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The Chair

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She stands in front of the apartment. Naked thighs cold from the wind swirling around the edges of the long coat she wears. She pulls the coat closer around her and shudders. He heart is racing as she raises her hand to knock on the door. Her nipples harden immediately. She knocks, once, then twice before she takes a small step back.

He hears the knock and looks at the clock, it is exactly 9:10pm.

“Good girl,” he thinks.

He puts down his glass of whiskey and rises from the couch. He has a fire roaring and the room is warm. He walks slowly to the door, softly in his bare feet to avoid making noise. He can see her silhouette in the frosted glass and pauses for a second. He wants to make her wait, building anticipation even before they see each other. He opens the door and smiles lovingly at her standing there. Her eyes go wide as the door opens and he smiles even wider, she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

Her breath catches as he sees him. He is dressed only in a pair of faded jeans, a black leather belt loose around his waist. His chest and arms are strong and bare. She knows he is able to control her physically any time he wants. Just looking at him her pussy is wet instantly and her legs go weak. Her mouth is dry and she is afraid that if she tries to speak it will come out as an obscene croak. She lowers her eyes and smiles shyly.

He grabs her chin gently and pulls her towards him. A small kiss on the cheek, then the other, then he raises her chin slowly, marveling at the arousing combination of strength, vulnerability and pure lust that he sees in her eyes.

“Are you ready?” he asks?

He feels her knees buckle slightly as his strong voice washes over her.

She whimpers, “Yes.”

He kisses her, deeper this time, and pulls her into his arms. She is trembling. he closes the door behind her and draws her inside.

He looks at her face again, to make sure she is steady and then backs away slightly. Reaching down he undoes the belt of her long coat. As the belt comes off the coat opens slightly to reveal naked skin underneath. He smiles again and he can feel his cock stirring in his pants.

She feels her face and neck go red as the coat opens. She can feel her heart pounding in her ears, and her hands are wet and slippery. She knows he desires her and she loves to see him looking at her body. She wants him to lust after her, she wants to be sexy for him.

He pulls the coat from her shoulders and lets it drop to the floor. Her flush moves down her chest as her nipples harder further. Goosebumps rise on her arms and legs, the room is warm but the air feels cool on her exposed skin. She is very shy of her body, she doesn’t think of her body as perfect even though he has told her many times that it is.

He lets his eyes roam over her. Her breasts, large, heavy and perfectly shaped, are topped by very erect, very swollen nipples. Looking down across her flat belly he sees the smooth hairless mound that ends in the wet slit of her pussy. Her shapely legs start at an amazing ass and end in 4 inch red heels.

He reaches out and grabs a nipple between each thumb and index finger. Rolling them lightly between his fingers he sees her mouth open and hears a low moan escape. Pinching the nipples hard elicits a squeal. He wants to take them in his mouth but resists.

Pinching again, harder this time, causes her to take a deep breath. She knows there will be pain tonight, pain and pleasure in varying combinations. Pain and pleasure that will end in massive orgasms, but only if she is good, only if she does exactly what he asks. She has absolute trust in him, and has given him her body to pleasure. She wants to be possessed absolutely by him.

Her pussy is getting wetter by the second. She can feel the moisture dripping down her leg and she can smell her own arousal. He pinches her nipples again pulling and twisting as he does.

She moans softly, “Oh my god.”

So softly that he is not sure what he heard but he knows she is excited. He steps back and looks at her again, seeing the wetness flowing from her pussy makes his mouth water. He longs to kneel between her legs and lick and suck her sweet pussy as she comes in his mouth and on his face. The thought almost makes him take her there, on the floor, quickly and deeply, but that is not what is planned.

He grabs her hand and leads her to the center of the room. She sees a wooden chair positioned in front of the fireplace. She looks up at him questioningly but he only smiles. He bends her slowly over the chair, the hard wooden back pressing into her belly. Her hands are supporting her weight on the seat of the chair. He moves around and quickly but gently ties her hands to the legs of the chair with a red silk scarf.

“Spread your legs my little slut,” he growls.

It has started. Her breath comes quicker now and she does exactly what he ask. Her heart is pounding. She can feel the heat of the fire on her back and head but her ass and thighs are cool. She feels totally exposed and vulnerable, her pussy throbs in anticipation.

