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Moonlight Passion

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She was heaven and each delicate curve an endless hymn of angel’s breath. And I was her disciplined follower, the worshipper of every inch of her perfection. Her body was a dream, a vision to be discovered and adored.. I’d close my eyes and still see her lying there next to me. And when she would leave me, I’d wonder if any of it had even really happened…..


A curl of moonlight shown through the window and danced upon her milky thigh. My fingertips playfully teased her soft skin, running along the shadows and through the moon’s pale glow. Lying together on our white satin sheets, with our bodies entangled as one, we seemed part of this eternal night. Her legs were long, luscious… mmm, God how I do love her legs, especially when they were wrapped tightly around my waist. She giggled and playfully kicked as I ran my fingers down her legs and brushed her little feet, waking me from my daydreams. The nails on her toes were painted a deep red, matching her fingers. I have never seen more delicious looking toes. Mischievously, I gave them a tickle again.

“Hey, you know I’m ticklish,” Savannah whispered as she licked my ear.

“Oh, really ticklish huh?” I smirked as I grabbed her foot and tickled it harder.

She let out the most beautiful laugh I had ever heard as she squirmed against my nude body. “Oh please no, stop Marissa. Noooo!” She squealed giggling like crazy.

I let her foot go, shifting my weight and turning so that I was now above her. Our bodies hugged closely, our thighs rubbed expectantly together. My hands were on her at once, moving up her legs to the curve of her little waist. Across her flat but soft tummy my hands explored, until I reached her heavenly peaks. Softly my fingers ran up her left breast drawing little circles around her pinkish hard nipple. Her size B breasts weren’t large but were big enough for my small hands.

“Ok I’ll stop,” I cooed softly. “But you have to do something for me.” I grinned evilly down at her, my fingers tightened around her nipple, pinching it.

Her big beautiful eyes lit up. The light brown shade of them seemed to dance in the moonlight, and those long lashes were any girl’s wish. I could have stared into those sparkling eyes for an eternity. Before I became lost in their depths, she spoke.

“And what is it that you want me to do?” She purred as she flashed me a huge smile.

“I just want a little kiss from you,” I said as cutely as possible.

“That’s all?” Savannah asked, unsure if I was really serious or not.

“Yep, just a kiss. Now are you gonna give me what I want or shall the torture begin?” I asked as I began to lightly tickle her again.

“Okay okay!” She squealed as she laughed and squirmed under me.

Savannah straightened up suddenly, trying to be more serious. The effect only made her seem more sensual. She absently brushed a strand of her soft red hair back into place behind her ear, before looking up at me. As she saw me watching her, she broke into a soft smile which turned into a slight giggle under my unwavering gaze. As her giggles subsided, her tongue shyly ventured out as her giggles subsided to wet her gorgeous lips- so alluringly sweet, rose-red, and amazingly plump. I continued watching, smiling myself as her fingers brushed my face, searching, exploring, her touch sending a wave of anticipation through me.

She lifted her lips to mine and tenderly kissed me. I could feel the wet warmth of her mouth, delicious and wonderfully soft and yielding. As one of my hands teased her hard and perky nipple, my other found its way to support her head and curled itself in her long, soft red hair. She moaned softly from my touch, sending an echo through me. Her tongue danced inside my mouth, with experience and passion it drew small circles against my tongue. Yet her kiss had a sensual innocence to it, which made my body ache and burn for her. I kissed her back with burning lust and need, sucking hungrily on her sweet little tongue. It was ecstasy in my mouth. I began to moan softly and rub my thighs against hers. Just before I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore she pulled away from my grasp.

Savannah smiled like an innocent little tease, still slightly rubbing her soft legs against mine and curling a finger around a strand of her hair.

“There you got your kiss, happy now?” She smiled, pretending to be unaware of how much I wanted her.

Oh, how she loved to tease me. Always playing the innocent little girl when she knew how badly I wanted her, how much I needed to have her. It drove me absolutely mad with lust and desire. Yet it always made it so much better after a long teasing wait, leaving me to squirm in my own moist excitement.

But I had been prepared for my sweet little tease with this request. With a devilish grin I said, “I didn’t mean a kiss there…”

“But…” exclaimed Savannah. She looked like a dirty little girl who had been caught in the act and didn’t know what to say.

“And since you didn’t give me what I wanted I guess you will have to be taught a lesson,” I said as I used my thumb and forefinger to pinch and twist her nipple.

“Ooo!” she squealed. “Don’t you think you are just so smart?” She asked, seeming to catch on to what I was after.

“Uh-huh,” I said smugly, smiling at her as I tugged her nipple even harder.

She squeezed her eyes shut and shivered as a long, deep groan escaped her heavenly lips. When I finally let up on her nipple she said, “Well then where do you wish for me to kiss you?”

I shook my head no before she even finished asking. “You will just have to guess and find out.” Going after her hard pink nipple again I whispered, “Let’s just hope get it right.”

She squirmed and moaned under me sending a hot rush through me. I knew she was getting wet just as I was. I longed for her to touch me; her soft hands always knew the right spot to fulfill my every whim and send me over into deep orgasmic bliss. But I had to hold out, for our little game was just beginning. I just hoped she got my subtle hints and played along. She was usually pretty good at reading my body like that.

