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Hot Tub Party

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My wife Susan and I have been married for eight glorious years. We are both thirty years old now. I met Susan in College at Boston University during my Junior year. We were both studying to be attorneys and took a few of the same classes together.

The first time I saw Sue I was floored with her beauty and sex appeal. She was the smartest woman in class and quite frankly the most intelligent person I’ve ever me.

I never thought I had a shot at even getting a second glance from her. I could tell she was much more into academics than I figured she’d be into dating.

I’m not a bad looking guy, never had a problem dating getting my fair share off attention from the ladies. My name is Charles, my friends call me Chuck though I’m really not fond of that name. I’m just shy of six feet three inches tall, work out daily trying to keep my weight fairly constant at two hundred pounds. Most people would consider me the jock type I suppose though I was more interested in getting my law degree.

Sue is a stunning beauty, standing at five feet eight inches tall, weighing one hundred twenty five pounds. I swear she could have had a career modeling as she has the height, body and looks for it. She’s a redhead with a tight body as she works out daily as well, she likes to run to keep in shape. She has gorgeous blue eyes with a perfect set of 36D’s.

One of the first things I noticed about Sue was her impeccable wardrobe, always dressing to impress. She always wore snug fitting dresses exposing her ample cleavage but never looked slutty either. Other than exercising ,I can never remember seeing her not dressed to kill. Men were attracted to her like flies to fly paper. She always got a lot of attention, turning heads everywhere she went.

As I stated earlier, I really never thought I had a chance of getting her attention so one semester I made a special attempt to be seated next to her in a law class we were both taking. I guess I was hoping I could get her attention if I sat next to her.

To make a long story a bit shorter, I introduced myself and made small talk each day with her as time passed. I definitely had my sights set on her and she was actually showing a little interest in me. I knew she appeared to be a very prim and proper lady so I had to be very careful with my advances.

One day before class I finally got the nerve up to ask her to join me at lunch, my treat. She accepted my invitation to my surprise.

We had lunch that day. During lunch I asked her if she was dating anyone hoping she wasn’t.

“I haven’t dated since High School,” she answered. “Nobody has asked me out.”

I couldn’t believe that but she was just one of those gals that most men found unapproachable. She was considered too hot to even bother asking. A man’s pride is a fragile thing.

“I find that so difficult to believe as you’re the most beautiful, most intelligent lady in school,” I replied.

“Thank you but that’s not true,” she said.

“I’d certainly like to be the first to ask you, would you like to go out to dinner?” I asked

That was the beginning of my relationship, then marriage to my gorgeous wife Sue. We dated for about four months before I even considered trying to take things to the next level. It’s not that things didn’t get hot at times with us but I really didn’t want to scare her away, she was a keeper. She was the woman of every man’s dreams. And she was also very old fashioned when it came to values. I knew if I tried to get in her panties too soon, I’d be history.

One night as she was at my apartment watching a movie with me, we had a few too many drinks as we both were feeling the effects of the alcohol. I had never seen her drink this much but it was the weekend, so I guess it was OK to have a few extra. We both had taken our finals that week so it was time to loosen up a little.

We were watching the movie as she decided to lie down in my lap, no argument from me there, we had done that many times We were at the point in our relationship where we got quite comfortable in each others’ apartments, still not having sex though. Her head was in my lap, my hand resting just under her breasts on her stomach.

I couldn’t help but notice more cleavage than usual was exposed as her blouse had somehow gotten unbuttoned during the evening, I certainly wasn’t going to bring it to her attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits and my excitement was definitely getting to me as my cock was getting hard.

Sue’s head was in my lap so I’m positive she was also aware of my growing intentions as I squirmed as not to give myself away. I was so horny at this point I thought I’d be a little more forward than usual, maybe it was finally time to stop being so bashful with her. Maybe it was the booze that gave me the courage. I lifted my hand a bit grazing her tit, almost having it rest on my wrist.

She actually squirmed a little allowing me better access to her tits. I could feel her head nuzzle into my crotch as if she were fluffing up a pillow. She was aware of my growing bulge, I was certain. She raised her arm above her head, caressing my side. She was really be receptive, maybe this would be the night. I doubted it though, I really did believe she was the kind of girl who waited until she had the ring on her finger before sex. Damn, I was hoping I was wrong not knowing if I could hold out that long. Cold showers and jerking off were getting old and much more frequent.

“I love you,” she whispered. That was the very first time she said it to me. I lump formed in my throat.

“I love you too Sue. I was so afraid to tell you first thinking I’d scare you off.”

I lifted my hand and caressed her breast lightly, not grabbing it. I met no resistance as I felt her sigh, almost a release of tension. She seemed to approve of my advance so I slid my hand under her blouse, caressing her bare breast felling her hard nipple for the first time. God, she had perfect tits. Again, I met no resistance as I felt her hand now caressing my leg.

“This feels so right with you Charles. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this was about anyone, you’re the man of my dreams,” she said in a low, seductive voice.

“I have wanted to be with from the minute I first set eyes on you.” I said as my breathing got heavier, I couldn’t help it.

Sue looked up at me pulling herself up with her arms around my neck to kiss me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss, nothing like we’d ever experienced together before. This kiss was raw passion, our tongues searching for the others’.

My hand was now caressing her tit, pinching her nipples . I started to unbutton her top as she helped, removing it. She then released he bra and sat before me for the very first time, naked from the waist up.

My mouth went to her tit, circling her nipple then sucking it as she moaned noticeably. My other hand was caressing the other tit, she had magnificent tits. I was getting so fucking hard. Finally!

Sue wanted me as badly as I wanted her, she was now unbuckling my pants, unzipping them as I felt the pressure of my growing erection being released from my jeans. I was amazed that the woman of my dreams wanted me, she finally wanted me. She traced the outline of my cock with her fingers as it was still in my underwear, growing by the second. I was so aroused, wanting her to grab my naked cock.

