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It was late Friday afternoon, and Anna’s day at work was almost done. As it had been doing all day, her mind started wandering to a conversation she’d had with a female she’d met the night before at the local coffee shop.

Anna was 34, approximately 5’7′ tall, with long, silk, sandy brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was proud of her appearance but often wondered why she was still alone and hadn’t been able to find her “dream girl”.

“Perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t go out often, working so much and all,” she thought. “All I have time for is this cute little coffee shop, not the ideal place to meet a woman.”

And until last night, she was right.

“Do you mind if I sit here? There are no tables available and I don’t like sitting on those god-awful stools!” said a bright young redhead as she stared at Anna, smiling.

“Sure, no problem,” Anna replied, mesmerized by her smile, as she reached out her hand. “My name is Anna, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Stacey,” the redhead answered as she shook Anna’s hand firmly before sitting in the seat opposite Anna. “So is this your usual hangout?”

Anna couldn’t stop her eyes from wandering as the young woman sitting across from her went on, making small talk. She was extremely beautiful, her red hair a little past her shoulders, the light from the room highlighting small brown streaks. She was well built, with strong shoulders and luscious breasts. Gazing at them, Anna wondered what they would look like under that tight fitting black top. Her mind wandered as she pictured caressing them, letting her hands move over what she imagined would be nice, soft, pink nipples.

Anna blushed. This poor woman, just in for a coffee and all she finds is some weird woman staring at her beautiful body. Gathering herself, Anna looked into Stacey’s eyes and then down to her soft, full, luscious lips.

“I do come here often, when I’m not working. A good coffee is all I seem to have time for these days. I’m an accountant and I’m stuck in a stuffy office for twelve hours.”

“An accountant? Hmm, not what I expected,” Stacey quipped, her lips forming a soft smile.

“What did you expect?” Anna replied, curious about what this young woman was thinking.

Stacey blushed, and Anna’s body responded in a way that she hadn’t expected. “God, she’s so beautiful,” she thought to herself. Stacey continued, in spite of her obvious embarrassment.

“Well, I just didn’t expect someone as beautiful and as toned as you sitting all cramped up in an office all day. I pictured you more of a physical person, maybe a massage parlor or a gym.”

Anna wondered whether this beautiful woman was flirting with her, or was just overly friendly. Either way, she could feel herself blushing.

“Oh, well thank you for the compliment. Actually, I do work out; I have a small gym at the apartment I live in and I head there when I’m not working my ass off. But enough of me, Stacey, tell me about you.”

Anna listened intently as Stacey told her about her job, her friends and the fact that she was a single bi-sexual woman still looking for “the one”. She discovered that Stacey was a 27 year old woman that lived within walking distance of her apartment, in some townhouse units that she passed everyday on her way to work. The more Stacey talked, the more Anna wanted to know about her. She was totally mesmerized by this woman.

“So what about you? Tell me about Anna,” Stacey said. ”

“First of all, I am a lesbian — and I’m still looking for the right one too. I’ve had a few relationships, but the women I’ve been with have been unable to handle my long hours at work. My work is important to me.”

Stacey brushed her hand across Anna’s, sending waves of electricity through her. Her touch was incredible and Anna imagined she’d be an incredible lover. Even though they had just met, Anna found herself being quite attracted to this beautiful woman.

“Well Anna, if they couldn’t understand that, they weren’t worth keeping anyway. You need to be loved and accepted for who you are.”

“Well there’s more to the story.” Anna continued as she looked down at her hands nervously. “You see, in bed I’m a little different than most women.”

“How so?”

“I’m an aggressive lover. While a lot of women are more gentle and passionate, I’m more firm and — well, dominant. The women I was with didn’t like that. It’s not that I’m rough, but I like to be in control.”

“They were crazy then!” was all Stacey said, smiling brightly. Anna was shocked. Not once in her 34 years had she gotten that reaction about that part of her sexuality. She was intrigued.

“Wow, that didn’t scare you off?” Anna replied. She couldn’t help but smile.

“How could someone so sexy and intriguing scare me? You’re silly!” Stacey said, laughing.

The two women talked, laughed and flirted for three hours before the cashier motioned to them that they were closing and Anna got Stacey’s phone number and they decided they should call it a night. And now, as Anna sat at work, watching the clock, all she could think about was the redheaded beauty she’d run into the night before.

When closing time finally came, Anna quickly finished what she was doing, locked up and headed out to her car. Before she could even close the car door, she was dialing Stacey’s number.


