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The Bridges of Chapel Hill

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It was late Friday night or early Saturday morning, I was too drunk to remember which because I had been out drinking. I got back to the apartment after a long walk and realized my roommate was gone.

I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t you know it? She’s gone, I have the whole place to myself, and no one to fuck me. Damn the luck!”

I was very sexually frustrated to say the least. It had been a long week of tough exams, sleepless nights, and grueling cheerleading practices!

Right then and there I decided that I should do something crazy! So I took of my pink sweater and blue jeans, popped open my light pink bra, and slid off my matching pink thong. Standing in my room naked, I looked into my closet for something new and exciting to wear on my as yet unplanned adventure. I chose a tight hot pink Lycra miniskirt and an equally tight light pink ribbed crop top with cap sleeves and a low cut V-neck which would show off my 36D boobs quite well. Underneath I was only going to wear a tiny hot pink G-string, but no bra (to accentuate my nipples). I found a pair of pink lace-top thigh highs to complete the outfit along with dangling pink pearl earrings and a pink pearl choker. For the finale, I pulled out the 5″ hot pink “fuck me” heels! I was getting turned on just picking out my clothes, but I had to redo my make-up to match this hot outfit!

So, I went to the bathroom and washed off the casual light make-up I had worn out to the fraternity parties earlier tonight. Then I came back, sat down at my vanity, and started to apply the heavier and sexier make-up for the second promising part of the evening. I started with a tan luminescent foundation that gave my skin a beautiful glow. Next I put on some long fake eyelashes and a deep purple eyeliner. For eyeshadow, a deep pink for the main part of the eyelid and a lighter frosty pink for the top part of the eyelid. A bright rosy pink blush to accent my high cheekbones and hot pink shiny lipstick along with a subtle pink lipliner to highlight my pouty lips. I was ALL PINK and feeling pretty fucking hot! I then sprayed my favorite perfume, White Linen, on my neck, behind my ears, on my chest, on my wrists, behind my ankles, and between my thighs.

Now I was ready to really go out, but where? Most things in this college town are closed by 2 am and it was 2:30 already. Hhmm, I thought for a while. I decided to just go out all dolled up, drive for a while, and see what kind of mischief I could get into! So I sexily sauntered out to my black convertible Miata, walking slowly, and shaking my hips, knowing full well that there were always a few guys up late in this apartment complex. I was richly rewarded with catcalls and whistles, which was my intention in the first place. I grinned at them and blew them all a big kiss as I got into my car and drove away.

Out on the main streets of Chapel Hill, there were very few cars around. Seeing that many places were shut down and nothing was going on, I decided to drive on the highway to neighboring cities to see if there was another party out there somewhere. I made the turn for the highway and found my way to the acceleration ramp onto Interstate 95, the main North-South thoroughfare for the East Coast. There were plenty of cars on 95 at all times of the day or night and tonight was no exception. There were mainly 18 wheelers out on the highway, but plenty of small sedans and trucks, too. As I was driving along, swaying to loud music, and enjoying myself, I noticed a walkway that extended from one side of the highway to the other that was pretty well lit by the lights that were illuminating the road signs that were hanging from it. Now I have driven this stretch of 95 umpteenth times, but had never really noticed this walkway. A little further down the road, I saw another one of these walkways and an idea struck me. I pulled off at the next exit and turned to the smaller side streets to find the bottom of one of these walkways. After turning down many wrong roads, I finally found the beginning of one of these trans-highway walkways. I guess they were there so people could actually walk from one side of the highway to the other without driving onto the highway or trying to actually cross the highway.

I got out of my car in my hot-to-trot outfit and slowly climbed up the steps, my pulse racing faster. It was the middle of the night and I was in the middle of nowhere, wearing next to nothing, and walking up a flight of stairs to who knows where. It was strangely exciting! I arrived at the top and looked at the straight path before me. The lights from the signs below lit up the walkway nicely. I started to walk across, hearing my heels clicking and echoing in the cool night air. Halfway across, I stopped and looked around. It was cool being this high up and looking down at the cars and trucks below. It was exhilarating!