I was still busy working her tits, sucking one then the other. I stopped to kiss her again passionately, almost devouring her in anticipation of having her. I knew the time had finally come. I could feel my cock already oozing in anticipation.

She reached into my underwear, pulling my cock free as she stroked my shaft. I was already hard, my cock standing at attention. I felt like I was going to erupt with excitement as she lowered her head to my cock. Holy fuck, this was it! Was she actually going to suck it? Did she do this kind of thing? I thought she wasn’t that kind of girl.

I consider myself to have a nice cock, about eight fat inches with a rock hard erection. I’ve always been proud of my endowment though knew there were many guys much larger than me. I was comfortable with my manhood and masculinity but not to the point of being cocky about it.

She was staring at my cock as she said,”You have a perfect cock. It’s big, fat and magnificent. You are such a man, such a stud. God, I love you.”

She dropped her head into my lap, licking the pre-cum from the head. I almost came right then as my cock twitched from excitement. She ran her tongue the entire length of my shaft starting at the head until she reached my balls She cupped my balls in her palm as she licked them, now stroking me with her other hand. This innocent little beauty knew her way round a cock.

I was in fucking heaven, this lady knew how to handle a cock. I never would have seen that coming from this beautiful, intelligent, very sophisticated lady. I was shocked at her passion and aggressiveness with my cock. She handled it like a pro, yet I knew she hadn’t had much experience.

She ran her tongue back to the head of my cock, again tasting my salty fluid that continued oozing as my excitement mounted. She slowly lowered her head onto my cock, first taking just the head into her mouth. Her breath was hot and lips soft. She raised up and plunged her head down engulfing over half my length as she started rising and falling, consuming my cock until almost none of my cock could be seen. She held me deep within her mouth, surely in the back of her throat. She gagged as she forced me as far down as she could, her tongue working the underside of my cock. I had no fucking idea she had this in her. She was masterful in the art of cock sucking. My good girl was quite the vixen.

She fucked my cock with her mouth until I had to push her head away, not wanting this to be over yet as I felt pressure building deep within me. I was at the point that I almost couldn’t hold back, right on the edge feeling my orgasm coming.

“What did you do that for?” she asked as her face was moist with her saliva. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“I want you too sweetheart, Not the first time, I want to make love to you,” I said as I stood and removed her pants in a single movement. I never met resistance as I removed her panties. She now lay naked before me as I kissed my was up her muscular silky thighs.

I could tell she was anxious as her breathing got very rapid as my tongue first touched her sweet pussy. It was as if I’d just touched her with an electrical current. She shivered as I traced the folds of her already moist pussy with my tongue, teasing her knowing she wanted more.

I inserted my tongue into her pussy as she tensed, almost immediately having an orgasm. Her wetness turned me on, I had to have her. I had to fuck her.

“Come to the bedroom with me,” I said as I stood and picked her up in my arms, carrying her.

As I lay her down on the bed I could see that she was breathing so hard now, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. She was almost panting as I made my way to her heaving breasts, kissing one then the other. Her back arched to meet my lips as they surrounded her nipples, gently biting each one.

“Please fuck me,” she said shocking me as I never thought I’d hear her say such a thing. I had no idea she used that kind of language as she had always been very proper and conservative.

She spread her legs slightly, inviting me to mount her as I slid into position between her legs. Our lips met again, almost devouring each other with our passion as we wanted each other.

I rubbed the head of my cock on her moist opening as she shook, almost as if in fear, but was in excitement and anticipation. I entered her moist pussy, only inserting the head of my cock as she reacted to my entry.

“Ohhh, you feel so good. I love you Charles. I don’t want this moment to ever end,” she whispered as I held just the head of my cock inside her.

I pushed my shaft into her, about halfway as she met my push with her own and and softly moaned. She had my waist gripped tightly now as I withdrew for another thrust forward. I moved forward again, this time sliding in all the way as her moisture consumed me. She wrapped her legs around me now holding me in place, not letting me back out as she shuttered in orgasm.

I could feel her release as her moisture surrounded my cock as I withdrew again. I pushed forward holding her ass off the bed, gripping her firm buns tight, lifting them. This time I wasn’t as gentle as I started rhythmically fucking her wet pussy. I was now pushing in, pulling out slowly as she seemed to enjoy this rhythm, moaning, as her breathing became rapid.

“Fuck me hard now, make my pussy cum on your big cock,” she moaned.

I couldn’t fucking believe the words coming out of her mouth but I was quick to oblige. I started pounding her pussy, rocking back and forth forcing my cock deep within her as she was now screaming with pleasure.

“Ahhhhh, it feels so good, fuck me hard!” she screamed as I could sense her cumming again.

She clutched me so tight, I thought I was hurting her. I was really fucking her hard now as my balls slapped against her ass with each push forward. I fucked her so hard the bed was moving up and down, the headboard shaking violently.

I was grunting, almost growling as I felt the pressure building deep inside. I was going to explode in her pussy, I could hold back no longer.

“I’m going to cum!” I grunted.

“Fill me with your cum!” she screamed.

I was about to erupt as I felt my cock swell with pressure. My first splatter of cum shot so hard from my cock, I know she felt my first eruption deep within her pussy..

“Oh yes, fill me baby. Fill me with your cum!” she screamed.

Another wave of pleasure was rising as my cock contracted, then shot my sperm deep inside her again. Now a continuous flow emerging from my cock. I was cumming so hard and so much it almost felt like I was pissing…but it was all cum, a steady stream shooting deep inside her. Seeming to be an almost endless orgasm as I continued shooting spasm after spasm deep inside her.

I could feel the cum oozing from her pussy now, knowing I had cum a lot. The bed beneath us was soaked with her juices and my cum.

As I released every drop from deep within me we lay holding each other for a long time. We almost fell asleep together with my cock still in her pussy, now flaccid, cum still oozing from her pussy.

I’m not sure how long we stayed like that, each of us knowing we had finally consummated our relationship, our love for each other. I did love this woman never feeling love and content as I had that very moment, so content and satisfied.