He bends down behind her, face inches from her pussy and ass, intoxicated by the site. He runs his hand lightly down the inside of her thigh and grabs her ankle tightly. He binds first one ankle then the other to the chair legs with more silk scarfs. Sliding his hand up her leg now, all the way until it is pressing on her pussy. He can feel how wet she is. As he removes his hand he runs one finger along the lips of her pussy eliciting a long low moan. She is totally immobile, totally vulnerable, totally exposed.

He stands and looks down on her, hair falling forward over her face, eyes closed, lips slightly parted as she fights to keep her rapid breath under control. She is shaking slightly and goose bumps again cover her arms and legs. She is totally helpless, the way she longs to be. She trusts him completely and he will protect that trust at all costs, but he will push her to the edge of desire, to the edge of control, to the point of total physical and emotional release.

He walks to the couch and retrieves his drink. He is hard as a rock now and wants to regain control. Leaving her exposed in the middle of the room builds the anticipation for both of them. Taking a long drink he puts he glass back down.

He leans down beside her, “Are you OK?”

She can smell the sweet scent of whisky on his breath and longs to kiss his mouth and suck on his tongue. She nods, already beyond the point of responding with words, all her senses focused on his actions. He stares deep into her eyes, making sure there is no fear, making sure there is only the desire to be taken.

He steps back, grabs her ass cheeks roughly and spreads them wide. He leans forward and lightly dips his tongue into tight little hole.

She convulses at the touch.

He leans back down beside her head and whispers softly, “Do not come until I tell you. If you lose control you will be punished.”

His words in themselves are almost enough to make her lose control. Her pussy and ass spasm slightly.

She nods.

He leans closer, louder now he says, “Do you understand?”

Her heart stops, she nods again, afraid to look at him.

“Say it!”

“Yes Master, I understand”, she says as she looks up and meets his gaze.

It takes all her will to keep her eyes on him but she is rewarded with a smile. She relaxes her head back down, focusing again on the warmth spreading from her wet aching pussy, radiating out to her ass and nipples.

He moves behind her again and stops. Her senses are reaching out, desperately waiting for another touch, any touch. Waiting, anticipating, she is going out of her mind.

Softly he runs his nails up the back of her leg and over her ass. Repeatedly, coming closer to her pussy each time but never touching. Both hands now, lightly then hard again.

“Please,” she moans, “please touch my pussy.”

Her need has become an ache. Her nipples are painfully erect and she rocks back and forth, dragging them across the rough wood of the chair back. Her clit is erect and throbbing, her pussy unfolding, begging to be touched.

“Oh my god, please touch me,” she begs.

His hands move to her pussy lips and he spreads them wide, exposing her clit and wet hole. He dips his tongue into her, tasting her for the first time. He pulls his tongue away and she gasps. She strains back against the chair and the bindings, straining to put her pussy back in contact with his tongue. He moves his tongue back in contact with her clit, swirling it in small circles. Back to her dripping hole and then to her tight little ass. Back and forth, he licks long and hard, clit to pussy to ass, repeating the process in agonizing slowness.

She is lost in the pleasure, feeling the waves building inside her.

He pulls back and she whimpers in frustration.

A hard slap on the ass, “Be a good girl.”

He sees her clench as she anticipates another slap. When it doesn’t come she relaxes. He slaps her again, surprising her, this time directly on her spread ass and pussy. He knows that if he keeps up the slaps she will come so he decides to test her resolve. Slap after slap, over her ass, contacting her ass, pussy, clit, legs and thighs. She is crying out, begging for more.

He stops, again waiting for her body to relax. This time it takes much longer. He can see her pussy and ass clenching and unclenching, right on the edge of orgasm. She is holding her breath, fighting the orgasm that threatens to overwhelm her. Finally her body relaxes, barely holding back the crashing waves. She wants to please him so badly, she wants to be the good girl he desires, but she is so close to the edge.

He moves around to the front of the chair and removes his pants. She strains to see him, to watch him undress. He moves to her side and positions his hard cock by her head. She takes it slowly into her mouth. Sucking it deep into her, savouring him, light sweat and pre-come mixing together to create an intoxicating taste. Sucking hard she tries desperately to extract the come she loves. He moves his hands to her nipples as she continues to suck. He pushes back her hair so he can watch his hard cock move into her mouth. Her eyelid are half closed, eyes rolled back in her head, lost in the moment. She swirls her tongue around the head and shaft as he pulls out, licking his balls as he buries his cock deep back her throat. He rocks slowly back and forth. Working both nipples, pinching and stroking he can see her hips moving as her arousal increases.