On the spur of the moment, I decided to flash the next oncoming trucker. Making sure I was in an area with enough light, I lifted up my crop top and squeezed my tits together! I knew he saw me and appreciated it because he tooted his horn loudly as he drove by. That was a major turn-on, I thought. Next, I grabbed the handrail on one side of the walkway in front of the lights, started dancing, and gyrating my hips. It was like I was on my own dance stage above everyone with my own light show. I was enjoying myself as trucker after trucker pressed on their horns as they drove by. This was crazy and fun! I was getting so turned on from all the attention, I took off my top and danced up there topless for all the world to see. More horns as more truckers passed by. I thought this was so much fun, I’ll try it on a few more walkways. So I first walked across the entire walkway topless so cars and trucks driving by both ways could enjoy the view. When I got to the other side, I pulled my miniskirt off and walked back the whole length of the walkway wearing just a G-string, thigh high stockings, and 5″ hot pink “fuck me” heels!

I walked down the steps, got into my car, and got back on the highway with no top or skirt on. I opened the top to my convertible and drove to the next walkway almost completely naked. The beginning of this walkway was in the back of an older neighborhood and was not as deserted as the last one. Oh well, I thought, “What the hell! Nobody is awake now; it’s almost 4 am!” So I parked my car next to the bottom of the walkway, stepped out, left my crop top and miniskirt, and climbed the steps carefully in my heels, my heart pounding fast in my chest. Once at the top, the thrill of being almost nude in the cool air took me over. I danced to the center of the lighted walkway and started dancing again to the music of cars driving by below me. I was swaying my head back and forth and swinging my long blond hair in the wind. Horns started up again, now more frequent than before; apparently, the truckers had been telling each other on their CB’s about the naked dancing girl on the walkways. It was quite a thrill to put on an anonymous show for them! I was loving it! After a few more minutes, I decided to go completely nude and peeled off my soaking wet G-string! Now all I was wearing was my pink lace top thigh high stockings and my 5″ hot pink “fuck me” heels! I wanted to go to the next walkway, but first I thought I would walk all the way across the walkway and down the other side. Slowly I slinked the length of the walkway and stepped cautiously down the steps on the other side.

I saw that this side of the bridge was not as populated and I started to walk away from the steps when a car emerged from the horizon on the road next to the bridge. That made my heart jump and I snuck behind some bushes to see where the car was going. Well, a green BMW convertible pulled right up to the steps leading up to the bridge and four guys jumped out, all excited and talking at once.

I heard them say things like, “That girl was on this bridge, man; I am sure of it!”

“She was so fuckin’ hot! Wasn’t she?”

“Danny, go and see if she is still up there, dude.”

I saw a guy bolt up the steps, presumably Danny, and then come quickly back down. He looked disappointed as he said, “She’s not up there, guys.”

They all let out a collective depressed sigh and stood there for a moment. Then one guy said, “I would have to love to meet that girl! Not only was she hot as hell, but that was gutsy what she did, and VERY COOL!”

Another one stated, “Yeah, that was fuckin’ cool! I would have love to be up there dancing with her like that. Hell, it would have been SO EXCELLENT to be up there in the lights fucking the hell out of her, too!”

At that, they all laughed out loud. The fourth guy spoke, “Well, that’s never gonna happen because we’ll probably never see her again considering that we are just passing through. That sucks! I need a drink!” With that, he went back to the car and brought back a cooler full of beer for the other guys. They each grabbed a bottle, twisted off the top, and started drinking.

To myself , I thought, “Well, hell! How long are these guys going to stay here? I wanted to hit a few more bridges and walkways before daytime. Wonder how old these guys are? Well, I think they are at least 21.”