“I love you,” she whispered in my ear.

“I love you babe. I don’t ever want to let go of you again.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere, ever without you,” she said

“I won’t let you. I love you and will forever.”

We never spent another night apart and married six months later. We have an absolutely perfect marriage. This was a night we’ll each always remember as the beginning of our torrid love affair for each other.

After we married we bought a beautiful home in the country, had the perfect life and love together. Neither of us ever would have considered straying from our love, we were very happily married and wanted to keep it that way.

As the years progressed we bought cars, furniture and all the great stuff two successful people can accumulate in life. We just never had time or room for children. We were enjoying life, travel and the finer things in life Above all we loved our freedom to do what we wanted, where we wanted, when we wanted.

Then one day I came home announcing to Sue that I had purchased a hot tub. Many of my co-workers had hot tubs and raved about the hours of enjoyment and relaxation they had with them. I never asked Sue what she thought of the idea of buying one, I just did it. We could afford it and I thought it would be a great addition to our lives.

“A hot tub? What are we going to do with a hot tub?” was her reply.

“It’ll be delivered tomorrow. I thought we’d put it on the deck out back.”

Little did we know how great life would be with a hot tub. We had been married eight years now, eight happy years. We were still truly in love.

We had the hot tub installed and really loved relaxing in it, using it almost every night. We had many friends and even invited a few over now and then for hot tub parties on the deck.

Sue and I had many romantic evening together in the tub, always naked as our property was quite secluded. This was a great addition and enhancement to our sex lives. Almost every time we got in the tub, we ended our night with great sex.

It was so much fun. We had a min-bar built by the hot tub. I also had a killer sound system installed outside on the deck. Our house was getting the reputation as being known as the party destination with our friends. We loved entertaining, drinking and sharing good times in and around our hot tub. We had many parties ending with a dip in the tub, clothing always required though a few visitors got frisky with each other occasionally.

We had some very good friends we invited over one weekend to party with and enjoy the tub. There names were Jack and Vicki. They said they might bring a few friends with them that we hadn’t met if it was alright. I thought it was a great idea. The more the merrier as we loved entertaining.

Jack was a stud in my wife’s eyes. He was the weight lifter type, in the gym every day. I guess he was good looking too, that’s what Sue says anyway. I knew she always had a thing for him, caught her flirting with him many times. Sue would never cross the line, going too far though. She was always a lady, a very conservative lady.

Then there’s Vicki, let me tell you about Vicki. She was a bombshell with blue eyes, blonde hair, a stripper’s body and big fake tits. Not every guy goes for the fake ones but I just love them, the bigger the better. .I have absolutely no idea what size they were but lets just say Sue’s 36D bras looked like a training bra compared to what Vicki must have worn. She looked like a porn star, acting like one at times too. Her tits were fucking huge, she knew it too and always used them to her advantage. I never saw her wear anything without a low cut top, exposing as must as legally allowed in public. She was quite the flirt, many times flashing me without Sue ever knowing.

As the doorbell rang, Sue jumped up to answer, anxious for company after a long week at work. She opened the door and sure enough Jack and Vicki had brought friends. Everyone came in the house as introductions were made all around.

Our guests were Paul and Juliet, longtime friends of Jack and Vicki. I must say there wasn’t an ugly duckling in the house.

Paul wasn’t a muscle man like Jack but he was tall, dark and handsome according to Sue. He was about my height and weight and looked to be in great shape, seemed very nice too.

Juliet was a tiny little thing. I’m not sure if she was even five feet tall and all of ninety pounds, dripping wet. She did look like she had nice tits though, I guess we’d get a better look if we got in the hot tub. She looked like she may have been part oriental , I love oriental women and Sue knows that so she immediately looked at me, raising her eyebrows knowing what I was thinking. Juliet had dark brown eyes and long straight brown hair. She a beautiful woman, probably twenty five years old.

Damn, this house was full of great looking people. I still thought my lovely wife was the sexiest woman there but I have to admit I couldn’t keep my eyes off Vicki’s tits, nobody could. Her top left little to the imagination, I could tell this made Sue a bit uncomfortable if not jealous. Plus, we had a gorgeous oriental gal in the house as well. This was truly heaven on earth for men in our house this night.

Everyone chatted about this and that, getting to know each other. The women all gave each other compliments, must be a female thing.

Us guys were all bonding, having a few beers talking about sports and women. Naturally, we had to talk about tits when the ladies weren’t listening.

A few hours later the liquor was flowing freely and the topics loosened up as well. Naturally, the guys were leaning toward sexual conversations as the ladies were joining right in. It seemed like every time we had friends over the conversations would become heated before we cooled off in the hot tub.

“Who’s ready for the hot tub?” I asked as I figured the timing was right.

“You have a hot tub?” asked Juliet.

“Didn’t Vicki and Jack tell you?” Sue asked.

“Shit, we forgot,” said Jack.

“We have extra suits.” Sue said excitedly.

“Great! Let’s change,” said Paul.

The men all went up to the bedroom as I got out an extra suit for Paul. Jack went out to his car and got his and Vicki’s.

The ladies went into the spare room and suited up as well.

I went down to take the cover off the tub and turned on the jets. I set the music system up and stocked the mini-bar. It was a huge hot tub, perfect for parties, I’m sure we could fit ten or twelve people in it. We all got our drinks and slipped into the tub, enjoying the hot water as the night air was cool.

The ladies came out all looking incredible. Each of them wearing tiny little bikinis. I don’t know how Vicki ever got those huge tits of her’s into that tiny bikini, there wasn’t much material and a whole lot of tits. I swear pasties would have covered more tit than her bikini did. She loved to show those melons off and us guys certainly didn’t mind. I’m sure a few of us were hiding our excitement under water.

Sue and Juliet looked fantastic too, both being very sexy as well. I couldn’t believe my wife had huge 36D’s but I was busy staring at Vicki’s. My new little oriental goddess had a fantastic set of tits as well, not big but perfectly in proportion to her body. They were nicely rounded, firm tits with exceptional nipples poking through the thin material of the suit Sue had lent to her. Nice choice Sue!