“Hi Stacey, it’s Anna. Remember me?” Anna said, and she could hear Stacey giggle.

“How could I forget you, sexy? I’m so glad you called, I’ve been thinking about you all day!”

“Really?” Anna blushed. “You’ve been on my mind too, and I was wondering, do you want to get together tonight? Maybe we can take in a movie or something.”

“I’d love that. Why don’t you come over? I’m making dinner right now and I’d love someone to eat — I mean, eat with.” Stacey said, and Anna could imagine her sexy smile.

“Well how can I resist you?” Anna replied. “When should I be there?” “Dinner should be ready in about 30 minutes, but you can show up any time.” Stacey answered.

Fifteen minutes later, Anna showed up with a bottle of red wine and knocked on Stacey’s door. The beautiful woman that had permeated her thoughts since the night before answered, wearing a gorgeous red dress that accented all of her sexy curves, and that addicting smile that got Anna’s blood — and juices — flowing.

“Hello, sexy” Stacey said, as she let Anna in. “Thanks for bringing the wine, I’ll open it in a moment. Make yourself comfortable.”

“You look stunning in that dress, Stacey,” Anna remarked as Stacey headed towards the kitchen to check on their dinner.

“Awww, thanks baby — you look great too, but you’d look good in nothing at all!”

Anna once again found herself blushing. “Be careful Stacey, talk like that will get you in trouble with me,” she said.

“Maybe trouble is what I’m looking for.” Replied Stacey. “Maybe I like being bad — and don’t pretend you don’t like it!”

Moving towards Stacey, Anna had an idea. “She wants trouble, I’ll give her trouble,” she thought.

“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, Stacey,” Anna quipped as she reached out and pulled Stacey into her arms and covered her luscious mouth with a hard, passionate kiss.

Stacey let out a soft moan as she wrapped her arms around Anna, running her fingers through her hair. Anna let her hands wander down Stacey’s back, down to her sexy ass and squeezed. Pulling her closer, she let her tongue dance around Stacey’s and let out a moan of her own before breaking off the kiss.

“Still looking for trouble?” Anna asked, staring deeply into Stacey’s eyes. “Because trouble just happens to be my middle name.”

Stacey smiled. “Dinner before dessert” she said as she turned towards the stove. Anna slapped her ass playfully as she went.

The two women talked about everything as they ate and the more Anna found out about Stacey, the more she wanted her. She wanted to hold her, kiss her, touch her, taste her. She wanted to dominate her and show her exactly what it was like to be loved by a woman. She had to have her.

When they finished dinner, Anna helped Stacey clear off the table and followed her into the living room where Stacey sprawled out on the couch, her bare legs slightly spread and her hands above her head. She smiled seductively at Anna, and Anna melted.

“Hey!” Anna shouted, playfully. “Where do I sit?”

“You sit all day, lazybones. You can stand for a while!”

Anna loved Stacey’s playfulness. Laughing, she took Stacey by the hand. “C’mere, you.”

As Stacey stood in front of her, Anna let her eyes wander. She looked into her eyes and down to her full breasts, wanting, needing to touch them. Unable to control her desire any longer, she reached out and pulled Stacey close, and kissed her sweet lips again. It was a shorter kiss, but no less passionate as Stacey broke it off, “Anna, I want you,” she said lustfully. Anna reached out and brushed her hand along Stacey’s cheek, feeling her soft skin. She kissed, nibbled and gently sucked on her neck before turning her around and fumbling with the zipper on her dress and letting it slide off of her.

With Stacey standing before her in her bra and panties, Anna sat on the couch in front of her.

“I just want to look at you for a moment,” she said. “You are so sexy”.

Stacey blushed. “Not as sexy as you,” she replied.

“Oh yeah? You think? Get your ass over here and I’ll show you just how sexy you are!”

Stacey moved towards Anna and straddled her lap, kissing her passionately as she ran her fingers through her hair. Anna moaned and unable to contain her desire any longer, removed the clasp from Stacey’s bra to let her beautiful, full breasts hang free. Taking them into her hand, she gently fondled them, moving the palms of her hands move in circles around her tout nipples. She could feel Stacey squirming as she touched her.

“Mmmmmm..” Stacey broke off the kiss. “Your so..amazing.”

As she stared into her eyes, Anna could sense Stacey’s hunger and took a nipple into her mouth, gently sucking on it. Growing hot, Stacey fumbled with the buttons on Anna’s top.

“Oh Anna, I need to see you too. Please let me see you.”