Savannah pulled away from me, pushing me softly back, so she could slide out from under me. Spinning me over onto my back she stared down at my nude body. I was hers for the taking and she studied every inch of me. Ever so slowly and with the lightest gentlest touch, her hands explored my bare curves. Up my side her fingers spun, sending chills throughout my body. They danced down my arm and met my awaiting hand. She drew little circles my palm, sending a wave of ticklish excitement through me. I giggled, she did too.

Her eyes still wandered across my body, looking me up and down. She licked her beautiful, full lips in anticipation. I thought maybe she was wondering where to begin. But the look on her face was one of hunger and readiness, like a wild cat about to pounce on her prey.

With the utmost elegance and swiftness she laced her fingers with mine and pulled them to her lips. Rubbing my fingers in between hers she watched her other hand as it went straight for my breast. My breasts were slightly larger then hers, but not by much. Yet my nipples were about the same size, though a few shades darker then her sweet candy-pink ones. I always loved her breasts and wished mine were as perky and lovely, but she swore she adored mine and played with them every chance she got.

She grabbed my breast in her hand and squeezed tightly, digging her long nails into my bare flesh, causing me to arch my back and tense. She squirmed a little as she sat above me on her knees, and I could tell she was getting very wet by now. She then took my fingers and one by one kissed, licked and softly sucked the tips. Her soft wet tongue working my fingers as she squeezed my breast tighter was almost too much for me to handle. I let out soft moans as I rubbed my thighs together, letting her know I was ready.

She smiled as her eyes dropped to my sweet little cunt. “Ooo, is my little slut getting wet?” She asked, as she dropped my hand softly and moved hers to my clean-shaven pussy. “Mmm,” she moaned as she slid a finger between my pussy lips finding a wet little mess starting to build.

I let out a deep moan as I felt her touch me. I wanted her so badly. But before she had even begun she moved her hand away and leaned down close to me. I could feel her warm breath on my neck as she tilted my head and nuzzled her face close to me.

“I don’t think your slutty little cunt is wet enough yet,” she purred, before slipping her sweet little tongue into my ear. I moaned and squirmed as she licked and nibbled along my neck and ear. Her breath was so warm yet the air hitting the wetness of my now moistened neck sent waves of chills through me.

She moved herself even closer to me, letting her long soft hair fall into my face. Her hair smelled of flowers. The aroma of her shampoo mixed with the smell of pussy and sweat in the air was delightfully arousing. I loved her hair in my face, softly brushing my cheeks as she licked and sucked my neck.

Then out of nowhere she bit my tender neck fiercely. Sucking as deep and hard as she could, creating a sensuous wave of pain and ecstasy. As she sucked she grabbed my hand and pushed it towards her smooth soft pussy. I got the hint and slid my hand between her thighs, gently caressing and rubbing her soaking wet cunt, letting my hand settle into a nice fast pattern of stimulating her slippery clit.

“Yes…oh God…oh Mariss…aaa,” Savannah moaned in a deep breathless whisper as she pulled her lips from my neck. “Don’t stop,” she ordered as she gave one last kiss just below my ear. She slowly moved her way down to my breast, stopping to kiss and lick along the way. At my breast her tongue teased my hard nipple. She moved it in circles around and around then would stop to flick her tongue across it quickly. Her other hand left my aching pussy and massaged my other breast, so as not to make it feel left out. She then slid her mouth over my breast and began to suck my nipple hard. The sensation sending me over the edge where I could no longer stand it anymore and began to rub my own pussy as I rubbed hers.

We seemed to moan in perfect unison, echoing each others breathless purrs for more, her mouth and tongue worked wonders on my breast, sucking hard and hungrily as I began to slide my fingers into her pussy. She took her hand away from my other breast and pushed it down to my waiting cunt, rubbing my clit hard and fast as I finger fucked us both.

Savannah stopped sucking my sensitive nipple and threw her head back, whipping her long, red hair through the air as she moaned long and hard. “Oh yes!!” She screamed, as she began to grind her pussy against my fingers. I plunged my fingers into her wet hole faster knowing she was cumming all over them. Her juices dripped down my fingers and hand as she finally stopped and put her head down breathing hard.

Before I knew it she had her amazing mouth around my fingers sucking her own sweet juices off, as she rubbed my slippery clit faster and harder then before. It didn’t take long until I was ready to explode too.

“Cum for me Marissa,” she whispered heavily between the soft sucking of my fingers. I fucked my sweet little pussy hard and fast, pushing my fingers deeper into my cunt as I began to cum.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming,” I moaned as she rubbed my clit even faster. A wave of shivers raced through me, as my warm sweet juices exploded.

We both kissed long and deep. I could taste her own sweetness from her lips, and it tasted so good. She then rested her head on my shoulder and snuggled up close against me.

“Mmm, that was nice. Very nice,” Savannah said in breathless satisfaction.

“Uh-huh,” I agreed. My hand brushed against her side soon finding its way to her still hard nipple and pinching it yet again. “But you still owe me a kiss, sweetheart.”

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