The girls made drinks for themselves and joined us in the tub, sitting next to their husbands as we all drank and chatted. The drunker we got, the more shit we men tried to stir up. I guess it’s a guy thing but we all started bragging about our past experiences ,how big our dicks were, and how many things we owned, me trying to not say a lot as I enjoyed still getting laid regularly.

Jack did most of the talking, not afraid to talk about the women he’d been with. Jack was a very nice guy but tended to get a little vulgar as his blood alcohol level increased. He was actually bragging about his conquests as it didn’t seem to bother Vicki a bit. I’m sure she had her share of stories she could have told as well but didn’t. .Then Jack started talking about how big his cock was, saying he knew he had the biggest one in the tub. Vicki said nothing but shook her head in agreement with him.

I could tell Sue wasn’t at all comfortable with this kind of talk as Jack was going a bit too far with the bragging. I almost think she doubted him and was curious as to just how big that thing was. She always told me mine was huge, I’m sure she probably thought mine was larger than Jack’s.

Paul was now giving his two cents worth talking about his old girlfriends and some of the wild shit he used to do. Paul admitting seeing Jack’s horse cock once in the locker room, he said that thing would scare women away. I still knew enough to keep my mouth shut, at least within Sue’s range of hearing.

Jack started talking about his love of big tits, bragging about his bride’s mammoth melons that he bought her. He definitely had plenty to brag about there. Nobody argued one bit with him on that point as we all took another look as they floated on the water. They were as big as melons, no exaggeration.

“Just how big are those things?” Paul asked as he had more balls then I did. We were both thinking of asking but I knew better.

“What size bra do you wear Hun?” Jack asked Vicki.

“Fuck, I don’t know, I don’t usually wear one,” she answered. “I guess they’re about this big.” she exclaimed as she pulled her top off and tossed it to the deck.

If you could have only seen the look on Paul’s and my face! Our jaws dropped as her tits were out for all to see. They were fucking unbelievable! If you liked fake tits, you’d love those mammoth wonders. They were huge, firm melons with nice erect nipples standing at attention. Believe me, they weren’t all that was at attention in the tub then. I had a raging erection as I’m sure Paul did as well.

The other two girls barely glanced over, they tried to act as if it didn’t bother them at all. I knew that Sue wasn’t too happy about her competition. I could see her become very uncomfortable with Vicki being topless, especially with all of us staring at them. This girl should have been in porn.

“Damn, those are the nicest tits in town girl,” said Jack to his wife.

“I beg to differ,”I said. “Sue’s are just as nice.”

“Honey! Don’t get me involved in this,” Sue corrected me.

“Her’s are completely natural, and they’re perfect!” I said not listening to Sue as she scowled at me.

“They’re not real,” Jack said.

“I said keep me out of this!” Sue said as she was getting pissed.

“Sue’s tits are real. They’re just so perfect it’s hard to believe it,” I said not listening to my wife.

“Hey, my wife has great tits too.” Paul had to say in order to include his wife in the conversation as well. “Don’t you wear a 34C babe?” he dared ask his wife.

“That’s really nobody’s business Paul. Don’t get me involved in this shit,” Juliet replied.

Vicki still sat there with us, her tits afloat in the hot tub, .smiling knowing she got the conversation going. None of us guys could keep from staring at her tits. They were porn star tits. We were drunk and too stupid to keep our eyes on our own wives.

“I think we should have a naked hot tub rule for the night,” Vicki said, almost giggling as she tossed her bikini bottom to the deck as well.

She was now totally naked in the tub. I knew there had to be three growing erections under the surface of the water as well. We were all looking at each other wondering who would make the next move, if anyone.

“I’m in,” said Jack as he tossed his suit to the deck.

“Come on guys, this isn’t an orgy tub. No more please,” said my wife. “Please put your clothes back on.”

“I’m in too,” said Paul as his water soaked suit slapped on the deck.

“Me too I guess,” said Juliet as her bikini bottoms were the next to be tossed over the edge of the tub.

Juliet then removed her top as well, tossing is aside. Wow, she had a perfect set of tits. They were firm, full and just the right size, definitely a perfect ten rating for her’s. Two sets of bare tits were afloat as I knew there were two raging erections standing freely under water as well. Sue and I were the only people now fully suited in the tub. How the fuck did this ever happen? Were they that drunk?

“Come on guy, put your clothes back on,” Sue said.

I kind of held my breath as I joined the crowd in throwing my suit over as well, not knowing what Sue’s reaction would be. I was thinking that she may just get up and go back into the house. This was definitely not something within her comfort zone. I held my breath, I couldn’t look at her. I knew I was in the doghouse now.

All eyes were on Sue waiting for her reaction. My cock was now standing at attention in the water. I knew she’d either get up and go back in the house or tell everyone to get dressed and leave. She just didn’t go for this kind of shit, especially in her own house. She was pretty drunk herself though.

“I’m not comfortable with this. I don’t want to be a party pooper either.” Sue said as she looked at everyone. I could tell she was considering it but knew better not to push the issue. This was way to much for Sue to give in to. Naked in front of friends? It just wasn’t going to happen in my lifetime.

Then it happened! Sue’s bikini bottoms flew out of the tub as she tossed them, as they slapped to the deck. Then her tits were released from her top, also being tossed aside.

I guess she did it quickly and really thew them as it was kind of like jumping into cold water, it’s better to do it all at once rather than inch your way in. Damn, my conservative little wife had joined the fun! All eyes were on her tits as they’re just spectacular. Her tits drew a bigger reaction than Vicki’s.

“God damn girl, those are perfect tits,” Jack had the balls to say.

There were now three sets of fantastic tits exposed as we were all six totally naked now. How the hell did this happen? This was an unexpected treat. I really know that nobody expected anything like this to happen. All it took was one person, Vicki, to get things rolling. She always was a shit stirrer and a rebel, always saying and doing the unexpected.