I quietly walked in the grass to the back of their car. On the back window and bumper sticker, I saw Wake Forest stickers, so I knew at least they were college students. I also noticed a lacrosse sticker on the other side of the bumper. Ahh, yes, that would explain why these guys look so fit. Actually, all four of these guys were pretty cute! An idea jumped into my head! I crept up the driver’s side of the car, softly opened the door, and quickly hopped in. Just as I figured, they left the keys in the ignition. I turned the headlights off and turned the key to the on position so I could hear the radio. I lowered all four windows; they were busy drinking and socializing so they did not hear the minimal noise I was making. I found my favorite local station that played popular dance music and listened for a little bit while watching the four college guys sitting about 50 feet in front of me at the foot of the bridge, blocking my exit. I was fantasizing about what could happen if I were to act on the crazy impulses I was feeling right this very moment. When the radio started playing Jessica Simpson’s “These Boots Were Made For Walking,” I decided that, hell, you only live once, so I began to act on my thoughts! At about the same time, the guys started to get up to return to the car.

Well, I surprised them and stopped them in their tracks when I turned on the headlights and cranked that Jessica Simpson song full blast as I stepped out of the car in all my naked glory. Their jaws dropped and their mouths were wide open as I walked in front of the car, dancing and gyrating like Jessica did in her video for the song. I was humping the hood and sticking my ass up in the air. I love to dance with my clothes on, but this was even more exciting with my clothes off! They stood still there for the duration of the song, watching intently, obviously enjoying the exhibition before them. When the song was over, I walked back around to turn down the radio and they all approached the car. I asked them all, “Surprised?”

One of the guys (later introduced to me as Frank) said, “Hell, yeah! But pleasantly surprised! You are so FINE!!” The other guys chimed in their agreement at that statement.

I told them, “I had to choice but to dance for you because it was the only way I could get you to move from the walkway entrance so I can get back to my car.”

Another guy (later introduced as Brendan) asked, “Now that the entrance is unblocked, you are not gonna just leave us, are you?”

I replied, “Well, yeah, it’s getting late! Unless y’all have something better in mind?”

The last guy (named Tim) quickly quipped, “We have many things in mind!” We all laughed.

I stated, “I was hiding in the bushes over there when you guys drove up, so I know what’s on your mind and, frankly, it all sounds very exciting! Y’all up for an adventure?”

Without a word, Danny slipped up behind me and started massaging my tits. His fingers were deftly pinching and rolling my nipples. Since my big nipples are very sensitive, I let out a moan. Frank turned the radio back up, but not as blaring as I had it. The guys started stripping and they were hunks underneath; I could feel my pussy getting wet. Frank came up to me from the front and we started french kissing, our tongues dancing with each other, while he ran his hands through my long blond hair. Brendan walked up from the side and slid his hands between my legs to feel my damp snatch. Tim arrived on the other side of me to squeeze my ass cheeks. The feeling of eight hands all over me sent a chill down my spine. This was so FUCKING HOT!! After a few more minutes of generalized groping, the guys picked me up and carried me over to a grassy area near the bottom of the walkway. As they carried me, I could see that all of them were well hung and they were all ROCK HARD!! Now that turned me on even more!!

Once we got to the grass, the guys laid me down on my back and started to ravage me all at once! I can’t say I was complaining in the least! Not many words were spoken, just a lot of lustful moaning and pleasurable groaning mixed with the background of the pop music from the car radio. There was enough light from the walkway signs above to illuminate our session and allow me a good look at my delectable studs. They had all switched positions and now Danny’s head was between my legs as he was eating my cunt good! Frank was now on my chest, titty fucking me and letting me suck his cock every time the tip popped through between mt boobs. Brendan was on my right as I jerked his cock off and Tim was on the left side of my face rubbing his hard cock on my cheek.

I turned my head a little more to the left and Tim’s cock slipped into my warm mouth. He let out a huge moan of pleasure as I sucked his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat. He started pumping my face. About the same time, Danny stopped licking my clit, got on his knees between my legs, lifted my legs up into a V, and inserted his raging boner into my wet twat. He started fucking me slowly, sliding his thick cock all the way in and all the way out each time. “Damn, girl, you are so fucking tight!” he exclaimed.