She loves having his cock in her mouth and relaxes her throat to give him access. Gasping for breath when she can, she lets him fuck her throat as if it was her pussy. Her complete trust allowing her to keep his cock in her throat longer than she feels normally comfortable, knowing he will let her breath in time. She can feel her orgasm creeping up on her again and she struggles for control. Moans escape her throat each time he removes his cock.

He hates to stop but he needs to remain in control. The desire to simply fill her mouth with come is strong but he pulls away. He moves behind her and pushes two fingers deep in her gaping pussy. He moves his thumb to her clit and his tongue to her ass, working it deep inside. He knows this is unfair but he continues. Plunging his fingers into her, rubbing her clit he pushes her inexorably higher.

She is desperate, she knows she can’t hold on, the feelings are too intense and she is way beyond control.

“Please let me come Master!” she begs.


“Not yet,” he says.

He curls his fingers and begins to rub her g-spot in tight hard circles. In time with rubbing her clit he knows this will push her over the edge.

She holds her breath, clenching her pussy and ass, but this only makes the feelings more intense. Determined to hold out she gasps and moans continually.

“Oh god!”

He feels her body let go, the wetness flowing from her pussy. Her ass clenching around his tongue, her pussy spasming around his hand. He continues to finger fuck her right through her orgasm leaving her gasping for breath. He stands up now and backs away.

“I am very disappointed.” he says quietly.

“I’m so sorry Master, I tried” she whispers head turned slightly to see him.

She looks at him through her sweaty hair. She is wondering if he will let this slide, if he will forgive her. The other part of her desires to be punished and hopes that he will not forgive her. The mixture of dread and desire is making her belly and pussy flutter in anticipation.

He moves to the pants he left on the floor and removes the leather belt. She can see what he is doing and flushes in excitement in spite of herself.

“I deserve to be punished Master,” she whispers.

“You don’t deserve anything my little slut, but I will punish you just the same.” He responds forcefully, as he moves back behind her.

Her body clenches again from the force of the words and she waits for the punishment to begin.

Again he waits for her to relax before bringing the folded belt down firmly on her exposed ass. Hard but not hard enough to injure, smack, wait, smack, wait, each time waiting for a little longer. He wants to make sure she never knows when or where the blow will land. The blows contact her ass, pussy, clit and legs. Each time it hits a bolt of pain shoots through her, followed instantly by the shock of electric pleasure that goes directly to her clit and nipples.

She feels her orgasm building again, she wants him inside her, she wants to come again but continues to hold it back. To come while being punished would be the ultimate disappointment for her Master.

Finally he stops. She is panting. He moves behind her and, without warning, plunges his hard cock deep into her pussy. She screams.

Juices are running from her swollen pussy covering his cock and balls. It runs down her legs. He is fucking her hard now. Both hands on her hips, she is lost in pleasure as his cock fills her. His cock reaches into the depths of her tight pussy, moving her towards her orgasm. She is totally filled, possessed by him. She is in heaven.

She feels his finger go to her ass and she strains back against him desperately wanting him to fill both her holes. He works first one then two fingers into her. Fucking her in time with his pounding of her pussy.

A third finger now and she is crying out, “Fuck me hard, oh god fuck my ass!”

He pulls out of her pussy and presses the head of his cock against her ass. He slowly pushes into her until his entire cock is deep inside her. Stretching her, filling her. He starts to move inside her, out to the tip and then back in, filling her ass completely. He knows he will not last long, moving ever faster as they both near climax.

Finally he releases her, “Come for me my little slut!”

“Thank you Master, thank you!” she sobs.

He is pounding into her ass now and she is meeting his every stroke. Her orgasm peaks and then crashes over her. As her ass clenches around his cock he lets himself go, filling her ass with come. He slowly stops moving and lets her spasms subside, letting his cock slip from her ass. Pussy and ass both dripping down her thighs.

He reaches down and slowly unties her. Taking her in his arms they move to the couch and lie down. He pulls a blanket over them and pulls her head to his chest.

“Good girl,” he whispers.

As her body calms and her heartbeat returns to normal she sighs and cuddles closer, totally content she falls asleep.

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