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Pegged In The Bar

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It’s ten at night on a Wednesday and the bar is packed. Its ninety five degree tonight so I’m sure that probably has something to do with it.

Walking up to the bar I excused myself as I pushed between two people. On the one side is a balding overweight older guy wearing a polyester leisure suit. But on the other side is what I can only say is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

I ordered a beer and while I was waiting for it the woman leaned over and whispered in my ear. Thank god you showed up. My name is Cindy and I’ve been waiting for you. Disco Dan over there started hitting on me the minute I walked in the door. So I told him I was waiting for my boyfriend. So please be my boyfriend for the night.

Looking at her see thru blouse I smiled and said hi Cindy sorry I’m late. I had some last minute stuff at work. Would you like another beer Hun?

I don’t have to look at disco Dan to know he’s pissed he just slammed his beer bottle down so hard it cracked. But I could care less; I was looking at her transparent pale blue blouse and what she may of call bra. It’s a piece of string with a wisp of lace that does nothing to hide her small firm tits or very hard nipples.

She clearing her throat to get my attention and I looked up at her smiling face. Then she said my panties look just like my bra, you may get to see for yourself tonight if you’re lucky. I felt my face getting red as she smiled and laughed.

I don’t know if it was her brown eyes or dark tan or maybe it was that fuck me smile, but I was speechless. Laughing she said to me, come on boyfriend I can’t be the first girl you ever talked to. I need to go wash my hands; that should give you a chance to catch your breath ok.

Watching her walk away I couldn’t stop thinking about what her ass looked like in those panties.

Her skirt was short and pleated, like the kind a schoolgirl would wear, but those black thigh high stockings and high heels were definitely not part of any schoolgirl outfit I new of.

When she didn’t come back so I figured she left for the night so I grabbing my beer headed to the back room to play some pool.

I’d been at it for an hour or so and it was getting late. I’d won a few games and was thinking about going home when she put her quarter down and said next game.

Looking up into that fuck me smile almost made me miss the shot. Smiling, she asked me if I missed her. Hitting the last ball as I answered her by saying, no way Cindy I new you’d show up, at least I was hoping you would.

As I rack the balls I tell her, lady’s first Cindy you go ahead and break. She laughed as she said to me I’m sure as hell no lady Dave you want to put a wager on the game. Why not I answered, what you want to bet.

She walked to the table and bent over to shoot. Looking over her shoulder she smiled and said, how about this as she wiggling her ass. I get a good look at her frilly black panties framed by two black leather straps and I say ok.

She has a good break and drops two solid balls. Coming over to me she says, how about you win I go home with you and be your sex slave and I’ll do anything you want. Looking in my eyes she touches my cheek and say’s “Absolutely anything!

Her next shot missed and I should have realized then that she was playing me. She hammered it when all she had to do was tap it and it would’ve dropped in. I walked up next to her and asked her what happens if you win. Smiling she tells me if I win you go home with me and be my sex slave for the night. What do you say to that?

I drop the next three balls before I ask her what she means by sex slave. She leaned over the table making sure I was looking down her blouse. Her bra is gone and I was right. Her tits were perfect like I thought, small and perky with hard nipples.

Hearing her clear her throat makes me look up. She smiled saying we have to quit meeting like this. Her lips were inches from mine as she whispers, you know we fuck and suck until I’m worn out.

She gives me a quick kiss and lines up an easy shot. Laughing when she missed she said maybe we should make this two out of three. It’s my turn now and I run the table. Before I drop the eight ball I look at her and ask, are you sure you want to do this.

As the eight ball drops in the pocket I look at her and say that’s one down Cindy you still want to bet. You don’t seem to be very good at pool and I really don’t want to take advantage of you. She smiled before saying; well hot shot we can always up the bet if you think you’re that good.

Stupid me, I let her break again and within two minutes it’s all over. I’m standing there looking at the table and I can’t believe it, she dropped all of her balls in less then two minutes. Looking at her I say you played me bitch. Laughing she say’s, come on get over it your a big boy, besides it’s tied you still have a chance, but you back out if you’re chicken.

Well, there’s no way she was going to get the best of me and I tell her so. Racking the balls I’m saying to myself, what the hell even if I loose I win so who gives a shit. That’s when it come’s to me, what the hell were the straps for, So I ask her.

The second it was out of my mouth I feel like kicking myself. But when I look at her she’s smiling. Walking over to me she says if you loose this game you’ll find out. Then turning to the table it takes her all of about thirty seconds to clear the table. Then she slowly walks around the table until she’s standing in front of me.

Ok hot shot, it’s time for me to collect on our bet and for you to find out what the straps are for. She takes the pool cue from my hand before lifting the front of her dress. I almost fall down, under her dress tucked in her panties was a cock, not a real one of course but one of those strap on’s.

I must have had a shocked look on my face because seeing my reaction she said, you can always back out if you aren’t man enough. I don’t know what to do, hell I don’t know if I can. But what really surprised me, I was thinking I’d like to try.

I looked around the pool room and see were alone, no ones there. I looked at her for a minute or two not knowing what to say. For the first time I see uncertainty on her face when suddenly she’s saying I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done this. When I first saw you the though of fucking you really turned me on. I’ve been thinking of it all night and didn’t know of any other way to go about it.