From that moment on, the drinking got heavy as well as the conversation. The women were flirting, now shaking their tits at us men, teasing us. Even Sue was showing her tits off, proud of the fact they were gorgeous and real. Her’s were the most popular set in the tub now.

“OK guys, you see our tits floating. Show us those cocks of yours, it’s only fair,” Vicki said almost slurring the words. She was definitely the drunkest of us all and the exhibitionist who started it all.

“Yeah, let’s see those tools guys,” my wife said.”It’s only fair, stop hiding those things.”

I was floored, never saw that coming from my proper little woman. I think Juliet was almost too drunk to say anything at this point as she only nodded her head in agreement.

“That’s not fair ladies. I think we’re all standing at attention if you know what I mean,” said Jack.

“All the better, we get to see them at their very best! There’s nothing I like more than a big hard cock!” exclaimed Vicki.

That son of a bitch Jack just couldn’t resist being first. I definitely didn’t want to display my erection in front of a bunch of guys. Jack stood up, his cock rock hard, pointing toward the sky. God Damn, that fucker was huge! That bastard wasn’t exaggerating. He must have been over ten inches long, probably longer but I wasn’t about to stare at it or measure it.

He stood there proud as a peacock of what he had to show as all three ladies’ eyes were locked onto the sight of his cock. He even contracted his cock muscles, flexing it as it jerked and twitched, bouncing up and down. That fucking show off!

My innocent wife wasn’t being so innocent now as she couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. Here eyes were huge in amazement. I have to admit checking it out as well, more out of jealousy than admiration. Oh alright, admiration too!

Paul was next to stand. God damn these bastards, they were going to make me do it to. Paul had a nice average cock, probably a good six to seven inches long standing straight up, rock hard. It was definitely nothing to be ashamed of as the ladies were now looking back and forth at the two guys standing before them, cocks standing stiff in the air.

What the fuck, I stood up too. My cock was pointing to the stars as the ladies’ eyes locked onto it. It was kind of exciting having three sexy women looking at me totally naked, my wife seeming to enjoy herself as well. I felt like we were a bunch of kids doing something forbidden at our parent’s house. The heavy flow of alcohol had definitely removed our conservative attitudes, not to mention our clothes as well.

There we were, three drunk guys all standing naked in the hot tub. We all had drinks in our hands, laughing about our exposure. All three ladies were checking out each of us as their tits were displayed for our viewing pleasure. I couldn’t believe we were all basically skinny dipping in our hot tub, my wife in the center of the action.

My wife must have found it to be entertaining as she playfully reached out and gently slapped the head of my cock, bouncing my shaft as it snapped back to attention. Juliet followed as she did the same to Paul, all three women laughing as they teased us, making fun of our obvious excitement.

Then I couldn’t believe what happened next. Vicki reached for Jack’s cock, everyone expecting her to slap his as the other women had their husbands. Not Vicki, she always had to push the envelope being the cock tease she was. She reached out as if she were going to bounce Jack’s big shaft grabbing it tightly instead. She bent toward it and stuffed the head into her mouth! Right there in front of us! She just sucked the head with a popping slurp as she pulled her head back, releasing it instantly.

“Come on babe. You can do better than that,” Jack jokingly said to Vicki.

She never said a word as she took his cock back into her mouth, stuffing most of it in as she cupped his balls with her hand. She actually started sliding up and down, giving him a blow job right in front of everyone. She was such a fucking tease. She never gave a shit who saw what. This girl definitely wasn’t timid.

“Hey you two, break it up. We’re here watching you.” Sue said as I knew she wouldn’t go for this shit.

Vicki released Jack’s cock from her mouth long enough to say two words, “Why? Jealous?” as she took him back into her mouth continuing her oral assault on his fat beast.

I was starting to think she was really going to give him a blowjob right in front of everyone, not giving a fuck about her audience.

Then to my amazement as Paul was standing there staring at Jack’s good fortune, Juliet reached for his cock as well moving toward it. She plunged onto her husband’s cock as she started sliding up and down his shaft. What was going on here? How did we get to this place? This wasn’t the kind of shit that went on at my house.

Sue was sitting there with her mouth open in shock as I stood with my cock twitching at attention watching the other two couples going at it. We were both in shock, at a loss for words for their actions. What were these people thinking? Was this really happening right in front of us, me standing there staring with my cock pointing north?

I knew Sue must have been very drunk or she never would have allowed this to continue, no way.

I figured it was time to give Sue a little push as I moved toward her with my cock standing at attention within inches of her face. She looked into my eyes as she grabbed my cock. Fuck,she was in too! But for what?

Paul and Jack were both moaning with pleasure now, each of them rocking back and forth face fucking their wives. Holy shit, a live porn show taking place in our tub!

Sue still had my cock in her hand as if deciding whether or not she could do anything with it in front of her friends. This was just too far out of character for her.. Her eyes now moved from watching one couple to the other as their wives continued sucking their husband’s cocks. How long could this continue? This wasn’t going to turn into a full blown orgy, was it?

I never saw her make her move as I was enthralled watching the others when I felt Sue’s lips touch the head of my cock. My eyes immediately locked onto my wife’s activity and she took me into her mouth. Holt shit! Now I knew I had to be dreaming.

She was tentative as she slid up and down slowly watching for a reaction from the others, her eyes wide with doubt. Maybe she thought this was all a big joke on her to see how far we could make her go?

The other two couples were now watching her, taking in the fact that this conservative housewife was in a hot tub with two other naked couples sucking her husband’s cocks. She didn’t seem bothered and actually loosened up as she ran her tongue the length of my shaft. She was masterful at the art of sucking cock.

She was about to put on quite the show for all to see, almost a lesson in the art. They asked for it. This little housewife wasn’t so innocent in the bedroom.

