her fingers all the way up my inner thigh, her hand so close to my pussy that I could feel its warmth. Jin’s hand lingered for just a moment, and then slid agonizingly back down, away from me. I groaned disappointedly.

“Not yet,” Jin teased, switching my legs out; my right foot now between her legs and my left on her shoulder. But I wanted it so badly! My body and it’s arousal at her touch were betraying me. I wanted her fingers on me, touching me, inside me. This woman, this stranger who did this kind of thing all the time for men, was making me crazy. Nothing’s going to happen, indeed.

She repeated the process with my left leg, her fingers achingly close to my pussy. I whimpered in delight and desperation. I was so wet that I could feel it running down my thigh. Jin finally set my leg back down, but spread it away from my right. She then straddled my right leg, and slid her way up, finally coming to rest on my lower thigh. I could feel her heat and the tickle of her pubic hair there as she started massaging my butt. Just the top and sides at first, and then slowly working her way towards the middle. Before long, she was running her thumbs up the top cleft of my ass while her fingers ran across the cheeks.

“Feel good, honey?”

“God, yes,” I stammered, my voice a breathy whisper.

She slid her thumbs down and pressed them directly against my anus. I moaned my approval loudly as my hips gently bucked back, pushing against her thumbs. I was beyond caring where she touched me, just so long as she touched me.

“Time to roll over,” Jin said, as her hands slid away from my ass. I rolled over, trying to regain my composure. Laying there, totally nude and exposed to her, I felt deliciously naughty. My nipples were as hard as pebbles, and my cunt twitched anxiously as Jin rubbed more lotion between her hands. Lust had overcome me, and I’d thrown caution to the wind about the same time she’d thrown that little towel that covered my ass onto the floor.

Jin straddled my waist, her pussy pressed right against my muff, driving me wild. Her hands slid along my shoulders, her fingers tracing my collar bones ever so gently. She worked her hands lower, down the sides of my breasts and onto my belly, and then back up again. Over and over she did that, making my nipples ache to be touched. My own hands worked their way up to Jin’s hips, pulling her tighter onto me. She smiled down at me, and feeling brave, I worked my hands up higher. I kept expecting her to stop me, but when my hands reached her breasts and started gently kneading them, she only smiled bigger.

“Your breasts are so nice, Jin,” I breathed. At long last, her fingertips slipped over my nipples, making me moan yet again. She started making circles on my breasts that ended with her tugging my nipples before starting the process all over again.

“Yours are so sexy, honey,” she said, sliding her hands up my arms. She gently pulled my hands away, and then pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her lovely, naturally full breasts. I bit my bottom lip as she pulled my hands back up, placing them back onto her chest. I gently rolled her breasts in my hands, feeling their heft, then slowly ran my thumbs around her dark nipples. Jin made contented sounds as she slid down my legs. My hands reached for her breasts, but she pushed me back down onto the bed.

Again, her soft, sensual hands slid up my thighs and up to my hips, grazing the very outside of my muff along the way. I groaned every time her fingers glided up and down, brushing so gently against the sides of my mound. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to take much more of her teasing. I was about to beg her to touch me, when her hand slid over my muff, her fingertips teasing through my small strip of pubic hair. I sucked in my breath, and it escaped my lips again in a low moan. I closed my eyes and laid back, spreading my legs as far as Jin’s straddling would allow.

With her free hand, Jin took my left hand while still rubbing my mound with her other. I opened my eyes and saw that her little dress and ridden halfway up her thighs, exposing her own dark and very hairy pussy. Turning my hand over, she placed it against the warmness between her thighs. My fingers instinctively went to work, gently probing her outer lips as my thumb rubbed against her noticeably swollen clit.

Jin moaned as her own thumb worked its way down to my clit. A surge swept over me and I groaned loudly as my orgasm swept over me. Jin never stopped rubbing my clit as my hips bucked against her caresses and my moans filled the room. She only moaned as she rocked her own pussy against my fingers and thumb.

The waves of pleasure slowly subsided, and I was able to concentrate more on Jin’s intensely hot pussy. I slipped a finger into her wetness, hooking it upwards against her front vaginal wall, while still maintaining my rhythm on her clit with my thumb. I sat up, and pulled her closer to me. Without a word, I placed my mouth over her wonderfully dark nipple, sucking and gently nibbling.

Jin’s pussy began contracting around my finger, and her breathing intensified. Her body quivered, her hips bucked against my hand, and she let out a long moan as her orgasm flooded over her. I slipped my finger out of her, and rubbed her outer lips and clit as she shuddered, my lips still locked around her nipple.

Opening her eyes, Jin said, “Oh, baby, you ARE a bad girl!”

“So are you,” I replied, still kissing the tops of her breasts, my hand still idly rubbing against her wetness. She giggled, and pushed me roughly back onto the bed. I couldn’t help but giggle, too. Jin lied down beside me, and put her arm across my waist. I felt very intimate lying there with her as we both caught our breath. I didn’t know that a “naughty” massage could be like this. Maybe I’d been missing out? And then a thought hit me:

“Now, about that shower…”

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Anna wrote

Very hot!! Would love to hear about the shower….