I replied, “I have been doing my Kegel exercises!” Everyone chuckled softly. Frank’s cock was sliding faster between my melons and I was jacking Brendan off faster too! I enjoyed so much the feeling of four cocks that I could just scream out loud if I were not deep throating Tim’s cock so hard I almost gagged! After a few minutes of this bliss, Frank and Danny switched places and I turned my head to the right so I could suck Brendan off and, in turn, jack Tim off on the left.

Frank was pounding me faster and rubbing my clit while Danny was titty fucking me and pinching my nipples. This was driving me bonkers! I was going to cum soon and I yelled, “Guys, you are doing me so good I am gonna cum soon!”

When they heard that, all four guys revved up their speed some more. Brendan said, “Well, then, guys, let’s make this bitch cum really good while we cum in her and on her! What do you say, team?” The guys gave each other high fives and started moving their cocks even faster.

I was bucking my hips in rhythm with Frank’s thrusts. I could feel Danny tensing up as though he was really close to shooting a full load off. I could also sense Tim’s cock in my hand ready to explode. I started hungrily devouring Brendan’s massive cock, deep throating it, and getting him close too. Frank was speeding up and ramming me fast and hard. I was loving every inch of him! My orgasm started building up; I could tell it was gonna be an earth shattering one just because of my heightened senses from this whole experience! All it took was one last thrust from Frankie, one last pinch of my nipples from Danny, one last massage of my clit from Frankie, one last deep push of Brendan’s hard member down my throat, and one last smack on my left cheek from Tim’s throbbing dick and I was screaming out loud, “Ooooohhhh, ssshhiiitt!! I am cumming so hard you guys!! Oooohhh ffuuccckkk! FFUUCCKK! That feels so good!!” I was moaning like crazy and thrashing about wildly! It was fucking amazing! I was having waves after waves of orgasms! I love multiple orgasms!

Right after I came, Frank screamed and shot his wad deep into my love canal and Danny shot a huge load onto my tits. Some of Danny’s jism shot onto my face and I licked the warm goo right off. Next Tim came all over my left hand and forearm while Brendan moaned as he blew his spunk down my waiting mouth and throat. It was so warm and yummy! The guys removed their dicks from my body and laid down all over me in a heap; five bodies intertwined at different angles and positions! It was kinda surreal! I had cum from four different guys on my left hand, my tits, my face, and my pussy lips! I told the guys, “Wow, that was fuckin’ HOT, y’all!” They all had huge grins on their faces as they nodded in agreement.

We all lay there resting for a moment, five naked fit bodies feeling very good. Then I said aloud, “Didn’t one of you all mention how ‘it would have been SO EXCELLENT to be up there in the lights fucking the hell’ out of me?”

Brendan sat straight up, raised his arm up proudly, and responded, “Baby, I believe that was me!”

I sat up and asked, “Are you still UP for that, darling?” He replied by promptly standing up, scooped me up in his muscular arms, and headed towards the walkway.

His friends quickly got up and followed us, not wanting to miss a second of this adventure. Brendan marched right up the steps and onto the lighted walkway. It was about 5:30 am and the earliest light of a new day was slowly dawning, though it was still mostly dark.

Brendan let me down at the beginning of the walkway and said, “Go ahead, walk out there, and put on your show first. I know how much you enjoyed doing it. It should be even hotter now to be dancing nude in the lights covered with and filled with cum!” I agreed with that statement and strutted out there, shaking my ass and squeezing my tits together, in my 5″ hot pink “fuck me” heels, which I managed to keep on the entire time I was being gang balled in the grass.

Once in the middle of the walkway and in a well lit spot, I started to put on a show, both for the drivers below and for my new fan club standing on the edge of the walkway. I leaned over the handrail and swung my tits back and forth so everyone below could see my pendulous mounds! Then I turned around and shook my ass into the lights! I raised my hands in the air and swayed back and forth, slow dancing in a happy daze! I motioned for Brendan to come over to me and he acquiesced without question.