There was so much going on, it was difficult paying attention to what was happening all around me as Sue sucked my balls. I now knew she was really getting into this, loosing her inhibition. Her mouth was now engulfing my cock, sliding down the entire length, gagging as she forced me down her throat. This was so fucking hot, the other two couples were now watching her oral assault on my cock.

The other guys were staring at her as she throat fucked my cock, taking all of my shaft as she slid downward. She held my cock in her mouth as it completely disappeared, her tongue working the underside as she gagged. The head of my cock was deep down her throat as the other men stared in amazement. I felt like I was going to cum at any moment, I couldn’t yet. I didn’t want this moment to end. Control, think about something else I thought.

Then another surprise was developing as I watched Vicki and Jack, she just couldn’t be outdone in the sex department by anyone. Jack was positioning himself behind Vicki as she was standing, bent over inviting him to fuck her from behind. Damn, this was turning into an fucking orgy! Hell, this blowjob thing was enough for me. My friends were going to fuck right in front of us.

I was afraid Vicki was going to fuck it up for all of us as I knew my lovely wife would surely put a halt to this shit. Sucking our cocks was one thing, fucking in the tub was probably way over the top.

As Jack slid his massive cock easily into her pussy she tensed, accepting his size like the porn queen she was. Then she grabbed Paul’s cock as Juliet continued sucking him. Her lips were on Paul’s cock as well while her husband was fucking her from behind. This woman was a fucking animal! What the fuck was she doing? She was definitely fucking it up for all of us now.

I expected Juliet to stop right then as Vicki’s tongue ran the length of Paul’s cock along side hers. Juliet didn’t seem bothered by this advance, actually acted like it turned her on as she reached for Vicki’s huge tits. She was massaging her tits as she continued sucking Paul, now alternating as Vicki stuffed his cock into her mouth as well. Vicki was still being fucked from behind as she and Juliet were all over Paul’s cock, that lucky fuck! They were creating quite a splash, literally as the water sloshed over the edges of the tub as Jack fucked Vicki feverishly.

Damn, I wanted to get in on this shit! I pushed the issue just a bit by also reaching for Vicki’s tits, I just couldn’t resist, damn they were fucking huge. I massaged her tit as Sue took notice, not seeming pissed about it. Vicki’s tits were hard as a rock with huge stiff fucking nipples.

I guess I wasn’t the one to really push things along as Vicki released Paul’s cock, now her hand on mine as she turned toward me. Oh fuck, this would surely end the excitement as I was positive Sue wasn’t about to share me with anyone. Her lips joined Sue’s on my cock as they both licked up and down the length of my shaft on opposite sides, Sue was letting her do this! Then Vicki stuffed my cock into her mouth as my wife’s mouth was actually now in contact with Vicki’s while on my cock.

Vicki’s mouth pulled from my cock as she and Sue locked lips kissing passionately. My wife was making out with another woman! Holy fuck! What the fuck was happening here? They both still had their hands on my cock, one stroking as the other held my balls. Vicki was such a fucking slut. She wanted a little sample of each cock.

As they kissed and fondled me I noticed the splashing had stopped. I looked over and to my amazement Jack’s cock was being caressed and sucked along side Paul’s by Juliet. Juliet was in on the action now! Jack’s cock was gigantic, at least the biggest I had seen. Juliet was plunging down one cock, then the other, struggling to stretch her lips around Jack’s massive meat. She couldn’t get much of Jack in her mouth but made up for it with the masterful use of her tongue, wrapping around it’s shaft.

“Please stand up,” I heard Jack say to Sue.

What the fuck? Is he talking to my wife? She looked at Jack as she stopped kissing Vicki and obeyed to my dismay. She turned around exposing her pussy for all to see as Jack positioned himself behind her. Was my wife actually going to let another man fuck her, right in front of me? This couldn’t be happening. It was definitely turning into a full blown orgy with all involved.

The head of his massive cock was resting at the entrance of Sue’s pussy. Everyone was witnessing this, staring in shock that she’d do such a thing. He inserted the head as she arched and screamed in pleasure. His cock was in my wife’s pussy!

“Ahhh, you’re so fucking big. Easy big guy, easy. Fuck me with that fat cock, ‘” she commanded.

He slid in again, almost shoving all of it into her as she screamed. She was drunk, horny and loving this big cock. Jack withdrew and pushed in again, his balls now slapping her ass ass she yelped in amazement of his size. There was nothing easy about what he was doing to her.

I was feeling jealous having my wife accept a friend’s cock as I looked on, never clearing this with me. I’m sure the reason it really bothered me was that he was bigger than me, and she liked it. Now I was the one who needed to loosen up and get over it.

I stood now seeing an opportunity to get in on the act myself as Juliet’s pussy was presented to me as she continued sucking Paul. I held my cock to the entrance of her pussy, pushing myself into her. She was so fucking tight, I could hardly force the head in. Damn, everything about this girl was tiny, except her tits. I felt like I was trying to force my cock into a keyhole.

Juliet arched as she said, “Please go slow with that monster, I’m not very big.”

I had no monster, nothing like that hammer Jack had. I pushed forward, gently as her cunt felt like it was squeezing the blood from my cock. This was definitely the tightest little twat I had ever been in.

She acted as if she were in pain saying, “You’re too big, I don’t think it’ll fit. Let Paul fuck me, I’m sorry.”

“It’ll fit, I’ll be gentle,” I whispered to her as I continued working my way in, just a tiny bit more each push. There was no fucking way I was giving this pussy up. Her pussy didn’t feel like it was going to loosen up as my cock felt like it was in a vise. I even started to doubt her ability to accept my cock. It was almost as if I were hitting a wall with each push.

Paul was now fucking Vicki as she and my wife continued making out. That was fucking hot. Jack was now rocking back and forth, pushing all he had into my now nasty little wife. Her tits looked so sexy as they swayed as he rocked back and forth, fucking her forcefully now.