Pulling Stacey off of her, Anna stood and stripped completely, standing still briefly so Stacey could look at her. She watched as Stacey stood to remove her wet panties and let them fall to the floor. With both ladies standing facing each other, totally naked, Stacey took Anna by the hand and led her to the bedroom in the next room.

As they entered the bedroom, complete with a nice, big bed, Anna turned Stacey around by the shoulders and gently threw her on the bed.

“I told you you’d be in trouble, and now you’re going to find out just how much trouble you’re in,” she said, as she straddled Stacey, pinned her shoulders down and kissed her lips again.

After kissing her for what seemed like an eternity, Anna released her, stood up and looked at her.

“I need some scarves or handcuffs. I want to tie you up.”

“Over there,” Stacey replied, pointing to her dresser drawer. “Fuzzy handcuffs”.

Opening her dresser drawer, Anna noticed the handcuffs, along with about a dozen other toys. Looking at the variety of dildos and vibrators, she smiled.

“What fun we’re going to have,” she thought. Grabbing the handcuffs and closing the drawer, she moved over to the bed and tied Stacey’s hands to the bedpost.

“Now you’re at my mercy, darling” she said, lustfully.

“Mmmmm, yes I am. So don’t keep me waiting baby, let me feel those hands and lips all over me. I need you!”

Without hesitation, Anna climbed on Stacey again. Kissing and licking her way down her body, she became drunk with the sight, smell, taste and sound of this beautiful, intoxicating woman. Spreading her legs, she kissed her inner thigh, and Stacey squirmed, moaning in pleasure. “Mmmmmmm, Stacey. Your skin is so soft, inviting. And you’re so wet!” Anna said, and Stacey looked into her eyes.

“I need you to taste me — please? I need to feel your tongue all over my hot, wet pussy!”

“I should tease her,” Anna thought. “I should make her beg, make her drip as she longs for me to eat her delicious pussy until she screams in pleasure. I should make her want it, bad.”

Instead, Anna knelt in front of Stacey, pulled her legs onto her shoulders with her legs spread and licked at her delicious pussy, her tongue landing on her clit. As she flicked her tongue on it, Stacey squirmed. Looking into her eyes, Anna took two fingers and gently inserted them into her dripping pussy and started moving them in and out, slowly.

“Mmmmmmmm, faster,” Stacey moaned. Anna kept up the pace, teasing her, tasting her, savoring her. She wanted her to beg.

“Oh god, Anna, that feels incredible! Please, stop teasing me, I want you to make me soak you with my juices. I need that sexy tongue buried deep inside my pussy, please!”

Anna moaned and removed her fingers from Stacey’s pussy, climbed on top of her and brought them up to her nose.

“Taste it,” she said. “Suck my fingers clean, taste your hot pussy, how does it taste?”

“Mmmmm, tastes sweet” Stacey said. “But I wanna taste you!”

“Not yet.” Anna replied, spreading Stacey’s legs again and sticking her hungry tongue deep inside her dripping wet pussy.

“Oh god Anna, yes! Tongue fuck my hot pussy, fuck it good! It’s so hot for you, mmmmmmmm!” Stacey screamed.

Moaning and dripping wet herself, her clit throbbing, Anna did just that. Sliding her tongue in and out of Stacey, she ran a finger along her asscrack, teasing her. Stacey bucked her hips as her body squirmed and Anna could tell she was coming close to exploding on her tongue. This made her even hungrier and she tongue fucked her pussy even harder, wanting desperately to have Stacey cum all over her face.

“Mmmmm, Anna! You’re gonna make me cum all over that sexy face! Don’t stop, fuck me faster!

The faster and harder Anna tongue fucked her pussy, the more Stacey screamed. She gently inserted her finger into Stacey’s asshole and slowly moved it in and out, and that pushed her over the edge.

“Oh god Anna, I’m cumming — I’m gonna soak your face with my cum!”

This only made Anna hungrier, so she drove her tongue into her fast and hard once more before Stacey exploded all over her face, soaking her, screaming her name and bucking her hips wildly. Anna smiled, looking at her and enjoying the pleasure of knowing how wild she was driving her.

As Stacey’s body settled, Anna moved on top of her once again and kissed her deeply, allowing them both the pleasure of tasting her. And boy, did she taste good.

A few moments later, Stacey broke off the kiss and gazed into Anna’s eyes, smiling.

“Your turn,” she said.

Anna smiled back, removing the handcuffs…

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