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Wrestling Buddies Ch. 03

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Just then, we heard the screen door slide open. I looked through the deck and saw his parents walking toward the pool – with towels! We moved apart just in time for Jeff’s dad to ask if they could join us! …..

Jeff’s hard cock was still in rubbing against my ass, when his parents came walking across the patio towards the pool deck. Jeff’s dad told his mom to leave the lights off to keep the bugs away.

I took a breath for the first time in what felt like an hour. As they climbed the steps, I pushed away from Jeff and swam to the far side of the pool, painfully aware that my dick was rock hard and my bathing suit was on Jeff’s bed inside the house.

Jeff’s dad dove in the pool and swam the entire length under water. His Mom was a much more cautious. She slowly walked down the steps and into the pool. I never noticed his mom’s boobs before, but they were pretty big. Her nipples were simply huge. Climbing in the cold water definitely had an effect. Even in the moonlight, her yellow suit showed off her tits very nicely.

I was watching her and didn’t notice Jeff swimming up next to me. He slowly grabbed my cock underwater. I pushed him away as a million thoughts were going through my head, like how are we getting out of here, without our suits? Jeff whispered “Be cool, they never swim long.” Then he pushed away from me.

After a few minutes we were all swimming around the pool. I managed to keep my lily white ass from breaking the top of the water. Jeff’s Mom started making small talk, asking us how summer vacation was going, what we were doing all day, things like that. Jeff said we were planning to sleep the Summer away. Maybe heading to the beach.

Then his father asked why we would go all the way to the beach when we had the pool, that he paid good money to keep running, right here in the backyard. On his next swim around the pool, he ended up next to me. He was swimming faster than me and ran into me, before I could get out of the way. His arm ran along my back, then down my hip to my thigh. It was obvious, that I was nude.

Jeff’s dad moved right up against me. I froze, panicking about what would happen next. He slid his arm around my hip, along the front of my belly, and down to my cock. When he reached it he gave it a nice firm grasp. The air left my lungs.

Then he said “No wonder you boys need so many naps. Maybe we old folks should head to bed, and let you two play out here.” Then he stroked my dick a few times and started to swim away.

Just when I though I was off the hook, Jeff’s mom said “I’m going to take a shower before bed, stay out here and swim a little longer.”

Jeff’s dad agreed instantly. After his mom grabbed her towel and headed inside, Jeff’s dad held his suit over his head and tossed it on to the deck. Since everyone else is skinny dipping, I may as well enjoy the water too.

Then he swam over to me and I felt his hard dick rub against mine. I almost came right there. I thought the house smelled like cum when I got home. Wish I would have known you were playing with Jeff.

“Jeff does he get you as hard as the old man?” He asked. I almost fainted. Jeff and his dad?…

“He has a great dick, dad. I could suck him all night.”

“It does feel so nice.” Jeff’s dad leaned in farther and licked my nipples. They were rock hard and I think they are connected directly to my cock, because it went to a full hard on instantly!

“Oh fuck.” I breathed. He leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. His tongue was tickling mine and his hand was stroking my dick. Then I felt Jeff swim up next to us. He stood beside us, with a hand on each of our asses and his dick squeezed between our hips. He leaned in and sucked on my neck, probing my ass with his finger.

My brain shut down. Both of them had me struggling for air, I had never been this turned on. Jeff’s dad pulled us towards the shallow end of the pool. Then moved me up on the top step, and leaned down between my legs to start sucking. I was freezing hot and burning up at the same time.

Jeff climbed out and stood next to me. He moved his cock into my mouth. I sucked it all in. Squeezing his balls. Quicker than I ever wanted to, I felt my balls tighten up. I pulled Jeff from my mouth and started to say “I’m …” When my fresh young cum squirted into my his dad’s mouth. When I started to apologize, he just looked up and said “Very nice. Thank You. But I wanna try that ass.”

I slid back into the pool, with my ass rubbing his chest, then settling against his raging hard on. Jeff sat in front of me, legs on either side, cock throbbing in my face.

“Go ahead,” he said “suck his smooth cock, while his daddy fucks you!” I just leaned back into his hard cock. He took the hint and started rubbing up and down my ass with his cock. Then he put the fat head against my puckered asshole and pressed hard. I felt it stretch me more than Jeff ever had.

The water was splashing all around me while he pumped and pumped into me. Before I knew it, Jeff’s load of cum was in my mouth, then down my throat. My ass was grinding and squeezing his old man’s cock, while he pounded into me.

He pulled my head back and to the side so he could kiss me. I knew he could taste his sons cum on my lips and tongue. Sudenly he pushed forward and felt his cum squirting into my ass. So hot. As he pulled out, I felt the cool pool water rush into my spread ass.

“Tommy, you ass is a good as I imagined it would be. You can visit our house any time you want!.”

Then without another word, he climbed out of the pool, picked up his towel and suit and headed inside.

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