Vicki’s tits were even moving back and forth now as Paul was fucking her pussy with everything he had. I didn’t think those big fake tits had any jiggle in them. The water was splashing over the walls of the hot tub now. All three men were now fucking each others’ wives. I was fucking Juliet, At least trying to, still trying to get all of my cock into her as she screamed and moaned as if in pain with each push I made.. Jack was hammering my wife with his huge cock and Paul was fucking the shit out of Vicki.

This was definitely a very unexpected orgy in our hot tub. I was still in shock with how my wife was loving the pounding she was getting from Jack. I knew Jack could never get that hog of his into Juliet as I still wasn’t in all the way, but I continued working at it little by little.

“It’s feels so good Charles, keep pushing. I want all of you,” Juliet whimpered as I was only half way in. She had no idea how much more she’d have to take.

I slid in and out trying to get her pussy to conform to my size, not pushing in any further for the moment as I was now well over half way in. Then I started going a little further with each push forward, I could feel her spasm and tense in orgasm as she screamed. I wasn’t even in all the way as she soaked my cock with her juices. It felt like she was pissing on my cock, she was a squirter! This would definitely help!

I continued working my way in until I figured one more thrust forward would do it, I pushed hard as her pussy clenched my cock tight. She threw her head back, screaming as if in pain. She was shaking now, quivering as I held my cock deep into her pussy. She released with another flow of her cum, splashing my cock with her orgasm.

“You have all of me babe,” I whispered in Juliet’s ear reassuring her.

“It feels so fucking good. I’ve never had so much cock in me,” she said.

I started fucking her in a slow, easy rhythm now, giving her all of me. Her pussy felt so good, so fucking tight. It still felt as if my cock were in a vise. Her tits were so firm as I held them, cupping both to support me and pull her body to meet my thrusts now. Her tits weren’t big, they were just right for her tiny little body. I was pinching her nipples as I cupped her breasts.

I finally had my cock in her all the way and wasn’t about to give this pussy up to anyone else as it felt so incredible. I worked hard to get here, not willing to give her up to anyone until I had the chance to erupt into her. I had the chance to look around now and enjoy taking in this ongoing orgy, watching the others fuck as well.

I hadn’t noticed my wife getting out of the tub as she was now standing over Jack’s his shaft, about to plunge onto it as he lay on his back, She was really into this now. She slid down his mast, his hands squeezing her tits as she started lifting and falling onto his mammoth meat. God damn this looked hot, my wife lifting and falling on his pole, her tilted back with her eyes closed. This was better than a porn flick.

Paul and Vicki were also getting out of the tub, throwing lounge cushions onto the deck. Paul was the first to get on his back not knowing how he was about to be attacked by this super slut. Vicki would eat him alive!

I figured it was time to join them and get out as well. I still wasn’t letting go of my little prize though, no fucking way.

“Let’s get some cushions, I want to fuck to fuck you on the deck now,” I whispered to Juliet, not wanting anyone else to hear.

I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy, still admiring the firm grip she had on my cock. We got out of the tub, gathering cushions for our next adventure with each other.

“Please lay down for me,” Juliet said as she licked her lips.

I didn’t need to be asked twice as I lay on my back, my cock standing at attention. Juliet mounted me, sitting on my ankles as she took my cock into her tiny little mouth. God, her mouth was as nice as her pussy as she struggled to fit my cock between her lips. Her mouth was even tiny and tight. She did it though, and was working my shaft with both hands as they twisted and stroked while bobbing up and down. This girl knew how to handle a cock! She couldn’t take it all like Sue could, but made up for it with her massage skills.

As my eyes were closed, loving this oral attention I was receiving I felt someone over me. I opened my eyes as Vicki sat on my mouth, hovering above it inviting my tongue. My tongue reached for her pussy, licking the folds. She was as sweet as candy. I was now licking her pussy, inserting my tongue far inside her as I sucked her swelling clit. This chic had one hard, big clit. Everything about her was sexual. She really should have been a porn star, she could have made millions.

Juliet stopped her oral assault on me as I felt her tight pussy touch the head of my cock, sliding down the entire length in one slow movement with out stopping. I looked up to witness Vicki and Juliet now passionately kissing each other as I kept lapping Vicki’s juices and enjoying Juliet’s tight pussy now ravaging my cock.

I looked toward my wife as I heard her scream with pleasure. Everyone turned to look at them. She was sitting atop Jack, completely consuming his meat with her pussy as Paul was positioning himself behind her. What the fuck was he doing? Was Sue in on this? We had never talked about anything like this before.

As Paul entered her ass she screamed again, hollering,”Shove that cock in my ass. I want both of your cocks!”

Did my wife just say that? I had to stare as I was still being consumed by two beautiful women. Now Juliet was turned with her back facing me as she slid up and down my cock.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sue was getting fucked by two guys at the same time, and begging for it! Sue was now laying flat onto Paul’s chest as he thrust upward, shoving his cock into my wife’s pussy. Her tits were tight against his chest with her hands now gripping his shoulders as they kissed passionately. Why you little slut you, I thought.

Paul was working his cock into my wife’s tight ass as she clenched Jack’s shoulders, digging her nails into him. She continued moaning as if she were being beaten by someone, pleading for mercy. Paul was taking it slow, he had to as Jack’s cock couldn’t have left much room for him to work with . Their cocks must have been squeezing against each others’ as he entered from behind. I could only imagine how she must feel. Now I wished I was part of that.

As Juliet carefully slid up and down my cock I grasped her hips and lifted her from my cock. I then pushed her down, facing up at me while sliding my cock back inside her, not giving her a chance to escape. Vicki now had her pussy over Juliet’s mouth as she eagerly greeted her pussy with her tongue, almost consuming her. It was very evident that Vicki loved to have her pussy eaten.

Vicki’s lips met mine as we kissed, though more of an assault as Vicki was in a frenzy now. I was still in Juliet’s pussy, now fucking her with much more force than before. Each push I made into her forced her mouth deep into Vicki’s pussy.

Vicki tensed as I could tell she was soaking Juliet with her juices, Juliet greedily lapping them up, her face wet with moisture.