I bent over, grabbed the rail again, and stuck my butt back towards him and yelled, “Go ahead, baby! FUCK the HELL out of me!” Without hesitation, he slid his already hard schlong into my wet, waiting cunt. It was pure pleasure as he drove it all the way home, hitting my cervix at the top of his mighty thrust!

I closed my eyes, reveling in the moment, pushing back to meet his every push, and did not really notice the other guys coming up to us until I felt Danny’s hard cock at my lips. I opened my eyes and my lips hungrily wrapped around his fat stick of manmeat! On my right was Frank with his monster sausage. I grabbed that with my hand and started yanking him off. Tim had knelt below me and was sucking on my sensitive nipples, which absolutely drove me wild! I was moaning loudly with pleasure! I figured, hell, way up here nobody could hear me anyways. The guys were grunting and expressing their pleasure out loud too. I love to hear guys when they fuck me really good!

Brendan pulled out of me, peeled me away from Danny’s cock, and told me to ride Tim, who had laid down on his back on the other side of the walkway. I walked over, squatted down, and slowly guided his manhood inside my sopping wet pussy. He screamed out loud in pleasure and pulled my upper body down so he could suck on my nipples. Since this is my favorite position, I was in pure ecstasy! As I was riding him, Brendan approached me from behind and started licking my asshole. He spit on it and rimmed me good. Then he started fingering my ass and got it wetter with my own pussy juices. When it was nice and lubricated, he stood up, got between my legs, and started to ease his big cock inside my ass. Wow, I had never been double penetrated before; it felt FUCKING amazing! Brendan moved in and out slowly at first, but promptly picked up the pace.

Meanwhile, Frank was leaning against the rail with his dick in my face, so naturally I reached over with my mouth and started deep throating his monster, too! On my left I was now jerking Danny off and we were all back in the search for another huge orgasm. Truckers and drivers were passing by and honking their horns, obviously seeing what was going on up here since it was now 6 am and there was definitely daylight. We were so caught up in this outright crazy, adventurous, and exhibitionistic moment that we could not have cared less!

For what seemed like an eternity of joy we were all fucking! I had switched cocks and gone back to sucking Danny and jerking Frank off! Brendan was still ramming my ass and Tim was still pounding my cunt vigorously from below. Danny and Frank were squeezing my tits like mad from the sides and Brendan was kneading from behind as Tim continued to suck my big hard nipples. Brendan was also doing a magic number on my clit, rubbing it fast and furious! I felt that heat building up and told the guys, “I am getting close, guys! Do what you need to do if y’all want to cum up here together!” They grunted their various replies between moans and groans of enjoyment! Brendan and Tim picked up the pace and Danny started to fuck my mouth faster. As for me I jacked Frank off faster and met Brendan’s and Tim’s thrusts with pure delight!

It was like a chain reaction because Danny all of a sudden screamed and shot a huge load down my throat, so much that I could not swallow it all and cum was dripping out of my mouth and hitting the concrete walkway! Seeing that Frank came in my hand, filling it with hot, thick gobs of jism! Brendan tensed up and held his cock deep inside my ass and I could feel it pulsating as he blew his sperm inside my ass! Tim shoved his dick far in my vagina all the way to the cervix and spewed hot spunk deep inside me! All these guys cumming in and on me was too much and I let out a loud wail as I came intensely, feeling my pelvis muscles contract strongly over and over and over again! Multiple orgasms rocked my little frame time and time again until I collapsed on Tim, just exhausted! The guys pulled out of my respective orifices and laid down next to me.

I managed to speak, “Guys, you have made my entire school year! That was the kind of adventure I needed tonight and especially after the hard week I just had!”

Frank spoke up, “Believe me, hon, you have made our entire school year, too, if not our entire undergraduate career!”

Brendan joined in, “I think it is safe to say that you will always be in our minds, probably for the rest of our lives!”