She keeps talking to me hardly breathing until suddenly she tells me to forget it. When she turned to leave I surprise myself by saying hold on a minute, you won the bet don’t you want to collect. Without turning she said are you sure? I want to say no but I say yes. I’m willing to try if we take our time and we go slowly. With that she turned around and kissed me. Hugging me she whispered your on baby.

By now it’s after midnight, the pool room is empty except for the sleeping clerk. Her arms around me she keeps kissing me, her lips are so soft it felt like I was kissing a wisp of silk. I was almost in a trance when she whispering in my ear, suck my cock. Shocked and not sure I heard right I answered her with what! Kissing me again, this time with a lustful hunger she looked in my eyes, do it now baby, suck my cock.

I Haden realized it but I had already taken her cock from her panties and I was stroking it. I’ve never been so excited in my life and before I realized what I was doing I dropped to my knees. Holding her cock in my hand I licked the tip before taking the head in my mouth.

Looking up I see her eyes are closed and she’s biting her tongue breathing hard. Her hands on my shoulders are shaking. When I put my hands on her ass she catches her breath and I hear AHHHHHHH. Taking my head in her hands she looks down at me thru half closed eyes and see’s my mouth on her cock. Feeling her pull my head I open my mouth and her cock slowly enters my mouth as she says, yes baby suck my cock.

Her fingers are entwined in my hair as she pulls my mouth down the length of her cock. When I gag she pulls out a bit and tells me to relax before pushing back in. I close my eyes and relax, this time it go a little farther. When she pulls out this time I place my hands on her ass and pull, determent this time I would take it all. Fighting past my gag reflex I can feel her cock as it goes down my throat.

Her hands pull my hair harder as she roughly fucks my mouth. She’s forcing her cock into my mouth, fucking it hard. Her legs start to shake and from the sudden wet warmth on my chest I know she just came. She keeps Cumming as she fucks my mouth, each orgasm larger then the last. Every time I pull on her ass she forcing her cock down my throat until she finally shudders in one last orgasmic pleasure and she’s spent.

Looking over at the clerk I see he’s still sleeping, pulling on her hand I tell her lets go. But she pulls back and tells me she can’t wait she needs me now. She kisses me as she unzipped my pants and I Feel them drop to the floor. I step out of them as she drops to her knees.

Talking my hard cock in her hand she licks the precum off the tip before swallowing it not stopping until her nose touches my belly. After a few minutes she pulls her mouth off my cock. Looking up at me she say’s, hand me my purse babe. I’m too far gone to question her so I hand the purse to her outstretched hand.

She starts sucking my cock again, brining me to the point of orgasm four or five times. Each time she would stop just in time. Standing up she turned me around and bent me over the pool table. Before I closed my eyes I looked over my shoulder. Seeing her dress draped over her cock as it pointed up towards the ceiling.

In the dark it looks just like she had a real cock. Watching her as she unbuttoned her blouse I see her tits and it reminds me she’s all women. Watching as she put lube on her finger causing me to tense up. As her finger entering my ass it hurt’s a bit. But as she worked the lube in my ass I felt my cock get even harder, harder then it’s ever been it was so hard it hurt.

Soon the finger is pulled out and I tense up when I feel it being replaced by the head of her cock. With one hand on my hip and the other stroking my cock she said ok baby relax, here it comes I’ll go slowly at first to let you get used to but then I’m going to give you all of it. She stopped when I gasped as the head entered, then with a slow push I felt her hips touch my thighs.

I though it would hurt but was shocked when it felt so damn good. A few strokes and I came all over her hand. That didn’t stop her though, when she realized I’d cum she put her fingers to my lips saying, taste you’re cum bitch, lick my fingers clean. I did as she said by now I was so excited I would do anything she asked.

When her hand was clean she put them both on my hips and started to fuck me. She started slow; I could feel every ripple on her cock as she slowly pulled out before slamming it home hard. She was talking to me as her orgasm built telling me how good it felt. As she picked up speed her grunting told me she was getting close and when her orgasm hit she was pounding her cock into my ass so fast and hard she was bouncing me off the table.

As each orgasm hit she would slow down and tell me how good it felt. Then as she started on another orgasm she would start pounding my ass again until by her third orgasm I was hard again and ready to cum.

I surprise myself when I said, come on bitch really give it to me, fuck my ass like you mean it. Hearing this she slapped my ass and said ok baby get ready, you want it hard and fast I’ll give it to you hard and fast.

Holding my hips tight she planted her feet on the floor. As she fuck me like a mad woman, her pounding was so hard my feet were lifting off the floor. This time when she came she didn’t slow down If anything she fucked me harder. When I felt her cum I joined her with the hardest most intense orgasm of my life.

We must have made a lot of noise because the clerk woke up and when he realized what we were doing he started screaming at us to get out. As fast as I could get my pants on we were out the door.

That was two years ago, were still together and we still do crazy sex things. Who knows maybe some day you’ll catch us in a bar. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get to join us. If you’re real lucky you’ll get a taste of Cindy’s cock

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