I continued pounding Juliet’s tight little pussy, hard now, ramming my cock into her. I was slamming her forward as I felt myself building for an enormous eruption.

Sue was screaming as Paul was still fucking her ass, having no mercy as he pounded her with his cock. Jack was still pushing upward, filling her pussy as I could tell he was cumming, growling with pleasure as he shot his hot cum into her.

Paul was tensing as well, his eyes closed, veins showing in his neck. He was also groaning, almost yelling as he exploded into my wife’s ass. He slammed his cock in and out of her ass as he came, each spasm of cum shooting from his cock was pushed deep into her ass.

She was cumming as well, clutching Jack as he forced his cock upward, shooting load after load into her pussy. She could actually feel the cum spraying deep within her as he forced himself upward, his balls slapping Paul’s as they worked in unison.

It’s fortunate Paul’s cock wasn’t huge or this would never have worked, I’m not so sure if it wasn’t a little painful, but not a complaint was heard from my prim and proper conservative wife. She continued moaning, groaning and screaming as her pussy and ass were assaulted and filled with cum. Her actions had totally blown me away with excitement. I could take no more, couldn’t hold back.

My first burst of cum exploded from my cock like a volcanic eruption, surely splashing so hard Juliet could feel it deep within her.

Vicki was now watching as I couldn’t control my orgasm, it turning me into a sexual animal, slamming my cock into Juliet as waves of cum exploded from my body. I came so hard as the blood ran to my head, almost making me dizzy with pleasure. I may have been hurting her now, didn’t know, didn’t care. I knew and felt as I tensed and shot my cum into her pussy that she was cumming as well., holding me tight against her as her juices met mine.

I felt my cum running out of her pussy as I withdrew my cock only to slam it in again feeling another rush of cum exploding from my cock.. As she received my final offering of cum I had to give her, I collapsed onto her chest exhausted, covering her body with mine. My cock continuing to twitch and move with every beat of my heart as I remained still inside her tight pussy, as she continued clenching my shaft as if being gripped.

Paul had pulled his cock from my wife’s ass as I could see cum oozing onto Jack’s cock, still buried deep inside her pussy. As Sue pulled away from Jack, her cum soaked ass and pussy almost flowed onto Jack. On his stomach, ass and balls was a puddle of hot, sticky cum, fluids mixed together from the two men.

Vicki went right for her husband, first cleaning his cock with her tongue, engulfing it in her mouth as she devoured the cum from it. As she finished the shaft her tongue made it’s way to his cum soaked balls, licking and sucking the gooey remains from under his balls as well. Vicki then traced her tongue toward the deposit on Jack’s stomach, lapping it all up as the cum covered her face. She looked like a cat rolling in cat nip, smearing the cum all over her face with her tongue greedily cleaning him. When she was certain she had him totally clean of all cum she wiped her face with her hand, licking her hand clean as well. She never missed a drop.

She really was a cum slut. After she had finished consuming every drop of cum from her husband, she looked at Juliet and I.

I pulled my cock from her pussy, feeling my juices ooze from Juliet’s cunt as Vicki approached. This was so fucking hot. I knew what she wanted, the little cum slut. Vicki was now between Juliet’s legs lapping the cum from her pussy, her tongue now buried deep inside searching for every drop I had deposited. Juliet was cumming again as she held Vicki’s head, pulling her into her pussy. She tensed, quivered and moaned as she came, splashing Vicki’s face with her juices, relaxing as the orgasm subsided.

Vicki then turned to me, attacking my cock. Sucking and licking my now flaccid cock, consuming every last drop of moisture from my shaft and balls as I lay there stunned in amazement of her hunger for cum.

All three couple’s were totally spent sexually with Vicki’s quench for cum well satisfied. I had never witnessed anyone as thirsty for cum, loving every drop she could find. She was a true cum slut in every sense of the word. I had never seen anything like it, she was an animal when it came to cum.

As we all collected our thoughts, trying to understand what had just happened and how, a look of complete satisfaction was on everyone’s’ faces. I moved to my wife as we embraced, naked before everyone as were the others.

“I love you Susan. I love you so much,” I said as I held her face in my hands and kissed her.

“I love you too darling. I’m not sure what just happened but I have no regrets. Are you OK?” she asked.

“I’m better than OK. It was wonderful. I love you more than ever.”

The other three couples were also standing naked, hugging and kissing their spouses and exchanged words in agreement of what we’d said and done.

We all got back into the hot tub, sipping our beverages and chatting about the entire experience. We never bothered dressing as we all enjoyed the tub naked, satisfied sexually and exhausted.

“This hot tub was a great idea,” Sue said as she winked at me.

“I’ll second that!” exclaimed Vicki.

“We’ll have to have more of these parties,” said Jack.

“I’m in, we’ll be invited I hope,” said Paul.

“That was wonderful!” agreed Juliet.

“It’s a date then! More hut tub fun any time. This time clothing optional,” I joked.

“Clothing not allowed next time,” Sue answered to my surprise.

We all agreed that this would become a regular thing with us, when the urge hit. Maybe we’d even invite another couple to join us next time.

As our party concluded many hours later and our guests had gone home, we went to bed. I just had to ask.

“Did Jack’s big cock feel that good?”

“It was big, but he’s not half the lover you are. You’ll always be my number one stud, forever.”

“You’ll always be the love of my life. You are the sexiest best lover a man could ever wish for. I was surprised with myself that I didn’t feel raging jealousy. I actually enjoyed seeing you being pleased by other men.”

“I never thought you’d squeeze that big cock of yours into that tiny little Juliet’s pussy. I thought at one point you had given up.”

“You had quite a job stuffing Jack’s massive cock into you too sweetheart. It was definitely interesting and a hell of a lot of fun.” I said.

“I can’t wait to do it again!” Sue said as she turned out the light. “You’re still the best fuck of them all and will always be,” she said as her hand rested on my cock as she also had just stroked my male ego.

We’d have many more parties in the future. Our hot tub was a wonderful addition to our home!

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