Tim shook his head in agreement and Danny said, “And you know what’s kinda nuts, heck, we don’t even know your name.”

We all chuckled and I replied, “My name is Candi. We didn’t really have the proper circumstances or time for formal introductions, know what I mean?”

We all laughed at that as we got up to head back to the steps. I asked, “My legs are weak from all the multiple orgasms I have enjoyed with you guys. Could you all drive me back to my car?”

Tim answered, “Candi, you sweet, sexy thing. After the time we just had with you, it’s the least we can do! As a matter of fact, let me carry your delectable cum-filled and cum-covered body back to our car.” So, he scooped me up and brought me back to their car in his strong arms.

Once there, they put me in the back between Frank and Brendan as Danny got in to drive and Tim sat in the passenger seat. As we started to drive away from the walkway steps, several 18 wheelers approached from the other way. I knelt up on the back seat, waved to them, and blew them a kiss! The guys laughed at that gesture. I guess they were here for the show too; but, oh well, they were just a little too late, I was beat, and I had already had my adventure for the night, one that will be pretty darn hard to beat EVER.

On the way to my car parked on the other side of the walkway, we had to drive over Interstate 95. I asked the guys to stop in the middle of the deserted street so I could spread some more joy by flashing a few more people.

Danny said, “You have quite the exhibitionist in you! Don’t you?”

I answered, “Not before tonight, not really!” When they stopped, I stepped out of the car in all my nude glory, covered with dried cum on my arms, face, and legs, and walked to the edge of the overpass and bent over, letting my huge tits dangle over the side for the world below to see. The response was immediate with multiple horns honking right away! Not wanting to neglect the other side, I sauntered across the street to the other side, hopped up on the ledge, turned around to face the guys, got on my knees, and showed my naked round ass to the oncoming traffic. Again horns were heard promptly! After a few moments, I got down and walked back to the car. The guys all gave me high fives!

Frank exclaimed, “You are an amazing woman, Candi!”

As we pulled up to my black Miata convertible, Brendan stated, “Love your car! That’s a sweet ride! Just like you, babe!”

There were a few early risers in this neighborhood but, for the most part, everyone was still in bed. I deeply french kissed each of the guys and thanked them for a very memorable time! They all thanked me profusely, saying that they will never forget this experience. While I was busy exhibiting myself at the overpass, the guys had time to put their clothes back on. I couldn’t put on any clothes anyways because I didn’t have mine with me, so I was still naked. As the guys let me out, each of them gave me a hug and a nice squeeze of my tits as well as a pat on my ass. Tim actually sucked my nipples again, explaining that he absolutely loved my big areolas and big hard nipples so he had to have one last suck! Since it was such a beautiful morning, I decided to leave my clothes off and drive back to my place naked, except for my pink lace top thigh highs and my 5″ hot pink “fuck me” heels. Again those heels did their job, didn’t they?

When I drove by the four studs from Wake Forest (a school I will always now adore), Frank asked, “Candi, are you gonna put your clothes back on now?”

To which I replied, “Hell, I have been naked most of the evening! What’s a few more minutes?”

Tim said, “You are utterly so COOL! You go girl! Will you marry me?” At that remark, we all had a good laugh. I waved goodbye to my lovers and blew them sweet kisses as I drove away nude. I realized just then that my hot pink G-string was in the grass by the walkway where I got gang banged tonight. I had to chuckle a little at having forgotten it in all the excitement. Maybe one of those truckers will get lucky and find it so he can smell my sweetness on it.

I sped down the highway to many stares, appreciative looks, and tooting horns from truckers and early drivers alike. I beamed my pearly whites and waved cheerfully at them. The people in sedans probably thought I was crazy driving around topless, but the truckers realized I was completely naked. Regardless, none of them could ever have imagined the night and experience that I just had!! I smiled to myself, relishing all the wonderful erotic memories, and drove home with my fav pop music on, very glad that I decided to do something crazy this past night!

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